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idealo flights - cheap airline ticket booking app

idealo flights - cheap airline ticket booking app

idealo internet GmbH

Find cheap fares and budget flights fast with the idealo flight comparison app.

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Editor’s Review

  1. Get only the best! Search through numerous airlines and over 70,000 routes worldwide for the best possible deals on flights
  2. Not just budget and economy! Search for any type of seat you want: first class, business class, economy class and premium economy
  3. Going on a last-minute trip? No problem! Idealo helps guide you to the best possible prices in the shortest possible time

Reviewed by Kaylin on October 24, 2018

App Description

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Compare budget airfares and book cheap flights on your phone. Download our free flights app to find and book cheap fares from airlines and travel shops fast. Our flight comparison app finds and lists offers of numerous airlines and countless routes worldwide. Filter results to see the best offers quickly and then book plane tickets directly with the airline or travel shop using your phone. Even before the search begins, the app will show approximate prices for flights based on former searches. Besides sorting results by cost and flight length, flights leaving or arriving at the same time can also be grouped together and sorted using the many useful filters.

Finding cheap flights has never been so easy:

Find the best offers for your travel plans within seconds and book cheap airfares and plane tickets on your mobile phone wherever you are. idealo's free flight comparison app compares prices from hundreds of airlines and travel agents for countless routes throughout the world. In a matter of seconds, the app will list the best offers for your search so you can then book air tickets directly with the airline or shop.


▶Radius search: find the nearest airports to your current location
▶Airport suggest: the app will suggest possible departure and destination airports as you type based on popular routes and former searches
▶Find the best date: even before the search begins, the app displays approximate prices based on past searches
▶Save search queries: save your favorite routes and see current prices
▶Filters: filter results by price, arrival or departure times, layovers, airline and shop
▶Share function: send your favorite offers to friends and family per email, WhatsApp, Telegram, skype and SMS
▶Book online: book your flight directly with the travel agent or airline


▶Saved flights and searches: the menu with saved flight searches, prices and routes is also available without an internet connection e.g. on the airplane
▶Easy-to-use search form: departure and destination airports can be chosen in only one search mask and from relevant suggestions
▶Optional data storage: choose to save your data and that of other travelers in the app. This can then be automatically used when booking flights, saving time and avoiding annoying typos
▶Useful calendar feature: to find the cheapest offers in the app, swipe through the calendar to show current flight prices as compared to other days
▶Group results: besides sorting flights by price and flight duration you can also sort flights with identical departure times to find the best option more quickly


▶Find cheap flights online using our flight comparison website, which is also completely free to use.
▶Book great deals to all destinations worldwide whether low-cost airline, scheduled airline or budget charter flight
▶Book last-minute flights or plan in advance and book plane tickets early. We will help you find low-cost deals for your budget holiday
▶Not just cheap and budget price tickets – search for all types of flights, and compare all fare types and booking classes: first class, business class, economy class and premium economy
▶Suitable airports and alternative recommended travel dates for your journey are shown in the calendar view
▶We constantly monitor all our flight shops and travel agent partners so you can count on accurate prices and a reliable service.
▶No hidden extra costs – all our prices are final

Download the free flight comparison app now and save money booking flights.

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idealo flights - cheap airline ticket booking app

idealo flights - cheap airline ticket booking app

3.8 3K+ Reviews

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