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  • Email confirmation

    by Hannah J0

    So I just made a new Instagram account on top of the previous one I was using because I wanted to use both. So I tapped add account and I made a new one with my other email. I didn’t really want to confirm the email right away so I didn’t, but after about 5 minutes of trying to set up the new account, a pop up came that said that I had to confirm the email in order to continue using the account. So I was not too mad about that because confirming the email is pretty easy overall. But when I went to mail, I didn’t see an email. I refreshed the mail app over and over but still didn’t see and email. So I went back to Instagram and clicked “send again” hoping it would work, but when I went back to my inbox, there was still no email. I refreshed the inbox about 6 times before going back to Instagram and pressing “send again” another time. I went back to mail, and still didn’t see an email. This cycle continued for about 30 minutes before I gave up on making a new account. But when I tried to go to my previous account, it wouldn’t let me cancel the email confirmation, and there was no ‘x’ in the corner I could click. So I double clicked the home button and swiped out the app, but when I opened it again the email confirmation was still there, So I had to literally delete the app, and re-download it to be able to cancel the email confirmation. Please fix this.

  • Please take these suggestions into consideration

    by _illest.a

    I never write reviews on anything so best believe I find these suggestions really significant. I use Instagram everyday and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t check it every 5 seconds. We get it Instagrams great. However, the fact that the posts were taken out of chronological order is really annoying because you look like a creep if you liked a photo that was posted on someone’s page last week even though it just popped up on your timeline and now you have to actually go to someone’s page to see if they’ve posted anything new. So it would be amazing if the posts could be in chronological order again. Next, I believe that people should have the option to remove pictures from their carousel posts without having to delete the whole post in its entirety. It’d also be great if you could post images or videos with their actual size and not have to compromise with instagrams options or having to just use no crop apps. It’d also be really cool if you could have the option to make almost like sub caption on the rest of your carousel posts and not just an overall caption for all of them. We should also be able to comment with gifs like Facebook also being that Facebook now owns Instagram. Lasty, there should be no time limit to videos that people post. I hope you take these suggestions into consideration. Thanks in advance!❤️

  • by kitty

    Hey, I really love your app, but I'm still unable to send voice messages? I keep getting the same issue. Whenever I try to record a voice message for someone, it says "You can't record a voice message while you're recording in another app", despite not recording anything in any other apps at all. I've tried reinstalling the app, and I've tried cleaning the cache etc.. but nothing seems to ne working. It used to work before until the 1st of March. I can't record videos, either. Hoping for a reply

  • Use Less Data NOT WORKING

    by Timelord7

    I normally wouldn’t be doing this, I need to say this right now. Instagram, you have a great app, a good look, etc. The one problem I have with you is that I can’t stop videos from playing automatically. The one feature you have when it comes to your website on a desktop or laptop, you don’t have it on your mobile versions; I’m disappointed. I try to go and stop this from happening when I use cellular instead of WiFi and it turns out that the video still plays automatically. Why? I lose more data when the video plays automatically let alone even loading the thumbnail of a video. The “Use Less Data” feature doesn’t work, at all. About a few versions ago or at least back in August or early September, the feature worked and I didn’t really need to be that concerned. But I can’t use a feature that won’t work. I have tried everything, turning on and off my phone, updated the app, and even deleted it and reinstalled it. I tried googling why it won’t work but there wasn’t any result that showed how to fix this stupid problem. I’m pretty sure there were other people that were experienced this because googling a topic and having shown something in the search bar as a top result shows that people have been googling a specific topic. But no result. So please can you fix this because this is a problem I’m not going to deal with anymore.

  • Nothing is being done

    by L.l.h.a.

    I love Instagram, as many of these other reviewers do. I’ve had an account since Instagram first started. I almost always love the updates and am always very excited to see what’s new. That’s why I am very disappointed with Instagram right now. I have two accounts logged onto my account, one being my account and the other being my boyfriends (mainly to see the stuff he dms me from private accounts). Mind you, both accounts are logged on not just my phone but also his. My app says it is up to date on updates however my account does not have the features of the new update. For example, my account does not have the questions feature for the stories, the new three line bar to access settings and saved, as well as the new location/logo for the archived stories. However, when I switch to my boyfriend’s account, his account is updated and equipped with all the features above. It is very frustrating that the update has been around so long and my account has still not gotten the new features. I have written several times to the “report a problem” resource and nothing has been done. I have deleted the app and re downloaded it several times and still nothing. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this problem but it’s the first time it’s taken more than a month to be fixed. It is very frustrating and I really wish someone would fix this.

  • by SyaSya Syed Nasir

    I used to enjoy the instagram. But now, it have becoming worse, especially when I update my story. It didn't straight away upload, even though it mentioned there it has been 20 minutes. I tried different method such as switch off and on my phone but it still in the process of uploading. I don't think it's a wifi or phone data problem because I could still scroll and update my fb, watching YouTube and other things.

  • How do I share my poems with the world?

    by Julio Jovani Santos Jr. III

    Threw instagram I have been resourcing us as an outlet to share my poems in the book I am writing with the world. I am in search of more opportunity to get my poems out there to more individuals who are in search of the words to the answers of life as well. For me, writing poetry has become an opportunity to share my story and hardship and what I have learned with the world. I allowed myself the opportunity to sit down and spend the time trying to find the words to say what it was I was truest feeling, an opportunity to truest become the words that I was feeling and emoting in life. With my poetry, you are the poem, and you are the essence of the life you life, and the answer to the questions we ask each and everyday of our existence. Instagram, I would love the opportunity to write a book in honor of you and share it with the world on how seeing and truest feeling our own word threw poetry is so much more than metaphysical and on the surface and more spiritual and soulful with traveling the distance. I would love feedback on how I can share my story and poetic essence with the world. Please let me know anything I can do to get out there as the poetic artist I radiate onto you? Please read my poems as the captions to my most recent last 22 posts and tell me we don’t fall in love!!!

  • by Rupam Das

    This app has only one problem... When it comes to choose photos from my phone. It's just shows me black images... I actually have to do a blind guess just to see if the photo that I clicked is really is the one which I wanted to. Just fix that. I am using a Samsung One ui... maybe a optimization error, but please fix it. It's annoying as hell.

  • Still No iPad App

    by OrdinaryChris

    Instagram is, in turns, wonderful and frustrating. As someone who loves the simplicity of a service built around sharing photos, I love what Instagram started as. I love the development of image processing in app over the years: from filters to legitimate processing tools. I love that the photos default to a square form factor, but that we have the option to use different aspect ratios if the image benefits from it. I even think they’ve done some great things with video content. Adding the ability to easily swap between two accounts has been a godsend. I’m not a fan of the non-chronological timeline. Instagram does a horrible job of showing me what I “want” to see. It narrows down what’s at the top and often floods me with images that I’ve seen a dozen times in the last several days. Most infuriating is that there is no option to see things chronologically. Whatever. I’ll gripe and complain about this forever, but it isn’t my biggest complaint about Instagram. But there’s a realm in which Instagram just continually disappoints me. No iPad app. How can a major social media app exist in 2017 without a dedicated iPad app? Why should I still be using a scaled iPhone app on a 9.7” screen? It was funny for the first year or two of the iPad’s lifetime, but now it’s just stupidly overdue.

  • by Charlotte Newton

    I enjoy the app - it's probably one of my most frequently checked platforms, but I hate the layout and the graphics. I don't like the new update, and the fact that you can't select someone's post and just scroll is often irritating too. the app glitches a lot and crashes maybe once a week, for seemingly no apparent reason. however, despite all this, they have done what no other social media platform has:kept me using it.

  • Love multiple photos! One idea?

    by KerryRyann

    Hi instagram! I love the fact that on instagram now we can post more than one picture at a time! It makes me more excited to post and keep a better eye out of good photo opportunities. I have one idea though that could possibly appeal to others. I would love it if after a picture is posted, the order of the photos could be adjusted, or one of the photos itself could be removed! I believe that it is an option on facebook to remove only certain photos for a post. I bring this up because I think it will have 2 main benefits. As time goes on, sometimes people want to preserve the memories in a post and they like some of the pictures in the post as well, but because of different circumstances don’t necessarily want to have the first photo they see involve someone no longer in their life (old friend, ex boyfriend/girlfriend, ect). Also, sometimes multiple photos will be posted, and it won’t be until much later that one realizes that there is something they don’t want on instagram in one of the pictures - but all the rest are good. Again, if it would be possible to remove pictures from an instagram post or to rearrange the photo order, I think many people would find it beneficial. Do you see what I’m trying to put down here? I hope you will take my suggestion into consideration.

  • Please be more flexible

    by Kory E. battershell

    This app has the potential of blowing Twitter out of the water. However there’s something I feel is worth saying, not that it’ll convince you or even discourage future users, but I’ll say it anyways. In my opinion, Instagram really just needs to be more flexible with “Un safe”, content. I know the rules say it’s not allowed but let’s face facts. People post that stuff anyways and banning them is only alienating a portion of the users who GENUINELY LIKE YOUR APP! Meanwhile twitter is MUCH more lenient with that stuff. The only downside twitter has as far as I’m concerned is that it’s seemingly more complicated. All I’m saying is, I opt for a safe search/unsafe search engine just like Twitter and Tumblr have and you’ll have a more appreciated app. Point is if twitter and tumblr can get away with it, so can you. Oh! And remove the limit to sent photos, that’s just a more nit picky request. I don’t see the purpose to limiting them in terms of time, I’m sure you have your reasons but if you found an alternative way that allows people to continue viewing those photos after they’ve been sent I’m sure people would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! That’s my personal bigger issue, I HATE receiving a photo of something important and forgetting to take a screenshot or accidentally closing it too soon and when I need to see it again I can’t open it up later. And I don’t doubt others have the same issue to deal with

  • by Fathima Ridha

    I kindly request instagram to introduce a policy against those who work against religion and other discrimination with instagram. please ban such accounts. please don't give them fu*king space in this beautiful universe-like app. they are virus. Please Please Please ban such accounts. Give us Freedom. The utmost freedom comes with the absence of fanatics. And please don't give them space cause they're rich. please don't be penny wise pound fool . Thank you so much for everything .... Thanking

  • Top filters and editing tools, social media without the bs.

    by jalatheño

    I really enjoy being able to express my life in photos instead of words - even though the option to use words is there anyway if I want to. The thing is, the filters and editing tools on Instagram are top of the line to me who is my a professional photographer but someone that does take great pride in my photos by making little tweaks and enhancements. The particular filters and tools enable me personally to focus on the subject/message in my photos in a way that I often do not need to grapple with what words I’m trying to say. I use Instagram filters for every single photo I snap, publish, and/or print out to keep for my private collection. I RARELY use any other photo-filter app. The only thing I miss is a bokeh option. I know you can use the tilt shift (which is one of my favorite features) but I prefer something more exact for my taste. In Instas defense, I’m certain this app isn’t intended for professional photogs but it’s the poor man’s version of apps that cost $50 a year to edit photos. It’s for the novice photographer or the hobby photographers. Many will argue with me on this but I think a real artist knows how to manipulate and work with limited resources to make their work appear nearly as flawless as the pros.

  • by Christopher Carter

    there are a lot of beautiful things happening in this app but unfortunately they are becoming more and more selective with what you can and cant post as far as nude and expicit content. that might be the saddest thing of all. but it doesnt stop there. they have been taking on more and more adds which really dilutes your custom feed and makes it just like facebook. all that being said. i like the app and it will continue to be my #1 compared to the rest.

  • Some issues with tagging people and notifications

    by SlightlyDisappointedDownloader

    Ok so Instagram is one of my favorite apps however I have some issues in regards to tagging people. One of my friends account was disabled and is no longer in use but that old @ is still showing and I can’t remove it. Not only that but an ex friend blocked me awhile back and I would like to be able to remove her @ from the post but it won’t let me for some reason. When I tag people in a story it shows that that person is tagged but people will swipe up and say the @ won’t work even though it should. The only other issue I have with Instagram (that I can think of) is the fact that as soon as I open the app all of my Instagram notifications disappear which bothers me because I have multiple accounts and don’t always know what goes with what and it helps to see it all spread out individually where I don’t have to hunt for it. I have a lot of my friends DM me and some of it is more serious conversations than others and I don’t always have the time to sort through and see if I need to respond immediately or if a response can wait which is why I like the notifications (just not that they disappear). The fact that it does that bothers the hell out of me because no other app I have does that and if I want the notifications cleared I can do it manually.

  • by Anishi Shah

    i have a business account and a personal one. i can share posts in story in personal one but the option of share the post as story does not even appear in my business account. Please look after this issue. other than this i have no problems with Instagram. i really love this app. But it would be great if you can look after this issue. Thank you and please look after it thus issue. i really nee dit in my business account

  • Best Social Media App

    by _Jacob_Likes_Food_

    Instagram is easy to use and keeps getting better! Tag people in posts, great working live streams +filters, all types of posts from all your friends (Challenges, Updates, Memories, etc.), messaging through Instagrams in app direct messages +groups, filters for pictures you want to post, and for the over protective parents if you will, you have the ability to restrict anyone without permission from user from seeing posts, and not to mention the filters on post, on ones profile you can add links to personal websites, write some information about yourself, or just update your followers! A favourite feature of mine is public commenting directly on ones post, and if any haters post something offensive, you can delete the comment as soon as it’s up, easy as that! As well as most social media apps and websites, you can block and/or report other users who break Instagrams community guidelines. Not to mention the fact that no matter how old or how popular the post, no matter who it’s been sent to, you can always take it down and removed from anyone ever to see again, there is absolutely no limit on how many posts one can have, and there is always a function to translate other languages in to the users selected language

  • Changes that should be made

    by Sstephhhhhx

    Don’t get me wrong I love Instagram. This app is one that i find myself on the most but a few changes should be made. 1 being that Instagram crops your photo (ones taken on Snapchat) so you can’t fit the entire picture. I hate the white boarders and it would be so nice to not have cropped photos!! 2. I should be able to search a certain person that viewed my story. I get 1800+ views on my stories and it takes me so long to go through everyone that viewed it just to look for the one person. Also why did you guys change the order in your following list. It used to be who you recently followed and I loved that, now it’s in a weird order and it’s obnoxious. Please make these changes. UPDATE: Why don’t you guys listen to your users?? Instead of making it so I can search a specific person who viewed my story they freaking take away the ability to see who viewed my highlights after 24 hours overall. Please change this. This is incredibly unsafe. I have a public profile and I felt relieved to know I can see who was visiting my page and viewing my stories. If a bot or a inappropriate page viewed my story I had the ability to block that page and now they can visit my page and view my highlights without my knowledge and that is uncomfortable!! LISTEN TO YOUR USERS!!

  • by Phantom

    Instagram is a really good app. I use it all the time. I actually stopped using snapchat because of it. I deleted snapchat. The only downside for me is that since my screen is messed up on the right side, I cannot switch accounts. I believe that instagram shouldve kept it where you can switch accounts from going to your Dms. It worked for me better.

  • Filtering

    by isabellatriesart

    I’ve never had that big of a problem with Instagram. The algorithm has been a bit annoying but it’s nothing that has ever physically annoyed me. But I just saw the update for “filtering out any bullying comments”. First of all, I agree with the whole message of not bullying children or harassment of children online. That’s not ok. However, filtering out comments involving bullying and such doesn’t make sense due to the fact that half of the time people are just joking. Secondly, you are restricting people’s rights to speak their minds. This site/app should be a place where people should be allowed to say and post whatever they please, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong. There are of course boundaries but it is very difficult to set those boundaries online. I feel like restricting “bullying” comments will just cause more problems within the instagram community. Because there is no way to tell a person’s real intentions on whatever they say online. You just can’t. It’s near impossible. Restricting someone’s thoughts on an app/site is not a way to stop online bullying or harassment. I understand that cyber bullying is very wrong and very uncalled for, however restricting any comments involving the context “bullying” isn’t going to solve a lot. There are other ways to prevent/promote non-bullying behavior on websites. Filtering out comments is not a way to go about the situation.

  • by P3F1 // P3RF3CT 5TH

    I don't know why, but instagram always downgrade my pictures that I share. This is a problem because it's annoying that every pictures that I share always downgrades the quality. There isn't an option for pictures quality, so this is very annoying. Please, fix this annoying issue. I can't sent a full quality image from my phone to instagram.

  • I miss the old format

    by NikaPants

    I love Instagram! It's done a lot to help my career. But whatever new algorithm replaced the old stinks. I am REALLY tired of seeing the same 15 people's posts over and over!!! I follow, like, 400 people! I follow a lot of other artists for inspiration, community and connection, but for some reason, I get a constant stream of my cousin's rabbits and my client's lunches (I can't exactly unfollow my client or my cousin). It's particularly frustrating when a post for a relevant event pops up and I realize it happened 3 days ago. Sure, I may not have seen it anyway, but if I'm gonna see it, I'd like to know I can go! And what does this mean for my art?! Am I not reaching people who are ALSO getting off Instagram 30 seconds after they get on out of frustration that they are STILL seeing their cousin's rabbits?! It would be REALLY cool if we at least had the option to view our feed the old way. Wouldn't that be an interesting experiment? If that's too much, how about a trial run? Give people the option of viewing chronologically or the new way. Majority wins! All I REALLY care about is that Instagram does not go the way of Facebook. I BARELY use FB anymore- it's too much! It feels like high school when the girl next to me in class kept gossiping in my ear while I'm trying to read "Bobby commented on Tara's comment on Devin's photo of Mike and Tina". Don't caaaaaaaare! Anyway, end rant!

  • All we want is chronological order!

    by G. Anne J.

    I love this app so much. I use it every single day, and use it to keep in contact with my friends. It is very easy to post things, direct messages work well, and stories are a neat feature even if it wasn’t an original idea. Although there are many impressive features on this app, I am not sure if I like the new comment section where you can see the top liked comments first and not the most recent ones. I feel like I miss out on everything that Instagram doesn’t deem important. Same goes with my timeline! I just want chronological order back. I miss out on so many posts that I am interested in. I often don’t see posts from friends and family anymore because the format doesn’t show me them. I don’t understand why I need to see posts from both 2 minutes ago and 5 days ago right under each other. Not to mention the INSANE amount of ads I see on here now. The algorithm specifically is created to benefit it’s sponsors and ignores the creators on the app. I dislike that anyone can promote a post now. I get random posts of things I do not care about. If I do not follow someone, why do I need their posts in my timeline? It seems as if everyone in these reviews agrees that all we want is the chronological format back. I don’t understand why the people who run this app do not listen to what their customers want.

  • by Catrenia Cooke

    Well so far so good. I've learned alot on social media. Although, some folks use it as a platform to promote sex, violence or simply to dehumanize someone or, maybe just to sabotage a life. I will always take the good parts and, block, delete and, trash the rest. I'm so grown up now 😐.

  • Can’t get through app

    by ReviewMotherSafeMom

    Okay so my friend deleted Instagram off my phone and i was like okay I’m just gonna redownload it okay. So then I did the whole redownload thing and the crazy part is that once I did that I tried to log back into my account and it wouldn’t let me it kept saying “something went wrong please try again” and it was kinda annoying so I reset my password but it did the same thing each time I tried a different account same thing then I went through google to instagram and I was able to go through I tried the app Instagram again it just kept on not letting me in. So I decided to try and make a new account and it straight up ain’t letting me make the account it’s now saying my account was “disabled” for not following Instagram guidelines even though my account w.gyimah does nothing wrong cause I’ve only posted once and I’m supposed to get a dm from a friend to work on a project but I’m unable to do that since i can’t go through and google doesn’t do that stuff so I just kinda want Instagram to let me through cause I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong my 1 post is about football so I don’t really see the problem but anyways if you see read this could you find it helpful so instagram can see this cause I feel as if it’s a problem or a bug that needs to be fixed thanks I’ll change the rating if they fix it 🥴

  • Great app, feed flaws.

    by Te rates

    Overall, Instagram is an excellent social media app. However, I have found a few flaws in the way Instagram looks. For example, the comments are not in chronological order;making them very confusing. I have found a similar problem in the feed algorithm. They are not in chronological order anymore. You will see a post from 2 weeks ago, and then a post from 2 DAYS ago. Next, there should be a bigger time frame for videos. You cab only have a video that is 1 minute long. I wanted to post a slime review, but the video was 2 minutes long so I had to do it in 2 separate videos even though all of the slimes came together. Finally, I think you should fix the messages. You can always see if someone has seen your direct message. This isn't exactly a problem, but I think there should be an option, in case someone does not want people to know when they have seen their messages. Please take these suggestions into consideration. I know I am not the only person complaining about these things. Other than those problems, I have only had good experiences with Instagram. It is very easy and fun to use. You can share pictures and videos with your community or even the world! All in all, Instagram is a fantastic app, but needs a few fixes.

  • Still good, not great (iPhone X)

    by vlpage

    I have pretty much the same comments as everyone else, regarding bringing back chronological order of the feed, stories being a ripoff of Snapchat (but I believe Facebook, instagram, and Snapchat are all owned by the same company if I’m not mistaken), etc. BUT ALSO, I just bought an iPhone X and the app needs some serious revamping be compatible with the new phone. They did a good job of having the layout fill the full screen view of the X; HOWEVER, when you go to upload a new profile photo, if you click on any photo besides the very most recent one in your photo album, the layout glitches, and the “Cancel” and “Done” buttons move up on top of the iPhone’s time and battery displays. I wish I could attach a photo to this review, but I hope my explanation makes sense. This glitch makes it impossible to click either of the buttons, and you have to physically kill the app and reopen it in order to get out of the screen and back to using the app. This happens every time you try to change the profile photo. If you use the most recent photo in your album, it works mostly fine, with just a little awkward cropping on top. This is just frustrating because obviously people might want to be able to upload ANY of their pictures as a profile photo! This glitch really needs to be worked out ASAP

  • ...

    by pcrl14

    I love Instagram sooo much, I use it everyday and I really don’t have a problem with anything other than two things. Problem #1 GO BACK TO CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!! Everybody has posted and given plenty of recognition that they hate the out of order posts. Problem #2 isn’t much of a problem just something I’d enjoy and I know many others would too. I’ve had many scenarios where I’ll post a composition of pictures, then a few days later I’ll realize that there’s a picture in that post that I really don’t like. In that scenario here are your choices, either delete every picture that comes with, or deal with that one or few pictures you hate. I’d love it if you could delete a picture or more instead of having to delete every other picture in that post, and I’d also love if you could go back and edit pictures that you’ve already posted. Please consider this, it would be very helpful. I’m tired of having to stare at a post that’s been up for a while that I really like and having to delete it because it isn’t cropped right, has a weird filter and looks weird in my feed, or dealing with a picture I hate in between a bunch that I love. If you could please make an update and include any to all of these things, me and many others would love Instagram even more.

  • Why aren’t the @ in the bio active?

    by KelliConan

    The @ in the bio aren’t a link which it should be by now. They work perfectly fine on ever other Instagram simulator app or web extension. The web extensions are way better than the actual app ‘cause you can do everything that the app can do expect for dm (see or send), turn on post notifications, or see post notifications. They really need to make @ links in a bio clickable and also finally go back to suggesting other things related to what you’ve just followed like if you followed a band, then in the drop down suggestions, they should first show stuff pertaining to the band as a suggestion to follow. The drop down suggestions wouldn’t matter much if the @ links were active and clickable. You also need to stop wasting my top searched pages on the search page for three things I haven’t looked at, have no clue about the page, and or nothing I follow, follow then and or they don’t follow any of the same stuff. They aren’t my top searches if I’ve never searched for that page. Stop doing that. Also, stop putting manly gender related suggestions on my explorer page. I’m female and every year when spring and summer come around, you fill the explorer page with a lot of bikini pictures and a lot from the same person. I don’t follow anything like that so I don’t care to see it. It’s supper annoying.

  • Needs Some Improvement

    by 🌼Caitlyn🌼

    I’ve had Instagram since 2013, which is a very long time 😂 It’s definitely changed over the years. A few problems I’m facing now, however, include my explore page resetting (I’d have to exit the app & go back in to fix that), and not having sound when I try to upload a video on an extra account. I also feel that a few of the features that used to be on there were so much better and easier to get to. Archived Stories, for example. Whenever your story would disappear after the 24 hours ended, you’d get a notification saying how many people viewed it. Now, that’s not there anymore, and I have to go to my archived just to see who looked at my stories. Another thing is the hashtag following (or whatever it is 🤷‍♀️). For me personally, I’ve never used this. I tried it once and just thought it was annoying cause the posts would go on my feed, and I’d be thinking that I’m just following these accounts when I wasn’t. It really isn’t the greatest feature to me, as I could just go to my explore page and find the same posts. Regardless of these minor things though, I still use Instagram pretty much every day. 😂 It’d just be nicer if these issues were resolved or taken into account by me writing this.

  • Great app, but could use some tweaks and fixes

    by RetroMarioGamer

    Ever since I got Instagram in December of 2017, I’ve had such a fun time making and viewing posts and stories. Although, the overall experience has a few flaws. The most major flaw: not being able to edit pictures or videos after posting them. All you can really do it edit the text and who you tag which is helpful, but you should be able to edit everything. Next: Please don’t limit videos to only being one minute. Yes, this issue has sort of been addressed with the Instagram TV feature, but the transition from post to TV is very awkward, and you really should be able to post videos longer than one minute on normal posts. Third: Please, oh please fix the bug with the question box in stories. I ask a question, and people tell me they replied, but I never get the replies the first time they’re sent. Sometimes my friends have to send their replies 2 or 3 times before they go through, and it’s incredibly tedious and annoying for all of us. Fourth: Please fix the bug where you put multiple pictures in one post and some are grayed out. There are other, more minor flaws, but they aren’t worth mentioning since they don’t really bother me that much. Anyways, I love this app, but it’s far from perfect.

  • I’m getting mad

    by lëx ßpïvëé

    Honestly, I have been using this app for years. I’m a teenager and I love this app. But lately, I don’t know how recent, but in the past probably 6 months, my Instagram has been acting weird. I go on it everyday and I have to check to see how many people I’m following because everyday I go on there, I’m following people I don’t even know. A couple days ago I started following this girl that I know but I never requested her. But I figured maybe I just requested some of these a long time ago and they are just now excepting my request but I just went on Instagram and I was looking through stories and I saw this story that looked like something I wouldn’t follow. So I checked the account and I NEVER followed them. So I looked at how many people I was following (I check every time I go on the app now) and it was up by one. And I unfollowed them and immediately closed the app and came here to write this. Because I’m getting really annoyed. I figured it was just my phone but it’s not doing that with any of the other apps I use so I know it’s just Instagram. I don’t want to have to delete it because I use it like crazy but I’m getting really mad. So if there’s a way to fix it, please let me know. Also, on a side note, when this first started happening I changed my passcode because I thought someone hacked into my account.

  • Algorithm

    by falloutjane

    I’ve been an Instagram user for a long time now and I really enjoy the app. Definitely my favorite social media platform. I, unlike most, really like Instagram stories and I love how you can save stuff without having to screenshot. My complaint however is my home feed. I’m tired of only seeing posts from 5 of the 200 people I follow. I wish there was a way to have it be in chronological order, but you can make it so that specific people do show up at the top of your feed. This may sound a little silly but it’s pretty embarrassing when you accidentally like and comment on a post from 5 days ago as if it was posted ten minutes ago. Really I don’t understand why Instagram is making all these frankly useless updates to the algorithm. Instead of that they should be cracking down on how the thumbnail (starter photo?) for a video has nothing to do with the video. Now that’s something that needs worked on. I feel that these algorithm changes only benefit the people exploiting Instagram and hurts regular users content intake. This is a little long so in short great app but please stop messing with my feed, or at least give me the option to change it back to the way it was if I so please.

  • Fix this please!

    by --wolfg1rl--

    I really enjoy using Instagram but I have one issue and that is that when I try to upload more than one photo into one post it crops my photos to the same size as the first one in the post. I want to be able to post all of them into one post and have all of the pictures be the original size. This would be great for photographers like me who go out on photoshoots and want to put up one post with their best photos. It is hard to do that when all of your photos are cropped the exact same way. It should be the same way as Facebook. I am not saying we make Instagram exactly like Facebook because they are two different social medias, but I think it would be nice if we could upload photos on Instagram the same way we can upload them on Facebook. With Facebook you have one post with multiple pictures that are all the original sizes. You can then click on them and look through them individually before exiting and going through the rest of your feed. Instagram should allow us to have the option to upload our photos like this. We should have an option to do this If we have a photography account. I know not everyone would want to upload their photos this way but many would choose to do this.

  • Please stop making unnecessary changes

    by Aperralll

    I am finding it harder to use Instagram with every update. Changes that are being made are unnecessary and feel unnatural to me. I can’t see posts in chronological order, I have “suggestions” on the feed which I go to see ONLY what the people I’m following have been up to. That’s been slightly annoying, but now in the explore feed when I click on one post with the intention to scroll through all the posts suggested to me from various users... instead I’m met with only one users posts, most of which I’m not interested in and it’s annoying to have to go back and click the next picture to see the next meme or what-have-it, causing me to close the app and open FaceBook or Twitter instead as they aren’t making changes that are majorly affecting the way users browse content. I don’t know who instagram has put in charge of these updates, but every single update gets worse. ALSO not to mention, the app will automatically follow accounts that I have either never encountered or had no interest in following. I have never left a review in the AppStore but Instagram used to be my favorite social media outlet and now I’m much more fond of other things due to some of the updates and I think a lot of people might feel this way about the path instagram is taking.

  • A sad user

    by uzer001098876

    My Instagram feed is now filled with posts from advertisers and accounts of which I don’t even follow. I never see my friends on my feed anymore unless I am scrolling for 10 minutes and people’s pictures are not getting as many likes. I can speak from experience because I have watched my likes go down as Instagram has changed their algorithm. People like things which are unique! Keep Instagram different and unique and make other platforms want to be like you, not you wanting to be like them. If the changes are based off of Statistics, realize the functions of other apps. Snapchat for instance, people like it simply because it is very private. On Instagram you are able to send pictures to people however they can be uploaded from the camera roll and used to look like the picture was taken just then.. this makes Instagram very user friendly for catfishes. Just keep the traditional Instagram aspects and forget about conformity. Make it so dm pictures- if uploaded from camera roll, it states that. Additionally, make the feed tendered to followers which a users look at most frequently. Because of these issues with the algorithm, even though I used Instagram since 2012, I must say goodbye until changes are made :(

  • Not pleased

    by M3owMix(-:

    Instagram is the only social media that I use. One of those reasons is because of how Amazing I find it to be. I've never had a problem occur and all the features worked perfectly until now. I logged off of my Instagram app and when I tried to log back in, it popped up "We could not log you in" or "something went wrong". When this happened I thought maybe someone had blocked me and my account had been disabled but later I found out that if that was the case they would tell you whether it is disabled or not. After a lot of failed attempts, I decided to login through Google and not use the app. I was actually able to login. So what is the problem with me logging in on the app? I even deleted and reinstalled the app, but only this time to cause myself more problems. When I reinstalled the app, I clicked on the Instagram icon and then it just crashes. I'm very displeased with what is happening. I've sent feedback but nothing seems to be changing. This was the only way that I really had contact with the outside world and being on my page allowed me to feel free and express myself. Now I can't do that and I don't know if I'll ever be able to get my account back working again. I hope that this conflict is resolved, but until then I'm giving Instagram 1 star.

  • Fix in update

    by Megan3133

    Okay so I absolutely LOVE Instagram. Recently I have noticed it is not loading all of the posts. I will go on Facebook and see a picture posted that states it is linked with Instagram but never see it on my Instagram feed. Also when you refresh it will take some of them completely off of the feed instead of putting them towards the bottom. Can you please fix it! This is causing people to not get any likes at all. My followers say they never see my pictures unless they search my profile. I keep seeing the same pictures over and over again. Some days I get half of the likes I normally do because people do not see my pictures. This is very frustrating. Another thing that is annoying is the adds that I don’t ask to see. They are very creepy because they relate to the things that I like but that’s not why I got instagram. It seems like this app is trying to copy every other social media app such as Snapchat and Facebook. I have been having this issues about loading pictures and my followers not seeing my stuff for about a year now. Can we please go back to the old instagram where everything was in chronological order?


    by kevcheeze75

    I feel the need to make this comment because I know your development team MUST understand the growing problems, yet seem to not care. Lets get obvious stuff out of the way first: algorithm. This has been an issue for months. Though this out-of-order feed may work in some contexts, it is not wanted or useful here. People want to see posts in the order they appear. If anything, add an adjustment in settings that lets you switch between chronological and suggested order could be added to please both sides. My next point is disappearing DMs. These are completely useless and do not make sense within the context of the app. Instagram, for most, is a way to reflect and share their life to their followers; however, by adding such a private, snapchat-inspired feature, the app has gone from a open place to share to a yet another platform for texting. There are other smaller issues. For example, the saved tab does not seem to work for me or many others. I also do not like how I receive notifications when other people comment. Such additions distract from instagram's intent and usage and only make the experience LESS enjoyable. Thanks

  • Needs to fix glitches in the app

    by Brianna Renee S

    Instagram has always been my favorite social media app, however, recently I have had VARIOUS problems due to malfunctions within the app. At the beginning of September 2018, I was logged out of my Instagram account for no reason at all. No big deal, I’ll just log myself back in, right? Wrong. Every time I tried to log in it said an error had occurred. I logged into my Instagram through the safari app to make sure my password was correct, and it allowed me to do so. Now knowing that I was using the correct password, I tried again to log into my account through the Instagram app itself. No luck, once again. I contacted Instagram through email and they said there was nothing they could do about the problem. It is now March of 2019 and the problem is still occurring. Instagram needs to fix this situation. Which according to Google, multiple people are facing similar issues as well. Please Instagram, fix these glitches within the app or help the people who are facing these problems. This is a very irritating problem and the Instagram Team just seems to push it to the side. This is not an efficient way to run a company.

  • not letting me log in

    by jyaajayyy

    so i decided to change my password because I didn’t remember it. It changed the password to my other account so i removed the number from that one so it can change it to my main @__drippyjayyy it soon sent a link to my phone and told me to open it in my browser and i did. so it changed the password and logged me in on the browser. when i go to log in on the app it says logged out. which is normal if the password is changed. so i logged in with the new password and it logs in and but immediately logs me out saying no internet connection, failed to reload feed, sorry you have been logged out. when i try again it says use facebook and i tap it and it says the same thing over and over and over. so i change the passwords a couple of times and it doesn’t work. so i decided to log out my back up _drippyyjayy318 and lets me log in on both browser and app. i just want to know why it doesn’t work on the app but i’m the browser. so i ended up givin it one more try and it logs my out completely browser and all. it keeps saying incorrect password and all. Can you please just try and get me back into my account please!

  • IG dared to sideline posts from my actual friends.

    by buddy Walrus

    I recently got into taking photos and one of the best ways to quickly share my images with others is Instagram. I can also connect with other great photographers and it has helped expand my perspective on the art. This is invaluable to me. However, recently my feed has utterly ceased to show me pics from people who i follow and like the most. The more popular a profile is, the more it shows up, so that, for example, i just began to see 10+ nat geo posts at a time in a few minutes even though i hit like on a lot of other images from other people. So i had no choice but to unfollow the nat geo profiles, which i did not have to do a few months ago. As for the people i know irl and like every single one of their posts, i no longer get any notification of their posts, and i may or may not even see it on my feed until it is a day old or more. I dont even care about the ads, they are actually targeted towards me very well. I am currently considering other platforms to share my images but unfortunately this is the most well known. Once a good one pops up it will be my pleasure to switch. Sorry IG, but its very clear that you do not value me as a user whatsoever. In reality you will not look at this review at all.

  • Instagram personally

    by JayBird3571

    Instagram is a great creative app where I can stay in touch with friends and family. Posting my own photos I get to be creative, too. I have noticed though I seem to go through a lot of issues when using the app. I had been hacked and reported it immediately. When I got emails back on telling me what to do next, I knew they weren’t actually people just machines already programmed which made is much more frustrating. Instead of getting my account back they disabled it completely and I had to make a new one. Then once I made the new one after a while it would not let me log onto or make a new account with the phone I had. It allowed me to do this when I received my new iPhone. Now I’m having issues just simply logging into my account AGAIN. It consistently says “we’re sorry, an error has occurred”. I have good WiFi and the strongest connection to internet I can get, even if I were on wife my cellular data is pretty good about being just as smooth like WiFi. I reported a problem, but there’s no actually person to communicate with which is just frustrating all over again and makes me feel like I’m running in CIRCLES. If instagram improved their support system then I believe no problems would ever occur to being with on the app....

  • Feedback and suggestions improvements

    by a non-basic teen

    So, Instagram is like pretty great, it’s my favorite social media platform. However I wish that the creators could make a few improvements and adjustments. First of all, I know that there’s a highlights section for your stories, but I wish there could be a folder to combine posts. For example, I have a drawing account and it would be nice if I could have a place in my account where I could combine posts from past months. D’ya know what I mean? I tried to screenshot all the posts from the past month, but it was just too much work. My second point is about stories. I know that y’all have added polls and “type something” features. What if you added another feature like those two but the responses were anonymous to the person who posted the story. Sometimes I wanna respond to one of my friends, but I feel embarrassed or insecure about my answer. This feature is not a necessity, nor a need, but it would attract a lot of attention to the youth, like me. Anyway, I believe that these pieces of feedback will liven up the app. Hopefully y’all add at least one of these in. Sorry for the long post, I had a lot to say, obviously.

  • It's good but I have some suggestion

    by The name is Bella

    I it enjoy Instagram, it is my favorite social media app. I love looking at other people's pictures and staying in touch with family members that are away. It is a source for a lot of my creative inspiration and I love that aspect. All the new tools that Instagram has incorporated into its app are so amazing and helpful. I look forward to the new features that they will one day include in the future. One that I hope they include is the ability it add/edit postures once they have been uploaded. This is something that I struggle with all the time, whenever I'm posting multiple pictures at a time using their sliding picture format, I cannot add onto, delete, or rearrange the order of these photos. I recently just uploaded a pair of two pictures to my page only later to realize that I forgot to add a third photo that I was planning to put. I think it would be helpful if Instagram added an option to edit pictures in such a way that we are permitted to edit captions. I do not wish to delete the whole post, but to simply add one more photo to my post. Instagram please listen to this message for it will help my and several of my other friends who struggle with this same issue!

  • Instagram helped make my career

    by hhggggggggguihy

    I don’t know where this review is going to And who’s going to be reading it but it said if I wanted to write a review and I never write a review for anything. But I must say Instagram Revolutionized my life. Obviously it was me that did most of the work but the networking which clearly be significantly different if it wasn’t for social media platform like Instagram. I do tattoos for a living and all of my clientele comes from people who email me after seeing my page of Instagram . People from all mover the world get to see my work and know who I am . Instagram came out when I started tattooing and what a blessing that was .I've been able to network with other artists and announce to public when I’d be in different states doing a guest appearance at other shops . It’s important not to get obsessed with your like and followers but they should also keep you motivated to keep leveling up in whatever your presenting on Instagram . But anyway I just wanted to say a few years ago I decided to turn everything around in my life and when it came to getting into the tattoo industry Instagram had a huge impact on how I network my craft .

  • Please change the new layout of how you view accounts

    by Daysha Morales

    I have been on Instagram for about 7 years now and I’ve always loved it but please please please listen to your users. My Instagram updates by itself even though my automatic updates are off. I was just on Instagram about 30 minutes ago and it was fine now I go back on and my profile layout is completely different. My profile picture is now on the right side everything is clustered and it is very large, when I go to other peoples accounts it is the same and it is very annoying because it is very hard to navigate this way. Also please stop changing the Algorithm I understand that you guys do it because of advertising purposes but before I can see content from pages that I like I see about 30+ ads and even when I say don’t show things like this they some how still pop up. Posts from friends or businesses that I am interested in don poo up on my timeline the same day they are posted. A post from three weeks ago will pop on my timeline followed by one from 4 days ago and it is very annoying because I have to turn on post notifications just so that i can see content I am interested in and not jus advertisements. Please fix the layout of the way you view profiles!!

  • SUGGESTION! How about an Option For Chronological order?

    by Put it back!:(

    So I seriously like this app and following creators but I have a problem with how my feed is always set up. First of all, my feed is not in chronological order! The way it’s set up is very very unnecessary, I miss many posts from the accounts I follow! I also end up seeing posts from the second they upload a photo to the next post being from another person from 5 days ago! Second, since the way our feed is set up it keeps changing the posts every single time I come back to the app, again with the same thing, a post from 5 days ago to like 3 minutes ago. Like you’re lucky to catch one that’s very recent. That’s just so uncomfortable and very annoying. Please bring back chronological order or have an option for this!!(I seriously believe having an option is perfect!! It gives us a choice!!) It’s more helpful than accidentally missing a post because the way this is set up. Or completely miss a whole week of posts by someone. Anyways We have been trying to ask you guys for so long now! It’s certainly something we need back. Thanks for reading and listening to the us users! Hope to hear back from you guys some time!

  • Chronological timeline!!

    by Farmgirl 1

    Don’t bring out all this new stuff about managing my time on the app with a timer. Bring the chronological timeline back! Although this should occur for many reasons (stop slighting small business accounts and others who really rely on interactivity on the app to make a living being the most important reason) chronological timeline enforces the time management on your app to begin with. When I worked two jobs and got behind on my feed, I would take my time to go through but would ultimately “max out” at 2 days into the past. If I want to see further back than this I just went to the profiles I wanted to check in on. Now I have to check in on every profile I want to see (because why else would I be following it?!) because I am shown week old, irrelevant content before I am shown a small business’ sale announcement from that morning. The algorithmic timeline makes me feel overwhelmed and as if I’ll never catch up on my feed and therefore have simply spent much less time on the only social media I truly cared for. Bring back the old tried and true and THEN worry about time management or other things you’re building into your updates while your users become more and more upset with what this app has become.

  • My Story Highlights Disappeared

    by ABDIEN88

    It appears that my instagram seems to get things such as Instagram stories, and later on story highlights, rather late in the game. As in months and months after most other people I know have gotten it. Sometimes I’ll get it in an update, get used to it, but by the following update it’ll be gone. Currently this is an ongoing battle with the story highlights. My friends can see the ones I’ve posted previously, but on my account on my phone, they are gone and the option to view mine or others is simply not present. I have a feeling it might have to do with the fact I do not have more than 400 followers. Those with low numbers possibly are at higher risk for getting the new features last? That’d be a real bummer if that’s the case. It’s not my phone, cause it’s a new model iPhone and it shouldn’t be the programming system, cause I’m on latest iOS and I update my phone and apps regularly. Hope they figure out this issue as well as bring back the CHRONOLOGICAL FEED, because it would be pretty upsetting if they start allowing only those who’ve paid into the app, or bought a significant amount of followers to access their updates first, and some not at all, leaving the rest of us scratching our heads.

  • Love It

    by Rodriguez.Jasmine

    I know a lot of people may complain about Instagram and the way it’s being used by certain people; HOWEVER, I’ve never had an issue with the platform itself. The only thing I can really talk about is the timeline is a little off. First, you’ll see something from four hours ago then something from one day ago then something from five minutes ago so, yes, the timeline is a little wacky. That’s the only thing I can really think of though that could be worked on but, other than that, I really have no complaints about the Instagram app. I do wish we can filter out the direct messages though and have a little more control of who can message us and who can’t (i.e. I don’t mind certain people following me and liking a few pictures here and there if they like what they see; however, it doesn’t mean I want them in my DMs either lol like is there anyway that someone can block a person from their DMs without having to block the whole profile as well? That’s what I mean by a little more control over the DMs). All in all though, Instagram is probably my most used social media platform and I love it!

  • Instagram is fine on its own, good differentiation

    by straphanger nyc 83

    I like Instagram because of the way you can focus content and link your images through hashtags. The new feature name tags is redundant. I am not into it. I would hate to see this platform become a carbon copy of Snapchat just for pure competition. My point is about demographics and differentiation, Instagram lets everyone get in on the fun and not just certain age groups or business vs non business so Snapchat is clearly for much younger groups. I think if they do become too much like Snapchat or another platform that they will no longer be a leader in social media platforms. I don’t like the stories feature either but I do love having options to post as image or images that can become videos as posts. I honestly don’t use Instagram to watch videos so too much of that could get old. But sure in Japan these features are all included. I also detest when products copy each other so I hope you guys remain innovators in the US and not sheep! Otherwise I’m jumping ship and leaving social media to the naive teens and 20 somethings. I’m probably the only one on the planet who thinks like this so maybe I’ll just go and build my own app instead, j.k!

  • Great, buuut....

    by TessaSwagstar

    It’s amazing and a great social media platform, the same instagram we’ve always had just a little better with every update. I like the new features, but the new bullying filter feature is removing some of the most simple comments, especially when it comes to songs for some reason? Like people will ask for a song name in the comments and if you reply for some reason it won’t let me comment the name of the song, and like they’re really simple like “Sorry-Justin Bieber” got filtered out. Then there’s the issue with reporting things, I’ve seen a lot of graphic images of self harm and every time I report it I get the same “we’ve reviewed ____’s post and have found it doesn’t violate our community guidelines.” When reporting things for self harm is like its own separate option? And there’s a bug that’s personally ruined the entire app for me which is hard to describe but if you send someone a picture the picture will remain at the bottom of your chat where your most recent message should be and this gave me anxiety/caused me to respond to messages late and ultimately led to me deleting the app. A calling feature would be nice too so you don’t have to go onto two completely private accounts and start a live together.

  • It’s okay, but I have a suggestion

    by PrettyLana

    I really use Instagram a lot; everyday. However, there’s a few things that I strongly believe would be very helpful which leads me to my suggestion. Is it possible for all newsfeeds go back in chronological order? And while you’re not using the app, and people come back on the app, there’s a pop-up that says “what you missed while you were gone” , and then it takes you to another feed that’s not in chronological order. Also, people could go to their settings, and switch the mode on/off to choose whether they want the pop-up or not. I think this way, people could have their original news feed in chronological order and then the “what you missed” feed. The ‘missed’ feed could possibly different ‘labels’ like ‘5 days ago’ ‘3 days ago’ ‘yesterday’ and etc, while leaving the chronological feed dating back to 24 hours ago. This would allow all instagram posts to stay on the news feed for 24 hours and afterwards moving anything after that to the ‘missed’ feed. With this change, it gets rid of old posts, and keeps the feed fresh. I thought of this idea because I see stuff from days ago, and I feel so lost looking on my news feed, so yea, I hope that helps. Great app.

  • Concerned user !

    by hdskndbd

    Howdy, I’ve been using Instagram for a decent amount of time now. And earlier today it was working fine, seeing all the YouTubers stories, liking my friends photos, directly messaging people and uploading pictures and stories worked fine too, but now it isn’t loading for me like at all.. I tried to close all my apps and shut down my phone because, I’m on it a portion of the day and I thought that would be the troublesome issue, but I turned it on, same blank feed, can’t click on stories and my explore page is just filled with random photos. And so I deleted the app redownloaded it, and logged back on. Took me a while to log on because it sent a message saying there’s an issue try again later, or something among the lines of it, and I tried again, beginning to feel annoyed and bitter about the whole situation when it worked! I was super excited, but then nothing loaded again, besides my direct messages, which I can’t complain about, but if you could prevent this from happening that would be spectacular! And so no one else had my same complaint. That’s all really, other than that this app is very addictive and well thought out.

  • Seriously how have you guys NOT done this yet...

    by mamakyyy

    Absolutely love Instagram. It’s my favorite social media app by far. However I have one suggestion and I know soooooooo many people would love this feature as well... You’ve been around for 8 years now. So ya know....when you and new friend start talking about life, and your hobbies, and fun parties from the past, blah blah blah.... and then you’re like “oh! Let me just show you the picture!” Then you realize you have to scroll for ages through your photos until you finally get to that ONE photo from 4 years ago 🙄. It would be so much easier if you were able to access your photos in month to month folders for each year. Because 8 years later, we have an online photo album of our life from those years, that’s ALWAYS going to be there for you to access. So even when I’m 70 I can look back at my 20’s. But not have to scroll for 3 hours until finally gettin all the way back to my 20’s!!!! Lol you catch my drift? I think I speak for everyone when I say... please please pretty pretty please add this feature?! Thank you, Your loyal and almost completely happy customer 😁

  • the q&a sticker DOES’NT work!

    by dragonvaleplayer36

    would be 5 stars if the dang questions sticker worked. it doesn’t show up on my sticker menu but all of my friends have it. please fix it ASAP. how come my side account has these features and my main doesn’t? i’ve tried EVERYTHING. deleting the app, logging out, only having my main on the app and nothing has worked. i have a i phone 6s and version 60.0. the update was like version 52 so why isn’t it working? i only rated 5 stars for you to see that your users of your app are unhappy and yet you do nothing to fix our bugs or problems! i’ve reported this over 10 times and your support team has made 0 effort to fix this issue that has been going on for a month which looks like your app has 0 interest in making sure ALL of your users are happy bc i’m sure not and MANY other people are having the same issue and yet we’re being IGNORED. it’s been over a month and this problem has persisted. take your negative feedback and work on it. your obviously not making an effort to fix this problem so i should make 0 effort supporting your app. now do i have your attention?

  • Bad for business

    by Errand Girl!

    I’m a new business and created a page specifically for that reason. While creating a following and following others I start to see posts from the same person, then all the posts from the next person. Huh, so confused. My other page shows things from different people as they post them. Why do I have to scroll alllllllll the way to the bottom to see if anyone else actually posted anything new, say..... in the last few days?? So I delete the first person at the top of my feed to see what’s happens. All the next persons posts are there from the last year, right at the top! What, but why in the H...... so I delete that next one, and posts from everyone I’m following is now allllll gone. It’s like I’m following zero people. It’s like if I don’t follow those two people whose posts were dominating the top of my feed, then I have nothing to see. And when I add those two back on, the same thing happens! Those same two people posts are dominating the top of my feed! Very frustrating! But IG is so freaking amazing, Right? Maybe i should call over to Facebook for assistance, since they now own IG.

  • Serious info update lag

    by Responsible Shoppaholic

    There is a serious lag with the comment and like updates as well as people following and unfollowing. I haven’t had anyone unfollow me in a long time, I don’t post a lot and the people who are following me are all people I’ve known or had on here for years... recently I’ve been posting a lot more and I get notifications on my phone 10 times a day that I have a new follower but the number only changes by like 2 or it goes down. Same with likes or comments on posts, I go to look and there’s nothing there or no change to what was.. Also when posting a video it shows number of ‘views’ but one ‘like’, when you click on it it shows the list of users who liked it.. what’s the purpose of not having the 2 totals actually side by side? I don’t care about followers or likes but when my phone is buzzing all the time with notifications and I get on here to look and it’s not registering it’s pretty annoying. Increasingly so that I want to stop using the app. I’m in school to be a talent manager and social media is a large platform for building connections. So I think you should do some bug fixes, maybe the lag is from the ridiculous influx of unnecessary ads you allow. #sellouts just sayin

  • listen to this

    by Heartssmarts

    Four stars, one issue. Overall I love the app, but you've made it hard for people like me to redeem themselves before a problem evolving and/or the panic of it doing so by creating the feature that sends people notifications whenever somebody deletes a message in their chat. What I'm talking about touches up on OCD, anxiety, and just anyone who's trying to do things right and land somewhere. Doesn't matter which three it is, if you make a typo, say something that sounds interpreted a different way than you intended and want to fix it, or talking business and accidentally mess up, this feature takes our one chance at (as said) redemption and now instead we have to either look or feel messy in replace of looking shady in the eye of the other person when Instagram tells them we deleted a message. We're basically a cat with two lives but now even the chance, which matters and is helpful, that we're going to survive another lifetime is brought down to zero. Please be considerate. I've had lots of Instagram crashes in the past, still when I press gifs it does crash but this topic is most important. Take the feature away.

  • Bad experience for photographer

    by Michael's Caleb

    I use Instagram daily for the use of photography. I love posting on there and getting feedback since Instagram started. But since it was updated from chronological order it’s been so hard to just get any more feedback or any followers so now you’re competing against the most popular people on Instagram to get feed back and followers. It will become very frustrating even if you put hashtags or you just posted your latest photo with a hashtag, you will not pop up first and that’s very frustrating. Because I’m just trying to get my brand out there and I have to do all these things that might not even work. Before it Was so easy to make friends now it’s horrible because most of the people are famous and never respond back, have thousands or probably millions of followers and there’s the first ones to pop out because of the Chronological order that was removed. Please change!!!! There are so many other creators that are trying to get out there and they can’t get any where because you decided to put this new update that lets others creators they are ready out there get even more famous to get more feed. Like moving every to the bottom of the food chain.

  • Accept and stop chatting

    by Pinkrose1422

    I love Instagram and it helps me explore and find new things and communities but I don’t like that if someone follows me and if I follow back, they can automatically start a chat with me. With out giving me the option to click accept or decline. It’s bother some following a page I like but then the person starts to spam my messages without having me “Accept” them. On that note: I would love a “stop chatting” option. I accidentally clicked the accept button when cleaning my screen for someone and they keep messaging me non stop even after I told them I wish to no longer chat with them, and after I explained that I accepted them by mistake, they keep chatting with me. I don’t like how I have asked many people and they all told me that my only option is to block the person. I find that extreme to block someone over me accidentally clicking “Accept”. I would love those two things: •No automatic “Accept” to chats when both people follow each other •A “stop chatting” button so you can stop talking to people and you’ll have to Accept or Decline them all over again. (It’ll be great if it kept the chats also just in case of anything)

  • Chronological Order/Explore Page

    by Chanicade

    Please, I believe most IG users would appreciate if our timeline feed were in chronological order. It just makes keeping up with who we follow much easier. I also noticed that the explore page has changed. This is a little bit more complicated to explain but I‘ll try my best. When I first tap on the icon, I see the overview of what‘s on the page: various videos, pictures, memes, etc.. However when I go further and tap on one of the pictures I saw to see more details and start to scroll down, I see completely different posts than I saw on the overview. I‘m not sure if this is supposed to help broaden the scope of which posts I get exposed to, or what the point is, it throws me off quite a bit. I expect to see one thing and then see another. Maybe a solution would be to provide an option where each individual user can choose one of the other? That would be nice. Other than, I thoroughly enjoy the updates, especially the option to share posts separately with others. I think the design is nice and have high hopes for it. Thank you!

  • I’ve had Instagram for awhile

    by M9I7A3

    I’ve been using Instagram for a very long time and I’ve always loved the app, but ever since that new update, my accounts have been acting up. I have five different accounts that I am logged into and today I was logged out of my main account and it’s not letting me log back in. I checked on my iPad to see if I was still logged in there, and I was. I try to log back in but it’s telling me the maximum number of accounts has been reached and when I try to log out of one account it’s still there thus not allowing me to log into my main account. Some of my friends even complain about how they keep getting logged out. Also one of my accounts isn’t updated, my main account has always been updating, but the latest update my other accounts don’t have. If there is an update it should apply for all accounts not just one or two. I love the app, but some small things need to be changed. I rated this five stars so you guys can actually take the time to see this because it isn’t fair I and many others need to deal with this all the time.

  • Scrambled Order of Posts 😒


    I have used Instagram for ages, and during all those years I have never once had a complaint about the app. But ever since the posts on my newsfeed have been scrambled, I have been missing out on a lot of my followers’ posts, requiring me to scroll for ages just to make sure I’m caught up, and sometimes I come across posts from friends that were posted maybe three-five (or more) days ago that I’m just now seeing. It’s honestly so irritating; it’s discouraged me from even bothering to scroll through my newsfeed and instead click on specific accounts one by one to make sure I didn’t miss any posts from them, or turning on post notifications for a bunch of accounts. It’s a pain, to say the least. Instagram, I really hope you fix this issue. All of these updates for the app and none of them have to do with this major problem. Maybe instead of worrying about issuing new features to your app and mimicking other apps like Snapchat, you should focus on reversing issues that are making your customers unhappy, like the one I’ve addressed, to make Instagram better. It’s one of the most common complaints amongst IG users; you need to listen to your customers.

  • It’s great (but...)

    by Pewdiepiefan4life

    Alright so I’ve instagram for probably 5 or 6 years now and it’s great! I have three accounts and I love how manageable they are and how it’s so simple to post and search for photos, users, etc. My chief complaint is that chronological feed isn’t an option. It’s great that Instagram wants to show me the most “relevant” images according to their algorithm, but the algorithm just does not work for me. The first post that comes up is usually from the last day or so ago but then all of a sudden there’s some photo from two months ago and I’ve accidentally liked it. Do you realize how awkward that is? In addition, the fact that images aren’t chronological prevents me from knowing whether or not I’ve seen all my friends new posts. I used to be able to scroll until the last post that I had seen and know for sure “I’m up to date” but now I’m like “oh I saw that yesterday... wait the post after it is new... uhhhhh” so if instagram could please allow an option to use their algorithm or organize posts chronologically, I’d appreciate it. I’m not asking that we completely return to chronological ordering because some people do like the algorithm, but please I’d just like an option somewhere.

  • Problems right now

    by Ben609tattoo

    Hey so I am a tattoo artist and I use Instagram basically to contact and find new clientele. Over the last two years with Instagram I have had amazing results. Unfortunately over the last week I've been having a lot of problems. Accounts that aren't following me and a lot of my followers aren't seeing my new posts they said I was always on there different hashtags they follow and now I'm not also my posts have drastically went down in likes and all my likes are from my followers no new accounts which is very different then the previous weeks and months . I also have been putting out way more content and it's better so my interactions and likes and followers should go up like they have been but for some reason all of the sudden no one is seeing me finding me and like I said even my followers keep telling me the can't see my posts. I love Instagram it's been an amazing platform to grow and literally is the a third of the reason I am successful and I can support my daughter and wife but I've had a huge drop recently and it's hurt my business and I'm sure it's an easy fix or there's a way to make it better or something but it definitely is upsetting at the moment.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Arbaz Khan


  • by Rajan V Kokkuri


  • by Lesiba Mothotsi

    Good App

  • by Amit Gariya

    NyC App

  • by Royal chora


  • by Ajil Bhargavan

    very good

  • by favoritas hffyu

    good app and fun to use

  • by Vishal Terwadiya


  • by GOBIND Sah

    frantic ❤

  • Jaiden writing

    by jaggeddin

    I love insta because it’s fun to brows on people’s accounts and see what’s new I also like posting

  • Easter

    by tiregal

    Love Instagram!!

  • there is a flaw

    by Wouldnt recommend

    when i try to click on views and like the button is so small its hard to click, please make the layout different, also make the facebook thing go away because facebook is too complex or facebook be simple for pages to be created and easliy navigated with a good layout. Also i Noticed when you click follow a bunch of times on private profiles, sometimes their followers go down..?

  • Can be frustrating

    by Doglover4427

    So I really like this app, but there is one thing I would like to add. I see when you report something it says ‘I just don’t like it’ and if you click it it says ‘you can block the account so they will not see your account.’ But the thing is, you don’t like the post, so what does that have to do with you not liking it. You don’t want to see it, you should be able to make it so you can’t see their account.

  • Why Instagram is best social media ap.

    by Big Acre

    I find it simple. I’m not in inundated with useless ads, and sharing of fake stories like Facebook is so full of. It is easy to choose what you want to follow on Instagram, and keep it that way! There’s just less clutter, and I feel less persuaded to dive into comment sections- unless it’s something/someone I want comment on. Facebook is throwing the comment sections in your face- and all they are is a bunch of arguing.

  • ARV051

    by ARV051

    Very Easy to use

  • Help!

    by password please!

    IG I need assistance getting my pass word to account back thanks!

  • It’s good

    by like u. c. ncjd

    It’s a really good app except old people are on the app as well. No problem but so easy to get information form little kids on the app. And I know just make the account private or block them they can still make a new account and make it look like a kid the same age. Now fixing this is impossible but if you see this review please be careful it’s 2019 people are evil. Be safe guys it’s simple for evil people to do this.

  • Awesome!!!

    by MemeLord_11

    I’m addicted to this app!! love it so much! follow me: @stickbread11

  • Update problems

    by teveesgy

    I love this app, but there’s been a problem with my updates. I haven’t got the later version of Instagram. And only one of my accounts out of 4 have updated. Can you fix that?

  • Daddy Mack

    by to the ggod life

    So many years lost now I’m found Happy Easter !!!!

  • Sharing issues

    by Gialaf

    I don’t like that the option to share a post from my timeline to my story has disappeared. It is annoying. But otherwise I love ig

  • Aww

    by turtleshells725

    Instagram is the best app ever you know why is cause you can chat while looking at photos it’s really cool how you can change the photo colors and the features

  • Love it but...

    by Roman Maps

    I use Instagram everyday and I don’t know what I would do without it, but, I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but, it won’t let me put music on my story anymore.

  • Fun

    by chimpanjeezus

    Great fun

  • Unable to share stories to FB

    by MissyGirl8888

    I used to be able to share my stories my FB acct. but for some reason, eversince I changed my FB password, it won’t do it any more. I’ve tried installing and res installing it but it won’t still not working. They should fix this glitch!

  • Instagram💙💍

    by Dejiahnicole💍💙

    This is a great app to post pictures and videos!!!💗

  • Getting in the groove.

    by piplack

    Iv been on this app for some time now and I feel very attached to it. I enjoy using it.

  • please fix it

    by WWEChickx

    it’s not letting me send videos

  • Instagram doesn’t care about you unless you’re a celebrity

    by hshahannalalababehaka

    I had a few problems with my account, I reached out to Instagram support several times for assistance - they either ignored me, or told me they won’t help. Like, sorry I don’t have 10k+ followers? I guess that means my problems aren’t valid.

  • Connected

    by KaylaRaeRae

    Instagram has allowed me to be inspired by other creative people who want to have community even across the nation!

  • Safe and easy

    by 222Nilya222

    Favorite social media and ads don’t get in the way

  • The best social network. I'm really happy

    by jeyson galvez

    Every one should tray on make sure is positive things to get on !

  • La mejor

    by OthnielALV

    Una aplicación poderosa para transmitir un mensaje diferente...

  • U guys are the best

    by jjjjilori

    Thak u

  • Shadowban

    by Vjydnitdbydv

    Honestly, its a great app. The bad thing is the shadowban and customer support. They shadowban randomly to prevent bots but it actually impacts real people since do it randomly. Also, they don’t have customer support. They have a Q&A and a “submit report” which doesn’t even do anything.

  • Help fix this

    by -gamer22

    There bugs rn please someone fix it It’s deleting post I didn’t delete and removing and putting followers back

  • problem

    by donni lynn

    When I go to post a video, but have to edit and trim the video, the app won’t work and will turn itself off. I will try to close it and open, and do what I just did again and the same thing will happen. Hope this problem can be fixed.

  • Awsome

    by mhgfmhggkhf


  • I want to share some posts

    by Robin's Farm

    Let us share posts, I don’t know why you took off this from Instagram. Thank you.

  • Change to old update

    by Annakiss

    Can you guys please change the update back to where you can see the people who watched your story, even after it has been passed 24 hours. Also I am not sure if my videos are in order as well as people's post. Please can they be in chronological order. Thank you!

  • Get real...

    by Knutsach Jones

    Its a good concept, if only the developers would get with the times. Its 2019 and still no ipad app, and the fact that you need a desktop to upload an igtv video but desktop support/functionality is next to nothing? really? Instagram can be a lot better but i guess no one cares :|

  • Never going anywhere

    by Tim Abel

    My kids my cousins my nephews, teach them young it’s not going anywhere’

  • Nice

    by ahmed__87


  • Word

    by freshwords


  • IG ap

    by 69Okiram

    It’s clear and concise. Love the upgrades.

  • Cannot login to my other accounts

    by moana7

    Hi! I love Instagram but I have been having this problem which is not being able to log in to my other accounts or any other account and I think it is only happening to me. Well, I manage other student organizations account and my own personal accounts since I am YouTuber, however since February this year, I believe I am not able to login to anything besides my two main personal accounts. Today, I can’t login to those as well just one. Can someone help me to fix this? I’ve tried uninstalling and installing the app and even changed passwords, restarting the phone and wait for days to try to login again but nothing seems to work. So please could you take a look to this bug and suggest something I can do 🙆🏽‍♀️

  • Best

    by @Jossielrodz follow me on IG

    Best social media ever

  • Mi favorito

    by ojos de lechusa

    Adoro instagram, discreto,culto y entretenido

  • No music icon on stories

    by solanasun

    Would be 5 stars but still can’t add music to my stories .

  • Instagram

    by ninaspicer

    I love it is the best for sharing

  • Love it, but have some issues

    by Sunshine Azia

    When I first got it I loved it! Dm-ing, posting, following my friends, photography and fun! But when I got a new phone it of course made me log back in but it had not saved my passwords nor the username. See this made me upset because I would have to now tell everyone I have a new account and I really liked my other one. And now I can’t even delete that account because it was a private account and it won’t let me log back in! So now I somewhat have TWO accounts for the stupidest reason? But I still enjoy it, just not how I used too. 🙄

  • Love it

    by Normisss48484

    Love this app!!!

  • Question

    by AnthiX13

    What’s an Instagram?

  • Algorithms is not good

    by Rebbtq

    The algorithm is hurting my businesses!!! I use to get many likes on all pages but not anymore. Work this out

  • Five Stars

    by JackLovesPapaJohns

    Best app ever

  • Working

    by triv_triv652

    I have glitch that is automatically unfollowing people that I wanna follow and I don’t know why it’s doing that

  • Insta

    by Brittles600

    Love it.

  • Password

    by zvcreations

    I have two accounts. However, it would not let me have the option to switch accounts which I was able to do in the past. I was trying to send multiple emails and messages to Instagram and explain my situation. After months and months with multiple messages. I have never heard from any Instagram services.

  • Best social media app ever PERIODTT

    by cubxn

    Honestly I think instagram is the best social media app because there’s so much to do and look forward to other than a followers base. It’s fun entertaining positive and a time occupier. It’s way better than Facebook honestly

  • Please fix this

    by yooo.aj

    My instagram is updated to the most recent version but I’m still unable to use the music option or the countdown for my story

  • Trending

    by Katie Miley

    Yes! Take the likes off! We support!

  • Can’t reshare posts!

    by Ccmmdd

    I can’t share peoples post to my story even if their account is public. The feature used to work for a while but out of the blue it went away. Whenever I press the paper plane the “repost to story” option is gone.

  • süper

    by ahmad_chalabi


  • Awesome

    by OmW2FYBD

    It’s Real I’m The field💋💕


    by 3720650620750742075074208

    The unblocking process on Instagram has been set up the same way for years. On other social media apps I am able to simply go to a block list and unblock people I may have made have made up with, regardless if they changed names or blocked me at the same time I had blocked them. I feel like that should be updated.

  • Can’t see the “before” images anymore

    by Rin-chan 1216

    Before when adding filters onto photos you are able to see the “before” photos to be able to compare, but now I was trying to edit my photos and that feature was no longer available. I don’t think it’ll hurt if that feature was brought back, no?

  • Upgrade Instagram Like:

    by Spring~Coffee 💖✨

    It would be nice if you guys upgrade it like letting us put wallpapers on messages :) Huehue I bet they love it. It’ll look more cute I guess~~~~ 💕💕💕

  • night mode

    by emtch

    this app should have a night mode feature for people with weak eyes ..

  • Ads

    by kaena_poti

    Turning into Facebook with stupid ads. Stupid algorithm. It should be a choice to have algorithm or chronological order

  • I love it

    by freeprints is a gooDapp🅿️


  • Needs Improvement

    by MarathonMan123

    Still miss the old logo

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