HOOKED - Chat Stories

HOOKED - Chat Stories


Bite-sized stories told as chat messages that will get you HOOKED!

3.7 Ratings 622K+ Reviews 10M+ Downloads
Bite-sized stories told as chat messages that will get you HOOKED!
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  • Jun 30, 2020

    By Yvng S3UCE
    I used to watch stuff on here all the time and I loved it but then it says I have to pay 19.99 a month! Like really! Why can't it just be free. Like you'll way more downloads and uses on your app that way, now I can't use the app thanks!! I really like this app but since u need to pay a subscription I can't use it.
  • I understand why they call it hooked! Aug 11, 2018

    By emily00sunshine
    These stories keeps you so entertained it’s unbelievable. I always find myself going to this app to read the next story. I also really like that some are a couple of “chapters” so it draws you in more to see what is going to happen next. There has not been one story yet that I haven’t smiled, chuckled or was shocked while reading these on my phone. I do not understand why people gave a 1 or 2 star review. Reviews are for how entertaining or good an app is, not to bash them for having to wait 15 mins to keep reading on. Honestly 15 mins isn’t that long, and if you really don’t want to wait, then pay for the subscription. Yes it’s $15 a month but come on people, this IS a business and they need to make money somehow so they can keep growing. I personally don’t want to pay for the subscription either so I just wait the 15 mins, it’s really not that bad. Honestly. I secretly like it because it forces me to put down my phone because I’m so hooked to this app! Thanks guys!

    By Skippitdydoda
    I just recently downloaded this app, and I was looking forward to making my own chat stories. I was already brainstorming ideas (I know, I’m a nerd)! But when I discovered there was no option for that, I went here, to the App Store, to investigate. I read some reviews, and I noticed that some people were complaining about the lack of making your own stories, and that they wished that option was back. Well, me to! I really wanted to have the freedom of writing my own thing for people to read and enjoy. I am pretty sure (from reading the reviews) that other people want the freedom as well. Bringing back the make your own story option would make my Hooked experience much more happy. I am only able to give three stars for no freedom of making chat stories, and the fact that I am a little salty about this change of what I thought would be a more creative and free app game (I digress, I digress). If the Hooked team decides to bring back the make your own chat story option back, I would be much more happy and delighted. Thank you!
  • This app is awesome Mar 18, 2018