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  • Worth the cost Sep 24, 2019

    By LaCaren
    I’m one of those procrastinators who studies for a few months and then stops for...more. During my non-procrastination time, iKnow has always given me the best learning rate of any tool. Everything has sentences, with full audio, Japanese text is always bigger than English text. Premade courses, a mode to study all your courses together, and my favorite thing: a sentence listening mode. Great for people like me who can listen along while working or working out. Passive learning when you are doing something else is better than no learning. It’s too bad the PC version doesn’t have it. The subscription cost keeps me longer before I fall back into bad habits (no app can fix my laziness but this one holds me the longest). It’s just easier to be motivated longer when you have to pay and get your money’s worth ! It’s in big thanks to this app that I can play video games in Japanese. Things I would love to see in the future: for each course to have a “story”, or multiple, that utilizes most of the vocabulary that was in said course. Sentences are great, but having short stories to test my understanding with would be even more awesome. And for the PC version to someday get the sentence listening mode.
  • Too good to pass up on. Dec 21, 2017

    By Arielito
    I was having problems trying to log onto iKnow with my Google account with my iPad, so I went ahead and cancelled my initial monthly subscription I signed up for a couple of days ago (money down the drain), and created a new account. I’m disappointed about the log in problems, even with the troubleshooting, and especially losing money. If I could only transfer my progress from the old account I signed up for a couple of days ago to this new one.
  • Chinese-The Best Apr 28, 2020