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Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly, Inc.

Correct your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in any app as you type.

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61.7% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • It’s difficult to rate

    by thanks for tracking!

    I am not fond of apps that require to see everything I type and that security of my privacy is one of a few reasons I paid the extra for an iPhone. I am not able to get a full, if at all experience, with this app because of that requirement especially requiring it after I just read about apples new extensions they put out so that apps like this one wouldn’t have need for it. Otherwise I have yet to notice a difference other than being given an annoyance every time I type so that they can tell me time and again that the app requires full access to my phone so it can work. I give it a three because aside from my concern of my family, and myself, for our security privacy and peace of mind as we use and share the same phone I am otherwise indifferent as I did not get a chance to experience the app to its potential. I am uninstalling this app and looking for some other alternative to help my SIR in recovery of his brain aneurysm as he has had a huge problem with spelling and finding (in writing) the words he needs to get out what he intends to say. Siri has been a good tool but I feel he needs more. Plus I don’t know what happened to hey Siri on my phone so he can ask spelling questions to the phone rather than wait for me to get home from work.

  • by Graham Lambert

    I rarely write reviews, this app has changed my life. I have gone from being a reluctant writer of emails, text messages to someone who is posting this review. Grammarly is the foundation building my confidence, improving my writting far beyond any other product I have used. Being Dyslexic, I have all my life been reluctant to expose myself as such. Grammarly has enable me to have a proof reading looking over my shoulder, guiding my writings whether a simple text, email, or document Fantastic

  • Please Keep This In Mind!!

    by Wawawaaaaa

    These keyboards can access all of the data you type, including bank account and credit card numbers, street addresses, as well as other personal and sensitive information. These keyboards may also access nearby text or data, which is useful for improving autocorrect functionality. If you enable Full Access, developers are permitted to access, collect and transmit the data you type. In addition, if the third party application containing the keyboard has your permission to access location, photos, or other personal data, the keyboard can also collect and transmit that information to the keyboard developer’s servers. If you disable Full Access for a third party keyboard, and then re-enable it, the keyboard’s developer may be able to access, collect and transmit what was typed while the network access was disabled. If you do not enable Full Access, developers are not permitted to collect and transmit the data you type. Any unauthorized collection or transmission of this data without your permission would be a violation of their developer agreement. Furthermore, there are also technical limitations in effect to prevent unauthorized access. Any attempt to defeat these limitations would also be a violation of their developer agreement.

  • Grammarly is great but please make some developments •PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING•

    by Mermy80

    I'm my experience with Grammarly, I have been using it to type messages and sometimes when I type names, it changes it to a different one. My friends would get confused so I just wouldn't use Grammarly for texting. Another thing I have issues with in Grammarly is that it tries to put my separate words into ones together. I was typing my review and it put the words ”with and in” together. When I put commas in between my sentences sometimes it says I'm wrong and I'm not. It is not like my reading class which actually gives way more information than Grammarly. I'm sorry if you feel offended but I just think you need to make some improvements. Otherwise, of my issues, I give this app/keyboard a 👍🏽. It is a great app and I hope you make some developments to help me with my problems. I don't want you to get mad so please don't. I'm just telling you what you can make improvements on so you can make your app better. Please respond to this and thank you for making this great app.

  • Decent grammar correction, but sometimes inconvenient

    by dfoverdx

    As someone who judges people for poor grammar, I judge myself even harder when I make stupid grammar mistakes. Grammarly keyboard goes a long way to preventing those so that my self-righteousness remains intact. For this, if rate the app 4-4.5 stars. However, there are some features missing that make using the keyboard inconvenient compared to iOS’s default keyboard. For example, I would like to set the default quote and apostrophe characters to be those found on a normal computer keyboard (" and '), rather than the stylized/slanted characters that you would use when writing something by hand (“, ”, ‘, and ’). Another missing feature is the prevent-autocorrect-from-occuring checkmark button in the predictive text buttons that iOS’s keyboard has. This requires you to press spacebar, allow the autocorrect to occur, and press backspace to undo it before going on. If you want to change the word rather than undoing the autocorrect, pressing backspace does not remove the space when the autocorrect is undone, so the cursor is not where you would expect it to be. The missing features’ added inconvenience isn't enough (yet) to dissuade me from using it, but it is frustrating, so I'm rating the app 3 stars. I've added both of the approve issues as feature requests, so it is possible (or likely) these inconveniences will disappear shortly.

  • Good for some, not for others

    by ¡Rachel!

    Overall, Grammarly is a nice app for typos, word placement, and sentence correction. It works best with small emails and projects with little information to process. However, it has some kinks that can be worked out. For Ipad/Iphone use, when I check my whole 5 page book chapters, Grammarly doesn't fix anything, and will tend to crash. I have tried re-downloading. It doesn't work. If you're looking for spelling, this app is an option. If you're looking to help odd sentence structure and writing in general, I suggest look for another app. Grammarly suggests a few ways to edit sentences like adding a word or comma, but doesn't offer alternative sentences, word replacement, etc. I do love the keyboard layout, I just wish this was easier to use. I had a lengthy process just to install a keyboard that doesn't work. My computer wouldn't accept the application.

  • by Jessalyn Biggs-Penton

    i love this program but the keyboard for my phone has a couple kinks. For example, it no longer auto-capatalized "i", so i have to click the recomendatiobs at the top before i send any messages to make sure that the I's are capatilized

  • Shame

    by shame shMe shame jahdhdhgrudh

    I’m so disappointed pointed in the grammarly app and the developer needing full access to what I type to use the full functionality of the app. I know this is common practice but I’m also starting to realize apple supports this type of piracy and is a witting accomplice in this unnecessary trend. If apple truly cared about my privacy they would ensure developers didn’t place you in a compromising position for using apps that would truly help improve certain aspects of your life without the need the need to know what I’m typing, bank account numbers and all manner of critical information that doesn’t make the app perform better. I’m ashamed of both the developer of grammarly and apple for supporting this type of behavior.

  • Needs dark mode feature native theme; swipe to text

    by Ƀøħёṃöṭħ

    This could easily be one of the best apps if, it had swipe and a dark mode feature or (native) which means it would go back in forth from whatever your phone background is, which is usually dark–white. Little adjustments to this app. It would be perfect for the user. So with adding, swipe, and a native theme, or dark mode for people who want it. Or for those who just want the native-like my self, to switch from dark to white; visa versa this app would most definitely be a 5–star app. However, since it doesn't have those two features on the app it. I would have to give it 3–stars. C average app, although it is great for grammar that is solely the whole purpose of this app. Has great word prediction. Phenomenally made just needs a few tweaks, here and there; it will be a 5–star app.

  • Magical

    by Jose1950

    Josey86 describes this keyboard as worst than anything out there. Well, I don't understand it. Is there an extra star to put it? I want to give 6. Clearly exceeding expectations. This keyboard is made for non-native English-speaking professionals. Which, this is me. I learned good English through my long life and can say my learned English is well above average. After working two months using this keyboard, the quality of my reports is improving faster. My weakness is accuracy (I need a small paperback English handbook on my side all the time) Saying that, this is the closest to a Magic act I've ever seen. Just an example: for non-English speakers, there is always confusion between disease and decease; device and device, advice and advice, etc. There are so many ”close calls” that your brain will never be able to catch. This corrector works in context. If you are a native speaker, and you write above average advanced English, don't use it. For the bunch that must work in the USA and has no time to follow the additional training, Grammarly is the way to go. By the way, I need this in French, Portuguese and Italian. For Spanish it will be an annoyance.

  • by Denis Adshead

    Needs a couple of features but not bad. I wish you could select from a list of potential replacement words. For example, "luke" could be like or Luke but it doesn't give me a choice. Also, needs Swype feature - but you know that!

  • Age Of Oh No Not My Piracy Privacy Privy Privileges!

    by Sugar & Scam

    I love the Grammarly apps for Firefox and Chrome. Honestly, though, I only downloaded this to write this review. To all of the illiterate nuts that want, love, need, and use this app, but feel the need to whine about ”privacy” concerns and how the app requires full access, please shut up. Stop trying to hide behind fake privacy features in the millions of convenience apps we've all become addicted to using on a daily basis. Stop being shady enough to need to hide that much. We use these apps to make our lives easier to manage (or easier to ignore), but we're worried about being important enough that someone else wants to be that deep in our business. Oh ok...

  • by Soren Love

    My expirnce with Grammarly is pretty good, I gave you 4 stars beacause the keyborad keeps going down even with network connecrion like now... If you fix the network porblem ill gladly give 5 stars and the spell check isnt picking up anything i misspelt and done wrong putionaltion throught out this reveiw and nothing...

  • Awesome On Computer, Needs One Thing on App

    by Mina Bobina

    So as a college sophomore, I’ve used Grammarly for my papers, and I’ve also used it to store my creative writing. It’s awesome for helping you write, especially on the Premium version. And I have the iPhone app for Grammarly Keyboard, but I want to see one thing on the app: transfer of my documents from PC/Mac to Android/Apple products. As I’m on the go, I don’t always want to carry around my laptop to work on documents, and don’t want to invest in a tablet when I could edit my documents on my phone the same way I could with Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If Grammarly can offer a Drive or Docs app feature in the near future to edit documents on my phone or a tablet for other people, I would 100% recommend Grammarly to everyone.

  • by Dudley Richardson

    This app catches a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors but not all. My biggest disappointment is that there is no word prediction. A blend of Grammarly and SwiftKey would be excellent.

  • by Tawanna Gayflor

    This app catches a lot of my mistakes. I like that one prescription allows me to download it to my phone, laptop, and desktop. It corrects my text, emails, facebook messages and more. I'm in college online, it checks my papers for plarizsim, grammar and misspells before I submit them. I'm averaging GPA score of 3.89. I love Grammarly!

  • by Rebecca Ballard

    I love Grammarly. I was one of those kids that did take school serious, even in grade school so my grammar is horrible. Thanks 💜 to Grammarly I'm learning. Back in those days they (school) past you to the next grade because they could. 😒.

  • by Kamran Siddiqui

    I just have a couple of issues with this keyboard, firstly there is no glide typing and secondly even the short keyboard height is too tall for me, everything else is awesome... Although I would alsolov to have gboard like custom theme option where I can set any imageas the background of the keyboard, but that's not the prime issue here

  • by personalwellness services

    I like to use Grammarly because I have problems with spelling, grammar also punctuations I find it works well but sometimes I have to edit it. I am an English student I also like to write. The Grammarly makes it easier for me to get my message out

  • by Iftikhar Khattak

    This is a good app, but one thing is its keyboard should be like general as of Samsung where you can change from english to urdu whenever you want & need. So, it would be better if its keyboard gets all the requirements the Samsung keyboard has.

  • It's Awesome, But Emoji Integration Would Be Great

    by DominatorMar

    You probably won't read this, but I have a couple of things to say. Firstly, I am typing this using the Grammarly Keyboard, and it has already corrected numerous typos and mistakes I have made. Secondly, I think it's a really a really great keyboard that has both fantastic form and factor. Finally, the ONE thing that I could think of that could be fixed would be Emoji integration like Gboard. I think adding an Emoji button would really step up your keyboard, instead of having to use the Globe button and selecting the Emoji keyboard. My case is closed.

  • I love this app! But...

    by TXIJIA

    I have never written a review before, but this app needs one. In my opinion, Grammarly on iPhone doesn't work as well as it works on my MacBook. I often have a hard time trying to type anything on my phone without looking at the Grammarly keyboard. I only use this keyboard when I have to write anything more professional like this review. Here are some things I do not like: 1. The keyboard checks for mistakes very slow. 2. Apple keyboard is easier to use and better at learning the way I type. 3. Grammarly keyboard is not very good with names; it tries to change names to words.

  • Update

    by ansleygreer

    I have given this app five star reviews a few times, and I will continue to do that. As someone who used before the app, I know it's potential. I know it can be better and have fewer bugs, but so far its only gotten worse for other users. If it's possible, make it so that users can paste text into the app, fix the errors, and then copy it again. There's so much that could be done to make this easier to use. Hopefully, there will be sections to show what your writing type is just like the app.

  • Could use a little fixing

    by Good App, Bad Bug.

    I would give this app five stars if it did two things that it doesn’t (or if it at least did them better) This app barely fixes comma mistakes. I decided to test the app so I purposely put a comma in a random place that a 5th grader should be able to figure out that it shouldn’t be there. The app TOTALY ignored the illy placed comma. Which makes me rage... one of the main reasons I got this app is because I struggle sometimes to know where and where not to put commas. Second, when I click the green button to correct everything it will only let me fix two things at a time. Which also drives me crazy! If I’m trying to edit something really long it takes forever. If you could just fix these two things I would love this app! (I’ve even talked it over with a friend I have who has this same app. She says she doesn’t have these problems. So I’m not sure what to do. I even deleted it and downloaded it again to see if that would fix my issues. It didn't.)

  • Glitchy + disobedient

    by April Cage

    I usually write long essays on my phone with the regular keyboard, and then when I’m done, I turn on Grammarly so it can correct my mistakes. But the thing is when I click the G on top of the keyboard, it starts deleting all the options for my mistakes. If I click on an option, it either doesn’t do it or the app makes the app I’m using crash, so I have to start over, which I am NOT happy about. I know for a fact that it’s not my phone because my phone is one month old and it happens on my friends’ phones, too. It’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine that I’d recommend fixing if you want me to go back to using your app.

  • Best app on market, no close second

    by RobertSteel54

    I am always receiving jokes from friends, stating as a Harvard student, how come I do not understand grammar, and also I am a weak speller. Recently bought the app for my office computer, it is entirely different in that it requires a past cut clipboard intermediate step. I would expect in time, an upgrade to run in the background on all apps as it does in IOS apps. Best purchase I have made in several years, I would give it a ten on a 1 to 5. No more jokes on grammar or spelling. Mybexcysecalways was I skipped that class.

  • Privacy needs updating.

    by UNC00KEDT0AST

    I have been using the desktop version for some time so I figured I would try the mobile version. Well... while it works and it does provide insight and help it also requires you to give it full access to anything you type. This means all credit card info, addresses, phone numbers, etc. I am not comfortable with a company having all of this information readily available. I will not be using this app anymore. Overall interface works, no issues with connectivity or lag, and it’s a simple design. Yet I can not get past the privacy issue.

  • Can’t sign in and no number

    by narkie88!!

    I can’t sign in other than from my laptop! I paid for a whole year membership and I can’t sign in through my phone! Keeps saying email or password doesn’t match and I know it does I even changed my password to make sure It was a spelling error and still says I can’t log in! I’m looking at it on my laptop right now and i have the correct info and i have no one to ask! Ok support says it will send me a link via email, how does that help me on the phone and the app? Omg it was my email was missing one letter I'll test it and come back to leave a review

  • Conduct Business With Confidence!

    by blitzschwantz

    This keyboard app is my introduction to Grammarly, the company. As such, I had no expectations regarding its functionality. If it was able to assist me at all with spelling and punctuation it was going to be a winner. This keyboard delivers in both regards. If you use your phone for business correspondence, I think you'll find this app is a necessity. My wishlist for this keyboard would be boosting its speed in all aspects and making the color match the elements of the app you're working in (dark mode).

  • Thank you

    by Klaydoe

    This is the first time of me writing a review for any app that I've used but this one I must say is the most useful especially where I want to end up in the future I wanted to learn better grammar and this is the best way for me right now because of I text mostly and when it corrects my mistake I look at them and study it so that I can learn not to make the same error and I know I made a couple of them writing this but I'm learning at the same time how to correct it

  • It’s great for me

    by 24k google

    Some people say it’s annoying for texting which ye it is which is why you don’t have to use it. For me though my grammar is really bad and I like to write. It’s not a good combo. When ever I write something I sound very uneducated. Grammarly was great because I would type a long thing up on the regular keyboard land then switch to the grammarly keyboard and pressed the big green G that scans Theo whole page of text and shows you all the mistakes you’ve missed. So definitely get this!

  • Great app, if you have the desktop edition you need to try this.

    by Gav Hern

    I have been using the google chrome extension for Grammarly for a while now when I found out that I could use this on mobile I was incredibly excited to try it out, it works amazingly and is way better than apples provided autocorrections and even shows you what changes it makes to your writing. The only thing I would like to see is an easier way to add emojis, you can switch to the emoji keyboard easily but it is a bit inconvenient.

  • Needs a slight improvement

    by meganwithabook

    I enjoy using Grammarly as I am still horrible at spelling and grammar, but this keyboard is blindingly bright! The color needs to be darkened back down to the Grey used by Apple, and it also needs to have a dark mode version for all the apps that now have dark mode available for their users even on mobile devices. I find sometimes a black or dark background with white text actually provides more of a contrast and is easier on the eyes. Please take this into consideration!

  • About the grammar App

    by Mr.2Good

    I overly love this app because sometimes when I'm typing super fast or not paying attention! Grammar App catches every single detail that I left out or may need. I always try to stay in the professional setting and when I write or text I still want that professional setting to reflect that ”ok he writes with a sense of clarity”. I want people to be sure of what I'm implying instead of being not sure, so thank you grammar app for being awesome.

  • Just needs 2 things for perfection.

    by itsheysin

    I love this keyboard so much I just got it on my iPhone but have been using it on my iTouch. Spell check is phenomenal but could really really use the swipe text function and please include an emoji search. This keyboard and the goggle keyboard are my favorite ones but the thing I love about googles is the swipe text and the ability to type and search emojis instead of scrolling and searching for them. Please I hope my review reaches out and I hope you are able to include this.

  • Nice!

    by SuperWolfyGamer

    I love this app,especially being in school and having to write essays! I don’t have many complaints that would make you change your mind on getting this app,yet I do wish their was a way I could take a picture of my writing on a piece of paper and it telling me what is spelt wrong,what sintince uses incorrect grammar,etc... If you are reading this comment to see if you should get this app then please take my word for it,it is a huge help and can help with writing anything...almost.

  • Well Designed

    by akarp

    I do a lot of typing on iOS devices. After a week of trying out Grammarly basic I have found that embarrassing mistakes have pretty much gone away. It integrates well with iOS for my typing style. Unfortunately, Grammarly does not integrate the split keyboard option for thumb typing on my iPad. Consequently, I tapped the globe to switch to the iOS keyboard to write this review. Hoping that Grammarly finds a way to offer the split keyboard option for my iPad. Admittedly, most of my typing is on my iPhone.

  • I suppose it fulfills its purpose..?

    by Iconapop73

    It's a good app, though it could be great. The spellcheck is wonderful, and the autocorrect is awesome, too (although at times, it doesn't do its job). The only problem is, If you're attempting to use the Grammarly keyboard for long paragraphs beside what you would write on average— it's not so good. I would love if it could show you where you need to place commas, periods, and all punctuation in general. This would make the app excellent. I really look forward to seeing the app improve in the future, as I've said before, I believe it can be great.

  • 3DTouch

    by That One _Guy

    I noticed there's a slight problem with using Grammarly Keyboard with the iPhone 3d touch feature. When you try to move vertically between lines with 3d touch, it does not work. However, it allows you to use 3d touch to move horizontally. If you move horizontally all the way to the end/beginning of the sentence, it will move up/down the line. I wish it would just allow you to go vertically with 3d touch as well as horizontally at any spot within the sentence.

  • Great Keyboard, Will There be Other Features?

    by Vianca E P

    I love the keyboard! But I do miss the feature on the desktop app, where Grammarly has an internal memory with your projects. The site on mobile doesn't seem to direct you to them. I'm wondering if there was a plan to make it on mobile? Especially since I'm not able to carry my laptop everywhere I go and want to work and school essays and things like that.

  • To “thanks for tracking!”

    by BridGirl99

    (Love the app) Hey, just so you know, the only reason they need to be able to access what you are typing is so they can correct your grammar and spelling, etc. it has nothing to do with spying on you or taking your information as doing so would be highly illegal. I have grammarly on all of my computers and my phone and it has never given me any security issues. Hope that helps! Brid.

  • Kept it simple yet powerful.

    by docforven

    This keyboard has saved my grammar life on numerous occasions. It makes staying grammatically correct even when typing with the limitations of a digital, phone keyboard a breeze. I also like that it will check your spelling and for some words ask you if it's a new word or a real word just spelled incorrectly. The ability to add words to the dictionary quickly is a lovely feature.

  • Grammarly doesn’t work with external keyboards


    Grammarly doesn’t work with external keyboards. Some third-party keyboards present their special extra row at the bottom of the screen, even when an external keyboard is connected, causing the main software keyboard to be hidden. Grammarly doesn’t support this, so you can’t use its on-the-fly corrections with a hardware keyboard. INSTEAD, you then have to disconnect you keyboard and then go through at the end and edit everything with Grammarly’s suggestions instead of in realtime. It is quite annoying.

  • Enjoyable

    by Chellie's Jewel

    As with any grammar helper, you must have a basic knowledge of grammar to survive. Grammarly is helpful for the crunches when I get stuck. Examples of some helpful hints... When writing a sentence put the subject first. ”Jack chopped down dad’s favorite apple tree,” Megan told me with shock and horror on her face and in her voice. . You would not put Megan told me, because she is not the character who chopped down the tree Jack did and do NOT put the apple tree first. The tree belonged to dad but he is not the subject of what is happening. Do not put the narrator first because they are telling the story. This is where Grammarly could do better. I'm glad to have Grammarly but it is not Microsoft Word. If I could change anything here I would ask they work to rival Microsoft Word.

  • Text error

    by Drew breton

    This is a wonderful app and have been recommending it to everyone i know, however, there's a slight error when using it to text, you see it likes to carry over the last word from the previous message, i have not noticed it jump from more than one conversation, but its the only problem i have and is to small to cause any damage. 9.9/10

  • Worth it!

    by Vic_Boricua

    The app works just as well as on the website and the chrome extension. Contrary to what someone posted about full permissions allowing the app to see all your private information; these permissions do not allow the app to steal or view all your info. The application needs full permissions to work within all your phone apps and input formatting changes. The app is great!

  • App is nearly nothing like the website.

    by RazeAndChaos

    The app is a lot less user friendly than the web site. It you have anything less than a large iPad or tablet it is nearly impossible to use the app correctly. It automatically scans for mistakes WHEN YOU TYPE. I don’t need it for when I am typing I need it for the finished product. If you made it to where you could copy and paste into a box and check it the app would be much better. Nearly useless as it is.

  • Great app

    by Livliv54

    I love this keyboard and I use it with a lot of my writing. I just wish it could detect inconsistencies in tenses or point of view. Also, sometimes when I type ”were, ” it turns into ”we’re” and won't change back. This sometimes happens with other words as well. Those are the only two things I don't like. Update: I'm liking this news of turning off the completions feature. Looking forward to try it out.

  • Access to grammerly on the internet via iOS

    by Cgreggm

    I work on the go and do not have access to word documents on my phone as it clogs up storage. It would easier to access all my Grammarly documents that I have saved on the website on my phone, however instead it directs me to us in my apps instead. Yes I am hang the keyboard to wrote this. It is been helpful at an expert level for practicing for my job interviews and I thank you for that!

  • The Dealbreaker

    by Keely Maltby

    I like so much about this keyboard, it's knowledgeable, it tells you why they're offering the correction, you decide whether it not use it. Grammarly adds your words to the dictionary so you don't have to hassle with frequently used nicknames /inside jokes every time you use them. Here's the dealbreaker, there is no voice recognition (VR). With reluctance I must return to my previous keyboard. When/ if Grammarly offers VR, believe me, I'll come running back!

  • I can't type anything!

    by needforsleep00

    Hi this is Abby, im in the middle of class so I can't type much but I just have to say that the grammarly keyboard had been glitching out lately, when I type something and the spelling is perfect, it tries to change something that is fine, two words like "for you" will end up like "for yofor" when it tells me to spelling correct "for". This needs to be fixed please, your computer software is fine, but the app really needs to be worked on. Thanks, Abby

  • Total access nightmare

    by goldengatetlc

    I got a very detailed message from Apple warning me about the all access functionality. Without granting it full access it won’t work, and the app tries to send you to settings to change the access. Please read what all access can enable; sharing with 3rd parties, storing information on their servers and more creepy spy stuff. In a world where one needs to worry about hacked phones, this is the feature that made me decide to take it off my phone.

  • Good but not great

    by ToveFrye

    I like the app, but I am surprised by what it can approve as being correct sometimes. It approved ”Sid too forget to take it?”. (It was supposed to say ”Did you forget to take it?”). I have noticed things like this on a regular basis. It also tries to put words together sometimes. Or maybe it's an issue with the space bar not working optimally... But, it's still a better keyboard than the keyboard that is in the cell phone from starters. Hoping the app will improve a little.

  • Great app but

    by jabow1234

    I love Grammarly and I credit them with raising my grades in college. I use the paid version. I love it on my computer but it is slow on my phone and iPad. Also, and this is a big deal for me, I can’t get to my saved Grammarly apps from using the web browser version from my phone or tablet. When I try to browse to my online documents I am redirected to a page that tells me how great the IOS keyboard is. I don’t care how great the keyboard is, I need access to my documents.

  • Good keyboard

    by Ghosts Are Everywhere...

    Great keyboard! It is really useful! One critique would be to allow the user to access their grammarly documents, like they do on the computer. There has been many times when I have needed to write something down in Grammarly, but due to not having a computer, I have been unable to do so. I believe that adding this feature will boost your downloads and make it much for popular

  • Superior error detection...with a privacy risk

    by Argelius1

    Grammarly is definitely superior to the native keyboard in detecting spelling and grammatical errors. I like how the suggested corrections show up in the suggest bar even after you've typed past them. The downside is, obviously, the privacy risk by letting the company see everything you type, but this is true of any 3rd party keyboard. Suggestion for the iPad version: add a fifth row for numbers.

  • This doesn’t make my writing better

    by TheGreninja_Kid

    When I write a simple page-long paper about anything, I use the app to check for any errors, even non-existent ones, or maybe suggestions. That’s clearly what I expected from the app, but—maybe I did get some suggestions–but it doesn’t make my writing better, it just mushes two words together instead of fixing the errors. I don’t know if it’s me, or the app, but this needs to be fixed.

  • Impressive

    by VerucaVee

    I just downloaded the app and I am extremely happy with it. I hate noticing typos after I have already sent a text or put up a new post and with this app, I don't have to worry about it. This is definitely the best app I've come across yet. For all who have a hangup over grammar and punctuation, look no further. Your perfect app is here!

  • No keyboard for exchange email

    by Norcal JC

    I’ve been using Grammarly for over a year and love the program on my PC and text messages. However, I can not get Grammarly to work with my phone works exchange email and emailed support 3 times with no response. Also, it would be nice to have predictive text like standard keyboard and mic option. I always have to switch back to standard keyboard for these functions. If these functions or support responded would be five stars.

  • I Don't write reviews so I hope their listening...

    by That boi!

    Hands down the best keyboard I've ever used in which it actually has a purpose. **********I do have a request though, please get rid of that annoying green spinning ”G” and just turn the ”g” on the keyboard green or something. Also please add a dark mode or any less bright color than it is right now.

  • App works but it’s slow

    by EtherLegacy

    I ended up not using the keyboard at all. I got sick of how slow it is to spell check compared to autocorrect. Yes autocorrect isn’t a psychic and can’t always know what I’m typing but at least it actively corrects while I type. Grammarly seems to wait until I’m one typing to check everything. The active check isn’t as quick. Overall, I deleted the app and I just will stick with the native autocorrect functionality.

  • iPad Use

    by Pad for me

    I travel with my IPad and was hoping this app would allow me to access the web version to write documents. I was also disappointed when I connected my detached keyboard Grammarly is useless. There is an app for the IPad but it is only for settings and controls. I need the flexibity to use this app effectively. Those changes would make this a great app. Not everyone today carries a laptop everywhere. Most have a mobile device.

  • How useful Grammarly is.

    by love grammer

    Grammarly is the best proofreading keyboard ever. I wish the premium were free. For me, Grammarly helps me do my essay correctly. I use it every day. It has been helping me writing my VGC, for English, my paper or easy was on a Christmass Carol . One thing it needs that apple keyboard has is the microphone on the keyboard. And like on the computer version it needs synonym replacement.

  • Impressive

    by Silly_A7X

    I definitely consider myself to be a bit of a grammar nazi, I'm super picky when it comes to my (or someone else’s) grammar. Grammarly has corrected so much of the grammar I thought was correct. Not going to lie, it’s certainly impressed me. I honestly didn’t know about a lot of the stuff Grammarly has fixed in my writing. I've learned a lot.

  • It's great but...

    by Jawesomeswag

    This works as advertised and it works well, the only reason that I'm choosing not to use it is because it's missing the one key feature that I love about my current keyboard. It's missing the swipe feature that once you have you can't live without. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

  • Love the keyboard integration, would like standalone app!

    by tjalfredo

    Hey guys, I have been using this service for year's; I remember when it was only available on the website! I think you guys did a great job with the keyboard integration; you can use Grammarly in any app. However, I would like to see a standalone text-editor app available on iOS as well (similar to your desktop Mac app). Although the keyboard integration is fantastic, sometimes I think it would be easier to have a dedicated text-editor to show more info and suggestions. Anyways, please keep the updates coming! This service gets better and better.

  • It's pretty good

    by Awsome dud al

    I like Grammarly because when I'm writing a quick note to myself it corrects it so I can understand it better later. Like Grammarly is helping me with this review. On the other hand, it corrects EVERYTHING I type. Sometimes that's good sometimes that's bad. You wod understand. But if you don’t want it you can go to keyboard settings on an iPhone and turn it off.

  • Great app, but it needs some adjustments

    by Vitalities

    I would say good job with the last update the app feels smoother and more featured. You guys still need to implement few things before I use it as my main keyboard. You will need to add a button for emoji so it's easier to switch especially with multilingual users who have 3 keyboards. Another thing to improve is the app design for iPhone X, make the app color blended with the apple dedicated keyboard button. Also, an option to remove the language switch key in the keyboard for iPhone x users, since we already have one. All in all, the app is amazing and i will try adjusting to it.

  • Just about perfect

    by brianprince1

    The new version is really good. Adding the word suggestion - like in the Native keyboard - is a huge help. There are just two things missing: 1. For some reason, after the update, the ability to use my voice to dictate is now missing. The mic icon is gone. 2. This is more of a question... Does the new version learn lingo and vernacular styles like Apple's keyboard?

  • Love it!!

    by Grammarly!!!!!!!

    Grammarly is awesome! Not only does it fix your mistakes, but it tells you what you did wrong. I have to type almost everything for school. Plus, it's easy to download. And it's free. Some people will say the app is ”free”, but after a day of using it, it makes you pay money. Easy to use, free, and you can type with confidence. I would definitely download this app!!!

  • Good app but

    by resse2100

    This is a great app, and I'm signed up for the subscription. My issue is there is no customer service, no way to quickly look up your billing cycle. I like to see when I will be charged. I can't find it anywhere. I can't find a number to call, and I don't know which level of payment I'm on. It's extremely frustrating. I might have to cancel if I'm unable to resolve the issue.

  • Helpful

    by UnknownKat03

    Honestly this app is super helpful for simple essays I have to do, it’s easy and has always been a reliable source for my docs. The only thing that needs fixed is that the price for having the full apps potential is was to much for a freshman or any other class mate.

  • Undo button please

    by Crystal creepypasta

    This is a great app but who the hell doesn't put an undo button on a typing website/app. I am an author and I use Grammarly to check my story, but I just accidentally deleted an entire chapter and count undo my mistake. PLEASE put an undo button on you website, I beg of you, I've done this twice and the next time I'm just going to give up, throw my computer out a window, curl up in a ball and die.

  • Great grammar suggestions

    by Arukio

    I really like how this keyboard doesn't just recommend an autocorrect for the most recently typed words but instead recommends changes in grammar and spelling for everything you've typed. That being said, the 3 drawbacks from the google keyboard I've always used are: 1 Occasionally slower autocorrect suggestions 2 It doesn't seem as though it gets the autocorrect right as often as Google does. For instance, it recommended I capitalize google in the previous sentence but failed to recommend it for this sentence. 3 No Swype. Overall, I really like the keyboard and I'm torn as to whether or not I want to change back to google or keep it.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent


    A complete app for grammer

  • by Gary Schmidt

    awsome texting corrects my fat fingers lol

  • by marian Keith Johnston

    it does stop working while im in school or doing my papers since i bought the premium.

  • by abosge3 K

    it is apsotlotly asowem

  • by Rightful Place World

    Grammerly, thank you, you guys are awesome for coming up with this idea and making it a reality

  • by Gage Castillo

    keyboard could use more customization options.

  • by Mei Shin

    I wish it would work offline. . . and I have horrible spelling so much that I doesn't detect my wrong words probably cause it doesn't even know what it could be

  • by Hayden Spruell

    I like it

  • I like it, But at the same time I don't

    by plutoUpsetme

    Well, it is pretty good it does help with certain typos! But I got to say it will be more helpful if it has more language selection, for example, if it has Spanish will help to write proper Spanish to another person and not have all this mistake but the language selection is not all that. so Grammarly app should reconsider on the new update to add more language!

  • Perfect

    by Ematx2018



    by NaiOgamingtv

    I think everyone in the world should have this app ’cause it helps you with all your work assignments and S.As.I will never get a word wrong again!AND IM IN GRADE 5 😆 LOL

  • Great app just don’t type too quickly

    by NickTrips

    I really like how much this app does correct my horrible English skills. The reason I took one star is that if you go a little too quickly the app seems to over-autocorrect. I have been using it for over a year and each update has fixed an issue. So, I have confidence that it will only get better.

  • 👌

    by kiki870ok


  • Missing dictation capability

    by Duskydog26

    I would truly love this keyboard but it seems to get in the way when switching between my normal and my emoji‘s. I like using it because I can always check what I have written in the business emails and things like that. But it would be nice if I didn’t have to switch between the Grammarly keyboard and my normal keyboard in order to use dictation. I was solely use this keyboard if it had dictation through the microphone input like on the normal regular stock keyboard. Please add this function please. Because I am one of those people that can’t really type that fast so being able to use the dictation on my device has been miracles for all of my editorial work.

  • Amazing

    by vikylka

    Thank you very much! Excellent application!

  • Wonderfully made!

    by unitay445

    I love this app! In fact, I am using it to type this right now!

  • Good Service But Major Privacy Issue

    by Kevin X Dragon

    I have the software on my laptop and I love it. However, on my iPhone and iPad the app requires full access to get 100% of the features. With full accesses your basically give them all your info and pray to God that they don’t misuse it or get their database hacked by someone. The full accesses is complete unnecessary, because of the new update Apple made. With the new update the App should be able to provide all the features with giving it full access.

  • Mic missing is a -

    by Ahmad Farid Aria

    The app is not bad Some times the suggestion is not working And if you add a mic to the keyboard it would be a step forward, then it would be possible to compare it with other keyboards , Waiting to see the changes. Regards

  • Great app but I have some ideas to make it better

    by casperyana

    Grammarly is so easy to use it’s literally the best app out there for grammar and spelling it’s very useful and has its benefits the only thing I don’t like about the app is that it doesn’t capitalize words that need to be capitalized and I also don’t like how I change the keyboard it makes it a little harder to type but what I do like about it is that the . It is on the main keyboard so you don’t have to press needing to get a period this is very useful thank you so much for making this app I wish I discovered the app sooner. this makes it so much easier life it’s way better than Microsoft word. Grammarly finds things that Microsoft word cant which is very very helpful and fixes his sentences which is also good except for the capitalization I wish it would fix that and yeah five-star rating oh and one more thing I wish it told me where to put a period

  • Bit disappointed

    by Kiran2188

    I am using gramerly as a chrome extension from past couple of weeks and I am very much impressed with this. Thought of trying the same on cellphone, but I am disappointed as this does not have Glide typing. I am very much used to it. I will try it once again, if they release this feature.

  • Grammarly is 👌👍💯

    by Grammarly user

    Grammarly is amazing in fact also helped me write this sentence

  • Great idea, but...

    by wowzerswonders

    No gliding typing (dragging fingers to type in a millisecond like "Swype"). I don't know why all keyboards don't offer this ability. It's so much faster and easier. My favorite keyboard right now is GBoard.

  • Does its job but.....

    by aaopv

    I don’t see a “Mike” key/button. I do not type my texts, I dictate then go back to fix them. This app would be the best if it had a “mike” key/button. JMO

  • Invaluable app

    by hkearns1

    If your goal is to communicate in a clear and accurate manner, Grammarly is a must.

  • Kum’s

    by kumsuk


  • Thank you!

    by Luisolveram

    Amazing. My favorite app of 2019 so far!

  • Good tool to fix small mistakes

    by 💖Karly💖

    I really like Grammarly because it catches lazy mistakes like spelling errors, punctuation, etc. I like the fact that it is available as not only an app/keyboard for your phone, but I can also use it on a computer to type essays. The only problem is that it sometimes does not catch every little thing, but no program is perfect. Definitely a good tool for everyday use!

  • E

    by b5434343434

    Where are the new emojis at?

  • Keyboard very helpful.

    by sandyinolympia

    I have arthritis in my hands and limited control of hands. The keyboard seems to know what I intend to type. Thank you.

  • Thank you

    by kkhayhay4

    Thank you, Grammarly for helping me with my grammar even though u could be annoying

  • Everyone need this App.

    by Blain227

    I'm thankful to Grammarly for making me appear smart.


    by Ruckie Felix

    I seriously love This Grammarly, In Grammarly in the left down corner It says The things! I just LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVE how they did this a lot of people love this! But they just don’t want to write a review 10/10 Over 9k+ people love Grammarly! Have a nice day!

  • Takes all that’s bad about autocorrect and makes it worse

    by Jroe6352

    I love grammarly - unfortunately, despite what’s good about it, it takes all of those bad autocorrects that are a pain on the normal apple keyboard and amps it to 11. Did you mean to type an everyday word and get gibberish? Me either but it’s common here - I'm a die hard user on the desktop - deleted on my mobile.

  • Mistakes are NO MORE!

    by Triman30

    I am personally a mistake addict but after I got Grammarly I got fewer grammar errors and at times it helped my diction😊!

  • So amazing but needs improvement

    by I am a boy lol hi

    So this app is amazing! but it should out commas were they need to be.

  • Should do

    by amiya🤑🤑

    Read the sentence first Please and ty

  • Full access is necessary

    by Jon-Boy

    For any keyboard like this, it cannot see what you type, if you don’t allow it to. That is the entire point of these apps(especially this one in particular, while some others, the main purpose is elsewhere). This keyboard app is supposed to correct your grammar/spelling. However, it cannot correct your grammar if it cannot “see” what you write, and it cannot see what you write without “full access.” So, if you don’t want that, then don’t knock the developers for writing and making the software that they claim to be making. Also, just for the record, all of your information that you type is still going out online. When you put a credit card into a website, that info is sent out via internet, and collected through multiple parties regardless of what keyboard, software, or device you are using. If you can’t handle that, then go hide in a cave.

  • Great, especially for OCD

    by BabsStGeorge

    Yes, I have OCD, being careful to place my commas and semicolons correctly. But Grammarly eliminates those needs. I now have it loaded on my cell AND PC. You'll see a swirling green icon letting you know that it's working. I think it's great, seeing our culture trash our grammar, i

  • Best app ever

    by haschacksistersfan

    I love this app so much. Every time I'm texting someone for example and I spell something wrong it corrects it for me, it puts the punctuation for me, it uppercase the letter that is lowercase and it even tells me what word to delete because I either used it twice or it doesn't make sense in the sentence.

  • Difficulties with the app

    by Summer Price

    I do enjoy this app, it does exactly what it is supposed to. This app does have one problem I’ve found so far; it’s that it seems to randomly stop working. It will still be on in the settings but it no longer works. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to delete the app, re-download said app, then sign in again. Powering down the phone doesn’t help either, I’ve tried. So while I’ll admit to enjoying the app the problem I’m having with it keeps he from giving it a higher than 3 star rating. If this problem was fixed I would definitely give it a 4/5 rating.

  • Clunky

    by Brokenfixer

    I love Grammarly on my PC. Works flawlessly. The app is clunky. The keyboard does not register spelling mistakes fast enough. Also if you have on auto correct there is no choice to keep the word you have typed as the app will change it for you. The regular keyboard has it. Please implement that. Lastly, the Grammarly keyboard does not learn typing habits. I create a lot of strung together sentences because Grammarly doesn’t know when I’m at the end of my word and trying to hit the space button. I keep pressing “c” or “v” and making a sentence like “icranvtocthecstorecandcitcwascclosed”. It’s might be that I’m bad but I’ve used the app for two month and this is my biggest complaint.

  • Makes more errors than it fixes

    by myoukei

    First of all, I love Grammarly. I have used it since University to spellcheck my papers and personal writing. When I found that there was a version of it on the app store I was elated. That being said, as a keyboard, this thing is objectively terrible. This keyboard has a really nasty habit of deleting spaces when it replaces a word leading to astringofwordsthatjustconnect and its MAD ANNOYING. At that point in time, with the amount of time and effort it takes to undo, I might as well use the normal keyboard and spellcheck. Also, it's autofill is just a touch aggressive sometimes which then leads me to making fixes to ”mistakes” I only made because I clicked the space key after a word. Once it fixes these problems, i’ll gladly rate it higher. As of right now though, this keyboard is a time waster. I’d really rather prefer it as a spell checker addon or a mobile version of the desktop program though...

  • Even better

    by dot@level

    I can't believe how much it helps in my life and everything else is so good

  • Please 🙏

    by Hdtvfhbvf

    Russian keyboard ⌨️ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥺

  • I really like it but it needs some improvements

    by Shizuo03

    It's pretty accurate and the corrections are on point most of the time. I think is missing a dark theme that shows up automatically kinda like the apple keyboard and also swiping would be great.

  • Significant Bug on iPad Pro

    by YYY-YY-YYY

    After pressing the Grammarly button and correcting a mistake, the app swipes through all other mistakes and says there are none left. This does not happen when you dismiss a flagged word or sentence, only when you let the keyboard correct it. It’s incredibly frustrating to have to press the button for each and every mistake.

  • Perfect

    by Jg228900

    It's a good app it even helped me write this review! 😀

  • An issue!!!

    by seyyed somh

    Your application is so cool but I have a problem with it! I can't search names of my contracts with this keyboard when I want to send a message! Please fix the problem 🙏🏻 And thank you so much for adding emojis, it's so useful 👍🏻

  • Lose The Anorexic Font

    by LosAngeles90631

    Lose the anorexic font. Do extra pixels cost more $$?

  • Horrible

    by Ilovebasketball1234

    I could not type very well with this app plus my child wanted to type a message to her grandma and it wrote some very inappropriate words. Also please add dictation to this it would make it easier as well.

  • Swipe to type

    by Jalpeño

    I would really love to see swipe to type like the way Google's Gboard does it. I don't currently use the Grammarly keyboard right now and that's what it'd take to get me too.

  • Keeps getting better but still not perfect!

    by Thehnic

    Like the add of emoji but rather have seen dictation or swipe added to make this real competitors out they're today and allow me to use this all the time.

  • Grammarly please and dictation.

    by dictation needed!

    Please add dictation. This would save so many lives. If and when they add dictation I would definitely recommend it but until then I don't know.


    by Tijdfktkslopas

    Whoever was the man or woman who made this app is legendary! I’m super grateful of this app! One time I wrote a paper and I accidentally plagiarised. But my saving grace GRAMMARLY helped me!

  • Privacy warning:

    by branon l.

    “Allow full access required”...”may access past information such as bank account”... look, I really love this app and use it on my work computer, it truly is great, but it needs to know when when you’re dealing with banking, just like how the bank apps stop screen shots. Please fix this; it’s the only flaw!

  • I Really Need This!

    by LSTAUD8

    I have used Grammarly on my PC for a year and several months ago bought the app for my mobile devices. I use the Grammarly Keyboard on all of them and find the app to be extremely useful. I misspell on my iPhone all the time (actually I miss-peck), but more so as the day grows longer. It is when I text or email late into the evening when Grammarly earns its profs! Not only does it give me a choice of synonyms to avoid word over usage, but it also finds and recommends changes when U miss-edit and not change all of the modified text (the app is not perfect as you can see it left the ”U” when I intended to type an ”I”). I also recommend a final whole-document Grammarly edit before sending. This is done by placing the cursor ahead of the first word in the file and tapping the Grammarly G icon.

  • Best writing app!

    by pizzadonuts

    This app is really good I really like it. As I’m typing this, I’m using Grammarly. In conclusion I really like it, and really recommend it

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