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Identify 3000 plants, naturetouch

Identify 3000 plants, naturetouch

Coogni GmbH

Identify over 3000 plants with a few clicks: trees, flowers, garden plants.

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App Description

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Identify and label over 3100 plants online: trees, shrubs, forbs, annual summer flowers, biennial summer flowers, vines, roses, balcony plants, pot plants. In the forest, in meadows, in towns, gardens and on mountains. Plants guide from Naturetouch. Identify a plant with a few clicks - easy for everyone.
You get the app in eight languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech).
Ideal for on the road, alone, for a couple or with the family. From Naturetouch.

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Identify 3000 plants, naturetouch

Identify 3000 plants, naturetouch

3.8 11 Reviews

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