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Iain Abernethy

Iain Abernethy

Kinetic Application Technologies LLC

“Iain Abernethy Applied Karate App” for iOS & Android smartphones and tablets

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App Description

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In partnership with BudoCode™, we have created the “Iain Abernethy Applied Karate App” for your iOS & Android smartphones and tablets. What this means is that you can have masses of applied karate / kata bunkai information at your fingertips! I will update the app each week with new material, and it is suitable for all karate practitioners; irrespective of style. The app gives access to many hours of video on the following topics:

Weekly Info from Iain

Core Kata Concepts

Impact and Pad Drills

Exclusive Seminar Footage

Karate Throws, Locks and Ground Drills

And LOADS of kata bunkai instruction! So far we have videos on the following kata: The Pinan / Heian Series, Naihanchi (Tekki), Passai (Bassai-Dai), Kushanku (Kanku-Dai), Chinto (Gankaku), Seipai, Seienchin, Wanshu (Enpi), Gojushiho, Kururunfa, Jion, Jitte, Chinte, and more (listed under an A to Z section).

We are adding new and exclusive content (stuff you can’t see on the website and YouTube) all the time and you don’t want to miss out!

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Iain Abernethy

Iain Abernethy

3.7 56 Reviews

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