Joom. Shopping for every day.

Joom. Shopping for every day.


Free worldwide shipping, low prices, special deals, and customer reviews.

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Free worldwide shipping, low prices, special deals, and customer reviews.
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  • I love this app!! May 17, 2018

    By Biscuitmama
    I have been using Joom for a few months now and I think I am getting the hang of it! I have not had any problems with customer service, they have been great!! All of my items have come in a decent time frame. I knew up front not to expect things in a hurry. I have not ordered clothing until today. I ordered a dress so I am hoping it will fit. All the other products I have gotten have exceeded my expectations. I mainly order kitchen gadgets and jewelry. I did get a ring in yesterday and I had only had it for maybe an hour, one of the stones came out. I sent a message to customer support and they refunded my money, no questions asked! Granted it was only 2 bucks, I was hoping I was not going to get the run around. I can honestly say they were amazing! I use gift cards to shop online and have not had any problems doing so. I tell everyone about them and what a great time I have deal shopping!! I cannot afford to go and shop at the mall or any stores much right now and I cannot walk well right now. I have to have major back surgery next month and I have not worked in three years so on here I can shop and not feel like I am making my family struggle. So thank you Joom and the merchants for allowing me the chance to shop again, guilt free!!!
  • Jun 15, 2020

    By For The Love of Gamming
    The app is neat. When you first join you get $4 joom cash and if you log in and bid everyday (you don't have to win the bid) you get a $1 every week you long in also you get other rewards!!! I ordered a light up mouse for my husband and it is taking a few days to prepare to ship but I'm supposed to get it in-between the 13th - 25th of this month. I haven't got it yet so I will update as soon as I get my order.