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Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

Hopper - Watch & Book Cheap Flights

Hopper Inc.

Save up to 40% on your next flight! Hopper predicts the future cheapest prices.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

32.5% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • Predictions completely wrong and tickets more expensive than other sites

    by NYC-10023

    I normally don’t write bad reviews but I think hopper deserves it. I wanted to book my flights to San Juan and was getting tickets for $240 but based on the prediction I was told to wait. For some reason I foolishly trusted this app as I watched the fares increase steadily for the next week. I had put this trip on watch and the predictions stated the prices were set to drop by $120. Luckily after a week I decided not to go by the predictions and purchased tickets for $350 - wasted a good $110 due to the wrong predictions. Finally I get a notification from hopper a week before my travel saying $450 is the lowest price and the prices are not expected to drop further. Why would hopper reflect a future price drop and then quote a high price saying that is the cheapest? I find it hard to believe that hopper would mess up such a simple prediction and this leads me to believe that they maybe selling our search and watchlist results. This is also the third time this is happening to me with hopper. They are also more expensive than other sites when it comes to purchasing tickets FYI - I also see a standard response from hopper saying their predictions are 95% accurate but they do not guarantee anything. C’mon guys at least don’t copy paste the same response for everyone

  • by Pierre-Sebastien Cabrejo-Jones

    Just saw the iPhone app and realized we don't have the hotel booking option. Unfair.

  • “Hacker Fares”—Proceed with caution!

    by Schlepcar

    Perhaps this app provides good info on fare trends, but my first—and what will be my last—-time purchasing tickets on this app was a bust. Tried to take advantage of their “hacker fare”, which essentially is purchasing the two legs of a round trip ticket individually on different airlines that are currently offering the lowest one-way fares. I purchased the first leg, and seconds later found the link to the airlines’ webpage for the second leg showed a higher price than app presented. Hopper does post a disclaimer warning buyers to ensure both fares are available before buying the first leg, but it was not mentioned up front. And isn’t that the whole reason we use apps like see what fares are currently available? As it turned out, I paid exactly what I would’ve paid for a round trip ticket on a single airlines website. Another annoyance was the lag time between purchasing and email confirmation. Didn’t know if my first purchase was processed. This should be almost instantaneous as it is on many travel sites. In my experience, all the Hopper “hacker fare” provided was a stressful buying experience, in addition to NOT being able to save $90 in a flight as presented by the app.

  • by Quirt Dietzmann

    the app was telling me to wait for the price to drop to 112$ for a round trip to la when the price for the tickets were 180 so i waited and the tickets prices sky rocketed to 379$ the next time i checked. now its saying to wait till a few days before my trip saying the prices will drop to 240$. i ended up booking with Expedia for 315$ on a better flight.

  • by Haroon Khan

    no flexible date option, so we can't search for destinations with flexible dates as we can travel anytime in summer. app forces you to enter date of trip.

  • Hopper is a CON factory, never book from hopper

    by Sanjay pandita

    Hi all, My name is sanjay pandita . The hopper conned me so that i had to pay 600 $ more for my flight. When i complained they told me i responsible for visa even if they book my flight for any stop in between. They are conning people. I work in Tata Consultancy Services and have shared my story so that nobody from my company is Conned by them . Below is hoppers standard response so be aware , be informed and be safe. They wont bother to tell you this while booking tickets. They expect you to have visas for countries you never intended to visit so in order to make money they make stops at places that make visa mandatory but we as customers wont know it till we reach the boarding counter and then them come into pictures to con us. "I am so sorry to hear that your experience with Hopper was less than satisfactory - this is certainly not the experience we wish our users to have. Please understand that visa and immigration requirements are always 100% the user's responsibility, so I sincerely hope you don't come across this problem in the future. Please feel free to reach out to our support team with any further questions or concerns. We're always happy to help!"

  • by Hoda Abdelrahman

    Predict, Watch, Buy & Fly. Booking the cheapest flights is that easy with Hopper Save up to 40% on your next flight! This made-in-Canada app predicts the future of airfare. Watch your next flight in the Hopper app and get a notification as soon as the price drops to its lowest point. Never miss a deal! Users save on average $50 per flight by following the bunny’s advice. Know if you should book now or wait for a better price using the price prediction feature.

  • by nina Cail

    does not give me fare in us dollars. Does not allow me to change fare to US dollars.

  • by Germán López-Campos

    It's not clear how to request to delete the account and all associated data -- still awaiting for a response

  • Completely misleading!

    by Stellanovella

    I would recommend only using this app to watch the price of flights. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH THEM!! I have been using Expedia to book flight for years and have never had a problem. When I went to book through hopper, I went through the whole process and got an error message that my payment didn’t go through. When I clicked the help support tab it said to check my upcoming trips and to look for a confirmation. There was no confirmation, and based to what the help tab said, the payment did not go through. I even refreshed the app several times and still no confirmation. THREE HOURS LATER after I booked through Expedia and it went through right away, I get a confirmation email from hopper that my flights have been confirmed. Now I have to fight them on this. I was mislead in many ways by hopper and DO NOT recommend anybody else using this app to book flights in order to save them the inconvenience that I am dealing with right now!

  • Very disappointed!

    by Laying in bed 123456789

    If I could give this app zero stars, I would. I was excited to download it, reading the reviews I was sure it was going to save us lots of money when buying our tickets 10 months ahead of our trip. The app’s “Price Prediction” told me for six straight weeks that the price would drop significantly around November 1st. So, because of the great reviews it has, I trusted it and waited. I was never sent any notifications regarding price drops or rises after being sure all of my notifications and settings were on. The price never dropped when November 1st came and the price predictor just changed its prediction date and rates. Now, using other, more trustworthy apps, I have found that because I waited, prices are now $50-$75 higher per ticket than they were when I first began to look and decided to trust this app. I would not recommend this app to anyone. The best one I have found is “Cheap Flights” which doesn’t have a lying price predictor.

  • Can’t trust this app

    by Mpowell411

    I recently updated this app before leaving a review. I selected to watch a flight for a while now since this is for a cruise that I have known about for months. Every time I choose to watch flights with no layovers the app says there are no flights available and I have to modify my search. However I have been on the web and have found a non stop flight through southwest which is a major airline. If it’s not able to find this and I can I’m not sure if I can trust anything this app has to offer. I love the idea behind it but I don’t like it when companies partner with other companies and only show the information they are affiliated with and pretend they are doing people a service. This is basically an advertisement for airlines who are paying them to show up in the results. You cannot call yourself a price hopper app when you don’t include all airlines.

  • Disappointed

    by Sheri_Hankins

    I’ve used Hopper several times to keep an eye out for great deals on flights. Recently I booked my flight back to the states through the app instead of using a different third party company. A situation came up and I needed to change my ticket, after speaking with an agent, I was told the change would cost $210 per ticket. I had purchased one ticket yet was planning to travel with my 19 month old (on lap). $210 didn’t seem bad until the agent told me I had to pay to change my daughters “ticket” as well. I decided to hold off on making a decision until speaking directly with the airline in which the ticket was with...sure enough, they only charged $210 to change both tickets. I’m pretty disappointed in the fact of feeling like they were trying to rip me off. I’ll continue to use the app but will never purchase a ticket through them ever again.

  • The worst experience

    by Emilmem

    I should have read the review before ! Hopper app is a big con application. I was planning to fly from LA to Beijing. I called their customer service million times to ask about my ticket and no one answered. My ticket said LA -> Chengdu (18hr 40min) (one stop between, but unknown Chinese City) Chengdu -> Beijing. So what I found out at check in desk of Sichuan airline is that each Chinese city have different visa requirements. This unknown city has a policy of 24hr visa free policy, but Chengdu & Beijing have 72 hr visa free policy. So depending on your first stop of any Chinese city, that city’s policy applies for your entire trip !!! Now thinking back it makes sense why there’s no help line available right away. I even called their customer service desk few days before my flight to more find out this flight, but I was receiving “ Sorry there’s no one available to help” msg. No wonder this is a scam ticket and that’s why they make it non refundable and non changeable !

  • Non intuitive, poor interface, incomplete listings

    by Journey4Truth

    Not sure why this is getting so many favorable reviews. I gave it a try but found the interface nonintuitive, some examples being: 1. Lack of a home button so I can go back and start fresh. 2. No way to view your current watchlist so I have no idea what flights are currently being watched, and when setting a watch for certain flights, I only had the option to tap X or tap Cancel, making it seem like by doing so, I’m canceling the watch. There was no way to confirm the watch was active and indeed when I go through the same flight searches I see a prompt asking if I want to set a watch again, so it appears the previous watch I set was never saved. Just very confusing and not helpful. 3. Flight prices only cover certain airlines, it contains no Delta listings for example, which is not the fault of Hopper since Hipmunk has the same issue. However Hopper should make it CLEAR what airlines they don’t cover so we can check these airlines separately. 4. No way to clear notifications: all I can do is give them a thumbs down, which appears to do nothing, so what’s the point? Overall I wanted to like this app but way too many issues for it to be of any use to me.

  • Horrible experience

    by mrsgrinchhh

    I have used Hopper many times in the past successfully however my latest experience changed my option regarding this app. I attempted about 6 times unsuccessfully to book a reduced fare on American Airlines after being notified by Hopper that a reduced fare was available. Just got an Oops error message with no explanation why the sale would not go through after making my selections. I tried a different credit card to no avail and the last time it said that rate was no longer available and suggested choosing another flight time. Of course it did not tell me which flight was the issue. I gave up and used another app and was able to book the flights for the price I originally requested and able to get a rebate as well. I also could not find a way to contact Hopper. Total lack of customer service. Sorry Hopper, I’m done.

  • Sucked

    by TrumanHatch

    Tried to book a round-trip flight through Hopper, got to the confirmation page and had a notification that said "there was an issue," but "don't worry, your card wasn't charged," so I figured it was a glitch. Tried to book the same flight, then got a notification that my credit card was declined. Turns out they had charged me Twice, and I still didn't have tickets to show for it. I called the help line, they confirmed that I did Not have tickets, nor could they give me the tickets over the phone, and they couldn't reverse the charges for 36 hours. So now my credit card is maxed out and I'll have to wait for them to delete the charges before I can buy tickets somewhere else. I wouldn't be writing this review if the help line operator had been even the slightest bit helpful or sympathetic. Terrible waste of time.

  • Great finding flights, terrible booking flights

    by TGROW

    Love this app for finding the best time to buy and researching flights. DO NOT buy tickets through them though!! I have only had headaches with trying to adjust flight plans, losing known traveler numbers (aka showing up the the airport without precheck being on there), and the worst part..... being in the last row of every single flight and leg of a flight. Every. Single. One. We booked tickets months in advance with lots of open seats, and they put us in the last row, next to the bathrooms, with no option to recline. Hopper was unable to change our seats, and since we booked through the app the airlines themselves couldn’t even change our seats when I called. I will never book another flight through this app.

  • App shockingly hard to use

    by Joleeneb22

    For the life of me, I’ve never gotten the app to work in the way it was intended. The UI follows an odd, non-conventional minimalist design aesthetic which does not make adjusting filters or navigating the app intuitive. For example, I want to watch any weekend trip to San Francisco to visit a friend. In the app, you search by destination and departure, then filter your results based on a price graph. The supposed true power of the app kicks in with the ability to watch certain filtered criteria and receive alerts. However, filtering this data is shockingly limited and glitchy. When set to “weekend” the app searches “4 day trip” instead, displaying fri-tues and Thurs-mon flights. I don’t know who has four days weekends, but it certainly isn’t me. I would never consider booking through this app for this reason; I don’t think the prices it gives are trustworthy. I have also found prices through other sites, like Skyscanner, for less with the same inputs. I don’t know which airlines it includes in its searches, but it can’t be more than the competition based on my comparisons. I would like to use it for general updates and price alerts, but again, filtering is glitchy and unusable.

  • Never notified of flight cancellation

    by MsBobbi

    I’ve used this app many times to track reduced prices for international travel. I will never book through them again. One leg of my flight return flight from Lisbon was cancelled and I was never notified. My friend booked through Expedia and it was through her I found out the cancellation. When I called to inquire I had to tell them about the cancelled flight! To make other arrangements involves them emailing you an alternative (the person you speak to CANNOT change your flight) If you don’t agree to the rebooking they chose and sent you via email, the process starts all over. This is so inefficient, you end up with poor seats or no seats & increases your costs waiting. I’m going back to google

  • In need of an update

    by MsZTB

    This app used to be my favorite. Now it is quite annoying. I have previously placed a watch on a flight. Since then, I have deleted the watch but yet I continue to receive notifications for the watch. When I select to view the price offers, nothing is there to check. This has happened for so many flight searches that I have deleted all searches and will be deleting the app. I have also received notifications for flight dates that have passed. Lastly, I have received notifications for hotel prices that I knowingly declined to receive notifications for. I know it’s technology, so my recommendation is to do an update to the configuration of the app. It’s becoming more of an annoyance than of assistance.

  • Inconsistent Advice and Low Prediction Accuracy

    by Brimbert

    Do your research on your flight plans before using this app. This has been the most inconsistent app, and prediction is not accurate at all. I used this app to help me plan a trip to New Orleans, and finding the cheapest flight. I used this app a month and a half outside of the travel date, and this app kept telling me to wait because prices would drop. Prices kept rising and the app still told me to wait because prices would drop. I waited two weeks before my trip, the prices only increased, and finally after ticket prices rose to over $500 round trip this app told me to buy. If you see a good price on a ticket, take your chances then and buy. Don’t waste your time using this app that will cost your arm at the end of it all.

  • Poor predictions

    by Sdb1919

    I began using Hopper with the hopes of saving money. I used predictions from this app for two separate trips and it cost me hundreds of dollars. For example, one trip began at $1,152 for my family and hopper suggested to wait... I monitored prices weekly and they continued to climb. Hopper suggested to wait with prices varying each week.... “if you wait, plane tickets will be “$280”, then it was $320, $480, and now $570... prices far worse than they were when I first checked. This has happened on two different occasions. From now on I’m going to go against hopper’s advice and book when I feel it’s a good deal. I don’t normally leave reviews, but I thought this review may help some people save hundreds of dollars.... if it seems like a good deal, go ahead and purchase. Don’t rely on Hopper!


    by iphoneuser20121994

    THIS APP IS A SCAM. I had a trip coming up and used hopper hoping the prices would come down. The app assured me the tickets (starting at 509 when I first got on) would go down to $470. So I waited of course. I had my notifications on and checked regularly and it kept telling me to wait wait wait. All of a sudden, in a day, the prices jacked up to $550 and the app told me they would get higher and I needed to book. The promise of going down never happened and instead the prices went up!!! I will never use this app again and will tell all my friends and family the same. Don’t waste your time and money!!!!! The app completely lied about the prices dropping and they in fact RISED!! I could’ve booked three months ago when I first looked for $50 less.

  • $3k extra in air tickets! Do not use this up!

    by Yevilo

    The app keeps giving me the right information. It tells me to wait to book until a certain date because the prices will drop but it never drops it keeps going up. I have used for 2 trips one to Tenerife Spain 2 people and I paid almost $800 more each when I could have bought the ticket at $750 when I first started looking for tickets. One trip to El Salvador that I paid $300 more and now one to Barcelona in September and now it’s $1200 with 17 hours of travel when I could have paid $700 or less for a direct flight! Thank you hopper for giving me the wrong information and make me spend and extra $3k in air tickets this year! My husband and I would have traveled to a few other places with that money!

  • Inaccurate at Best

    by Jd135427

    I've been watching a few different possible itineraries to Spain for months with Hopper. The app consistently told me to wait...meanwhile prices rose $400 and never was there a "book asap" notification. Last week I started getting notifications that my trip was $800 via American Airlines. Every time I clicked the notification it took me to the current fares which were between $1400 and $1800 and even still the app told me to wait. I double checked against American's site and the price was always $1900. Worth noting that I clicked on the notifications immediately every time I saw them. Sometimes the time lag was as little as 30 seconds. Not only is their fare predictor flawed, they serve notifications for fares that don't exist.

  • Errors will cause a temporary hold on your funds

    by 1alohahawaii

    Just tried to book a flight for me and my four kids moving to another state - search said the seats were available - paid and immediately received an error message and the flight wasn’t booked, but check my bank app and my card was charged. Hopper App says this is a “temporary hold” - 20 minutes later I am still out $1700+ of the $2200 I paid for a supposed reservation that never went thru, plus a $25 Hopper app charge. Need to get this taken care of ASAP, I had been watching the flight for days and saving up and I’m so frustrated. Anxiously awaiting my money back so I can book thru the actual airline and I will never use this app again.

  • Not for international flights

    by SsAvAgEe

    So i got this app because im planning a honeymoon from US to New Zealand. Set up a few alerts for local airports to Auckland a few months ago. The price of tickets has been steadily increasing, and it still says to wait (started keeping track at ~$1500, now it’s ~$2000). Looked up some studies and they reported that the best time to buy international flights to South Pacific is 180 days out. Idk why this app kept telling me to wait, it should have told me to buy a long time ago. Yes, it was my decision to continue to wait, but that was due to the poor information and advice offered by this app. I have no clue why it kept telling me to wait. Would never recommend this to anyone.


    by Viserys1032

    App is a total rip off. Seriously, just use google flights and it will find flights that are half the price of what you will ever pay for on hopper. I would give this 0 out of 5 stars if I could. This app malfunctioned and bought a ticket for entirely different dates. When I called customer service to change it to the dates I needed they tried to pin the blame on me and wanted me to pay $400 to change my dates back to what they should have been. I begged and pleaded for nearly two hours and they just slapped me with “sorry it’s our policy.” Needless to say I was not able to attend my grandmothers funeral because I did not have the money to pay for their “fee.”


    by Boobookitty5405

    Unbelievable con-app. I tried to purchase a flight (which, the price was too good to be true) and after entering my information, credit card, etc. and “swipe” to purchase, I received an error message saying “oops”. Long story short, you get no flight and end up having to dispute $20 Hopper charges with your credit card company. Yes, they charge your card $20 for every attempt you make! Just imagine how many people they do this to...THIEVES!! The tip off should have been that you do not create an account - they simply text you to create your “profile.” No user name or password, just your cell number and your name. Lesson learned: buy direct from the airlines.

  • First search, lowest price was way more money then what was online

    by Kim1600

    The first flight I searched showed the lowest price at $145 but I was looking at $90 flights for the exact same search details just looking at google flights. I originally downloaded because of the "watch flight" option, but there's no point in wasting my time watching flights for the cheapest ticket if they aren't showing even close to the cheapest ticket. I searched a few other airports/dates just to see if it was a fluke in my original search but all those prices were crazy inflated as well. Not sure if they are making money selling the flights or what but I was very disappointed.

  • Trust but verify.

    by skejy

    This app is great until the one time it messes up, and then it’s quite the expense. After using Hopper for all of my last six trips, I plugged in the data for my latest travel plan and waited like the app suggested. Over the last few weeks I’ve watched the price of the flight go up higher and higher, and Hopper still says wait. Finally I check today and the message is “book now, this price isn’t great but if you wait you will likely pay more” Thanks Hopper... I could have saved $50 per person if I’d gone with my gut and booked six weeks out, but I guess this is fine too.


    by Sab 🎓

    This is a scam app! They will get your money and they’re gone, no customer service, no help because they have sold the ticket and have gotten the money and you’re no one anymore. I experienced a really bad situation because of their poor and I should say non existing customer service. Paid a whole new charge because of their poor contact support. Don’t waste your money with them. They’re not known at all, you buy a ticket and nobody is their to assist you anymore. For a company or a business it’s required to have a customer service number where users can easily receive assistance not through email but through phone number.

  • Inaccurate information and more expensive flights

    by Nothingnessdp

    I’ve tried using this app on two separate occasions to find flights. Both times I had the same issues. It just literally couldn’t find certain flights that totally exist and are significantly cheaper. For example, it failed to give options for Southwest. They also gouge the prices for themselves. I was looking at some flights with American Airlines, but decided to go directly to their website instead of using Hopper. Turns out (while looking at the app and the AA website) that the tickets through Hopper were about $50 more expensive. Um, no thanks. Very shady. Won’t be using again.

  • Worthless

    by blakewad

    I had the hopper app for a few weeks as I was planning to visit New York. Hopper informed me early on that flights were around $400+ and that the time to book was now, prices will only increase. Based on that advice, I booked. For the next few weeks I proceeded to watch prices increase here and there, as well as finally decrease down to $300 or so a week or so before my flight date. I actually steadily watched prices fall a couple weeks after I had already spent what ended up being over $100 more than where prices ended up. I get that is app is trying to predict, but if you’re going to waste both my time and money what are you good for?

  • How much you get paid for that??

    by 1bAdash

    Ahem, below me. This app is not useful to me because I don't have time to constantly check my phone for the constant notifications. Some people work. I have a life and am busy much like most people in this this app only makes MORE work for anyone who would actually truly want to benefit from the service it offers. Just like the chick below me who says "do your research"......doesn't that completely defeat the purpose of the app?!? YEP, sure how much did they pay you to write THAT review?!? I am not impressed. Period Point Blank. Don't waste your time on this app unless you do, in fact, enjoy wasting time!

  • This App Lies

    by whattadandylion

    I have been waiting for over a month to book a trip because Hopper said they predicted the prices would drop by $200-$300, however, now Hopper is saying that a price even more expensive than the initial price the trip was set at is the best deal. I wish i could post photos. Yesterday the trip was $300 with predictions of dropping as low as $78, now not even 24 hours later it is saying $388 is the cheapest they predict and that i should book now. This defeats the entire purpose of the app, which is to help people save money! I wouldn’t use this again and i should have prepared ahead and booked back when the initial price was $200.

  • Not living up to their word

    by pr3ttyb0y88

    This app says wait to book for best price and I'm sitting here waiting for price to drop on a flight and it's steadily going up. Something is wrong with that on a business and customer service level. You can't sit here and promise one thing and let your customers get screwed on another. Hopefully you guys see this and realize what you do is cool but don't promise one thing meanwhile customers are waiting for a better price/flight and rate is steadily rising on them. Not cool. I personally don't do reviews cuz they aren't appreciated by business owners nowadays. I'm just here giving my rating/opinion cuz the app asked me to. So there ya go.

  • Cost me $100 listening to this app

    by KimmieNikki

    The flight was originally $178 looking at this app but it told me to wait for it to go down a little more and I did not mind having more time to book so I waited. A month later, it was two days from the date that hopper said prices would stop lowering, but they had done nothing but rise to $288. I waited till the day that the app said they would be the cheapest, but they weren’t. I wasn’t going to wait for prices to go up more so I purchased my tickets through another site that was $40 cheaper than hopper’s lowest price anyway (kayak). Long story short, this app was a waste of time.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Hoda Abdelrahman

    Predict, Watch, Buy & Fly. Booking the cheapest flights is that easy with Hopper Save up to 40% on your next flight! This made-in-Canada app predicts the future of airfare. Watch your next flight in the Hopper app and get a notification as soon as the price drops to its lowest point. Never miss a deal! Users save on average $50 per flight by following the bunny’s advice. Know if you should book now or wait for a better price using the price prediction feature.

  • Hopper is a scam!!

    by raff2337

    We booked 4 tix to Ft Lauderdale on Hooper’s recommendation 4 days ago at $412 per ticket because they told us only 4 seats remained. Obviously a lie since the flight is now the fare is down to $299 pp. Will never use Hopper again.

  • Needs Airline Filter

    by wwwguy

    This app would be great except it doesn’t allow you to filter by airline. So for the millions of us frequent flyers who stick with a single carrier to maintain status, miles, etc the fare predictions are worthless since they include all other airlines you wouldn’t book on. Seems like such an obvious feature... honestly surprised it’s not already there.


    by FLClint

    In general, Hopper is the worst travel agency I have ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with. AWFUL!! Do not use!!

  • This app is completely useless

    by brogers1913

    I have been tracking a trip for 7 months on this app...Hopper told me to wait and now my trip is coming up in April and tickets are at the highest possible price. Don’t waste your time on this awful app.

  • Never got anywhere after trying to book about 40 different flights

    by SkyRating

    I started a day ago trying to book a flight and all I keep getting is “ sorry there is no seating” or “ error while trying to book your flight” so I give up and will delete this app and try another one. Also no customer service if you do have a problem. You can email them but good luck on getting a response.

  • Missing airport

    by Нишлија

    There's no option to choose a flight to Niš, and I'm often flying from Hong Kong(HKG) via Zurich(ZRH) to Niš(INI) with Swiss Airlines.

  • American Airlines

    by sweethershe

    My flight from Tulsa to Dallas was so uncomfortable, I was the middle seat and the individual that was on the isles took my leg space and the arm rest causing the trip to be uncomfortable

  • No se pueden comprar los vuelos

    by Yanira ross

    Es mala aplicacion

  • Misleading trip information

    by MadReem

    I booked a round trip from columbus to Vegas. When I booked there was only one flights connecting back. After checking I was made aware there would be 3 stops on the way back home. Had I known this I could of made another reservation. I did not plan on spending 12 hours traveling back. This company needs to make things more clear so people can choose accordingly.

  • Lucky I don’t sue

    by Breagan96

    This app and its creators are lucky I don’t sue them due to the fact of the money I spent on my flight and the flight magically disappeared and I was never informed of this until I got to the airport and then THEY had to fix and rebook my flights DO NOT GET THIS APP ILL TELL EVERYONE WHOS LISTENING

  • Cost me $300

    by Dan from Tinder

    I was booking a flight, and prices were at about $300. This app told me to wait, so I did. I got a notification a couple weeks later that the price was the lowest it would be— $600. I don’t know why I trusted this app, but I feel really stupid for doing so.

  • Not accurate but you know that.

    by Goody2Stilettos

    Really disappointed

  • Flying on my time

    by Anonymous Yve

    This is the first time I am using the app and have yet to book because I am currently testing the trip watch. But my first complaint about this app is that itself. I don’t only need to watch for the cheapest flight, I also need to watch for the time of day my flight must leave and or arrive. Hooper does not provide that feature so I am basically watching a price prediction on a flight that does not work for me. So if your flight time is imperative, then the price watch on this app is not for you.

  • Fake Fares

    by Jzegna

    When you try to book, it tells you “something went wrong” with no explanation. My card was charged 10 times so it was not the card. Went on the airlines’ websites and the flights did not even exist. Use a trusted app instead, not the new shiny thing to do.

  • Been a user for years..

    by Fbarraza91

    Have booked 1 flight through this app. But I feel this app is deeply flawed in predictions. I have noticed that one day It will tell me to wait until so and so, then the next morning it tells you to “BOOK ASAP” because prices aren’t going down! I think Google Flights does a better job at predicting. I basically still have it only to get notifications for trips I’m planning but not really 100% on going. For any other trip I book through Google Flights. Moral of the story is don’t use this app to book flights in the short term. If you see a good enough fare from Skyscanner etc. just book it. I would love this app to fix their predictions and maybe add a Multi City feature and I will continue to use it.

  • Odd suggestion

    by JayGeeEss

    I recently created a search for flights from Atlanta to Seattle. As an alternate I also tried Atlanta to Vancouver and Atlanta to Portland. I just got an alert that said “Because you searched forVancouver... what about Salt Lake City? It’s only $207 RT. That’s a great deal! “ Yes, that’s a great deal but it’s 700 miles from my destination. 🤔

  • Charged card no confirmation of trip

    by 8stp9

    Flight prices!!!! Charged card but no confirmation of trip Sent email to booking no response Waiting in limbo

  • Predictions + prices are wrong

    by Lilyc5

    I have to constantly compare prices with Google Flights because while Hopper tells me the cheapest price is 800 other sites tell me it’s 500. Not accurate

  • Push notifications not working properly

    by janmangus

    This app has good intentions but for some reason I don’t get notified when prices drop as it predicts. I have notifications fully enabled for the app. If I’m lucky I see the notification pop up and then immediately disappear from my Notification Center. I usually have to open up the app to discover that I missed a price drop, which is really frustrating. It kind of defeats the purpose of the app for me.

  • Terrible app

    by Cjames9001

    Signed up for several alerts and was never alerted of a better price. Looks like the app signed me out by itself. Useless app if it doesn’t actually inform you of when to buy a flight. UPDATE: Tried this app again, bad idea. Once again got NO NOTIFICATIONS at all. Prices for my watched flight is as high as they get now. Terrible app, DO NOT RELY ON IT!’

  • Aplicación con error

    by DJChinoPR

    Lo bajo y no me funciona problemas de server

  • DONT TRUST THIS APP ,False advertising

    by BbraveAmber

    1st review I’m writing because I’m just upset . First y’all spy on me cause the flight I’ve planned on taking pops up on my IG feed. Says prices Will be low . I get the app & they tell me to wait for prices to drop only for them to increase 😤😤

  • Never notified of flight cancellation

    by MsBobbi

    I’ve used this app many times to track reduced prices for international travel. I will never book through them again. One leg of my flight return flight from Lisbon was cancelled and I was never notified. My friend booked through Expedia and it was through her I found out the cancellation. When I called to inquire I had to tell them about the cancelled flight! To make other arrangements involves them emailing you an alternative (the person you speak to CANNOT change your flight) If you don’t agree to the rebooking they chose and sent you via email, the process starts all over. This is so inefficient, you end up with poor seats or no seats & increases your costs waiting. I’m going back to google

  • Don’t waste your time.

    by Samwell47

    Literally only spirit airlines and American. Enjoy trying to find any other flight, especially those besides spirit at a good price. You’ll have better luck searching southwest and delta websites or going to Expedia. Useless app pushing you to fly the worst airline.

  • Terrible app!!!!

    by True2u5

    Was told to wait to book flight, flight went up and up and up then received a notification saying book.

  • Prediction is all trash

    by Fnnnmhgrrgbvdd

    I saw a $280 ticket but didn’t buy it, cause Hopper told me to wait. Now it’s $454, and the lowest predicted price is $404. Just deleted this trash app. Stop wasting people’s har earned money to perfect your algorithm.

  • Unreliable

    by agev01

    I’ve tried to use the predictions to purchase flights multiple times. As a preliminary matter, no notifications as to a lower price or a higher price are ever received. When I look to see price changes, they are always higher, contrary to the predictions. Conclusion as to my experience: if you keep waiting as suggested by the app, you will pay a higher price, which is in no way warned by the app itself. The purpose as advertised does not exist or at least it has never worked for me.

  • Great concept, horrible delivery

    by drbeckyH

    I read a good review on Hopper somewhere and thought I’d give it a try for my round-trip flight to Kenya this summer. I predicted that flights would not be decreasing any, so I purchased it at over $1800 several weeks ago. Last week it sent me a notification indicating that the fare had dropped to $1500. And just now I got another notification that tickets are just over $1400. I don’t know how airfare to a place on the heels of a terrorist attack with more advanced notice can be more expensive than several weeks down the road, but then again, neither does hopper!!! DO NOT TRUST THEIR PREDICTIONS.

  • This app is a scam!

    by ChrRend

    Do not use this app. Not sure where all these good reviews are from. First started watching flight and prices for good times were around $200. Trusted app and waited for a better deal. When I was notified to buy for the “best deal” prices were over $400 for horrible flight times. Don’t trust this app. In response to the reply from Hopper below: I discussed my issue with a trusted friend and learned she was watching a flight to Iceland. She was experiencing the same issue as me. Luckily she stopped trusting Hopper and booked early. I have not heard positive reviews about Hopper from anyone I know. Do not trust the positive written reviews.

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