Fit Girls Guide

Fit Girls Guide

Fit Girls

Fit Girl makeovers of fav foods, home exercises, and a fitmazing community!

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Fit Girl makeovers of fav foods, home exercises, and a fitmazing community!
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  • So much potential Jan 19, 2019

    By PitaB
    This app has the potential to be the best fitness and healthy living app I have ever used. I would buy this app either separately or in a bundle with the book and I think a lot of others would too! Please expand the recipes section. Heck I would even be ok with in-app purchases to buy more recipes similar to how the books are set up! The eBook is very cumbersome to find the recipes and keep flipping back and forth between pages for the substitutions- an option could be to customize a recipe in-app to ensure the portions are correct for the food you like and have access to. The workout tracker is nice, but it would be great if there were videos or descriptions of each exercise within that section instead of the “samples” section. The journal could be added to the app too! The eBook version is very difficult to add text/etc on a mobile device. It would also be a nice function to link the app to instagram so we can post directly from it to join in and track the challenges and expand our fitgirl sisterhood. Again, I love the current layout of the app and it could be do much more with a few additions!
  • Jan 13, 2020

    By Heather R
    Really great/straight forward. First, No ads! THANK YOU for not bogging this app down with pop ups, notifications, ads or charging a ridiculous amount to get rid of those things, looking at you MyFitnessPal. Second the app is clean and organized, love that. I only wish I could add check marks to each exercise to tick off the number of reps I have completed. That's my only requested change! You gals are fantastic.
  • App needs some work Jun 13, 2018

    By Samantha_JG
    I love fit girls guide, and the app is pretty good, but it needs some work. It keeps crashing on me. The sign in with faceboook feature is blank, and when I try the other log in option, nothing happens. Nothing happens when I try to reset the password too.
  • Apr 12, 2020

    By Kitty Noir
    It's only my first day, so I haven't gotten through everything yet, but the app is written like an advice letter to a friend, and it lets you learn as you go! It doesn't pressure you, and it's encouraging! I love it 💖💗
  • Meh. Nov 13, 2018

    By JudyNew
    One idea for the app is to allow for the guides to be put into the app. That way everything is together. Another is to make the app more compatible with iPads. I would love to be able to write in the guides with my Apple Pencil on my iPad.
  • Jun 21, 2020

    By Ashley Ford
    Sketchy AF! Not only could I not sign in, when I tried to