Football Heroes PRO 2016
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  • I'm going to rate this honestly Mar 26, 2016

    By SoProMLG
    I was huge fan of the last until they added contacts... Now I see they made another game and contacts are still a real thing that bugs me. There just trying to get more money. Then I go to buy players(with in game coins) and I see the worst offense... If you want pro or legendary packs you have to pay for them and if you want to go and play in very high level leagues then you have to get better players. This leads back to the pro and legendary packs. The worst part being about the packs you pay 2 or 5 dollars and you only get 1 pack. That's it one pack. I will continue to play this game until I can't play because of the pay walls. Even CoD AW did better with supply drops. If your going to pay for something like a pack the developers should give you at least give you 2 or 3 packs
  • A few changes Feb 15, 2016

    This is a good game but get rid of contracts, I FINALLY beat the holiday trophy thing, and lost half of my money to replace the contracts, and get rid of the auto thing, it uses it right when you encounter someone, and I don't want it to happen then, make the last teams of the rookie cup way easier, it took me over a week to beat it, and I won because of luck, one person said to make a season mode, but you would have to schedule a game, and you could be totally busy that day, and that's why they have quick match or whatever it's called, if all of this was changed, this would be the best app in the App Store
  • Leagues don’t work Nov 15, 2019

    By Ja7D33
    I love this game overall but my leagues were working just fine until it says league error leagues aren’t working right now.I have tried every day since then but guess what it still does not work😡
  • Decent Game if You Know... Jan 14, 2017

    By Lawrenceingram
    First, know that you will need to buy both the contacts pack & coin doubler for the "rest of the season." You can't know how long that is, but it's basically lasted months and I'm almost through with both the rookie & pro cups. But because it's unclear, I'm afraid to completely finish the rookie cup. Another thing to note is that they will not let you completely turn off sound effects. The game starts with an annoying gong for about 5 seconds so you must put your phone in silent mode, then switch it back each time to avoid loudly announcing what you're doing. Finally, the controls sometimes freeze for no reason so your player may be stuck running a certain direction or you might not be able to throw, push or spin, but it's infrequent enough that the game is still fun. Just know what to expect. I'll certainly update this if they ever dump the gong!
  • BACKGROUND Nov 27, 2016

    By Koool kiddddd
    So, after trying and trying to win I finally won division IV and it said that I won. I had unlocked playoffs. But the thing was that I didn't get 3500 coins. I am very mad about this. Also apart from this;when everyone says the game is cheap it isn't. You need to use strategy to win this game. Just because it looks cartoonish doesn't mean it involves no strategy. Thank you for reading this. Please fix this.
  • Fun Game. HORRIBLE LOGIC. Oct 9, 2019

    By Randomp Erson
    This game is really fun and entertaining, but there are some HUGE problems with it. The logic is horrible!!! Whenever you play the game, there are these power ups you can get. For example, you can do this arm thing where you automatically tackle them. This doesn’t even give you a chance to juke them out! You’re probably thinking it doesn’t matter because you have the same chance to get these power ups, but you don’t! They give you bad power ups and all the cpus have all the good power ups! This makes up about 75% of the game. Horrible.
  • Hate it May 29, 2017

    By Jaynling14
    Why do we have to pay for everything in the game? Why do you have to make it so complicated when it can be simple for everyone to play. You always get out against better teams, they CPU always gets the terrible power ups, and since when do players basically lasso each other? I'm also pretty sure since I played for three years that if you fall in football, you are supposed to get back up as fast as you can, not wait 5 seconds while the opposing team scored a touchdown. I also didn't know that you are allowed to throw the wide receivers on the ground as they go for the ball.
  • Never fixed last update Mar 10, 2016