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Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google LLC

Discover and play millions of songs with the Google Play Music app

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  • Its great but..

    by Maddysuperstar

    So i just got this app, and i think its amazing! But (this problem also might be because i just started using it) when i play songs and i “favorite” them or whatever they go into a playlist (obviously) so i thought if i did that to all the songs i want to listen to later i could just do that, but the problem is I can’t. It won’t let me hit the play button and if i hit the song, this thing comes up saying something like “do u want to start a radio with songs related to (insert songs title here)” but it won’t let me listen to the song i want. Secondly, when i go to the search bar thing to search for a select song, they come up as “radios” and not the song itself. All i want is to be able to search and find the song i want, “favorite it” and listen to it later. Other then that, its a really good app I recommend it!

  • by kat burgan

    This app is great, it has most of what i like to listen to. Will there ever be an update where we can organize our music by artist? Every time i try and move my songs around they always go right back to where they were.

  • App works well, but CarPlay doesn’t...

    by Disruptor2010

    Keeping it short and sweet, the app works pretty well overall. The only issue I run into is with CarPlay and this app. While the music works fine, you can access all your playlists, etc., two bugs are present. The first is that it doesn’t always show my “Now Playing”. When I click on it sometimes it just sits there at the same screen and freezes, never going to now playing. If I reboot the Google Play Music app or the phone itself, then it usually fixes itself and shows the “Now Playing” screen with what Google Play Music is playing. The bigger issue, however, is whenever I am using the Google Play Music app I lose all functionality for Siri through CarPlay. The icon of Siri shows up if I activate it, but you can’t speak and have it recognize your voice. Once Siri “beeps” so you know to start talking, no matter what you say it doesn’t recognize your voice and just sits there. Then, it stops the voice input thing and goes right back to the song that was playing. It’s quite frustrating/annoying. The moment you leave the app and go into, say, Apple Music or something else it works fine. It’s only when you are using Google Play Music and music is playing. Please fix this and it goes to 5 stars :).

  • by Matthew Gallegos

    Constantly removes thumbed up songs from library. Very annoying. Songs that are still availabe on google play music are removed from library for some reason on a daily basis.

  • by Prakash P

    can't get all folders and songs....add a option for folder so that we can access easily all songs..fix this....add a option for scan media

  • Great app, but is more buggy than ever.

    by AlexanderDaniel

    Play Music is and always will be the only music app I ever use. It’s always worked how it needs to and is simple to use, with great quality content. BUT, I don’t know if it’s just the iOS app, but it seems like it gets buggier after every update. I have a lot of problems when I’m trying to use the app with my google home. Most of the time it won’t even connect to it when I want to cast music. When I try to delete a song from a playlist, it instead deletes a different one that’s a couple songs up and the one I originally tried to delete stays there, and I can’t get rid of it. And something I noticed today, if I try to select ‘play next’ on a song while I’m listening to music, it stops the music completely and a whole other song from a completely different playlist is selected and shows up on the screen. AND now when I listen to a playlist on shuffle, it plays one song, and then the music stops after that and doesn’t continue playing the rest of the playlist. It seems like the more you try to fix something that doesn’t need fixing, the worse the app gets.

  • Often CarPlay issues

    by MrBStill

    I love the Play Music app way more than iTunes or Apple Music. I have use Google play and play music for a long time. But once I got a new vehicle with the CarPlay actually or feature the Google play music has quite often caused issues. Whether it was now playing this song or delaying to be pulled up in the app or stating there is not connection when trying to pull up playlist. Majority of the time I am using my actual phone to start play music from a playlist or simply the library. I have seen other reviews with the same response, so I know I am not the only one. I’m sure part of the reason is because I am using an Apple phone with google play music. But also using the CarPlay feature seems to support more iPhone features than Google features. Even still I would prefer to use Google play music rather than the Apple Music. Excited for when there has been and update sent out for this issue to be resolved. Honestly, this is the only reason for a 3 star rating. It’s pretty important! Removing that dilemma; EASILY A 5 STAR RATING.!.!

  • by Amit Ghata

    Ok but need to be improve ....... No Folder wise , No Language wise option ......... Each the both feature are important for both stars ....

  • Love, love, love!!

    by Findingdoriat40

    I had this app on my phone, on my iPhone, while it was still in iOS app. Don’t ask me to remember the name of the app, I just remember receiving an email that it was going to be Google play as of January 1 and again don’t ask me what year it was either😊 I love the way Google play place through my speakers, while I’m in the car. I have a 2006 Honda Civic, so as you can imagine some of my speakers don’t work. But listening to this app, instead of fruit named applications, Google play definitely takes the cake. The only thing I would change is that, if you would just start the radio station with the person, persons, group, act whatever.... start the song someone is REQUESTING FIRST. They are requesting that SONG that particular TIME and for a PARTICULAR REASON (NEEDED it THEN)and most of the time, they don’t even get to hear the song the request that started the station.....!And that is a BUMMER!!

  • by Nathan Jones

    The app is dead in the water Google is slowly moving everything to YouTube Music so if your a sub to Google music try using YouTube music

  • Issues

    by 959Ren

    This is really the only music app I use. I, personally, like how it works, but that's because I've been using it for years. It's not the same for a new user; the layout is easy to get confused with. I have had to deal with issues with deleting songs from my playlists. Trying to delete one song will delete the song one, two, sometimes even three songs above it. It comes and goes, but it's still a reoccurring problem that I've had for the longest time, and when it comes around, I often lose songs for good, because there's no way I could keep track of all 300 of them. And, though I have 300 songs, I may end up listening to some more than others because the Shuffle option isn't that great. Play Music is also pretty buggy-- the panels that come up for adding songs will sometimes jump across the screen. Speaking of, I do wish that there was an option to simply add a bunch of songs to a playlist all at once rather than one by one.

  • My all time favorite music player app

    by lipbiter100

    I absolutely love this music player. I’ve been using it for years. It’s the only music player that I can put literally any song that I download on it. It can hold up to 50,000 songs, which is incredible because I have so many songs that I want to download but other music players just don’t hold more than 100. The only thing is I wish that the shuffler was better. I have so many songs on it, yet I still feel like it repeats songs over and over again. I’ve had some songs on the app for awhile that it has never played once and others that it has played like 10 times. The app overall is amazing. I just hope they can fix the shuffling problem.

  • by Meer Sajid

    honestly I have not used this app yet, as I am playing audios by another apps

  • by sand Figaro

    44th is is a long day and night in my appointment is at the heart w

  • It’s good generally but it crashes a lot

    by Aimalohi

    1) This app isn’t attractive in the way that other music platforms are. 2) It can be confusing the use when you first start. It’s not a very user-friendly interface 3) IT CRASHES A LOT. If I play a song and leave the app, it stops for a while then picks up again and stays okay as long as I don’t open the app again. If I do, the app crashes totally. Occasionally (like today) the songs kept breaking briefly (for about a second to three seconds at a time). This app has been crashing for almost as long as I’ve been using it. I got a new phone and things were good for almost three months and recently (a week or so ago), I had to start using that work-around where I don’t open the app a second time to avoid crashing. I honestly much prefer the web player. It’s more attractive and doesn’t crash.

  • by Average Indian Guy

    No equalizer, Original Android music app was better and minimalistic.

  • Has potential

    by DanielXDU

    Honestly, you guys have the best algorithm for finding similar musicians and the ability to have radio stations based off a single song is pretty awesome, but come on guys you’re one of the largest tech companies in the world and you don’t updated your app in over 3 months. There’s more than enough bugs to warrant an update. For one, I can’t even stream from this app to my Chromecast audio. It just never works. Also for whatever reason half of my thumbs up playlist disappears mid-stream when I go from Wi-fi to LTE. I have feeling that this has to do with beef with Apple, but honestly that’s no excuse. I pay for a premium membership and seemingly simple problems like this should be fixed. Also an Apple TV app would be nice or at least have the ability to display album artwork when streaming would be appreciated.

  • Love the app, but...

    by nadwodny

    I love this app and have been paying the $10 for about 4 years now. I feel it’s the best app available and worth the money. Only issue I have is when I change music in playlist or radio, It keeps skipping songs and I have to go back 3-4 times because it keeps trying to skip until I get message prompting me to “try again” then it works. It gets annoying when I’m just surfing for something good. It’s not my service cuz I have full bars and internet and still a problem. I’m sure it has to do with buffering and streaming and not being downloaded but it does get old!! Other than that.. the app itself has all the music I need and want! I always suggest google play!

  • Not one I want.

    by Fatbellygummybears

    This app I deleted off my phone. I got this app so I could stream my music offline. I was going on a trip, the trip was about a two hour long ride. I downloaded the app to stream my music, and I searched up a song I liked. The problem was I went under all categories I could find and couldn’t fine my music. All I could find was radio stations. I found this app from my friend who owns a Samsung and already had this app on her phone. I own a IPhone 6+ and decided that I would try this app. It sounded good because my friend and I would listen to the music together. The music played fine and she had tons of music on there. That is why I downloaded it. I don’t have the app anymore. I am going to try the app again, but I’m sure it still won’t work. Still a great app for Samsung’s.

  • T

    by disavibrating

    This app is my preferred method of streaming music but it is not elegant or refined at all. For example, album artwork does not fit the screen, it is zoomed for some reason when you’re playing a song from that album which just looks weird. There is a playlist of songs recently added to your library however no matter how many songs i’ve just added, the playlist never updates. Songs have randomly disappeared from my library. Some songs stop/start playing halfway through, others don’t play at all. I think some added features could be useful, such as the ability to look up lyrics. I have nothing to compare this app to because i’ve never used another streaming service but I’d say this could definitely be improved upon.

  • Really annoying bug

    by BionicBicycle

    So the app works fine. I love the google play service. Had it for years. But with this most recent I’ve noticed an incredibly annoying bug. Whenever I’m trying to edit the queue to shift songs around, the app crashes. And sometimes if I try to add something to my queue via the “play next” feature, mainly with radios, it’ll add the song to the queue, but it won’t be next. It’ll add it to the top of the queue. Which means the song won’t play in the radio. Also it won’t let me move when I try to edit the queue because it’ll crash if I do. Please fix this. It’s my favorite music app and this kinda makes it annoying to use.

  • Needs Some TLC

    by Zombiekiller1984

    I am a huge fan of the product moreso than the app. Having all of this great music at your fingertips is a blessing and at times a curse (how many playlists can one person create???) I find the one standout thing that bothers me most about this app (because it happens SO frequently) is the constant crashing. Start adding an album to your library and the app lags, if a song is playing it starts skipping, then app freezes and you must close to reboot. If a song is playing and you go to the search, it will sometimes freeze up and crash. Please perfect this app, find what is causing it to crash so often and eliminate it. Google Play Music is such an awesome service, but it becomes an issue when the app won't let you play it without incident.

  • Problematic

    by rtothejizzle

    As of the current build, I cannot integrate the player with the built in controls on my iPhone. When I swipe up to control playback, my player is not available. Music will be playing, but I can not pause or skip. The same can be said for controlling playback on my headphones. This was not a problem with the previous build(s) I had installed. Dev Request: create a better way to report issues with the catalog. I had an instance where the names of the songs were correct, but the actual track played was incorrect. Feature request: create a way to do favorite album lists instead of having to add whole albums. Not sure how to articulate this, but it’d be nice to have a top 10 albums list to share.

  • I expected this to be less buggy

    by Ceuriss

    I love the fact that I can access my songs from anywhere with Google Play Music, however this is diminished by the fact that whenever I’m connected to Bluetooth or chromecast, skipping songs is a nightmare, even with a fast internet connection. The app stutters and randomly pauses my music and sometimes skips more than one song. Also, when changing songs, it temporarily stops playing audio to the Bluetooth device even though the song is definitely playing. These functions work normally when using headphones or just playing on the phones built in speaker. So, overall, a useful app, but needs some fine tuning in Bluetooth, skipping, and smooth playback.

  • Needs maintenance

    by BlueHeroWCUT

    When I first used the app, it worked perfectly, but when I started adding more and more songs, the app started wigging out. Now, I have to delete a song under the song to delete the song I originally planned to remove. Confusing, right? And my songs went completely out of the order I had first placed them in. Me having OCD doesn’t help this situation very much. The music still plays very well and the shuffle option is accurate...? Is that the word to use? Anyway, please check these things out and the app will be perfect.

  • Apple CarPlay is buggy

    by Joker54974

    Google play music is great as an app by itself. The radio station and playlist has some of the best recommendations. Compared to Its competitors this really lacks with Apple Car Play. If you hear a song you like you can’t thumbs up or add it to your library through Apple Car Play. Also, the Car Play is very buggy it freezes on almost every trip. The music still plays but I’ll usually have to force close the app on my phone and restart for it to show on Car Play. Sometimes even restarting the app doesn’t work so just have to deal with no Car Play. If Car Play worked as intended, and have better user functionality to add music to the library this would be 5 Stars.

  • Could make some improvements

    by Redge R

    First off I love the variety of radio stations available. This app probably has the most sub-genres compared to other apps. Audio quality is also very good. I would love to be able to download single songs and not entire albums. Sure, I could make a playlist and download it later. But I feel like that's an unnecessary extra step or two. Why not just have the download option available for each track like most other apps offer? Unfortunately, this one lacking feature is enough for me to unsubscribe to the paid service. If they offer this in the future, I might come back to this app

  • Better than Apple Music

    by Brooksjas1

    The paid version of Google Play is phenomenal. They create great playlists and they remember what you like to listen at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week. I find this app easier to navigate than Apple Music also. Even when you close the app, it saves the last song you were listening to to. Apple Music doesn’t do this. It’s a huge advantage for me lol. I just wish I could say “Hey Siri, play...” and she would open Google Play. That’s the only draw back when using the app from iPhone.

  • Used to be a good app, but now contains bug after bug

    by carosnyd

    This app has great aesthetics, is really easy to navigate, and has all the music you want. However, if I try and skip more than two songs, the icon on my lock screen disappears, and I have to unlock my phone and open the app, click “try again” and then skip the song. Terribly inconvenient. If someone else is sharing your account, aka you’re using more than one of your allowed 6 devices, then the app will pause and give an error message. Imagine losing music in the middle of your workout just because your family member wanted to hear some Lil Uzi. Very frustrating.

  • Has Bugs

    by josie.delp

    I’ve had this app for a while and I am just now having bug problems. When I go to add songs to my library, instead of adding them to the top of the playlist, it adds them onto the bottom. I tried making a new playlist and I cooperated for a bit, and then did the same as before. I also tried to delete a song off of a playlist because I had it on there twice, and it won’t let me delete either. I have also tried moving songs around on the playlist, and they never stay in the spot that I put them in. I used to love this app but now I’m looking into other ones.

  • Creates the best mixes!

    by Tigershark72005

    Ugh google play music makes the best random playlists! They are literally FIRE! Pick any song you want to listen to and on the right hand side click and look for “start insta mix.” From your entire music collection, google will find the best songs that are most similar to the song you’ve chosen and create a random playlist for you to listen to. No other music app does it. It’s google play’s best feature. It has the best algorithm for pairing similar songs from any other music app!

  • Good but needs fixing.

    by Mr McSlime

    I love this app because it offers a lot of music and features for an awesome price, but there is a bug that has never seemed to be fixed and it has to do with playlists. Whenever I make a playlist and organize it, after I click done and wait a few minutes, it will move certain songs to other parts of the playlist where I don’t want them. This may not bother everyone but it bothers me because I’m very organized and I can’t keep my playlists organized because they always change somehow.

  • Disappearing songs??

    by hooman 2.0

    This rarely happened before but now it’s happening more frequently. I would just be listening to music and suddenly almost all of my songs in my “thumbs up” or other playlists disappear, only leaving several songs in there. I would try and restart my phone or refresh the app but it doesn’t work, so the only option I have is to continuously deleting the app and redownloding it. The songs do come back but I’d have to redownload all of the songs again to listen to them offline. My internet is perfectly fine and it also happens when I’m using data.

  • Great App But Only One Problem

    by Costaki

    Love the app and have been using for over a year or maybe two now, but lately i have been running into this problem that when i want to delete something out of a playlist it deletes the song that is one or two above it. This frustrates me because then i have to figure out how to get the song deleted that i actually wanted to delete and add the new song back and on top of that remembering what song i deleted out of the many in my playlist l. If this bug is fix it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks You.

  • Needs to be updated.

    by One&Only Mareeya

    I've had this app for about 5 years now. It works pretty well but I noticed about a year ago that I couldn't find my recently added music (which is how I would listen to my new favorite songs). That was one of my favorite features of the app and now (unless I add it to a playlist) I cannot find the songs I just added to my library...It's very annoying, I've actually considered cancelling my subscription because of it. This app has not been updated since I first download it back in 2013....Maybe bug fixes but that's it. I would like to see a difference in the app....please update it!!!

  • Pros and improvement

    by iLURS

    The app is wonderful if you have a music library from iTunes or have it in file. Just upload it and you can access it anywhere, you can even ask your google home to play it for you! It’s Very good on storing. And best part is free. When you have unknown music file it can even give you a a suggestion of what it is from what artist and album it is. Very useful The improvement is more gesture support and easy search when looking for songs. You can’t really search your own music library only online

  • Good but easily could be great

    by Boknows89036

    I’ve always used google music and never had a problem with it, but there are a few things that could be updated. For instance, when making a playlist you can add all the songs you want, but you’re not able to remove songs. Sometimes I’ll make a playlist then decide I don’t want a song on there but instead of removing it I would have to make a whole new playlist. Also, when on shuffle mode I’ve noticed songs will repeat even thought the entire playlist has not been played through. Other than that everything else is great

  • Really great, but one major bug

    by Akshay95014

    I’ve been using Google Play Music for a few years now, and I use it through the website on my computer and through the app on my iPhone. It used to work perfectly but now, if i “thumbs up” a song on the browser, it shows up on the Thumbs Up playlist on the website but it does not show up on my iPhone’s Thumbs Up playlist, and vice versa. I’ve tried manually refreshing my app through the settings panel, but this has no effect. Usually a few weeks after I’ve added a song to my library or given it a thumbs up, it finally shows up on my iPhone app.

  • Love google play music, app is only okay though

    by SarahSmiles22

    I love google play music, it is a great system to listen to music from. But the app is only okay. It doesn’t connect with the music you put on if you are using it online. So your playlists are different for example from the app to opening it online. And then my music is always stopping even though it says that it is playing, so I have to go back and press pause then play again. Usually happens when I reopen the app or unlocking my phone. It is very annoying. Also, it is hard to search for music and go back to the music list you had open.

  • Best application ever!!!

    by JohnnyComeHome

    If you are a music lover then you can't beat Google Play's Unlimited Music Plan. I would easily spend ten dollars a month on music (that's not even on CD). However, for ten bucks a month you are able to download unlimited music from new releases to your favorite album that was lost years ago. What sets Goofle Play apart from Apple music or any other platform is it also stores all of your previously purchased music! You always have your music library with you on multiple devices!

  • Love it.

    by risrae387

    I absolutely love Google Play. But recently I've been having issues with my thumbs up playlist. It sometimes only shows one song in it even though there's hundreds. I have an iPhone and I'm thinking maybe this is the issue? Anyways, it just shows one song and the only thing that fixes this issue is uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It's happening quite a bit and it's a little disappointing considering I love absolutely everything else about the app!

  • No problems for me

    by HoneyWhiteHorror

    I use Google Music on a 5th gen iPod Touch as well as my Samsung Galaxy S6 with data and/or wifi and it's always worked for me, I've never had a problem with Google Music. Now that I'm a mom, I use Google Music for my baby daughter whether we are in the backyard or in a crazy Walmart during Christmas rush, it's pretty great and also great if you like to be introduced to all sorts of new artists solely based on channels or stations playing genres versus airtime-type "popular" music, but it has that, too!

  • Google Music vs. Apple Music

    by Faithfulwings77

    These two apps are pretty much the same except for ONE BIG DIFFERENCE... Apple Music offers the lyrics to songs by clicking the properties of the song you're playing... right at your finger tips... Google we need to get with the times!!!! There's no reason not to offer lyrics when you have them available on your google search engine as if it were coming from google music. Why not integrate this capability to Google Play Music while listening? It's very inconvenient to have to get out of the app to go to the search engine to search for lyrics... lyrics that apparently lead me right back to Google Play. Seems like a simple connection on the Google Play Music interface?! Don't you think? This is a deal breaker for me... as much as I love Google Play Music I may have to move on... It doesn't make any sense when you clearly have it available...!!! I'll come back to give it 5 stars once this problem is fixed...

  • Used to be good but now it’s buggy

    by alicopper

    This app used to work perfectly for me. But recently it started not displaying whatever was playing on my home screen. You know like when my phones locked. And then if I try to pause it with my headphones it pauses and then starts playing iTunes music. I would use iTunes music but I don’t have many songs downloaded. And it did it a little here and there but today when I’ve been using it, it won’t stop doing that and when I swipe out of the app and open it again it works for a second and then just keeps doing it.

  • Great service, nice app, terrible integration for Apple CarPlay

    by Daverson

    For an iOS user it’s weird to love this app so much. I’m able to get my entire music library in one place streaming anywhere I need it. The streaming radio service is nice, playlists are nice... The one thing I cannot get over is how useless the Google Play is on the Apple CarPlay service. You can not search your entire library. Playlists are limited. Radio streaming is very buggy. Part of me wants to just pay the money to covert everything over to iTunes. Overall it’s nice. Just really need to overhaul their CarPlay capability. I know it’s not much better on AA.

  • Please Google?

    by Sexy Bowl Llama

    Google – Please explain the why a premium paying user is limited to 4 devices they can de-authorities per year? Asking as many people have multiple devices they cycle through for personal and work, and sometimes you are unable to remove devices you no longer have in order to add new devices. Google Music is a great service that I find value in using every single day. This is why I’m wishfully putting above comment in the comments.

  • Too many Advertisements

    by WLBLACK42107

    I really like using the app but the advertisements are getting more and more. I understand needing advertisement but it is starting to get ridiculous. I chose the app to get away from all the adds on the radio. We listen to Disney stations 99% of the time for the grandkids and for us and the ads disrupts the mood. Also the volume is way too loud especially compared to the volume of the songs. My husband and I both downloaded the same app and his doesn’t have advertisements, so what is up with that? Please minimize the ads and the volume? Thank you!

  • A few major issues.

    by valhakun

    A couple of things that irritate me the most: 1. The search bar is useless, when the "Downloaded only" setting is toggled ON. We should be able to search within the downloaded music as well - this seems pretty obvious. 2. Viewing discographies of artists could be SO MUCH EASIER, if albums were separate from singles and B-sides, and if all of those were listed chronologically with the release year (or full date) clearly pointed out in the list. This one goes beyond the iOS app - it's a major annoyance of the service as a whole.

  • Great playlist, intuitive, some bugs

    by Zac854

    overall this is a really awesome music app. It is easy to navigate artist, find specific songs, or explore new genres. The family plan is great I've been able to add my mom to it which is nice since it is not something she would normally get her self. I do have a recurring bug, my thumbs up playlist periodically will disappear, this has been an issue for a long time, not sure if it is a problem with other users.

  • Love this app

    by giairmoe

    Only advice to make it even better. An option where you can get the lyrics of the songs would be nice. Also when we create a station based on a song, sometimes some of the songs that are recommended are far off the genre and aren’t that similar. Besides that this app is totally worth the subscription. The lyrics option should be for those who are subscribed of course

  • Could be better

    by clint mcclure

    The app works well for the most part, but there are a few things that are irritating. The major one being that songs are randomly removed from your library/playlists without any notification, so you don’t know a song is missing until you are looking for it specifically. Another problem is that it seems to get really slow when you’re trying to scroll through a playlist. If these problems were fixed the app would be perfect

  • No issues, but...

    by Poisoned__Dreams

    iOS app is great except that I can’t access my podcasts. I haven’t had any issues with the music playing through Bluetooth, and the only time I have had Music stop is when I’m playing my library from the cloud and my internet is spotty. Anyway, podcasts are available when I use Google Play on a computer, but there is no option for podcasts on the iOS app. I don’t really understand why, but I hope Google fixes this. I have not seen any response to this issue from Google itself.

  • Great app falls short

    by Eckka

    Lovvve the app but it has a couple issues. Sometimes it’ll cut off for no reason and I have to go back to the app which has apparently crash and find the song I was jamming to whilst driving. Another thing although it’s a great music app it fails in comparison with others such as Apple Music which has the read the lyrics option and the search by lyrics option. Other than that I think this is a really good music app

  • Once great, now okay.

    by Topramenater

    This was a great service for quite a while, but has recently been growing more and more unreliable. I keep all of my playlists saved to my phone and, despite this, music still takes a long time to begin playing or freezes when switching songs. In the last few weeks this has become worse as, every several songs, the app can go silent in the middle of a song which is terrible when driving. Hopefully they figure out a solution soon.

  • Purchased music for downloading issue

    by astroalyssa

    This is a great app, be sure to check downloaded music. Tend to have an issue with the download complete on two purchases (one song from one artist, and a full album from a different artist) never show the check that download is complete. Stations are excellent. I do have an issue with connecting to vehicle being that google play app is not featured, streaming music works well

  • Coming from Apple Music this was a GREAT choice

    by Que Charles

    I LOVE the feature where you type in a song, and it automatically creates a radio station from the song after the requested song plays.... the music choices are always ON POINT! Songs i totally forgot about end up in the mix. I will say I’m not a fan of the stretched cover art for the songs, but that’s the only negative with this app

  • Great app, prone to random glitches

    by roboPANIC

    Great app, tons of music and barely any ads. But it randomly will get weird issues or bugs with the app crashing. For example, this week when I listen to the today’s hits radio it tries to play NC17 by Travis scot and the app crashes!! Then I can’t listen to that station for the rest of the day, because it will keep trying to play the same song and crashing over and over again...

  • Legit

    by Yoyoyoboiii

    I love this app! Even though I have an iPhone I got this app because I prefer the options. The only thing I would like to see improved is maybe add like a button so you can automatically sort your music by title or artist alphabetically, because it’s kind of annoying to do it by hand. Other than that this app is fantastic, they had the new BTS album within a day

Positive Reviews in Most Recent



  • by winz yt

    Why not

  • by Paul Mavhusha


  • by Mona Kumari


  • It works

    by R0salie!!

    You can’t play the song you want sometimes

  • 2 BIG THUMBS UP 👍🏼👍🏼

    by Thirstyme110

    With out a dought they have thee greatest selections of songs and artists .... There has not been one song I cannot find I would definitely recommend to friends and all

  • Music play

    by AmakaGibora

    The best selection of radio play no issues

  • Pretty good

    by Jacob A Baird

    I have maybe 2000 songs in my library. It’s taking days and days to download all of them for some reason. I have never experienced this issue on any android device. Maybe it has something to do with my iPhone. This is the only problem I’m having with this app and it very frustrating.

  • A few major issues.

    by valhakun

    A couple of things that irritate me the most: 1. The search bar is useless, when the "Downloaded only" setting is toggled ON. We should be able to search within the downloaded music as well - this seems pretty obvious. 2. Viewing discographies of artists could be SO MUCH EASIER, if albums were separate from singles and B-sides, and if all of those were listed chronologically with the release year (or full date) clearly pointed out in the list. This one goes beyond the iOS app - it's a major annoyance of the service as a whole.

  • Awesome 😎

    by pineapple337

    I love music and my fam loves google so this is perfect

  • I love this

    by fdthdse

    It's awesome I only like YouTube music better is because you can watch the videos there and I have premium

  • Nioce 👌

    by PurpleStar1124

    I like it. It plays good music and my dad said it it's easy to download stuff onto it. I have no idea what CarPlay is so I have no problems with it. 👌

  • .... Been crashing a lot lately

    by The_Real_BZA

    App is great, but it’s been crashing regularly over the past few weeks ... Pretty annoying to say the least

  • Thanks!

    by Drahcir J. Wolf

    I love it.

  • App review

    by Sbbullets

    This app works very well😩😩

  • Eh

    by bondistbluess

    Works well. I just hate that I PAY for offline use but as soon as I go offline or use CarPlay, it tells me the app crashed and then will boot me out. I can continuously press play or skip to get the music to come back on (for CarPlay). But I can’t choose songs and half of them become jumpy. Even though they are downloaded

  • Sorting

    by shark bait 13

    I love everything about this app EXCEPT for one thing. I just want to easily organize my playlists but there’s no option to automatically organize alphabetically. It’s just sorted by when they’re added or you have to manually rearrange it. I’m not taking hours out of my day to organize it no matter how badly that aggravated me.

  • Love love love

    by HappyWheelsT

    I love it

  • Uploads are important

    by ArtPyrs

    I will always have some music I actually own either mp3s, cds, or vinyl. I appreciate that I can upload this to Google Play and access it anywhere. But I am wish Google would hurry up and provide a dark mode for Google Play on iOS. All the white background drives me nuts!

  • Perfect

    by Hermione Phonix

    I love this app

  • Good

    by xvxivan

    It’s a really good app I like it.

  • Muy buena aplicación

    by forasterod

    Gracias esta muy bien, excelentemente

  • Yeehaw

    by realyeehaw


  • Crashed and burned

    by tydlife

    I have been using this app forever and now I can’t go into it without it crashing. I’ve gotten all the updates and have it on multiple devices and it has crashed on each one

  • Lots of issues recently

    by Chelsea00000

    Not sure why, all of a sudden it stops after almost every song. I’ve used this app for YEARS and never had this many issues. I have to close the app and come back in to get the next song to play. I’m about to download something else. Please fix!

  • irrelevant

    by ǝᴉllɐ

    if you search an artist, you can play a song from them but the rest of the playlist are songs from different people

  • I love this app

    by baselaltaweel

    I love this app ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Keeps skipping

    by geeky._.pineapple

    I like the app but the only thing is that it keeps skipping in the middle of the song. Overall it’s a great app

  • Music is the key of Life. Love this App.

    by Miles Strong

    It allows me to listen to all the old school music I grew up listening to. And I like how it mixes the Artist in together with each other. Keep it available.

  • Still crashing on iOS version 12.3.1

    by Mettlus

    Still crashing on my iPhone 8 12.3.1 I love this app please fix it

  • Purchased music for downloading issue

    by astroalyssa

    This is a great app, be sure to check downloaded music. Tend to have an issue with the download complete on two purchases (one song from one artist, and a full album from a different artist) never show the check that download is complete. Stations are excellent. I do have an issue with connecting to vehicle being that google play app is not featured, streaming music works well

  • Add Apple Watch Support

    by Darkmatter17575

    There isn’t any cross over between Google Play Music for the Apple Watch. Please add a media player on the Apple Watch or I will have to look at changing subscriptions.

  • Great!

    by Your mom(sophie)

    The app is very good I like how it has all my favorite singers in the app 👍🏻

  • Need Android Features ASAP

    by xfrankc12

    I recently switched to an iPhone after being a heavy Android user for nearly a decade.. It has been a smooth transition so far but a lot of these Google apps are missing key features that Android had. For example, Google Play Music on Android have you the ability to select a song and hit “Play Next” and it would add it to your queue. Another is “Start Radio” which creates a random playlist for you but restarts the song you choose to start radio from.. Android did not interrupt or restart the song. On iPhones you have to hit the settings dots and “Edit queue” then drag the songs you want to play next.. This not as convenient to do.. Especially when driving.. Which I shouldn’t be doing but you know you all do it too. Please add these features and I will gladly give 5 stars. Thank you!!

  • Music Stops

    by Frezya98

    This app has been working great for me until now. When an add comes on in the app, the music stops and won’t start again until I switch stations.

  • One big issue

    by shanmo3

    In the beginning this was my favorite app but now I’m noticing when my phone or any device I’m using when the screen goes out the music stops and if an ad comes on when the screen is black it stops working all together until I change to a different station. It’s very frustrating & is starting to happen more & more.

  • Solid app

    by rileymartin22

    I’ve been using Play music on android for years and have had very few issues, and this version on Apple is good as well. This is way way better than the YouTube music app, but I would like the feature of being able to reorder the songs in the queue easily like in the Play music android app.

  • Hello Google Music Goodbye Apple Music

    by Smartonenow123abc

    Google Play Music doesn’t cost money!!!Why do you want to music for about 1.99? Free music or Spend money just for music

  • Needs play back speeds

    by PARoss12

    While I like the app in general, I like to listen to some speeches I have down loaded and like to play them at 1.5 to 2x speed. This app does not allow for that. Also, the ability to play music to the echo dots would help as well.

  • Google play music

    by *Sam*Me*

    This is by far my FAVORITE music app!!!! I live my life in song lyrics, music pulses through my veins!!! I used to have to bounce around from pandora to Spotify to YouTube and back to pandora again so that I could find everything I needed/wanted to add to my playlist for the day. But I discovered Play Music a little over a year ago and There has only been 7 songs that I couldn’t find 😍😍😍 BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!!! FREE DOWNLOADS so you can jam out to while off line 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰so it’s a win win for me!!!

  • BBBeeesssttteeettt

    by 290374dakdak1


  • I love it!

    by Celloman114

    This app is freaking amazing!!!

  • Best Music, but not perfect...

    by Hahahzbzjajba156

    I abseloutly LOVE this game (even though it’s not a game) it’s super addicting. When I first had YouTube I got banned from it until school ended, and I didn’t know how to play my music without it. This changed everything! Unfortunately, rumors are true, this isn’t the perfection in music. I’m still a kid and when I first got the game I had restrictions on. My dad turned the restrictions off but it still wasn’t a pretty scene. Unfortunately for me, all the songs that had bad words in them had an “E” on the front. You wanna know why I didn’t like that? BECAUSE I COULD NOT HEAR ANY SONGS WITH THE “E” IN THEM! I was extremely frustrated. That’s why I never really play it anymore

  • It’s okay

    by bella 744

    I was always thought this app was good till recently when I tried to get my downloaded music on the app on a different device and it wasn’t there. They need to fix that.

  • No podcast accessibility

    by Nigel talk

    They have to make google podcasts available on iPhone.

  • Cool

    by surftiludie

    Like it so far

  • Better than Apple Music

    by Brooksjas1

    The paid version of Google Play is phenomenal. They create great playlists and they remember what you like to listen at certain times of the day or on certain days of the week. I find this app easier to navigate than Apple Music also. Even when you close the app, it saves the last song you were listening to to. Apple Music doesn’t do this. It’s a huge advantage for me lol. I just wish I could say “Hey Siri, play...” and she would open Google Play. That’s the only draw back when using the app from iPhone.

  • Google Rules

    by RickyLee0226

    I WILL only EVER Google for my music the sound quality is exceptional and thanks 2 the cloud I always have it available 2 me no matter what device!! You Freakin Rock Google!!!

  • Love it!

    by Female_Warden

    It works great! I love everything about it! Only thing is that when I’m driving it glitches and shuts the music off. I shouldn’t ever touch my phone when I’m driving or I could crash. Please fix this bug and/or glitch immediately.

  • Overall, great.

    by TheReviewNoob

    I love this app for editing and drawing, as I can just put it in the background while other apps are running. There are no audio ads, and music is uninterrupted. There are only a few skips allowed, but it’s worth it for the freedom from pesky ads. The app is a tiny bit buggy, but overall works fine!

  • I can’t play my faves

    by bffygu

    Now I love this app, but I can’t even play my favorite songs. Even though they come up every now and then, it won’t let me play it and it super annoying. Also it wont let me play it when I play the radio of it.

  • Best app

    by thisjoint

    Very good

  • Noice

    by badlore

    It would be great if you could also listen to podcasts (like on the android version). Otherwise, pretty satisfied.

  • ALMOST the perfect music app

    by sleeptron

    I love google play music. I use it on my iPhone 8 with the paid subscription service, and I really enjoy it. I liked it enough that I continued to use Google play music when I switched to iPhone from android, where I originally became familiar with the Play Music app. It's pretty common for this app to be the native/stock music player on alot of Android devices, for a good reason. It offers basically everything you could need/want from a music player app, with the awesome benefit of having one of the very best streaming-subscription services built right in. My only complaint, is actually pretty small, & doesn't have to do with the actual function, features, or performance, the only thing I would change about this app, is the user-interface. Compared to apps like Spotify, or Apple music, the UI here is nowhere near as customizable, not as intuitive, less smooth and friendly to navigate. Overall it looks outdated to me, and can't compare to how good it's competition looks. That being said, this is still BY FAR, one of the very best music player apps/streaming service out there. Only thing it needs is a little better iOS application so it's at least as good as it is for Android devices, and a UI refresh.

  • Love it!!!

    by Jayworkman13

    I have used this app for a while now and love if I had to change one thing it would just be the look of it other than that great!

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