Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek


Beware! The jungle holds new challenges for you...

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Beware! The jungle holds new challenges for you...
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  • Very great game Apr 23, 2020

    By Glitterbom🥳
    This game was super addicting and I love everything about it it is a five star game definitely. The only thing that I don’t like is two things one thing is the adds. The add issue got sooo bad that I had to buy no adds, Their is one thing that gets on my nerves. Once you got caught you can be free if someone frees you, I’ve waited ten minutes top for something to free me but you never now if every buddy has been caught or not and I doesn’t show if they are. It is a big time waister and I suggest that they should tell you if every one is out. That is everything and other than that it is an amazing game👍👍👍 the person who created This game please read this and fix that problem.
  • May 31, 2020

    By Aysha A
    Love this game 😊😊😊😊😊😊must try it 👍👍👍👍
  • A great game but.... Jun 23, 2020

    By kkijyh
    Dude this game is one of the best games ever but like, say you get caught. Well, someone comes up and saves you, but right when they touch the cage, 30 SECOND AD its so annoying. Another reason i gave a good game three stars is because the new update. I mean dude the doors are useless and it makes it so easy to get caught. And i feel like I’m playing with an AI!!! I also wish there was a chat. That would me so cool! And my idea for it is you press a chat button and a tiny box comes up and you speak into it like a mic and you say it in game. But honestly the old update was so nice!! And i have extra Money and when i get the three keys the only thing i get is cash! I don’t want any more coins cause i have so many and i keep on getting more and they are useless cause i have all the skins! I wish there was a ‘no thanks’ button on the chest thing, cause there you messed up. Thank you for reading this. I still recommend this because its such a good game but im just telling you what i dont like. Thank you for reading this (and if this is someone who makes the game, pleaaaase at least recommend doing it).
  • May 7, 2020

    By Elijah Hopkins
    Fun and hard
  • To many adds Apr 24, 2020

    By stranger_things_fan-___
    Every time you win and outfit do you have to watch an ad to clean it every time you finish around you have to watch an ad to play another these ads are out rages this is why I don’t download games like these and also on my first couple minutes playing I realize there were footprints so you can see where people are that doesn’t happen anymore I don’t see the little dust marks from when they step on the ground I think the foot prints are a good idea but I don’t like how long they last because sometimes I think that somebody’s walking because I see the foot prints but it’s just the foot prints last thing for way too long I don’t like this game for these reasons I feel like there should be bigger courses with a little more time. They should also have more clues to where people are like I said there were the dust marks were but there should be something else like when you get close to someone you can hear their footprints these are the reasons I’m going to delete this game but if it gets updated I might re-download it.
  • Annoying adds May 26, 2020

    By TheGamePlayer08
    I’m not one of those picky people who says you shouldn’t have to pay for no adds, just so you know, but I think it is really annoying that the adds pop up while I’m playing hide and seek. I can tell that some of the “players” playing with you are most likely bots. I think you should have real people playing with you. I hate that there are levels, and that it isn’t just a constant, live, ongoing game. It is also annoying that there are only about 40 skins. (That is just estimated, probably not the real amount of skins.) I also think that the Hide ‘N Seek maps, also known as area to hide from players and seek from players, should be a larger space. You should also be able to play with more than 5 or 6 people in the game. I am so sorry that this is review is so nit-picky, but the game would be more enjoyable to me and other people if those problems were fixed.
  • Fake af Jun 10, 2020

    By a random guy who rates games
    I’m not mad about the ads it’s not that bad but what their doing about it. First of all you play against bots that A: as hider only save you on accident and B:as seeker mainly go after you they catch the hider bots easily. Like I said the ads are not annoying but when get caught the timer stops and makes a big fat try again wanting you to watch an ad. But the thing that ticks me off the most is that when I checked the ratings most of the 5 stars had those names roblox noobs have, so then I thought and realized most of the 5 stars were bots because of the bad ratings. That’s why this is the most money pinching, stupid, scumy game to ever be made even games with floods of ads have the balls to put that many ads in the game but these people who made this were so scared of losing money they boted their ratings and the the only reason they didn’t do 1b bots is so the game looks real( worst game ever wouldn’t play even if my life depended on it).
  • Terrible ads. Too many ads. May 6, 2020

    By I just beat the game
    This game promotes its own similar games made by the same people-quickly produced and not unique. And worst of all, filled with ads. For a simple hide and seek game i really enjoy this game. Everytime you replay a level you watch an ad, when you play the next level you must watch an ad. When you win a skin you can either choose to watch an ad to unlock it...or watch an ad not to. Either way you will watch an ad, and most likely it will be about their other ad-filled games. Some ads last 10 seconds, others at 30. I deleted the game after furstration with the advertisements. Do they want people to play the game or do they want money from veiwers on their ads? I doubt this game will ever be updated or fixed, they will most likely begin working on their next ad-filled game.
  • Adds and more problems Jun 17, 2020

    By harley 👁-👁
    Good game but why so much adds? And on my levels, I can’t change my name and instead I have to watch a add and the add wants me to get invisibility but I watched the add but it’s still there. I tried refreshing my page but still did not work. Please fix this problem. Next we have adds. Why so much adds? It deletes the fun in games when the add are to annoying. This is a bad thing in my eyes. Please fix this problem. Last every time I lose, I can’t like revive or get invisibility. It makes me restart and if I don’t pass on the third time, It logs me out the game and I go back to my iPads home screen. So please also fix this problem. Thank you for reading! -Harley