iCluster - DX-Cluster database

iCluster - DX-Cluster database

Marcus Roskosch

For HAMs and SWLs

5.0 Ratings 73 Reviews

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73 Ratings
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  • Great mobile ham App Mar 10, 2014

    By VetteSteve
    This is a must have App for mobile Ham. The new filtering feature allows you to only see spots from spotters in your region, as well as a bunch of other options. I was looking for that feature in a cluster. Qrz integration is cool too. Only wish there was a logging program integrated That way I wouldn't have to switch back and forth between Apps.
  • Really Nice App Nov 26, 2009

    By wa3tre
    Great app for checking the band. Works well and is fast on a WiFi connection. Would have given 5 Stars if you could filter the spots by your country. Looking at a bunch of spots submitted by DX amateurs, does not let me know what we are hearing stateside. This is also true if the spots are all by USA hams, DX will not know what their area is hearing.
  • Works great! Mar 7, 2012

    By Rosea1
    As advertised! Works fine for me, no crashes, adequate filtering.
  • iCluster works on iPad Mar 6, 2015

    By KT7789
    iCluster works on my iPad. When in settings, I need to be in portrait view to see all the buttons. Then switch back to landscape or stay with portrait view if you prefer.
  • Good start Dec 6, 2009

    By Nancetx
    Like the prior review I would appreciate the ability to see spots from the perspective of my location. You have a good start here and I thank you for the work you've put into this.
  • Useless here Sep 14, 2010

    By Linxdev