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Instagram – Like, capture and share the world’s moments

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Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by A Google user

    when i log in my account in my phone it says error but when i log in my account in my friends phone it can LIKE HOW?!

  • by VMZ 77

    نسبت به فیسبوک و پیام رسان هایی از این قبیل واقعا افتضاحه!!!

  • Still some kinks to work out

    by MxPxL

    Instagram, what a fun app to connect you with the world! 😊 I’ve been a long time Instagram user, and have had my current account since 2013. I had never encountered any major errors that weren’t accounted for, and quickly fixed, until recently. When the “Instagram polls” were released, my account began slowing down, and getting extremely glitchy. 😕 I’ve never had the option to create an Instagram poll, post slider votes (not sure what those are called), or post the newly-released question stickers on my story. Mind you, I manually update this app each time a new update is released, leaving no room for error in automatic updates. To this day, after numerous emails and direct requests for help (through both the Instagram help page, the application, and personally emailing), my account still has no access to these accessories, limiting both the fun and functionality of my account. Before I deleted my second Instagram account permanently, I HAD access to these functions, meaning the issue was not with my application or phone specifically (I have also logged out of my account, and deleted the app to try and solve this problem). Not only have I never even HAD the option to choose these functions, but I have never gotten a response from Instagram that they are even TRYING to fix this issue. I love Instagram dearly, but there are definitely some minor issues that have been occurring, and growing to be major issues. 😬

  • by A Google user

  • Fix the feed

    by Cinnamon5000

    Well it's been awhile since Instagram changed the algorithm for their feed and it's annoyed me everyday since. So far I've had to block 48 national park Instagram because they cluttered my feed, I see random Asian people posing with food, I see random buildings in Russia, and the weirdest of all is peoples family photos are coming into my feed. This would all be great if I was a 95 year old women who doesn't even know what an app is. But I'm not I'm a 20 year old male who comes to Instagram to watch memes and news. No matter how many people you block, report, and say you don't want to see posts like this they will just keep sending you more and more of it. 48 national parks!!! Do you understand how annoying that is. More show up everyday. Apps like this and Snapchat don't seem to care what the people using the app have to say so it seems there's room for some young app designer to make billions. It wouldn't be hard to over take theses apps just do what they used to do and don't mess with it. Just because you think you need to be innovative doesn't mean everyone wants that, your updates do nothing but make your app more and more garbage. I would delete my account if I could even navigate to the page to do that, all I can find is deactivate account and no I don't want to turn it back on later if I change my mind I want it gone. In all this used to be my favorite app now I would rather stare at the sun then scroll through my feed of irrelevant nonsense.

  • by Olaore Isiahq Alade

  • by Oscar Duddell

    at first glance this app is good, good messaging services, good filters, etc. ALTHOUGH, I am starting to find it a bit creepy with how the app suggests who to follow. Me and my friend have a music account which we have just started up, we hadn't followed a single person or engaged in any involvement apart from writing in our bio and setting a profile photo. Suddenly we get all the suggestions from people at our school, creepy huh? Also I have noticed that after every third post I get an ad- STOP

  • by Wolfy Audios

    I mean it's a good app but I have an issue. Instagram decided to block my account from liking pictures till the 14th February (yesterday) for no reason, yesterday I went back on my account and it said till the 15th, today I went on Instagram and even though it said for the 15th it's still not letting me like pictures. I also reported the issue serveral times and no one did anything about it.

  • by A Google user

    use to love instagram list my phone and email and ig doesn't do anything about solving this issue for over 3 months..... i use to love them before they were poppular answered questions quickly... now it's like we're nothing. issues? they wipe their ass with your issues and also shadow ban ppl and im just getting over it

  • by Mahima Sharma

    why isn't the "see translation" option coming for the captions under the pictures ? i have updated my app thinking it would work automatically after the new update when something is in another language other than English but no help plz bring that option back. i am unable to read about the posts or translate them. Fix the issue.

  • Deleted Mh Account For Absolutely No Reason

    by Confused Game Player

    Instagram deleted my account, moon_conspirator for absolutely no reason. I was a small personal page with less than 500 followers, I used my account to post selfies to my high school friends as I am a high schooler. I never posted anything controversial or mean, never targeted people in comment threads or made any negative, harassing comments towards anyone. Now when I go to sign up for a new account they refuse to let me, saying my number and email, and apparently my whole phone, are permanently banned. I’ve tried several different emails which is how I know my WHOLE PHONE is banned. Deleting people’s accounts without warning for a lack of offense isn’t a good business model. Instagram was how I communicated with a bunch of my friends and how I stayed up to date with a meme culture. I enjoyed watching content being created and I enjoyed looking at the photos people take. And because of some offense I never committed I can no longer do that. I emailed them almost a week ago, but expect no response. I will, unless my account it returned to me, likely not be using Instagram again, as I don’t think they are a worthy social media, they delete personal pages for zero offense and refuse to let actual sixteen year olds create new instagrams. Instagram already messed with chronological order, and I’ve no idea if they’ve fixed that since my account was deleted, and continues to delete pages that harm no one. They don’t deserve me business.

  • Is instagram deleting people for doing nothing?

    by lit_lana

    Overall I love the app instagram, you can see funny videos and even gain followers on there, but here is the biggest problem on instagram, THEY ARE DELETING ACCOUNTS THAT DID NOTHING WRONG. Instagram needs to get out of their brain dead state and start checking accounts before deleting them because they are getting reported and accounts are being banned and disabled. This is especially unfair to the fan editors out there. There are hundreds of thousands of people who make edits of their favorite people on apps such as TikTok, Instagram, etc. These fans work hard on their edits, tag the people they edited, try to make their day by showing how much they love them just so instagram can delete the photos and videos because they assume that they are trying to be them??? Clearly if you read the caption you can clearly see that they are just simply showing how much they love that user. They are not trying to be like them they are just trying to support them. If they think people who show love to who they support then why don’t hate pages get banned, reported, or disabled? This isn’t the only people instagram has done this to because a nice dancer who did absolutely nothing wrong got disabled at 300k, the followers she worked hard on getting!!! Instagram needs to step up their game and stop doing all this bad stuff to these people who show their support or I’ll just have to be one of the many people who delete this app.


    by Raw.Deen

    Truthfully, at this point I think that Instagram is being bought out by bigger companies/influencers to keep this algorithm in place. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes of scrolling through Twitter or Facebook to see that THE PEOPLE WANT THEIR FEED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (At the very least, let me have the liberty of choice). This “update” truly is screwing people over. Truthfully it makes me not wanna use Instagram. I FOLLOW 700 PEOPLE. Why am I only seeing content from 8 of them? It’s ridiculous. I scroll down my feed to see other people I’m following and all I see is posts from THE SAME PEOPLE. I’m on Instagram EVERYDAY. I’ve seen DJ Akademiks posts for each one of the past 5 days, there is NO reason I should scroll past 4 pictures TODAY and STILL be seeing Akademiks from 5 days ago. It’s not right and it’s taking a lot away from the app. Instagram is a 5 star app, the stories were a great addition, the promotion feature isn’t bad, the discover feed is cool, BUT THIS ALGORITHM STUFF HAS TO STOP! & then you say that “oh it’s based on what you’d like to see” ....... well if all that’s on my feed for the past week is Akademiks, I guess I’m gonna watch a couple videos...... You follow someone and it immediately force feeds you their past 5 posts and that’s not cool. PLEASE MAKE INSTAGRAM CHRONOLOGICAL AGAIN! There will be more content for all to see and it will strengthen interactions among instagrammers. This is ridiculous.

  • Instagram discriminated against who can post what in the comments.

    by Poor people love Jesus

    I was just on an NFL post about the Jaguars defensive stats having a plain old argument that even though the Steele’s lost that doesn’t make the Jags a better team... that has nothing to do with my problem. The problem is I typed a response to a commenter during the argument of which I was blocked from posting saying that Instagram keeps certain “guidelines” for the community... some generic message I’d expect if i was trying to say something racist or sexist. But no. It was a simple argument about football that I was blocked from expressing my opinion on because it didn’t follow “guidelines”. The comment had no vulgar language and presented my argument in such a way that there was no degrading or demeaning connotation toward the would be recipient. TAKE NOTE: This comment was made on an NFL post and I was blocked from posting my opinion AGAINST the team the post was promoting. This is not a singular or first occurrence as I’ve had this problem before with Instagram blocking me from posting comments that oppose the view(s) expresses within the correlating post. I quite frankly find this ridiculous amongst the sea of comments I read through on posts from news publications such as Fox. As long as you don’t disagree with the post you can same just about anything that isn’t immediately racist or sexist... but I can’t argue about football. Fix this.

  • Too many bugs and problems lately!

    by Paulainhouston

    I love Instagram when it works, but lately there have been to many bugs and problems to make it enjoyable or useful! And there is seemingly no way to get help from you all! First of all, I am not happy with the change about not being able to have more than five accounts. It is bothersome to those of us who use this for work. Secondly, lately I am not able to do any posts from my account because for some reason it posts everything as another of my accounts! When I have my account pulled up and I post a photo, it posts on Instagram as one of my clients. I cannot like or comment on any photos in the feed on my personal account because it posts as that client and not me. I also cannot see any of the likes or comments on Photos I have previously made before this issue because when I click the heart symbol it gives me the feed from that other client and not from my own account! It is absolutely infuriating. I have reported the problem numerous times and have not gotten any feedback or any correction. I have updated the app several times, I have closed the App and open it again, I have turned off my phone, etc. I have even tried to send a tweet and heard nothing back. There has got to be a way to get some sort of customer service/support, especially when the issue is a basic function problem that is on your end!

  • “Instagram needs a customer service number” SECURITY & SAFTEY OF PERSONAL LIVES !

    by _Lil JAJA_

    Instagram has been a great app ever since I was around 10 to 11 years old I am now 17 about to be 18. I have had Instagram since 2013. However, Instagram seems as if it’s easy to hack into. My accounts have been hacked numerous times and I have tried anything/everything to try to fix this problem. I lost everything within my Instagram such as photos, saved videos, Instagram stories, my followers, my business, my followers, anything that’s within the app it’s self I have lost and I have put a lot of work into it since I was just a kid. Ever since I was kid I’ve had a dream and Instagram was my way of reaching out to the world/community especially around so I could share that dream with them (everyone has a dream). That dream feels slowed down and a bit ruined and it something I take personal to the heart with much care. I just wish whoever was doing this would stop. Instagram needs to establish a customer service app or addition to the company/service because this has not only happened to me but many others. Every time I log in my “IG” account get deleted. Please help me! If anyone supports this please help me out and tell me how to end this headache. It’s very nerve wracking knowing things like this happens to people’s account around the world. Instagram needs to be more secure! 😪 Sincerely Jonathan

  • Insta doesn’t work on my phone anymore

    by IlexiLula

    I’ve had insta for over a year now, not as long as everyone else but I’ve had it for a long time. I have three accounts, all business, one for writing, one for makeup, and one for my photography. I cannot log into any one of them on my phone without there being some type of “error” I have tried for weeks. WEEKS. I can log in on my browser, but then I can’t dm people. I can log in on a friends phone, but that’s NOT MY PHONE! I have deleted and reinstalled this app dozens of times. I’ve contacted you guys DOZENS of times. I’m not getting a response and I’m getting no help. I have posted hundreds of things, promoted some of my music, posted hundreds and hundreds of photos that I am PROUD of. I can’t just delete these accounts as if they’ve never existed and replace it on Facebook. I’ve even tried making an entirely new account on my phone, just so I could log in and tell my followers what’s going on, and it will be INSTANTLY blocked saying that it “doesn’t fit into your guidelines” and “there is an error with this account”. I don’t possibly know what’s going on but it is ridiculous, especially because I know I’m not the only person this is happening to. Fix it. ASAP. Screw your stupid updates that change the algorithm. Allow your users to log in again, or you’ll become as useless as MySpace and will lose all your users and the work you’ve put into this app.

  • I cannot recommend this app

    by Gooey penguin30053

    Instagram is a terrible social media platform with a horrible community with horrible bugs and only makes itself worse. I cannot recommend this app to anyone. I would delete this app in a heartbeat if I didn't talk to so many people on this app. The app tries reinventing itself and only makes itself worse by doing so. The app chooses the remake things that work perfectly on the app and make it over complicated instead of fixing actual infuriating bugs in the app. If you leave the app halfway through a text, the part of the text will show up in the chat every time you open up that conversation for a day or two until it stops for no reason at all. The app also chooses to implement other features that don't need to be added like changes to the profile page and making it more likely to mis-tap and hit a story button when trying to go back from messages than before. It chooses to implement these kinds of features instead of ones I, personally would really like like a feature to read all story's or better privacy. It also infuriates me that they have not chosen to make and iPad app yet. They know they don't need to make this app better because many people have no choice but to use it, like me. Do not get this app and save yourself your own time and brain power trying to understand what they were thinking doing some of the things they do with this app.

  • Honestly this is getting annoying

    by Rae Knight

    You guys need to start listening to your users. Everything on here is just so messed up, the whole algorithm thing is annoying, and the feed/comments should be in chronological order. I don’t want to see someone’s post from two weeks ago I want to see the posts that were posted an hour or two ago. Also it isn’t fair that only certain story stickers are available to everyone. Yes I get that when you release things to the public it take time for everyone to get it so that’s understandable but when only some stickers are released to certain people that’s when it becomes unfair. I want to be able to add links to my stories but I can’t because it’s not released to everyone or not everyone has gotten the update yet. Also some lgbtq+ post have been taken down and honestly that’s just not right what is so wrong with lgbtq+ is it effecting anyone personally? No, no it’s not. Also being a depression help account on instagram I find it really rude that you take down posts that talk about depression/anxiety/self harm, then give people lousy websites that that so called ‘help people’ with that stuff. Just leave the posts up so someone can hopefully find the post and give/get the person that posted it needed help that will actually help them. Instagram please just start listening to your users or Instagram is just going to become as dead as Facebook.

  • instagram editors

    by editingaverg

    i’m sure instagram knows by now that a lot of people use their platform to share edits. there’s lots of editing accounts on instagram (i have 3). but as editors, we have lots of problems with your app. i’ll start with the biggest one, the percentage thing. where it says “this post is doing 80% better than your other posts.” since editors have gotten the instagram update, our views/likes have gone wayyyy down. and we believe it’s something to do with the rule that only a small percentage of our followers can see our posts. that is just so unfair. we spend hours/days at a time working on edits. they’re not easy to make. but we do it because we love to edit & we want to make our followers happy. editors work their butts off and deserve more than 5% or 7% of their followers to see them. problem 2. instagram quality. when we export our edits they’re in good quality. but when we post them the quality just goes down? that’s a huge letdown when you spend hours on an edit, just to post it and it has bad quality. problem 3. only 5 accounts? if anything there should be unlimited accounts. other editors & i probably want to create more than 5 accounts, because we like to edit more than 5 people! instagram, your app used to be a very good platform for editors, but you honestly need to fix your stuff. -L

  • Some issues

    by Imsteved

    While I enjoy this app, I've been using it for 3 years, there are some recent issues that have been bothering me. All the updates have just been going downhill since the chronological order of your feed was removed. My feed is a mess of the same people over and over again with posts from many days ago because instagram thinks I want to see that stuff above everything else. The "solution" was to help you stay up to date with the posts you miss, but now I am missing more posts in my feed than before because of this system. I recommend making it an option in settings to turn on chronological order of your feed, it would make things so much easier. Another issue I have is that I recently noticed that the accounts you follow are no longer in chronological order either? There seems to be no organized way they are put in order, it's just like it was randomly thrown in there like that. This proves to be very difficult for me to find accounts I have recently followed as they no longer show up at the top of my followed box. I am following over 1,600 accounts so I have a very hard time remembering the name of an account I just followed. I just wanted to find one account and now it's lost in the many accounts I follow. Please make these changes, it would make the app so much easier to use.

  • Instagram is a bully

    by MissV_3

    They will delete your account without any warning and it doesn’t matter if your content is good or bad. They don’t care how their users feel about the new algorithm updates. Don’t bother trying to make a complaint, no one will respond. Your content gets restricted or shadow banned depending on what you post or what hashtags you use. If you’re a conservative, don’t bother using this bias platform to voice your opinions, they will shut you down. You’ll see the same 20 people on your timeline regardless of how many 1000s you follow. Advertising is everywhere and can’t be avoided! Don’t post often? Consider your account deleted for not using it. The new algorithm makes you interact more with followers so that your content is seen but yet my likes continue to drop and more of my longtime followers have unfollowed me. When I message them to ask why they all said they didn’t unfollow me and thought I did. So not only does Instagram restrict accounts they don’t like or consider popular but will also remove some of your most active followers to keep your content from being seen. They act as if they are too good to be true but are really setting themselves up to less than MySpace in a few years. I really suggest switching to Vero The True Social App! Been there a few months and I love it. Plus, they aren’t as strict as Instagram and you see content from all the people you follow.

  • good, but 3 things...

    by apparently a drake fan

    this app is amazing. i truly think it is the best social media, however, 3 big things have really bothered me recently to the point where i feel the need to write this review. 1) the algorithm for my feed is really messed up. it is to the point where i don’t even see my close friends posts anymore because i’m only seeing big clothing brands or celebrities. however, i only follow 5 or 6 of accounts of this type and yet they’re all over my feed. i once took a screen recording of when i had 14 drake posts at the top of my feed IN A ROW some of them dating back to 4 weeks prior. 2) instagram keeps sending me recommendations for following hashtags and other big accounts, like minecraft and reese’s????? for no reason???? i don’t even follow any gaming accounts or anything. also who on earth would willingly follow a hashtag?? to me that is just not a realistic idea but maybe i’m wrong. also, my explore page is full of spam accounts just trying to get likes and it’s very annoying. 3) instagram has stolen so many concepts from snapchat and i’m not here for it. stories were the big one because they didn’t even bother changing the name or shape of the concept. i highly recommend snapchat btw for intuitive and innovative social media use. anyway, i don’t think big brands like instagram should be able to get away with stuff like that without people saying things so here i am.

  • It’s not worth bothering anymore

    by Just Advice

    I’ve had Instagram for over three years, and as time has moved on, the app got worse, I run an account that used to get over 100,000 views per post, but now that they changed the algorithms to benefit only advertisers (a very sneaky and Miley hungry move, like Facebook does) my posts will rarely get more than 5,000 views. Hundreds of other accounts and I work to make our posts show up on the explore page and build a community, but now all you can find on the explored page are irrelevant posts and ads. Also, I’m pretty sure everyone on Instagram had been begging for a chronological feed as long as Instagram has existed. Well we got an update to our feeds, but definitely not what we were hoping for. The December 27th update where you swipe sideways like a story to see your feed may have just ruined Instagram. It is so inconvenient to access the explore page, switch accounts, go to your profile, and post on your story. You can’t tap or swipe to switch stories without accidentally pulling up random stats you really don’t need to see, and it’s very difficult to do one handed, which is one of the things that made Instagram so easy and accessible. I know this update is taking me off Instagram, and I’m sure I’m not the only one leaving for good. Please Instagram, actually listen to your users when making an update and don’t pretend this is what we want.

  • I am mad

    by annabelle keasling

    So one day I was peacefully scrolling through Instagram and I thought I should watch stories , so I go up to the top and the stories are all gone . So I thought “ oh it’s probably just a one time thing , I will just close the app and try again “ so I got back on and what do you know the stupid stories still aren’t there . Then I decided to look it up on google and apparently it is a very common problem and there is no known fix for it , so I decided maybe I should just delete the app and re-install it . So I deleted it and went on the App Store and searched up Instagram and it was gone , so I changed the filter to “iPhone only ” STILL didn’t show up . So at this point I was very upset , and I couldn’t think of what to do then finally it hit me , I should look on my purchased app history . So I looked up “ Instagram ” And what do I get in response “ NO RESULTS this is not an app you have ” and I was just thinking really because if I recall I had it less than a minute ago . So I just searched up Instagram again and I saw this app that said “where your kids are hanging out” so I pressed on that and I scrolled down and it said suggested apps “Instagram” and “Snapchat ” , so I am very confused why Instagram decided to take away all of the stories from me , and then try to hide the app or something ???? So I am just very confused and they definitely need to figure something out and FAST!!!

  • The New Algorithm is Worse

    by leahg726

    I own a photography business and have a business Instagram account which I love as it shows insights and engagement. This tool has helped me tailor and grow my following to close to 2,000 people. However, I had noticed a dramatic reduction in the amount of “likes” and “engagement” on my posts. Before the new update, I would receive around 300 likes with 1,500 people seeing my post and now I’m lucky to get 150 “likes” and 600 people seeing my posts. This is frustrating as it’s completely stunted my growth as a business and I’m helpless to do anything about it, even when I post at peak times. One of my peers had mentioned to me that the app now judges the percentage of followers that “like” your post within the first 10 minutes of you posting to determine how many of your followers will be shown your post. This has hurt me a lot as my posts now don’t get enough engagement to make it on discover pages or show up at the “top” of locations when I tag them. Not everyone uses Instagram everyday and if your following isn’t composed of hyperactive users, your posts will get completely pushed aside and buried. Please fix your algorithm so I can continue to grow my business and portfolio. I love Instagram and this app has been a huge benefit to reaching more consumers, please change it back, thank you.

  • Missing “see translation” button

    by Autumn Capurso

    I can’t translate posts in a different language after this new update... which is annoying because how can I understand posts of friends in different countries who don’t speak the same language as me? I cant copy and paste the caption into google translate so there’s no way to understand what they’re saying. Please fix this, thanks. Also, literally everyone wants you to switch back to chronological posts. Why don’t you listen to your users? The algorithms are so dumb, I’ve stopped seeing posts for some of my favorite accounts lately just because the algorithm doesn’t think I’ll like them. I’ll go find the account with posts that don’t show up in my feed and purposefully like and comment on all of their recent pictures, but still some posts from my favorite accounts don’t ever show up in my feed even if they post ALL the time. If I want to make sure I don’t miss certain posts then I turn on post notifications. But this algorithm is hella annoying and I miss when Instagram had the chronological feed. I know most everyone agrees with me, I mean cmon Instagram, it’s painfully obvious. At some point some other social media app is going to come along and you’ll be as irrelevant as Facebook. So why not try to please your users as best as you can instead of more and more people taking a break from insta??? Just asking the real questions here


    by Ellismae

    I will start this review like everyone else... I have used Instagram for years.... I manage about 4 accounts and absolutely have loved it BLAH BLAH BLAH.... it has been great and I do love it app, but the new updates recently have made it impossible for me to work from and enjoy the app personally. DIRECT MESSAGE DRAFTS. I used this to edit my future posts in my drafts and see how they would look, then send them to myself or my friends for some external cleaning up or whatever. Now I can't save my drafts for future use/edit.... this is very annoying since now I can't save my edited future photos on my camera roll and have lost a few when drafts glitch... second, ALGORITHM.... everyone complains about this and I am one for the masses. We don't want you to remove it entirely because we are sure you spent a lot of time and money writing that program and stuff... but at least allow us to turn it off in settings. I am missing important posts from friends and family as well as loosing business because I don't keep up with who I need to. The algorithm confuses me and looses content for me, making instagram no longer enjoyable to browse because I feel like I'm drowning in content I don't want to see or have seen over and over again.... PLEASE LISTEN TO A MAJORITY OF YOUR USERS AND MAKE SOME CHANGES SOON!

  • New horizontal layout is awful and crashes my iPad Pro 2018

    by Quuaaack

    First of’s 2018 and you still don’t have a native iPad app, which is frankly awful but now you’ve replaced the most natural gesture of scrolling with a horizontal tap which seems quicker but makes it much harder to scroll back up to thinks you’ve already passed and much harder to keep a sense of chronology (which you also removed) Honestly the changes you’ve been making make me not want to use the app anymore, some new features are nice but some are a complete failure. Horizontal scrolling works fine for stories but making stories and posts feel like the same thing is dumb and you still have to scroll vertically when you go to someone’s grid so why make the app feel even more disjointed? Now you essentially have four different interfaces, one for ig tv, one for user pages and discover, another for stories and a slightly different one now for the home and they all function differently. It honestly feels like you haven’t tested this because across the app people are complaining and also, for users who make posts with multiple images, it’s a nightmare because you already use horizontal scrolling for that but now you have to be careful not to tap the wrong part or you’ll scroll past the post or be stuck on the post when you intended to do something else. This update is a total mess.

  • Was this the plan?

    by DadDudeTrent

    If you’d like a social media application that allows you to miss your friends’ most recent updates, as well as almost instigate arguments with actual six year olds who spam horribly boring memes, you’ll love the current IG scene. Now, since Facebook (parent company of Instagram) doesn’t take in enough dough, every three to four posts you excitedly view, will be an advertisement. Your sound is off? No worries. If you only muted the ringer with the switch in your phone, any videos now auto play. That means if you open an image on the explore page, and a video is below it, while you’re viewing the picture, all that glorious sound you asked for by not scrolling down will play at whatever volume you happened to leave your phone on. You know, from the time you were actually watching a video. I can’t say IG is terrible...but it’s a great example to how corporate greed for spammy adverts and not listening to users looks. As well as how a community of people can make a website/software feel. A big mass of opinions and “news” posts that don’t require sources. I came to post pictures with filters before I had a concept of editing, stayed for the dank memes, leaving because people in mass, ruin everything. In short, I didn’t have IG on my phone for about five months as a test. Sincerely, haven’t even been close to as happy since downloading it again.

  • Why mess with it?

    by Wheels McGee

    There are a few annoying changes that have been made recently in the app that I feel need to be voiced. First of all, the non chronological order that propagates our feed is frustrating to say the least. It feels clunky and I feel like I don’t get to see all the posts from users that I follow. I’m not even sure what the order of the feed represents. Are they popular posts? Top posts? At least give us the option to choose wether we want our feeds in chronological order or (omakase style). Another annoying change is with regards to the browse interface. You all know what I’m talking about. When you click a post to see the details you no longer can scroll up or down to see the other posts in the order of the thumbnails. Now it’s all similar posts. Whose idea was that? Oh and for some reason if you click on pic thumbnail that’s next to a larger video thumbnail, it only opens the video and not the post you actually are trying to see. The last thing that I can think of is when I’m on a user’s IG and I’m looking through their posts (thumbnails) when I click on one to see the details why can’t I scroll up or down to view the details of their previous or next post? I have to go back to thumbnails and then click the next. Ugh. Ok. I’m done. That felt good to get off my chest.

  • New algorithm is killing this app

    by gpapazian

    I've read a few other reviews and many of the stories also seem to apply to me. I've been using Instagram for years and I loved how it was a relevant social media platform that's not completely bogged down by ads and politics. I loved being able to see what my friends and family are up to in a visual medium, which used to be the entire point of Instagram. Then, they started featuring more and more ads and the more they pushed with the ads, the less I would visit the app. However, around this time they also changed the feed algorithm, no longer sorting it by the most recent post, so whenever I go on it, my entire feed is at least 10 days old. I no longer enjoy scrolling through my Instagram feed, because instead of being able to immediately interact with the photos, I need to check the date on each one first. Scrolling through the feed has become a chore and as a result, I only visit the app about once a month now. I've debated deleting my account multiple times and if they do not revert back to the old algorithm soon, I probably will because I can't justify keeping an app on my phone that I don't use it enjoy. At the very least, I can understand some ads here and there because companies need revenue, but I implore Instagram to please listen to millions of their users and sort feeds by recency again.

  • Please read and consider our feedback!

    by RissaRocks12345678

    Hey instagram. I have something to say. Me and a lot of my friends and family members now have the new Instagram update. We have many concerns and things to say about it just please read this and hear our side and opinions of this dramatic change. We realized that the update no longer allows us users to scroll to look through our feed we now have to swipe. In all of our opinions, this is a terrible way of viewing people’s posts. You guys are making it like snapchat & Instagram stories. Less people would want to keep swiping. It is more confusing and a complicated thing to do. We would scroll down throughout the feed since Instagram first came out and it was never a problem so why change it? Nobody likes this new way of going through our feed. Scrolling makes things to much easier and it just overall makes the app a lot better. It just looks sloppy and many other things. We have a lot more to say but personally I think you should listen to the people’s feedback to this update and change it back to scrolling rather than swiping. Do what you want but remember that it’s the people who use the app that give you guys all the money you make and stuff. Remember that if you creators decide to not listen to all the people’s feedback and opinions then less people would use and or download the app.

  • Updates are slowly killing Instagram

    by TenaciousG3

    I used to really enjoy Instagram. It was replacing Facebook for me, since that has become more of a place for people to post annoying rants and inaccurate news. However, it seems that with every “update” the app gets worse, not better, for its users. The change in algorithm was annoying enough, especially for users who rely upon Instagram views for their business. But now this “improved” scrolling experience is anything but. It’s annoying. It makes it much harder to navigate and find the posts I really want to see. It forces me to individually click through every image instead of being able to quickly flick through my feed and stop on the posts I am most interested in. The argument that it is more like “stories” is false. In stories, I can still quickly pan through the stories on the top bar that I want to view and then tap on the one I want to see. Also, many of the regular posts have links or tags within the image, so when I try to quickly tap through them I keep jumping to links I don’t want to visit. In short, this new update is terrible and creates a more difficult and frustrating user experience. Fix what doesn’t work and stop messing around with what does work. I know I’ll be using Instagram much less now.

  • Unfair!

    by Aingealina

    Please stop deleting fan pages. It’s unacceptable. You are deleting pages with followers with over 1k to 15k how does that make sense?! Why aren’t you deleting accounts that people don’t even use that are just sitting around not accounts that are used everyday and are posting and liking and sharing?! It makes no sense why you would shut down a page that worked so hard to gain the following it did. It’s not like we are impersonating the people we make accounts about we post edits and make video edits of them you can clearly see when you look at the posts and not just the profile pictures and bios. It takes time out of these peoples days to make these edits and they really care about them you can’t just act like you don’t care about your audience using your app and if you don’t that’s bull. I can tell that you are clearly using some sort of computer system to do this because it’s all sorts of messed up and I hope it gets fixed because I love Instagram and I have three accounts that I use everyday. Two of which are personal but the other one is a fan account that I have built up a following on and I have no clue what I would do if I lost it. I would probably never make another fan account or even personally delete my other accounts because I would’ve so upset. Please let people have the accounts back this is not fair at all!

  • Good and Bad at the same time.

    by notkylee32

    There are a lot of bugs that are sticking around. On my old iPhone 6 I couldn’t get any flash to work. Now I have the iPhone 8 and I’m having flash trouble again. This time every back camera photo with flash is over exposed. Really discouraging when this is a photography social networking app. Another camera related problem I have is with photo-from-camera posts. I have evidence that your camera does not capture to its best ability and I’ve noticed the change the saturation and brightness between what I see in the live view of the photo vs. after I actually take it. (I’ve seen this through screenshotting the screen right before I took the photo, then taking the photo, then exiting camera and comparing the two.) Again disappointing for me. But your app has improved some over the years. I love the interactive sticker features on the stories. I also like how you moved the Saved Posts tab. It is my favorite Social Network app I have on my phone. Just miss the algorithm!! I’m missing so many posts in my timeline though! I follow only my high school friends (about 700) and I’m not sure if posting frequently has anything to do with it but some post more than others and I will see a post from 3 days ago as my top post and the next 4 posts are the same account!

  • Maintenance

    by andrew_colin_

    I have had a frustrating issue for several months now where certain features either make the app crash suddenly, or do not work entirely. One feature that does not work at all. Not a single time... is the ability to post multiple photos in a singular post. I’ve tried with just 2 photos. I’ve tried with the maximum amount of photos in a photoset(10). Not a single time has this worked. After adding a caption with some hashtags, tagging friends, and waiting for the post to load. It fails to post every single time. I’ve tried this on both my old phone iPhone 6S plus, as well as my most recent phone purchase the iPhone X. This feature has never worked for me, often times being so frustrated I’d neglect the app for a few days and then find myself back. After attempting to delete the app as well as the app cache and reinstalling on both phones the feature is still inoperative. I also agree with many other Instagram users that the feed is very annoying that I’ll see posts I’ve seen already, or posts from several days ago. Chronological order?? If Instagram was more oriented on creating a seamless working application they may have a lot more users, or more frequent users of the app. Every bug I’ve experienced, I’ve submitted through the in app report a bug.

  • Algorithm

    by ElizaCarto11022001n

    Instagram used to be such a great app where everyone can connect, post pictures, videos, be creative, express their feelings, find others just like them, etc. but lately Instagram has taken many wrong turns. It is quite obvious Instagram is blatantly copying Snapchat, and the feed is awful. Users constantly see posts from days before, posts they have already seen, seeing the same accounts over and over, and they never see new posts posted by those they follow. Therefore everyone’s engagement has dropped tremendously. Users aren’t seeing posts by those who they follow, instead our feed is flooded with useless ads, seeing the exact same post over and over, or seeing older content that we never saw until now. Algorithm that is used to determine what we see in our feed is absolutely ridiculous and idiotic. Almost every user demands for the algorithm to be changed. Companies and brands are suffering due to this. Action needs to be taken place quickly. Instagram has changed in a bad way, and we want the feed to return to chronological order. Listen to your users for once, and stop making updates that we are not please with. Stop ignoring your users and our demands. Aren’t you supposed to please your users? So far you are doing a terrible job at doing so.

  • This App is now trash

    by Kaiser_1989

    Between the algorithm changes and the constant ads that aren’t relevant to me I’m kind of over this app. I’m going to see what other apps are out there. Vero is currently on my radar. Like I always see the same 5 “popular” people on my feed no matter when they posted and miss out on friends/artists who don’t have that same traction. It’s not “oh this is relevant to you..” it’s more “this is popular SO LOOK AT IT 20 TIMES IN YOUR FEED” with ads it’s “this is in some way very vaguely related to you! DON’T YOU LIKE IT??? BUY IT NOW!” And you’re not even regulating that because I constantly see ads promoting fake products that don’t work, with stolen imagery...nice! Guess if you have the money you can do whatever you want on this app and all the smaller WAY more interesting and creative people that made the app so good get buried. Also NONE of your reporting mechanisms actually work. I see people who are extremists posting photos of others to harass and you do nothing. I see lots of hate speech and garbage posted but if any marginalized groups of people say anything or speak out their posts are immediately taken down its BS. There’s no accountability or transparency so I’m going to bounce once one of these other apps gets bigger than you because I’ve been on IG since 2013 and it looks like it’s about to go the way of MySpace.

  • app won’t work on my iPhone but will on others

    by jvbgirls

    I have an iPhone 7 and I would like to use my instagram on my iPhone but the problem is that it won’t let me log in. I have deleted the app many many times too many to count and have restarted my phone and nothing will work. I have also emailed and called and even sent them questions asking why won’t my instagram app work on my iphone, and didn’t get a response back. It’s also very strange because I can log into my account and use my instagram on other people’s iPhones besides mine. I have also followed and read there community guide lines and privacy policy to see if I did anything wrong and I didn’t. When I try to log into the app with on my iPhone it says “sorry, there was a problem with your request.” I have tried making a new Instagram and I will get a small pop up message on my screen saying you have violated instagrams terms, community guide lines, and privacy policy. I’ll click on it and it’ll take me the the instagram he’ll center and it says that my account may have been disabled but the weird thing is, when I log into my account on other peoples iPhones it works and doesn’t say it’s disabled. So if the creator of this app would like to tell me how to fix this issue and let me use the app on my phone then please do. thank you

  • Why Instagram? Why?

    by I heart.......

    The option to see users who have viewed Highlights (locates on users profiles) has been removed. It now says “viewer lists aren’t available after 24 hours”. This is absolutely ridiculous! These “highlights” are a permanent part of the users profile and NOT just a “story” that goes into IG archives after 24 hours. With a profile public, I should have the right to see who is viewing my highlights at ANY TIME. This was such a great feature and now like everything else, Instagram has ripped it away without users consent or opinion. With the little control users actually have on Instagram nowadays, this was the one feature I truly appreciated. It gave me the ability me to see who was visiting my page with the option to follow, ignore or block. Now we’re back to the primitive age of Instagram where you can stalk and creep around unnoticed. The users already have relinquished their ability to control endless ads, are forced to have unorganized feeds, and are unable to view stories chronologically. Please start listening to your users. Without us, you’re nothing and maybe it’s time to remember that. Please bring back this feature. And furthermore, please stop needlessly changing features that are beneficial to your loyal users.

  • Trash update

    by samiramichelle

    I just want to start off by saying i have been a big fan of Instagram for as long as it has been out. Y’all were on point with the updates for a good minute but now they have become a hot booty mess! It all began when y’all changed the timeline from going in chronological order to just a random order of the pages you like most or look at the most. Idk exactly how to explain it but i hate it! I constantly miss out on things people have posted and they pop up on my feed and says posted 2 days ago like who tf wants to see that stuff now. And now we have an even bigger problem y’all done goofed and changed the timeline to tapping. Insta i just wanna talk for a second nie phone to phone... the stories ONLY, were made for tapping and the big hype about insta was scrolling. Shoot y’all already copied snap with the stories so the least y’all could do was stay consistent with the scrolling feed. Y’ALL HAD ONLY ONE JOB!!! I just wanna say all of your users hate this wack behind update including myself. Please do better or insta will be getting left in 2018 and it’s #Twitter2k19. Btw great way to end a year for yourself! Y’all sure know how to ruin stuff. Moral of this whole dang story just change everything back to normal including how the timeline works. Please and thanks. ~ sincerely a concerned insta user

  • I ignore your suggestions as you ignore mine

    by Rob_Halford_Rocks

    Ughhhhh facebook lite - scuse me - “Instagram” - I am hating you more by the day. Happily rid myself of the facebook albatross 8 years ago and enjoyed this app instead. Minimal political BS, no drama, easy to keep private and only share with selected people I actually consider “friends” and *gasp* their pictures showed up in the order in which they were uploaded! Yes I know - shocker - timeline actually meant something. Not only does this app prioritize what THEY ASSume I want to see most, but there is advertising fecal matter smeared all over the place with far more regularity than ever and for the love of all things sacred STOP “suggesting” people that I may like to follow based on who is currently on my follow list. Some of us have idiot in-laws we must follow for reasons of decorum and I certainly don’t want to constantly see their idiot “friends” as suggestions for me. (i’m sure that feeling is mutual). If I want to follow someone/something I will seek it out because I am a thinking individual and am quite capable of making these decisions without an algorithm to ASSist. Yea - teetering on deletion as this app continues to spiral down further into the cesspool that is social media. I wish I could shove your nose in your virtual carpet accident and say NO with the squirt bottle. Bad facebook puppy, next time you sleep outside.

  • Fan pages.

    by gomezbieberdaily

    I wont lie, at the beginning this was a really cool app where people from all over the world could come and join. Whether it was an account about them or really anything. About 3 years ago, i made a fan page that became rather popular very quickly. Took me hard work and a lot of time and finally reached about 200,000 followers (Which is a LOT! For a loser like me) it really changed my world. For me it wasn’t all about the followers, it was just about the people i got to interact with! People from other parts of the world who genuinely liked my page, and my opinions. It was so much fun! Made me have confidence in myself and changed my whole perspective on internet friends. Little did i know that would all come to an end so soon. About a year ago, exact. My account got disabled for copyright, i might’ve posted a pic or two that Instagram thought i shouldn’t have! I get that, but i was never able to properly talk to Instagram that i had full permission to use those candids. And there, my page is now dead along with so many others whose owners have taken so much time of their lives to update on. Its really sad that Instagram wouldn’t let u make at least one mistake but rather just deletes them with no questions, no answers, no nothing. I hope they work on this because fan pages MAKE the artist...

  • Inappropriate reports (you need to look here)

    by RhandyS

    I have reported so many posts because of inappropriate images, videos, sayings, etc. Yet, every time I do all it says is that there's nothing wrong with the post. Though clearly there is a lot wrong with it, I'm disappointed greatly in the security of this app. Sure I could easily block something, but some accounts I like to follow because at funny but I WILL report something inappropriate. And when i try to reply to someone else's comment (here is a more recent one) dude said it was the sons fault so I said back 'dude seriously? How is it the sons fault? Where is your logic in this?' But Instagram would not let me post because they were 'protecting people with security guide lines.' Well for one, there was nothing wrong with what I said. And two, you'll block something I say when it's nowhere near bad but you won't even look or take down inappropriate posts? Honestly this needs to be upgraded and have an actual person look at these posts instead of a computer. I've also just recently reported THREE things for nudity and pornography. The first was two people having sex, and the last two was of guys jacking off to the camera. Only the first one got taken off, are you kidding me Instagram? I suggest you review this carefully and update your security.

  • So fed up

    by Veejo

    I used to love posting my artwork. I was getting thousands of likes and could really gauge the success of a piece based on the response. It was such a pleasure to engage daily with IG. Now it's totally arbitrary. There's no logic to the number of impressions, likes or comments. I have 42,000 followers and sometimes my work is seen by less than 2000. I feel so cheated and disheartened. I hope you read this Instagram. I think you may have taken some measures at some point because I was using the same hashtags too often (not knowing that it made me seem like a bot). Recently I removed hashtags, changed the hashtags I was using, generally fiddled with the formula -and suddenly I was followed by 500 new accounts in one night! And had 32,000 impressions on one post instead of the usual 4000! Then nothing again. I don't get it. For all the effort I'm investing in growing this account, I'm not seeing predictable results. It puts me off using it altogether. I know my viewpoint is shared by millions. I don't know why you're so uncaring about your user's experiences. I can only assume you have a hidden agenda that we can only guess at. It's a shame. I don't think you realise how much people value their IG community and response and how it affects their daily working life.

  • It's a meme app with spam

    by SuziWinx22

    As of April 18, app keeps crashing when loading stories ------ I remember when people posted quality content on Instagram. Then came the age of the selfies, and now it's the memes. That's all I see on the explore page. Not a fan. I'd like a filter so I can choose quality posts. I also get at least 5 request a day for followers from accounts that display pornography or are lewd in other aspects. How about adding a filter as to what can be posted in the bio section? If keywords are caught, the account can't be created. I put my account on private just so I don't have these types of followers. I'm not a prude but I have an image to keep and don't want these types of followers. There's also a high rate of stealing others pictures. I would love if there was a feature that automatically added a watermark (or logo) somewhere on the post with the account name so if anyone steals it, there is evidence where it came from (See the app: VOUN as they do a signature option). I hate that the posts are out of order now. It makes no sense. If I wanted to see someone's specific post, I'll go to their account. I don't need them to appear on the top because they posted something once or twice that I liked. Now I miss half of the posts. I even stopped liking posts so posts don't appear out of order.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • Signing In

    by tocabocarules123

    This is the worst app ever always has problems logging in to new accounts, I forgot my password and asked send email to re-activate your account and when I pressed it, it said “were sorry something went wrong” I resented my phone, make sure the app was updated to latest and I went on safari to do the log in from there but doesn’t work I already checked my WiFi everything is fine I always have trouble logging back in, especially if I forget the password. Please Fix as soon as possible this is a major issue I have to deal with a lot. Thank You Bye.

  • No response

    by Brittneyyyt

    I haven’t been able to like/follow anyone for like a month now. I contacted insta no response. If I can’t use the app then I guess I don’t need it.

  • Need answers ASAP !

    by thaagreat1

    Why can’t I log in on the app ? Fix this

  • 1 Star for killing the Apple Watch app.

    by Martin Moore MKE

    The Instagram Apple Watch app was one of the best experiences on the watch. Please bring it back!

  • معالجة مشكلة

    by Muslim . Iraqi

    I have a problem in my account (mu.a8) during the publication of the story I do not have a paragraph questions and no paragraph of the new such as time and others I hope you address the problem of my account and thank you.

  • Temporary block

    by jtmotoca2

    Please stop temporarily blocking me every time I follow a few people or unfollow a few people. Instagram name is Jerell.t

  • New update

    by Aebroojahid

    I’m not satisfied with the new update. Previously I could see viewer after 24 hours but after the new update I couldn’t see the viewer list after 24 hours. It will be more enjoyable if you change the new update. I have been using Instagram for so long and never wrote any negative things about it . I just shared my opinion with u nothing else. Thank u

  • What’s going on?

    by Ashleeey7

    I would love it if they’d stop changing this app. Now they’ve taken away the option to view the posts you’ve liked???? Or am I just slow?

  • Still can’t see stories

    by kinto un 21

    You can’t even see what you posted after time if someone sent a reply to it. You used to be able to see it. Still can’t see story views after 24hrs!!!

  • Fix Algorithm

    by worldof.ox

    The algorithm is horrible to artist and other creatives that value quality over quantity. It should definitely start showing more post than hiding them

  • My instagram is strange

    by applecherryblood

    I can’t login using the app but I can using my Safari why?

  • Highlights in the new update

    by PuchaGrace

    I do not understand why the new Instagram update does not let me see who views my highlighted stories after 24 hours. I need this feature back for many reasons. Instagram please bring this back!

  • Needs improvement

    by 1979 me

    News feed be from 2or 3 days ok why can’t I see update stuff

  • The illusion

    by C.Prose-D'Light

    The appeal link in the email is not working. There was no appeal link in the app either. (There usually is one) Music was added via funimate app. If a song can’t be used their app will not let you add it to your video. Responses from help and support are nonexistent.

  • Bugs

    by jayrezsta


  • Instagram is too much like Facebook

    by Eye2sell2u

    I do not want to have my thoughts(words) guessed for me, I don’t want funny or any emojis. It has become gimmicky. I used to enjoy the photos and short videos and now its Facebook which I barely use. I guess this is going to happen to WhatsApp

  • can’t update

    by jojo kak

    my instagram will not update to the new features . i tried everything . not happy .

  • Doesn’t work

    by shashman1134

    The login page doesn’t even work for me to use it.

  • App problems

    by Heykitkat15

    I logged out of the instagram app and now it won’t let ANYONE log back in. Whenever someone tries to log in it says, “error has occurred”. I have to go onto safari to browse. This is ridiculous. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  • Can’t log back in

    by OlsonMoody

    I have 2 accounts because I lost one and remade it but after some time I was able to get back into the lost account. I logged out of it earlier and now whenever I try to log back in it just gives me an error message and says try and later and check your internet connection. Please fix this

  • Question, poll, and count down feature

    by lil 白

    It’s been months since the poll and question feature have been added and my account still doesn’t have access to these features. Yeah there’s hacks online to get these features but I shouldn’t have to create a new account, post the features to my story, then go on airplane mode, go back to my real account just to post one story being able to use the features just that one time and having to redo this everytime. I thought instagram would have taken care of this by now but since they haven’t it shows how little they care. This is probably just a scheme for them to get people to make more accounts!!!

  • Save Button Next to the Delete Button = Recipe for Disaster

    by dddaza

    Which UX Designer thought it was a good idea to move the “Save” button from the bottom of the screen to the top, right next to the “Delete” button for Instagram Stories? I’ve lost multiple precious videos due to the slip of the thumb, or using it on a smaller device. This is a UX nightmare.

  • Help

    by itsismirs

    It does not let me like anyone’s photo anymore

  • Too many ads

    by Galbrodgqcnxg

    What is with all the ads? All of a sudden every other picture is an ad... ENOUGH! How long before content actually takes a backseat to advertising???

  • Music Sticker

    by iamaudreana

    I’m just so irritated that there are things I cannot do, for example, I do not have access to the music sticker, a fellow follower who lives in the same city, state, and country has access to this sticker but I don’t! Also cannot use the link feature because I don’t have enough followers? Get real I’m using this app for my brand but cannot use this app to its full extend due to these stupid and irate limitations! You all should fix this!

  • Report

    by Mmarkiccc

    Fixed bag please

  • Algorithm

    by LawDawg145833

    Can you please get rid of the algorithm nonsense? Nobody likes it. My pictures are barely getting half of the amount of likes that they used to get back when it was in chronological order. Please change it back. I’m getting tempted to go to another form of social media for my pictures.

  • No tengo mi ig como el de los demas !!

    by Aliyeli14

    No me aparece nada de lo nuevo , ni lo de hacer las preguntas , ni la encuesta... nada ! Por que ? Que estafa

  • Help!

    by ayejessii

    I haven’t had access to Instagram for over a month now. Not sure what’s wrong; I’ve been only use one account for around 3 years, and there’s no reason for me to be banned, disabled or whatever. I’m really at a loss. PLEASE HELP! @nichb56

  • Low quality posts

    by Rach028361

    I really hate how every time I upload a picture the quality significantly decreases.

  • Ability to hide followers and following

    by kingmaestro7890

    Option to hide followers and following. It’s an arrogant and overly abused feature that people use as a way to validate themselves. Nobody should care if a person has a certain amount of followers. This is 2019, it’s old.

  • Y’all tripping

    by Kbree93_

    Y’all are the feds. I was talking about Cadbury Chocolate yesterday and today it’s on my TL. I’m finna get rid of iPhone. 👎🏾

  • Fix my problem!!

    by Breanna !

    I have had the same problem for a couple of months now and have contacted instagram via DM, twitter, help center, etc. and no one has helped me. I am unable to play music on my stories like most other users are able to and this is extremely frustrating!! I have two accounts and my second account has this capability, so I know it is not user error. PLEASE fix this. Your customer service is terrible.


    by Rhobson

    Since Facebook bought Instagram, it’s been nothing but a downhill race to a bad experience. I’m not even talking about ads. We get it, the app needs to be profitable. But everybody wants to have a good user experience while in the app, not having to deal with ads that are purely scams or autoplay videos with too loud noises. We want a feed in chronological order, yet you changed it to “relevance”, with an algorithm that doesn’t know apples from oranges. We want to see who saw our past stories, yet you hid it. We want the good user experience back! Remember that people will only keep paying for ads while the platform is relevant and popular. And what you’re doing is in the exact opposite direction.

  • Won’t delete fake accounts

    by Tlos_photography

    I have been reporting fake accounts that are using pictures of myself and daughter and also me in uniform. Instagram simply says they are not violating guidelines which is BS 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I hate the new update!!!

    by 12viod23

    I want my old instagram back, the new update is wack.

  • Forced to pay for promotions and promotion never happened!

    by Abbe Awos

    The promotion money was taken without any promotion, and how am I supposed to rectify this?

  • App not in full screen.

    by mpullard

    App not in full screen.

  • Mala actualización

    by Arianne r 99

    Esta muy mal eso que no puedas ver las personas que vieron tu highlight, yo sé que han pasado 24 h pero es súper malo tener tu highlight ahí sin saber para que

  • Direction notification problem

    by omidimohi

    Direction notification has problem. When someone send me something, nothing shows till several refreshing.

  • Please Bring Back the Old Story View

    by Lightning_S

    Instagram, I would appreciate it if you brought back option to see people who view your stories past 24 hours. It’s a good way to see what my followers like watch, when is the best time to post, and just cool to see who looked at my stories no matter how long ago I put that story up. This was a beneficial tool for me and many others. Please bring this feature back.

  • Story Highlight Update :/

    by masterofguitar

    So usually when you put something on your instagram story and then put it on your instagram highlight, it should usually show the list of viewers of the story in total. But now with the new update, it will only show the list of viewers only 24 hours after the post was posted. Ahhhh i really don’t like this update... Can we have it so it will still show the number of instagram-story viewers even if the post was posted later? ❤️

  • Why do you keep ignoring us.

    by Ray-Ray2927

    This is crap I made a review but since it was one star it magically disappeared and it’s the 5-6th time I’m done with this thanks for being a bunch of incompetent snobs that won’t listen to the users. Like you know me locking my phone and coming back to find out that Instagram decided to close itself so my message that I was writing is gone. Or when I get an email so I go reply and come back to find that Instagram restarted somehow in the 1min I was gone, and it was only the email app it’s not like I switched in between multiple apps. With the new algorithm it’s not like I can easily find the post I was commenting on. JUUNNKKKK. Update they fixed some of the bugs and the app doesn’t restart as often as before but it still does it. And also now some of the accounts I was interested and that used to show up on my suggestions don’t and it’s simply because they are shadow banned. Now why is that and I know I could follow them to save myself from the problems but why do you guys feel the need to shadow ban people? Especially people why are literally doing nothing wrong or negative yet the other people doing negative things get away with it just because they bring in ad revenue. ALSO STOP SKEWING THE ALGORITHM TO SHOW MORE ADS THEM ANYTHING ELSE I WANT TO SEE WHAT TGE PEOPLE I FOLLOW ARE DOING NOT ADS ITS ALMOST AS BAD AS YOUTUBE. Update I still have to deal with Instagram just force closing in the background extremely annoying when trying to send a message or comment on a picture but I get a call or need to go reply to an email just to come back and realize that it’s restarted itself. While an app that was in memory for longer is still there. For example my YouTube which was opened before was still in memory and google maps which I hadn’t used for 1-2hrs, also still in memory. It’s complete bull that back 3 years this wasn’t a problem and the iPhone had even less ram to work with. Doesn’t make any sense, actually fix your problems instead of claiming to fix bugs yet nothing I can see has been fixed. Also why do explore videos always have to have sound while the others don’t. I will tap on a video so that it mutes itself and then I will move on to another post and if it happens to be a explore post then I get it full volume. Another very very very very annoying problem that wasn’t there before. All of this is ridiculous coming from a multi million dollar company as yourselves, because they weren’t as bad 2-3 years ago but now that you guys supposedly got more resources it gets worse? Come on and listen to the people there are so many bugs that just keep piling up because they just aren’t fixed. Bugs other apps that are the age of Instagram don’t have or if they did they were fixed. 2/6/19 Just updated and the main problem I had is now even worse I’ll go onto two apps say I’ll go to YouTube and then safari then I’ll want to go back to Instagram to continue a conversation but I’ve lost it because in that short amount of time Instagram decided to restart itself and now it’s back at the home page this is really really really really extremely annoying, and it’s such an old problem that we’ve been pointing out for such a long time yet you ignore it and “fix” other “problems” that benefit you guys and the the advertisers. Update 2/15/2019 It’s getting almost impossible to use this app I’ll go and lock my phone and come back to it unlock it and boom Instagram has either closed itself or it has restarted itself I just give up you guys are obviously never going to listen to us and just keep doing bug fixes that don’t fix anything at all. On top of the algorithm still being crap.

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