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Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

Hopper Inc.

Save up to 40% on your next flight! Hopper predicts the future cheapest prices.

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67.5% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by A Google user

    This app is fantastic. It not only gives you a calendar overview of varying prices for flights but also gives estimates of when prices will rise or fall. I look for flights on a regular basis throughout the year and it just cut my research time by 95%. Instead of going to each airline's site for the best deals, it can be found right in this app, complete with an easy-to-use format and flight price predictor.

  • by Raven Gillett

    So far so good. Were watching two flights for the ending of the year for a wedding and a small vacation. I couldnt be happier with this app! Hopefully it will help us save as much money as we can for both trips!]

  • Love this app, it’s been a lifesaver

    by Aloving

    I have been traveling all over Asia and this app has saved me so much money. It puts all my flights and potential flights and dates and potential dates in one place and tells me when to book, when to wait and all the prices laid out together so flying and booking feels so easy, and can be done at the lowest price possible. I love that I don’t feel like I have to freak out about when I’m going to buy my flights and whether or not I’m getting the best deal because this app makes it clear for me. I also love how quick and easy it is to book a flight when your information is saved in the app. It has made my Asia trip so much smoother and more enjoyable, and made me be able to change my schedule and book when I want to, and not have to have everything planned up front, which I like. I like being able to change my dates and have a flexible schedule when I travel. The app is simple and easy to use, and so far I haven’t seen any glitches and I don’t have any complaints. Would totally recommend it for any travelers.

  • by Ken Nwokolo

    awesome app and definitely a money saver. one thing I would love to see which I use a lot is multi city flights. most people don't just do a return flight so a multi city option would be great. Thanks for the great work though.

  • Prices not updated

    by CSCP1972

    I downloaded this app to save money on a family trip to the Caribbean. I gave it 3 stars for the many tips given for cheapest flights. I found tickets for $461 and was ready to purchase since it stated that this was the lowest price available. When searching other sites and apps, Hopper had the cheapest price. So after filling out passenger information and going to the purchase page, a window pops up stating that prices went up $77 dollars. It then says choose different flights or continue purchase. I went back to change flights and the flights I had previously chosen were still at the $461 price! I then picked the next cheapest flight. Then it states prices went up over $100! I even restarted the app to see if prices got updated. Nope. It even has a little bunny hopping and checking for latest prices! No such luck there either. Update: The price didn’t go up if I tried purchasing one adult ticket. However, when I added other travelers including my kids, the prices goes up. Maybe it’s because of how many seats are available next to each other? It would be great if the app could let you know how many seats are left for each flight!

  • Can’t imagine flying without hoppin

    by Big Nimz

    I have been using Hopper for more than a year now and I can’t imagine booking airfare without using it as a prediction tool. Hopper has saved us hundreds already by giving me push notifications when the lowest price is available. And so far it’s been 99% accurate for the flights we have booked. One time we flew to Mexico. I booked the flights. Then the next day I got a notification from Hopper that the prices dropped significantly so I was able to cancel and rebook for the savings. Also helped book flights to Aruba, Canada, Turks & Caicos and Iceland so far. Just a note here. Remember that not ALL airline information is listed in search engines like this and Kayak, especially when booking international flights. Domestic airlines such as Southwest and Delta also don’t appear so remember to do research and go directly to those airline websites. For example, for a recent trip Hopper showed cheapest was $250. But we booked for $200 on an airline that doesn’t list in Hopper or any other search engine like Kayak either. ALSO. I would recommend ALWAYS booking your flights DIRECTLY with the airline for many reasons. I don’t recommend booking via Hopper, Expedia, or any third party for many reasons. Main reason is that when you book directly you can handle things directly with the airline if you have any issues. Also. Sometimes the prices are even cheaper on the airlines website. Just do your research.

  • No multi city/selective airlines shown

    by Noggin9788663242170006

    Great concept but 2 major flaws with flights; 1. My main beef and why it’s 3/5, no multi-city option! This is a huge let down as multiple times I’ve needed to do multiple stops but it makes you do them one at a time which drastically raises the rate or you do multiple round trips and hope the times line up. Even on the support it recognizes that this isn’t available but suggests booking multiple one ways, for example a multi city between US-Japan-Vietnam-US is approx 1,300 on google multi city search where as for follow the hopper support directions the same flight pattern is 2,100. If the multi city is added I can definitely justify 5 stars but without it it just doesn’t match old fashion google (which also has price tracking) 2.Another lesser but still decent issue. Hopper excludes certain airlines that would have cheaper rates (spirit/frontier/ect.) many times I’ve gotten updates on flights only to find a cheaper flight offered by airlines not offered on here sometimes significantly cheaper.

  • by Carlos Fraticelli

    A superb price watching/prediction function makes this a go-to app for those looking for price efficient flights.

  • Great customer service!

    by Ashleyy134

    Seriously, this app / its employees are fantastic, some of the best customer service I’ve had. Recently I had to cancel a flight but was able to use most of the money from the canceled flight to a new flight. I thought I had to go through the airline to rebook my flight and it was going to cost $250-$300 extra, so I called hopper really late with a quick question there was no answer but I had the opportunity to leave a voicemail so I did. This morning when I woke up, I had an email with the answers I previously asked for in my voicemail along with the option to re-book with them, 3 emails later ( super easy and fast) my flight was rebooked and it only cost an extra $87. They handled everything for me and really took the anxiety out of the whole situation. Super grateful and will definitely be recommending this app to friends, family and even strangers!

  • by A Google user

    This the best best Flight search app and the watch this trip option is very useful. Hoping more useful features

  • Practical. Creative Interface. Try it!

    by paul4791

    I've enjoyed organizing travel since 1985. I'm old enough to remember the printed Thomas Cook European train timetable, and the OAG handbook for US flights. Today, my favorite airfare search tool is the Matrix Web interface by ITA Software. There are, of course umpteen iOS apps for finding fares. Hopper is the only innovator I've seen lately. In particular, the calendar interface, with its intuitive traffic light color scheme (green = cheap, orange = more expensive, red = expensive), is the best I've seen. It reminds me of the traveler's calendar ("calendrier des voyageurs") from SNCF (French National Railways) and Air Inter/Air France. In those days, you tried to travel during the "période bleue" (blue period) in the little calendar leaflet that was published every quarter. Today, Hopper generates such a calendar dynamically, based on current fare data. Try it! The people who created it clearly know something about travel.

  • by Lauren Chiaradio

    Thanks to this app, I got a flight that usually costs $120 for only $61! I use it to find and book all my flights

  • Not really worth it

    by kirjava87

    I have heard a lot of people rave about Hopper and helpful it is. Honestly, except to watch how prices fluctuate it isn’t that helpful. The prices on the app are incorrect than what the airlines are showing. It doesn’t specify between classes. For example flying WoW to Iceland and Ireland, Wow offers your basic fare, one that includes a checked bag and a Comfy fare. You can’t tell the difference on Hopper, plus I found fares were actually cheaper on Wow than on Hopper. Google tracked flights has been much more reliable. Hopper said BOOK ASAP so I booked... prices went down $30 the next day. I’ve noticed it also doesn’t show all available flights and it doesn’t accurately reflect seats. It kept telling me only one seat was available go to the Airlines website the whole plane was still basically available. I would only use this as one of many tools when searching for cheap fares, but I certainly wont book through Hopper or rely on just it.

  • App well done

    by GamerEdie

    Hopper is great. I like to scour for deals. I don't care where I fly or when, but there are a few trips I want to take I'd the price is right. Hopper has a feature that allows for notifications without entering a date AND without entering a specific city (just a region, like "Malaysia"). What a thoughtful design!! The only feature I wish it had was a filter to exclude certain airlines. For example, I won't fly a particular airline to Bali, no matter the cost, because it's well known for damaged aircraft, capricious departure times, and stranding passengers in dangerous places without help. Just WAY too dangerous for a single woman to travel on. Of course, this airline has GREAT prices. I wish I could remove them from my search so they wouldn't trigger a great-price alert. I'm sure I'm not alone that there are airlines some won't take, or airlines some will only take.

  • by Louis Vigneron

    Unique app to get the cheapest rate on your flights. + a bunny gives you the best time to book, what else do we need in life?

  • Best!

    by accentaa

    Best time saver for the best deals. No confusion about third party involvement, you get an airline confirmation # immediately, and hopper charges about $5 (I think) for their service. All costs are easy to identify - no surprises. Plus, I beat my frequent flyer hubby, with his Delta connections, out on price every time. I never go through the deep search for the best pricing anymore. It’s all right there; pick your price, dates, airline, and all the variables right there on the Hopper app. Plus you can even buy the extras at the same time (baggage, upgrades, etc.) Any limitations are explained fully as well - no surprises. They even have a spot on prediction process that suggests waiting for a better price or better buy now. As long as Hopper stays this thorough and convenient I’m staying a one-stop shopper with Hopper!

  • by A Google user

    love tnis app, notifies me on flight when they go down or up.

  • Better, still unaddressed shortcomings

    by Asan110

    Have booked many flights through the app; the actual booking process is a dream compared to direct through the airlines. But searching leaves much to be desired and still doesn’t give nearly enough control over dates — in particular, I may be interested *only* in evening or morning flights in the end date of my trip, if I’m trying to avoid taking time off work. The shortest option in the ‘flexible’ section you can choose is “weekends”, but this gives me results for 4-day trips like Tues-Sat. Do you understand what a WEEKEND is, Hopper? And let me blacklist specific airlines I don’t want to fly with, not just discount airlines! Lastly, PLEASE respect my locale settings—it’s very confusing trying to book travel when my iOS calendar starts on Monday but yours always starts in Sunday.

  • by Laura McNamara

    Great app, perfect for keeping on top of flight costs and fluctuations.

  • by Mary Jacques

    love this app! get emails periodically as prices change with recommendations to buy or wait for lower price

  • by Adam Burt

    Great for a free app!

  • by A Google user

    Very helpful and easy to use

  • by Goose

    use this app to plan your trip and then book on Expedia, they are always a little cheaper

  • One tweak for five stars!

    by punifloyd

    I really like this app! I just downloaded it because I’m going to spend a semester abroad in Belgium this fall, and I want to use the opportunity to travel cheaply around Europe. Right now, I’ve set up the watch function so that I can get keep track of the best deals leaving Brussels, BUT there’s one problem... the minimum number of days I can set for a trip is 4, which I get by selecting weekend. Last I checked, the weekend is 2 days, not 4! I’ll be a full time student when I’m abroad, but cheap flights to nearby countries will make it easy to see Europe on the weekends... if I can find flights that are actually for just a weekend. I don’t want to miss too much class! Please update the app so that I can watch for 2 or 3 day trips, or tell me how to apply that setting if I’m just missing something!!

  • by lim stephen

    great daily update. unfortunately it doesn't include Eva air. I got my ticket from their site which is cheaper.

  • Long Distance Relationship

    by NattheSquash

    I am in my 20s and in a long distance relationship, i waitress but while having to pay for school and other necessities, it is not easy to travel especially cheaply but thanks to the HOPPER app, there is minimal stress. You don’t have to worry about having your boarding pass, tickets etc because it is all right in your phone. They pick the best flights and cheapest, give you so many suggestions about how to find cheaper flights and explain why throughout your search. Thank You Hopper App! This is an app I don’t think I will ever delete no matter how full my storage gets 😉😅

  • Great prices when notified

    by frustrateduser_CFA

    I have had great success in purchasing plane tickets when I pay attention to the notification and try to select the best times that match my itinerary. A couple of downsides is that I tried to register my device for this app and it keeps telling me that an account already exists. Therefore I don’t purchase tickets through this app and I have to go to the front page of the major airline to book. Overall great app that saves money especially when I am waiting for that trip. And if I don’t get to go because I missed it, it’s okay! I’ll have saved money and will wait for another opportunity with Hopper.

  • Inaccurate prices

    by Rhee Lotter

    I like that this tracks how the trends of the flight are. What I don’t like is the inaccurate pricing of this. I don’t know if they overlook budget airlines, but even if they don’t, I’ve entered flights and found flight prices on Google flights before and the lowest listing flight prices (direct, non-budget, round trip , perfectly normal flights) and the flight prices that hopper shows will sometimes be way off from the lowest listed cheapest flights. For example, a flight I had on google was listed at $380 and Hopper had it listed for over $500. Now I’m looking at a round trip flight to London for about $540 on united airlines and Hopper is showing the lowest round trip fares for the exact same date to $753.

  • Where's the Customer Support?

    by Suzanne T.

    Got good prices on flights I started tracking with Hopper 3-4 months in advance. The first flight, in June, was smooth enough, though I wasn't allowed to upgrade my seat before boarding on the return flight—even though there were upgrade options available on the airport kiosk. The reason I'm not giving 4 or 5 stars is because of today's non-existent customer support. I got a notification that the airline has changed my late-August flight times (a 20-minute-earlier departure! Argh!). Trying to contact Hopper re their policy of accepting the change on my behalf, I tried their site. Chat not available. I called and was on hold for 10 minutes (I hung up). That's not customer support.

  • Absolutely the best airfare app

    by Ggydchfhgyufg

    I kind of wish there was a web version of this amazing app. Whatevs, I get to track flight prices in real time, which is amazing. Currently trying to decide where to go for my next vacation. My wife works for a school and has specific days off, so I put in a bunch of destinations and it gives me alerts when pricing changes. It also has a great heat map for forecasting airfare prices, which makes it a good planning tool if you don’t have any planned days off yet. Been using this app for airfare for the last four years or so and it’s still the best out there.

  • What every young traveler needs.

    by em.ily_h

    As a college student and 20 something, I always have the travel bug but am extremely price sensitive. I have used Hopper to get from Houston to Chicago, LA, and Philly. I always keep notifications on and share the app whenever possible. My gf just booked through Hopper to Detroit by watching the trip. Easy to use, great concept, and I’ve never had an issue with the app or company! I am loyal to this booking platform for sure! (I just wish they had a website as well, but understand keeping cost low to provide more value to the customer)

  • Awesome, easy way to save big!

    by bIgle44

    I’ve used Hopper for about a year and have saved $1700+ on just 3 international flights. The app finds lesser-known options and alerts you at the optimal time to buy - and it works great! Only feedback: add more filtering options (specific departure time, airline, etc.) and also the ability to search across multiple days and airports without having to create more than one tracked search. This would be super helpful for those of us who are stuck choosing from several expensive airports! :) Otherwise, this app is perfect!

  • Way too easy to buy a flight (in the good way)

    by sparta93

    Super simple and easy to use. My only complaint would be that it took awhile to realize I was in hotels and not flights at first. Not sure why it defaulted to hotels since it’s a flight app. But otherwise incredibly easy to use, very enjoyable experience, the ease of browsing and the new flex feature make it super efficient to find a great flight, AND the prices are honest! No tacking on a bunch of extra fees and you see what the baggage costs right away. Totally worth the five dollar booking fee they collect.

  • Very helpful app.

    by Loulom

    This is a very helpful app that helps you find a good price for your airfare. They may suggest alternate cheaper dates, so it’s your responsibility to look carefully at what you’re agreeing to buy before you buy it. Hopper lets you know if you should buy now or wait because the price may drop. It’s very helpful. As with anything you buy, check what you are buying. Try not to make a mistake then expect others to save you. They try hard, but sometimes it’s the airlines that are quite rigid and hard to change.

  • Very accurate rate info

    by Socalgal428

    I don’t book through Hopper because I used Airline credit cards and want to be sure I get my points, but I use Hopper to follow the rates and they are very accurate and so useful! I love that I can put in the dates and get a notification telling me when the best time to buy is. Be aware that by the time the fare is lowest there may also be limited seating, and that depending upon what time of day you want to leave and return, the rate may go up from the “lowest” price you see - but it’s still the best time to buy.

  • Great App with 1 missing feature

    by ajswitz

    I’m really excited about saving money with this app. It’s great that you can save flights that you’re watching and it’ll tell you what the price is and when to book! However, on the main “Watch” tab where you can see the flights you saved, you can’t see the current best price unless you click into it. There’s already some open space to the right, and it would be a great way to get a quick glimpse whether the price has changed without me having to go into every trip I save. Other than that, it’s an amazing app.

  • A little frustrating but will try to use it again in the future.

    by sweettsunami

    App is simple to use and gives you updates everyday which is useful. However every time I would try to purchase a flight it would say that there was not enough seats available when I was just buying one ticket. I eventually had to choose a different flight. Why does it show “what’s available” when it kicks you back continuously telling you it’s not available. And every time I would go back to choose another flight the flight that I wanted was still showing as available... so is it available or not???

  • Almost perfect

    by errantmisfit

    This has been my go to app for finding flights for a few years now. I’ve tried all the competitors: Hipmumk, Travelocity, Orbitz, et al. and Hopper keeps me coming back. Finding and tracking flights is dead simple and the UI isn’t over designed. It’s a must download. My one criticism is the post flight booked experience. It’s difficult to easily and elegantly transfer your new tickets to the app or site from Hopper. I would have liked to see some options for the scheduled trip (the ability to copy the record number [that used to be a feature but doesn’t seem to work anymore], a button to share the trip to other apps like TripIt or the airline apps themselves) but sadly those are missing. There’s a share button for the trip, but the output isn’t something I would really want to send to my friends and family. With those sharing options, this would be a five star app. Definitely worth the download though!

  • Really Good!

    by Kris Luna

    I tend to use other travel sites like google flights for lower prices, your typical travel sites, and even student ones for discounts. Hopper has been my favorite since it tracks flight prices days to come until your departures that these sites don’t do. My flight back home from university ranges from $200-$400 for one ways but i just bought a one way for $175 which is a first! Google Flights and other sites were listing flights for the same destination for $400!!! Hopper is definitely a MUST for travelers!

  • Impressed from the very first Experience and purchase

    by A VERY satisfisfied user

    This app is amazing! I like to travel but I’m new to this book in advance and get the best possible rate. Airline prices range WIDELY throughout the months. Hopper helped me pick a flight that was almost HALF the cost of what I was originally going to pick. Most of the hassle with trying to shop for flights at the right price is that you have the burden of checking all the time. This takes the burden out and you still get the best price! Get this freaking app right now!

  • Saved us $600 on flights

    by Kludgymom

    We just saved $600 on our family of 4’s trip from Europe. We tracked several desired travel dates and started to freak out as prices soared but trusted in Hopper’s predictions. Sure enough this week we got a notice we should buy now as fares had dropped and voila- we were good to go. We didn’t purchase through the Hopper app so can’t speak to some of the reviews about fares changing during buying process, but for tracking fares and dates and when to buy, this app is worth its weight in gold!

  • Hopper helps you be creative about destinations

    by SparkDSmile

    I’ve been watching a trip to Greece for a while, knowing prices were around $1,300 no matter when I’d book (July trip). I decided to get creative about my path to my final destination- by watching Houston to Paris (a place close and desirable enough for me to spend a day in on my way to Greece) I was able to get alerted by Hopper about an INCREDIBLE DEAL! This morning I booked Houston to Paris for only $583 RT!!!! I can get to Greece from there for only an additional about $250, still nearly a FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAR savings! Thank you Hopper!

  • Awesome app!

    by ilgeah70

    I’m reading a lot of reviews saying they cost me money blah blah blah as a consumer it’s your job to watch prices on your own along with using this app as a tool to help buy at the right time. I decided to not buy way ahead of time and give this app a shot and it saved me about 90$ per person on tickets flying to Florida from California I watched as prices rose and rose over the past few months but just as the app predicted they dropped this last week and saved me money. All in all a good tool to help the flying process

  • Great detail and analysed to user needs

    by Karannsss

    I suffer from selecting the best flights always. I really like how Hopper shows each and every detail that a traveller must need while booking their flights. From the price, to the layover time and approximate predictions of the prices in the next few days. It also shows if you can spare a few bucks, you might save some time on your travel flight, which is amazing and I’d love to know how they do that since I come from a Data Science background too. Awesome stuff guys!

  • Best Way to Book a Flight

    by TexBecks

    I’m a frequent international traveler and using this app has been the most stress free flight finding experience I’ve had! Everything is laid out clearly and your options are all there for easy comparisons. I’m a college student who ended up in a long distance relationship that I don’t really have the money for, and this app just helped me find the one flight that I could actually afford to see my husband in a couple of months! I give it three thumbs up. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Use for Price/Date Info but DON’T BOOK WITH THEM

    by Sarobo

    This app has been really useful when I needed to figure out how the best time to buy but this time we decided to book our flights through hopper and it turned out horribly. We are unable to choose our seats ahead of time and in fact have been given the worst seats possible WITHOUT even being seated together. You get the dregs. We are boarding with the last group and therefore ended up spending 50 extra bucks to check our relatively small carryons. VERY disappointed and not looking forward to my 3-hour flight in a middle seat.

  • Best Flight App around, drop the hotels

    by Klementine26

    This app has come in handy for emergency flight bookings and planning potential trips. While I will continue to use this app, BRING BACK THE “FLEXIBLE” search option!!!! This was such a cool and unique feature to have and made it possible to choose a destination based on price and duration rather than searching each individual location. The flexible flight search was a much more useful tool than adding hotels to the app. Stay unique! We budget travelers like to see all of our options in front of us at one time!

  • Good before, recently unreliable

    by Kitchensink4245

    I’ve used hopper many times over the past few years with very good results. But lately the predictions have been completely unreliable. I’ve held out based on these predictions only to watch fares steadily rise. Obviously there is no guarantee for the predicted fare but these fares have not even decreased let alone even coming close to what’s being predicted here. As such it renders the app useless. I haven’t give up though. I’ve had enough success that I am hoping there is a reworking in the process coming soon. I swore by it until mid 2018. Whatever changed ain’t working.

  • Awesome concept; but beware of baggage and hidden fees!

    by kir d

    I was about to book a flight from Tampa to Kiev for an awesome price through hopper. I was somewhat weary, so I decided to book directly through the airlines using hoppers result. Lo and behold, my connecting flight to JFK, if purchased through hopper, actually wouldn't include any checked baggage. Therefore, is need to pay extra for a checked bag unexpectedly. Hopper, who flies across the globe with no checked bag? Overall the concept of hopper is great and I'll continue to use it for a 'guide' when choosing flights, but for now, feeling extremely grateful that I booked through the actual airlines.

  • It’s ok, but take it with a grain of salt when it says to “snag this deal now!!”

    by Llooggaa

    I’ve been waiting on booking a domestic trip in a few months and checking Hopper’s notifications for the trip the whole way. It has suggested that I buy the tickets about every week for the last month and a half, and today they’re their cheapest. If I had done it a month ago, it would’ve cost $80 more. So pretty good, I like the UI and it functions well, but keep in mind that if you’re many months out from a domestic flight, it might be wise to play the waiting game more than the app advises.

  • Pretty good (mostly)

    by LemmonHerk

    I've had pretty good luck with Hopper. My only complaint is that sometimes (like today), it's hard to find out EXACTLY what you'll pay for baggage. They may provide a link to the airline's policy, but the info isn't always clear. Also, like today, it can be IMPOSSIBLE at times to find out how to pay for baggage at the time of booking! 😤 My friends and I all want to check a bag, but I couldn't find out how to pay for it during the booking process. I'm be so angry if I have to pay a huge fee at check-in!! 😡

  • Horrible Anything Else

    by The1gunn

    I’ve gown up with modern technology (cellphones/computers) I’m 30 and am a photographer so I’m good at using apps... this one is horrible Where has the book flight option gone. Why can I only book hotels ? Why do I have to sign up again and you already have my preference and last trips saved ? You text me already so why do you need my phone. Number.. They seem to be collecting data and selling it bc this app can’t make much money

  • Best flight deals ever!

    by Harm0ny89

    Hopper watches the costs of flights for your trip. It found me a flight for $100 less than what I would usually pay and I didn't have to lift a finger. All you do is select the destination, then the dates, and hopper will push a notification to your device when it finds a cheap flight! Update: lost 2 stars for two reasons. First reason is that I'm probably going to end up paying more because I refuse to fly spirit and that's what hopper is basing the fare off of. Second lost star is because there is no way to exclude certain airlines from the watch list.

  • Excellent App for travel writer couple

    by Michelleyann

    My husband and I travel a lot because we are travel writers. We have found that Hopper is a very easy way to search for the lowest cost, non-stop flights from the East Coast airports near us. Since we have the option to drive to Washington DC, Philly and New York airports, we have been able to find the best deals! You have the option of booking through Hopper for a small fee or booking the tickets directly from the airline website.

  • Superb App!

    by CandyGrrl24

    I downloaded Hopper a few weeks ago and put in my trip details for it to track flight prices. It told me to wait, as the flight price would be likely to drop in the future. After three weeks, I opened the app today to see it prompting me to BUY NOW as the flight I wanted had dropped $100 bucks in price. I even checked online and Hopper had the best price anywhere. I’m so happy I’m finally booked for my trip and at the lowest rate possible! #win

  • Most trusted app

    by SoulFlighr

    Hopper is the first thing I check before I even think about purchasing a flight. I’m also finding that Hopper lists cheaper flights than what’s listed on every other site. In the past I’ve only used it to set alerts for flights and decide when would be the best time to purchase AND travel. This was my first time booking through the app and it was such a smooth process. Great user experience/design overall.

  • Quick and helpful

    by Catbeezy

    I would give them 6 stars if it was possible. I made a mistake in my booking last week for a friends wedding and emailed Hopper a couple days later to see if they could help. Alli responded to me by the next morning and gave me options to change my flight (with the fee of course) I called to confirm it later in the afternoon and Sonya helped me out with the rest. I’m very grateful for their help and the efficiency of the process! Thank you!

  • Use for fare alerts, not booking

    by Zenfosec

    The app works well for predicting and notifying about lower fares. However, I recommend against booking your travel through Hopper. They changed a flight without my approval and now I am getting to my destination at 10pm instead of 3:30pm, which screws up my plans. To fix it they said it’d be a $200 change fee plus any fare difference. Of course they blame the airline, and when I call the airline they tell me I have to go through Hopper. Poor customer service and policies, but I’ll likely still use the app for fare notifications.

  • Flights

    by fromdablockkeimyenj

    As a college student with many loved friends who have moved away for college Hopper has made it so much easier to see them because I know exactly when to book and when to wait. Just came back 2 days ago from visiting friends in NYU & have a trip in two weeks for Chicago and can you believe I spent less than $400 on both my flights TOGETHER???? Knowing when to book is so important & hopper makes it easy!:)

  • Prices aren’t accurate

    by fmobliv06

    Great app, but the price predictions typically aren’t accurate. For example, it just told me to wait several months on a flight to greece, and the cost would be $603. I watched the trip and waited, but eventually it told me Book Now at about 700 apiece, and that this was the best price that would be available. This is the 2nd or 3rd time it’s told me to wait for cheaper fares, only to pull the rug out from under me and never offer a cheaper fare. Still not bad prices, but know that their predictions aren’t actually accurate most of the time.


    by o’rourke

    Hopper is by far the best app for future or current travel bookings! I love how they have an option to notify you when there’s a cheaper flight or if you should wait to book! Whoever made Hoppers graphics and characters are doing their job RIGHT. They are so cute! It makes me want to use this app more and more. Haha. Thanks hopper! I will continue to recommend you guys as well to my friends and family and will always support your app! Thanks so much!!!

  • Hopper makes my life easier - that’s what apps should do!

    by Waltzinghippie

    I travel somewhat frequently to visit family, and I have always booked flights through the Southwest website. A friend told me about Hopper, so I tried it out, and I haven’t looked back! It just makes it so much easier to find the perfect flight, especially when I have to travel with my daughter. And I know it’s silly, but the little bunny logo is super cute too haha.

  • Great prices, notifications and mobile app

    by Mlpuj

    I’ve used hopper previously to keep track of prices on flights but never had used it to actually book. I received a notification about a lower price and, in less than 5 minutes, booked my tickets through hopper. It was almost $400 cheaper than the airline’s site and even cheaper than the discount travel aggregator sites. Thanks! Great mobile app!

  • Amazing, punctual, accurate

    by lovesleepstatem.r

    The second that a flight is cheaper, they can notify you (which is incredible). I signed up for notifications on google flights and hopper for my upcoming flight, and I received the notification of a cheaper flight from hopper 5 hours before google flights sent me an email notification. I’ve used Hopper for the last 4 flights I’ve been on and I don’t regret it whatsoever. Lifesaver!!

  • The best booking app on the market

    by Carrielize

    I can’t say enough good things about the Hopper app. I planned an impromptu trip to Europe and Hopper made it so easy and I feel like I definitely got the best price on the market. They don’t try to force you to book immediately, they tell you when prices are going to be lowered and recommend waiting or booking immediately given the circumstances. I will be using Hopper to plan all of my trips in the future.

  • Great app!

    by cranefly

    I was skeptical at first, but this app has saved me time and money! Save your searches. It notifies you when you should buy or wait. It will also give you predictions on how much lower or higher tickets will go. You don’t have to constantly look at different sites to see what the best deal is. It’s been accurate every time I’ve bought tickets for my son to come home from college.

  • First Impression

    by not happy with haircuttery

    I have not used the app to book anything yet, but I have used it for shopping and price alerts. It seems to function pretty well for those purposes and seems to return some pretty good prices. However, they seem to lack a relationship with Delta Airlines. I tried numerous searches and could not get the app to return Delta as an option. Not even to a Delta Hub city. That seems like a big miss when the number 2 US carrier isn’t participating. If I am wrong maybe the developer can explain my results.

  • Best site I’ve ever found

    by COPIUOS

    So intuitive, and it seems to always find better deals than online services. Plus, it is so easy to switch dates and see the impact. I have used the tracker and it has helped me make good comfortable decisions and kept me from spending more money unnecessarily. Can’t say enough how functional and easy this app is. Other than weather apps, this is the best one I have ever used!

  • Amazing Tracker (yet to book)

    by Cfbshhdjcsvsdgcdvvccxhokd

    I am going to be traveling a lot in the next year, and was looking for a way to be cost effective and have always found flights super confusing. Hopper stream lines the process in a super easy way. You just select the dates and it tells you when it predicts the price is at its lowest. I just picked random dates for random flights in July (first trip isn’t until September) and it was pretty incredible to see how low some of the prices got. Positives: -Super easy to navigate -not over the top on notifications Negatives: -only thing i haven’t seen is an easy way to string flights together. Almost making a trip. Like bwi to lax to den to jfk to bwi. Etc. -hotel prices the recommend seem a bit high Highly recommend

  • Nearly Perfect

    by ACSB15

    This app has saved me so much money, when I’m planning a trip a couple of months in advance. I can set the watch for flights on the dates I’m traveling, then let the app do all the heavy lifting. It’s not as useful when I’m planning something last minute. Planning those trips, I prefer to use Google Flights. Mainly because I can click on a departure date and automatically see the ticket costs for every potential return day in the future.

  • 1st try not a success

    by Katknapp04

    Tried to book a flight yesterday with app and it did not process so wanted to wait till the next day to try again. Waited still the hold was off my bank before I tried 2nd attempt. Tried booking the following day and it was confirmed but I had to pay $30 more dollars since it was the next day. Sent an email to customer support if I should try right away or wait and never heard back from them. Love how I get notifications periodically when I’m looking for a good price.

  • Unreliable

    by bearaa90

    This is a cool concept, but it’s not always accurate. It doesn’t always predict correctly (at all), and it doesn’t always notify you when prices go down. I had to manually go into a watched trip for it to refresh and discovered the price had dropped a huge amount. Not sure if the app would have ever told me. The interface is good and easy to use, and I would use it in the future to search for flights, but definitely wouldn’t trust it for predictions or notifications.

  • Mixed Messages

    by CopperRaven

    I’ve been watching a single round trip flight for a month now (the fare has not changed) and the app keeps notifying me to “Buy Now”. When I open the app and click on the flight, the app says “Wait”. Well... which is it? Essentially I’m just manually checking airfares everyday on my own via the app notifying me. I don’t need an app to remind me to manually check fares. I could do that on my own. So... what is the app actually doing? 3 stars for working as a fare finder, but as a way to monitor fares, I’m still skeptical.

  • Okay

    by Vintagepanties

    Looking for trips to Cabo, and of course I need a hotel to stay in but it only lets me book each separately, there should be like a bundle feature where I can book for my flight and hotel I want to stay in. Pretty much all other sites and apps have it but this one I actually like that they give you predictions of when they would be cheaper which is why I downloaded it but now I see it’s not what I expected. I give it 3 stars because it still helps with what times are best to buy my tickets.

  • Great experience!

    by LAllore

    I finally used this app to purchase our flight. Previously, I used it to watch prices. I was impressed with the simplicity and follow up confirmation. Their customer service was excellent! I had an inquiry after booking our flight. They responded to my inquiry by email within a few hours (middle of the night our time zone). I’ll be using this app again. Thank you!

  • Great App!

    by Jfromme23

    Does exactly what it promises. When I first went to book a flight the prices were too high for my budget. But Hopper kept me up to date on that I should wait because prices would go down. I did and with their help was able to book the same exact flight for the price I could afford and wanted to pay. Definitely would recommend this app!

  • So Easy to Use

    by ann hitler

    I have family living all over the US. Hopper is such an EASY way to keep an eye on trips and watch airfare prices -- just enter where you're thinking of going and when, and instantly you have prices. No annoying pop ups with a bunch of junk you're not interested in looking at. It is the most time efficient way to shop for airfare that I've ever used!

  • Unexpected Surprise

    by WBL1959

    I didn’t expect this app to be this on top of flights. It is amazing and I honestly booked my first flight through Hopper and at at least $100 less than my searches through typical internet discount sites...... but without the hassle. I didn’t search and search ..... entered my dates, preferred flight times and sat back and watched notification til I found one and it took a day

  • No Hidden Fees

    by EadieC2

    This is my first time to use Hopper and I was surprised to find the price quoted to me is what I actually paid!! In addition, I love how Hopper told me to wait (because the prices were likely to drop)to purchase one trip I was looking at and to buy now for a different trip (because prices were going to go up). It seems Hopper really does have the customer’s best interest at heart...a rarity these days!

  • Love Hopper!

    by Scarr220

    If it wasn’t for Hopper I probably wouldn’t be flying to Tucson to visit my daughter. I’m on a very tight budget and flights seemed out of my reach. Someone mentioned Hopper, so gave it a try. I put where and when I wanted to go and Hopper kept alerting me when deals came up, but with a note if I should book now or keep waiting. A great deal came up and I was able to get a round trip flight Phl-Tus $299! Thanks Hopper!

  • Works Exactly As Advertised

    by jk8hus10

    I used Hopper to track ticket prices so I would know when to buy for our family of four’s Thanksgiving travel. I loved that it would not only tell me the price, but if and when they expected it to drop and whether they recommend to purchase now. So helpful if you don’t have time to track every airline and website.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Frank Patton

    excellent so far

  • by Richard Liti

    great app

  • by A Google user

    Great tool to know when to buy.

  • by A Google user

    waiting for the take off!

  • by Erica Darnell

    Awesome and accurate app!

  • by moorenight009

    I love this app they always have the best prices and its so easy

  • by shane smith

    love it

  • by lorena pabon

    great so far

  • by Cristin Clinton


  • by Mary Jacques

    love this app! get emails periodically as prices change with recommendations to buy or wait for lower price

  • by Kareem Washington

    definitely helpful

  • by Vicki Black

    love this app for shopping flights

  • by Linda Rhiner

    This little bunny finds great deals!

  • Saved tons on recommending different airport

    by Capt.Cool.718.

    I had to fly from Boston to Miami so had been watching flights on Hopper for 6 weeks and it just kept telling me to wait for a better price. The flight was already so expensive though since I was flying at a peak time and I was getting nervous. Then, Hopper sent me a notification letting me know I could save over $300+ by flying into Ft. Lauderdale which was only 30minutes away from Miami. I quickly booked this flight and was on my way. Thanks Hopper!

  • Trip to New York

    by nica alves

    Great deals, great flexibility and effectiveness !

  • Budget traveling

    by BIGRED_10

    Hooper is definitely the best to get a dependable and affordable ticket. I will always check hooper before I check another traveling site.


    by Flakinchapin

    They find a very good deals in airfares and options depending on your needs, this is my first time using it... will let you know when I come back!!! 👍🏼

  • Love it

    by Nautica Battle

    Hooper truly has the best rates ! They also advise you of when the best time to book a flight is.


    by MusicLogoEnt

    Literally the best travel app ever! It does all the searching for you and guarantees the lowest rate. Super easy to use and also includes the option to book hotels. I recommend this app to all travelers. I will never use another travel again. The hopper app is hands down the best app! 💯🔥❤️

  • March 19’

    by RNichols310

    Seriously the best! I love this app!! It’s amazing and so convenient!

  • Amazing!!!

    by Egreen1243

    I love Hopper so much, thank you for helping me find the best travel deals!

  • Hopper is the best

    by ma3foona

    I LOVE HOPPER Great deals all year round

  • Best travel app ever!

    by Afro Dominikano

    Love the way how fast this baby works thanks to the bunny rabbit! Yippee!! Boing!!!

  • Awesome

    by CNB871789

    Quick simple easy. Most times cheaper then the airline will offer for the same flight.

  • Seat availability

    by slick128737

    It says seats are available but turn out they are not when I tried to pay. It’s says to pick another flight and those same seats that were unavailable show up again. Again they were unavailable.

  • Love Hopper App

    by Hoppy Travels

    I have utilized the Hopper App in the past, but it really helped me book my trip to British Columbia recently. I will use it again soon!

  • Hopper app

    by Debbydoodler

    Love the notifications regarding flight prices. Log in process is not good. At the moment unable to login from my cell.


    by K-McNasty

    IT TOOK THE HASSLE OUT OF DOING RESEARCH!! I even back tracked to see if they marked up some of their prices. For the most part they weren’t. I 10/10 recommend!!!

  • It really works!

    by Gingercany

    How can I get to Portland, Oregon from LAX for $60??? Oh... that’s right.... it’s the RABBIT!

  • Helpful AF

    by JackieT12

    This is great. I was trying to book a trip and wanted to know the best times- this, without a doubt, has been incredibly helpful in every way possible! It’s user friendly and I’m so glad I used this!

  • Awesomeness!

    by mayuasmith

    This app is awesome! They send you all type of deals and keep you updated with the best prices. Super convenient and easy to navigate through.

  • Best travel app i’ve ever used

    by tflaim

    Easy. Simple. Clean. Bought a trip to Japan and it was completely painless. Hopper will forever be my go to for purchasing airline tickets.

  • Hopper

    by Pammy319

    Very quick and easy. I got a great price!

  • So easy

    by Proverb13

    Love this app! So stinking easy! On my way to the big Apple!

  • Awesome. Just awesome.

    by Christa!!!!

    The entire experience, the interface, the bunny. AWESOME.

  • Awesome App

    by leycarr

    Awesome way to get prices in air fairs and way to get them. So happy about Hopper

  • Best deal ever

    by I2aul

    Easy to use, great deal and everything with my phone... highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Great price, safe ticket

    by roseland55

    Hopper told me to wait and told me when to go. I pounced and saved almost $3000 for 3 tickets without going through a third party. Thank you, Hopper.

  • Great App!

    by MichelleCJ

    We’ve used Hopper a few times when watching flights... Has worked well for us for trips to Europe. Just wish it could track specific flights, otherwise love it

  • Excellent service

    by Swapnil11a

    Excellent service and very easy to use user interface. Highly recommended this app.

  • Super helpful app!!!

    by HSadventures

    I love using Hopper for the fact that I can see all airlines in one place with no pop up ads and windows everywhere. It’s a very easy app to use and purchasing flights is super fast and easy.

  • Simple

    by 55mikel

    Do easy to use and great fares, YES

  • Hassle free to book

    by troyjes

    Among all sites this one is the best! Easy to book

  • saved so much!

    by Literally so lame

    I foolishly waited longer than i should have to book a fight from Auckland to Los Angeles, and all the costs (for non stop) we’re getting close to $700 USD. I decided I might as well just watch the flight like it said and I am SO glad I did, because this app sent me a notification to buy on a deal for $350 USD!!!! AMAZINGGG

  • Great app

    by Riley man!

    It’s a great app but Needs to add multi city option

  • Best App

    by Cokeforbreakfast

    This is my best piece of travel tech, aside from my cell phone. Use and book with confidence.

  • Hopper is GREAT!

    by bmclerran

    Hopper made is SUPER easy for me and my friends to book a girls trip! We were able to get the dates we wanted for super cheap!!!

  • Great traveling app!

    by tyuippknn

    The watching feature really makes sure I get the flight I want for the cheapest! Great traveling app!

  • Saved a lot of headaches! (and money)

    by blackjack843

    Hopper really saved me a lot of headaches when it comes to traveling! I recommend this app for all travelers. Just put trips on your watch list and Hopper does the work for you. This is a real dope app.

  • Cute, Fun, Best Fare

    by Kaybeyond

    Just booked my first flight through Hopper - so cute to use with the little rabbit, actually fun to browse and best fare I found. I will be back!!!!

  • Best site I’ve ever found

    by COPIUOS

    So intuitive, and it seems to always find better deals than online services. Plus, it is so easy to switch dates and see the impact. I have used the tracker and it has helped me make good comfortable decisions and kept me from spending more money unnecessarily. Can’t say enough how functional and easy this app is. Other than weather apps, this is the best one I have ever used!

  • review for booking

    by Dr. Abdel-Al

    I am delighted I have used your services & hope our relationship will continue in the future. Also would you add this frequent flyer # to Mai’s ticket.

  • The best!

    by Marcia-Charmed Cardinals

    I’ve been using hopper since I found out about it last year. So good! Easy to use and no nonsense! 3rd trip booked for insanely low price and no hiccups. Definitely recommend.

  • Hopping to Air Savings

    by Future House Hunter 2019

    I am enjoying the use to this app because I am planning a trip to DC and so far they have been really great at telling me to wait until it’s better fare. Just can’t wait until I get to purchase using this app!! Excited🙌🏾

  • Great deals!

    by Lane 89

    Found an awesome flight to the UK for an awesome price, super easy to use

  • Hopper is amazing!

    by CNPoulos

    This app has features no other does! I love Hopper!

  • Love this app but having a little trouble

    by lee688

    When the app works it is wonderful! Over the past few months I keep getting trouble connecting to server no matter where I am! ☹️ can you guys provide help?

  • Trip with our children

    by ky574

    Thanks so much this site was so helpful! My friend and I have been stalking flights for almost a year lol! Perfect

  • Best Deals

    by meownadicat

    From all the apps on my phone is little one is my favorite! Great deals on pretty much everything needed for your travels. Love how they send you a code before you book. Totally worth it.

  • Great prices when notified

    by frustrateduser_CFA

    I have had great success in purchasing plane tickets when I pay attention to the notification and try to select the best times that match my itinerary. A couple of downsides is that I tried to register my device for this app and it keeps telling me that an account already exists. Therefore I don’t purchase tickets through this app and I have to go to the front page of the major airline to book. Overall great app that saves money especially when I am waiting for that trip. And if I don’t get to go because I missed it, it’s okay! I’ll have saved money and will wait for another opportunity with Hopper.

  • Listings visible but no seats

    by itskindoffuntodotheimpossible

    The one downside with Hopper is that it shows all current flights for the day rather than either a)the number of available seats on flights or b) only flights with available seats. It’s a little inconvenient to be able to see the flights within your price and time range but not book them because there’s no seat availability.

  • Watch only specific airline?

    by Bruceahz

    It would be great if we could filter a watch for a specific airline. Sometimes finding the absolute cheapest fare is not our goal...just finding the cheapest fare on a specific airline. Or specific flight even.

  • The best

    by DreH226

    Great app it tracks and also recommends

  • Get some hotels in Cozumel

    by Me!!!

    Need more hotels!

  • Best Prices

    by coachmarta

    I use multiple apps to find and compare flights and Hopper always has the best prices!

  • New Hotel Features

    by Team breezy 2

    I am a travel junkie and I use Hopper for flight predictions, but now I am excited to see their new feature for Hotels with some live video footage. I am using them for my upcoming trip to Miami. Please provide more hotel information such as hotel incidentals and the the sq. ft size of the room selections. I’ve noticed some of the hotels in South Beach Miami are small. Great job Hopper!

  • VMR

    by VMRww


  • Fantastic

    by no leg room

    Fantastic. One of the best apps going. Watch out Google flights. The bunny will hop all over you.

  • Great Flight Planning Tool

    by susan0023

    Hopper is my go to for air travel. I like getting the best bang for my buck and Hopper gets it! Easy to use, informative and free!

  • Hey What Happened?

    by Hey... what happend?

    Booked a trip, but didn’t go through the initial time. Message let me know our money would be refunded. I reluctantly, but still booked the trip again and waiting to get money returned as app said it would in 24hours. Will see if we do or have to “hop” through hoops!

  • Spirit Airline

    by skflurer

    I have treated good by Spirit employees. I have to fly back to Denver third times next two weeks later. My dad has the brain cancer and resides in Hallmark Nursing Center.

  • awesome

    by viadelaman

    It’s nice to see everything that is offered. And to have an app that watch’s a flight price for you! And notifies you with updates

  • Saved us $600 on flights

    by Kludgymom

    We just saved $600 on our family of 4’s trip from Europe. We tracked several desired travel dates and started to freak out as prices soared but trusted in Hopper’s predictions. Sure enough this week we got a notice we should buy now as fares had dropped and voila- we were good to go. We didn’t purchase through the Hopper app so can’t speak to some of the reviews about fares changing during buying process, but for tracking fares and dates and when to buy, this app is worth its weight in gold!

  • Booking with Hooper

    by Fanny-21

    Hooper is very user friendly and it takes seconds to book your ticket!

  • Cool

    by Nono0909090


  • Always in the know

    by katiejotunes

    I am a single woman who is spontaneous and always looking for a great deal to get out of town. Hopper is the best App I found for doing just that!

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by 5678jjj

    Hopper is super helpful with booking flights. The app is easy to use and allows you to find the cheapest flight

  • Truly the cheapest

    by Bnchase

    I’ve used Hopper a few times now and I’ve enjoyed it every single time. It’s really the cheapest I’ve found flights on! I love the feature that allows you to keep an eye on the price of a flight before booking. That way I know that I’ve gotten the lowest price possible.

  • LoveLoveLoveLoveLove!

    by eebee26

    This app is the best! I’ve paid hundreds of dollars less than friends on the same flights/trips by using the predictions suggested by Hopper. I will use this app for every flight I need to take!

  • Hopper Rocks

    by wyosjw

    This is so great. Flying out of rural areas is not cheap, but thanks to Hopper I could afford it.

  • Most trusted app

    by SoulFlighr

    Hopper is the first thing I check before I even think about purchasing a flight. I’m also finding that Hopper lists cheaper flights than what’s listed on every other site. In the past I’ve only used it to set alerts for flights and decide when would be the best time to purchase AND travel. This was my first time booking through the app and it was such a smooth process. Great user experience/design overall.

  • The best airline booking app ever

    by CharlieEO

    Awesome! Fast! Great app! Love it! Great rates always and tracks great discounts.

  • Hopper is amazing!

    by SMAlgeo

    So grateful for this app!

  • Great deal !!!

    by uncanny2020

    I am using hopper for long time now. I got best deal ever. It saves lot of my money.

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