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Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly Keyboard — Type with confidence

Grammarly, Inc.

Correct your grammar, spelling, and punctuation in any app as you type.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

38.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Courtney Downey

    I only had it for a couple of hours but I like to use talk-to-text and that is not available, I also didn't have any suggestions for grammar mistakes which seems odd to me. It would correct it to a completely different word and it didn't have the words at the top so I had to actually type out the full word. I'm sure it's great for some people but was not the right fit for me.

  • by RSJ

    I'm a Grammarly premium user and use it on my desktop computer and laptop. However, there isn't a better keyboard for you phone than Google's Gboard with glide typing. I would like to see something which could integrate with Gboard or other keyboards and check your writing by selecting a button which would launch Grammarly and then do its grammar checks. Please give another option besides having to adopt a new keyboard to gain the Grammarly benefits. Thank you!

  • It’s a NO-brainer...get it! No, as in no for me, but brainer! Ha!

    by JoshieeeeP

    I got this app because my husband has it downloaded on his laptop and I love it. I am pretty bad at grammar, so this app was a life saver. However when I downloaded it for my iPad; which I have the Keyboard laptop case thing on it, well the app pretty much didn’t like the Keyboard case. It told me to turn it off and use the keyboard that the app provides. Which is the touchscreen option and that’s completely inconvenient when you have to type a long 24 page papers. I also hate the fact that after you switch on the Grammarly keyboard, you get another thing that pops up and says, “allow full access”. By the way, I’m so glad they gave the option instead of just taking full access. But anyways, I’m against full access because when you allow them full access, you basically sign your life and rights away. They tell you that all the information you type or previously typed, like credit card info and address, will be collected and stored in their personal database. And that’s not all, but I rather not sit here and spell it out for you (ba-da-ting). Not-happenin-over-here-captain. So I installed it and 5 minutes later deleted. You can try it for longer if you want, but do it at your own risk! I’m telling my husband on you Grammarly.

  • by A Google user

    When you are English, or communicate mainly in English, it works fine. When you use other languages, or more than one in one app, like Whatsapp, it wants to change everything to English, with frustrating and disastrous results. For excellent spellcheck in my home language and English, I find SwiftKey currently a better option, but would consider Grammarly if they can find a way for me to quickly switch it on or off, while typing in another app.

  • by A Google user

    Good but frustrating. Love the features that suggest corrections. Usually, they are spot on. The frustration comes when a number is typed instead of a lett3r (like that). It just does nothing. Manually editing is 3 times harder with this keyboard. Update: I tried using it again and have to uninstall again. It just won't stop fighting me or Google when trying to fix words manually.

  • I’d give it a six out of five if it weren’t for these problems

    by Amethystshouldbeimpressed

    Hi! I just love your Desktop application, it is so useful and it works pretty well, except for the fact I can't make it work on Google. However, your app for mobile is very disappointing. It doesn't let me automatically look things up, the little green button on the corner of my screen only checks my spelling errors, which I don't make many of those anyway, and it doesn't check any of my grammatical errors. I made some very obvious ones to test it out but it didn't do a thing, and grammar is my biggest problem and the reason I downloaded it. I might have just used autocorrect with a normal keyboard. Also, I thought this would be a tiny feature I could put on my customized keyboard, but instead it gives me a whole new keyboard. This honestly is not a big deal, but there is a feature most third-party keyboards have called ”swipe input” that I highly recommend. All in all, make it more like the desktop application but include the swipe input. Sincerely, Unsatisfied P.S. Wrote this with your keyboard ^~^

  • by Miss Klows

    One star because Im disapointed. This app sucks and Im uninstalling it. Using the keyboard right now and I sont get why this is even being used by anyone. Autocorrect that sucks does a bettr job. Cant even fix my typos and I make a lot of them. Its annoying to keep going back to fix it myself if I see it and it wont even give siggestions at the very least. So messed up!

  • by Emily Foster

    i write books on my phone, so i downloaded this hoping it woukd spot mistakes, it just annoys me, it corrects speech marks wrong, and sometimes doesnt catch errors. i wish there was a feature to launch it rather than change your keyboard perminatly. its great for editing, just not for daily use

  • by A Google user

    They are charging me for something I didn't sign up for and i have tried to cancel my account and they wont let me. There is no way i can speak to a real person and its not cool at all. I need my money back asap.

  • Not Even Close. Pass.

    by Josey86

    I really wanted to love this keyboard, because I love Grammarly’s other products. This just isn’t even close to the typical Grammarly standard. The built in autocorrect is horrible - it doesn’t catch the majority of typical phone typos and there is a delay on deciding if a word is right or not. It just takes forever to type anything, because you have to type every word perfectly every time, which totally defeats the purpose. This keyboard just isn’t even close to the ability of the built in key keyboard. It doesn’t actually do anything with the grammar of what you type, so it’s a bit misleading. This keyboard just fell so far short. I, too, have no idea how this keyboard has such a high rating. I have the latest iPhone (as of writing this review) so I know the lag isn’t my phone. I have had no problems with any other third party keyboards or any other apps, so all evidence points to the issue being this keyboard. Sorry Grammarly, but I’m going to pass on this keyboard.

  • by Rachel E. Bryan

    This app is beyond frustrating! It found something wrong with everything I wrote! When I wrote "simple," it said the word "ple" wasn't recognised, when I wrote "the life" it suggested I added a "the" when I wrote " a child" it suggested I replace the "a" with a "an", and so on. Don't download it Edit: can't you make an app that checks documents on your phone? Like the desktop version?

  • by D Creese

    This app SUCKS! Zero Stars for this app. Don't waist your money. It does not auto pountuate. It does not correct gramma. Stick with Google keyboard for now. I was forced to give this app 1 star inorder to post.

  • by A Google user

    The more you use it. The worse it gets. It changes things that don't need changing for no reason. Mr to me for example. Often it is impossible to spell anything (especially if you switch between casual chat and formal speech) I've used it for around a year. It's got worse as time has gone by. Can not recommend the mobile version of this app. The PC version has a much better approach.

  • Grammarly App not compatible with voiceover

    by AnnieInAcworth

    I am a blind user of Grammarly and when using it on a computer I get to enjoy all its benefits. But on the iPhone, it will not work for me. I reported this to Grammarly ages ago and they gave me the runaround. Today I tried it again with a new release. It is still useless to me. When I reported it they suggested I uninstall/reinstall the app. I went through that exercise only to learn tech support was wasting my time. When I complained more loudly, I was told making Grammarly accessible is difficult and they don't know when they can do it. Really??? This company brags about using sophisticated AI to analyze sentences, yet they can't get their app to do what tens of thousands of other applications already have figured out? Voiceover is built into every iPhone for a reason. It provides Blind people equal access, but only if companies care enough to build their applications with us in mind.

  • Incredibly distracting when composing a message

    by gabzbsn

    It's very distracting trying to compose a message with all the flashing of the three boxes below as they produce the words the program thinks are trying to be spelled as well as the large G that opens and closes while typing. Extremely distracting to the point where id rather not use the App. Please address this as everyone I spoke to that has used this App says the same thing. Love the concept of this App and it could prove to be amazing! Is there a way to turn off the three boxes below and just have the functionality of the app highlight the words where it could recommend a different spelling or grammar allowing me to choose to correct them or not? I'm so close to deleting this App it's so annoying trying to type with all the flashing and opening and closing of boxes while I type going on below.

  • Could Be WAY Better

    by Catherinejones

    Using the keyboard as I'm typing this review, and there is major lag. First impression: I used the keyboard to review some business emails, and it did not catch some easy typos. Once I've clicked the refresh-like button, I am not directed to the beginning of my email’s corrections, I'm led to the very end of recommended revisions. Recommendations: * A user should be able to select a section that they want to be proofread only. Otherwise, a user could be required to go through corrections of the entire email thread. * Offer the same type of app that we use online through a typical laptop or desktop. Offer a keyboard assistant as well as the ’normal’ Grammarly assistant where you can copy and paste into it. *(I’m an iPhone user) Build your IOS keyboard assistant to be the same size as the Iphone keyboard. I've noticed that I am constantly correcting my spelling as I use the keyboard because of the minor differences with Grammarly's versus the Iphone’s actual keyboards. An iPhone user is comfortable with the keyboard that they use on a daily basis, and the slightest difference in keyboard size can really screw things up. It has made it difficult to type and is the main reason why I will be deleting the app.


    by mudpie12345678

    I got this app because a friend recently recommended it to me and thought I should try it out. However, after I sign up it makes me turn on the Grammarly Keyboard. ( I do not like adding keyboards because every time you go to type an emoji, the keyboard switches. ) But I enabled the keyboard anyway. Then it asks me to Allow Full Access. An icon pops up saying “Full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address.” I was not comfortable with this. STEALING MY INFO??? Due to this issue, a result in deleting this app has occurred. Even though this is a great tool, it is not worth exposing your personal info. I definitely WOULD NOT recommend this app to ANYONE. Save yourself and don’t download this app. PLEASE.

  • Brutal getting used to.

    by Donato34

    Let's try this. I'm going to type kit this review to show uoj just how difficult it is to use this product. I've been using this keyboard for about a month. It's been frustrating to use, and I had hoped it would learn and improve. Unfortunately, I've been left with the conclusion that this makes typing on an iPhone more difficult than the default iPhone keyboard. That should say a lot. The most straightforward corrections such as uoj > you should not be something I have to manually correct. Even when j do manually correct a name or place, the keyboard doesn't seem to understand that I've edited that word 50 times to make it spelled that particular way. I know that this type of product is severe, but at this time I can't a say that this product helps in any way shape or form.


    by Barry10or2

    I downloaded this thinking it was a good tool. It came up as an advert in a game I was using. Once I’d downloaded it, a user agreement came up. As I’d never seen one of these for an app I was using, I read it. By agreeing to use the app, you agree to the developers having total access to any program that you use it in, including your entire email, notes, and messages files. Basically EVERYTHING! DO NOT download this app if you want to keep your personal files personal. Also, I’ve tried to purge this from all my machines, but once you have downloaded an app, you can never get rid of it from your purchase history. It stays in your iCloud, and I now get the ad, as before, but it now asks me to open the app. VERY annoying! I truly wish I’d never downloaded this!

  • Not good for many people

    by Theater geek 28374

    Now, every day more and more people are using tablets instead of standard computers. The one feature that is missing from a tablet is a keyboard, so most buy a keyboard instead on the on screen one. Since the Grammarly keyboard only works on the digital keyboard,it won’t work if you will buy a real keyboard. Because of this, this review is probably full of Grammar mistakes witch could have been avoided if in this app, the had the desktop version. If they don’t do this, users have to go to grammarly, sign in, request desktop site and continue to use the non-optimized for Mobile websites. This could all be avoided if they restructure this app. This would be extremely helpful for many people.

  • Can't even tell when to turn your into you’re.

    by ElisabettaAngelos

    For an app based on grammar, it's pretty sad when you try to test it out and the first thing you notice is that it doesn't input the correct usage of you’re vs your. Even as I type this it's trying to tell me to change ”your” into ”yours”. I'd also expect it to change U into You and Ur into the correct form of your/you’re, but it doesn't. This is NOT a grammar app. A spelling and punctuation app, maybe. But I also tried typing some very long run on sentences and it never suggested any form of punctuation, so even in that category it fails. It's a good idea, but ultimately it's going to give people a false sense of confidence and teach them the wrong thing. I will be deleting the app, it's virtually useless to me.

  • Does it really help with grammar?

    by CoolAwesome101Girl

    I am beyond annoying with this app. The only reason I downloaded this app was for good measure. I’ve only used it for a day and it’s annoying me like crazy. First of all, it would try and correct me on things that didn’t need to be corrected. Second of all, I would make a grammar mistake and it wouldn’t correct me, I’d have to correct myself. Third of all, every time I would try to type something, it would delete spaces. It did that over and over again. I got so frustrated that I didn’t even want to give it another chance. I really don’t want to waste another second using this app. I might have used it wrong, but i don’t understand what I could have done to make it work.

  • Needs full access

    by jj101022

    While I’m a family proficient writer, I often make dumb typos while rushing though projects. I love how Grammarly catches those obvious mistakes. However, I don’t like the fact that they force you to agree to allow full access (giving them the right to collect ANY information you type, as well as retain the information). Obviously, I don’t like the idea of some company having access to my bank accounts, debit/credit card, and other personal information I type. Additionally, I use my phone for work, so I’m unable to allow that kind of access because it would be a HIPPA violation. I’ve disappointed because it’s a great product, but not at all safe or secure the way it’s currently set up.


    by Eggs are cool

    I got the app and everything readied to use. I turn the keyboard on, I wanted to check my writing so I clicked the 'G' and it just said Checking. I waited and waited and nothing happened. So I got out of the keyboard and opened it back up, then it says there was like 15 grammar mistakes. So it checked it again, this time it worked. But, it showed a mistake, and I wanted to keep it for something so I hit 'dismiss' It didn't do anything. I clicked it again..still nothing. So I got out of the key board and opened it AGAIN. My mistakes popped up again and I came to one I wanted to change. buut NOO. It wouldn't change and it just disappeared (the keyboard) I had to find the mistake and change it myself, but I wasn't going to find 15 mistakes and change it myself. So I Tried AGAAIN. OF COURSE THE THING WOULNT WORK!! It never showed my mistakes and and just kept loading and loading. BUT WAIT THERES MORE it turned my whole darn IPAD FRENCH. So I turned grammarly off and everything was fine. So I tried to use it again but it turned everything french again! JUST SAYIN IT DOESNT WORK

  • I got this to ”write with confidence” not get made fun of fun of.

    by Joe mobolo ko fo lo ho krinko finkoe the 3rd

    I tried this for three months and the success of it is; limited I'm typing this with Grammarly and to say the least, it's not working. It knows commas capitalization and; has no Idea how to use periods not much else Run on sentences it's Fine with I don't Technically have to put a period if I don't want too and can; place a semicolon Anywhere I want so don't bother getting this it's no: better than the Default auto-correct see how many mistakes You can find post-Grammarly in this Review. I left out the grammar that I do know just to prove a point. If you have any ideas as to how else I could try and mess up grammar as a test let me know if you can.

  • Completely Copied from Gboard

    by Joseph T. Briscod

    This app is so bad because the whole keyboard is copied from the app made by Google called Gboard. If you go look at the emoji icon for Gboard and then go look at the emoji button icon for Grammarly its the exact same icon. And then if you see the shape of the Gboard keys and then go to the Grammarly keys they are the exact same shape. Then if you see the google icon on the top left corner and then you see where the grammarly icon is on the keyboard you will realize that the grammar icon on the keyboard is at the same position as the Gboard icon. Plus Grammarly has the same design for the word suggestions at the top of the keyboard as Gboard. I highly suggest not using the grammarly keyboard because it is completely copied off of Gboard!

  • Wow, Horrible App!

    by pythonmma

    I have a TBI and with it Memory Loss and I forget words, so I pause a lot when talking and prefer texting and email, which gives me more time to pull the words. Usually I can get the word close enough that google or a spell App will recognize and fix, and for the most part this App did do that. But I would hit enter to post or send, and then realize it changed little words while I was typing “had” to “has”, “on” to “in”, etc. and even some bigger words making my sentences sound incoherent and making me seem Retarded! I hate that word, but with my Brain Injury that’s how people look at me when I can’t talk normal, I DON’T need your App making my Typing look like that also!

  • Just an auto correct app

    by 12Nate34

    I got this app because my grammar could use some work but this app doesn't help the way I thought it was going to. It just auto corrects words that you've misspelled and doesn't fix my sentences like it leads you to believe. it's a good app but iOS devices come with a default auto correct already and that one works faster and a little better all round so there wouldn't be a reason to get this. I guess theres desktop version that does the things that this app advertises to be. So don't blow off the whole company. They do seem to be trying to do something great

  • It’s not all that

    by Khan Hannan

    Good looking keyboard - no doubt. But looks go only so far if there are no functionality to support it well. So, the keyboard doesn’t allow for me to have access to mic so I can talk to write something, anything. Secondly, as I type words, it doesn’t show me little emojis that regular keyboard does and I’m NOT talking about selecting the world icon and then going to Emoji section. Thirdly, it changes words that are correct in my mind but not in its “mind”. So, I have to always either keep adding dictionary words myself or become really annoyed. So, I chose to get rid of this keyboard 5 mins after I installed it.

  • Worried.

    by m.sweetwyne

    I downloaded and started to use this app. But then I read this."If you enable Full Access, developers are permitted to access, collect and transmit the data you type. In addition, if the third party application containing the keyboard has your permission to access location, photos, or other personal data, the keyboard can also collect and transmit that information to the keyboard developer’s servers. If you disable Full Access for a third party keyboard, and then re-enable it, the keyboard’s developer may be able to access, collect and transmit what was typed while the network access was disabled."That got me worried so I decided not to use the app.

  • Privacy and limited access

    by Hdkqi dodornxoke

    Love the web and desktop versions but I do not want to enable full sharing of my keyboard for my mobile devices Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way to use the app as the website when on a mobile device does not allow you to continue, it directs you to use the mobile app. My employer disabled access to the site when at work so I was going to use my iPad for review/editing even though it was a few extra steps. But with this mobile requirement, the service is largely useless for 98% of my use cases. That's unfortunate, it seemed to be a very good product.

  • I’m not sure

    by Jessnider

    I’m only rating this a two. I think it is a great idea but I also need help with spelling. The spell check is fine but I need the mic to say the words I don’t know how to spell. The spellcheck is fine if you know pretty close on how to spell the word. Then you have it wanting full access which was confusing. One place it says it will not access your sensitive private information as credit card information, your address and then the full access says that they can get sensitive information and key stokes. I had to delete it.

  • Add mic functions and get fix the ”Dont” bug

    by TJ1632

    I would really like to see the mic button added to the Grammarly keyboard. The ”Dont” bug that I'm referencing is whenever I type ”dont” it is automatic auto corrected to a capital D regardless of the position in a sentence. Instead it should learn the that the word ”dont” is in the middle of a sentence and only try to add the ’ for grammar correction (not capitalizing the D). Also, the force touch for fast scrolling on the keyboard to run through past typed text should not just scroll by direction left and right but also up and down between layers.

  • Not useful - breaks Apple Smart Keyboard connection

    by Rob Rickard

    I have no idea how this software has such a high rating? I feel like my experience must not be the norm. For me, the auto correct as i type is not useful. I would much more prefer a full app or integration into other writing apps (like the macOS app). If this worked inside other apps this would be amazing. The one star rating is mostly due to the fact that my Apple hardware Smart Keyboard will often disconnect and be useless (the hardware keyboard in the Smart Cover). I have to then go into the iOS settings and turn off/on Grammarly the keyboard to get the hardware to work.

  • The function of the phone changed

    by JB77tx

    As soon as I installed the keyboard the mic option went away. I saw no mention of this in the notes. Makes dictating a text message or a note without Siri impossible. There are also warnings from iOS when installing the keyboard that the manufacturer may be able to gain access to everything you type including passwords and personal info. While Grammarly is a trustworthy company they are one serious compromise away from losing a trove of user data. Just too much risk for my taste

  • I expected more :(

    by Summoning King👑

    I'm using the Grammarly app right now. It works fine, but when you want to edit lots of text, it just crashes. It exits out all of the problems and anomalies and says that the text was perfect. I even did a paragraph on my own full of typos, and it first said that it was full of misspelling and the sort, but then, it exited out everything and said ”great job” because I didn't have any typos. Please fix this! I know you guys can do better. I have used the website and I love it, but the app... Not so much :/

  • Not good on iPhone

    by ShelleyBill

    I have this app on my windows PC and I love it. But as a keyboard on my iPhone, it is absolutely horrible and I had to uninstall. There was simply no option to deny any of the changes it made to my text. I’m sorry, but “proper grammar” cannot account for how personal speech is applied and for this reason alone, I give it one star. Add a feature that’s allows someone to spell or write things as they would actually speak them, and maybe I’ll consider reinstalling. I’ll keep it for work on my laptop, but it is NOT a good texting tool. I would strongly advise against using it for that.

  • 🧐

    by Aceflight

    False advertisement at its finest. I can’t speak for everyone else. However, I can speak for myself, and I am an unhappy customer. This is nothing like it describes in the preview clip. One thing that’s true about the app is the spellcheck. I purposely wrote until I couldn’t think of anything else to say. Guess what? It said “everything in the field is correct.” Not true at all 😒. I’m sure Improvements can be made. Just have the app so everything you said it would. Especially because the app user has to give up so much personal information just to use it.

  • Hard to say

    by SOJDC

    At the beginning, was heaven sent! As right now, a nightmare. Staring from the fact that I can’t not longer see the suggestions. Each time that I try to copy and paste to check spelling and see suggestions the only I can get is the app green page!!! Uggghhhh Worst than that! Who can you talk to?! No one. Even worst!? I upgrade the service and never get any from it. EVEN MORE WORSTTT!!! My college is requiring a Grammarly report each assignment. Thank you Grammarly for the points take away from my assignment for not finding the way to retrieve the report.

  • Privacy concern

    by Dahliapeesly

    The app itself seemed like an awesome idea for someone like me. I make a lot of grammar mistakes because it was never my strong suit. However, my big issue is the privacy. I find it super uncomfortable that it needs full access to everything. Including any private information I type. Bank information, credit cards, addresses, and etc. That is just too much for me. I didn’t really get a chance to use the app because of that feature. Nice idea though.

  • Yeah.. No..

    by ShelbyCB31

    frustrated that when I'm typing, it will try to correct something that shouldn't need to be corrected. Lately, any time I start typing sentences, it will glitch and put periods after every word, it will put words that don't belong and makes me sound like I'm speaking total gibberish. I have to go back and continuously correct my sentences, and even then, it would take 5 minutes for one sentence bc it will change my words to gibberish after it's been corrected. I will be deleting this app and I couldn't be any happier to do so.

  • Terrible

    by Cheese on a stranded farm

    I hate writing bad reviews but gramerly didn't catch any of my grammar mistakes on my paper and I knew I had a lot of them I was too lazy to fix while typing so I double checked and triple checked and quadruple checked even purposefully spelling many words wrong this time but it still would not find the errors. This app is worthless right now. If it updates and fixes itself ill give more stars but right now if there was a option for no stars that's what this app would get because it does nothing at the moment.

  • Grammarly didnt learn

    by mightyteegar

    Grammarly showed a lot of promise for me, but after two months of frustrating overrides to its autocorrect, I can’t use it any more. Grammarly constantly corrected “were” to “we’re”. Every time. It’s 2018. A keyboard app should have enough learning ability to at least recognize when the human might be right some of the time. And it wouldn’t be so bad except that every time I tried to correct it, *the app still changed my corrections every single time*! Grammarly also changed other correctly spelled and properly used words on a regular basis. I constantly had to fight the keyboard just to get points across, and at least once a day I had to send a follow up email or edit a post correcting a changed word that I missed the first time. Not a good experience.

  • Sadly Absolutely Useless

    by CaageG

    As many have already stated this keyboard is no where near being accurate and it’s extremely frustrating. I have a lot of essays on computer grammarly, but it’s so irritating because I want to work on my essays through my Ipad, but I can’t access them on the website or the app. I don’t want to transfer them to my notes because of its security, if you made it possible to access computer essays you’d get a higher rating.

  • Grammarly new subscriber

    by Aunty Ruth in Honolulu

    I am sincerely grateful to the preceding review in great detail. It told me precisely what I needed to know (requiring confidential info in yet another site; and how it works with some interruption to spelling check). In having to get a upgraded new phone instead of a fixed iPhone 3S option request. The Iphone SE spelling correction turned out dismally poor. (I found it so consistently worse--with bad substitutions, that I’m looking at other cell phone options.) So thank you, unknown reviewer—for saving me valuable time now, as I delete Grammarly.

  • Premium is a waste of money

    by Vulgar demos

    This app isn't anything like the web service. It is simply an autocorrect keyboard that functions much less well than the native iOS keyboard. It claims to be able to scan entire text fields, yet it only shows you a single correction at a time and you have no idea where it is in your paper. This is okay for a few sentences, but not for proofing anything longer than that. I Recommend using their free web service since premium doesn’t offer any useful functionality yet.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Shruti Tembhekar

    this app doesn't do what its supposed to do.

  • by dennis yama

    isnt much useful, as it doesnt recognise my wrong sentence I've been typing, the already available keyboard in my phone, works completely fine.

  • by Tim Stultz

    I don't like the way it takes control. Don't second guess me. It sucks 😞☹️😔

  • Needs work

    by OmenBoy

    Not very accurate. Very frustrating to type on. There should be an autocorrect or replace setting so you don't have to constantly touch the suggested word. In most instances, the suggested word or correction is what was intended. Also needs swipe, automatic space after punctuation, and a dark mode. Pretty poor and unusable now.

  • Message for the Developer!!!

    by the_grand_reviewer

    I am a massive fan of Grammarly, and I think this keyboard has enormous potential. However, please make an update so that when you click the ”.?123” button the comma changes to an exclamation point and the period changes to a question mark. Also, allow voice dictation.

  • I’m appalled!

    by Danathan

    I tested this app as I was hoping it would help a deaf friend who is working on improving his grammar. I was mortified when I wrote the following se fence and the app said it was grammatically correct: I could of went to the store. Yikes! Should be: I could HAVE GONE to the store. Shame on you!

  • Yea yea yea😒

    by A Grammarly user

    I know people are saying stuff as they take your information its true so sorry Grammarly I realljng love it but this doesn't suit me at all they track down all of ow information like Instagram,Facebook,street address,job and other personal information I don’t want Grammarly to track all of this down and if you forget a punctuation on the end it doesn’t say a thing so I’m just ganna give it a one star bc of all those reasonseven though I might need it I would think to.

  • Great app but “needing full access to work better” sounds ridiculous

    by TheBig $

    Why would a company need “full access” to such sensitive information so it can supposedly work better ? O.o and on top of that they store it. Idn about y’all but it sounds really shady and wrong to me. Overall good app but wouldn’t recommend unless you don’t respect your privacy of course.

  • Yeah, no

    by Human #0

    I don’t believe the app or the website know how to use grammar correctly. I was typing a story and wrote “there is a beginning and an end, everything must end for there to be a beginning” and it took “there is a beginning and an end” and tried to say it should be are not is. I put the full sentence into the website and it says the grammar is fine but then says it’s heavily plagiarized. I put the full story so far into the website and it says it’s partly plagiarized. Questionable indeed.

  • Just don’t get it

    by not update friendly

    So one major problem I had with it was that it needed full access. Full access can allow people to track your street address,access your credit card and other personal things. I don’t think I even had this app for a full minute

  • Invasion of privacy

    by none2free

    Why does this app need accessibility to my banking information and anything else on my phone?

  • Slow and has usability issues

    by Honest American

    Slow. Autocorrect doesn't allow you to choose your original text. It forces you to change it. Not good since it doesn't always recognize words.

  • Are you correcting grammar or collecting data?

    by apps come correct

    This app is rated one star because the developers are requiring full access to everything that I type current and past. What does what I typed in the past have to do with correcting what I am currently typing. Also what does collecting or potentially collecting my banking numbers or address have to do with correcting my grammar. If this is what it takes for the app to work fully I question the real intent of the app; is it to collect my data or is it to correct my grammar?

  • CRAP

    by matthewallenclark

    I am saying CRAP because i have a year service and you don’t have the APP set up like you website. I have to use another APP to get in my account. I call customer service and get the runaround. DONT BUY IF YOU PLAN ON USING FULL SERVICE


    by beware_hacker

    This app is too expensive for college students (mostly the monthly payment).

  • It does not, in fact, check for grammatical errors.

    by apb12344556789

    After testing this app, or keyboard rather, it does not actually check for grammar errors. It does not appear to check for punctuation.

  • Your app is no good!

    by TMONKDA

    Take it off phone, I can’t get it off and I don’t wanna it! Especially now!

  • Buy at your own risk

    by dsfsfdg

    When I first started using this app it was great and worked so well but two minutes later I deleted it why you ask because it asked me for all of my personal information and it wanted me to put in my credit card information so you can see if you like it but I sure don't

  • Can't use

    by Saraec87

    So I didn't get a chase to use it fully. Continuously keeps asking for full access and if you read the message is says: it could access some privacy info and/or credit cards. Of course nobody should allow personal info to others... uninstalling....

  • Records EVERYTHING You Type!!!

    by Addicted 2 Photo Apps

    In order to use this app, you must allow the developer to see EVERYTHING you type, including your address and credit card information. Uninstalled immediately!!

  • Ugh

    by Tuuvok666

    First attempt, and it kept telling me error message

  • Super bad

    by higfdd

    I can’t even write on it with my key board

  • No good

    by 😍😍😍😍😍😝😜

    They keep your info

  • Problem

    by wantingout

    Want to get rid of it. It's getting in the way. Please help.

  • App doesn’t work

    by RN_5154

    Adding the keyboard is not an option, so I can’t get into the app i.e. I cannot pass the setup stage.

  • Remove the full access

    by Thai-Thai

    This app appeared to be very helpful until I became aware of the full access feature. This is an invasion of privacy and another way for developers to get information to control us through marketing. I’m not that pressed to be grammatically correct. I will pass!

  • No longer works

    by S.Reid2019

    The app was working properly, until its recent update. The keyboard is no longer showing all the words, so therefore I cannot type a complete sentence. However once I turn off the app, the full keyboard is shown, and I can type a complete sentence. Please fix ASAP so I can turn on the Grammarly app again. Thanks

  • I can't even login!

    by The roadster1

    It doesn't even work.It won't let me go on this app.I was hoping to get good at grammar and I am very disappointed that I can't even get on this app.

  • Why Full Access?

    by damanirajeev

    They ask for full access, which mean they will have access to all credit card details and passwords you use while using their key board!

  • Doesn’t work with iPad Pro Keyboard

    by jfwilkus

    Grammarly keyboard does not show when using the iPad Pro keyboard. I’m a Grammarly Pro subscriber and am pretty disappointed that I can’t use it with my attached keyboard.

  • Deleted.

    by Jim Julian

    I’m aware of the risks of having this be a keyboard extension, plus allowing full Internet access to send what I type to their server. I get it. So I was just turning this “keyboard app” on and off as I see fit. It’s workable. It’s deleted because it’s just not stable. I have apps that I use every day, and they lock up because they’re not meshing with Grammarly. Here’s the other thing: I’d be willing to be a paid Premium user, but the price difference from Free to the minimum Premium tier is too high. They need to lower the base price dramatically for casual users.

  • The Add Keeps Popping Up!!!

    by Cheesecake 14

    My mom downloaded this app but it was useless and so she deleted it but since she did the app pops up every time in an app and it annoys me and I don’t want it but it keeps doing it so I’m giving this app a 1 star!🤬

  • Grammarly

    by You kidding me!!

    Full information, yeah right. A scammers dream

  • I just installed the app. Now, I’m uninstalling the app

    by Phlyphisher

    I don't like the insecurity of the app. I like Grammarly on my iMac, but not on my iPhone.

  • Privacy complete bestowed on the developer.

    by robr'ru

    Read Grammarly’s privacy policy before installing this app. The may use your privacy information as they seem fit. Be informed before you down load!

  • Needs full access to my privacy

    by Jhen79

    This app needs to make the change of needing to access my privacy! I was very pleased to find an app like this but I'm very uncomfortable to have a grammar app to have access to my credit card information and my home address. Is that necessary? So I'm going to delete the app, because I can't have the full experience. Try again developers!


    by audreyfungirl

    This app does not work at all. I tried to enter it but it kept crashing. I HATE THIS APP SO MUCH.

  • Privacy issues

    by icruise2

    This app will let the keyboard send any information you type to their website and their parties, even your sensitive information you have typed already.

  • Full access?

    by I Should Just Stay Away

    Might as well ask for all of my information during registration. Allow full access to view all of my keystrokes? Banks account numbers? Social security number? Passwords? Wow. No thank you.


    by TabbyOwens

    Cannot cancel on my IOS and I'm over this app. Hate it. oh and this keyboard is laggy of AF.

  • Beware

    by TracyMccl

    It's not useful unless you allow full access. It makes zero sense why they need to know, maintain and keep everything I say on my phone. I wanted to use this app but I refuse.

  • No voice text

    by Rockn'All'The'Time

    The keyboard does not have the mic button for voice to text. This is a big shortcoming on a useful tool.

  • Poor Autocorrect

    by Marshmallow101!!!?

    The autocorrect on this is so bad that I can’t text quickly without it being a complete mess. There is much better accuracy when I just use my regular keyboard.

  • It’s not ready for use

    by akkayakr

    If your open this app it will leave a banner on your texting window even after you have deleted the app after trying it. This kind thing is like breaking trust with people who give a The app a try, the banner does not go away and wants you to reload the app. Plus it’s a coin toss, the app replaces words thinking you don’t know what your saying, and therefore changes the whole meaning of a sentence sometimes. I do better on my own.

  • Stolen data

    by hannahotlick

    WARNING This app not only collects what you type on a keyboard, but also all past information you have typed on a keyboard . It’s basically a key logger . It collects passwords and credit card information and die s it explain why it needs that info . and if you look at at apples terms of use Apple even says so . Grammlery may not use the info but what if the app gets hacked ? Or some random employee takes the info?


    by Marinaaaax3322

    They are trying to get your information. I don’t recommend this app plus I should have read the privacy settings before downloading it.

  • Scumbags

    by Little Kuma

    So, I got a premium account last year. One month later, my premium was gone. I didn’t really care because I wasn’t going to use it again anyway. Fast forward to now, these people charge me 140$ for a premium account that 1: I only got for a one year membership and 2: doesn’t even let me access premium features. Absolute garbage app 0/10 would not recommend. Give me my money back scum.

  • Requires too much access

    by Fixed map

    The app requires access to everything you have already typed including credit card information you may have typed to pay for anything.

  • Trash DO NOT BUY

    by brutal truth tea

    This app doesn’t even work it totally ruined my essay and started to auto correct things when they were fine and it added so many new commas that were unnecessary

  • Where’s a real app?

    by markbyrn

    Keyboard is nice but how about a real app to allow me to access the documents I created on my desktop?? Considering I’m paying for premium, I’d like a premium experience.

  • Doesn’t work!

    by 100% Truth Reviews

    I log onto the app, on multiple devices, and it still doesn’t work! I have great grammar, truly, I wanted to try this for my friends and also see if my teachers would like it. I am 100% dissatisfied with this app and do not recommend it to anyone else. You are better off finding another app.

  • Grammarly

    by mr.pasargad

    When I type it doesn't show which letter I'm typing My character preview is off Try it yourself it doesn't show

  • Does not correct grammar

    by MissP69

    The animated and makes this app seem great but the reality is that it does not catch comma and other grammar errors. I have deliberately included several if not more grammar errors in this review using the Grammarly keyboard and as you can see it has not corrected any of them. Not one, not two not three items in a list were punctuated nor were the subordinate clauses. Thanks to Grammarly we have a couple of classic run-ons sentences in this paragraph. Do not download!

  • Looking for something else

    by Godspeeacher

    I downloaded it in hopes of it actually helping me with punctuation and grammar. But it wasn't any help as I posted a status on facebook with no comma or periods and it did not correct me it said everything was perfect

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