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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff


Build a City & Collect FG Heroes in a Hilarious Sandbox Building Sim. Play FREE!

4.1 1M+ Reviews
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Positive Reviews in Most Helpful

40% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by THE AZ KID

    Games is fun and addicting. Been playing for years, no joke. Only issue is I have over 20 million in coins and nothing to buy. Everything takes clams and I won't spend real money on this game. Kind of pointless to collect coins unless you are new to the game.

  • by Teri Nabours

    Been playing this game for many years. It actually keeps my interest. Love it except for the occasional glitch that messes me up on my playing , but thats only occasional. And as soon as you let the support team know about it , they take care of it, and if its something that the devs and techs need to look into the support team keeps in contact with you and tries to make it right. Great customer service 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • I’m not connecting to Facebook

    by D.Sympathy

    I love Family Guy! It is actually one of my favorite shows on Adult Swim. The graphics were really well done. I personally thought I was in Quahog. The characters were great, and the voices were the ones from the show. So thank you for taking the time to create something genuine. It’s a good app especially if you are bored and have nothing to do. My only complaint would be constantly trying to get you to connect to Facebook. I am personally on Facebook strike, not to say that I don’t have a Facebook I just refuse to use it. So I ultimately deleted the app, I don’t want to have a million apps on my phone (slight exaggeration for emphasis). With the constant Facebook harassment it just wasn’t worth it. Also just a suggestion, try adding more strategy to the game. It’s not like it took any skill to play. Just a tap app. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely yours

  • by Kristie M Holmes

    I'm seriously addicted to this game. There are always new expansions to the game that keep it fresh. My only complaint is they max out levels, preventing me from moving up.

  • by Jonah Safern

    I am no longer able to view my achievements, and have been logged out of my Google Play account. I don't know when this happened; I only noticed it now. I have been trying for several minutes to log back in to my account, to no avail. I cleared the cache, updated the app, etc. Still nothing. Please fix this!

  • New update not working

    by Wil P.

    Just updated my game on my first green ipad pro 12.9. Now every time I load the game it tells me to upgrade, which I already have. Tried twice and it wouldn't load. Shut spec my ipad and restarted, but the same time happens. I love this game and I've been playing for as long as it's been out. But I do have to say that some of these events are completely dumb, most of the week long ones are the dumbest. What I would like to see is events where I can use characters that I've had for forever and now just sit constantly at the Resort and I do nothing with them. I have about 100 characters right now and with each event I get more and more but really only have the core people that are payable in each event.

  • by Tim Akers

    i can not access my account all it does is sit at the loading screen for hours it's getting very irritating I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling still the same thing please help me tinyco

  • Love this morning game

    by Andrea80194

    I have been playing this game for years now and it is still my favorite game to play on my iPad. I haven’t spent any money on it the whole time, and it’s still fun. You just have to be patient when you’re working towards a character or an item that you want. I love the seasonal events they have on it too, it makes it even more interesting. I always go to visit my friends on it to get extra experience and clams and I always watch the clam videos when they’re available too, it really helps boost your numbers! I will probably always play this game, not only because I’ve put so much time and work into it, but because I genuinely have fun playing!

  • 😒

    by Jenny girl 89

    At first I really loved the game! I could not stop playing. It seems like the game gets harder and harder and boring because I can’t get any items that are needed to unlock things. So I have Peter ride in the washing machine for 10 hours, and I GET NOTHING!! I been having him do that countless times, and I still DON’T get the item needed!! That’s not the only one. Quagmire needs to spend 20 HOURS for a glow stick item but he gets one once every 10 times!! I understand it says extra rare, but That makes the game BORING!! In my opinion, if the items that are rare, maybe make those items less time. And the items that are common have more time. I really don’t want to play any more!! It was awesome but not something I want to keep wasting my money on any more. Please make a change!!

  • Could be 5 Star

    by Imaaronnc

    First off the costumes are nearly impossible to get. Unless you play this game every 4 hours on the dot you come just short of winning them. I get about 4 or 5, four hour missions in a day and still can’t unlock anything. It’s really discouraging from playing the game bc the only other way to get them is to spend 100s of clams that you just don’t have unless you spend really money. Then the game take forever to load. Sometimes I’m staring at my screen for over a minute waiting on it to load. Then when it does load everything is laggy But that being said I like the game and the concept it’s just very discouraging when in order to win costumes, characters and prizes you basically have to play it 24 hours a day

  • How It Is

    by G4568042699528

    Everyone complains about the difficulty of attaining everything in an event because they do not have all the characters and that you need to get certain items and that you need to spend real life money and this is just not true, yes if you want every character it can be time consuming but the events are honestly meant for players that are a far distance into the game and have the characters to unlock all the new event characters. If you just put in time and play the game casually for a long time you will start being able to unlock everything an event has without spending any money.

  • Family guy

    by Ksjgdvu

    I love this game but as with all of the previous comment from other players I agree!! The challenges are getting ridiculous. You cannot get everything done with out spending cash. I understand people need to be paid but I would be more apt to spend my money if there was a realistic chance at being able to finish an event . I also have the problem with my game just shutting down on me while I am playing and losing progress of what I done. This is my biggest complaint. The game just shuts down or won't load at Ali have uninstalled and installed several times and it is still not working. I also have the same problem with the new family guy game and the animation domination. PLEASE FIX

  • Love this game, app customer service is incredible


    I love this game, I had been playing it for a while and then took some time away from it when I tried playing again it said that my data file had been corrupted therefore it couldn’t load all the work I had done, so it gave me an email to send a complaint to, and an actual person returned my email. While they weren’t able to get my exact game back they were able to then get me all the stuff I already had and then some! I just had to redesign the town again. Best customer service I’ve experienced from an app.

  • The games fine if you understand what kind of game it is

    by M4RSHM3LLO 🐙🦑

    People complain that stuff takes too much time and things might get so “difficult” that you have to spend money but once you realize that this is a passive game, and game you’re not supposed to be constantly playing for hours on end then this game’s great. The game doesn’t force you to do anything and the events are great. It’s not a perfect game but it is an enjoyable one. You’ll probably log in 3-4 times a day for maybe 5 minutes at a time and that’s it. Doesn’t mean it’s boring because overtime the game becomes exponentially more fun. Give it a try, but don’t expect non stop gameplay.

  • I like the game but....

    by Kay_Sass

    I really enjoy this game but the actions take incredibly too long to complete especially when you (may or may not) only receive one item for most actions. I understand that they make actions take so long so that maybe you will buy clams to speed up the process but it takes way to many clams to complete an action early as well. I would be more likely to put actual money into this game if actions only took 2-4 clams to complete and didn’t take as long over all. I like the concept though, and the holiday updates are a great feature. I want to be able to actually play the game instead of waiting 8 hours to do something else with a character though.

  • 🎵A whole new world🎶...

    by Sweaty baulz

    This epic universe has captured more of my time than my own reality. Creating something from nothing and then having complete control over the population is the exact dictatorship I’ve always wanted for myself. Living in a world where i had to steal to eat, had to eat to live, i steal only what i can’t afford. This app has taught me the value of ethics, responsibility, and false friendship. It’s a digital ant farm except i cannot use a magnifying glass on a sunny day for my own amusement. I’ve since lost my friends, family, and my job from this game, but I’ll never lose the love of the Griffins.

  • Great!

    by Kandiistarchild

    Honestly this is a great game. I go through moments (as everyone does) when they tire of a game and delete it. But I always re-add this back on. It’s addictive. It fun. I love the real time play because when I have a moment or day where I’m busy and can’t tend to it like I want, I could make them all do their actions for a few hours or a day and it’s fine. The only thing I would say is that eventually you will have to buy coins or clams just to get certain things but I try to avoid that as much as possible and it’s been fine so far. Just takes a little longer. Great game!

  • Best app of all time

    by 1993cc1993

    Its the only game on my phone that I haven’t gotten bored of after a like a week of playing, I’m seriously addicted, it’s amazing. It’s such a fun game, anyone whose a big fan of family guy would love it. The dialogue is hilarious and there are so many funny references to both the show and pop culture. I can’t stop playing! My only complaint is that I wish they would give us more time for weekly quests (regular quests never expire but the weekly ones do). Other then that it’s definitely one of the funnest/funniest apps I’ve ever played in my life, I love it

  • Fun game but I would like some repeat events

    by WWWW4

    I first started playing this game around the time it first came out, up until my iPad broke down. I recently started playing again with getting an iPhone and it has been fun to see some of my favorite animated characters again. But my biggest problem is that golden clams are hard to come by with my wallet and My other problem is that I missed the American dad event when my iPad died and I have very much been wanting to collect the Smith family, it would be very much appreciated if I could have another chance at collecting them along with some other event characters that I had missed.

  • Kyblue65

    by ky1965

    Fun game, better in the beginning when there was something to do a lot more often. Later into the game it takes wayyyyy too long to "get" stuff, items you really need generate not often enough. The "task" the characters do some are way to time consuming. Plus, you need clams! Seems the only way to get stuff quicker is to buy clams, which I do not. It is for fun, not spending money to speed up. So, if you are patient and have no hurry and dot care if you complete the little side stories, then have fun!! It gets frustrating, but hey, it's a game!

  • Make the events last longer!!!!!!!

    by foggygorilla_420

    Every time i try to get a new costume or characters the “quest” takes long and sometimes the items don’t even show up, but when the items do show up I collect them and I always need a couple more items to collect, but then the events end and I wouldn’t be able to get that specific costume or character even tho I was almost finished collecting the items that I needed so now I got to wait until the next time that specific even pops up again.. smh it’s so frustrating...

  • Glitch maybe?

    by Jizzy444

    I really enjoy playing this game however once it has been updated today due to the event, I log onto the game and it tells me to update. There is nothing I can do but maybe reinstall the app, but I’m afraid it might lose my info. Also since I’m here I think this game isn’t hard to maintain characters to achieve a task. Although in most events there is no way of achieving the entire thing unless you buy the extra help by using clams. But you will get some characters. I have around 50 characters now and constantly want more. So I’m really hoping I can get this issue fixed.

  • Meh...the quest is over

    by CrabbleCrack25

    I started playing this game, almost every day, from the start. The company’s greed meter has been steadily climbing up over the years with longer times needed to get stuff, achievements getting harder to accomplish without adding real money into the game, and overall just too demanding. But hey, everybody wants to get paid, right? However, Fox/TinyCo have outdone themselves with the last game theme (Quahog 500). After wasting considerable hours on gameplay, all of the “stuff” collected in the “quest” disappears! That is to say that the game allows one to gain stuff, but must be put in a special area of gameplay that disappears after the quest is over leaving the player with nothing but new characters or extra junk bought from the game’s internal store. Bottom line, my 4 year relationship with this game is over. Some may find it enjoyable while others may not. I am no longer a pack-rat as my Quest for Stuff has been fulfilled.

  • Eh it's cool

    by lexi smiles

    I've been playing it for about a week now and I could have gotten a lot further it I spent money on the game because that seems to be the only way you can really get far and succeed at quests. I even downloaded and ran apps to get clams but it wouldn't work and I didn't get any clams after downloaded multiple apps. I love family guy so much but this app really let me down. It's also so hard to get items, finish quests and add characters or buildings without spending so much money. Was expecting it to be a lot more fun, but it seems to be a game of hurry up and wait.

  • Don’t know what happened

    by Gray93

    I love the game itself, but after the Halloween event ended and it was time to update again, my game now will not let me play. It sits on the loading screen for 10+ minutes then kicks me off completely. I used to play all the time, would get on several times per day to reassign characters to different actions as they finished ones they had been working on. I’m very disappointed about not being able to now. Hope this issue is fixed ASAP.

  • Good

    by James Wideawake

    This is a great game. Only issue I have is I did an offer for 300 and something calms. But I didn’t get them when I completed the offer which was reach castle level of 12 on (Lords mobile). I had completed that today but have not received my clams. When I went and looked to see the offer again to see if I had missed anything it isn’t there any more. If it was not part of the offer I would not have played that game.

  • New update needs fixing!!!!

    by brianna1994

    I love this game... but the new update has messed my game up. I can't even open the app without it crashing on the loading screen. The music also gets distorted before cutting out. I tried uninstalling it and then re-installing it, but it isn't working either. I started having these issues after the new update so I know it is the update. Please fix this so I can play!!

  • The game is good but!!!!!!!!

    by phatjatt420

    Okay first I’m start off buy saying the game is very addicting because they have events running almost every month which I love and that what makes me keep playing it one thing that’s still my petpeve is that fact the epic items get dropped so little i have been trying to the get the eye for almost a month now and I still haven’t got one lol that’s annoying but that’s my biggest issue the epic item drop other then that I am happy with the game

  • Family Guy Review

    by Officer Tub Tub

    Game is okay as far as watching the storyline and missions unfold. However it’s a bit drug out. What I mean by this is, by the time you wait for characters to complete tasks to unlock objectives, most events are timed out before you can do all of them. That is, if you aren’t investing money into gameplay. I would like to see special events to be an optional download and also not timed out so you can complete them and obtain all the extra unlocks. Otherwise not a bad way to pass some time throughout the day.

  • Mystery box

    by sydsporven

    I really enjoy playing this game I have even paid money for things one being the mystery box which I just purchased about 5 minutes ago thinking that I was going to get everything that was listed but instead I got a building that gives me 8 coins every so often that’s fine I just don’t think it should cost 125 clams when that much clams costed me 5$ just to get one building that’s not even helpful to the event I am trying to complete. Very dissatisfied with that! Wish I wouldn’t have purchased!

  • Found my dislike

    by Tray fam

    I’ve been wondering why I’m not clearing my daily challenges knowing I absolutely thought I should have. When I’m on a condom level that is 3-5 times more than I need to clear that daily task and I only get credit for about 30 of the over 200 condoms I cleared to beat said level...yeah, it’s rigged. You only get credit for the ones you personally made matches to clear not any cascading or multiples specials. Pretty booty system. One of MANY reasons I’ll never spend to play yet another match game

  • Love this game..... but...

    by Game so crazy cool

    I love this game but it’s hard to get far in events cause you either have to put out so much money or play alllll day long. I’ve been playing this game for years and years and progressed very far. I think you guys should maybe make the events a little easier, or maybe consider the people who have played for a long time or have giving massive amounts of money as I have.

  • Great Game

    by Acenber

    As a huge family guy fan, I’ve enjoyed this game a ton. Been playing it for almost two years and have a huge collection of character and skins, which is still growing! I’ve spend some money on extra characters but never felt pressured to spend money to progress, just gotta be patient. Can’t wait to see what future events are yet to come, keep up the good work TinyCo.

  • Excessive Themed Events.

    by #TheRexLife

    I don’t mind the events that come up one after the other, from major to minor events. That’s the thing. I forgot what the main plot of The Quest For Stuff was. The smaller events are too short of time to get anything done. Some are long enough but yet seem lacking in time? Now, I actually have spent money admittedly but not if I don’t have too. Going the full period without boost and some unlockables take a long time to collect all the required. Items I missed a lot of characters.

  • I like this game a lot but....


    I like this game a lot but it is just too difficult to get the items you need for the events. It takes too many items to unlock event characters and there is never enough time to get the event characters and all the items needed for said characters before the event is over. Can you please fix this so we have a better chance to get things before the events end thank you.

  • Be aware of this game

    by Little cookie🍪

    So I got this game long ago and I thought of Saturday maybe I should get it again.. Well before I re-downloaded it I way real far but when I opened the game up and got through all the cut senses it won’t let me get all my progress back at all and I got mad because I was almost done all my characters where at max level so now I had to re do all my things in order to get back to where I was so don’t get rid of this game unless you don’t want to get it again so be aware.

  • Animation Throwdown

    by Bockie13

    I really love the game but the time frames are ridiculous as well as the daily spin wheel you can never hit the jackpot even if you use clams...which I have done numerous times...very disappointing.....hope the makers take into consideration all these issues everyone has cause it's not just me and will do something about it before people stop playing........Thank You...

  • Glitchy

    by jdizow

    I like the game. I find it addictive. But, it is glitchy. It freezes on me and then shuts down often. This is especially true when the game has a major event (usually the ones where you have a new part of town open up behind the griffin house like the casino or the hospital for Halloween or shopping mall for Christmas). When it freezes, the game shuts down and when you open it back up, you have to redo several actions, which is very frustrating.

  • Family guy

    by bahkah

    Totally addicting!!! Buuuutttt... as of late, September 2018 and stemming back to August, this game needs more characters doing MORE activities to complete tasks! It's stupid that there are only a few, like 4, in long quests to achieve a level!!! It's all about purchasing characters in the game. Come on Tiny Co, it used to be better. Tired of a quest that's a week long taking almost two weeks and beyond to complete. Look at you recent reviews!!

  • The app won’t open.

    by Shannondf

    It’s been 2 years since I last got to play this, one day I opened the app to play but the loading screen was just stuck and wouldn't finish the load. I don’t even know who to contact to figure this out because the recommended tech support page says error no longer available.....what the actual hell. I give 3 stars because the game is actually good. People love the game but the tech support and the functionality of the game isn’t good at all

  • Fun, but...

    by Ezee1

    The game is fun, but never, ever, spend actual money on anything. Watch the ads, but remember, once an even is over, the character or building you have (earned or purchased) will be totally useless forever. They even created a hotel where you can store them all. I have over 100 of these characters. The land turns into a junkyard over time, where you simply nuke it and put out buildings that mean anything. Remember, never spend money. Worthless once the event is over.

  • Good but...

    by Coolstorybro79

    This is a marvelous game, I’m glad I had the chance to play it and have fun along the way, collecting the characters and the constant updates make even more fun! But on the other hand I wish the times to wait for objectives to shorten just a little maybe by 30 minutes. If you like to wait and have fun with the characters this game is 100% for you!

  • Fun....but also annoying

    by Andrë

    Love this game. Play it multiple times a day. But I can’t stand the events. You start doing extra actions to earn these items to sell which give you coins (or presents, or bracelets, etc.) and when the event is done, you lose EVERYTHING extra accrued but not used. Can’t even convert them into coins, clams, bucks, or use to buy buildings. So you end up wasting your time. So my advise is to skip the events and just keep playing the regular non-“event” style of this game.

  • Love it!

    by Pallwell

    My favorite app! Just consumes too much memory. I haven't been able to log in from my iPhone for 3 days because it keeps telling me there's an upgrade available but there isn't. I have missed out on quite a few things because of this. Please fix it. I spent too much money on this game for things like this to be happening!

  • Too Fast

    by Bethersssssssssss

    This is a great game and I enjoy the constant updates. But I can never play long enough to unlock any of the characters for the quests. You literally have like 6 days. I play constantly and it still isn’t enough. It’s like they don’t want you to unlock the characters. Overall would be a 5 star rating if they didn’t make the challenges to unlock characters near impossible.

  • Love the game, but a lot of loading....

    by ~TheodoreKeeler95

    I can understand that it is a large game to download... But it is really straining my phone out like crazy! A huge drain to my phone’s battery life; takes a long time to launch the game than to load everything else. I think you might need to tone down the software a bit. Please be reminded, I am only 21 years old, and I don’t know how to make an app; I don’t tell anybody how to do the kinds of work behind it, even if I did know.

  • You gotta play to enjoy

    by TylerR122

    This game is awesome, it gets better over time if your looking to pick it up and only play it for 2 days it’s not fun but if you are looking for a long term game with loads of content each month this is the game sure it takes time but when you invest it you’d be surprised how rewarding and overall how awesome this game truly is.

  • Great game, but I have something to ask about it.

    by HaydenApps

    Tinyco, really great game. Absolutely outstanding. But I want to know something. When you give the offer of “Hillbilly stewie for free!” Or “Wild brian for free!” Is it just a costume, and you have to get the actual character, or is it just an automatic outfit and it doesn’t matter if you got the character or not. I would like to know. Thank you!

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Equila Equila

    the new survey option is STUPID!!! Please bring back the demos!

  • by Emmajames Contreras

    The best online game. Even better than the Simpsons game.

  • by Matthew A. Jones, Sr.


  • by val mora

    i have not been able to play for months.

  • by A Google user

    I love your game very much very addicting and very satisfying although my wifi is on it works completely fine and somehow the game takes very long to load and sometimes up to 5 mintues other then that its great❤️.

  • by Bobby Thornbody

    I love the game, but I'm not sure why, the game now won't go past the loading screen. I start up the game and it just hangs on that starting screen.

  • Game won’t load

    by LilyLuna94

    I love this game but lately it won’t load for me!! Is there anyway to fix this?

  • Sad happiness

    by russianrabbit

    Love this game but sad when I got a new phone I lost everything

  • Clam Scam

    by ruthlessvega

    I been using the survey feature you guys put for clams. I did a few surveys but they will say you earned 3 clams but in reality it’s only one clam. This happened to me already 4 times. I just did a Spanish version of a survey it said I earned 30 clams and guess what I got 0 in return.... this was a complete waste of my time if I didn’t get anything in return.

  • Will not load

    by harlwe

    I haven’t played this game since 6/2018 but I am on level 58 so I redownloaded it. I got through the tutorial and when I linked my account to it and the game refreshed, it will not load. No matter how long I let it sit there. **UPDATE** I deleted then downloaded it again, still nothing.

  • My game will not load

    by KarmillaBlu

    I really enjoy playing this but for some reason it will not load. Please help

  • Love it but

    by Jim Hawkins Fan

    I’m stuck on the loading screen each time I tried to open the game.

  • Fun guy

    by hdmnehsh

    The game is crashing every time I get on it do I would like if y’all fix the problem

  • Calm down with the events

    by Max10293

    This game was pretty good but after the constant events coming they give nobody time do it all before it gets to the point were you got to spend money to get the costumes, buildings, etc. And to add a bit of insult to injury with the newest event (being Lois in wonderland) it keeps on crashing for me.

  • The game doesn’t work

    by Book ❤️er

    I have not been able to play my game since October

  • Awesome

    by juice7778


  • Greatest game ever

    by dsavage.0

    This game is unbelievably great with all the characters to the updates everything is perfect

  • Love it but won't start

    by yokobunby

    Love this game just did the update but it still won't start please fix.

  • Crash

    by slidersco

    I have played for quite a while. Reached level 80. But now the game crashes on me and I am unable to continue playing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but once I sign into my account it crashes. Please advise and fix!? I have received a response from your team, still no help. Who can I talk to in order to get this fixed???

  • Broken

    by Blestbaton

    I have not been able to play the game in about a month. When I try to turn the game on it can’t load the game up. After waiting awhile it eventually crashes. I have no idea what to do

  • Family guy

    by jose182nd

    No lies I remember stop playing the game for at least a year and when I went back to it my level from 17 went up to 50

  • ❤️❤️

    by Jennibraun

    I love this game!!

  • Family guy

    by jpwassup

    The game is a little slow but super fun

  • Nice

    by Projecthades0


  • At the loading menu it’s not loading

    by nickkjr

    Love game

  • me jHf just got chew fywdncwdnciwumcsiudmcigk

    by yaboimason8707

    Jeff Gortgjfujvufjvakcifk sd jefvjefvjjggjet

  • Fun but in game purchases are annoying...

    by Rob2ee

    ...and they got me a couple times.

  • Cool 😎🤨

    by ElishaCG33

    I love the games from the company but it’s would be awesome 😎 if they could make AmericanDad just like family guy .. love it 🥰 give a five star ⭐️

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  • Best 10 Mystery Adventure Games

    Best 10 Mystery Adventure Games

    Unexplained mystery games let you become the detective! Hunt for clues, question suspects, and solve the case in the best mystery games on the market today.

    774 apps
    Best 10 Mystery Adventure Games
  • Best 10 PJ Mask Games

    Best 10 PJ Mask Games

    Grab your superhero cape and suit up as your favorite character in one of these PJ Masks games, all themed around the popular kids' show.

    288 apps
    Best 10 PJ Mask Games
  • Best 10 Lightning McQueen Games

    Best 10 Lightning McQueen Games

    Ready, set, go! Lightning McQueen spans all ages with the best car racing games in the genre, speedster fun for every skill level.

    346 apps
    Best 10 Lightning McQueen Games
  • Best 10 Ben 10 Games

    Best 10 Ben 10 Games

    Join Ben 10 and his alien allies from the omniverse in this selection of the best Ben 10 games available for free download.

    320 apps
    Best 10 Ben 10 Games

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