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Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly, Inc.

Correct your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in any app as you type.

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  • by Mixl TV

    I'm typing using the keyboard right now lmao. First and foremost I've had this keyboard for a month now, and I can honestly say, it's best keyboard app out there. Grammarly learns words at your request, which is always nice. Amazing corrections and they aren't just words and punctuation, it can be entire sentences and phrasings. I have a Xiaomi RedMi Note 7 and I completely support this app. PS: The dark theme is really easy on the eyes. PSS: No swipe with this keyboard. It is what it is. Mixl.

  • privacy concerns

    by katsins

    So far, I actually like the app! it’s got great function and it works like a charm, similarly to the app on the laptop/desktop. This app would be greatly improved by two updates: allow the app to be used without having to grant full access to our information. Obviously, it is a huge concern for many others, including me, and I hope future updates allow the app to work without storing information. Secondly, I miss 3d touch functionality: it was a huge part of what I love about the original iPhone keyboards because it allowed streamlined editing and was versatile across the board. I guess if I must use it, I can always click on the globe icon on the bottom left corner to switch, but it’s a bit tedious, and I like having the function immediately available. I hope the Grammarly team is working towards at least reinstating the 3d touch functionality on the app, and I hope they’re taking this data privacy concern seriously. It makes a huge difference to consumers when their private information might be compromised, and having that option to not share their data at all beyond basic functionality will make this extension all the better.

  • by Bree F

    Very useful. Only complaints are now the corrected words sit on top of each other instead of layed out like before. There are some words I type the way I do on purpose and it won't let me bypass those words, so have to hit "correct" word and then go back and change it. There are a couple words Ive hit to add to dictionary, but it's ot retaining what I am asking it to retain. I like the new feature of emoticons popping up to replace words. I've had people complain less about what I text.

  • Welcome the corrections but...

    by billytaloha

    I’ve used Grammarly on my desktop and laptop now for over a year and appreciate the corrections and suggestions. I also like to see my weekly stats and review my most frequent mistakes. But there are at least a few recurring corrections that I don’t accept or disagree with. Most of the ones that I don’t accept have to do with context and business jargon that I wouldn’t expect the app to understand, so no big deal. But corrections that I disagree with the most have to do with writing times. Specifically where “am” and “pm” should sit after a time, i.e. “7:00am” and “7pm” versus “7:00 am” and “7 pm.” I prefer to write the time without a space between the numbers and am or pm. I also feel like that is common practice and accepted. I don’t know the specific grammar “rule” that addresses this, and I’m guessing that Grammarly is just following the rule. But I’d like the option of turning off this rule, because I think that without the space is the more common practice, especially in a business setting.

  • by Angela Cash

    Grest Keyboard. Makes you seem smart when your texting or posting. If you are ever in a hurry and need to type something quick, you might hit the S instead of the A.. this app asks you if you want to correct it.. so it doesn't automatically correct something you don't want to be corrected. I love this app!! I'm glad I made the download!!

  • by Qutous Aki

    Now i know this probably won't be seen but in the off chance that it does, Id like to say that i love the app and, mind you i have been with grammarly since the beginning and although i can't support them financially i stop love the whole idea and congratulate them. to my knowledge, is no glyde typing, i don't know if it's intentional or not but it's definitely something to consider, and the customization is lacking, no offense. But otherwise my favorite keyboard. wouldn't switch for another One

  • by Lizzy Huff

    I'm using this right now to type this review. I'm a frequent writer, and hardly ever use abbreviations so this was what I had wanted instead of auto correct. It works just like your normal keyboard—except better. It checks punctuation, grammer, word placement in text and spelling. I've had this as my sole keyboard for 6 1/2 months and have had no problems what-so-ever.

  • It's great but each new version sees performance dips

    by Mrlemmers

    I really like this keyboard actually, it does something even the stock keyboard doesn't really do. It has sentence predictions alongside of the normal ones. This really feels like a great alternative to the stock keyboard but with each new version it seems like the keyboard sees performance hiccups. With the current version, the keyboard seems to cause a delay when sending messages. The user presses the send button but then there is a delay before it actually sends. Not a huge issue, but it is something the stock keyboard doesn't do. Also, this keyboard does not seem to learn the way the user types similar to SwiftKey or the stock keyboard. Again not a huge issue, just the predictions are pretty much locked to what is in the dictionary already. You can have it learn words you type, just not the way you type.

  • Grammarly is great but please make some developments •PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING•

    by Mermy80

    I'm my experience with Grammarly, I have been using it to type messages and sometimes when I type names, it changes it to a different one. My friends would get confused so I just wouldn't use Grammarly for texting. Another thing I have issues with in Grammarly is that it tries to put my separate words into ones together. I was typing my review and it put the words ”with and in” together. When I put commas in between my sentences sometimes it says I'm wrong and I'm not. It is not like my reading class which actually gives way more information than Grammarly. I'm sorry if you feel offended but I just think you need to make some improvements. Otherwise, of my issues, I give this app/keyboard a 👍🏽. It is a great app and I hope you make some developments to help me with my problems. I don't want you to get mad so please don't. I'm just telling you what you can make improvements on so you can make your app better. Please respond to this and thank you for making this great app.

  • by Brooke Adkins

    I really like this app. It really helps me to make sure I'm spelling things correctly. I only gave it 3 stars because I feel like this should correct all of my grammatical errors. Such as, making sure I'm using correct punctuation, making sure I don't have a run on sentence, making sure I'm not over using commas, making sure I have the proper words capitalized, etc. Things like that.

  • Bluetooth Keyboards Limited - Some punctuation typing is inefficient

    by PennCCRN

    Overall, I like it although there are some issues that I find switching back to the built in Apple keyboard away from the Grammarly keyboard. First, I noticed that when using a Bluetooth keyboard the Grammarly functionality is not available. This is quite disappointing since I use my iPad to type quite a bit of material and by using my Bluetooth keyboard it negates the functionality of Grammarly and I can only use it if I’m typing it on the screen. Second, I have noticed that when typing and searching for punctuation marks it’s quite difficult to find the exclamation point which is only available after changing not one, not two, but three different screens. This is grossly inefficient when typing long documents as it slows the writer down quite a bit. Fix these things and I’d use it more frequently, I’ll reevaluate it over the next year and if not fixed I might discontinue my subscription. On plus side, I use it at work with Microsoft Office and it works great.

  • by Jair Diaz

    The App is great with all the new updates Grammarly has been putting out, however, the app can defintely be much better, they need to incorporate a way to be able to detect many more errors, especially for folks who pay for the app. I love the web version since on there I can pick what kind of granmar I want like essay, research, general, academic journal, etc. I would be great if that came with the mobile app.

  • it’s good..

    by unbreakablegabby

    It’s good, it’s not the best but it’s good. I hate how they want full access, that’s a little suspicious and sometimes it corrects wrong things (like if you write a whole story, it’s more than likely Grammarly will be wrong on 30% of your “errors”) Grammarly on the iPad is really bad but it corrects your obvious errors and there are some glitches for me on the iPad Pro, like when I want to add something to the dictionary it does it but the next time I go on grammarly it’s like it resetted. And I kind of hate how when you check your field and it doesn’t teleport to the part of the field it’s talking about, like it just stays wherever you were at. You’re staring at your keyboard the whole time and not looking at your actual text kinda It’s a great app on the computer and I’d highly recommend it for typing that way but on all devices, you should always proofread after you check the field bc it doesn’t correct everything like how you’d like it to. It checks a word based on the previous and the following. *DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK FOR PRIVACY CONCERNS*

  • Full access is necessary

    by Jon-Boy

    For any keyboard like this, it cannot see what you type, if you don’t allow it to. That is the entire point of these apps(especially this one in particular, while some others, the main purpose is elsewhere). This keyboard app is supposed to correct your grammar/spelling. However, it cannot correct your grammar if it cannot “see” what you write, and it cannot see what you write without “full access.” So, if you don’t want that, then don’t knock the developers for writing and making the software that they claim to be making. Also, just for the record, all of your information that you type is still going out online. When you put a credit card into a website, that info is sent out via internet, and collected through multiple parties regardless of what keyboard, software, or device you are using. If you can’t handle that, then go hide in a cave.

  • Great app but I have some ideas to make it better

    by casperyana

    Grammarly is so easy to use it’s literally the best app out there for grammar and spelling it’s very useful and has its benefits the only thing I don’t like about the app is that it doesn’t capitalize words that need to be capitalized and I also don’t like how I change the keyboard it makes it a little harder to type but what I do like about it is that the . It is on the main keyboard so you don’t have to press needing to get a period this is very useful thank you so much for making this app I wish I discovered the app sooner. this makes it so much easier life it’s way better than Microsoft word. Grammarly finds things that Microsoft word cant which is very very helpful and fixes his sentences which is also good except for the capitalization I wish it would fix that and yeah five-star rating oh and one more thing I wish it told me where to put a period

  • by Google User

    While the keyboard in itself isn't bad (and I appreciate that unlike other keyboard apps it corrects punctuation too), the keys are spaced further apart than I'd like and there is no easy, intuitive way to add unknown words to the dictionary. The former is a personal preference but the later is an essential feature of a good keyboard app and I'll be uninstalling this app until it is added. [Honestly I'd have much preferred an Android app that works similar to Grammarly for desktop but ymmv.]

  • Decent grammar correction, but sometimes inconvenient

    by dfoverdx

    As someone who judges people for poor grammar, I judge myself even harder when I make stupid grammar mistakes. Grammarly keyboard goes a long way to preventing those so that my self-righteousness remains intact. For this, if rate the app 4-4.5 stars. However, there are some features missing that make using the keyboard inconvenient compared to iOS’s default keyboard. For example, I would like to set the default quote and apostrophe characters to be those found on a normal computer keyboard (" and '), rather than the stylized/slanted characters that you would use when writing something by hand (“, ”, ‘, and ’). Another missing feature is the prevent-autocorrect-from-occuring checkmark button in the predictive text buttons that iOS’s keyboard has. This requires you to press spacebar, allow the autocorrect to occur, and press backspace to undo it before going on. If you want to change the word rather than undoing the autocorrect, pressing backspace does not remove the space when the autocorrect is undone, so the cursor is not where you would expect it to be. The missing features’ added inconvenience isn't enough (yet) to dissuade me from using it, but it is frustrating, so I'm rating the app 3 stars. I've added both of the approve issues as feature requests, so it is possible (or likely) these inconveniences will disappear shortly.

  • by Faith Gordy

    I love and rely on Grammarly in all of my academic writing! I would like to suggest an additional update on the Grammarly keybord to incorporate the control key. When using my tablet for writing assignments, the academic platform prohibits "copy" and "paste" unless it is applied by using the control key plus C or V. This forces me to use the upload document option instead. Thank you for your time!

  • I Really Need This!

    by LSTAUD8

    I have used Grammarly on my PC for a year and several months ago bought the app for my mobile devices. I use the Grammarly Keyboard on all of them and find the app to be extremely useful. I misspell on my iPhone all the time (actually I miss-peck), but more so as the day grows longer. It is when I text or email late into the evening when Grammarly earns its profs! Not only does it give me a choice of synonyms to avoid word over usage, but it also finds and recommends changes when U miss-edit and not change all of the modified text (the app is not perfect as you can see it left the ”U” when I intended to type an ”I”). I also recommend a final whole-document Grammarly edit before sending. This is done by placing the cursor ahead of the first word in the file and tapping the Grammarly G icon.

  • Ehhh

    by RussWong

    It works as it says it would, but there are some problems with the service. I'm not sure if it's just my device or whatever, but it keeps glitching out. For example, it would type something, like ”I did something.” Something would be continuing to the next line. But instead of typing ”did”, I would type ”fid”. It would autocorrect it but would make ”I” and ”did” come together. I would then fix it, but then it would autocorrect back to” Idid”. It was really annoying and took some time to get it back to what it should be. There was also a time when it said I had two things wrong in a paragraph I wrote, and I clicked in the tab to correct them. The thing was, though, it wouldn't fix it and the tab kept popping again and again and again. I feel that it's just a glitch, but just saying.

  • Privacy Concerns Not Reality Congruent

    by busnotepress

    If you don’t want your keyboard input sent through Grammarly’s servers, by all means, don’t enable keyboard access. In fact, don’t even download the App, because clearly, IT WON’T WORK if their servers can’t process your data. If you think there is a workaround for this, then my friend your cheese may have slid off its cracker. In addition, if this concept baffles you, you should very probably chuck your smartphone and/or tablet in the rubbish bin, as you clearly lack the resources to deserve the privilege of technology. Stick with a flip-phone and a hard copy of the ‘Manual of Style.’ I am taking a star off for the lack of external keyboard support, but perhaps that’s Apple’s fault. The workaround is to, after writing, disconnect the keyboard, switch to Grammerly, and recheck the text. Not ideal but it works.

  • by steve alwahan

    It's okay. Does a good job spell checking and suggesting. I haven't seen any grammar correction yet. and the only punctuation I get is the comma. see what I did there. started a sentence with "and" and it's not even capitalising the first word in the sentences. I'm using the app right now.

  • Good for some, not for others

    by ¡Rachel!

    Overall, Grammarly is a nice app for typos, word placement, and sentence correction. It works best with small emails and projects with little information to process. However, it has some kinks that can be worked out. For Ipad/Iphone use, when I check my whole 5 page book chapters, Grammarly doesn't fix anything, and will tend to crash. I have tried re-downloading. It doesn't work. If you're looking for spelling, this app is an option. If you're looking to help odd sentence structure and writing in general, I suggest look for another app. Grammarly suggests a few ways to edit sentences like adding a word or comma, but doesn't offer alternative sentences, word replacement, etc. I do love the keyboard layout, I just wish this was easier to use. I had a lengthy process just to install a keyboard that doesn't work. My computer wouldn't accept the application.

  • Grammarly

    by Mollykin77

    I love this keyboard, it has everything you need and if theirs is too much for you, their application has a settings option for you to choose whether u want an option or not!!!! So sooooo cool. If you don't want to autocorrect, just turn it to off lol, so convenient is also their own dictionary that you can except a name or what you might call slang terms, Grammarly would usually autocorrect, it will ask you if you want the name or slang word to be an exception for the dictionary, you answer yes and your good to go. Their after it will always allow that without automatically correcting you every single time you use it; over and over and over lolol. Like all other apps of this kind, I would recommend this application for everyone and anyone.

  • by Al ex

    I think that grammar check is more important for people with English as a second language. But this keyboard is useless for bilingual users since it does not support language switching (the option to switch to a different keyboard does not help). Please add more languages even without grammar check.

  • The PC Version is better

    by sincerelydisappointed09

    Hello! I’ve been using the Grammarly function on my computer for quite some time, so I decided to test it out on my phone—An iOS for those interested. I was extremely happy about the desktop, which is why I was understandably excited to test it out. When I got the mobile app, though, it was a disappointment for me. Whenever I would save a word to my dictionary, it seemingly disappeared the next time I went on. Along with this, it incorrectly changed a lot of things automatically, which took a lot of time to get something out. One of the functions I was most excited for—being able to continue the works on my PC through the app—wasn’t a feature at all. I understand that the app is just for the keyboard, but I ultimately think that an in-app writing area similar to the PC version would ultimately be good.

  • by Animejae Creative

    it's alright. I'm not saying it's good or its bad. I'm just saying it will tell me to capitalize certain words in the middle of a sentence when its not suppose to be capitalize them. But at the same time it will tell me what words don't go together and when to put a comma. It does help me. I'm a writer and currently trying to write a story and Grammarly helps. So I'm not mad but I'm not happy.

  • Used for three months

    by melbarre

    I have used this for three months on my laptop at home and genuinely really like it. I decided to install it on my phone. So far, the only real problem I have is ”manage personal dictionary”. I would like it to be able to include all the aspects, or characters, of the keyboard. For example, a running joke with my friends is Jim Carrey’s ”B-E-A-UTIFUL” quote. Grammarly doesn't recognize the word so it will either try to correct the word or ask if I would like the last part ”UTIFUL” put into my personal dictionary. Trying to put the word in myself results in an error as it does not allow characters. Honestly, I do not see any other problems with this app. I would recommend it, my friends and family.

  • Awesome On Computer, Needs One Thing on App

    by Mina Bobina

    So as a college sophomore, I’ve used Grammarly for my papers, and I’ve also used it to store my creative writing. It’s awesome for helping you write, especially on the Premium version. And I have the iPhone app for Grammarly Keyboard, but I want to see one thing on the app: transfer of my documents from PC/Mac to Android/Apple products. As I’m on the go, I don’t always want to carry around my laptop to work on documents, and don’t want to invest in a tablet when I could edit my documents on my phone the same way I could with Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If Grammarly can offer a Drive or Docs app feature in the near future to edit documents on my phone or a tablet for other people, I would 100% recommend Grammarly to everyone.

  • Sign Your Life Away

    by jaybird-gsu1989

    This is a great Ap. I have bought for all of the Clerical Workers in my office including myself. Improve your writing skills as well but I just came across something I find something very disturbing. It says if you check the box for full access you are agreeing to let them transmit any keystroke you make any where they want even CREDIT CARD ENTRIES. Does that mean they can sell your credit card number, does that mean they can use your credit card to remodel their office? Obviously not but it still scares me enough not to use it anymore until they can more properly explain exactly what they do with your info. These Aps never can seem to be specific about what do with it and that’s hard to understand when your asking to share my credit card info with anyone. Explain that and you would be 5 star.

  • Shame

    by shame shMe shame jahdhdhgrudh

    I’m so disappointed pointed in the grammarly app and the developer needing full access to what I type to use the full functionality of the app. I know this is common practice but I’m also starting to realize apple supports this type of piracy and is a witting accomplice in this unnecessary trend. If apple truly cared about my privacy they would ensure developers didn’t place you in a compromising position for using apps that would truly help improve certain aspects of your life without the need the need to know what I’m typing, bank account numbers and all manner of critical information that doesn’t make the app perform better. I’m ashamed of both the developer of grammarly and apple for supporting this type of behavior.

  • Magical

    by Jose1950

    Josey86 describes this keyboard as worst than anything out there. Well, I don't understand it. Is there an extra star to put it? I want to give 6. Clearly exceeding expectations. This keyboard is made for non-native English-speaking professionals. Which, this is me. I learned good English through my long life and can say my learned English is well above average. After working two months using this keyboard, the quality of my reports is improving faster. My weakness is accuracy (I need a small paperback English handbook on my side all the time) Saying that, this is the closest to a Magic act I've ever seen. Just an example: for non-English speakers, there is always confusion between disease and decease; device and device, advice and advice, etc. There are so many ”close calls” that your brain will never be able to catch. This corrector works in context. If you are a native speaker, and you write above average advanced English, don't use it. For the bunch that must work in the USA and has no time to follow the additional training, Grammarly is the way to go. By the way, I need this in French, Portuguese and Italian. For Spanish it will be an annoyance.

  • Frustrating but good.

    by nsnsvskanskaks

    It’s frustrating how slow the extension is. It misses a letter if I type to fast and it gets annoying easily. The point for this app is to have it correct your typing easily and quickly not hold you down of how slow it is. Privacy is also a thing that people want to be protected. Maybe make the app so it disables automatically when you're making purchases or using your password. It is helpful in a way. It does what it advertises. Correct your grammatical mistakes. The reason I give three stars is because of these problems. It is godawful slow when typing, it misses letters, and there are privacy concerns. It can be even better if these problems are addressed and fixed. It has potential. I'll keep the app in the hopes these issues will get fixed.

  • Good but needs improvement

    by Faze_HateFaze

    I love this app but there are a few problems. First and the most important is that u cant use keyboards that connect with Bluetooth , the ones you clip on to your iPad. It is very annoying because when you are typing very long documents it makes very hard to type on the screen. Secondly, the app always crashes and when that happens, it doesn’t save your data. I have lost work a few times like that already so I hope you fix that problem. Lastly, this is not really a problem but I was wondering what full access does. The app always tell me to enable it but I have no idea what it does. I would love it if you can reply to this and tell my what full access does. Thank You.

  • Age Of Oh No Not My Piracy Privacy Privy Privileges!

    by Sugar & Scam

    I love the Grammarly apps for Firefox and Chrome. Honestly, though, I only downloaded this to write this review. To all of the illiterate nuts that want, love, need, and use this app, but feel the need to whine about ”privacy” concerns and how the app requires full access, please shut up. Stop trying to hide behind fake privacy features in the millions of convenience apps we've all become addicted to using on a daily basis. Stop being shady enough to need to hide that much. We use these apps to make our lives easier to manage (or easier to ignore), but we're worried about being important enough that someone else wants to be that deep in our business. Oh ok...

  • Nice

    by .Warmachine517i

    I have had problems with texting using grammar correctly ever since my old phone got destroyed from water damage. I had to use an old Kindle that had a horrible touchscreen recognition. This messed me up when I got a new phone. It's uncomfortable for me to type, but now I can just type away and let an AI fix my mistakes (a little bit ironic). The main problem I have with this so far is that the keyboard that Grammarly provides is extremely laggy. It may just be the phone I am currently using, but most games don't lag on my phone so maybe it is just the keyboard itself. TIP If you're worried about Grammarly collecting personal data (hopefully they don't) just turn the app off, really simple like seriously.

  • Missing dictation capability

    by Duskydog26

    I would truly love this keyboard but it seems to get in the way when switching between my normal and my emoji‘s. I like using it because I can always check what I have written in the business emails and things like that. But it would be nice if I didn’t have to switch between the Grammarly keyboard and my normal keyboard in order to use dictation. I was solely use this keyboard if it had dictation through the microphone input like on the normal regular stock keyboard. Please add this function please. Because I am one of those people that can’t really type that fast so being able to use the dictation on my device has been miracles for all of my editorial work.

  • Wonderful App!! Requesting More Language Options

    by Disappointed customer 008

    Can there be support for different languages? Also, does it have the ability to place what grade level the text is (similar to the function in MS Office)? I realize the immense hurdle logistically, however Spanish is a VERY predominate language and should be supported. At the very least there should be an option to decrease error recognition for Spanish. I am multilingual, and while I absolutely adore this app and what it does for English grammar, it becomes frustrating navigating around it otherwise. Never had an issue with app stability, however. All in all, great app for grammar, spelling, predictive text, and ease of use.

  • This is definitely correction heaven,

    by Anonymous123???

    I love love this app. Every time I write anything, it always makes it sound more professional and make more sense. If you want to sound like a dictionary, I would really recommend Grammarly for you. Even now, Grammarly is making this review more awesome. The only thing I do not like about it is that it does not support physical keyboards. I have a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad that is connected to the case and cannot be disconnected so I thought it would work out well. But that is the only negative thing I have to say about this app. Whoever made this app is a genius. For once, I can type like a pro!

  • It could be better

    by MagnumMushroom

    The thing that frustrates me the most is that it always misses letters as I am typing. Especially the letter, ”a” almost never types. If I am typing fast, and I always do, it misses letters constantly. Then when I hit backspace to correct something, it changes the word back to the way it was before the autocorrect fixed it. But when the keyboard misses letters, and the autocorrect isn't as accurate as the standard iPhone keyboard, then it becomes confusing when hitting backspace. The autocorrect is a little weird and not very accurate and you have to type so slowly. I wish Grammarly just worked with the standard keyboard because then the corrections to grammar would be awesome! The autocorrect needs a ton of work

  • Do not heed privacy naysayers. Think utility.

    by MikeCalGov2018

    I love how you guys at Grammarly aren’t to big to actually respond to these reviews. Reading one of your responses clarified few issues I was trying to address. Your keyboard keeps getting better. Any keyboard with features worth using (besides keyboards that deal with input method) needs the internet. Regardless how much Grammarly they will be using our data, data that would normally be communicated to them during any use of their services. Feeling betrayed at this point seems to be at heart a misunderstanding how Grammarly delivers their services.

  • Great app thanks Grammarly!

    by Myrna Claribelle Breecker

    I'm a 40-year-old single mother with a son in high school. I wasn't born with dyslexia I developed it as a child due to lack of interaction and neglect by my parents. This app has helped me tremendously on a day to day basis. I need to communicate with my son's teachers, parents, and tutors. Due to lack of knowledge I've missed many opportunities during my life because I could not read or spell and I was too embarrassed, to be honest with my peers. This app has taught me how to read and spell 3 grade higher than I did before I began to use it. I'm truly grateful everyday for such an awesome app. Thanks, Grammarly!

  • This keyboard is great.

    by person_that_wrote_this

    As the title says, this keyboard is great. It checks for any grammar errors and then lets you look at them. You just tap the error to correct it. It has helped me write some papers because I often forget a comma or accidentally put two spaces between a word. The only problem is one day it just stopped auto capitalizing words. I’m so used to a normal keyboard doing that and I missed a lot of words. Then it would make a little ding and tell me to go back and fix it. I don’t know if I changed a setting, but I probably did something that caused this to happen. Anyways, this keyboard rules!

  • In Regards to Privacy Concerns

    by yyoiiiçs

    I’ve noticed developers have already been issuing out messages to reviews regarding this. In any case, I believe its worth hearing from an user that, yes, they cannot key-log any information considered to be within sensitive fields, such as phone numbers and credit card information. Hence, they cannot steal said personal information. I wish they were more transparent with this from the start, but eh. As for the application itself, its pretty alright. Spellchecks well, and handles grammar hellaciously. My only request is for compatibility with physical keyboards, but they’re working on that.

  • Love this keyboard. It’s such a timesaver.

    by Luxury Lap Den

    It anticipates so many words and gives you everything you need to write quickly and intelligently. And the Buttons are in Convenient places I was always hitting that when I shouldn’t on the Google Keyboard. It was always in the way where it was located this one is natural and it works great. Now I wish I could use it within the Facebook app. The Google On it still there causing all the problems it always does. Thank you for creating this wonderful experience for us. I appreciate it.

  • I love this app! But...

    by TXIJIA

    I have never written a review before, but this app needs one. In my opinion, Grammarly on iPhone doesn't work as well as it works on my MacBook. I often have a hard time trying to type anything on my phone without looking at the Grammarly keyboard. I only use this keyboard when I have to write anything more professional like this review. Here are some things I do not like: 1. The keyboard checks for mistakes very slow. 2. Apple keyboard is easier to use and better at learning the way I type. 3. Grammarly keyboard is not very good with names; it tries to change names to words.

  • Clunky

    by Brokenfixer

    I love Grammarly on my PC. Works flawlessly. The app is clunky. The keyboard does not register spelling mistakes fast enough. Also if you have on auto correct there is no choice to keep the word you have typed as the app will change it for you. The regular keyboard has it. Please implement that. Lastly, the Grammarly keyboard does not learn typing habits. I create a lot of strung together sentences because Grammarly doesn’t know when I’m at the end of my word and trying to hit the space button. I keep pressing “c” or “v” and making a sentence like “icranvtocthecstorecandcitcwascclosed”. It’s might be that I’m bad but I’ve used the app for two month and this is my biggest complaint.

  • It's Awesome, But Emoji Integration Would Be Great

    by DominatorMar

    You probably won't read this, but I have a couple of things to say. Firstly, I am typing this using the Grammarly Keyboard, and it has already corrected numerous typos and mistakes I have made. Secondly, I think it's a really a really great keyboard that has both fantastic form and factor. Finally, the ONE thing that I could think of that could be fixed would be Emoji integration like Gboard. I think adding an Emoji button would really step up your keyboard, instead of having to use the Globe button and selecting the Emoji keyboard. My case is closed.

  • It's better than the Apple keyboard but not totally reliable

    by Falintothesun

    To be fair, I just installed this and it's alright, but it doesn't correct as much as I would have hoped. What I like: - Grammar corrections and suggestions - Spelling corrections - Decent speed typing - Spell checking even after you've moved on (in other words, it catches mistakes you've made that maybe you didn't realize several words ago) - Word and phrase suggestions - Quick and easy additions to the dictionary What I don't: - Inconsistent grammar and spelling suggestions (I've made grammar mistakes that it totally misses, but then suggests some where they aren't needed) - Not-intelligent-enough grammar and spelling suggestions (the keyboard doesn't always seek to try to read what keys you are near and what you might have meant to type, it sometimes just suggests something that's similar to how you spelled/typed it). - No double tap to add a period

  • Update

    by ansleygreer

    I have given this app five star reviews a few times, and I will continue to do that. As someone who used before the app, I know it's potential. I know it can be better and have fewer bugs, but so far its only gotten worse for other users. If it's possible, make it so that users can paste text into the app, fix the errors, and then copy it again. There's so much that could be done to make this easier to use. Hopefully, there will be sections to show what your writing type is just like the app.

  • It’s ok but a few issues to note

    by TreyAldermen

    The biggest issue I had with this new keyboard is it would constantly be replaced by the Apple keyboard after I set it as the main keyboard. No biggie though. I just deleted the Apple keyboard and used this as my main. However, almost immediately the keyboard wasn’t reading 1/3 of my clicks. Spaces wouldn’t be registered and full words would be missing letters. On top of all that it would correct names and words that fit just fine in the sentence I was using. As an app designed to correct grammatical errors it seemed to focus solely on things that didn’t need to be fixed and ignore the things that did.

  • Could use a little fixing

    by Good App, Bad Bug.

    I would give this app five stars if it did two things that it doesn’t (or if it at least did them better) This app barely fixes comma mistakes. I decided to test the app so I purposely put a comma in a random place that a 5th grader should be able to figure out that it shouldn’t be there. The app TOTALY ignored the illy placed comma. Which makes me rage... one of the main reasons I got this app is because I struggle sometimes to know where and where not to put commas. Second, when I click the green button to correct everything it will only let me fix two things at a time. Which also drives me crazy! If I’m trying to edit something really long it takes forever. If you could just fix these two things I would love this app! (I’ve even talked it over with a friend I have who has this same app. She says she doesn’t have these problems. So I’m not sure what to do. I even deleted it and downloaded it again to see if that would fix my issues. It didn't.)

  • Per the usual privacy things

    by HelloPoops

    Yes, I understand exactly why this app would require full access, but yet again I’m victim to the privacy concern issue. Although, it’s also fair to point out the sheer amount of users and how illogical it would be to try to actually make use of everything that the customers type. While it makes sense that nothing bad would come of using this application, I’d prefer an app that had an input-output instead of auto checking my words. That said, I think this would help many of us feel better using this because only our direct input to the app would be read.

  • Changed my mind

    by HeatherLandry

    Update (Feb 9, 2019), after using for a couple days: I guess I’m going back to my default keyboard. This one just makes too many mistakes. It doesn’t put spaces in when I press spacebar, so words are running together. It doesn’t correct easy mistakes that iPhone catches. It’s just too time-consuming to use. Also, the mic stops recording if you pause to think, but there’s no tone to tell you it’s stopped recording you. I’d rather just press stop when I’m finished. Original review: I'm so excited to finally have a personal dictionary to add my commonly mis-corrected words to. That lady complaining that she's getting corrected on ”brb” and ”gtg” needs to try adding those words to the dictionary. Btw, I keep having to push this screen up as I type because my current line of text is under the keyboard. I turned zoom off on my phone and made sure my text size was set to default, but it's still doing it. I'm using iPhone 8 Plus. (The Grammarly update didn't seem to help.)

  • Best app on market, no close second

    by RobertSteel54

    I am always receiving jokes from friends, stating as a Harvard student, how come I do not understand grammar, and also I am a weak speller. Recently bought the app for my office computer, it is entirely different in that it requires a past cut clipboard intermediate step. I would expect in time, an upgrade to run in the background on all apps as it does in IOS apps. Best purchase I have made in several years, I would give it a ten on a 1 to 5. No more jokes on grammar or spelling. Mybexcysecalways was I skipped that class.

  • Glitchy + disobedient

    by April Cage

    I usually write long essays on my phone with the regular keyboard, and then when I’m done, I turn on Grammarly so it can correct my mistakes. But the thing is when I click the G on top of the keyboard, it starts deleting all the options for my mistakes. If I click on an option, it either doesn’t do it or the app makes the app I’m using crash, so I have to start over, which I am NOT happy about. I know for a fact that it’s not my phone because my phone is one month old and it happens on my friends’ phones, too. It’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine that I’d recommend fixing if you want me to go back to using your app.

  • Difficulties with the app

    by Summer Price

    I do enjoy this app, it does exactly what it is supposed to. This app does have one problem I’ve found so far; it’s that it seems to randomly stop working. It will still be on in the settings but it no longer works. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to delete the app, re-download said app, then sign in again. Powering down the phone doesn’t help either, I’ve tried. So while I’ll admit to enjoying the app the problem I’m having with it keeps he from giving it a higher than 3 star rating. If this problem was fixed I would definitely give it a 4/5 rating.

  • Great app, if you have the desktop edition you need to try this.

    by Gav Hern

    I have been using the google chrome extension for Grammarly for a while now when I found out that I could use this on mobile I was incredibly excited to try it out, it works amazingly and is way better than apples provided autocorrections and even shows you what changes it makes to your writing. The only thing I would like to see is an easier way to add emojis, you can switch to the emoji keyboard easily but it is a bit inconvenient.

  • Privacy needs updating.

    by UNC00KEDT0AST

    I have been using the desktop version for some time so I figured I would try the mobile version. Well... while it works and it does provide insight and help it also requires you to give it full access to anything you type. This means all credit card info, addresses, phone numbers, etc. I am not comfortable with a company having all of this information readily available. I will not be using this app anymore. Overall interface works, no issues with connectivity or lag, and it’s a simple design. Yet I can not get past the privacy issue.

  • Can’t sign in and no number

    by narkie88!!

    I can’t sign in other than from my laptop! I paid for a whole year membership and I can’t sign in through my phone! Keeps saying email or password doesn’t match and I know it does I even changed my password to make sure It was a spelling error and still says I can’t log in! I’m looking at it on my laptop right now and i have the correct info and i have no one to ask! Ok support says it will send me a link via email, how does that help me on the phone and the app? Omg it was my email was missing one letter I'll test it and come back to leave a review

  • Thank you

    by Klaydoe

    This is the first time of me writing a review for any app that I've used but this one I must say is the most useful especially where I want to end up in the future I wanted to learn better grammar and this is the best way for me right now because of I text mostly and when it corrects my mistake I look at them and study it so that I can learn not to make the same error and I know I made a couple of them writing this but I'm learning at the same time how to correct it

  • It’s great for me

    by 24k google

    Some people say it’s annoying for texting which ye it is which is why you don’t have to use it. For me though my grammar is really bad and I like to write. It’s not a good combo. When ever I write something I sound very uneducated. Grammarly was great because I would type a long thing up on the regular keyboard land then switch to the grammarly keyboard and pressed the big green G that scans Theo whole page of text and shows you all the mistakes you’ve missed. So definitely get this!

  • Conduct Business With Confidence!

    by blitzschwantz

    This keyboard app is my introduction to Grammarly, the company. As such, I had no expectations regarding its functionality. If it was able to assist me at all with spelling and punctuation it was going to be a winner. This keyboard delivers in both regards. If you use your phone for business correspondence, I think you'll find this app is a necessity. My wishlist for this keyboard would be boosting its speed in all aspects and making the color match the elements of the app you're working in (dark mode).

  • Robust privacy policy

    by Doctrev

    Do you know those ”terms of service” and ”privacy policy” that you blindly agree to without reading? Well, do something for yourself and read them, because as it turns out their policy is robust; meaning that if they violate their agreement with you, then you have actual legal recourse against them. They don't want to be sued and as such will follow their own rules. Stop being outraged about things you know nothing about. Full access is ok to grant, Grammarly is fantastic!

  • Needs a slight improvement

    by meganwithabook

    I enjoy using Grammarly as I am still horrible at spelling and grammar, but this keyboard is blindingly bright! The color needs to be darkened back down to the Grey used by Apple, and it also needs to have a dark mode version for all the apps that now have dark mode available for their users even on mobile devices. I find sometimes a black or dark background with white text actually provides more of a contrast and is easier on the eyes. Please take this into consideration!

  • Makes more errors than it fixes

    by myoukei

    First of all, I love Grammarly. I have used it since University to spellcheck my papers and personal writing. When I found that there was a version of it on the app store I was elated. That being said, as a keyboard, this thing is objectively terrible. This keyboard has a really nasty habit of deleting spaces when it replaces a word leading to astringofwordsthatjustconnect and its MAD ANNOYING. At that point in time, with the amount of time and effort it takes to undo, I might as well use the normal keyboard and spellcheck. Also, it's autofill is just a touch aggressive sometimes which then leads me to making fixes to ”mistakes” I only made because I clicked the space key after a word. Once it fixes these problems, i’ll gladly rate it higher. As of right now though, this keyboard is a time waster. I’d really rather prefer it as a spell checker addon or a mobile version of the desktop program though...

  • Just needs 2 things for perfection.

    by itsheysin

    I love this keyboard so much I just got it on my iPhone but have been using it on my iTouch. Spell check is phenomenal but could really really use the swipe text function and please include an emoji search. This keyboard and the goggle keyboard are my favorite ones but the thing I love about googles is the swipe text and the ability to type and search emojis instead of scrolling and searching for them. Please I hope my review reaches out and I hope you are able to include this.

  • It is awesome on computer but not on app

    by Kat5cane

    Don’t get me wrong, It is a STELLAR spell checker for phones and computers, but the are a few things I want to address. Like for example, when I go to type it erratically changes between the default and Grammarly keyboard. And, it doesn’t always work, so when I go to type in “pearl” but I misspell it and it says “paerl” but Grammarly says it’s correctly spelled. So, in conclusion, it’s an AMAZING spellcheck application but the said problems need to be fixed please.

  • About the grammar App

    by Mr.2Good

    I overly love this app because sometimes when I'm typing super fast or not paying attention! Grammar App catches every single detail that I left out or may need. I always try to stay in the professional setting and when I write or text I still want that professional setting to reflect that ”ok he writes with a sense of clarity”. I want people to be sure of what I'm implying instead of being not sure, so thank you grammar app for being awesome.

  • Nice!

    by SuperWolfyGamer

    I love this app,especially being in school and having to write essays! I don’t have many complaints that would make you change your mind on getting this app,yet I do wish their was a way I could take a picture of my writing on a piece of paper and it telling me what is spelt wrong,what sintince uses incorrect grammar,etc... If you are reading this comment to see if you should get this app then please take my word for it,it is a huge help and can help with writing anything...almost.

  • Good app!

    by ybtennis

    I loved this app from the start! It edits all my writing and really helps me be a better writer! I definitely recommend this app. The only issue is that I feel like you have to give way to much personal information. I Grammarly needs that for full access, but it's just too much information to give away. I hope Grammarly tries to find a way to not have to get so much personal information. Otherwise, great app!


    by wewug

    No, seriously, this app is a godsend; as a writer, I tend to overlook a lot when I write but I always go back and edit it on my own, which is really time-consuming and isn't flawless, but this app will go through your entire piece and help you make the corrections you didn't even realize you needed. Highly recommended, especially to young/inexperienced writers because wOW, it’s so helpful. Absolutely mind blowing—10/10 would recommend 👌🏼

  • Where are the documents?!

    by Rhino8464

    I love Grammarly and all of the cool features it has but after the last update, I haven't been able to edit my documents on the phone. I'm always having to go on the computer and pull the tabs up. As a student, it makes things even harder to do. If I don't have a computer on me at a certain moment I may need the docs, then I may not be as to access them on time. Again, I love Grammarly, but please fix it. Thank you!

  • I suppose it fulfills its purpose..?

    by Iconapop73

    It's a good app, though it could be great. The spellcheck is wonderful, and the autocorrect is awesome, too (although at times, it doesn't do its job). The only problem is, If you're attempting to use the Grammarly keyboard for long paragraphs beside what you would write on average— it's not so good. I would love if it could show you where you need to place commas, periods, and all punctuation in general. This would make the app excellent. I really look forward to seeing the app improve in the future, as I've said before, I believe it can be great.

  • 3DTouch

    by That One _Guy

    I noticed there's a slight problem with using Grammarly Keyboard with the iPhone 3d touch feature. When you try to move vertically between lines with 3d touch, it does not work. However, it allows you to use 3d touch to move horizontally. If you move horizontally all the way to the end/beginning of the sentence, it will move up/down the line. I wish it would just allow you to go vertically with 3d touch as well as horizontally at any spot within the sentence.

  • To “thanks for tracking!”

    by BridGirl99

    (Love the app) Hey, just so you know, the only reason they need to be able to access what you are typing is so they can correct your grammar and spelling, etc. it has nothing to do with spying on you or taking your information as doing so would be highly illegal. I have grammarly on all of my computers and my phone and it has never given me any security issues. Hope that helps! Brid.

  • Great Keyboard, Will There be Other Features?

    by Vianca E P

    I love the keyboard! But I do miss the feature on the desktop app, where Grammarly has an internal memory with your projects. The site on mobile doesn't seem to direct you to them. I'm wondering if there was a plan to make it on mobile? Especially since I'm not able to carry my laptop everywhere I go and want to work and school essays and things like that.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by James Herbert

    So close to being great. It's a different approach to flagging errors, giving a persistent notification until you correct it or ignore it, and I find this a much better system, but it's not working often enough to trust, it can't work offline and doesn't work often enough when online either, in these circumstances it is featureless. It doesn't offer alternatives for incorrect but valid words even when they are manually selected. It would also be better if flagged words could be more quickly ignored, currently you need to long-press a suggestion for the option to appear. I'm uninstalling because it is constantly offline - and useless - while my phone is clearly connected.

  • by Kara Argent

    I like this app, but whenever i start typing on my keyboard, it repeatedly pops up asking me if I want to use the Grammarly keyboard. Also, how come the documents that I type on Grammarly on my laptop aren't available on my phone?

  • by paricshith shetty

    very well made app!!

  • by Madhan Srinjeevi

    Such a good app... Everything I type has become flawless now... I m loving it... It deserves 5 stars...

  • by Andrew McClenning

    I wished GBoard had a Grammarly thing. If that's a reality, so that GBoard/Grammarly keyboard would be my ultimate keyboard.

  • by Finding Your Family


  • by Alabi Olufemi

    very good language correcting app,I love it so much

  • by Rodriguez Rodriguez

    life saver! my grades improved. I checked some of my work on grammarly I turned in prior to getting the service and I was embarrassed. Grammarly is the best I tried the rest they don't compare. I feel like the price is too high but it's worth it.

  • by Shaun O'Kane

    I was finally too annoyed by the popup to actually rate this app. It's a better keyboard than most and I adore the emoji function. You may have to get the settings right to actually make it worth your time. It slightly improves my typing overall.

  • by Ali hasnat

    really helped me a lot

  • by sumit baghel

    geat app useful

  • by knownpedia official


  • by selvan selvan

    this app is great to use it, I loved it

  • Would love to see a separate app

    by outcoldman

    Just want an application, that can check the grammar, without using this app as a keyboard

  • Feature

    by Rerererererrer

    Could you please add more punctuation options and Please put in writing styles

  • Slow performance

    by Lubimangie

    It’s seriously slowing down my phone . (I have 100 gb of free memory )

  • Awesome app

    by Rosie rug

    It really helps out a lot

  • It's great but each new version sees performance dips

    by Mrlemmers

    I really like this keyboard actually, it does something even the stock keyboard doesn't really do. It has sentence predictions alongside of the normal ones. This really feels like a great alternative to the stock keyboard but with each new version it seems like the keyboard sees performance hiccups. With the current version, the keyboard seems to cause a delay when sending messages. The user presses the send button but then there is a delay before it actually sends. Not a huge issue, but it is something the stock keyboard doesn't do. Also, this keyboard does not seem to learn the way the user types similar to SwiftKey or the stock keyboard. Again not a huge issue, just the predictions are pretty much locked to what is in the dictionary already. You can have it learn words you type, just not the way you type.

  • Change

    by rrosa6669

    This app was more grateful is in the configuration are available in Spanish.

  • How do I start?

    by sconvusalta

    I don’t know how to use thus.

  • The Perfect App!

    by LillianStaton

    In all honesty, this app couldn't be better and it really has saved the day! I have always had trouble with punctuation but with Grammarly, it will correct that and it actually helps you'll learn where to punctuate things on your own.

  • Good but has an annoying thing in it

    by Jackgdssa

    I use Grammarly a lot and I'm using it right now for this review, but there is a small problem it would always do an annoying thing where if it would correct a word it’d copy the first letter of the word like if I were to put what and it asks me to change it to What it would put Wwhat. It's actually very annoying, it would be nice if you could fix it.

  • Amazing

    by H.R. Paiva


  • Best app

    by bori 13 newport

    Perfection love it

  • Great work!😄

    by nickname6747476

    Dear Grammarly, I love how each and every day when I get my iPad and text, you help me through it! The only problem is that I can't get to right something like a word, and you fix it. Like a really hard name, etc. That's all for now! Thank you! 😍😘😻😛


    by RachMan🦄

    Grammarly is amazing. I am using it right now. All of my papers and stories look so professional. And NO MORE spelling mistakes. I am definitely planning to get a premium account.

  • Privacy ?

    by joelyshaw

    I deleted the app after they want to invade my privacy.

  • This compared to the extravagance of Beautiful life of different types of people and cultures.

    by gladys T.Parra

    Because you can develop your writing skills as a person be your owned person to establish your life and discover the world by traveling and getting to know people.

  • Amazing app!

    by Sophia’s

    This is the app is so amazing! I recommend it!👍🏼

  • Works really well!

    by Itz_ cupcake playz

    So I’ve been using this app for a month and since I’m a kid it helps me improve my spelling and writing a lot my mom used to help me spell but this app is a lot better!

  • Pay for the premium if you are a writer or even an aspiring one

    by kev-luv

    This keyboard makes sure you don't make silly mistakes. Whether it be redundancies or grammatical errors, it helps you feel like a writer. It doesn't shine for texting, but I think the goal is for longer word formats. I highly recommend this keyboard. First time I've ever paid for a service in 12 years with an iPhone!

  • Perfect

    by gamernude

    Always helping me with my grammar 😍

  • Guiou 000

    by Guiou 000

    I really liked this app at the beginning. It seems with time and more use the app seems to be making obvious miscues (then, than). They want you to upgrade and I’m disappointed. Goodbye!

  • I never got a email

    by Nicolas Ganea

    I’ve been a customer for years now I would have downloaded this app sooner, but I found out by playing a game when seeing an Ad Regardless glad it's out now been wanting this for years now


    by flower_15

    Grammarly IS THE BEST! It's a free app and helps with essays, letters, text messages, and even this review!! USE IT!!! what are you waiting for?!!!

  • Not happy

    by Sassiesgirl

    When I start typing and Grammarly takes my words that I have put spaces between and turns the words into gibberish it is frustrating. This is an dxamlkemofbehatnutvdpoez. I was writing the words This is an example if what it does. I am not a fast typer so why this happens is a mystery. I use an iPad so I can see my finger touching the letters of the words so when gibberish shows in place of what I typed it upsets me that I have to constantly back track to correct the mess. What is going on Grammarly? Unhappy user.

  • Love you from Krystal.!

    by Derek_163

    Thank you for reminding me of spelling my words good love you keep up please

  • 😀

    by Minali6418

    Best way to chat and learning grammar

  • Privacy concerns on Use


    Is there a reason you need full access to all our private data to get keyboard to work? Seems excessive. Please update. Thanks.

  • Great help

    by I am not of your World 🌎

    Absolutely Heavenly 😎🍉😇

  • Helpful as heck

    by bill bean dairrhea

    I'm stupid so whenever I'm on the internet I get spell checked by trolls. THAT ENDS TODAY I WILL NEVAR MASPILL AGAAN

  • Do not heed privacy naysayers. Think utility.

    by MikeCalGov2018

    I love how you guys at Grammarly aren’t to big to actually respond to these reviews. Reading one of your responses clarified few issues I was trying to address. Your keyboard keeps getting better. Any keyboard with features worth using (besides keyboards that deal with input method) needs the internet. Regardless how much Grammarly they will be using our data, data that would normally be communicated to them during any use of their services. Feeling betrayed at this point seems to be at heart a misunderstanding how Grammarly delivers their services.

  • IT’S AWESOME 😍🥰❤️💜🧡💛💚💙❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

    by Mr.Dinosef

    This is one of the best apps I had! It helps me a lot in spelling and everything! I love it it's a really good source to use in case you don't have good grammar even I have really good grammar but Grammarly still fixes some of the words I put in my text even my review! I think everyone should have this it's really helpful for me and maybe to you! In my opinion, I love it and that everyone should have it.👍👍👍👍

  • One handed

    by Binloyal

    This keyboard is great. The only two things that it missing is swipe like the google keyboard and also to have a one handed option. Please try to work on those two things and will give five star. Thanks

  • Doesn’t always work

    by Matt GD

    It’s not always accurate and seems make some mistakes

  • Bomb!

    by stephy_515

    Love this app! It helps me proof read my writing and catch things I didn’t catch before I send it. Thank you Grammarly ☺️☺️

  • Best word app

    by the worst not even funny

    If I ever do not know how to type a word it was the word I need to use

  • Very very refined

    by mohegh


  • By one Girl 💃

    by Abby love ❤️

    Hey everyone who is interested in the app same time thing, to say the least one of the most important fix this sentence right way 😘❤️

  • Perfect app...

    by BayBanks

    But I’m not with allowing access to all my personal information but over all great app. Maybe you can work on that

  • Not good as a primary keyboard

    by michaelb203

    I really like the concept of this keyboard. It seems to work well, although most of the errors it finds require a costly subscription to fix. The autocorrect, spell check and word suggestions need work. Otherwise, it's a decent app. I still mostly use the default keyboard, but it's nice to be able to switch to this one to check for some mistakes after I'm done typing.

  • A must have

    by Brovins

    I am a 40 year old professional and like many, slowly my grammar is becoming dumbed down, due to spell checks etc. Grammerly, makes me feel less idiotic when sending email, etc.

  • Yeet

    by ggmOu

    It helps me with school essays

  • No swipe texting...


    I tried to use this app as my main app, but I use the swipe feature 90% of the time on my current keyboard. As far as I can tell, there is no swipe option on this keyboard. I vote to have the swipe typing option added to the Grammarly keyboard. That would make it a 5 ⭐️ app for sure!

  • Great

    by jejshqja

    I love using this because well I am crap at grammar Thanks guys!!

  • I own it already!

    by stress_relieved;)

    I love this app, but I already own it! In fact, I'm using it right now! Stop showing me adds but an app j already have, please!

  • Good

    by Iahbo

    I like it

  • Good but not great

    by Kjmyrick

    Good but not great. It only picks up on some of the grammatical errors. At the same time, it is free so it's at least worth the download

  • Hello

    by smfspace

    Is this app free? Or will it charge me?

  • It could be better

    by MagnumMushroom

    The thing that frustrates me the most is that it always misses letters as I am typing. Especially the letter, ”a” almost never types. If I am typing fast, and I always do, it misses letters constantly. Then when I hit backspace to correct something, it changes the word back to the way it was before the autocorrect fixed it. But when the keyboard misses letters, and the autocorrect isn't as accurate as the standard iPhone keyboard, then it becomes confusing when hitting backspace. The autocorrect is a little weird and not very accurate and you have to type so slowly. I wish Grammarly just worked with the standard keyboard because then the corrections to grammar would be awesome! The autocorrect needs a ton of work

  • Lendra

    by LGS In Texas

    Love it!

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