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Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

Hopper Inc.

Score cheap flights from top airlines with Hopper, and save 40% off tickets.

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62.5% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Sara Jones

    A friend told me about this randomly at work. I thought i had already found the best and most affordable airline for my flights to visit my parents, but it found tickets for slightly less that land at a much smaller airport (usually totally unaffordable) that was 4 hrs closer to my hometown! I have two kids under two, so a shorter flight AND no 4 hour drive when we land was unreal. It can't hurt to try it. I also love that it will watch for your ticket prices to drop and let you know.

  • Fantastic

    by trussellsrt

    Used the hopper to book our upcoming trip to Canada for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal! The app is easy to navigate. The information is in an easy to decipher format. The flights are often time not available on other travel websites like Expedia and kayak. If they are, the price is higher. I did have trouble one time trying to book our flights when I got to the payment page, the rabbit notified me that price had gone up $85 per person. This was out of my price range so I cancelled the booking whilst being quite upset. But I understand now that it is the name of the game with flights. After that experience last night, I got back on hopper this morning. I noticed that the flight I tried to book last night was still available for the original price I saw last night so I jumped on it! Got to the pay screen price increase so I got them booked! I will definitely be using hopper again!

  • Prices not updated

    by CSCP1972

    I downloaded this app to save money on a family trip to the Caribbean. I gave it 3 stars for the many tips given for cheapest flights. I found tickets for $461 and was ready to purchase since it stated that this was the lowest price available. When searching other sites and apps, Hopper had the cheapest price. So after filling out passenger information and going to the purchase page, a window pops up stating that prices went up $77 dollars. It then says choose different flights or continue purchase. I went back to change flights and the flights I had previously chosen were still at the $461 price! I then picked the next cheapest flight. Then it states prices went up over $100! I even restarted the app to see if prices got updated. Nope. It even has a little bunny hopping and checking for latest prices! No such luck there either. Update: The price didn’t go up if I tried purchasing one adult ticket. However, when I added other travelers including my kids, the prices goes up. Maybe it’s because of how many seats are available next to each other? It would be great if the app could let you know how many seats are left for each flight!

  • by Victoria Greer

    When you don't have the time to keep watching prices on flights this app is GREAT at doing the hard work for you. It keeps you alerted whenever the price drops and when it's good time to buy or when to continue to wait. Downside is it seems to ONLY show American airlines if you don't mind flying with them.

  • by Nuryelk Gutierrez

    I'm so in love with this app! After booking several trips with Hopper, i have nothing but gratitude to share with them for keeping me always alert about the best prices and helping me plan my trips with their super handy and practical calendar. Even better than kayak, though it's another one of my favorites! Thanks for making my life so easy!!!

  • No multi city/selective airlines shown

    by Noggin9788663242170006

    Great concept but 2 major flaws with flights; 1. My main beef and why it’s 3/5, no multi-city option! This is a huge let down as multiple times I’ve needed to do multiple stops but it makes you do them one at a time which drastically raises the rate or you do multiple round trips and hope the times line up. Even on the support it recognizes that this isn’t available but suggests booking multiple one ways, for example a multi city between US-Japan-Vietnam-US is approx 1,300 on google multi city search where as for follow the hopper support directions the same flight pattern is 2,100. If the multi city is added I can definitely justify 5 stars but without it it just doesn’t match old fashion google (which also has price tracking) 2.Another lesser but still decent issue. Hopper excludes certain airlines that would have cheaper rates (spirit/frontier/ect.) many times I’ve gotten updates on flights only to find a cheaper flight offered by airlines not offered on here sometimes significantly cheaper.

  • by Lauren May

    I haven't booked with Hopper, but I've used the app to keep an eye on flights for me instead of having to constantly do the flight searches myself. I have a super busy life and don't have time to watch out for airline deals the way Hopper has been doing for me. I was able to book flights for my family of four to visit my grandparents in Boston for less than $100/person. Hopper alerted me to the great deal, and we then went to the airline website and booked directly through them. I love this app.

  • Great customer service!

    by Ashleyy134

    Seriously, this app / its employees are fantastic, some of the best customer service I’ve had. Recently I had to cancel a flight but was able to use most of the money from the canceled flight to a new flight. I thought I had to go through the airline to rebook my flight and it was going to cost $250-$300 extra, so I called hopper really late with a quick question there was no answer but I had the opportunity to leave a voicemail so I did. This morning when I woke up, I had an email with the answers I previously asked for in my voicemail along with the option to re-book with them, 3 emails later ( super easy and fast) my flight was rebooked and it only cost an extra $87. They handled everything for me and really took the anxiety out of the whole situation. Super grateful and will definitely be recommending this app to friends, family and even strangers!

  • Practical. Creative Interface. Try it!

    by paul4791

    I've enjoyed organizing travel since 1985. I'm old enough to remember the printed Thomas Cook European train timetable, and the OAG handbook for US flights. Today, my favorite airfare search tool is the Matrix Web interface by ITA Software. There are, of course umpteen iOS apps for finding fares. Hopper is the only innovator I've seen lately. In particular, the calendar interface, with its intuitive traffic light color scheme (green = cheap, orange = more expensive, red = expensive), is the best I've seen. It reminds me of the traveler's calendar ("calendrier des voyageurs") from SNCF (French National Railways) and Air Inter/Air France. In those days, you tried to travel during the "période bleue" (blue period) in the little calendar leaflet that was published every quarter. Today, Hopper generates such a calendar dynamically, based on current fare data. Try it! The people who created it clearly know something about travel.

  • Best!

    by accentaa

    Best time saver for the best deals. No confusion about third party involvement, you get an airline confirmation # immediately, and hopper charges about $5 (I think) for their service. All costs are easy to identify - no surprises. Plus, I beat my frequent flyer hubby, with his Delta connections, out on price every time. I never go through the deep search for the best pricing anymore. It’s all right there; pick your price, dates, airline, and all the variables right there on the Hopper app. Plus you can even buy the extras at the same time (baggage, upgrades, etc.) Any limitations are explained fully as well - no surprises. They even have a spot on prediction process that suggests waiting for a better price or better buy now. As long as Hopper stays this thorough and convenient I’m staying a one-stop shopper with Hopper!

  • Not really worth it

    by kirjava87

    I have heard a lot of people rave about Hopper and helpful it is. Honestly, except to watch how prices fluctuate it isn’t that helpful. The prices on the app are incorrect than what the airlines are showing. It doesn’t specify between classes. For example flying WoW to Iceland and Ireland, Wow offers your basic fare, one that includes a checked bag and a Comfy fare. You can’t tell the difference on Hopper, plus I found fares were actually cheaper on Wow than on Hopper. Google tracked flights has been much more reliable. Hopper said BOOK ASAP so I booked... prices went down $30 the next day. I’ve noticed it also doesn’t show all available flights and it doesn’t accurately reflect seats. It kept telling me only one seat was available go to the Airlines website the whole plane was still basically available. I would only use this as one of many tools when searching for cheap fares, but I certainly wont book through Hopper or rely on just it.

  • by Dee Lam

    This app is spot on and alerts me right away regarding flight prices. One filter I would like to see is being able to watch certain airlines as opposed to all airlines. I favor a few over others.

  • App well done

    by GamerEdie

    Hopper is great. I like to scour for deals. I don't care where I fly or when, but there are a few trips I want to take I'd the price is right. Hopper has a feature that allows for notifications without entering a date AND without entering a specific city (just a region, like "Malaysia"). What a thoughtful design!! The only feature I wish it had was a filter to exclude certain airlines. For example, I won't fly a particular airline to Bali, no matter the cost, because it's well known for damaged aircraft, capricious departure times, and stranding passengers in dangerous places without help. Just WAY too dangerous for a single woman to travel on. Of course, this airline has GREAT prices. I wish I could remove them from my search so they wouldn't trigger a great-price alert. I'm sure I'm not alone that there are airlines some won't take, or airlines some will only take.

  • Customer Service

    by normalguy4

    I have been using hopper for about two years now. I have had no problems and have been pleased with the app. I have never had to change or have had a problem with a booking until now. I had to cancel my trip last moment due to a family emergency, and I reached out to hopper to see if there was anything I can do even though the hotel reservation was “non-refundable”. I didn’t have any expectations, I just thought I might as well try. It took some time due to hopper not having a phone number, but eventually, “Juan” got back with me and was able to get all the unused nights refunded. I will continue to use hopper for all my flights and hotel reservations and will recommend hopper to anyone who is traveling.

  • Better, still unaddressed shortcomings

    by Asan110

    Have booked many flights through the app; the actual booking process is a dream compared to direct through the airlines. But searching leaves much to be desired and still doesn’t give nearly enough control over dates — in particular, I may be interested *only* in evening or morning flights in the end date of my trip, if I’m trying to avoid taking time off work. The shortest option in the ‘flexible’ section you can choose is “weekends”, but this gives me results for 4-day trips like Tues-Sat. Do you understand what a WEEKEND is, Hopper? And let me blacklist specific airlines I don’t want to fly with, not just discount airlines! Lastly, PLEASE respect my locale settings—it’s very confusing trying to book travel when my iOS calendar starts on Monday but yours always starts in Sunday.

  • This app has saved me more than once.

    by StacyWacy91

    I’ve used other apps like kiwi and kayak but I have yet to find a free app that gets me prices lower than this. I once got sick in Naples and missed my flight. It would have cost me over $1600 usd to reschedule with my current airline. So I went on Hopper and booked a ticket for 5 days later for $380 usd. Saved me a ton of money after an already frustrating experience. I highly recommend this app. The only thing I wouldn’t personally purchase is the economy upgrade on the app. I usually don’t pay to upgrade the economy through the app because it’s usually cheaper to just book extra options with the airline such as baggage and seat selection.

  • by David Miller

    Cant find anywhere to submit a bug report... the app permissions settings for this app do not support granting file access permissions which is necessary for posting images (ie screenshots of itineraries) in the chat.

  • by Victoria Dopson

    Im truly impressed with the lower prices here compared to every where else! Plus the flexibility of being able to choose ur own in and outbound. Have told everyone to give it a look. Super simple, wont be dissapointed.

  • by Marie Miltenberger

    This website is excellent! They're no guessing about better pricing on certain days. It's just the best! Easy to use! So glad to find this app!

  • by Cristian Landaverde

    i have take one trip and everithing was good and also you can chat with someone that is giving you support after you buy the flight. it was what I was looking for, also I compare prices in other apps and this is the one that give you the best option and also if you give them a tip its cheapest flitgh tham other ones thats what I can recomend you because I have some questions that they solve on this first flight.

  • Never Plan a Trip Without it!

    by pamcakes09

    I like planning vacations way out in advance, and Hopper has a great feature where it shows pricing brackets for certain dates. Can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved by flying back a day later than I was considering, or going the week earlier/later. It’s also helped me choose what time of year to travel where. The few times I’ve had to go somewhere last minute, it’s been fairly accurate. I wish Delta was included in the app, but I’ve booked mostly Delta flights using the predictions anyway and it still works. I can’t plan a vacation without Hopper. I love seeing the little bunny run too! :)

  • by Chanda Leigh

    I am enjoying the app so far. I like getting moment-to-moment feedback about the rates. I haven't booked anything yet but I'm sure this is going to be helpful when it's time for me to.

  • One tweak for five stars!

    by punifloyd

    I really like this app! I just downloaded it because I’m going to spend a semester abroad in Belgium this fall, and I want to use the opportunity to travel cheaply around Europe. Right now, I’ve set up the watch function so that I can get keep track of the best deals leaving Brussels, BUT there’s one problem... the minimum number of days I can set for a trip is 4, which I get by selecting weekend. Last I checked, the weekend is 2 days, not 4! I’ll be a full time student when I’m abroad, but cheap flights to nearby countries will make it easy to see Europe on the weekends... if I can find flights that are actually for just a weekend. I don’t want to miss too much class! Please update the app so that I can watch for 2 or 3 day trips, or tell me how to apply that setting if I’m just missing something!!

  • by Loraine Benjamin

    Every time that I have to book a vacation, the finger biter is the flight cost. Hopper always lets me know the absolutely best time to book a flight. You make my life easier Hopper. Thank you.

  • Long Distance Relationship

    by NattheSquash

    I am in my 20s and in a long distance relationship, i waitress but while having to pay for school and other necessities, it is not easy to travel especially cheaply but thanks to the HOPPER app, there is minimal stress. You don’t have to worry about having your boarding pass, tickets etc because it is all right in your phone. They pick the best flights and cheapest, give you so many suggestions about how to find cheaper flights and explain why throughout your search. Thank You Hopper App! This is an app I don’t think I will ever delete no matter how full my storage gets 😉😅

  • Super useful!

    by Aquinomorets

    I love Hopper and use it every time I am planning a trip! I would have given it a 5 star but once I was tracking a flight for months and it kept telling me to wait for a better price but then the prices increased $40. I kept waiting since it had not told me to book yet due to a predicted price drop, but weeks later the app suggested I book the flight and the price decrease never happened so I payed $95 for a flight that was only $51 originally. Like I mentioned this only happened once to me out of the 10 times that I’ve tracked flights with Hopper, so I still use the app religiously. It is just that now, I use my own judgment as well, on good prices.

  • Best Travel App

    by Llac2013_

    My husband and I have not only gotten great ticket prices through this app multiple times, but we have had amazing customer service. We just had our trip in June canceled by the WOW airline bankruptcy so we had to scramble to get new tickets. In our rush we accidentally bought 4 tickets instead of two. The gentleman that helped us was very knowledgeable and friendly and fixed things right away. It was such a relief to have such great customer service, I was ready to fight and pay fees. I have full confidence in buying through hopper and recommend it to anyone who loves to travel!


    by annawouldgo

    I never leave reviews and felt the need to after what hopper did for me. I had booked a flight with EVA air through hopper that got cancelled due to the airlines’ pay strike, which was announced 2 days before my flight was supposed to fly. EVA air was no help whatsoever with fake helpline numbers, dead-end links on their website, and vague emails. I emailed Hopper with a request for a new flight and within 5 hours got a response with same-day options at no extra cost and they updated my new booking right away. When the airline doesn’t have your back, you can trust Hopper to help out.

  • Inaccurate prices

    by Rhee Lotter

    I like that this tracks how the trends of the flight are. What I don’t like is the inaccurate pricing of this. I don’t know if they overlook budget airlines, but even if they don’t, I’ve entered flights and found flight prices on Google flights before and the lowest listing flight prices (direct, non-budget, round trip , perfectly normal flights) and the flight prices that hopper shows will sometimes be way off from the lowest listed cheapest flights. For example, a flight I had on google was listed at $380 and Hopper had it listed for over $500. Now I’m looking at a round trip flight to London for about $540 on united airlines and Hopper is showing the lowest round trip fares for the exact same date to $753.

  • My favorite travel app but...

    by Sadatus

    My favorite fare hunting app. I would’ve given it a 4.5-star if that was an option but I feel a lot more could be done with offering users flexibility with regards to a “multi-city” flight search like most of the other flight search apps. Also, even though I acknowledge the price predictions are based on historical data and so I don’t expect it to me spot on, I’ve had a few instances where the prediction has been way off. Maybe the algorithm needs a second look at. I look forward to a continuous improvement within the app and overall user experience for patrons. Thumbs up to the development team! 👍🏾

  • Great prices when notified

    by frustrateduser_CFA

    I have had great success in purchasing plane tickets when I pay attention to the notification and try to select the best times that match my itinerary. A couple of downsides is that I tried to register my device for this app and it keeps telling me that an account already exists. Therefore I don’t purchase tickets through this app and I have to go to the front page of the major airline to book. Overall great app that saves money especially when I am waiting for that trip. And if I don’t get to go because I missed it, it’s okay! I’ll have saved money and will wait for another opportunity with Hopper.

  • Where's the Customer Support?

    by Suzanne T.

    Got good prices on flights I started tracking with Hopper 3-4 months in advance. The first flight, in June, was smooth enough, though I wasn't allowed to upgrade my seat before boarding on the return flight—even though there were upgrade options available on the airport kiosk. The reason I'm not giving 4 or 5 stars is because of today's non-existent customer support. I got a notification that the airline has changed my late-August flight times (a 20-minute-earlier departure! Argh!). Trying to contact Hopper re their policy of accepting the change on my behalf, I tried their site. Chat not available. I called and was on hold for 10 minutes (I hung up). That's not customer support.

  • Absolutely the best airfare app

    by Ggydchfhgyufg

    I kind of wish there was a web version of this amazing app. Whatevs, I get to track flight prices in real time, which is amazing. Currently trying to decide where to go for my next vacation. My wife works for a school and has specific days off, so I put in a bunch of destinations and it gives me alerts when pricing changes. It also has a great heat map for forecasting airfare prices, which makes it a good planning tool if you don’t have any planned days off yet. Been using this app for airfare for the last four years or so and it’s still the best out there.

  • Can’t say enough good!

    by Epitomeofbeans

    Obviously this app is awesome for price prediction when booking flights, but let me tell you about the customer service!! My mom booked flights to the UK from US 4 months ago. She didn’t realize my passport had my maiden name and booked the tickets with my married name. We didn’t catch it until the morning of our trip!! Airline reps initially told me it wouldn’t be possible to change but Hopper came through and changed all flights to the correct name. And get this!!! Without ANY FEES! Highly recommend. We will definitely be using Hopper for all future travel.

  • What every young traveler needs.

    by em.ily_h

    As a college student and 20 something, I always have the travel bug but am extremely price sensitive. I have used Hopper to get from Houston to Chicago, LA, and Philly. I always keep notifications on and share the app whenever possible. My gf just booked through Hopper to Detroit by watching the trip. Easy to use, great concept, and I’ve never had an issue with the app or company! I am loyal to this booking platform for sure! (I just wish they had a website as well, but understand keeping cost low to provide more value to the customer)

  • Awesome, easy way to save big!

    by bIgle44

    I’ve used Hopper for about a year and have saved $1700+ on just 3 international flights. The app finds lesser-known options and alerts you at the optimal time to buy - and it works great! Only feedback: add more filtering options (specific departure time, airline, etc.) and also the ability to search across multiple days and airports without having to create more than one tracked search. This would be super helpful for those of us who are stuck choosing from several expensive airports! :) Otherwise, this app is perfect!

  • Way too easy to buy a flight (in the good way)

    by sparta93

    Super simple and easy to use. My only complaint would be that it took awhile to realize I was in hotels and not flights at first. Not sure why it defaulted to hotels since it’s a flight app. But otherwise incredibly easy to use, very enjoyable experience, the ease of browsing and the new flex feature make it super efficient to find a great flight, AND the prices are honest! No tacking on a bunch of extra fees and you see what the baggage costs right away. Totally worth the five dollar booking fee they collect.

  • Super helpful!

    by Wakeangel79

    I am amending my earlier review! This app is great to watch flights.....and when they say prices are going up and to it! You won’t be sorry! Although truth be usually need to book slightly before that.....just use your good judgement. I booked through them for the first time and had an agent tell me a wrong fact about my flight stressing me out.....but they have since corrected the problem and gone above and beyond in their customer service! I won’t say I will ever actually book directly with them again.....but for watching airfares I will absolutely continue to use!

  • Best rates for last minute booking

    by Nurse-maxx

    I am a healthcare professional who works at night and often don’t get the time to make long-term decisions because I’m on call often. Often when I go to see my family in Toronto I have to drive and the eight hours to Canada can be very taxing, this was a very pleasant surprise to be able to book a ticket that allows my daughter and I to enjoy my time together and I can rest if I have to rather than being on the road. I will definitely use this service in the future and tell all my friends.

  • Amazing Customer Support

    by Bossy kiwi

    Downloaded Hopper by a friends request and have used it a few times to get good prices on flights. Last used it to book a flight in Miami, but due to checkpoint closures at SEATAC I ended up missing my flight, Hopper’s customer support was super helpful and contacted me right away when I reached out to them, and even gone ahead looked for other flights for me. The airline ended up being understanding and booking me on the next flight, but I was still blown away by how helpful and caring the support staff was. Thank you so much Hopper :)

  • App is great!!

    by Teen75

    What is with the negative reviews people?? Airlines can have plans and decide to change them the LAST MINUTE!! How is this app supposed to know? It does what it says, I’m always getting notifications!! However, the minus 1 Star is because of some personal preference with airlines. Here’s a suggestion: When I click filter out of don’t show Basic Economy fares , please filter out Spirit and Frontier along with any other budget airlines because Economy on a budget airline is the equivalent of Basic Economy on a legacy airline! If I don’t want to fly a legacy airline in Basic, I absolutely will not want to fly a Budget airline in Economy AT ALL!!

  • Very helpful app.

    by Loulom

    This is a very helpful app that helps you find a good price for your airfare. They may suggest alternate cheaper dates, so it’s your responsibility to look carefully at what you’re agreeing to buy before you buy it. Hopper lets you know if you should buy now or wait because the price may drop. It’s very helpful. As with anything you buy, check what you are buying. Try not to make a mistake then expect others to save you. They try hard, but sometimes it’s the airlines that are quite rigid and hard to change.

  • Very accurate rate info

    by Socalgal428

    I don’t book through Hopper because I used Airline credit cards and want to be sure I get my points, but I use Hopper to follow the rates and they are very accurate and so useful! I love that I can put in the dates and get a notification telling me when the best time to buy is. Be aware that by the time the fare is lowest there may also be limited seating, and that depending upon what time of day you want to leave and return, the rate may go up from the “lowest” price you see - but it’s still the best time to buy.

  • Great App with 1 missing feature

    by ajswitz

    I’m really excited about saving money with this app. It’s great that you can save flights that you’re watching and it’ll tell you what the price is and when to book! However, on the main “Watch” tab where you can see the flights you saved, you can’t see the current best price unless you click into it. There’s already some open space to the right, and it would be a great way to get a quick glimpse whether the price has changed without me having to go into every trip I save. Other than that, it’s an amazing app.

  • Really Good!

    by Kris Luna

    I tend to use other travel sites like google flights for lower prices, your typical travel sites, and even student ones for discounts. Hopper has been my favorite since it tracks flight prices days to come until your departures that these sites don’t do. My flight back home from university ranges from $200-$400 for one ways but i just bought a one way for $175 which is a first! Google Flights and other sites were listing flights for the same destination for $400!!! Hopper is definitely a MUST for travelers!

  • Almost perfect

    by errantmisfit

    This has been my go to app for finding flights for a few years now. I’ve tried all the competitors: Hipmumk, Travelocity, Orbitz, et al. and Hopper keeps me coming back. Finding and tracking flights is dead simple and the UI isn’t over designed. It’s a must download. My one criticism is the post flight booked experience. It’s difficult to easily and elegantly transfer your new tickets to the app or site from Hopper. I would have liked to see some options for the scheduled trip (the ability to copy the record number [that used to be a feature but doesn’t seem to work anymore], a button to share the trip to other apps like TripIt or the airline apps themselves) but sadly those are missing. There’s a share button for the trip, but the output isn’t something I would really want to send to my friends and family. With those sharing options, this would be a five star app. Definitely worth the download though!

  • A little frustrating but will try to use it again in the future.

    by sweettsunami

    App is simple to use and gives you updates everyday which is useful. However every time I would try to purchase a flight it would say that there was not enough seats available when I was just buying one ticket. I eventually had to choose a different flight. Why does it show “what’s available” when it kicks you back continuously telling you it’s not available. And every time I would go back to choose another flight the flight that I wanted was still showing as available... so is it available or not???

  • Saved us $600 on flights

    by Kludgymom

    We just saved $600 on our family of 4’s trip from Europe. We tracked several desired travel dates and started to freak out as prices soared but trusted in Hopper’s predictions. Sure enough this week we got a notice we should buy now as fares had dropped and voila- we were good to go. We didn’t purchase through the Hopper app so can’t speak to some of the reviews about fares changing during buying process, but for tracking fares and dates and when to buy, this app is worth its weight in gold!

  • Impressed from the very first Experience and purchase

    by A VERY satisfisfied user

    This app is amazing! I like to travel but I’m new to this book in advance and get the best possible rate. Airline prices range WIDELY throughout the months. Hopper helped me pick a flight that was almost HALF the cost of what I was originally going to pick. Most of the hassle with trying to shop for flights at the right price is that you have the burden of checking all the time. This takes the burden out and you still get the best price! Get this freaking app right now!

  • Hopper helps you be creative about destinations

    by SparkDSmile

    I’ve been watching a trip to Greece for a while, knowing prices were around $1,300 no matter when I’d book (July trip). I decided to get creative about my path to my final destination- by watching Houston to Paris (a place close and desirable enough for me to spend a day in on my way to Greece) I was able to get alerted by Hopper about an INCREDIBLE DEAL! This morning I booked Houston to Paris for only $583 RT!!!! I can get to Greece from there for only an additional about $250, still nearly a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR savings! Thank you Hopper!

  • Awesome app!

    by ilgeah70

    I’m reading a lot of reviews saying they cost me money blah blah blah as a consumer it’s your job to watch prices on your own along with using this app as a tool to help buy at the right time. I decided to not buy way ahead of time and give this app a shot and it saved me about 90$ per person on tickets flying to Florida from California I watched as prices rose and rose over the past few months but just as the app predicted they dropped this last week and saved me money. All in all a good tool to help the flying process

  • This App is Baller

    by gippit

    I fly a lot because I'm a travelling college student, and I'm always trying to be frugal because again, college. This app is awesome, and my parents hate it because they're so proactive. They'll assume I'm just not coming home because I'm using this app to watch flights, and then I get to gloat when the wait pays off and hopper says "book now." In your face dad, I saved 67 dollars doin it my way. Young man comin home. Just booked my vacation too, saved 30 bucks more than my sister. Everyone say "Thank you hopper!"

  • Great detail and analysed to user needs

    by Karannsss

    I suffer from selecting the best flights always. I really like how Hopper shows each and every detail that a traveller must need while booking their flights. From the price, to the layover time and approximate predictions of the prices in the next few days. It also shows if you can spare a few bucks, you might save some time on your travel flight, which is amazing and I’d love to know how they do that since I come from a Data Science background too. Awesome stuff guys!

  • Frequent flyer

    by KipFisher

    Recently I scheduled multiple flights through Hopper for a tour of Scandinavia. We haven’t left for the tour yet but we had purchased several non-refundable, uninsured tickets with WOW Airline. WOW permanently shut down yesterday and many unfortunate travelers were stranded. I assumed that we’d just lost the money we’d spent. Hopper notified us yesterday that the airline had folded. Today they refunded the full amount of the tickets and the funds are already in our bank account. Absolutely amazing service! We are truly impressed!

  • Best Way to Book a Flight

    by TexBecks

    I’m a frequent international traveler and using this app has been the most stress free flight finding experience I’ve had! Everything is laid out clearly and your options are all there for easy comparisons. I’m a college student who ended up in a long distance relationship that I don’t really have the money for, and this app just helped me find the one flight that I could actually afford to see my husband in a couple of months! I give it three thumbs up. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Saved tons on recommending different airport

    by Capt.Cool.718.

    I had to fly from Boston to Miami so had been watching flights on Hopper for 6 weeks and it just kept telling me to wait for a better price. The flight was already so expensive though since I was flying at a peak time and I was getting nervous. Then, Hopper sent me a notification letting me know I could save over $300+ by flying into Ft. Lauderdale which was only 30minutes away from Miami. I quickly booked this flight and was on my way. Thanks Hopper!

  • Use for Price/Date Info but DON’T BOOK WITH THEM

    by Sarobo

    This app has been really useful when I needed to figure out how the best time to buy but this time we decided to book our flights through hopper and it turned out horribly. We are unable to choose our seats ahead of time and in fact have been given the worst seats possible WITHOUT even being seated together. You get the dregs. We are boarding with the last group and therefore ended up spending 50 extra bucks to check our relatively small carryons. VERY disappointed and not looking forward to my 3-hour flight in a middle seat.

  • Best Flight App around, drop the hotels

    by Klementine26

    This app has come in handy for emergency flight bookings and planning potential trips. While I will continue to use this app, BRING BACK THE “FLEXIBLE” search option!!!! This was such a cool and unique feature to have and made it possible to choose a destination based on price and duration rather than searching each individual location. The flexible flight search was a much more useful tool than adding hotels to the app. Stay unique! We budget travelers like to see all of our options in front of us at one time!

  • Good before, recently unreliable

    by Kitchensink4245

    I’ve used hopper many times over the past few years with very good results. But lately the predictions have been completely unreliable. I’ve held out based on these predictions only to watch fares steadily rise. Obviously there is no guarantee for the predicted fare but these fares have not even decreased let alone even coming close to what’s being predicted here. As such it renders the app useless. I haven’t give up though. I’ve had enough success that I am hoping there is a reworking in the process coming soon. I swore by it until mid 2018. Whatever changed ain’t working.

  • Awesome concept; but beware of baggage and hidden fees!

    by kir d

    I was about to book a flight from Tampa to Kiev for an awesome price through hopper. I was somewhat weary, so I decided to book directly through the airlines using hoppers result. Lo and behold, my connecting flight to JFK, if purchased through hopper, actually wouldn't include any checked baggage. Therefore, is need to pay extra for a checked bag unexpectedly. Hopper, who flies across the globe with no checked bag? Overall the concept of hopper is great and I'll continue to use it for a 'guide' when choosing flights, but for now, feeling extremely grateful that I booked through the actual airlines.

  • Sort by upgrade

    by Emmy.10

    Overall great app! I travel often and track a lot of flights. It would be nice if the ‘Sort by’ allowed users the option to choose their own default selection instead of defaulting to “Recommended” each time users viewed flights. Also, would be nice if users had the option to track flights with airlines of their choice and therefore receive notification for those specific airlines instead of just the cheapest flight price with possibly non-popular airlines.

  • It’s ok, but take it with a grain of salt when it says to “snag this deal now!!”

    by Llooggaa

    I’ve been waiting on booking a domestic trip in a few months and checking Hopper’s notifications for the trip the whole way. It has suggested that I buy the tickets about every week for the last month and a half, and today they’re their cheapest. If I had done it a month ago, it would’ve cost $80 more. So pretty good, I like the UI and it functions well, but keep in mind that if you’re many months out from a domestic flight, it might be wise to play the waiting game more than the app advises.

  • Horrible Anything Else

    by The1gunn

    I’ve gown up with modern technology (cellphones/computers) I’m 30 and am a photographer so I’m good at using apps... this one is horrible Where has the book flight option gone. Why can I only book hotels ? Why do I have to sign up again and you already have my preference and last trips saved ? You text me already so why do you need my phone. Number.. They seem to be collecting data and selling it bc this app can’t make much money

  • Pretty good (mostly)

    by LemmonHerk

    I've had pretty good luck with Hopper. My only complaint is that sometimes (like today), it's hard to find out EXACTLY what you'll pay for baggage. They may provide a link to the airline's policy, but the info isn't always clear. Also, like today, it can be IMPOSSIBLE at times to find out how to pay for baggage at the time of booking! 😤 My friends and I all want to check a bag, but I couldn't find out how to pay for it during the booking process. I'm be so angry if I have to pay a huge fee at check-in!! 😡

  • Simply the Best!

    by Miguel Baez

    Hopper app is more simple to use and book than any other app. Even when using multiple airlines which require you to book on multiple sites. That defeats the purpose of the app. That is why I highly recommend using this app. Regardless how many airlines you use you just end up having to plug in the info once on the app. Therefore the most effective and easier of all. Oh and you can save the travelers info for future purchases.

  • Best flight deals ever!

    by Harm0ny89

    Hopper watches the costs of flights for your trip. It found me a flight for $100 less than what I would usually pay and I didn't have to lift a finger. All you do is select the destination, then the dates, and hopper will push a notification to your device when it finds a cheap flight! Update: lost 2 stars for two reasons. First reason is that I'm probably going to end up paying more because I refuse to fly spirit and that's what hopper is basing the fare off of. Second lost star is because there is no way to exclude certain airlines from the watch list.

  • Excellent App for travel writer couple

    by Michelleyann

    My husband and I travel a lot because we are travel writers. We have found that Hopper is a very easy way to search for the lowest cost, non-stop flights from the East Coast airports near us. Since we have the option to drive to Washington DC, Philly and New York airports, we have been able to find the best deals! You have the option of booking through Hopper for a small fee or booking the tickets directly from the airline website.

  • Super helpful

    by LionessBeth

    I’ve booked several trips on here and I’ve gotten the best rates and have not had an issue. I love the accessibility and convenience of booking a flight through this app. When I had my flight cancelled due to weather, I was able to still deal with the airline I was going to be flying with, and treated as though I purchased my flight through the airline. I recommend this app to all my friends who are trying to book a flight.

  • Works 24/7 while you live your life

    by TioKiko

    After selecting departure and arrival airports and dates, Hopper worked to find the best rate. I was able to alter the dates to extend the duration even after notification of a good rate. I waited another 48 hours and Hopper found even better rates. I went from two weeks and a carry on only to six weeks with a carry on and two checked bags - all for nearly $300 less than the original price that was already great.

  • Money Saver

    by Yess-I-can

    I’ve booked multiple flights with this app! Love that the price doesn’t change once you go pay, unlike some other apps that don’t add taxes and all those other charges. You get an email confirmation ASAP! Easy to add additional passengers. Love the fact that it lets you know what could happen for the prices in the future. Also, love the notification option for flights your watching! I’ve saved some serious $.

  • Most trusted app

    by SoulFlighr

    Hopper is the first thing I check before I even think about purchasing a flight. I’m also finding that Hopper lists cheaper flights than what’s listed on every other site. In the past I’ve only used it to set alerts for flights and decide when would be the best time to purchase AND travel. This was my first time booking through the app and it was such a smooth process. Great user experience/design overall.

  • Superb App!

    by CandyGrrl24

    I downloaded Hopper a few weeks ago and put in my trip details for it to track flight prices. It told me to wait, as the flight price would be likely to drop in the future. After three weeks, I opened the app today to see it prompting me to BUY NOW as the flight I wanted had dropped $100 bucks in price. I even checked online and Hopper had the best price anywhere. I’m so happy I’m finally booked for my trip and at the lowest rate possible! #win

  • Best flight pricing app

    by tbdewitt

    I love Hopper! I booked a flight to NYC from Vegas ON UNITED for $300 round trip!! And a round trip flight LAS to North Carolina for $200 via Frontier! I never find deals like this on Kayak unless they’re for Spirit, which let’s be honest no one wants to fly on spirit airlines. The “watch” feature is my favorite because I can start to plan trips months in advance and get notified when prices are great, the predictions are so helpful as well. Thanks to Hopper I can visit more of my friends and save $$ !!

  • Quick and helpful

    by Catbeezy

    I would give them 6 stars if it was possible. I made a mistake in my booking last week for a friends wedding and emailed Hopper a couple days later to see if they could help. Alli responded to me by the next morning and gave me options to change my flight (with the fee of course) I called to confirm it later in the afternoon and Sonya helped me out with the rest. I’m very grateful for their help and the efficiency of the process! Thank you!

  • A helpful tool! 👌🏼

    by cWill5184

    I’m going to be honest, I’ve had this app for over 2 years & I’ve never booked a flight with them. HOWEVER... I DO use them to monitor flight costs & dates though because I fly both American Airlines & Hawaiian, depending on the rates & where Im going. They seem to be very on top of everything & you can even customize your travel schedule to save/monitor flight pricing! I also recommend turning your notifications ON for this app because they notify you when prices are rising, about to rise or going to lower after specific dates. 👉🏼 That’s the trick to getting the best pricing on a ticket, is knowing WHEN to book. *NOTE: American Airlines lets you hold a seat/booking for FREE for about a week or so through the AA app if you want to wait or think about it, Hawaiian charges a small fee.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Caroline Richardson

    Better fares than anything else online!

  • 5+ stars

    by NarNarPlays

    Amazing app ! Could never plan a trip without it.

  • by Dee Levine

    Great app...does a nice job

  • by Matt Ondrejech

    Great app!

  • by Kim Mills

    Easy to use. Wish I could input # of travelers prior to my search. It is disappointing to find a great price but then only one seat is available.

  • Enjoy

    by mari0493

    I definitely enjoy this app with the price predictions and convenience of booking flights. I’ve booked a few flights with this app and it’s so easy for me!

  • Excellent first time using it

    by Moore mommu


  • Hopper For the Win!!

    by MplsNorthStar

    Round trip flights from Mpls to Barcelona for the wife & I under $700?! Yes please.

  • Great deals

    by Riss loves traveling

    I always book my flights with the Hopper App. The time searching online on my own is a lot longer then me clicking on my hopper app. Thank you Hopper for making my search for flights less tedious.

  • Easy to use

    by Blizzyblazerade

    Simple sign up and edits. Great prices!

  • Fantastic app

    by kjledoux

    This was so easy to use over many of the other travel apps I have used in the past. Hopper found great rates for me and helped me process my travel plans very quickly. When will you be adding rental cars?

  • Best flight pricing app

    by tbdewitt

    I love Hopper! I booked a flight to NYC from Vegas ON UNITED for $300 round trip!! And a round trip flight LAS to North Carolina for $200 via Frontier! I never find deals like this on Kayak unless they’re for Spirit, which let’s be honest no one wants to fly on spirit airlines. The “watch” feature is my favorite because I can start to plan trips months in advance and get notified when prices are great, the predictions are so helpful as well. Thanks to Hopper I can visit more of my friends and save $$ !!

  • Quick Click

    by iPhone techie

    User friendly with good flights price

  • Best

    by dey_dreamer

    The best app

  • So easy, so fast

    by Tony de Tower

    Couldn’t be any better

  • Amazing app

    by Pgieselman

    Forget expedia, travelocity , etc. This is the third time I am using this app. Better prices than competitors and user friendly. You wont regret it

  • Best deals ever with no hidden punches !!

    by Fibless

    The best !! Easy and efficient !!

  • Customer Service

    by normalguy4

    I have been using hopper for about two years now. I have had no problems and have been pleased with the app. I have never had to change or have had a problem with a booking until now. I had to cancel my trip last moment due to a family emergency, and I reached out to hopper to see if there was anything I can do even though the hotel reservation was “non-refundable”. I didn’t have any expectations, I just thought I might as well try. It took some time due to hopper not having a phone number, but eventually, “Juan” got back with me and was able to get all the unused nights refunded. I will continue to use hopper for all my flights and hotel reservations and will recommend hopper to anyone who is traveling.

  • Hopper Saved me Hundreds!

    by HopHeavy

    Love the alerts. I got a flight into teeny little Duluth for the same price as Minneapolis. Thanks Hopper

  • Fantastic App!

    by AAH51

    Great app! I would recommend it to others.

  • Love the ease of using the hopper app

    by aturnerNP

    My coworker recommended the hopper app and I’m happy she did. So easy to use and great deal for our tickets to Ireland.

  • Hopper

    by kimacct

    This app is wonderful and I’ve saved money purchasing airline tickets!

  • Unexpected charges

    by black canary1

    Unexpected charges

  • Such a cool app!

    by Michael got hoes

    What a lovely app. Got my flight to NY for sooo cheap, and I can’t find deals like this anywhere else or through google

  • Best app!

    by Teecee424

    You guys are awesome!!! You always keep me up to date on fab prices! 😊❤️

  • Awesome App!

    by MyEyebrowGirl

    More flight options and a few bucks cheaper! App is also very easy to use :)

  • Amazing app

    by Loveofmusiic

    I love the app great with last minute tickets find the best deals with all the airlines you can watch tickets so I enjoy that feature I feel like it a much have easy to book

  • Love it

    by Florida. Lp

    So easy to research and get the best deals

  • Need help

    by Funsunrum1

    We both need wheelchairs Are we able to have assistance boarding and off? Is there insurance available? Thanks for helping

  • Very helpful

    by Vindra Deonarine

    Hopper helps to quickly find affordable flights to any destination worldwide, I think it’s amazing

  • Wish it supported Apple Pay

    by Mike3292

    You have to give them your credit card, which I don’t like.

  • Have found great deals!

    by Jmystery

    I’ve found great deals with Hopper and have traveled to Canada, Sweden and next up Iceland! Thanks Hopper ❤️

  • Sort by upgrade

    by Emmy.10

    Overall great app! I travel often and track a lot of flights. It would be nice if the ‘Sort by’ allowed users the option to choose their own default selection instead of defaulting to “Recommended” each time users viewed flights. Also, would be nice if users had the option to track flights with airlines of their choice and therefore receive notification for those specific airlines instead of just the cheapest flight price with possibly non-popular airlines.

  • Shady

    by G33sG33415

    Usually never have problems with hopper but when I tried to book a flight it took forever to sign in then when I was in, the fare changed then it said there weren’t enough seats only to see that the fare went up twice! THEN all of a sudden there were enough seats. I feel like this happened just so they could get the most money. VERY DISAPPOINTED & didn’t end up booking anything. FAULTY

  • Chela

    by Chelag2018

    Love the deals they find us!

  • Bonbon

    by Bonjeanz

    So far just booked flights for 45th wedding anniversary!! It’s been a easy app to book flights. Very reasonable fares!!!

  • Excellence

    by Movie obsession

    Hopper is excellent at finding the right options for lowest airfare.

  • Booking

    by oddyet


  • Dope app

    by Nunie7

    Works great save money.

  • Price Prediction is on point!

    by shaketheskies

    The only app I use for flight following! I’m able to save which trips I’d like to watch the prices in, I’m given updates regarding the pricing, and even on when I should purchase the ticket. I don’t fly a lot, but this app never leaves my phone!

  • BOS—> ORD

    by Gbrisso

    Everything was super fast! One wink and it was done. It’s like they’re doing it all in one go

  • Like it

    by Itsadoc

    It’s great

  • Great deals

    by meekmeeks_

    This app is amazing. I’m a big procrastinator so this app is exactly what I need to still get a great deal on flights last minute.

  • Thank you Hopper!

    by Ashtymm

    What an awesome app! Helped me find a reasonable flight from Boise to Seattle without breaking my bank 👊🏻

  • Great job easy to maneuver.

    by billiejo welli ski

    Super easy and good savings! Thank you!!

  • Awesome

    by Monsta Squadda

    Love it

  • Excelente aplicación

    by luisselum

    Súper fácil de usar

  • Low fee

    by Jonny say

    It took few times to book was error many times before went through

  • Best rates for last minute booking

    by Nurse-maxx

    I am a healthcare professional who works at night and often don’t get the time to make long-term decisions because I’m on call often. Often when I go to see my family in Toronto I have to drive and the eight hours to Canada can be very taxing, this was a very pleasant surprise to be able to book a ticket that allows my daughter and I to enjoy my time together and I can rest if I have to rather than being on the road. I will definitely use this service in the future and tell all my friends.

  • Hoppin Good!

    by ks2#3

    This is by far the most fun and user- friendly app by far. Really enjoy it!

  • Love this app!

    by Yas803

    I’ve used this so for my last few flights and it never disappoints. Thank you!

  • Cheaper than AA website

    by Gma betsy

    I always travel American and was certain their site would have the cheapest flight but found not only was hopper less expensive but they had a non stop and more convenient times for American Airline flights. Way to go Hopper!!!

  • disappointed no more

    by Tainasss

    I’m updating my review because the problem was resolved. I don’t know how or what the Hopper team did but the App is working again!! Thanks! I don’t fly very often but I use hopper when I do and it hasn’t been working for over a week now. I contacted hopper vis messenger and they said they’re working on it. I will have to go somewhere else to arrange my trip 😓😓😓

  • The only way to buy airline tickets

    by puchuchita

    I don’t like to download very many apps, but this is one I keep going back to. I fly a lot for college, and Hopper has saved me so many times! Their predictions are a godsend and have saved me a lot of money, even in surprisingly tight timeframes. I’m so grateful.

  • Never been easier to find a cheap flight

    by Savagekoala

    I’ve been flying consistently for a very long time, it’s quite honestly the easiest way to watch and book a cheap flight. I’ve never tried the hotel booking, but I’m sure it’s just as great!

  • Affordable airfare

    by cindersew

    Very helpful in affordable bookings

  • Thank You

    by Whymustihave a nickname

    So easy So happy


    by Qszxawefcvdr

    Very simple and concise !

  • Seriously.

    by Taylor The Incredible Holt

    So good.

  • I love this app!

    by Leesy Mo

    This app has saved me hundreds of dollars on several occasions! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to fly. I only wish they had a phone number I could call before booking, or a customer service chat option before booking.

  • Decent Savings

    by Juliana Pcola

    I’ve bought 5 round trip tickets in 1 year on hopper. About 3 of them had a 10-20% difference from other sites. I saved over $300 on an international flight, comparing to my other options. Just make sure it is EXACTLY what you need because changes can be very hard to make.

  • Love this app

    by omg cantfind a name

    I always get the best deals on here. I don’t know why people shop anywhere else

  • Trip to Lugano

    by renato1965

    What a great savings!!!!

  • Great customer service via chat with Anna.

    by Soule'09

    .Anna was very prompt and professional customer took care of my problem. Which was an error on my behalf . . . .

  • Meh

    by silvey5

    I like the flight notifications but when I tried to book my flights it sent me an error notification. When I went in to book them again, the price went up $15 per person.

  • Easy, Accurate, and fun!

    by Lindalla

    I can’t say enough good things about Hopper! This is the second time I’ve booked a trip using the app and it’s absolutely flawless! Options are clear, advice is sound, and it’s easy because all of my info was right there. Use this app, and don’t forget to add a tip!!

  • Great Service. Even greater App.

    by markoxier

    Not only does Hopper offer a great service, but the UX and the design of the app every step of the way is just intuitive, easy and enjoyable to use.

  • Start hopping folks!

    by hop baby hop

    Oh my gosh this process was so easy and so affordable I can hardly stand for it so I’ll just hop for it.

  • I like it

    by Jvpf09

    Booked 3 flights with ease. Hope all goes well en route ✈️

  • So glad I someone showed me this app

    by Eagle's Son

    A friend told me about this app. We needed to book a flight in the near future. This was the simplest and fasted flight booking. I had checked other booking sites but Hopper had the best fares. Will be using this app for all my air travel.

  • Happy with Hopper

    by Jersey170

    Very quick and easy to use. This app makes planning a trip a breeze.

  • Easy to use

    by MeMe3650

    1st time using, awesome

  • Saving so much money!

    by KTB777777

    Love the alerts. Good format with the calendars. Checks multiple airports in a given area too

  • Top notch

    by ronnie_rock

    Easy and convenient

  • Great Deals

    by cynthiacam

    I always find great deals if i book a month ahead

  • Severely disappointed

    by MattButlerUSA

    Hopper was my”go to.” Saved literally hundreds of dollars not booking on their recommendation for RSW-OMA RT for 8/3/19 by going to WN’s website. Ridiculous. WN can be expensive but Hopper’s “watched” prices weren’t even in the ballpark.

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Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

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