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Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Azumio Inc.

The most accurate heart rate monitor. Track heart beat, bpm, stress, ❤ & cardio.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

33.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by 堅小傻

    The startup was very slow, even slower than other apps, I suggest only load the most required components first, and load others after UI has loaded. I always used this after jogging with rapid heartbeats, when this was app fully started, my rapid heartbeat was already restored to normal, so I wasn't able to know how fast the rapid heartbeat was. MIUI, ViperOS or whatever, but result was still the same. Your UI design was already impressive, but for me, startup duration also important.

  • by Aneta Duszynska

    Thanks to the app I found out that my bathroom cabinet has a pulse of 146 and my toilet seat is super healthy with the pulse of 75. This made me experiment a bit more with some objects that also have the puls like street trash bins but all in all I decided not to use the app as a reliable data source for my own health. I am not sure how the algorithm works and why it 'saw' pulse in all those objects so maybe my rating is totally unfair. In that case, let me know so I can edit.

  • by Konstantinos D.

    Dosent open flashlight after first use. Even dosent allow to open flashlight yourself when you are in the app and even if you exit app to open flashlight mannualy and then join when you start the procedure it automatically closes it and renders it useless. The only solution is to restart the phone , even restarting the app dosent fix it. and even if you restart the phone it open flashlight only on first try. It messed up my whole gym exercise before i decided to unstall and try something up.

  • by LuxLib

    my flashlight gets wayyy too hot and it burns my finger. i cant use it if it doesnt have a way to dim the light.

  • by shubham kharola

    Ironically, Not instant, and Burns Finger! However measurements were quite right! burn fingers and get readings!

  • Terrible app

    by Animal attack

    I paid the $9.99 for one month to test the credibility of this app. It is terrible to say the least. The only perk is that you can check your heart rate, lots of free apps where you can do that, and that’s about it. The stand up test is the real joke. No matter what you do it gives you a low score, I’m extremely healthy, I have regular doctor visits and am very physically fit, and this consistently gives me lower than 50% rating. Even though my heart rate is 58 BPM. Not to mention it never explains to you why you’re receiving the score you got it just gives you a random score and makes you feel horrible. If that isn’t bad enough, you can not compare it with other peoples because the friend system DOES NOT WORK! You cannot add or view other people and they probably do this so you can’t compare your ridiculous scores. I give this app a 0/10 because the free version is complete garbage and littered with ads popping up every second. Do not waste your time or money on this. You’ve been warned!

  • This app is not free

    by YahYah24

    The app takes a reading and then locks you on a screen that forces you to give either your e-mail address or your Facebook account information. I tried to get around it, thinking this app is free. But I couldn’t. So I put in an alternate e-mail address I send junk mail to like I do with all apps that pull this type of sucker move on users. Then, after casually selecting the option that the app save my heart rate it sticks me on this inescapable screen that tells me I can use it something like 7(?) times for free but then it’s $9.99(?) a month. Dear App Developer. This 1 star review wouldn’t be here if there was transparency from the start. I’m having a heart issue. It’s why I downloaded this app. Thanks for frustrating me even more while trying to use it. Much appreciated. My advice is to download an app that’s actually either free, a reasonable one time cost, or at the least - is completely transparent in the description that this app is subscription based only.

  • by venkat vignesh

    Why it ask a permission for audio or video recording

  • by John Goodman

    not worth the subscription

  • Ads chaotic, interfering w measurement.

    by lionheartlev

    I have the non premium version of this app. I understood this non premium version of the app works to give bpm but, just not the many other features. As I try to take the measurement, ads pop up blocking the screen and even seeming to interrupt the process but in any case blocking the read out. I don’t mean a single ad. Sometimes as many as 3-4 ads pop up and block the bpm scree in rapid suggestion. The x to reject the ads are hard to see on this iPhone X but when I find the x, as I do within a few seconds, it may take several presses to clear out the ad but, worse, another ad sometimes pops up immediately, and this sometimes repeats, as I said, 3-4 times. I understand ads for non premium apps. I have other non premium apps w ads and the App Store description helpfully notes ads or no ads. They’re a small hassle of course. But I have never had an app show a second ad in immediate succession, let alone 3. or 4! And this app is about emergencies, where being able to read the core data immediately is essential. I’m getting a different app. With this performance I’m not willing to trust these developers or their app. This is heartbeats per minute!!! How irresponsible!! If you are concerned about potential incidents of too rapid beat, I’d avoid this non premium.

  • by Matthew Hanna

    leaching money hungry. can't trust this kind.


    by tm dallas

    Are usually read all of the “ fine print” prior to purchasing an app. Maybe I missed it on this one… But purchasing the non-premium/free app is an absolute waste of time! You are suckered in and convinced that you will be able to learn, record, and track your Heart Rate for free. And if you want many added features, you would need to purchase the premium version. As I open the app for the first time, I realize it takes a little bit of practice to record my heart rate accurately. So I practice it a few more times. The next day, I open up the app to take a look at it and try to record it right before exercising, and I find that it will not work anymore. Silly me, I assume that I am using the app incorrectly. I try to figure it out for about 15 minutes and still fail at it. Later that day I look at it again for about 20 more minutes, and still can’t figure it out. The next day I opened it one more time to try to figure it out, 15 minutes later I finally realize in small print it says you may only check your heart rate 5 or 6 times. So long story short, you can basically use this app for one day for free then it is completely USELESS! I wasted a lot of time, Energy, and allowed myself to become frustrated for two days straight. I was totally suckered. :-/

  • by Ayya Samy

    the camera lens is heating

  • by Robert Santiago

    WTH it burned my finger. Samsung Galaxy S10+

  • Was great, now less so wanting you to upgrade

    by Dissatisfied user #2

    I’ve had this app for several years and really liked it. It always seemed to be pretty accurate. I would have given it at least a 4-star rating and maybe even a 5. However, recently I haven’t even been able to get a measurement because it starts out wanting you to upgrade and I have yet to figure out how to close all the upgrade ads (closing one just takes you to another and round and round) to try to check my heart rate, despite my best efforts and wasting lots of time trying to close all the upgrade hype. Very unhappy. I have given it a 2 just because it was great in the past. I guess I’m going to have to begrudgingly pay for an upgrade for features that I won’t use just so I can check my heart rate.

  • Not free as advertised, gains total access to your device

    by Caycedece

    I do not believe for one second the high reviews for this app. Once it loads to your device you have to give it permission to access your device in fact it states that even when not in use it will run continuously and may drain your battery. To use it you put your finger against your camera lens (if you have a protection cover on your IPad or IPhone you’ll need to remove it) then your supposed to get your heart rate reading, BUT there are constant pop ups to buy “extra” features or a professional version. It’s very difficult to hold your finger still against the camera lens and close down the pop ups at the same time. It took me 20 minutes to get one reading. You can only do one reading in a 24 hour period of time, so once a day. Worst app ever.

  • Can't read heart rate anymore

    by lcase8

    This app used to be great. It was a free download and did what it was made to do. I've always found the readings to be very accurate. Much easier than manually finding your pulse and counting your bpm. It was a 5 star app, but not anymore. Since the update, it has become useless. Nowhere did I see an indication that this app was switching so you have to pay to measure your heart rate. There have always been premium features but the actual measuring was free. Not anymore. It's useless. Must have been that nobody was paying for premium features so they made the whole thing a paid app. There was no warning of this. I will just delete this as it is now useless and I can manually take my pulse. Why pay a monthly subscription to do something that I can do without it?

  • Free Version is Awful, even to try

    by Twinkno

    I was in a difficult situation where I was light headed and needed to know if my heart was okay when I downloaded this. You get a total of 5 entire measurements. These are also interrupted by ads at the start, finish, and sometimes in the middle which managed to mess up 3 of my 5 free readings. I wasted nearly 15 minutes during a scary and tense moment. I downloaded another app immediately and found out my actual heart rate with extreme ease. After the poor presentation, I would not pay money for this app. Even if the paid version was improved, they have very poor practice and coat an app that has great utility in difficult situations with ads to the point where you would be better off counting your own pulse with a stopwatch. Unreasonably poor experience, 0/10.

  • Works but why do I need to pay?

    by Reag.04

    So I’m a 14 yr old boy and I’m basically in a resting state and i can tell my heart rate is high cause I can feel it. also my legs a very weak and I’m really tired even though I’ve eaten enough and got enough sleep but the worst thing is my left shoulder is hurting and it goes down to my wrist. I never leave bad ratings and definitely not a bad review but I just downloaded this app and after testing it out a few times it says I’ve used my maximum HR checks things and that I have to pay 10 bucks a month to use more just like whyyy😕 it’s literally important for people in an emergency to use this app without going through the trouble of getting a sub. For $9.99 a month. I’m not really mad I just don’t get it.

  • What happened to this app?!?

    by Dude0u812

    This used to be my favorite HR app, it was simple, straightforward, easy. Then the developer started adding pop-ups and pop-ups, eventually I dumped it and figured that eventually they’ll learn their business plan is not viable. Well, needed to compare with my Iwatch and downloaded it again. Honey moley- it’s a much worse mess that even before! $60/year to kill ads (you hope), pop-ups seem to be on meth now, and all sorts of added garbage and sales pitches just to try a couple checks. This app is basically dead as far as usability. Listen, I don’t mind paying a couple-three bucks for this app if it would just let me take my heart rate without all the added crapola. Instead it’s this awful choice between an unusable “freemium” version and an unsustainably priced “subscription” that gives me way more than I’ll use. The app used to be good enough that I’d even throw $5-10 a year at them to give me the basic services without all the added noise. But now it’s just another crappy app that is committing suicide by trying to bite off more than it can chew. Ugh, sometimes developers are so short sighted. Delete again....

  • Incredibly intrusive ads

    by artist™

    This app seems like it has the ability to be something truly great and even life-saving. However, after the first few times of taking my heart rate, the ads have become so intrusive that the app is no longer functional. It literally won't let me do anything due to all of the ads. I've never written a review before on the app store, but I felt this was needed since the main demographic are older adults. I'm a younger adult who wanted to keep track of my heart rate at rest vs before during and after panic attacks, but some might need this to track heart conditions. I feel that this model of business is unethical towards those who truly need heart rate monitoring. If the app developers need the money that much, then don't even offer the free version.

  • Stop ruining it with updates

    by $$$$QUICK$$$$

    This was once a really great app and has no doubt been a lifesaver (literally) for many. It was free and used to be free of ads and other junk they’ve since piled into it. Now every other app update or so ruins the functionality in some way or another. It’s literally become useless after many updates which weren’t necessary in the first place. The most current update renders it completely inoperable. Some of us rely on this and these incompetent update releases where it now doesn’t even work are putting people’s lives in jeopardy. Stop! Just get it working and leave it alone. Who in good conscience actually approves these updates?

  • Review Vs. Paying

    by RaWrMoe

    In the instance that I installed this app I was in complete disarray; I was shaken and my heart was beating at an unhealthy rate, especially since I had been at what should’ve been a resting heartbeat. It was important, at the time to see what my heat rate was, because that was the only thing to focus on. I got my heart rate and it was way too high, I found a way to focus myself. It was good for the night But then I gett a message everyday from the app to register my heart rate every 24 hours; After said pop-up that will pop up you have to dig for the free interaction. If you are using this for the first time and are willing to pay for the advantages this is a good app; this app tell you that it is free but you only ever get to take one test. When you really need it, the app doesn’t give you the minimal of what it can give someone. You have to dig to look into why your heart rate went up before you can even find any free option; the options you want to be easily accessible to you.. You have to pay to pay..

  • Remember when this app was cool to use?

    by Sparky McMuffin

    I just need an app to register my heart rate. I figure that’ll be more convenient than pulling out the blood pressure cuff and machine. This app used to be good for that, but then they discovered whales and monthly service subscriptions. I don’t begrudge a company their need to make money, but this “free” app is actually tryware. I downloaded it after abandoning the app years ago when they first cut usability to force users to subscribe. With this version, you are limited to five uses AND tons of intrusive ads. Then the app stops being functional. I’ve seen games out of China that were less cluttered and annoying. I just can’t justify $9.99/mo for a heart rate app. Not enough bang for the buck. Enjoy your app whales.

  • Limited use app. Stops functioning without premium upgrade.

    by Health Squad

    This is a limited time use app. In no way is this free with upgrade option and limited features - it simply stops working and sits there unusably until you pay to upgrade. It seems like it could be a good app, however it doesn’t do much. The stress test is heart rate sitting and followed by rate after standing up. It give you a fitness percentage based on the difference. The upgrade cost is too high for that. Also, don’t bother trying to invite people for a free week upgrade - it doesn’t work. Invited 6 people and nothing. Giving it two stars because the design is decent.

  • Bloated By Ads That Eat Up Storage and is No Longer Usable as “Free”

    by NoNickname,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I used this app for the past few years and before updating recently it was a truly free and very accurate monitor. Now it is 150MB of bloated app that covers every possible part of your screen with an ad, a subscription button, or link to their other paid services. The old app ended up growing by nearly 200MB from biometric data collected that couldn’t be accessed(at least not on free). This version starts eating up your storage on day one, but I’m not sure how that will change with app use as this app has no place on my phone. Not because of space, but because I literally cannot use it at all without paying.

  • Was amazing until I logged in

    by MacX.Dmg

    Now I have to pay for more readings, I was taking them every every two minutes after a workout to see me, that is no longer possible. I also bypassed the sign-in for a month which was annoying but after signing up I cannot bypass that any longer. Get this app, it is awesome, but never sign in. Use it for free and don’t give these crooks $10 a month or $60 s year to collect your data for yourself. If there was a $2 we don’t back up your data, your device is your own house I might pay it, but a subscription for my own health data is wrong.

  • Invasive data gathering app

    by Ignoramus finder

    This app requires an email address or Facebook login before it’ll operate. I’m not so bothered by that as you can put in any nonsense email address and it’ll work. To be fair, it works ONCE before that was necessary. What bothers me is then it demands a reminder to check your heart rate: daily, weekly or custom. There is no option to turn this off. I tried setting up a custom reminder and turning off all days but it wouldn’t work. The only reason for such tight controls is to gather data they have no business having. This app was deleted from my phone within minutes of opening it.

  • Too many ads

    by Milygo

    Way too many ads! Several before you can even check your heart rate. I missed a few arrhythmias because of trying to click through ads before I could check my heart rate. I’m not giving this company my email or Facebook log in so that I can get spam. I tried to buy the full version but it comes with a lot of extra stuff that I don’t need and costs $60 a year reoccurring! That’s absolutely ridiculous! For that price I can buy an heart rate monitor to wear. At its base the app monitors heart rate and does what it says it does. But at what cost and frustration? It’s not worth it.

  • What happened?

    by DAAU89

    I used to love this app. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago that I used it, I simply downloaded put my finger on the camara, end of story. Now I can't even do that. You want to charge $9.99 per month just for an app to measure my heart rate? I have a $300 garmin for it, I can also measure with my fingers and watch my HR as well. There is no way I'm paying 9.99 for it. I understand you invest in the development of the app. But you at least it should be like before, direct access to the HR monitor and all the other benefits as a premium app. I am sure there is a free app that does the same as yours. I'm deleting your up, i used to love it

  • Ads in a health app

    by KissTheSky94

    If you’re gonna have ads in a heart rate ad at least be smart about it and don’t have pop ups or 5 second ones that have audio that will make someone’s heart rate go up right before they do it. That’s like having a screaming nurse do your heart rate before a doctors appointment. That’s why you get one star. Because these ads could cause your app to yield inaccurate information. Your app has been deleted off this phone and I have since paid for Sleep Tracker premium that does my heart rate in the morning (even though getting your heart rate every morning should be free).

  • Not enough info

    by Lemarchandd

    I was testing the free version to see if I would want to buy the paid version. First: it costs too much. Second: I couldn’t get more than one heart rate measurement after 10 minutes. It would be nice to know the rate of decline for my heart rate. Third: every time I wanted to try something I was prompted to buy premium. Which brings me back to my first issue of pricing. DON’T BUY THIS APP. IT WILL JUST FRUSTRATE YOU WITH IT’S MEDIOCRITY. unless of course you’re willing to buy a subscription to this app without being able to test all its features.

  • Ads are too intrusive

    by joemd60

    I have no problem paying a developer for their hard work when it comes to apps. But a monthly fee? Where does it end? It seems I am seeing more and more apps where to unlock features, or go ad free requires a monthly payment For free, I can accept the ads, fair enough. But at least let the user see their results before you cover the home screen with one. It was too annoying to the point, I ended up uninstalling the app. I’ll do my heart rate the old fashioned way. Thanks

  • Pesky, annoying, intrusive - sort of works

    by EX31227

    Extremely intrusive, requires personal info to take more than one reading then incessantly bugs you to set up notifications, send alerts, etc; then starts throwing in ads at the end of each reading before it will let you see the results. On the rare occasions when you can actually access it’s core function (to tell you your heart rate) it does seem to work - but by that point it had likely sent my blood pressure up by about 20 points...

  • Works well EDIT: it's awful

    by GregCuc

    Edit: deleted the app and recently re added it. There is pop up after pop up nagging you to upgrade and rate and allow this and that. I just want to take my heart rate. Now you have to sign up with either email or Facebook to use it. I just want to take my heart rate. Awful awful app. Seems to be fairly accurate and has a nice interface. Used on iPhone 4 and it takes a minute to figure out how to put you finger on the lens. Once you get the hang of it, it's fun to use. Would be nice to have tracking on the ad supported version.

  • This app is great when it’s not locking you out.

    by Mbbq

    I have the Heart Rate Free app and I haven’t used it in a while until today. I was unable to use the app because it kept asking for me to choose a program which meant subscribe which I didn’t want to do. All I wanted was to check my bp and unless they have some obscure way to bypass it, I couldn’t figure it out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when it’s not locked behind a paywall but I’d rather not have to pay for an app I don’t use regularly. So with that said, I’m deleting the app.

  • Be careful it’s a con job

    by lhyioph

    It’s advertises free once you sign-up you automatically have to pay $9.99 a month after that and you can’t cancel it it’s The circle reasoning everywhere you go it takes you right right back to their notification that they can’t cancel it you have to go follow their instructions which lead you back again to their page telling you they can’t cancel it I haven’t figured out yet how to cancel it when I do I’ll post it so you can stop your payments. Get one that isn't a shyster deal you’ll be better off.

  • Must create account to use this

    by Trtgghjjj

    Giving one star due to the fact that you can only use this ONE TIME unless you create an account and give them your email address. Therefore I am deleting this app. Another review said you no longer have to sign up to continue using the app, but that is NOT correct. There is no way to use this without giving them your personal information. Another reason for 1 star: This app placed two icons on my phone. One icon remains after I deleted the app and there no way to remove the 2nd icon. AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTS

  • Too many ads!

    by Zales530

    The app may be good and provide accurate heart rate but you don’t have much of a chance to get or review results due to adds popping up ALL THE TIME! It’s very frustrating to have to close all the adds (which takes a VERY long time) before even getting your measure. When I went to check my previous results to show my doctor I spent a good couple minutes trying to even view them! Because of this reason, I wouldn’t even consider upgrading.

  • Truly horrible

    by tentimesover

    This UI promises something so simple - a quick daily heart-rate reader. However, the developers decided to cripple their UI with adds and DECOY BUTTONS that all force the user to pay 10 bucks a months to make the app function AT ALL. As a final insulting gesture, the developer send you a push-notification every 24 hrs reminding you to check your heart rate, only to lead you to a disabled application. This is absolutely rotten design, and one of the worse user experiences I have had in years. I cannot possibly comprehend how this app has a 4+ star ratting.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Bikramjit Roychoudhuri

    Most of the time does not work

  • by candie Roether

    burned my fingers

  • by 堅小傻

    The startup was very slow, even slower than other apps, I suggest only load the most required components first, and load others after UI has loaded. I always used this after jogging with rapid heartbeats, when this was app fully started, my rapid heartbeat was already restored to normal, so I wasn't able to know how fast the rapid heartbeat was. MIUI, ViperOS or whatever, but result was still the same. Your UI design was already impressive, but for me, startup duration also important.

  • Another disguised tracking device

    by Markatty

    This won’t work without your Facebook or email info. It’s basically a tracking device for selling your location info to advertisers and anyone else that pays them. I’m happy to watch ads for a free service just not give up my privacy.

  • Cancel this app.

    by bonanaja

    I mistakenly signers on to this app. I want it canceled immediately.

  • 0 stars if possible.

    by Jenna9283

    Deceiving. Keep looking for a legit free app. This not free when you get locked into a screen that prompts you to give email, which as I’ve been made to understand means I now have a monthly payment. It states you have 7 days to cancel. I just spent the last hour and a half trying to determine how that can be done. You get charged for a subscription after 7 days. But you can’t cancel when it doesn’t show up, until that happens.

  • Political ads

    by Joeywigs

    I deleted this app bc of political ads. All for ads to support free apps, but don’t really want to do it based on political ads when I’m just trying to check my heart beat.

  • Political Ads?

    by justeandj

    I finished testing, pressed "done," and screen immediately went black with white letters that said STOP IMMIGRATION NOW. Are you kidding? At least add the word "illegal" for crying out loud. Or I don't know, maybe vet ads you sell? Or keep politics out of ad sales entirely? Weird that I should ever have to suggest that.

  • Why is this app sending our heart rate to FaceBook? It’s criminal!

    by Artiste212

    This app should be banned. The Wall Street Journal reported this app sends our data straight to Facebooks. This should be illegal. I’m hoping Apple removes this app NOW.

  • Deceiving photo sharing

    by Beckyfatur

    Why exactly does this app need to take a picture of my living room to take your heart rate? When I deselected it’s use of my photos and camera it doesn’t work when selecting again it immeadiatly takes a picture, what is the app doing with these photos? This app is shady and not free!

  • Horrible

    by Son of my father

    This app forces you to use it, then force you to give more personal info to cancel. They will still charge you $10 for the first month. No refund, no considerations. (I didn’t want it at all) There will be no indication that they will charge you. (I think they hope you will forget.)

  • Must have an account to use

    by pcmiranda2443

    Really annoying that you can’t even try it out without creating and account or signing in with Facebook, which didn’t even work when I tried it.

  • iPhone Version is a Cash Grab

    by jrobin10

    I've used this product for a long time, and found it very useful. Unfortunately the catch is that I mean this in regard to the Android version of the app, which doesn't try to force cash out of your pocket at every touch point. The experience with this version is really ruined by the paywall being so in your face. Can't recommend it.

  • Need to register to save measurement

    by superstrongarms


  • 5 measurements only

    by Burnowt75

    Is there a way to use it past 5? Doesn’t look like it. Maybe it’s there, buried in the settings? Not going to jump through those hoops on an app labeled ‘free’, sorry. *deleted*

  • Was free but not any more

    by mercury2025

    I had this downloaded few months back an was able too Check my heart rate as many times as I wanted to but I just read downloaded it a day ago and was only to check my heart rate once then it wanted me to pay to check my heart rate again

  • Can’t get an accurate reading

    by La54321

    App can’t seem to track my high and jumpy heart beat.

  • Bait & Switch

    by Mustapha8212

    Initially it was relatively simple to use and did what it was supposed to do. Then the app asks you to creat and account with a monthly subscription fee. No thank you, I deleted it as there are other free apps that perform the same thing or even better. Move on... Fail.

  • They stole my rent money

    by 8182723

    If I could give this app a zero star I would they stole my money and there is no way I can get it back that money was for my rent they set me up

  • Requires Personal Data

    by MoldyOldyComputerGuy

    After the first free reading, the app insists you sign in with your personal data. Well... Screw that!

  • Full page ads?

    by strb113

    Functional application, does what it says, but the privacy terms looks sketchy. Also beginning to see full page ads on the application with no way to report to Google to complain.

  • Ugh

    by Xcsra

    Made me create an account/sign in with Facebook and THEN told me afterwards that you have to pay to the app.

  • Not free

    by tasheemaster

    Not completely free. You register and get 5 free measurements

  • Can’t use

    by Celolly

    Loved it initially because I have a history of low heart rate and I like to keep it checked. When the ads pop up to upgrade and you can’t even use it it’s therefore useless. I guess I’ll delete it for the second time.

  • Can’t use without logging in.

    by CMRnow

    This is a very simple app. But after the initial use you can no longer access it without creating an account. Booo

  • Forced to create an account for this?

    by justafaceinthecrowd

    It let me check my heart rate the first time, then tried to make me sign up to keep using it. Why in God’s name would I need an account to just check my heart rate? App deleted. In response to the developers response to my review: I DONT WANT YOU SAVING MY DATA IN THE FIRST PLACE, so your excuse for forcing an account fails. You lost a customer, great job.

  • software has limited capabilities to integrate with other software.

    by Julian razavi

    The software has limited capabilities to integrate with other software. If you are hoping to use it as a blood pressure tool - this isn’t it.

  • Too much info and money

    by Mickey_F

    I chose this app because of its reviews. But instantly after one reading it forced you to create a login and give up your personal information along with signing who knows what terms and conditions. After I finally decided to do that, it forces you to pay for the service. 9.99 a month? Are they crazy. They are free apps that do the same thing.

  • Completely fake.

    by noppeee.daddyyy

    It started measuring then I took my finger off and it stayed at 94

  • Must give email or Facebook to use

    by xMYxREVIEWx

    You can only measure once. Then before going further you have to sign up with email or Facebook. There’s no way to do anything until you give them your information so you won’t know if the app is even any good until you’ve signed up. No thanks.

  • Intrusive ads

    by nonenunca

    Couldn’t even try it out without being blasted with ads

  • Don’t Use This

    by Milbs23

    I liked the app but now cannot use it unless I enter an email address or facebook account. I don’t recommend doing that. The app should be made useable without entering any personal info.

  • Bought premium, new iOS reset it to free

    by randyoh

    Don’t bother to pay for premium Bought premium, new iOS reset it to free Very disappointed

  • Unnecessary account creation and subscription

    by The_Real_Boo_Radley

    Why do I need to create an account to check my heart rate? Why should this be a subscription service?

  • One time hookup.

    by ME SC

    Read other negatives reviews before downloading. Most likely you will change your mind and save your time and maybe your money. Thanks

  • Scam - Only 1 free test

    by C-Sharpness

    Then it makes you sign up with your email but still requires you to purchase a subscription for a one week free trial and then they will charge your card, otherwise they won’t give you any more free pulse readings.

  • Paid Service is a JOKE

    by tellingitlikeitistmt

    Do not waste your money paying for anything on this app. The only added feature or “stress” test as they call it merely takes the differential between your sitting heart rate and standing heart rate...which you can do on your own with the free app. They will not refund your money so please don’t do’re better off lighting the money on fire...

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Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

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