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KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Compare flights, hotels and rental cars, track flights, get cheap travel deals.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

22.5% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Hoda Abdelrahman

    KAYAK searches hundreds of other travel sites so you don’t have to. Book the perfect flight, hotel or car hire and save money with mobile-only rates and Private Deals. KAYAK Trips lets you see all of your travel plans in one place and make the most of your trip with airport terminal maps, flight status updates and security wait times. KAYAK is your one-stop shop for planning, booking, and having a seamless trip. SEARCH: KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites at once to help you find and book

  • by Максим Барышев

    If the language on your device isn't set to English (e.g. Russian) then the section Trips disappears. It happened recently after previous update

  • Beware of “trips” portion of App

    by NOK1033

    I have used kayak for a long time but recently had a very terrible experience and will not be booking flights through kayak anymore. Beware of the “trips” portion of the app. I bought a flight through kayak and it was added to my trips. There were changes to my flight, but my trips still reflected the original times, even though I used kayak to purchase my flights. Long story short I ended up missing my flight and paying lots of money in change fees. It’s odd to me that the company automatically lists the flight you purchased through their company under “trips” but do not update the flight information if an airline changes flight times. Even when I missed my actual flight my app still said “4 hours 27 minutes until take off”. Super unfortunate end to a trip, but learned my lesson to never book with kayak again. Also, when trying to sort and talk through this issue, I was unable to speak with anyone from kayak. The closest contact to a human you can get is through an email.

  • by aaron letchford

    What a load of rubbish the app shows £95 go to book and comes back around £200

  • Works but it’s a little sketchy

    by .jay

    So I realized after buying tickets through Kayak that Kayak is basically a curator for a bunch of possibly sketchy online travel agencies. Some data doesn’t get transferred over properly, your “My Trips” tab doesn’t always reflect what’s actually going on with your trip, and they completely absolve themselves from all responsibly once you buy tickets from whoever they linked you to. It’s not immediately clear who you’re dealing with unless you’re looking for it, because everything is still wrapped in Kayak’s branding and chrome. Hopefully, I won’t get screwed over by the company I bought tickets from. But I don’t feel good about my experience using Kayak as a service and will refrain from using it again, regardless of how my trip turns out. I’ll come back in a few months to update my review to reflect the end result.

  • by A Google user

    never good deals, so i use other apps

  • by A Google user

    I tried 6 passengers and it would find me a ticket that is $24,000,000 . I mean imagine if you had 24 thousand passengers.


    by JY237

    Up to this point, I have book many of hotels and flights with no issue. kayak has been my go to app for booking trips. BEWARE of a Kayak partner Vayama. When making flight, Kayak forwards you to a partner travel site for booking. On Kayak, flights are advertised as one level, ie economy class, which includes check-in luggage, but after purchased the ticket are downgraded to lesser class with no check-in luggage. Before booking, I went to airlines site to verify what was included in the economy class. I called the partner and the agents yelled at me. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! I would recommend for all to check better business bureau. I wish had checked before wasting my money with them.

  • by Neil Rosen G mail

    Great finding best deals but why recommend agents with terrible reviews ?

  • Terrible user interface

    by DragonBlue

    Kayak app used to have much better user interface, this version is just terrible! 1. When selecting flexible dates flight options are displayed as a list, instead of table. Who wants to go through the list of hundreds of flights ... one needs to see table w dates first 2. Starting page in app - minimalism but reduced functionality. One has to click/tap on various menus etc .. and at the end one can not see what options are selected .. eg. flexible (+/- days) dates, biz vs economy ... alternative airport ... nothing is visible Summary, this app lost its value when interface was changed. I still use kayak but only on my laptop

  • Missing Obvious Flights for No Apparent Reason

    by PerfectTimingNV

    This is unacceptable: it’s completely missing certain flights. For example, checked for nonstop flights from PDX to LAS on May 27th -it completely omitted three flights from Alaska Airlines. But, it showed one Alaskan flight that involved a transfer. And no, the directs were not sold out, not even close. I tripled-checked that there weren’t any parameter issues. I’ve suspected this in the past while searching for flights, but didn’t have this confirmation. This is literally the most important thing about a flight booking website -to show all options -and it failed. App deleted.

  • Tired of Kayak falsifying prices

    by rockinra

    I think this has to be mentioned. I am not one to leave bad reviews but this has gotten ridiculous. I have gotten emails from Kayak about hotel deals and while searching, Kayak shows me deals and EVERY time I’ve gone to book it says “Sorry, that deal is already sold” and then it gives me a ridiculously high price. This is such a waste of time! I’ve had to switch to a different app. Maybe it’s because of the city I’m trying to book in, New York? But it sure has been very poor this time unfortunately and I have to say something about it because it just in not right.

  • Price changes from 1st page to booking page

    by KFM1959

    Be careful when using it to book flights. I tried booking two different flights. In both cases the price shown on the first page of flight choices more than doubled when I clicked to book it. It happened with a Frontier flight ($114 became $256) and an American flight ($140 became $278). The price difference was before bag fees. I also confirmed that the fees and taxes were included in the initial fare quote. I deleted Kayak and installed Hopper. Hopper didn’t show flights as inexpensive as the Kayak flights but the price didn’t change when you attempted to book a flight on Hopper.

  • Issue with airfare prices

    by Disappointed Twin Momma

    I’ve been using Kayak for YEARS and I’ve never faced a problem till now. We fly to Hawaii annually and I usually book my flights through kayak. What I am noticing is that when looking up flights it will say one price and then once it redirects to the site that is offering the flights, the price goes up $100+ this has never happened to me before while using this app and I don’t know if it’s a glitch, but it’s very misleading and I will go elsewhere to book my flights. I’m disappointed.

  • Hotels difficult to find on kayak

    by bwvla

    Many hotel search result were not actually available and hopelessly outdated. Upon clicking properties message returned, this deal is no longer available... one hour later searched again, same results came back and items upon clicking were still not available. If the site knew they were not available when i clicked an hour earlier why are they still a search result? Very frustrating

  • Inconsistent and wrong information on flight prices

    by Ategworld

    Lately I have tried to book flights on Kayak only to find out the prices quotes provided were much higher when I was about to finalize my purchases. This happened multiple times and cost me a lot of work and last minute changes to purchase tickets from other sites/travel agents. If I can’t trust the price quotes provided, the. What good is this app for. Sorry for the bad review but this is my recent experience.

  • App for iPad is not usable for cars/change dates.

    by jmpomaha

    I have been using the Kayak website for years. Now, using iPad app, it is unusable for renting a car. Already have flights and needed a car for PHX in October. The app picks a random date and length of use. There was no way to change the pick up date AND the drop off date. Even tried using the website on the iPad, same issue. Will attempt to do this on a PC. Wondering what will happen for airline flights.

  • Attempting to book flights thru Kayak, rarely go thru when booking with AA

    by Jaker82985

    On 2 occasions in the last week I have attempted to book flights thru Kayak with AA. I have gone thru the entire process, from initial search to final payment only to find out hours or, in the most recent case, a day later that the flight was not actually booked and I was only assigned a record locator. This is becoming a significant waste of time for me. Please contact me to help resolve the issue.

  • Good unless you’re looking up VRBO

    by Gamerstar1204

    This app so far is great for looking up flight and hotels... but we didn’t give it 5 stars. Because it’s really annoying that the app tells you a deal price for VRBO/HomeAway prices but when you click on it to go to the site the prices are doubled. Every deal we’ve clicked on that’s for a VRBO the price always shows up almost double the “deal” price or more. Not once has it been near the actual price Kayak shows.

  • Preferences are pathetically limited

    by SendingOutAnSOS

    Other than setting a home airport there are few other options. How about preferences for airlines? I will NEVER fly Frontier or Spirit so I have to eliminate them manually on every search. How about setting a preference for direct flights? As someone who flies for a living and travels often for pleasure, the app has improved but still is lacking. It’s still not as good as the previous one which I paid for and then had it taken away for this updated add filled version.

  • Bring back price alert filters

    by Ebbie48016

    I used Kayak to create price alerts to find the cheapest tickets with my preferred airlines. Since their app UI updates, I can no longer edit my alerts or filter the airlines/number of stops/flight durations that I don't want. Also, the price alerts now only serve up a limited amount of results, so if I don't like flights on the initial screen, I can't see any others. Why ever were these price alert filters removed? For me, this reduces the value of having the app.

  • New Kayak (Vayama) is now horrible

    by IJustFeltLikeRunning

    No more issue with baggage fees?! Yeah right, using Kayak (now Vayama) causes hours more work than just calling the airline or booking directly through their site. Even if Kayak says you are buying a checked bag on AirBaltic you are not, even if it displays it on your search bar. Vayama customer service is completely awful, I used to love using Kayak but it has rapidly deteriorated into one of the worst booking experiences of my life and I won’t be fooled again.

  • Terrible UI and lots of Hidden Fees!

    by Alejandropf44

    Buying tickets from the phone is a royal pain and difficult to figure out from the airlines webpages to a point that I made mistakes on the booking that I was only aware when I checked on my desktop. Also most airlines are charging for even taking a backpack in the flight, so the “savings” aren’t that different from you searching flights on your own and comparing. Very disappointed.

  • Search the world

    by uselessfeedbackboy

    The only thing that really made your site different was the previous tool search the world be it wit defined dates or without. It gave dreamers like me cheap rates often to places we never thought of going to. It’s gone. Back to Priceline. Oh lastly my nick name can’t be registered- take away the last bit of personalization that ya could have used. Peter Aughney

  • Bait & Switch?

    by Non-phone-user

    Very frustrating to follow links in e-mail alerts to fares that do not exist. This has happened too many times. They’ll tell you it’s because prices are fluid, and fleeting. I’ve tried to get these fares literally within 5 minutes of receiving the e-mail alert, to no avail. Time to start looking for another, more reliable & trustworthy site.

  • Inaccurate

    by Eddddoo

    The app gives completely different flight options and prices compared to the website, often higher since many options are missing on the app. This makes the app unusable since you can’t trust you are seeing all the flight options. Been using the app and website for years so this is not operator error.

  • Prices aren’t up to date

    by guryjngdefjivs

    I used to always use Kayak for booking travel but in the last couple years, every time I click on my selection to book the actual price of the ticket on the airline website is much higher than it is listed on Kayak, often double the price. It’s very hard to trust.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Hoda Abdelrahman

    KAYAK searches hundreds of other travel sites so you don’t have to. Book the perfect flight, hotel or car hire and save money with mobile-only rates and Private Deals. KAYAK Trips lets you see all of your travel plans in one place and make the most of your trip with airport terminal maps, flight status updates and security wait times. KAYAK is your one-stop shop for planning, booking, and having a seamless trip. SEARCH: KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites at once to help you find and book

  • by aaron letchford

    What a load of rubbish the app shows £95 go to book and comes back around £200

  • by N Patel

    useless app. nothing will load, can't sign in, can't even search for airport.

  • by A Google user

    I tried 6 passengers and it would find me a ticket that is $24,000,000 . I mean imagine if you had 24 thousand passengers.

  • Waste of time

    by jasch08

    Shows me good deals on flights, takes me to site and they are all sold out. WHY list it if it’s sold out, won’t be using kayak for flights EVER again.

  • Crashes

    by IAmUsingThis

    Crashes upon activation. Can't use.

  • Not working for me

    by Angry1TC

    It may be me! I can’t figure out how to do a NEW search for a different city of departure.

  • 🤬 Do NOT BOOK ticket from KAYAK

    by @-",-@

    Few days ago I book the ticket from KAYAK and price on application was 600$ but my card was charged 648$ per ticket and I booked 3 tickets And KAYAK not respond for any changes on the price

  • Hacker Fair is a Scam

    by TruDat2019

    Enough said!

  • Avoid.

    by K.Mz

    I’ve been using kayak for years but after booking through kayak and getting redirected to some weird travel agency by the name of and getting double charged and ripped off. Never again!

  • Getting worse

    by bbbdjkskbdos

    Apps is not what it use to be.

  • Disappointed🙁

    by beahumboldt

    You advertized a $166 fare, but when I clicked on it, it was nowhere to be found!

  • Disappointed

    by Ovibob

    Disappointed that Kayak showed me one price but when it rerouted me to Delta or United, i was given a higher fare. I also was not able to purchase 7 tickets at one time as the limit was 6. I don’t understand why there would be a limit. It should be in their best interest to allow customers to purchase as many as possible.

  • NoFunciona

    by carlis bautista

    No funciona

  • Mileage?? V

    by Get2CLT

    Why don’t the car rentals say if unlimited mileage is available or otherwise?

  • Stop asking me to turn on notifications

    by khad

    I already declined your prompt to turn on notifications. I don’t want notifications. Repeatedly asking every time I open the app is annoying and comes across as desperate. Just stop.

  • Bad advice

    by Westlake Mom

    I’ve been tracking flights from LA to Cabo for a couple of months. Kayak has been saying to wait. They are up another $80 to $487 and now they are saying to buy????

  • Pre filled flex days

    by Enshutch

    I didn’t realize that the dates pre-filled a flexible schedule but my schedule is not flexible. It was not clear that the flights were not the dates I selected. Spent a lot of time only to cancel. Never again!

  • Kayak

    by Tirexxx10

    Horrible app, can’t even set up dates right, lots of problems!

  • Waste of time

    by A-Z Rag

    Don’t bother downloading app if you like searching for “bundle deals”. It will not allow you to. Best to use your own browser and log onto

  • What happened?

    by molly1901

    The watchlist disappears after a week. Very annoying.

  • Scam

    by bklynn29

    Don’t use Kayak or any other search platforms for hotel bookings. They aloud scammers like HotelQuickly to advertise on their platforms. We book our hotel through kayak and our hotel was canceled by hotelquickly a couple weeks before we arrived without any notice. Kayak said its not their problem!

  • Auto fill lead to errors.

    by monkeedu

    It doesn’t show what name it just books it. Often leads to mistakes as other people are on my account.

  • Bad. Don’t stay here

    by Hot in San Jose

    This is an old, run down hotel. Hilton should be ashamed to include this property on their portfolio. As a very loyal Hilton guest I was shocked to learn the rooms do not have individual climate control. The entire hotel is subject to either heat, a/c, or neutral. Guests have no control over the temperature comfort in their room. Crazy huh?

  • They always lie..

    by mohd94994

    They always will show you a price and then when you try to book it. It will go up for no reason. I hate this app.

  • Kayak

    by Alala55

    I won’t be using Kayak from this day forward. They share all of your data with Facebook. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • Spying?!

    by applecustomer1234xyz

    “The travel search engine Kayak, for instance, apparently sends destination and flight search data, travel dates and whether or not kids might come along.” More popular apps are sending data to Facebook without asking December 31, 2018 Financial Times

  • Lied about pricing

    by Dan Saccomando

    Kayak didn’t take into account $560, per person, in fees that were applied when we went to book. A $630 flight with British Airways changed to a $1100+ flight at checkout. After that, went to Expedia and found multiple flights that weren’t listed on Kayak. Deleting this app.

  • Slow, laggy app.

    by Mar.b

    Very slow app on an iPhone 7. Was a lot better a few months ago. Not sure what the developers have changed but I had to start using another booking app because of constant lag.

  • No option for package deals?

    by Premo

    I can’t seem to find where the option to select a packaged deal is? I’d imagine that would be the most popular option if it were available....

  • Unfair fair

    by ***unfairfairs***

    Booked out bound fair at quoted price However, when booking the return flight $59 Fair was changed to $219

  • Alerts

    by Kam Disappointed

    Yuck on alerts! I have been watching certain flights and I respond immediately to the alerts. The low cost alert does not relate to reality. I know there are several disclaimers about this....just so misleading and frustrating!

  • Sure not working for me.

    by bakerlophi

    Won’t let me purchase my ticket.

  • I love it but is unstable!

    by Chiri3000

    I will change my review if I see that on the next update, the app doesn't crash every time I leave and come back to the app. Sometimes I have to leave the app to check my calendar, and then I loose all the progress in the app! I'm using the last version on my iPhone 6s

  • What happened to your sliding scale for preferences?

    by MissMiniHaha

    I rely on the sliding scale to take out unwanted flights and airlines. That is why we shop using kayak. Please bring it back!

  • Kayak update

    by Castle Cats

    Just updated today and the app keeps crashing at a crucial times while using it. Super annoying however prior to this new update 5* app. Bummer, idk what is happening to it to make it keep crashing.

  • Not all flights reviews

    by EX.W.W

    Why does Kayak not show any Delta flights??????

  • Caveat Emptor

    by iamaguynamededdy

    I can't trust Kayak anymore, some of their hotel booking third party vendors are running cancellation scams. In our case we booked a hotel room through what we thought was kayak and turned out to be They cancelled our hotel reservation without notifying us and without refunding us the day before our stay. We didn't find out until we tried to check in and were informed by the front desk that our room had been cancelled. We had to file a fraudulent charge report with the credit card company and we also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Needless to say, i'm deleting the app as it isn't trustworthy.

  • Annoying and frustrating

    by altvqmzp

    I do not like this app. After searching for flights, filters on things like duration often don’t work. Search results with flexible dates do not display clearly so I can’t sort results by the dates of the flights.

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KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

4.6 573K+ Reviews

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