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  • Why does nobody understand that the Skin is Fiber? Oct 20, 2019

    By Jesse Jonathan Roy
    I love I Peel Good! I just downloaded yesterday, and it's very satisfying! I just reached LVL 102! Also, I want to know why everybody doesn't understand that most Fruit's skin contains Fiber and is healthy (With the exception of Cherimoya & others.)! I just love this game so much, I actually want more levels. But your game doesn't exactly have hundreds of levels. I just found out yesterday that there are only 150 levels, which is not exactly hundreds. Can you make more levels for future updates? If you can that would be so cool! Reason why I rate this 5 stars, is because it gives you educational facts about what you just peeled, and it's satisfying! I recommend this to anyone, unless you hate bunches of advertisements (which I have encountered in this game, but didn't encounter until after first 4 levels.)
  • May 5, 2020

    By Phoebe Toy Show
    3 stars, it is very, VERY relaxing. I like the game alot, there's alot of ads... regularly. I HATE ads, there the worst because you just keep getting the same boring ad all the time! Space the ads out! So at least you're not board all the time.it's an "alright" app, I do recommend it to people who like ASMR alot. The only reason I download it is because I love love LOVE ASMR. Great idea and app I like it.
  • Peoples ANNOYING Comments and my solutions Sep 14, 2019

    By Ava Treamont
    Ok ok I have read a lot of comment about adds and not letting you finish peeling. Also way more than that. So first of all for all games I play that have adds I just turn my internet off. This game doesn’t need data so I don’t see any problem with turning your internet off. If you don’t finish peeling the fruit I am sure the creators can fix that bug I personally don’t really care about finishing it. There might not be many levels but it is not that hard to delete the game and get it back. There might not be a lot of levels because it is hard to think of things to peel, half of the fruits and vegetables were things I didn’t even knew existed. This is an amazing game ok guys. I bet it takes a long time to make a game. I think the creator is disappointed you don’t like this