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Fun Math for Kindergarten Kids

Fun Math for Kindergarten Kids

Arni Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Can be used by homeschool parents for teaching math to kindergarten kids.

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Complete KinderGarten Maths with Spoken Instructions all the way…….It helps kids practice in a fun and rewarding way.
When it comes to Kindergarten Maths, kids will learn the basics of maths. They will learn about Number Sense by having a understanding of what numbers are and how we use them.
Kindergarten math will also help students build a strong foundation in geometry. One of the basic skills of geometry is recognizing and understanding different shapes.
They’ll also explore measurement. They’ll learn about things like length, weight, area, and volume in a general sense.
Math operations involves learning the basic ways of addition and subtraction.

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Fun Math for Kindergarten Kids

Fun Math for Kindergarten Kids

3.0 4 Reviews