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Email from Google

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  • Best Free Email Tool

    by SZTC

    To me, nothing beats MS Outlook for ease, functionality, integration, calendar, etc. However, Gmail is generally easy, they don’t bombard users with ads, the app is terrific - it’s simply straightforward and not overly complicated or engineered like many tech organizations tend to do. Meaning, keep it simple and friendly to all generations. The cons are; can’t create or change the name of a folder via the app; no calendar invite (accept, decline, tentative feature), add alert to your smartphone calendar (or at least an easy to find and use); Gmail arbitrarily disappears from Google Home page. Again, I’m happy with the app, just spoiled with Outlook and most corporate servers now block all online email tools for security reasons. Google and Google Chrome - to me - are hands down the cleanest and best. Other browsers pepper a user with tons of pop ups, videos... I know my mother and in laws fear using other browsers. I hope Google remembers that they can continue to dominate and grab more market share by building their tools for all generations. Fast, simple, obvious and easy.

  • Slow, glitchy, and this redesign :(

    by wordo2.0

    I didn’t update gmail in a while, and when I finally did, I thought things would run smoother, but then I get this weird redesign. The redesign makes it difficult to know which email account you’re using and makes it more convoluted to switch accounts. They also made the font in the app smaller so it’s harder to read. Overall, I think it’s just messy. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet, but I think this redesign makes the app harder to use. And with the redesign, the app reset my original settings on swiping to archive or delete which was just annoying. Plus, as I try to write emails, I keep getting the notification “some changes may not have saved” or something like that, and it would pop up every few seconds, making my email infuriating to write. My inbox takes longer to load now too with the redesign, and sometimes my notifications don’t go through, but that might be because of my phone, not the app. I don’t know, it just feels like gmail’s getting worse. I wish they would stop trying to put in all these new features like Google Pay in emails, and just aim to make the app comfortable to use... Trying to attach multiple files in an email on mobile is so tedious.

  • No Connection errors

    by cpoagsc

    Revision: I’m an idiot and this app is great. The reason I had trouble with the app when not on WiFi was because data was turned off for the app in my phone’s settings. Changed my low rating to a 5-star. This app is completely useless for me on iPhone. It never connects and reports "no connection" at the bottom of the screen while every other app on the phone has no trouble connecting. It is only this app that has problems connecting. I've followed all help and forum posts I've found and they're pretty useless. I've logged out and back in (sometimes it won't even let me log back in, giving me the "no connection" error). I've deleted and reinstalled the app many times with no success. And yes, Google, I'm sure I'm using the correct password. Google needs to resolve the "no connection" error issue with an update rather than just advising people to check their password or make sure they're connected to the internet (when every other app on the device works fine).

  • Great functionality with few flaws

    by Evil on the Wwweb

    In the corporate world I am forced to use Microsoft Outlook as my primary email client. In the private sector, i use Gmail for almost everything else. Gmail has become a standard that other email sites attempt to emulate. The integration of its own suite of office programs has eliminated the need for more costly applications for senior users and youngsters. Google has learned from Apple in placing Gmail and Google Docs on entry level tablets and Chrome Books. I could continue this thread but I mentioned “flaws” in the title. Some people complain about the steady stream of bug fixes and see it as evidence of how poorly Gmail and other Google products were written. This is a false impression. What it does show is the speed with which the technical teams that Support Gmail and Google are adapting to the ever-changing environment of hackers spammers and other nefarious groups that are attempting to disrupt our lives. Most things that appear as flaws are really undocumented tools. —- 30 —-

  • Warning about adding emails to your gmail

    by Cuchabybaby

    You will run out of memory faster because the other accounts you can add will add to your memory with ALL google products. I was enticed to add my yahoo account to a gmail address last year. What happened is that I’ve had gmail since 2005 and love it. I lost my free “legacy” added memory because I had to upgrade or I’d lose my emails.I spent hours going through my messages and deleting them because I received warnings if I didn’t upgrade soon, messages would disappear and if I did upgrade I’d lose my free space. I upgraded and I have my memory back on Apple products but for about a month or two on my Windows 10 laptop that I use for business, it was still showing that warning. Eventually it synced. So before you put all your emails in your gmail feed, check out if the “new gmail”will eat your memory and force an upgrade $$$$ before memory runs out and it’s pay to play. I’ve been a huge fan but I didn’t understand the takeaway of legacy memory. It was supposed to be lifetime but if I added on, it was gone and that’s what happened to “do no harm”

  • Great mail app except for browser preference

    by AEOHP

    In general I like this mail app a lot. I am happy to have my inbox sorted as it is on the desktop. I wish it was easier to attach documents from “Pages” and “Files” instead of only from the camera, recent attachments and drive. But my biggest complaint is this: When I go to open a link from an email and it asks if I want to use chrome or safari, I choose safari because that is my preference on my iPhone. I switch off the little “ask me every time” button. The very next time I go to open a link from an email, it could be the exact same link one second later, the browser preference window opens again, with the button switched on. It adds an unnecessary step every time I look at things from an email. Also, my saved safari things don’t all translate over to the safari that pops up within the app. I know you want me to use chrome because it is your product, but you offer a choice so it would be nice if that choice worked 😊

  • One of the best apps ever

    by juniper hoffman

    This app is one of the best apps I’ve ever used! It has almost everything that I could’ve ever imagined an app even having! I mean... you can EMAIL people with it, you can also RECEIVE emails from different people, and so much more! If I was to be asked what app would I recommend to anyone that lets you email people, I would most DEFINITELY say that I would recommend THIS app to about almost ANYONE! Since I’ve had this app I have NOT had ANY problems with it at all really. Except for that ONE time where I could not really receive any emails from anyone. But I was kinda glad that I couldn’t really receive any emails from anyone cause I have KINDA been getting some random emails from people. Other than that... I would give this app a five star rating. Thank you, gmail creators, for creating an app that lets me be able to email different people. 📧 I don’t really know what I would do without this app. ESPECIALLY for those people who I can’t really text their phone numbers.

  • Is this Really for Ages 4,5,6,and 7?

    by ahmed kkhan

    Hi Gmail, I love the app, but I’m kind of confused if this app is really for kids ages 4. If you scroll up to the top you will see something that says “For Ages 4 and up.” I think the Idea of having kids in elementary school and that 5,6, and 7 isn’t a very smart idea, if kids not mature enough use the app what do you think is going to happen? I personally think what's going to happen is that kids are going to get messages from random people asking for pictures of them naked or something, the 2nd thing I think is going to happen is that kids are going to message people like murderers and they might give away their address or something so that’s bad, and the last thing I think is going to happen is that kids are going to run away and meet the “love of their life” (the child predator that asked he or she to meet him or her) and get kidnapped. So I recommend you change that so parents can not get confused and let these happen to their children. Sincerely, Jeniffer.

  • No it’s not missing basic functions

    by bcrum2

    There is an undue function and you can move it to archive. Your main gmail settings in app allow you to determine what happens to an email when you swipe it. Default is to archive but you can also set it to delete. Both of which populate an undo button at the bottom of the screen. Also while some config settings must be done from the full web version you can determine if mails are organized in a conversation thread or individual and even still you can mark them both as a thread or individually as un read etc. I guess what I am saying is the guy whining is just suffering operator error due to him suffering mental ID 10 T errors. Seriously don’t get in a wad because you can’t be bothered to learn an app. All that said I give it a four because I feel that google has gone for form over function and that the earlier versions say from the iOS 6 or pre ice cream sandwich days was far better and far more functional.

  • So glad I switched to Google Mail

    by Shonziola

    Update: I continue to be impressed. I’ve learned the ins and outs of how Google does things, and find it vastly superior to others. I cannot tell you how nice it is to not have a mailbox full of junk and spam. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Previous review: I am so pleased with my new Google email account! I switched from hotmail about two weeks ago because I had gotten so frustrated. An account I had had for ten years. It was an intimidating thought to have to handle switching my email and handling all the changes to my financial, business, personal contacts. But I am so glad I took the leap. And your suggestions of how to create a more private and secure email were very helpful. Instead of getting about a hundred junk, phishing, spam mail I had to sort through every day, I rarely have a single one. The way Google has improved my email experience is beyond my expectations. Just wanted to say thanks!

  • Much improved since v5

    by baiji888

    UPDATE for v6: The angry red banner is gone. And now we can turn off auto loading of external images. Keep going like that, Gmail app developers! OLD 1-STAR REVIEW: A real step down from v4. I’ve been clinging to v4 since v5 was foisted on us almost a year ago. Unfortunately, iOS 11 broke v4. So here we go... Ridiculous amount of wasted space in user interface. Who decided that “modern” app layout aesthetic is as much unused white space as possible, to the point where app usability is seriously degraded? (I’m also talking to you, iOS 11 App Store.) Why does even a basic productivity app have to be turned into an “experience” at the expense of productivity? (I’m also talking to you, latest iOS version of Skype app.) Wish I could see more than 5 email summaries at a time in Inbox. Huge red banner makes me feel angry and violent about my email. Why did gmail get saddled with suckiest of google logo colors? Also: STOP LOADING REMOTE IMAGES BY DEFAULT!

  • Notifications not working

    by Keith Nerdin

    I’m not sure if this is an iOS 11 issue or what, but notifications are no longer working properly. I’ve used (and loved) the gmail app for a long time, but recently it’s become a big enough pain I’m considering switching to a different app. I’m an “inbox zero” kind of guy. So when I go in and check all my emails and archive them and leave nothing in my inbox and close my app and it still shows a red badge on the gmail icon with 3 or so unread emails, it’s maddening. Sometimes I’ll pull my phone out 20 minutes later and it will still show unread emails, I’ll check, and it’ll still be zero. Ack!! Totally defeats the purpose of a badge icon with number indicators. It’s making me waste so much time, feel so inefficient, and making me question why I continue using what feels like a broken app. I close the app often, regularly keep the app and my iOS updated, and power off my phone frequently. And none of it seems to help.

  • Inbox app better than gmail but it’s being taken away. 😔

    by heythereterry

    I’ve been using Inbox since it was created. Now it’s going away this month, forcing me to go back to the Gmail app, but without all the features of Inbox. The biggest thing Inbox has that Gmail doesn’t is the ability to bulk delete/archive the tab groups. It groups Promotions and other tabs, but with Gmail, swiping simply hides the group until next time. I still have to swipe each individual email to delete. With Inbox, I could delete or archive the entire group with 1 swipe. Inbox also let me pin emails to the inbox, rather than just starring them. I also want to see the Gmail app have swipe options. Currently, it is either archive or delete no matter if you swipe to the left of right. I want both where I can choose the function for each swipe direction. Outlook also has this feature. Wish you wouldn’t ask us to switch to Gmail when you haven’t added all the same features. Got some work to do Gmail Developers!!

  • Forced to use Gmail. Farewell Inbox.

    by mattsmee

    Been using Gmail since beta. Inbox came along and it quickly became the only client I used daily. I understand that without Gmail as a solid foundation/backbone, there wouldn’t be Inbox. However, Inbox’s features are not something you can just unlearned immediately. I really hope Google Gmail/Inbox Team could see this message. The feature that I will miss the most is Bundle. Behind the scene Gmail uses labels. It’s not easy to simply bring Bundle to Gmail because it already has the feature called Category, which is too similar. If there could be one feature I want to see in Gmail from Inbox is Bundle. Why? It does a very good job grouping mails (customizable) into my Bundles. I can quickly open up each, scan though mails that I care, then archive the entire bundle in one tap/click/swipe. No better/quicker way to have a clean mailbox like Bundle enables. Thank you for your service, Inbox. Farewell!

  • Notifications broken?

    by PshThisKid

    I love this app. With each update it’s become so streamlined and efficient. I love that I can switch between email accounts with ease. And as a person who constantly hits the wrong button, having an “undo” for every action is extremely helpful. I also really like being able to delete an email from the notification banner so I don’t have to waste time opening the app and reading it if it’s unimportant. My one issue has been the notifications, specifically the red badge when you have new mail. I keep a clean inbox and it’s always satisfying when I have no new mail. I’m not sure if the newest update has a mistake or maybe it’s the new iOS, but the badges have been stuck and take a few days to catch up to reflect on actual new mail. It’s frustrating to see the app icon and think “oh I have mail” then open it and find no, that is incorrect. I’m hoping the issue will be fixed soon.

  • Overall a great app with a few flaws

    by Ltrainlj33

    Gmail delivers a good email experience free of glitches and bugs that have plagued competitors that I've tested. The only issues I have with the app are: 1) too many ads 2) mediocre file attachment system. Just look at Outlook mobile. Then copy it. For example, why can't we look through the different photo albums on our iPhones when attaching photos? Instead it forces us into the Moments album only. Where's the support for attaching from other cloud services? Google drive is the only option. 3) not enough control over notifications. I'd like to be able to mute all email notifications except for messages that come from a certain person or are sent to a certain label (Google's name for inbox subfolders). Instead, the options for notifications are: all new mail, primary only or none. Why not give us more control? I only want to be notified of an email from my immediate family and a handful of others. Besides them everyone else can kindly wait until I choose to actively check my own email. I'd rather not be bombarded with constant notifications on my phone, tablet and watch for promotions, newsletters, etc.. And the "primary only" option relies on Google's ability to decide which of my messages are high priority, which Google isn't very good at. Resolve these three issues and this app gets 5 starts! Thanks!

  • Interface could use improvement

    by The.Lone.Ranger

    I’ve been using the Gmail app for years now, both on my phone and my 9.7” iPad. It's mostly good, and I really like being able to tap directly into Gmail's powerful search capabilities. However, the UI changes I’ve seen on my iPad in recent updates has me reluctant to update my iPhone app. First, the handful of buttons on the left side of the iPad version wastes valuable horizontal screen space. You can see this clearly in the first screenshot currently shown on Gmail's App Store page. Below those buttons there's a strip of never-used white space that could otherwise be used for a wider messages list. My second UI complaint is with the messages list itself. Referring back to that same screenshot, I don't know how they got it to show all that information! Maybe it's the jumbo-sized iPad. On my 9.7" screen, I rarely see the full subject line (it disappears into a "..."), and the list of senders involved in a thread often disappears into a "..." as well. This makes it really frustrating to scan the list of emails for basic information. If those aforementioned side buttons were moved elsewhere, that strip of unused space on the left could be conscripted to make much of that more visible. Bottom line: I find the app really useful, but some UI optimizations could make it a much better place to manage email without resorting to the desktop app!

  • Best mail app in a weak field - could be awesome

    by Artappstore

    I’ve tried every mail app out there and while some have better features than gmail (snooze messages, Dropbox integration) most of them have fatal flaws around performance, reliability of syncing message or search changes that render them unusable- including apple’s iOS mail client. Gmail is the best of the field because it is fast and the most reliable. That said, it has a few things I’d love to see addressed to make it 5 stars: 1) Freezing - the app occasionally hangs on the message list page, especially when going from landscape to portrait mode. Sometimes it recovers, other times you have to kill it. My guess is that it’s doing a remote call and the UI is waiting on it to finish when it shouldn’t be 2) drilling into the to and from fields. Apple iOS makes this easy - you can click someone’s name to find their phone number from you contacts and call or text them. 3) replying or forwarding specific threads in messages is cumbersome. Gmail buries this action in an ellipsis when it needs its own small icon. Apples iOS app does this well 4) unified inbox, starred and sent messages for multiple accounts - all the other apps do this well 5) message snoozing - outlook for iOS and mail (fka gladly do) do this well 6) Dropbox integration for file attachments

  • Needs some major quality of life updates.

    by EN-7084-7306

    I love Gmail, I really do, but the app leaves a bit to be desired. It’s not the most streamlined thing in the world and it’s often difficult to figure out where you need to go to make certain changes to things like where mail goes if you swipe it a certain way, etc. My biggest problem with this app, though, is that there’s no way to delete the contents of an inbox all at once. You can delete one by one, or select one page at a time item by item and then hit the delete button, both of which would take forever with a folder of more than 1,000 emails like my overstuffed Promotions category. This is such an obvious feature. The fact that this app has been around for years and has never had it is unbelievable to me. I can always delete the contents from my computer, but why not just give the app this really basic ability and call it a day? I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one to appreciate it.

  • Little benefit over using Mail

    by knowlovetruth

    I want to preface this by saying I used Inbox for many years, which was a far superior app to the Gmail app, and I was upset to hear it would no longer be supported. Essentially, the app allows me to read/send mail and bundles/sorts it to a limited extent. With so many companies changing info with each email blast, it’s nearly impossible to appropriately filter with this app, whereas Inbox bundled with ease and learned very well. I am able to turn on confidential mode, which I seem unable to do from an IPad through the browser. However, attachments are limited to camera roll, recent Gmail attachments and Google drive. I’m unable to attach files from my IPad without first moving that information to Drive, which for many sensitive things, I would prefer not to do. I would suggest using Mail for the benefit of integration with other Apple products, but encryption/confidentiality seems even more difficult to achieve that route.

  • Our real CampusWeb

    by Johnny Days

    It is safe to say that after all these years being on the Google platform out in a Pacific Island dot on the World Atlas, I cannot express enough gratitude for all the wonderful strides at Google Headquarters that jettisoned many useful apps today! As a public school teacher on Guam, I tried to use my Google Classroom but the ball fell at The Guam Public School systems' headquarters after several attempts not only contacting IT department, but also going physically before its appointed liaison in order to digitize my classroom. It did not go live which sucked major although no fault whatsoever on Google, Inc. Maybe one day I may learn all the different apps you've created but I crave tutorials less than 3 minutes since that is the attention span of our students today no matter where the are located. My thanks and appreciation always Google!

  • Near perfect!

    by pgib9981

    This app is very much improved, and I'm actually starting to really like it! I love that you can disable Conversation View and can easily swipe to delete/archive a message. It's colorful and easy to use, and has lots of options that it didn't use to have. There's only one thing that would really improve it... In the iPhone settings (Settings —>Notifications —>Show Previews), I'd love for there to be an option to show previews, but to only be able to see the sender while on the lock screen, and not the subject or body of the message. That's the way my old email app was, and it was so useful. (You’re able to know who’s sending the message, but don’t have to worry about other people reading it.) But other than that, I'm really loving this app! Kudos to all the people working to make it great!

  • Almost Perfect

    by Yeah, You Know

    The app loads very quickly, and hasn’t crashed on me yet. I manage three different e-mails as well, and it’s very easy to switch between them and see which ones have new messages. The spam and trash folders empty automatically after 30 days which is also a nice feature. The one problem I have with the app, is there is no select all button. Sometimes I will archive e-mails instead of deleting them, or will simply have them in my inbox and need to delete them. When this happens, usually I want to delete 95% of my messages in the inbox or all mail folder. It would be easier to select all and then deselect the few messages I need to keep rather than meticulously select each individual message. It’s kind of silly that you have this amazing company known for their technological prowess, but they can’t put a simple select all button in.

  • Emptying Folders

    by Buddy Gulley

    I would really love to give five out of five, but there is one issue I just can't get past. Why is it that Gmail doesn't have an empty inbox option? It's hard to delete 23,000* messages. If there is something that I missed I would appreciate being corrected so I can correct my rating. It is that important to me. Google has made switching from phone to phone one of the most regrettable tasks that no one looked forward to doing, even if they did like their new phones, to being as easy as signing into an account.....literally. Getting back on track, if there is not a way to empty all your Folders other than deleting your account, I would appreciate it if this matter could be looked into and a solution to this problem that is faithful Gmail users run into on a daily basis. Thank you. Alan M. Herzberg Jr.

  • Attachments only from Google Drive 👎

    by Shehaslived

    Every time I think Gmail is getting better, I am disappointed. I keep switching between the Outlook app and Gmail app. I want to stick with Gmail, but Outlook seems to have everything I need. For example, I love that you can switch between apps in the side menu of outlook. Previously in the gmail app you could switch accounts in the side menu as well, but they were horizontally pinned at the top which was inconvenient and ugly. Now it’s where the search bar is and that’s cool. So I downloaded it back, thinking it finally had everything that I needed. Now I’m deleting it again. I’m a college student and I send a lot of attachments over email. My main cloud drive is OneDrive because it is linked with my laptop and so I can automatically sync my documents to the cloud without having to manually save it there a bunch of times. The fact that Gmail only allows attachments from the Photo library and Google Drive is so frustrating. It’s also not just about me using outlook but sometimes I save documents directly to my phone or the Apple cloud. Gmail does not allow me to attach none of those documents. Just when I thought I had it all, I was disappointed again. I really like Gmail and it has nice features, but it isn’t not practical for what I need. Unfortunately, I have to go back to Outlook.

  • Adequate but with two fatal flaws

    by Portland transplant

    I’ve used the gmail app for a few years ... it was certainly an improvement over the Apple Mail app. Just two things have slowly come to dominate my experience, to the point that today I rage quit. 1. That Important label business. I just wanted it to go away - I never asked for it, it just happened to me. I still don’t entirely understand it! I delete emails, but they continue to haunt me in Important. If I never read them - and sometimes, an email doesn’t need to be read to delete it, am I right? - then the stupid app shows me unread flags thanks to that Important business. Again, DELETED emails. Why, Google? When I search for solutions, none affect the app - so I’ve been stuck with this issue. 2. Email threads. Initially, I appreciated this feature. I’m old school - I used a text-based email program for years, and I miss it. It also threaded - most programs do! Replies get placed next to originals. This is helpful. For some reason, Google decided to hide that things were threaded? Again, I don’t entirely understand this, I just know how it affects me. Here, emails I HAVEN’t deleted disappear. In the thread it will show one then skip one and show another. Where do they go? I’m not sure, but it’s been more than a little upsetting. If neither of these things will bother you, then this app is fine.

  • Good App but certain important elements missing

    by Andre5006

    I like using the apps but it is missing some basic functionality. 1) Split Screen Multitasking functionality should be added to the app. I often send emails in a foreign languages and I like to have a multilingual dictionary app in the split view to check words as I write. I see no obvious reason why this app doesn’t have split screen multitasking functionality. 2) I should be able to attach documents that are saved in the Files to email replies. As far as I can tell the email attachment functionality only works with documents that are saved to the drive and even then I don't think you can attach the document so much as share it from the drive. The only way to attach documents from files it share from the files app which always starts it as a new email. This is not great for continued collaboration and functionality. Please fix.

  • Notifications need fixing!

    by KuxKvngAlex

    I absolutely love this app. It’s very useful for me having the different accounts that I do. I use them for separate things. (School, work, etc.) And usually I will receive an update on the things I need to be updated, until recently, I’ll get a notification on my iPhone with the number next to it that usually indicates how many emails are unread in my primary list on my emails. But, I’ve been searching and searching through my different emails just to figure out that the notification on the app on my home screen, never went away from the email that I’ve already read! Please fix this issue. This might seem crazy, but I actually do have really bad OCD and having the numbers only be on this app, is literally killing my mind. Please have this fixed...

  • A few changes, a glaring absence

    by k9gardner

    Revised review – still 3 stars, but for different reasons. So they finally did it!! They finally provided the feature to turn off conversation view. Thank god! Now I can somewhat keep track of the back and forth of it all. That and other niceties would give me a 5-star experience. BUT... what’s up with that scrolling wildly when I’m just trying to locate the cursor at a particular letter or word? In every other app, you hold your finger on the spot and the cursor will go there after a second. In Gmail, you do that, and you’ve scrolled three pages down the screen. This is stupid annoying frustrating and obviously fixable, as this is the ONLY app I’ve ever seen that does this. I don't think I'll ever be able to give this app more than 3 stars until and unless they provide the option of getting rid of "conversation view." I don't use it on the desktop, I don't like it, it never organizes the thread in the way that it's "supposed to." I can't understand why they won't give the option to read messages normally/individually. As for the rest, time will tell. It seems a more "spacious" view, which is neither good nor bad I suppose. A little less dense on the screen, so arguably better on the eyes, but you can't see as many lines/messages at one time, which is a bit of a negative.

  • Keep Up the Great Work

    by uncletimothy

    This app is easy to use and provides the options I need the most. I especially like how easy it is to switch from all inboxes for all accounts (work, personal, and family members') to individual inboxes for each account. Your swipe to delete or move setting is perfect for me. The iPhone mail app attempts to do that, but too often mixes up accounts when you move emails. Your's simplifies the process without errors. The Gmalify option has been useful as well, allowing me to connect a rarely used personal Yahoo email account to my main personal Gmail account. I read somewhere that you will be providing even greater options sometime in July. I'm looking forward to that, and hope it includes a readable dark mode. Thanks!

  • Awesome email service

    by AutumnDay_

    I love Gmail. I’ve used it for over 10yrs probably over 15 if I really think about it. I have never had any issues with any gmail account of mine. I absolutely LOVE that I can have google docs connected with my gmail. Everything is in 1 place, google calendar also is connected to my account so when I get email confirmations from work I can immediately just have that info placed in the calendar and have a reminder set with pure ease, and lastly I love that it’s connected to google drive. I keep ALL of my important documents that are complete plus all of my photos. Unlimited storage FOR FREE. You can’t go wrong. All of their apps work flawlessly together. It has made me staying organized in each of these areas incredibly simple. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Bring back the cursor when doing replies

    by Peter from So Cal

    I used the GMail app all day long on my iOS devices. One thing that has bugged me for awhile has been the missing cursor when you do a reply. Typically in most email apps when you do a reply the cursor will be at the top and the on screen keyboard shows. Sometime ago GMail also behaved this way but they took it out. Now when you do a reply you have to tap where you want to type, which sometimes you just can’t tap in the exact place you want so it’s frustrating. A couple of days ago while visiting with my 80 years step father he said he can’t reply to anyone anymore in GMail and I immediately knew what his issue was and I was correct. He said Google was stupid for doing that, how’s anyone supposed to know to do that? Please Google, fix this for all the frustrated senior citizens that want to reply to their kids and grandchildren.

  • Good, but not as good as Inbox

    by emttim

    I loved Gmail. Then I tried Inbox back when Google first came out with it. I soon deleted Gmail. Now that they are doing away with Inbox, I’d love to see these things come over to Gmail: Swiping emails in Inbox gave you the option of both Delete AND archive. I would love that on Gmail. Archiving whole categories is amazing. I could scroll thru my emails in a category, read what I wanted, deleted or save to a tag/folder what I wanted, then back out of the category and archive the whole thing. Brilliant. No more selecting every individual email for archive or deletion. It was the key to keeping a tidy Inbox. This is really something I’d love to see in the Gmail App. Having more auto categories for Shopping, Finance, etc were very nice. I’d love to see more categories be brought to Gmail as a whole. Lastly, it was wonderful to see my trips categorized automatically. This was a great feature that I will sorely miss. Being able to have all my reservations for a business trip or vacation quickly available rather than having to search for a specific email while at the counter was wonderful. I think these few things would get me back on track to feeling like I have a good mail app again.

  • Mostly Good

    by FrenchMonkey

    Most of my opinions on Gmail app for iOS are good. I'm a mostly Mac/iPhone/iPad person in a PC/Android world. I prefer the Google set of apps because it allows me to maneuver a bit better in this dichotomy. Also I like the material design on the Google apps better. The Gmail app specifically needs improvement in viewing previous replies, especially those that come in while you might be replying. I often miss replies because of the way responses are displayed. In the app it's very difficult to figure out who replied when during an active conversation that often includes more than two responders. I do like how social and promotion emails are separated, although I'd prefer to tweak those settings. There very well may be a control but it's not obvious if there is, nor have I gone looking.

  • Unsend option disappears too quick

    by Alz1four3

    Overall I love Gmail, I love being able to create the different labels. I love the set up when two email accounts are merged together and the ease of switching back-and-forth. I like that I have the option to have access to both email accounts and either get all of the emails at the same time or switch back-and-forth. I prefer to switch back-and-forth because I don't want to check my school email all day every day. It is great that Google separates your promotions, social emails, and spam. My only complaint is this unsend option. The idea is great except I didn't even realize it was an option until recently and yet it's been out about a year. The option to understand disappears in one or maybe two seconds, that defeats the purpose. At least let it sit there for 20 seconds.

  • Not as good as Mail where it counts

    by JamesGecko

    Gmail is nice with couple of huge inconveniences which make it hard to recommend over the default Mail app. First, it provides no way to open links directly in Safari. There is a default app option labeled Safari, but it’s a lie. Gmail’s “Safari” is really an in-app browser. Whenever I tap a link in an email which leads to a site that requires authentication I see a 404, even when I’m signed in the system Safari browser. A second tap is required to open the url in system Safari. The “Chrome” option opens it’s respective browser in one tap as you’d expect. Why the disparity? Likely so Google can track users more easily. I’m disappointed Apple hasn’t cracked down on this. Second, it messes with the font size. The font is either much larger or much smaller, making messages harder to read.

  • Notification and Badging delays

    by dr3kn3

    Gmail / Google is usually on top of things so I’m gonna give 4 stars because I know they’ll fix it. For past few days my email accounts on iOS and even web browser has been getting notification delays. I have many accounts and some are acting better then others. In general it takes 15-20 minutes after actually receiving the email for the notification to post. I can check that by simply polling for email in web. Obviously I don’t want to refresh chrome on desktop forever and I want to rely on notifications again. Unsure if it’s related to latest update or if gmail is just having issues lately. Downdetecotr / twitter seem to have people reporting the same issues. Also when I got into app and read everything the badge will stay the number of unread I had before I opened app. I have to kill and relaunch app to get the badge to clear. Sometimes a toast message says no connection but I can access web, and even other google apps on my phone. I’m guessing it’s service related and not app per se. which is why I’m giving a 4 for a great app but acknowledging that service issues are making the app hard to use.

  • Good, but could be better EDIT: It’s better!

    by Geoff Brown

    UPDATE: They *finally* added the ability to toggle “important” status. I have notifications set to “important only” so it’s a big deal to be able to manage this on the go. Also, the new layout is really nice. They’ve managed to bring most of the full gmail experience to the mobile app. My rating has increased accordingly. ********* This app has made a lot of strides and improvements, but there’s a lot of functionality still missing. I have no idea why they continue to refuse to allow you to toggle the “important” status of emails from the app. Adding that in alone would probably make me bump my review one, and maybe two, stars, and it seems like it’d be easy to do.

  • No words to describe

    by kawaii_tacos084115771332

    Khalesimarie_, I have been using this app for quite a while now and it’s going great when I heard that this app was way better than the Apple mail system I was pleased that I finally had a system that works well for me to email my friends family and teachers I am blind and emailing is a big part of my life and something that I use all the time and will never stop using along with my mobile phone and I am pleased with the quality of the app and excited to see what new updates bring to this fantastic App I haven’t put very nice reviews on certain google apps because of their quality but this one is certainly a plus I really hope you see this review Khalesi

  • Good start, Lacking Features

    by Preston68*

    I’m disappointed by this app for the ipad especially. I use my iPad Pro as a professional device and google apps just aren’t up to the task quite yet, especially the gmail app. Please work on updates so it can be used when multi-tasking on the iPad. Better attachment options as well would be a huge improvement since right now all that’s allowed is to attach from Drive Files and when they attach they are used as a link that needs shared as well instead of actually attaching a pdf/photo. Other then that the way the inbox and multiple accounts work is great. The fact that the signature from desktop apps is carried over is outstanding as well! Please please please just update the app to better support iPad work, multi-tasking, and attachment options/drag and drop from other apps.

  • Badge Icons in Dire Need of Help

    by dolphins girl

    Normally, I love this app. Great for managing emails and much more pleasant to deal with than the standard Mail app for Apple. Easy account management as well. Would have given 5 stars for the app usage itself but... Please, PLEASE fix the badge icons. Ever since iOS11, I can never get the red bubble to disappear, no matter how hard I’ve tried. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, forced closed and opened, nothing works. My account is cleared of emails, in inbox, drafts, spam, even trash, so I know it’s not a stray email sitting in the depths of hell to torment me. I’ve given up, turning off badges altogether, but I’ve begun to miss incoming emails and it’s taking a toll on my email responsiveness. Please, for the love of god, address this issue! Sympathize with us crazies who cannot function properly with badge notifications left unattended.

  • Bugs or bad features?

    by eastlaker

    UPDATE: both of these issues appear to be fixed in a recent update. Woo hoo! —— Gmail app continues to be plagued by issues. Are they just bugs or did someone actually design them to work this way? Either is inexcusable in this case — these are both so pervasive and frustrating. 1) When I click a link in an email, the app pops up a question about which browser app to open the link in. I pick Safari (because I don’t have Chrome and I don’t want to install it). I also choose the option to NOT ask me every time. Guess what happens next time I click a link? It asks me which browser to use. And it does this EVERY TIME I click a link. 2) On the iPad, it marks emails as unread too aggressively. When I archive or delete a message, it marks the next one as read — no matter what. If I’m not ready to read it yet, I always have to follow up with clicking the Unread button at the top. Even when I go into a folder to see its contents, the first email is marked as read. PLEASE ONLY MARK SOMETHING AS READ IF I INTERACT WITH THE ACTUAL EMAIL — click on it, scroll through it, etc.

  • Best email app out there

    by BryanBenson

    This app is leagues ahead of both the stock iOS mail app and several others that I’ve tried. The automatic sorting algorithm to categorize emails is fantastic and the fact that I don’t have to get notified for anything other than primary emails is God send for someone like me that gets so many promotional emails and newsletters. The only suggestion I have is to allow a setting to not default the app to the all inboxes tab when opened. I have several accounts I manage and I usually only want to view emails from one of them. So having the app show me all of them at once is not particularly helpful for me though it may be for other people.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • I absolutely love this

    by 오 너무 피곤해

    I love this so much! Helps with schoolwork, jobs, anywhere! Tells notifications for what happens. Confirmation from apps, just plain amazing.

  • Dark Mode not working

    by SulpurSlay

    There is a bug in gmail, and it won’t let me select a dark theme 😞

  • Dark mode

    by mike yup

    Dark mode compatibility please

  • Dark Mode

    by KalElofLE

    Overall and for what I use Gmail for on my iPhone, it works great. However, I have been waiting for Dark Mode to arrive as promised some time ago. Once that finally shows up, I will grant that final star.

  • Dark Mode?

    by Deanchile

    Honestly the app is overall quite good. I’m just super frustrated there isn’t a dark mode yet. Apps that I use that have a fraction of the app support as google has dark mode. Will revise my review when it comes out.

  • Bad update

    by lickdeesnuts

    Don’t like the fact that google done away with swiping the emails to send to the trash. This update cost time and my time is money.

  • ios 13

    by flcx

    ever since the ios 13 update, the app now freezes momentarily every time i tap on a new mail notification. for about 5 - 10 seconds it won’t let me scroll down through the message. this really needs to be addressed seeing as we’re now on 13.2.2, otherwise i will be going back to the stock mail app.

  • I need better options for deleting my emails

    by dez1315

    I’ve been trying to figure out the easiest way to delete messages from months weeks years ago but I had to individually text each one to get rid of them and it will be so much easier if I could actually categorize them by months weeks years headings for example if I were to type in my search bar Walmart nothing but emails with the Walmart heading would pop up and I will be in the select them all and delete them all at one time or another example is if I have emails from like 2016 which I do I will be able to type in year 2016 and all of those emails with Papa once again I’ll be able to select them all and delete them instead of going each individual email because a lot of my emails I don’t read and it’s mostly junk And I’m hoping that those developers that Google can actually come up with something that’s as close to this as possible because trying to delete 9000+ emails one at a time is not working

  • Where is dark mode?

    by AT Backpacker

    Almost every other app on my phone has dark mode. I keep reading that Google is rolling it out “slowly” for iPhone users. That was 3 months ago. Why is this so hard? I’m actually going back to the built in mail client because of this.

  • App not stable and errors

    by mikesplaces

    And also dark mode. Where is that? There is no theme menu like so many others have said. Gmail also has stability issues for a single account. I get a strange black box with an exclamation point in it that says ERROR! Repeatedly. Then it goes away. The frustrating part is I never know when it will show up. Wifi here in Taipei Taiwan is very good. No problems with it or mobile data. I have a suggestion about dark mode. Just do a release with the theme in it or that explicitly names it in the relnotes. I don’t want to go back to the mail app. I just want what google said it would give for some time now. I also would like the ERROR! to go away.

  • Needs a button for unopened mail

    by mattrgokey

    I like gmail. But it needs to have a an improved button for unopened mail. I only want unopened mail that’s not spam or junk. I have some unopened mail, but I don’t feel like spending hours trying to find it.

  • Dark mode

    by IronGeeks

    There's no dark mode, whereas everything else has it. Why so laborious?

  • Great for the lost part

    by Agh disks

    The only part thats annoying is there is no watch app!!!!

  • Dark Mode Disappeared

    by rmrfbucket

    Well I HAD dark mode for a few weeks and now it’s gone. My wife’s iPhone XS Max has it but it disappeared from my iPhone 11 Pro. She has the Themes option but I don’t anymore. What happened??

  • It is a good app

    by bghfgcf

    It is good because if you are not at school you can check your email

  • Needs some improvement

    by LeetLeet

    It would be great if there was a select all option when trying to delete multiple emails. I don’t always receive notifications when I star emails as important.

  • Really great app, two pretty gripe

    by leekelodev

    The Gmail app is great! Functions flawlessly for me and I love the integration into the other Google apps. Two petty things that I would love Google to add that is in the browser gmail app that is missing in the iOS app: 1)the ability to place the email signature ABOVE the quoted text. Every other app does this and I am using Outlook app because of this. I hate it when it adds the signature at the bottom of everything. Not everyone uses gmail. 2) Add Firefox as a default browser. Once again, Outlook does this and a few others. This would be nice to have since Firefox is my default browser on desktop.

  • E Mail Photos Send

    by Rizzle Dazzle Dj Darrell

    Thanks For E-Mail Makes Life’s More Easy Now I Send For Photos Makes So Easy So Thank You So Very Much

  • No Dark Mode Yet

    by MrKandle

    It's been more than a month since the dark-mode-ready iPad OS 13 was released and still we don't have dark mode on gmail.

  • Add a clear all

    by Zx/Kaysen

    I have over 50,000 emails and all of them are not important and I want to just mark them all as read

  • Great app normally, it’s issues with last version update now

    by srb96

    Reply function sends me to a blank email and slows app to almost a freeze. Compose new email works. App is up to date. No ideas.

  • Where is the dark mode

    by Darknetone

    We need dark mode, lol... ok the app is pretty good I use it for both my personal and my business accounts.

  • This app is great

    by Gio verulava

    Best mail app ever

  • Great

    by R1cantak3r

    I love the app but please make it easier to find attachments. Thanks

  • Additional safety to open the app

    by koyht

    If it requires thumb print to open the app that will be great as it provides additional safety

  • Great Service, lacking dark mode

    by joe21091240

    Everything I have found online points to dark mode being available since September however, the option to change theme (or to have it follow the system theme) does not exist. With other apps being able to quickly have this feature, why is google of all companies dragging their feet?

  • Es muy bueno

    by el capricornio


  • Tshsmjcjwnwn

    by dbbebcbc

    Whenever I try to open a .wav file the app crashes. Please fix

  • Huge Bug

    by Eatdatpussy555

    I work in music for a profession, and when trying to open audio files through email, the app just crashes! Not a good look for someone like me, please fix!


    by Bedolla28

    I really like how they designed this app. I have been using it for about 1 month now and it keeps everything organized. My and my family keep our gmails in our own Gmail, LOVE THIS APP

  • Works

    by ColaLola*

    Works well

  • Please fix Dark Mode

    by Ortizdeaton

    Although my phone is in dark mode, the Gmail app does not switch to dark mode. I’ve Googled the problem and see that many others have the same problem. Love the app but I was so siked for dark mode.

  • Dark Mode?

    by mancuj1

    Where is it? Followed instructions to try and enable it, however theme options are not visible within settings. (Running iOS 13.2.2 and latest gmail app. )

  • No dark mode?

    by napb1

    Can’t switch to dark mode.

  • Dark Mode?

    by discombobulated_dude

    I’ve been patiently waiting for Dark Mode since it was announced over a month ago. On the latest version of iOS and app is updated and still nothing. Why is it taking so long to roll out?

  • Audio file issue

    by bluskino

    I have used this app for some time without issue. However, after the most recent update of my iOS software and this app itself, I have a recurring issue that effects me greatly. I have a service on my business line that automatically sends voicemails through to my email as attached audio files. Unfortunately, recently I can no longer open and play these audio files. Every time I even attempt, the Gmail app just force closes. No bueno.

  • Gmail app

    by Debra 6281

    I really enjoy using this app except I hate that it gives me a no connection notice at the bottom from time to time! I have connection so I don’t know why it keeps stating that?.

  • I’m

    by conchita3536

    I still. Have troubles, need help

  • Dark Mode for iOS 13?

    by Pizza.Time

    Where is dark mode for iOS 13, i searched all the settings, my phone is on iOS 13, on the latest version of Gmail and theres still no dark mode? Wth?

  • Please add dark mode

    by Danielle Pan

    Save my eyes

  • Decent experience

    by Kaleid

    Neat app

  • What?

    by AshtonLW18

    Why would you put the updates and promotions tab imbedded in the primary tab? We literally have those separate just a click away. It’s not a serious issue but like more of an irritation. Just cluttering up the tab.

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