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Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google LLC

Discover and play millions of songs with the Google Play Music app

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

49.2% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Patrick J Farnan

    Ever since Android got the Latest Software update, Play Music Crashes every single time when trying to play music in my Car. When is this going to be fixed?? Pandora and IHeartRadio dont Crash.... Update: 2/18.. After uninstalling and reinstalling twice, the app work for a couple days then goes back to crashing every singlw time... When is this going to be permenantly fixed????

  • Good, but not comparable to other music apps

    by Kittehmon

    The organization for the app is a bit confusing and feels less user friendly than other apps. There are multiple ways to navigate the app but can be confusing when you first start using it. It’s a good app, but I think alternative music apps are better. The main issue that I have is when I add songs to My Library, many of the recently released songs/albums end up getting deleted. Does anyone else have this issue? There’s no way for me of knowing which dogs were removed from my library until I end up searching randomly for that song because I want to listen to it. Not sure if it is a licensing issue of some sort, but it consistently happens to me. We have a family plan, and everyone on our plan has experienced the same thing. One of our users only had about 25 songs in their library, and after a month, it was reduced to 3 songs. If you have a large library of saved songs you like, you’ll never know it gets removed until you search for it. Personally, I like to just shuffle all my songs in My Library when I’m driving or working, so I never really know when songs get removed. But I occasionally wonder why certain songs don’t get played. I later discover why after I search for the song and see that it was removed from my library.

  • by Gergely Csibi

    After I installed Android Oreo onto my Bravia TV, this app doesn't work correctly. Mostly, when I want to play a music, the app plays randomly another one. This is very annoying. I tried to delete app data, I restarted the TV, didn't help. Please, fix this issue!

  • by Junior Smith

    The family plan dose not work if the family master is traveling to different countries or the family master have family in different countries. You cannot get help with a simple questions. Way to much to read. Not everyone can read and have an understanding. Not everyone has help at all! They forgot that Not everyone can read and have an understanding. Not everyone has help at all! They forgot a person may go on vacation to different countries. They forgot they not everyone is rich to take there

  • Incredibly buggy

    by amirness

    Great service. Terrible iOS app. It fundamentally can't play music reliably even when the music is downloaded on the phone I.e. not streaming. The app's been buggy for some time. It used to be better but has steadily deteriorated. I waited patiently for this new release and the longer it took to arrive the more hopeful I was that they'd fix it but this release seems at least as bad as the last. For a company such resources this seems like an amateurish attempt at an iOS app. Or someone is trying to make it terrible on purpose so that I switch to Apple Music. I wonder what the product manager and QA team are up to when their app can't even play a song all the way through? Downloaded songs will stop playing even in offline mode - just today a downloaded song stopped 4 times. Again, these are songs that are on my phone not streaming. It's mostly a mystery why songs stop but at least some have to do with the radio environment. Any time the cellular radio switches mode or the phone switches to wifi the song stops. In NYC it's a busy radio environment with frequency cell handover, and forget using this app on the subway - even in "Dowwnload only" mode. On wifi at home it mostly works but that's not when I need it to work. My gramophone has that use case covered. Super disappointing that this release didn't address the long standing playback issues.

  • by Bradly Broderick

    i am disgrunteled and i want my money back. this app doea not work. i asked it to play me a song and it tells me that im not subcribed. and when its not tellng me im not subcribed the mic wont work.

  • by Joshua Matthews

    Needs To Be Better! Firstt off it needs to have the new material design by Google and it needs to be a perfect stock music app for the Google pixel phone. The app needs a redesign with the new material design like I previously mentioned. It needs to be able to select different folders for offline listening or your personal music collection and it needs to be a little bit more simpler. All the normal use in the front and all the other advertising that the company likes to add in the back

  • Erased all of my music except for one artist!!

    by 426m

    Okay, I’m still using this service. But, gotta say, this really sucked major time, and support was absolutely no help at all. Spent an eternity on the phone to be told there was nothing to be done except to download everything all over again. My library was emptied completely of all music except for one artist and one song by one other artist, which I consider completely unacceptable!!! I had a massive accumulation of music and I use music A LOT, for many things, including work and travel. Getting all my favorites again is going to take a lot of time and I’m really angry about this situation and how it was handled. I feel like reaching out for help was a waste of time, and even worse, if you’re going to offer a service, make sure that something this major DOES NOT HAPPEN. I understand technology has bugs, and I would have probably been more patient and understanding if they at least acknowledged the problem and were working on a solution, but I was essentially told that it was a situation they were not familiar with, and I was responsible for it myself. Really??!!??!!

  • by John Blessing

    Jesus what happened to this app. Completely unusable as it does not stream anything. To put it another way complete garbage.

  • by Josh Avondoglio

    This was once my go-to music app, but lately it just stinks. I can't upload my music from my computer to the cloud, and the music I actually have in the cloud won't cast to my Google Home Mini. Google, please fix these problems.

  • Okay at best, mediocre at worst

    by Smychavo

    Google Play Music has a great selection of tracks and radios stations to choose from, and should have more than enough to suit anyone’s musical tastes. Additionally, audio quality is not a problem, each song sounds crystal clear, despite being a given more often than not for music streaming services. However, there are many little nuances in the UI that bogs down the whole experience. Searching through menus feels choppy, and even delayed at times, as if the app as a whole is unoptimized for iOS. Even worse, is how power-hungry it is. Every time I open the app to switch to another album, or playlist, I find my phone lose several percent within minutes of just using it. However this power consumption issue does not occur during background use, thankfully. Overall, this app feels clunky, and no amount of UI changes, or additions will change that until Google fixes the optimization issues within the app. At best, the app works like any music-streaming service. At worst, it is a choppy, power-hungry mess that’s sure to frustrate any user.

  • by Dustin Golding

    app keep crashing after update. unistalled and reinstalled. worked for a few hours now crashing again.

  • Can't believe this crap comes from Google.

    by Ride8575

    How does a company with so much smarts get this soooo wrong!! I don't want to listen to someone else's playlist or mix! The internet allows me to ditch radio--why else would I invest the time uploading the music I bought?? I suppose pushing new music to me is the deal you had to make with the record industry robber-barons. Ok, I'll cut you slack there. But I can't forgive this abysmal iPhone user interface. To be forced to scroll through those useless bubble images to find an artist is downright user-antagonistic! When I am looking at My Library, I can see a grand total of 4 artists or albums per screen. When I click an artist, I can only see the first two (2) of their albums because the top half of the screen is showing me a picture of the band it pulled from somewhere. I don't need pictures! Album covers are awesome when they are a foot square and made of real cardboard. They are decidedly not awesome when reduced to a postage stamp to fit on a 2" x 4" display. A simple text listing is all that is needed (think original iPod). It's faster and more elegant. Really hope someone is listening.

  • Awful

    by trevboxe

    I’ve been insanely loyal to google play music for a good deal of years now, always thought the expense was worth every penny. But since switching to an iPhone it’s been an absolute nightmare. Even though I’m set up for reoccurring payments it keeps switching me to a free based account and completely deleting everything I’ve downloaded from the past few years from my library with no discernible way to get any of it back. Renewing my subscription was a serious task as no matter what I’d do to update or search through the app, it gave 0 ways to let me pay for a subscription! I do not own a computer so had to get a friend to lend me theirs. After double checking it would be a reoccurring payment, it turned out the next month the same thing happened and I’m traveling abroad and so have 0 access to a computer. Not only that I can’t even purchase individual albums or songs. Before this the app glitched and refused to download any new music, while I still had my subscription. Definitely going to switch to a different streaming service, this is ridiculous.

  • by Matthew Burton

    keeps losing my thumbs up, different counts between phone and pc, can't be trusted, moving to Spotify

  • Mixed feelings...

    by Samaira<3

    I love this app for my music. It’s the only one i use. However, there are so many bugs that it’s getting unbearable. First, when i try to delete a song from a playlist, it instead deletes one above it and leaves the one i tried to delete in the first place. Second, it tends to be somewhat slow and unresponsive at times, but that’s unclear if it’s the app’s fault or just my phone messing up. Third, opening and closing the app makes the music stop playing for several seconds. There are many more small issues with the app that aren’t as important to mention. The reason why i am writing this review in the first place is because i opened the app this morning to find over 2/3 of my entire saved library gone. The music that got removed is still available on the app itself, but is no longer in my library. I have no clue how this happened but i’m very upset that i now have to go through and download all of them again.

  • by Omar FX

    need to be more minimalistic and a streamline experience.

  • by Trang Uchiha

    worse music app ever with literally no personalization

  • This quality of this app has continually degraded as I have used it since 2016

    by LordCorwin

    As said in title, in 2016 when I first started using this app it was truly great. Since then it has slowly but surely been reduced to the form that that it is now. Extraordinarily obvious aspects of customer satisfaction have either never been implemented or have existed previously and somehow were removed. For example: when you look in your Recents tab, it doesn’t show the songs you last listened to (in the order you listened to them). It shows a random assortment of songs playlists and artists, some of which you may not have touched in the last year. Furthermore, they often don’t appear as search suggestions, even if it’s literally the song that was last entered in the search (say like 10 seconds ago). Additionally, as noted, features that did exist have disappeared. I used to be able to “Identify what’s playing” a la Shazam via the search field. That of course was too useful so it was removed. I’m very unhappy with the implementation of this software on this platform, and I certainly have stopped recommending it. There has been little to zero incentive presented in recent months to continue paying for this service when the existing iTunes software is clearly better equipped and whose functionality is generally superior.

  • This quality of this app has continually degraded as I have used it since 2016

    by LordCorwin

    As said in title, in 2016 when I first started using this app it was truly great. Since then it has slowly but surely been reduced to the form that that it is now. Extraordinarily obvious aspects of customer satisfaction have either never been implemented or have existed previously and somehow were removed. For example: when you look in your Recents tab, it doesn’t show the songs you last listened to (in the order you listened to them). It shows a random assortment of songs playlists and artists, some of which you may not have touched in the last year. Furthermore, they often don’t appear as search suggestions, even if it’s literally the song that was last entered in the search (say like 10 seconds ago). Additionally, as noted, features that did exist have disappeared. I used to be able to “Identify what’s playing” a la Shazam via the search field. That of course was too useful so it was removed. I’m very unhappy with the implementation of this software on this platform, and I certainly have stopped recommending it. There has been little to zero incentive presented in recent months to continue paying for this service when the existing iTunes software is clearly better equipped and whose functionality is generally superior.

  • by Sukshay Shelar

    application not showing in redme y1 device do something

  • This quality of this app has continually degraded as I have used it since 2016

    by LordCorwin

    As said in title, in 2016 when I first started using this app it was truly great. Since then it has slowly but surely been reduced to the form that that it is now. Extraordinarily obvious aspects of customer satisfaction have either never been implemented or have existed previously and somehow were removed. For example: when you look in your Recents tab, it doesn’t show the songs you last listened to (in the order you listened to them). It shows a random assortment of songs playlists and artists, some of which you may not have touched in the last year. Furthermore, they often don’t appear as search suggestions, even if it’s literally the song that was last entered in the search (say like 10 seconds ago). Additionally, as noted, features that did exist have disappeared. I used to be able to “Identify what’s playing” a la Shazam via the search field. That of course was too useful so it was removed. I’m very unhappy with the implementation of this software on this platform, and I certainly have stopped recommending it. There has been little to zero incentive presented in recent months to continue paying for this service when the existing iTunes software is clearly better equipped and whose functionality is generally superior.

  • Love the app 2 bugs update

    by LEELO64

    Love the app in general works well most the time, but many times when trying to play music of my phone to my google home group in the house, it will kick the BT connection off and not allow a connection, i have fixed this issue temp. By deleting the app and reinstalling, but it happens randomly, the other on is just a preference thing, all the YT thumbs up symbols are on the right and thumbs down is on the left except this app, and it throws me off, when i hit the TD button instead of TU. Also on the phone its much easier to click TU on the right considering u mostly have the phone held one handed. Thanks for all the other updates across all your platforms, The Goliath company has become one of my favorites, specially after the google Home, i have one is every room. Update: Had to bring it down to one star, as all my songs are Gone from my playlists. This is unacceptable for such a company as google.

  • Fine but multiple bugs

    by amato024

    It’s a good music app! Can download for offline and all the yada-yada. But there are 3 things that annoy me: 1) Sometimes I’ll download a single from an album but then a little while later download the whole album. It doesn’t download the single(s) I already download and instead creates separate albums; 1 for the singles and 1) for the rest of the album. So I have the same album separated into 2 separate albums. 2) NEED to filter out the censored content. C’mon now! Nothing worse than listening to the censored version except maybe unknowingly downloading the censored version and being unable to fix it 3) This is perhaps the most annoying, but when I delete songs from a playlist, it won’t delete the song I swipe to delete. It will delete either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd song above the song I select. It completely baffles me

  • Music Always Stops Playing

    by Kamorn123

    I want to like this app because of the features to have your own library plus access to streaming music that isn’t in your own collection. The problem is that many others have said already is the app CONSTANTLY stops playing music for no reason at all. This will happen regardless of what is going on. It can be a saved music file on your phone. It can be streaming when you have WiFi. It can happen all the time. And it does. This app is very glitchy and has scroll problems as well. The service itself is great and when using on a computer I have not experienced issues but this app is borderline useless unless you are ok with constantly hitting the pause/play button to try to get your music playing again. Crazy how Google can’t seem to get an app working that with a subscription costs $10 a month.

  • What happened?

    by MikayD

    Edit few versions later: And this app is still being stupid, like nothing seems to be going right still no album work, it’s mind blowing that there is no album work even offline. This app used to be great, can’t lie I’m thinking of making the switch to Apple Music,I wonder if there app will be better than googles Old review- Still no fix, even updated the iOS 11, Well the app seems to no longer work properly, I can deal with most bugs but this one bothers me like no other. So when playing songs offline there seems to be a issue with viewing the album art while offline, it shows up just with a gray background but when I kick on the wifi the art comes back, even tried restoring my iPod and bam its the same issues all over again. Must be the app, also the files are playing are all offline. Google get to together.

  • Duplicates

    by yarnalt

    My main gripe would be that duplicates of almost every album in my library appear. Sometimes in multiples of 5. This makes my library crazy unorganized. There are also many instances where complete albums are split into 2 albums. Fix these long standing issues and I may give you guys another try. ( update ) Here we are almost a year later and the duplicate album issue is still there. Why, and how can they not have fixed this by now? I’ve read on some Google Official help forums where mods want to place the blame on apple. If that’s the case then why isn’t this an issue with any other music app? I’ve tried them all. I’m using the app only because I have a large music library tied to it. I’m not happy about it at all though. My customer satisfaction level on the app itself is 0.


    by Kylephilipharris

    Google Play- I want to love you, but you need to be fixed. I have been a loyal user of Google Play Music since it’s inception (or whenever it swallowed Songza) I love the interface, but it’s incredibly buggy. I purchased a subscription hoping that this would eliminate the glitches from using the free ad version where the music wouldn’t start after an ad played etc. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a particular Geico ad that would not only stop the music, but send my phone into some weird zombie state where I would have to hold one of the side buttons to wake it up and then close the window Geico had conveniently opened up for me in Safari. Very, very annoying. Now that I’ve chosen to make Google my subscription based music streaming platform of choice, you’d think it would work more seamlessly, especially considering the heavy competition. I certainly didn’t face any issues like this with Apple Music and I am starting to regret my decision to switch over. Now, to my current gripe- this app can’t seem to stop glitching when I bring it up from the background to say, change the station, etc. Google should be able to deliver a seamless experience to paying users. Maybe they’re taking customers like me for granted.

  • Google Pause Music

    by Italodorazio

    They should call it Google Pause. Unfortunately this music app has a lot of finicky bugs—never syncs properly with Microsoft Sync in the car; almost always crashes now when playing a song and the app is opened to either change the song or ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ a song. If you’re using Google Maps in tandem with the music app (like a road trip), the two hate each other and LTE will become bogged down trying to stream data to the two, resulting in either a phone crash or app crash, or both. Too many issues to actually enjoy listening to melodies. The biggest issue faced is the music freezing every time you open the app, switch to a different app, or are entertaining guests.

  • Please Fix This App

    by Lechuzita

    For some reason my library is refusing to sync across my devices. I've tried everything only to find that my libraries on my iPad, iPhone, and laptop are all different from one another. Why? That doesn't make any sense. A lot of music also keeps getting removed from my libraries for no reason. I'll add music from a particular artist via the Play Music's catalog, only to find all their songs removed from my library the next time I open the app or site. They're still available, they're just no longer in my library for whatever reason. And why does uploading previously owned music result in Play Music deleting your entire library except for the uploaded content? I wanted to expand my library, not replace the entire thing

  • Poor performance and lacking in feature

    by LT_Chancho

    Problem: I’ve been trying to add songs that I like, but doing searches quickly while having music playing causes the app to slow down considerably and eventually crash. Feature wishlist: 1. Ability to follow artists - receive updates on new songs and view shared playlist. 2. Have an option on the artist profile page to view a list of all of the artist’s songs instead of just their top songs. Songs can be filtered by name, album, etc. It doesn’t make sense to click in and out of multiple albums to view all of an artist’s songs. 3. Improve search results. I appreciate it when you start typing and you’re given options in a drop down that matches what you are entering or provides the closest value to what you entered. For example, I typed in “Water Park Glimpses,” and got nothing until I clicked enter. It feels like with Google’s tech in search their music app should be able to provide accurate/similar results when searching for artists and music.

  • Would get 5 stars if glitches were fixed

    by WateredKirby

    As many other reviews say, there is annoying glitches. For me, song audio stops playing even though it shows the song is still playing. It will do it when I’m downloading an album or if I enter the app. So I have to pause the downloads and play it again. If you wanted to start an album over from the end to the beginning, the first song will start but skip to almost the end and play. But the music selection is amazing. Layout is easy to use. Another thing is already downloading albums will show being re-downloaded. Sometimes clean and explicit version of albums will splice together forming double tracks. Great app but a lot of weird issues

  • Terrible playlists

    by ShshdhfksioZkxnxn

    EVERY TIME I try to delete a song off of my playlist, it deletes THE ONE ABOVE IT. And does it get rid of the one I actually wanted??? No of course not. The terrible song stays right where it is. And to make matters worse, it’s a wonder I could even figure out how to delete songs off of a playlist because there’s no guide, tutorial, or tips to help me AT ALL. You have to figure everything out yourself. Oh and is there a way to undo deleting those songs I accidentally deleted??? No. Not at all. No redo button, (unless you’re on a galaxy s5, which I was briefly while I was waiting on a new phone) no “recently deleted” folder, NOTHING. You just have to hope that you remember what song the stupid app accidentally deleted.

  • Playback issues with latest update!

    by PhillyRGB

    I want to give this app 5 stars and certainly will once Google fixes playback issues. On iOS 11, playback sometimes stops abruptly without cause — even with downloaded music. This happens without the play/pause interface changing to indicate the song is stopped. It’s so very frustrating! To get around the issue, I have to pause playback and then press play again. Other than this issue, which is the main reason for 1 star, there’s stutters and flickers in the interface when opening from the unlock screen or generally opening the app while playback is occurring. This app has been more reliable in past versions. Please fix!!!!

  • For an app called “Play Music” it can’t even do that

    by Slam Weasley

    Please fix this app. I have been patient with it but it keeps getting worse. My music will stop playing for seemingly any reason. I search for a different artist, it stops what’s playing. I go to a different app, it stops what’s playing. I come back into the Play Music app from doing something else, it stops what’s playing. I almost exclusively listen to music I have downloaded to the app and it still won’t play music reliably. I’ll be driving in my car with my phone plugged in and the music will just stop playing for no reason. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to click play again fifty times during the duration of an album.

  • Has become an unreliable service to use

    by Dle234

    I’ve been using this service for quite a while now and at first I liked it: 10k (back then) free uploaded songs and great interface and easy to use. Flash forward to 2018, since February I’ve been experiencing trouble when I upload songs. It just doesn’t show up in my ‘Recently Added Playlist’ on the WEB version of GPM but strangely it does for the chromebook app but it doesn’t on my iPhone app.... the inconsistency was just appalling to say the least. So much that I just moved onto a new service. I don’t think I’ll return to using GPM as long as they have these bugs...

  • Stopped using due to increasing number of crashes.

    by musicbackwriter

    I mainly only used Google Music in the car. When songs would just stop playing in the middle of it, it would distract my driving. I figured, oh it happened just once or twice, a new update should quash those bugs. But as the updates kept rolling, I got more and more tired of how the music would just outright stall. (I also was not having any problems with any other streaming services or music already downloaded onto my phone.) After a while, I just deleted the app and now use either the music I’ve already got downloaded or Pandora.

  • Service is Great, App is trash

    by GRG101

    I have used Google Play Music for about 2 years now and the service itself is fantastic. On my PC it is phenomenal. However, the app over time has gotten worse. Especially with iOS 11. The songs randomly stop, you have to hit pause and then play again to get it playing again. My biggest grief however is with the offline music or the “Downloaded Music” even when I'm in that mode it often struggles to play my music, or even load the album cover. This has been an issue even before iOS 11. I am rating the app and not the service, so the app gets 1 star its becoming unusable. Please fix or I'm going to have to move on.

  • This app is the worst that I use

    by Fred Nelson Jr.

    I find all the iOS apps from Google to be slow, buggy resource hogs, but this is the worst. Other reviewers have described it to a tee. It stops playing, it crashes, it's slow, etc. And yet, I like the service. Indeed, I'm invested in Google Play Music, which makes this app all the more frustrating to use. I don't fiddled with all the settings, including the one that allows it to fill up all the space, requiring me to uninstall to get the space back. Nothing helps. It defeats the purpose of the service, for if I try to explore music, look for anything new, the more I use this app the slower it gets, until it finally crashes. Seems stupid.

  • Used to be a good but now is terribly buggy!!

    by Slapdash7

    I’ve been a paying subscriber since Google Play Music launched in 2011. I loved it up until just a a couple of months ago. It went from a decent app, to downright UNUSABLE. It stops playing for no reason and often crashes now. That is even with music that has been downloaded (so I know it’s not an issue with the network connection). I even went through the trouble of resetting my phone completely and starting from scratch hoping that it might help the problem. It didn’t help. I am not usually one to complain, but I really hope this message makes its way to the developers. Please fix the app Google!

  • It is always screwy

    by djdiego86

    This app has always something that will let you down. Right now is not working correctly with iOS 11. You are not able to skip songs when connected via Bluetooth using externals controls. Besides this, other bugs are present. For example the app will allow you to add the same song more than once to a playlist. When you are deleting a song while another one is playing in a playlist the app will delete other song not the one you intended. The worse thing: I’m paying $10 dollars a month to Google for a service that is not working correctly. I think I’m bringing this to Consumer Protection.

  • Was good-

    by Chan_Vintage1a

    I have had this issue for awhile now and it is very irritating. The app is overall a wonderful fun app. It would be nice to play a playlist of the thumbs up album (which is restricted) and it would be nice to select songs to listen to- but I am not complaining. I never did complain and quickly got over these inconveniences until another problem came. Suddenly it asks me to sign in. I don’t want to sign in. I never did and never will. Even if I try signing in it won’t let me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it still demands that I sign in. This is excruciatingly irritating. Please fix this. The app never asked for me to sign in and now it does.😰☹️☹️

  • Too buggy right now

    by Markmmh

    I’ve subscribed to google play music for years and years and it pains to say I couldn’t recommend the app in its current state to anyone. I have left feedback but haven’t seen an improvement for months. The app pauses music frequently, and will work again when I toggle play/pause. This is not catastrophic but is annoying. It seems to happen when change states (on or off WiFi, entering or exiting the app) and happens when using downloaded music. I believe that this app has the best catalog and best UI of any streaming service but the app is verging on unusable at the moment. I deeply hope an update will fix this issue soon.

  • I can’t believe this is a google product !

    by Kobayashimarou

    This thing is so incredibly buggy, I don’t even know where to begin. Downloaded songs constantly stop, skip and play on their own. The earphone volume increases on it its own, constantly freezes, sometimes downloads don’t show. It’s absolutely pathetic. I don’t know how they haven’t gotten around to addressing these issues, seems every single review here points pretty much the same issues. This is without getting into layout and customization options which, in the case of the former are just stupid the latter, doesn’t exist. Horrendous experience. I can’t believe this is a google product.

  • I’m so Bitter

    by gnomesoda

    Alright, I just wanted to make some weird playlists to enjoy the weird mix of kpop that ranges from new (bts, stray kids, etc) to old (tvxq, old shinee, etc) and everything in between. But guess what? they don’t even Have any of old shinee unless it’s a concert version which, I, for one would uhh NOT like to listen to when i need to hear Everybody on repeat for an adrenaline rush. They only have three (3) albums from tvxq and 2 solos, which is great. but you know what’s even better? even greater???? all of tvxq’s music, you cowards. you absolute monsters, what do you fear? what is it???? how can you sleep at night after doing this??????? ok, i’m done, i’m just bitter.

  • Hoping for a fix soon

    by Vertical

    As a service, Google music is great. As an app, it is the worst. This app crashes constantly, and is extremely irritating. After working so well for so long, it's a big recent disappointment. I don't want to switch music services, but am seriously considering it, after the last few months of unreliable streaming. Usually cannot get through more than one song at a time without crashing. Then it will work fine for a while and fool me into thinking it's all better before crashing again. Very frustrating.

  • Extremely frustrating

    by keni c

    There was once the coolest music app called Songza. Then it was bought by google and it completely changed. I continued using the app and immediately noticed the increased frequency of ads. It seems like I can’t get through three songs without one. I understand this is free and all, but these are 30 second ads that you cannot skip and usually end up causing the app to freeze for some reason. Also, with the new iOS update, I’ve noticed if I go to another app with music playing the music will stop. I finally reached my max frustration level today and that’s why I’m writing this.

  • Buggy, unstable and almost unusable

    by i+=1

    1) At random point some song disappear 2) Sometimes during playback on google homes application become unresponsive or even crash 3) Sometimes with no reason fails to connect to google home 4) Shared link from google music app open google music web page through web view instead of opening google music application (sick!) 5) “share song” functionality does not work anymore (SICK!!!) 6) Multiple problems with regaining access to google music after failed automatic subscription renewal. Basically if you had not enough money on your card for auto renewal and subscription canceled - you unable to renew it through application 7) on lock screen volume buttons does not control sound level during playback on google home devices Application broken in multiple places in multiple ways and feels like google does not want customers to use it anymore

  • Terrible UI

    by DevilDogAswell

    This app is so buggy and awful it’s seriously making me consider stopping my subscription. Music stops playing when I unlock my phone. Music stops playing if I add a song to my library. Added songs don’t show up in my “last added” playlist. Skips every other song almost forcing me to unlock my phone to push play then pause then play again to get a song to play. Honestly, go with Apple Music. If MOST OF MY MUSIC wasn’t saved on my phone through this app I would be done with it! Can not recommend this service to anybody.

  • Terrible on iPhone

    by Zoe Sam

    I love google music, and use it frequently to listen to music from my computer at work. But on my phone, the app is horrible. It consistently freezes my phone, and if I change apps while google music is open, it pauses the song. My phone also generally lags when doing anything while the google music app is open. I also don’t like that you can’t start a new playlist while using the phone app. If it worked as well as it did on my desktop I would use it more, but it’s not worth the trouble

  • Lots of storage, but overall trash

    by crownedonesteph

    Preface: I’m using an iPhone 6 with the latest updates. Pros: 1. Up to 50,000 songs can be uploaded Cons: 1. Whenever the network is unstable, the songs stutter, even when they’ve been downloaded for offline use. (Why isn’t this more like Spotify’s download for offline use, which is a really great thing?) 2. Albums show up more than once in the album view, even though they are treated as one album. I’ve tried all the various “fixes” to solve this problem, but none have worked. 3. I wish there was a cleaner way to organize by Artist or Genre. It’s unnecessary to have a category for “Anime,” “Anime; Soundtrack,” and “Soundtrack.” Why can’t “Anime; Soundtrack” be registered in both genres? And why can’t it parse multiple artists’ names to put the songs under each artist’s name? tl;dr - I’ve got a lot of complaints and Google needs to SERIOUSLY fix this app. I’m still gonna use the app, but not a lot.

  • Worst app I’ve ever used!!

    by harleygwengirl

    This app is awful! Random pauses constantly! If I dare to touch my iPhone the music pauses. If I switch apps the music pauses. If I switch TO THIS APP the music pauses. Except the app doesn’t indicated that it’s paused. The little icon showing which station you’re currently playing still does it’s animation. I have to press pause and then play to continue a song. Why does this app think I want the music to stop playing if I even simply glance at my phone?!? Tried it on an iPad and had the exact same problem. So I canceled my account and will never use this music service again. Horribly frustrating!!

  • Needs improvement

    by Ray Songz

    If you love to have your music organized and easy to manage then this app is NOT for you. Sure you can save whatever music you want to your device for offline listening. But the more your library grows, the messier it becomes. No way to categorize music or playlists. Search one song and you'll get multiple duplicates. Download an album only to realize that only one song made it to your library. Why is this app so terribly designed? Google has the resources to make this the best music do it! As a paying subscription user I demand more or the service should be free.

  • Not working with my new iPhone

    by gnatalie007

    For whatever reason it will NOT allow me to buy a new song/album. It’s only giving me streaming and radio options. I’ve tried everything, looked up answers, restarting the app and phone, and even fully reinstalling the app on my phone again. I’ve had this new phone almost a week and only just ran into this problem. But I won’t continue using this if it doesn’t get fixed. I don’t have data to use the radio. I need to be able to purchase and download the song.

  • Very disappointed

    by SmartBP_Developer

    I have been a paid subscriber for couple of years or more. I am really disappointed about 2 things. One the minimal options for genres like Rock and metal, that keeps getting limited and two, of you stop using the service, you don’t get access to your playlists. I feel cheated because I have been paying all these years and curating my playlist but if I switch I can’t even get access to this playlist? Come on. I’m not trying to download and take the music, I just need the list of songs that I liked over the years. Is this too much to ask?

  • GREAT but BUGS ruin the whole thing.

    by DC3 is da man

    This is a great music app and I choose it over Apple Music. The organization is great and it’s easy to use. Sound quality is better than Apple Music in a lot of cases. HOWEVER, this thing is so buggy. It’ll lag and crash. Half of the time the “now playing” won’t even show up. Then the whole notification to control the music goes away and then it crashes. It had stability issues and making me consider going back to Apple Music because of this. The stability really needs some help.

  • I love the playlists and stations that I get with google play music but...

    by Wen Griffin

    The amount of crashes I’m experiencing on a regular basis when using Google Play with an iPhone 8+ is ridiculous. This is a fairly new phone but Play crashes often (especially when connected to the car’s Bluetooth) and I have to restart the app a few times before it works. I’m really disappointed by this but Apple Music is a worse UX. Please fix. I give you guys $15 every month for this service. It should work so much better than it does.

  • Fading Fast

    by pk500

    This app used to be fantastic, but Google clearly is ignoring its performance. This app is beyond slow on iOS 11 with an iPhone 6s, sometimes taking up to 10 seconds for a selected song to start playing on WiFi or cellular. The app also freezes and crashes regularly. It’s a shame, as Google Music is a great service. But the app is so poor that I’m checking out the competition and may jump ship. Will Google Music become the next Google+ or Google Reader, good products that Google let die with massive corporate indifference? Hope not.

  • Buggy no customer support

    by Wtrdg3

    I have the premium subscription. Historically have had Droid phones but have been using Google Play on iOS for past 6 months. Extremely buggy. Artists and songs will randomly disappear from library, sometimes when you skip forward it will skip to the middle of the next song. When playing through Google Home will freeze up, skip songs.... Literally too many bugs to list or remember. Emailed Google support (with G mail) but no response. Not sure if same with Droid phones but for iOS would not recommend.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Akila Ramanathan

    waste app

  • by A Google user


  • Awful, just awful

    by Luongshot

    The music get interrupted by random weird music as ads during times when I am trying to listen to peaceful music to do homework or relax. I would give this app a 0 star if I could. Do yourself a favor and find a different music app.

  • missing some critical carplay features

    by Zach az

    no thumbs up/thumbs down functionality? no ability to store my favorite radio stations- just “recents?” duplicative features with YT Music? Please get with the program, Google

  • Hurt my soul

    by Zombie Flikr

    Little to no support , unable to renew subscribe without redownloading app Over 2000 songs in my favorites / thumbs up removed for no reason , no support contact information on site to discuss issue . Had family plan for years has been my favorite for me and my family but I don’t know if I can go through this again.

  • Good app but some issues and bugs

    by jabman409

    Used on android and never had any issues but the apple version of the app has some annoying, but not major issues and bugs that could be corrected. 1. Why is it that when on android, you can just drag and drop songs to edit the queue, but I have to manually click edit queue, long press and drag the song to a new location and then turn off edit queue on IOS? 2. When removing a song from the queue the red circle in edit queue mode doesn’t work, and swiping the song to remove it just removes the previous song and messes up the queue. Pretty sure this is a bug.

  • Need help please

    by TiffanyNF

    I’m using iPhone and can’t find how to contact for troubleshooting please help, we are having problems with our family plan

  • Google music is not good at all

    by WICKEYK

    Literally doesn’t work 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Why need to verify from Bangladesh

    by RifatChowdhury

    google is for all users .. still we are facing issues from bangladesh. If the setup is not available in Bangladesh then make it a download limited app or make sure we can join from the phone.

  • Not working at all on iPad 5th generation

    by elfmonster

    Try using this on iPad. I dare you. Screen goes black and stays black. I uninstalled and re installed. Same issue. It’s not like I’m paying for this service or anything. Remember when google cared about quality? I barely can.

  • Great selection, buggy app

    by davidh048

    I appreciate fully the value of a premium subscription, especially since it has the side effect of removing ads in YouTube. The musical selection has been, in my experience, unmatched by other subscription services. However, the biggest issue I have is the bug in the iOS app. Downloaded albums sometimes refuse to play without data/WiFi. I pay by the gig so I don’t allow Play Music to use my cellular data, so this is a relatively frequent one for me. I’ll download an album I’m excited to listen to on a car trip, go to load it, and when I open it up, it won’t load at all (no album artwork or songs listed). Many of my other downloaded albums will play - there’s no way of predicting which won’t. (And yes, I have checked to make sure that it was, in fact, downloaded)

  • Pretty Bad

    by Tommy05789644

    When I transitioned from iPhone to android, I had to move my music library from iTunes to android Google play. Since then I have gone back to iPhone and have generally been using Spotify for most of my music needs, however a lot of my “CD music” is still with android Google play. That’s being said Spotify and Google play are not comparable, Spotify is well beyond Google play. Google play’s functionality is well below that of Spotify’s. I have no capacity with my headphones to skip to the next song or repeat part of a song with Google play. The app doesn’t recognize these commands. Also, Google play’s buffering times are considerably slower than Spotify’s, even when on WiFi.

  • Bad app

    by Kreativity Gh

    Not working don't waist ur precious data on it

  • Average service, app is subpar

    by Thatguywiththeiphone

    Listen, nothing is wrong with this app, everything works as intended. But, this app suffers from google design. Odd app navigation, no Siri shortcuts (google maps support shortcuts), no watch app. Again, it works fine, it’s just so underwhelming and the music catalog is lacking when compared to its rivals. Meh.

  • Horrible! Crashing & bugs

    by Rodriguez,R

    iphone 8 plus ios 12.1.4 application crashing

  • Horrible user interface

    by Bill525

    Hard to search. Very unpleasant to use. Won’t download over cellular. I may end up switching back to Apple Music just so I won’t have to use this terrible app.

  • Fix Radio

    by Glock Lesner

    Just because I want to start a radio station from a song does NOT mean I want to hear that song again. Pleas fix this.

  • CarPlay Issues

    by rvb25

    This could be an Apple issue, but since I don’t expect them to resolve my Google Play Music issues, I figured I would encourage Google to provide some bug fixes when using your music app with the Apple CarPlay platform. Specifically, I need these issues to be resolved for use in my 2018 Silverado which uses MyLink. My google play music app has trouble displaying all of my music content, including radio stations, playlists, etc. The music itself will play if I hit play on the phone, but once I’m driving there’s no safe way for me to switch a playlist or listen to a podcast, etc because the info simply won’t display. It will read “could not connect (null).” Again, I think this may be on Apple (MyLink worked fine with Android Auto), but hopefully Google can provide an update to resolve these issues. I imagine Chevy MyLink is used by millions of people, probably worth it to try a 3rd party fix for your subscription service - or else I might have to switch to Apple Music simply to use the feature safely while driving.

  • Mediocre on its own, trash in CarPlay

    by TheKis3r

    Missing some key feature for no reason compared to the Android version. Two most notable are the ability to re-arrange your queue and the Equalizer. I also constantly experience the app pausing songs at random for a couple of seconds before it starts playing it again. In CarPlay it's unusable. The nav doesn't even show up about 80%+ of the time. If you tap where a nav item should be you get an error message about "(null)." (I don't remember the exact message but that's part of it), there's no way to view the queue, no way to shuffle or repeat, no way to thumbs up or down, when you select a playlist on the rare occasion the nav works the playlist fails to load more often than not, and I know there's a couple others I'm not remembering. Basically you have to use the app on your phone if you're going to use Play Music because it doesn't work in CarPlay and when it does it's so limited you can't do what you wanted to do anyway.

  • does not work in ios please fix

    by Dumbed-down

    I like this music player and being able to upload my own MP3s. Terribly buggy please fix

  • Can’t find music

    by Jimmy is the poo

    When I type in a song name in the search bar it will say “no results found” and have a loading symbol for 3-5 minutes until the song will show up. Very poor compatibility with IPhone.

  • Currently broken for iPad Pro

    by jdigi411

    Music randomly stops, have to go back to the app to press play again. Some tracks don’t even play then skip forward so I have to skip back then they will play. Great service, god awful iOS app.

  • Put it out of its misery already.

    by Wallix

    Will guys just “Old Yeller” this abomination already? This app is a tremendous piece of garbage compared to its competition. If you’re moving everyone to YouTube Music - fine. All I ask is that I keep my playlists and please don’t end support for the Google Play Music hardware (the piece that hooks into the audio receiver). I feel like I read every day that Google is ending the Google Play Music app, but it never seems to happen. Sh^t or get off the pot, Google.

  • Why was casting to Roku removed???

    by NotAnExpertButClose

    Why o’ why?????? Casting is available with YT music and not Google Play Music - just plain evil

  • Horrible app

    by HarleyTheMinx

    The app has to be the worst for music streaming. You can’t upgrade to the pay service once you have signed in to it. Tried to delete and reinstall however because I have already downloaded once you can’t upgrade.

  • No way to like / thumbs-up a song while driving (CarPlay)

    by prauv

    No way to like / thumbs-up a song while driving (CarPlay)

  • Laggy scrolling

    by Murimoney

    I paid for the subscription on my android phone which I still use, so to work seemlessly on both operating systems since I just bought an iPhone, I decided to download it on my iphone. The UI is a lag fest, especially when scrolling. I could literally see my screen tearing. Pls fix this!!!

  • Should not be called "Play Music"

    by frankz00

    Because it does not "Play Music" in any real way. It skips tracks consistently and if you try to stream to Google Chromecast (made by the same company), it just stops mid track! No error, no explanation, just stops! This app is a total miss and a total mess. There is nothing else I can give it but ONE STAR!!!

  • Used to be great

    by fbenbrjk

    When google bought songza it was improved and continued to be great. However with the recent forced update google has put in ads every 2-3 songs and it is terrible. Such a way to ruin a great platform. Not enjoyable anymore. Such a shame. Rather go pay Apple.

  • Good and bad mostly bad

    by Andrae0420

    Not really liking the app. no more 15$ a month for you guys from me

  • Are we getting an Update?

    by MtarTDi

    This service is awesome, but needs to get with the times! I google lyrics all the time and would love to have them in the app! Every other app has lyrics for most of the songs. Radio stations could be better. Would love to see a big update from google to at least add the lyrics, it just feels like this app is always an afterthought for them

  • Will this ever be updated? No support for new iPhone resolutions.

    by GeneralM92

    Breaks Siri while using Car Play. And since Google hasn’t updated it in 2 months, I’m guessing they never will.

  • Sad

    by Ben Lar

    So many bugs I’m amazed they allow it on the App Store.

  • CarPlay bugs need fixed ASAP

    by thoSSeSSeSS

    CarPlay bugs galore make for a dangerous drive. Outlined below. I’ll remove this once fixed. Driving 2017 Volvo S90. -Blank menu upon launch - Often have to disconnect and reconnect -Totally screws up Siri controls from the steering wheel - Cannot give Siri ANY commands -When on the Now Playing screen, if you select the next song it often leaves the Now Playing screen and goes to the menu screen - Music is still playing, then after going back to Now Playing it often goes right back to the menu CarPlay Suggestions -Needs Shuffle!!! I’m going to crash because I keep going to my phone -Needs THUMB UP and THUMBS DOWN -Ability to search any artist - Again, going back to the phone while driving is dangerous

  • Disappointing

    by UniCit

    I get frustrated by Apple’s walled garden restrictions and the apparent inability of all of these big players to play nice with each other for the sake of the consumer.

  • too glitchy

    by radicaljdrizzel

    I can’t even delete songs off my playlists anymore it just pops back up. Really ugly outline.... Maybe if you guys would actually give this app a real update it could be way better. Don’t add anything just fix all the glitches and maybe make it look more nicer and sleek. it’s crap compared to apple music & spotify but my mom has the family plan so...

  • fix casting issues

    by theman1139114

    casting to chrome cast audio all of a sudden doesn’t work unless i begin playing a song first on my phone and then connect while it’s already in progress.

  • Hate the changes

    by Jacobthegreat123-

    Recently got an iPhone after being an android user. Loved having the app. But I accidentally clicked cancelled subscription and there was no undue button. When I tried to resume my subscription I found out I don’t get YouTube Premium for free anymore. Extremely disappointed and upset that I’d been having google play for 4 years and now I can’t even get premium for free anymore. Switching to Apple Music

  • Please fix CarPlay!

    by TClev

    I really like the app, but it’s practically unusable in My Chevy Equinox. Most of the pages give some null error or don’t show up at all.

  • Lacks features

    by Death pan

    It lacks basic features like sort by new releases by a certain genre. And a few songs refuse to play at all.

  • Decent app with a few problems

    by PacoGrandeDos

    This app functions well and has a good amount of music compared to other music streaming services. Though, the app functions more poorly than both Spotify and Apple Music. Fix your app, Google. It’s so dysfunctional that it’s bad. I’ve subscribed to Apple Music simply because the app does not work like I want it to. The scrolling is glitchy and the general UI is scrappy and unpleasant.

  • Randomly logged out

    by Vbieo384

    I was using this app for 1 year and suddenly it just logged me out is it because I was sharing accounts with my cousin or is it something else? PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS!!!

  • Amazing until new update...

    by McLovin2169

    This app was my no.1 for streaming and downloading music. I really liked it but this new update broke everything. After every song the app stutters and then crashes completely. This only started happening with the new update so I feel that’s the problem. If you could fix this I’d sure be happy to raise my star rating and review. I’m running the newest version of iOS 12 and have the iPhone 7plus thanks!

  • Google took $10 and never gave it back

    by Daeizm

    Google Play music took $10 and didn’t return it to my account even after saying they would as they acknowledged the mistake! And I didn’t even get my service back!

  • Crashes!

    by Ally0217

    This is a decent desktop experience but the app is extremely different. It took me three different times to add 1 song to a playlist because of the crashes. It crashes so much that it is unusable at this point with all the resources that google has this is disappointing. They obviously didn’t expect anyone getting a membership because that’s where these problems mainly occur just get Spotify.

  • Just stopped working

    by Tryin2getcoins

    I’ve had this app for more than 2 years now and loved using it whenever I work out or I’m in my garage working on my car. It worked just fine up until a few days ago and now all it says is “it’s easy to get an account search for google play music and sign up on our website” I’ve had to switch to pandora or iHeartRadio. When is google going to fix this issue?

  • CarPlay is a real issue

    by ZwanQ

    I’ve used GPM off and on for years and found it to be a pretty good app. Primarily this is a great deal for the YouTube benefit you get in addition. However, now that my car has Sync 3 and I use CarPlay, GPM is a disaster. Half the time the app just crashes and the other half of the time it launches with partial functionality. About the only thing that works is “now playing”. Trying to find any music via CarPlay is virtually impossible without going to your phone, which is not safe and defeats the whole purpose of CarPlay. If it weren’t for the fact that the rest of my family loves GPM and YouTube premium without CarPlay, I would switch back to Apple Music.

  • Hate it

    by Hope Nightstar

    I can never play the songs I want, only the radio things. It’d be nice if I could listen to actual songs instead of radios named after the songs

  • Too bad

    by nawa star

    I can’t even open this app

  • Library deleted overnight/BUGS EVERYWHERE

    by Soureight

    THIS APP IS AWFUL For a paid service this has to be one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Albums I download seemingly disappear overnight, some albums download with 5 songs each in some bizarre bug. Often the songs you download won’t play even when your offline. Album covers will get distorted or not even load at all. Seriously google fix this or I’m moving to Spotify or just pirating music again.

  • Was good-

    by Chan_Vintage1a

    I have had this issue for awhile now and it is very irritating. The app is overall a wonderful fun app. It would be nice to play a playlist of the thumbs up album (which is restricted) and it would be nice to select songs to listen to- but I am not complaining. I never did complain and quickly got over these inconveniences until another problem came. Suddenly it asks me to sign in. I don’t want to sign in. I never did and never will. Even if I try signing in it won’t let me. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it still demands that I sign in. This is excruciatingly irritating. Please fix this. The app never asked for me to sign in and now it does.😰☹️☹️

  • Extremely Slow Even on iPad Pro...

    by eno - z

    This is the most disappointing Google app on iOS by far. The crippling sluggishness in performance is just insane. It has been in this state for about a year now. The YouTube app was close to this for a while but got a whole lot better later on. Google Play Music however seems to not get any updates in performance. It lags like crazy on a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9, I mean come on! It’s just borderline unusable and it’s disgusting to think Google made this! I’m keeping it around for my music collection but I believe a year from now the app won’t go past its loading screen from all the slowdown accumulating over time with no update to improve its performance. What a disappointment.

  • Very frustrating

    by KWoolwine

    I have been using Google Play for many many years. I use it because it seems to be louder than Slacker Radio it Spotify. But, my songs randomly get deleted off my library when I do not delete them. But the biggest issue is that it will not allow you to RENAME A FREAKING PLAYLIST NAME!! I have an iPhone 7 Plus and the app stays up to date, but apparently it will not allow you to RENAME a playlist name. It’s very irritating and if Spotify played louder, I’d 100% switch to them. I wish y’all would fix this for iPhone users.

  • Won’t work

    by wantmoviemkr

    The ap quits working in Europe would like to listen to my music when here which is about 30% of the year. Mind you Iheart works here!

  • What happened?!

    by alexis reanne

    I use to love using google music I had all my playlists and favorite albums saved! Now it’s all radio stations, All my music is gone, I can’t even find a specific album...

  • No Equalizer??

    by bekieboooooo

    I’d give this app 4 stars if it weren’t for the fact that there is no equalizer! That’s crazy! My siblings have androids and they have equalizers.

  • Why radio

    by :&;72&.?-$:&,

    Whenever I want to listen to I song it has to be a playlist, and not the song I want. I only downloaded the app so that I could listen to music I like on my google home instead of hearing that garbage of how I can’t listen to my music without downloading the google play music app but when I downloaded the app and connect everything that was needed it made no difference

  • I can't enter the app

    by By,LilaRose

    When I downloaded the app,it wouldn't let me in!!!!It just crashes and it's so annoying!!!I've always wanted to have a app where I can listen to a whole song,and I know you can do that on YouTube...but I always get distracted by videos that are recommended.So yeah.

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