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Google Photos

Google Photos

Google LLC

A smarter gallery by Google, with free unlimited photo and video storage.

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

13.3% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by Guy Ericsson

    LG G7thinq Even though I denied backup of my photo's Google STILL take backup - WHY? Are my pictures so very important to Google? Don't think so... Hereafter I'm starting to take backup on my own computer because my photos are important to ME....not to anybody else....sry google

  • by Arun Kr Sharma

    No folder/album structure on cloud backup! I had all my photos organised in folders on my device. A single click of Free device space, removed all my photos from folders and messed up all the photos at one place in cloud. All organising work lost! Terrible backup option!

  • by Gennipher G. Geepers

    I dislike the cloud auto backup as a default setting. The photo editing is mediocre, file system is...well it needs work and not user friendly . Expected more from Google. If this is the default gallery and photo editor for their phones,what's so great about the cameras? Now(02-18-2019)the app is trying to upload 24 items over WiFi. The only reason it has not been successful is I turned off WiFi. Can't stop upload except shutting off WiFi or turning off my phone. Downgraded to 1star please fix.

  • Can’t get rid of unneeded photos even though there’s a delete option, not organized, uses my storage

    by azsedcgyhnjo

    I admit it’s good for keeping photos backed up but I have another issue. There is a delete option for pictures and videos. I’m able to delete them, go into my trash, and delete forever but when I close the app and go back in, they’re all back. I’ve restarted my phone, made sure the app was updated, look up it up and couldn’t find anything. Pretty much everything I could do, I did. Point is, I’m in desperate need of storage and deleting thousands of really, unneeded photos is probably the best way to go. I don’t have many apps, just a lot of photos. My photos automatically back up so I don’t have a chance to go through them before they’re saved to my email. The app isn’t organized and nor are my photos. I go in to find photos that I may need and can’t find them. I’m sitting for hours before I find anything. I take lots of photos. I do a lot of photography and am one of those people who loves taking photos instead of living in the moment. I’m contemplating on just deleting the app and going on to use something else. Plus, it’s really buggy and slow. It’s constantly asking to “make space” and delete the pictures in my photo library. When I say no, it just keeps popping up every 5 to 10 minutes. Apple users, honestly just use photo stream. It’s a waste.

  • by Idalia Kulik

    Why on EARTH have you removed the rotate option from the quick drop down options, as well as the quick crop one? Your app was just fine without any silly adjustments that have just made it worse. It now takes so much more time going into every single photo's adjustment settings. My first review was 5 stars, now its just down to 1.

  • by Ar L

    It's meh. Trying to automate and do lots. Nothing needed or necessary actually. The old Gallery worked enough for most and is significantly lighter on resources. And attaching location from our location history? that's some evil bs.

  • by Matthew Roda

    impossible user interface gives no options to transfer photos between cloud storage snd local storage. If i can't access my images locally what is the point of forcing google drive integration.

  • Features break over time + no support

    by RawwrBag

    I’ve used Google Photos since launch. It works fine at first but as the amount of metadata builds up, features start to break. First it was “sharing in progress; keep app open to finish” that would last for days at a time despite it appearing to complete immediately. Then one day it just stopped syncing edits, at all. Next it started failing to show new photos that had been downloaded locally and not yet uploaded. Around this time it also started uploading duplicates of things. At some point during all of this, assistant creations began failing to save. They would show up again every time I opened the app. Shortly after, it stopped showing new assistant suggestions and only the old “stuck” ones that I couldn’t clear or save. Somewhere along the way, it halved the number of photos it was tracking for backup from 3,000 to 1,500 without me deleting anything locally or freeing up space. Reinstalling the app fixes some but not all of these issues, and only for awhile. Buyer beware. You’ll get hooked by all the cool features and then it’ll start to fall over. Also, there is absolutely no support whatsoever, which is sad because I actually bought extra storage for the service. I’m a paying customer and there is literally no way to contact Google about any of my issues.

  • So many issues

    by EBee1999

    I'm very frustrated with this app because I downloaded it to help me with the storage issues on my phone, but it's giving me separate issues of its own! The app says "backup complete" at the top of the page, but many of my pictures still have the white arrows going in circular motion. When I access google photos on the desktop, those items do not show up. I spent hours looking it up in forums and trying to fix it based on all the recommendations in forums, but nothing is helping. Only when I manually select the items and click "back up" do the arrows disappear, and it is irrational for me to sit there for hours selecting the items one by one when the app is supposed to do this automatically! On top of that, the app does not back up my videos. I really wanted this app to be worth it and to work for me and I'm very disappointed that it's not. Now I have to seek another solution and waste even more time worrying about this. At this point I'm not even sure if I should trust this app or continue using it, and I would not recommend it to friends with the issues I've been having! Save your energy and don't get this app!! -To Google: if I am contacted and the issues are fixed then I will change the review ..

  • Google doesn’t seem to care about old bugs

    by icelusx

    Google tries to make everything automatic and easy.. until it doesn’t. Uploads get stuck, portrait photos seem to particularly struggle. I have photos on my phone right now that google photos refuses to upload. They were there I tried to share them and only half showed to everyone I shared with so I figure I’ll try to reshare. Nope. K I quit app and restart. Nope. K, I’ll sign out sign in and toggle sync. Nope. K, I’ll delete the pictures from the app. Google them forces you to delete them from your phone, but no problem I dig them out of my phones trash and I’ll just reupload and.. back up sync but there not there. K, I’ll repeat all of the above steps. Nope. K, I’ll duplicate the photos in Photos. Hey they there now I’ll just share them.. stuck uploading. K, I’ll just quit the app and.. photos are gone again. K, I’ll just manually add through Photos>select photos I want>square arrow up icon>Google Drive. Yes uploaded. Now to share.. stuck uploading. And photos are gone. There are forum posts a year old on this and google just can’t be bothered to fix it. K, I’ll just use apple’s iCloud.

  • Disappointed about several aspects

    by heavycrag

    Disappointed that the date for some photos, particularly old photos that I have scanned and subsequently updated the date using macOS photos, is not brought in as-is. It seems Google is relying on the EXIF dates rather than Apple’s metadata. Secondly, when I rotate a live photo, it will remove the motion. That’s ok, I thought; I will rotate in Apple Photos which preserves the motion. The problem is that the motion of said photo now appears incorrectly in Google Photos. Apparently when you rotate a Live Photo with Apple Photos, google only sees the image as rotated, not the video. This seems like a bug actually. The third aspect is that there is no way to scrub. I use the photo “bar” in Apple Photos to scrub quickly between different photos that are very similar. This allows me to detect which photo is the clearest, and to see other subtle differences. With Google Photos I can only swipe between photos. The animation that occurs when swiping causes me to lose context and I am unable to detect those subtle differences. Please add a scrub bar for fast scrolling with no animation like Apple Photos!

  • Garbage App

    by Head in the cloud

    Absolute trash. Great idea, executed like garbage. The number in the corner apparently refers to the photos not yet backed up, despite all those photos being shown in the app as if they have been backed up. Please make this more clear. If I scroll through google photos and see 100 of my videos, I assume those videos are backed up and I delete them from my phone, freeing up 7gb and losing every video I took last summer. User error for sure, but based on wretched, misleading information within this app. It's a great idea and I love it, but I hate it so much. Please make the numbers more clear or make the un-backed up photos greyed out or have a danger sign on them or something if they're still going to be displayed in the app without being backed up. As of now, Google Photos is a garbage app made by garbage people who I'm sure are brilliant and kind and well intentioned, but whose work unfortunately happens to be (almost amazing) garbage. Goodbye Summer of 2017, now I have to rely on my sloppy memories like most of the rest of all people in human history instead of infrequently reviewing my shaky, unfocused, nostalgic videos. Ugh.

  • Horrible app

    by 1Supertop

    Google may be amazing in some other areas but they definitely did a horrible job on Photos. I’m glad I didn’t buy any storage. It’s complicated to navigate, Lost a bunch of pictures and videos in the learning process, very frustrating app. Pics and videos take forever to upload to the cloud. it’s been three days and still uploading two videos one for 15 minutes and the other one for 11 minutes. You can’t move the albums to organize them in alphabetical order. If I want to delete a pic from ur phone You have to be very careful when deleting videos and photographs is a mess. Also installed the app on a second iPhone and tried to upload some other stuff from that other phone to the same account, well guess what, is the same google account and the pics and videos on one are not the same as the other. Also when I deleted some videos from one of the phones it also deleted from the other cloud and that’s how I lost a bunch of videos. Anyway. I invite you to research a bit more before using. Thank you google for erasing some of my treasured memories!

  • App no longer syncs w desktop browser version

    by Bill Brown

    I’m a 10 year long Google Photos Harr, dating back to old versions on Picasa, then the purgatory that was Google+ (eventually forced on all users), and most recently, Google Photos. This product had been improving incrementally, which is a good thing, as I have 90,000 photos (many even edited, LOL), and over 1,700 curated albums spanning 35 years of family content. I’ve been happy with the app until recently. There is a clear demarcation between the desktop and mobile app syncing. I have created now two dozen albums on desktop that simply never display on the mobile app. Photos I’ve already sorted and put into folders, and then ARCHIVED, in the desktop browser still show up unfiltered and UNARCHIVED in the mobile app. In other folders, I can see names of albums and number of photos added to them (whether “6”, “47”, or more than “100”, etc), and I open the folder and nothing displays except a hanging “loading” app, even when I have immaculate reception and am on sparkling WiFi. It’s such a degraded experience, it’s become a joke to me — time I’ve spent setting up the albums feels utterly wasted. There is no easy way to report these bugs to the Google Photos team. It doesn’t respond or in anyway acknowledge receipt of the issues. There is little evidence other users are having the same issues, but it must be occurring too. Very disappointing. Feels like any other Google product, on the cusp of no longer being supported…

  • Ate 4 gigs of data backing up a 2 minute video

    by Cassafrasstic

    I'd love it if this app wasn't trying to be good at everything and just focus on being a good media storage source. While I love that I can store 3 years of photos and videos easily on my phone, this app is a serious data hog. Before using this app, make sure you have checked all settings regarding the apps data usage. Make sure you have turned off Its ability to use background data and check the "only backup videos on wifi" box. I was trying to clean up my phone quickly before an event Saturday and thought I would switch the "wifi only" mode off for a few minutes to get some of my videos backed up faster. (Because it literally takes this app DAYS to do it over wifi). In less than 5 minutes I got a text from Verizon saying I was almost out of data. The app hadn't backed up more than two minutes worth of video, but ate 4 gigs of data doing it. In less than 5 minutes. Now I am looking for other options to backup my media and delete this app all together.

  • Double Trouble

    by genious user

    Edit: It is January 1st, 2018 and of course, for the new year I have taken many pictures. I check the pictures so I can start backing them up and honestly I’ve had it. New year, new app lol. I don’t want to see any more pictures being multiplied and I will be switching apps. Old review: is For many this problem is nonexistent, but there are a few, like me, who experience it daily. The problem is having pictures being uploaded twice to google photos. Almost every single time I back up my photos they show up twice. With that being said, I could be uploading over 1000 photos but it shows up as 2000 because it multiples every single picture. Only solution is to manually delete one of them, but one picture is the original and the other is a rendered quality or filtered for some reason and you have to first notice which one is the one you want and then delete the other. This is very time consuming and irritating. Other than that, it is a great app that I use every day. I would just love if that problem would go away.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by A Google user


  • What is happening?

    by 01910103

    My app has been saying preparing for back up for the last 3 hours... this is after signing out and deleting and re-downloading the app. What is going on?

  • Ugh

    by Moni S1990

    I have been trying to back up my videos for months now. And they’re all like 1-3,5 min. It’s ridiculous. Nothing’s uploading. Every time I open the app new numbers pop up on how many its backing up ... And its sooo annoying that I can’t do effects myself. I like the color pop with the BW background and it only selects a few pictures here and there without letting me have any at all control. The app is getting bad. I loved it in the beginning but I think I’ll have to go back to apple storage. Ugh.

  • Needs work

    by jhwood9

    Hard to use, uses too much space, hangs for no apparent reason. The space-saving function wants to delete all of my iCloud photos, and there’s no way to configure it to leave these alone.

  • Problems with photos

    by gmamamamw

    Cannot get out Photos from messenger

  • Amazing superpowers. But...

    by Peter_in_Santa_Monica

    It's a storage hog and it lacks user controls. Like let us control how much memory it uses locally.

  • Monolithic

    by Shmuelyk

    takes too much space and wants to take over too much - there are better ways to share photos without being so intrusive

  • Slow

    by ianjay1

    Super slow upload

  • fix it

    by None of your business 0517

    none of my videos are saving to my camera roll. It keeps saying oops something went wrong try again. i deleted the app. i restarted my phone. i literally did everything y’all could think of and i still can’t.

  • Plz fix

    by ethanb1119

    So i have had this app for over a year now i dont know what it is but it is saying that this app is using 9.7 giga bytes when it usually only says 543 mega bytes

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