Jigsaw Puzzle ++

Jigsaw Puzzle ++

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  • Very good jigsaw puzzle experience Jun 18, 2020

    By MandaPOBrien
    I love this jigsaw puzzle app. I use the free version and still get loads of enjoyment out of it. The daily puzzles ensure that there’s always a new puzzle to play. Some of the upgraded puzzles are available if you watch a short video, so not too bad. Customer Service is just tops! I submitted feedback about the background options they have, and within days, they’d made the suggested updates. I was very, very impressed! I’ve gotten hours of enjoyment out of this app. According to the in-app statistics, that totals up to 157 puzzles. New puzzles are released all the time, so I know I won’t run out even at this pace!
  • Great puzzle game Mar 23, 2020

    By Spongebob lover
    This is my favorite puzzle game. I love how you do a section of it at a time. that makes it much easier to complete the 400 piece puzzles. Since I love to do the edge first I like how I can separate the edge pieces and complete that first. This game has A LOT of free puzzles and they constantly update with more free puzzles, so if you don’t have money to spend to unlock all the puzzles you can easily play for free. There are two things that I would love to see changed about the game. I would love to puzzles go up to 1000 pieces. I love really big puzzles and I always do the 400 piece puzzles. I would also like to be able to keep the way I organize puzzle pieces at the bottom, so that when I exit the game and come back they are still in the same order I put them. I like to separate my puzzle by color and each time I return to the game the puzzle pieces are mixed up again. The only time they stay where they are is when I place them on the board. If this changed this would be a 5 star game.
  • Good puzzles, not so good ad interface Mar 12, 2020

    By K3V1