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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff


Build a City & Collect FG Heroes in a Hilarious Sandbox Building Sim. Play FREE!

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64.2% Negative Reviews

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  • Was an okay game.

    by T-Roy28

    I used to really enjoy this game but now I dread playing. I don’t want to stop playing after putting so much more time and money into this game. Even tho I had previously deleted the game for about a year. I, at first had no hesitations coming back to the game. The game has now only been focusing on the main characters and that makes doing this quests/events take waaayyy longer. Bc now You have 1 character doing an action for 3-4 hours only to get 1 item (which he may not get bc it’s uncommon). But you need 2 of those 1 item that you’ve just gotten to do the next action, but wait, now you have to get all this in a week. In order to stay on track with getting the weekly rewards. Then there’s the character that is unknown until you click to unlock them, you have only a week to get this person. you have to 1 character and a building that can get you items to unlock the character. But that building you need to gain items to unlock for that character isn’t attainable until the 5th buildings you can win. Also you have to get 56 items with only that 1 character doing an 3/4 hour action. It’s just all too much. Instead of being a game to enjoy, I’m leaving this app everyday feeling like this is homework. Gotta be precise with timing. I hope they work on this bc it’s rally annoying.

  • by Theresa McClure

    Game had been glitching for almost 6 weeks now. It doesn't seem like tapjoy is trying to fix it. New game has started and still having the same issue. Game is not fun to play due to the issues. No updates from tech support. I would not recommend this game. When the game was new you could get help. No anymore.I email support and i get emails back with advise on how to fix that is not helpful at all. Then the email says dont response to this email so you really can't get any help.

  • Money Hungry Developers

    by Macscake

    This game is AWFUL!!! You cannot complete any of the quests successfully without spending real money!!! The sad part is that if they weren’t so busy thinking of ways to get your money and actually spent time on thinking through the game and event plots to make them fun, and actually able to be accomplished, then more people would play and possibly spend money. I’ve been playing this game for years and I haven’t been able to successfully complete a quest unless I’ve spent real money. So a couple of years ago I stopped playing the quests and just manipulated the characters I already had. I started back playing the quests last month and realized, unfortunately, that the game is the same. Nothing has gotten better or changed. You still have a pyramid scheme to get the items you need for the quests; with only one or two actual characters able to produce the items; the items only dropping every three turn times; the time to complete the quests are still too short; and you still have made it so that only expensive special characters can do the really important parts of the quests - MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO COMPLETE QUESTS SUCCESSFULLY WITHOUT USING REAL MONEY!!! RIDICULOUS AND HORRIBLE!!!!

  • by Brittany Hall

    horrible. played this a year or two ago. now have a different device. it let me do the tutorial but as soon as i connected it to my Facebook it went to the loading screen and gets stuck there. will uninstall and reinstall to hopefully fix the issue and if that works i will gladly give you more stars. but if i cant get it to work ever again this review will remain 1 star.

  • This is because of Jam City

    by F 727

    The game has been turned into a money grubbing pit of despair. Many of us that are still playing do so out of the fact that we have invested too much time into it. 5 years this game has come out. Tiny Co was good. They played us with the events and it’s mild difficulty in order to run a business. In return we played them with our tactics of building mazes and gaming the mechanics to more efficiently collect characters. This was the balance we accepted. They even owned up when issues happened and extended events for us. The company was good. Then the acquisition happened. Jam City bought Tiny Co and liquidated everything that’s not profitable. At first it didn’t feel different. Maybe the game seemed like Tiny Co was resting new more challenging mechanics, but then the events got more ridiculous. Tasks and items which were multicharacters was dwindled down to 2 or even ONE person like the TV even right now. What used to be events that players can play all 4weeks of has blockaded the weekly challenges and halted the events in its 2nd week. All these changes was made after the acquisition. It may say Tiny Co, but it’s just a corpse puppet strung up buy Jam City.

  • by Lindsey Morgan

    I am incredibly annoyed at how long it takes to have issues resolved. I have been unable to open the app since the 9th April upgrade. I've spent real money investing in the game only to see the quality deteriorate significantly. Pls fix.

  • Have an open issue for over a month now

    by Dknight85

    Look, I get it, an app gets more players, outgrows servers, quality control isn’t quite the same, etc. However, I have been playing the game for 4 years now and am extremely close to calling it hits due to the lack of customer service and having a ticket “closed” 3 times due to them having a high volume of tickets Nd to reopen the ticket over and over of its still not resolved. I know how the queue process works and how you are graded on length of time to find a resolution. What I do not appreciate is the same generic response 3 times, put SOME effort into caring and maybe the quality of the game wouldn’t suffer. With the (now) current event with the briand-dead ox, the character is bought via a mystery box but yet the character skin isn’t even loaded as playable. Again, goes back to quality control and caring enough about your product. Now don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the different events as it keeps the game fresh BUT this cannot come at the expense of actually being able to play the game or given items you have paid for. I don’t want to say corporate greed has kicked in but if the shoe fits....

  • by Kat Cervantes

    The game keeps crashing. Won't allow me to finish the current event & errors out. None of my guys will stay in the hotel. None of my guys ever finish their task. Won't allow me to place buildings needed to finish the event. Crashes & none of the progress is saved. Takes 10 mins to load. Drains my battery life each time it crashes & needs to reload. This game sucks. It doesn't even deserve a half star at this point.

  • Free clams/bought clams/ 2x free clamoffers

    by Kaylalaney

    I enjoy this show and really thought the app would be fun too! Only problem for me is this app freezes a lot then takes forever to load. If that is difficult, when i try to take advantage of the clam offers which clams are needed for the game play to get most characters before the trial runs out, and there is no way to earn clams other than buying them, doing something to earn them, or watching adds. Well this will be the third time now that the clams i either bought, watched video for, or downloaded a different app and then met the requirements for earning the clams, and then did not receive my clams. One time paying 9.99, another having to spend 30 minuets on another app and the last time having to download then upgrade things in the app for a supposed 2x normal amount of clams 82 clams. Spent 2 hours of time doing so and did not receive the clams. I would not recommend this app for its crashing and slow to load issues and the time and moneyspent earning clams and the clams never showing up. And no one being willing to fix the issue of reversing the charges or adding the clams to your game.

  • by Marcel Weigel

    Installed the game today, didn't play it, can someone explain why a game needs access to my contacts, access to my phones photos and files and why would I allow the app to manage and make phone calls? Forget a out it.

  • No longer like

    by Ky love

    My boyfriend and I have played this game on and off for several years. It is not something that I would normally play but is intriguing. You get really excited to unlock new character. We usually get pretty competitive for who can unlock a character or a building first. As of lately we both have completed other game offers for clams and have not been awarded after. I made a complain to their representatives who are usually great in getting those clams back. Not anymore. I have been emailing for over a month for a particularly high amount of clams and getting nowhere. I forwarded my proof and screenshots with the date from my email because my images were “too large”. After going back and forth for a month, I was most recently told that since it has been over a month that there is nothing they can do and my ticket will be closed. HOW?! I have still not received a response to me asking to speak to someone else. Now I have to decide to quit playing a game I’ve had for years or deal with this rude behavior. Mark from ironSource, you do not need to work in customer service. I hope you find your place in life, bud.

  • by Tiffany Pfingstler


  • Cannot play without spending a TON of money

    by AbbyBrooklinn

    The events in this game are completely ridiculous. First, they are back-to-back constantly. You never get a break. And it’s literally impossible to complete any event without spending money. They give you a mere week to unlock characters and/or outfits, it takes characters hours to perform actions and even then it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get the item you need. They also love to sell “mystery boxes”, which are misleading. You think you are getting a rare character but you actually have to hit several buttons to see everything in the box. (Of course you’ll get the worst thing in the box) I wasted over 1,000 clams because of this and they refused to make it right. And if all of this wasn’t bad enough, they partner with the worst ad company out there, SuperSonic. You do tons of things/spend a lot of time doing actions to get free clams and you don’t get them. You send proof of offer completion and they still refuse you. This game is not worth playing unless you have a lot of expendable income and want to throw it away on virtual characters/outfits.

  • Don’t waste your time until...

    by Tampa-Jay

    This game was somewhat fun to casually play every now and then, but over the last year the game has more or less become redundant with no expansion to the main story line and instead focusing on “Events” that are impossible to complete unless you want to spend a fortune to buy “Clams” to buy the necessary items... You could literally play 24/7 and not complete the “Event” without spending money on clams; and I’m not talking about a $1 or $2 here and there My biggest issue with the game lately is that I can’t even load it... It crashes every time I go to launch it on both my iPad and my iPhone, both of which are running iOS 12.1.1 (the latest iOS release as if this review) Needless to say I wouldn’t bother investing time, or money, on this game until they focus on the main story line and less on the “Events” that are impossible to complete... Also, they need to release a stable update that loads much faster; when it’s not crashing constantly the time it takes to load is by far the longest load time I have ever experienced on with any app

  • by Pravin Dazandra

    Used to love playing the game. Unfortunately can't play it anymore. Been trying to get past the log on screen for over a year and a half and it just sots there at the end not finishing the loading bar. Every time I update the game, I try to play it but nothing works. I have tried on different devices, heck I even tried to use an ios device. Still nothing....

  • Earn things is insane

    by Matrix365!

    I really enjoy the game but when they do the events it takes too long to get the actions completed to get the items to get the character or buildings. Then when you do get a building that is suppose to drop things for the character or building most of the time it takes 2 or 3 harvesting a of that building to get anything from it. Then when they want you to purchase something it is normally 250 clams which most of time you can’t earn them in a timely manner without purchasing with real money. I have purchased clams before but still seems that the characters don’t always drop stuff or it takes 12 hours or so get get the action done to get the item. I have done the quest to get clams from the offers as well and have yet to get about 500 clams from doing the events. Then they have one character that does the action to get an item yet they want like 50 of that item. They use a lot of the characters that you earn to do more activities more then once.

  • by Ludvig Von Nordland

    App crashed and now I got double and triple characters. Gameplay is now impossible. I really liked this game too. uninstalled a reinstalled to no avail. Latest update did not help. please provide a fix.

  • Disappointed

    by Dangi90

    I spend a lot of time on this game and it’s already hard to complete quests without spending real money (which I would do but it’s really expensive!!) but recently it’s been even harder... example, I just reached the 60’s after finishing the 50’s which is part of the same quest... I spent a lot of freaking (I’d like to be saying other words but I’m keeping it pg) time shooting down rockets for the money for the 50’s and now that I move on, it says I can still shoot rockets for the 60’s money that I need, but didn’t transfer over all the money that I made before??? That was such a huge waste of my time with absolutely no benefit at all! What was the point of having me do that for hours upon hours?? I had over 150 of these freaking dollars! 3 hours for one baseball, sometimes 2 but usually not, then clearing 1 monster per ball and you need at least 2 to make a rocket, which takes another 2 hours, to only wait even longer for multiple rockets to line up and don’t even try for 5 bc the most it will count is 4, it’s got me so mad!

  • Pure Greed

    by SeaGreed

    This game was awesome when it first came out. Now it is nothing more then a blatant cash grab. The characters take weeks to get, if you even get them, and they are completely useless after you level them up. You just store them in a building just like you have to store 75% of your buildings in storage because there is no room. The last few events have been extremely boring and unrewarding. It’s all about making money. Customer satisfaction is non existent. I recommend The Simpsons Tapped Out.. it’s easy to get the characters in the events and you have plenty of room to have every single building you get displayed. It’s funny how they have a 4 star rating but almost every review is a one star. I guess when you rip off millions of people you have plenty of money to but your ratings from the Apple Store. Also... most of the positive reviews are from the developers or people who are paid to leave positive reviews. TinyCo is pure greed! Don’t download.. you will eventually be disappointed with every single money hungry event.

  • Not a free app

    by Vermilion-raeyn

    Update-APP HAS NO SUPPORT. Game won't load past the loading screen so can't use "in game" support. The website won't send emails to developers/support. This app will cost you $100 a month if you want to keep up with the special events and characters(possibly much more). They even have quests to spend real money for ingame coins and clams. You will have tons of coins and nothing to spend them on but you will need clams, the premium currency. Everything that needs clams is extremely over priced. You will spend 1k coins to get a character(unlock for the potential tohave an a character) then either shell out 500+ clams ($20=600 clams) to unlock them for questing or spend weeks gathering stuff from other characters to unlock them. Some characters are on timers and mostly impossible to get without clams, others are part of events with horrible drop rates for the items to unlock them so you need clams to unlock them before the event ends or you loose the character and the stuff you had gathered. Simpsons tapped out is way better.

  • by Matt Baltus

    I used to really enjoy the game in fact this was one of my most favorite games had it for years but the game is now stalling and not loading pausing freezing I requested help from the provider but it seems to fall on deaf ears if you can get the game to work you'll really enjoy it

  • Mostly meh

    by MJsChick

    I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. I do like the fact that the events change to keep the game (or attempt to keep the game) fresh. But, like others, the time it takes to advance is frustrating. I get it. You can’t just GIVE us the items needed to advance. But if you’re going to make an item a rare item, and have each attempt to obtain that item take 8 hours, maybe you shouldn’t require 44 of them to advance within 10 days. I used to, occasionally, buy clams because I’d be really close and it wasn’t a big deal. But I refuse to consistently buy characters that will cost me $20 a pop just to advance. I’m still playing, but it’s only a matter of time before I just give up completely. On a more positive note, kudos on a the “Rear View” event. That was the most interesting one in ages. Still took way too long to advance and I just barely touched the 70s, but still interesting.

  • by Melody Zanotti

    Fun to play but this game has had serious issues for over a month which have not been resolved with the latest update. Plus now no messages are going through to the support team so I am going to give up. Duplicated characters and functions not working... very frustrating. Also the app is generally very slow to load, even without the bugs.


    by nintendomomcat

    IF YOU CAN INSTALL? DONT!! Like everyone else, after playing for years, we have been unable to play for over 3 months, and we have, like others, uninstalled, reinstalled, done everything they've told us to do, only to have it do nothing and have the developers, or customer service, stop responding to us. They don't respond because there is nothing they can say, for some reason, EVERYONE is in the same boat and they either don't care or don't know how to fix it and aren't willing to hire someone who would know how. It's crazy, in all the years I've had my iPad, and all the games I've played, I've never come across a game or developer who just stopped working, stopped caring. Years of work I put into this game, hours wasted, all gone. Not even an apology either, that's the worse part. oh well, good luck everyone, Our suggestion to all, do what we are...we're uninstalling and recouping ALL THE SPACE THE GAME TAKES UP ON OUR DEVICE, and it took a lot!

  • by julie wardell

    This has been my game for the last 4 years. something happened last week. Got a warning to back up with facebook, I did. Everything is messed up right now. I need some kind of response. 😐

  • Great game but....

    by Bgdinnette

    It's an awesome game they have tons of events all the time but....if you don't have all basic characters you won't get far in events because they go very VERY fast trying to get people to purchase it's a fun game but they want too much money out of you to have real fun at least make events longer so you have a better chance....updating because I contacted support over an in game issue I was having and their response was they will contact developer but there is nothing else that they can help with meaning I'm not ever going to get a response it would be nice to know what the outcome is....they do have events often I'm a stay at home mom I can log in often and I still cannot complete quests unless sped up....BS no more money from me last time there was a character to unlock they gave you 48 to complete and the quests you had to do over and over again went well over so BS

  • Sad

    by EllyMay808

    14 January 2019: Used to be able to get a bunch of characters in events without having to spend tons of real money. Lucky if you can get 2 out of each event without throwing down quite a bit of cash now. Also no way to add friends without Facebook. On a bright note, the app functions correctly 95% of the time. I'd like to say the customer service makes up for it but sadly the quality there has gone down as well. The responses sound fairly robotic compared to a several years ago and they will not compensate you when things go wrong with their game during events. There are far better free to play models that I'm more than willing to throw money at off and on. This is sadly staying on the no spending list for now. Hopefully they will get back closer to their roots at some point. Go back to how your events used to work like 4-5 years ago and I'll spend money again.

  • by Sam Debono

    Game won't load, I've spent money on it and completed the first bit and now the game has refused to load up!!!! Can anyone tell me why please???

  • by Jellly Pan

    I was playing and on the first day after a couple hours I seemed to find myself unable to open it I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still wont work. I give this a one star until this is fixed

  • Events are impossible and geared against you!

    by doubleyewgee

    Still impossible unless you never sleep and plan to spend way too much money on silly costumes or super expensive characters you’ll never be able to use again. Sometimes you’re expected to pay as much as $50 for enough clams to buy one single character or building you’ll need just to drop whatever the ridiculous requirements is. And even when you do there’s four more you’ll need that won’t even drop until the day before the event ends because no matter how hard you try to log in every four hours you cannot progress in the current event study line to EVER get ahead. It also freezes constantly with the newest iOS updates. I used to spend a lot of time and money on this game but now I hate to even hit the start button. It feels like they just don’t even want you to play unless you’re willing to drop a hundred dollars each event.

  • Quest for glitches, bugs, and a choppy game

    by jlmcne01

    Considering Tapped Out has been around for some time, I would have expected this game to be without the choppiness and bugs that it has. I am almost at the point of deleting the app. Just today, I bought Goldman's Pharmacy three times, and it's STILL a quest to be purchased. There's a lot that has to be done to this game to make it enjoyable. *Three years later* I forgot about this game until the other Family Guy game was developed. I decided to see if it has gotten any better over the years. Hells no it hasn’t. I attributed the app’s constant crashing to my dinosaur tablet and phone. However, it still crashes on my new tablet. If I open the game anonymously, it plays with no problem (new game from 0). Once I login to my seasoned account, there’s a problem. Oh well, I hoped this game would’ve improved over the years, but it hasn’t. No big deal, too bad for the Family Guy brand.

  • Ok game with major issues

    by Zombie4209

    Family Guy Quest for Stuff is an ok game, but almost everything in the game is too much; the events are a limited time to get characters that unless you use money will be very hard to get since you can only use one character and a hard to unlock building to get the items you need to get the character plus the items you need almost never appear and you have to wait +4 hours for that one character to get an item you most likely won’t get, Ive gone through two days and haven’t gotten that one item which means their is a good chance I won’t be getting the character. The developers need have more characters help out during the events and give more reasonable drops; take a page out of the Simpsons Tapped Out, the game still has things you have to pay for but it doesn’t go so overboard like this game does.

  • Ok game with major issues

    by Zombie4209

    Family Guy Quest for Stuff is an ok game, but almost everything in the game is too much; the events are a limited time to get characters that unless you use money will be very hard to get since you can only use one character and a hard to unlock building to get the items you need to get the character plus the items you need almost never appear and you have to wait +4 hours for that one character to get an item you most likely won’t get, Ive gone through two days and haven’t gotten that one item which means their is a good chance I won’t be getting the character. The developers need have more characters help out during the events and give more reasonable drops; take a page out of the Simpsons Tapped Out, the game still has things you have to pay for but it doesn’t go so overboard like this game does.

  • Ok for awhile

    by okbye9

    I’ve played this game for a long time, I’m on level 97. I used to sink a ton of money into it until a customer service rep mouthed off to me after the game stole some clams. And you do need to spend money to get completely through the events. Killed a lot of my enjoyment of the game though when this chick blew me off over something I paid money for and refused to compensate me for because I had been reimbursed before when a glitch took clams. I play off and on now. It wasn’t just CS, the game is always the same. The character costumes change but there are about three quest formats that they always follow. I have well over 100 characters but only maybe 20 are ever used. You’re doing the same thing over and over again. After awhile it gets so boring. So I take breaks. I don’t play more than I do though. So disappointed in the rut this game is in.

  • No XP

    by seamonkeyjh

    I have had this ongoing issue with characters not dropping ‘XP’. With all the characters I am playing..I literally just had only 3 drop the ‘XP’. It took me about three weeks to up a level because of this. After previous complaints and numerous had been about 80% resolved. Now it is back down again to basically 2 or 3 characters doing it. I really enjoy this game, but that is ridiculous. ****UPDATE**** Now certain characters in a quest will only drop the ‘prize’ (hat...6 pack of beer etc) needed to gain a character and ‘xp’. No coins. But if that ‘prize’ is uncommon or rare...well since many of my characters don’t drop XP any more....I have characters dropping nothing. So Peter or Constance will drop nothing. Same with many others. I have sent multiple emails about these issues to no avail. I like this game. But come on. The least you can do is respond to complaints made through the proper channels.

  • Good fun but...

    by DeadGuy49

    I enjoy the game but the themes change too quickly. I was getting close to freeing the country Peter and expended a lot of resources I could have applied to the basic game and "poof" it was all gone. MIB is set up to end too. Makes me hesitant about getting involved with it. Word of advice: don't free the worms till you've freed Agent Pee because the clock starts winding down on on them as soon as they're out. And you have to get the buildings in a particular order. Still I can't put it down. UPDATE: they don’t QC the quests before they update with them. I’m in the zombie quest and they haven’t even cleaned up the terminology from the high school quest. They also don’t honor the rewards promised when you complete a task. AND THEY DON’T GIVE YOU ENOUGH TIME TO COMPLETE A QUEST WITHOUT SPENDING MONEY. I understand they are in it for the money so if you have unlimited funds go for it. If you want to have stress free fun IGNORE THE QUESTS and just play the game.

  • Best game!!

    by Chickeebabe

    UPDATED REVIEW: I was so frustrated (see old review below) that I quit playing. I decided to come back, and I basically had to start over!! All of my purchases were gone and my awesome characters (like, Snoop Dogg, for one) was gone. So, I guess I’ll just never come back. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! OLD REVIEW:This used to be one of my favorite games but they don't let you purchase land. I've gotten to the point that I've had to store items because there's no room for new buildings. Why purchase new buildings if you have to get rid of old ones? And, you can't situate your town to look like a town. It ends up being just a collage of everything. You can't tell where anything is, and it does no good to buy cute decorations for your town because you won't see them anyway...too many buildings squashed together. I ended up deleting the game out of frustration. It was fun until it became too cluttery and no room.

  • Don’t EVER spend your money on this app.

    by Jessica Skogerson

    I mean it— this game crashes far too often for your money to be reliably used. You could think you spent money, maybe even send some characters to do something— then you change WiFi and everything you previously did was erased but the money is still taken out of your account. Sure you’ll get your money back, but the more this happens (and I assure you this bug is CONSISTENT) the more your bank is going to put YOU at fault, and NOT refund you. Instead, I’d recommend WASTING your hard earned cash on ANYTHING else. This is an ok game to occasional pass time with. Nothing more, nothing less. The game doesn’t even want to load to OPEN anymore. Needless to say the developers on this game no longer exist, as well as the customer service end— just save yourself the wasted effort, time, and money and scroll past this game.

  • Don't care about their fans so long as they get their money

    by JS0027

    I have played this game almost since the start. I've loved it. Until the last year (plus). They have become money hungry. Everything is fueled by you paying money to get even close to the full experience of a single event. If you don't have the clams you miss out on a lot. If you think you unlocked something but your connection wasn't strong and time ran out before you realized it, sorry tech support can't help with that either. I'm done with this game and if I was you I wouldn't waste my time. So many hours of game play I can't get back. Oh and this isn't just one complaint to tech support and I quit. I gave them several chances over the entire year since things started going down hill. Sad to know I'll probably never see my quahog again. So long Spooner St!

  • Crashes all the time

    by Finalwarning001

    EVERY time I open the game to play, it crashes and everything I have done disappears. Instead of wasting time on new storylines you need to spend time making the game stable and useable for everyone. As I have told another developer who's app I deleted; if I delete your app I will never go back to it and I will never use another app you make. There are too many apps out there that work for me to waste time with ones that don't. Looking at reviews since I posted mine, it appears the developers have chose to abandon the game as far as any quality goes. Right before and also after the last update the game takes over two minutes to try to load and then crashes. As I stated before, since you have failed to even try to remedy your problems, I am deleting this game and all I have invested in it.

  • takes forever to do anything

    by renee1317

    this is NOT one of those games where you can just play for hours on end. every quest has like 3 parts and every part take at least several hours depending. the costumes and characters are almost impossible to unlock before they disappear. the mini games are usually super unfair. currently there's a wild west theme for the game and there's a mini game where you shoot barrels with BBs. sounds good in theory. but to get BBs you need to have at least 1 of 2 characters go off for 4 hours. once you get the BBs and play, your prize at the end gets smaller and smaller as you play. you can win like 7 lumps of coal the first time you play and then when you play again at the same speed and everything, you only get 4. this game rips you off on time.

  • Downhill slope

    by JazDiva

    with every new event it goes downhill. and sure, moderators don’t care much because folks out there are still gullible enough to spend real money on the game but I refuse. I’m not coming out of pocket every. single. time. there’s an event because only 2 characters out of 10-15 can help you get through task one of phase one of a quest. i’m not coming out of pocket every. single. time. to BUY a character/skin that won’t do anything but speed up the process by half a day. the game doesn’t even use the in-game coins anymore. everything requires clams aka my paycheck. I used to live for this game. I spend more time on the futurama game now, and that game isn’t even up to par yet. as another aside, fix your glitches with updates. game won’t even open now which is making it a lot easier for me to toss it out of my rotation entirely

  • Frustrating

    by Nessa0588

    This was one of my fav games, but lately it’s just not the same. The crashes often and K have to remove it from my device and reinstall, but my data doesn’t save (only saved once) and at this point I’m tired of starting over especially I spend money buying clams all the time. It’s literally been a waste, if only getting a refund was an option. The game crashed yesterday AGAIN, so I removed it and reinstalled and now I cannot connect to my Facebook so it’s back to square one and I REFUSE to start from the beginning for the 4th time. I just can’t. After all my years of playing I had hoped there would be more improvement, sadly there hasn’t and this is the final straw, I had too much coins AND clams saved and now they’re all gone AGAIN!

  • What happened....?

    by cnotecjg

    I used to play this game every single day. It was fun. Then an update in October happened for the Halloween version and I haven’t been able to open the app since. It always crashes on the loading page. I’ve contacted the developer a handful of times with screenshots of the screen right before it crashes and each time they’ve said “they’re working on fixing the issue.” Now, it’s almost Christmas and I still can’t even get past the “loading” page... almost 3 months to “fix” the issue? Really? I’ve put lots of time AND unfortunately some money into this app/game. I’m fed up and ready to pull the plug. I wouldn’t waste your time and money on this game. It’s sad. It was fun, funny and entertaining... I want a full refund for all of the money I’ve spent but no one will reply to me. 😤

  • Great idea, but the worst kind of freemium

    by SergioBiscuits16

    I wanted to love this game, but it really is the worst kind of freemium game. The writing, animation, concept, voices, and jokes are great. But pretty much the only way to enjoy it and advance is to buy the in-game currency. And everything is prohibitively expensive! For example, a character outfit is the equivalent of around $20 worth of currency. There’s really no way of making that currency in the game itself, and without it you can expect simple quests to take days to complete as the tasks required might take 8-10 hours each (and that’s not even gameplay, the characters just automatically do said task for however long it will take). If you’re willing to drop hundreds of dollars, the game could be great fun...but if you aren’t, it’s slow and boring.

  • Money grab game

    by Everyday Viewer

    This game preys on your fear of missing out on content. If you are able to survive without unlocking all of the characters every event then you will enjoy. It is not possible to obtain all of the content per event without spending over $100 each event. Also it is not possible to come within close range to spending just a small amount of money to obtain content. Like the chance percentage to obtain items towards a new character are too low and at the end of the event you aren’t even considerably close to only having to spend a dollar or two to unlock something. There is also no downtime between events, once you beat all the main story actions all you do is unlock one character per month........

  • This game

    by 42Vicki

    This use to be an exciting game and now this game is getting boring because they use to have so many characters playing to help with event items and now there may only be one that gets that item and the the new skins or characters are a lot of work and you know right from the start you can’t win them unless you buy the items you need and that can cost a lot of money. And with the events there’s really not playing them because once you get enough items the event is over so you’ve played for a month for one character when there is at least more to win. I’m beginning to feel that I should leave this game because I’m always frustrated I kept hoping it would get better but it hasn’t. Family Guy fix these issues so we can play

  • Beginning fun/then just boring and agitation

    by Shana78

    Can’t stand that it takes forever to get anything for a actual quest. The rare drops have taken me over 2 months at times to just get 1 piece, and they keep adding side quest that only last for a limited time and with out having almost every character unlocked or spending actual money you can’t get them and if you do they are never useful later on for collecting anything. I really loved the game in the beginning but now I dread playing it. Everything is a long long wait to get anything. I only 0lay cause this is the second time I have reached this far and it hasn’t lost my game completely. If you haven’t fallen into its trap then I don’t recommend wasting your time

  • Greed is the best rate for this game

    by Ritaaaaaaaaaaaan

    I have been playing for a while (years) and have open tickets also for buying Mystery Gift items and not being about to complete collections because it keeps given duplicate items and it just keep taking Clams and duplicating items. I email them 3 times before receiving a generic message. I emailed a response and that the Jackpot wheel skips every time it lands on jackpot. This all happens while game was still going on and I received the next reply from them 1 day after game closed that my ticket was being closed and showing resolved due to high volume and game over. I email back 2weeks ago that it has not been resolved and I have not received a reply as of yet. Now the game has updated and crash ( cannot open ). TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  • Don’t spend any money on this game!

    by Medic2m

    The developers rarely read your complaints and reviews in this forum. They do occasionally answer from direct contact to their email contact. That being said, your issue will never be resolved. The game has too much happening with the original underlying story and then the new quests monthly that you are rarely able to complete unless you are spending actual money. There are so many bugs to work out that I doubt they are even attempting to fix any of them at this point. If it weren’t for time invested and the need to watch a train crash happen in front of you, I would delete this app. Hopefully the developers just decide to kill it from their end, it would make it much more palatable.. (like ripping off a band aid).

  • Meh...

    by skee0025

    Here’s the deal, there are lots of event but you’ll have no chance to complete them unless you’re will to buy vastly overpriced clams. They also make items required to move on extremely hard to get and only possible to get with 1 character. One item they had as extremely rare and you only got a chance at one from 1 character on a 12 hour cycle. Needless to say without spending money it took several weeks and I only needed to get 5 of them. Customer support is also lacking. My game reverted back to level one several days ago, I have contacted customer support and so far they have done nothing save send out an auto reply saying they will get to it in some unknown future timeframe.

  • My saved game won’t load!

    by Jess36594

    I reached level 41 and then purchased a new phone. I re-downloaded the game and it automatically made me start from level one. It gives me the option to load my previously saved game and I went through the whole process, then when it goes to reload, it stops a quarter of the way through. I tried restarting the app, restarting my phone, making sure everything was up to date, and still nothing. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I’ve put money into this game, so it would be infuriating to think that all that time and money was completely gone...the game is fun but it crashes repeatedly before and now it will not work at all. I know it’s not my phone so I’d love for someone to figure this out.

  • They keep making it worse

    by Adeitchler

    I used to love this game, but it’s getting stale and frustrating. It’s impossible to get the items you need to unlock the new people, and when you finally get them, it’s pointless because they are useless after the event. Then you just stick them in Tan Lines, but that’s also worthless because once you buy the like 3 things from it, you just keep getting cash for no reason. I don’t need 587 palm trees, thanks. Also, the daily reward is stupid. If you play daily, you should get progressively better rewards every day. I’ve been playing for months straight and I keep getting 150 coins. Gee, thanks. If I hadn’t spent so much real money, I would delete it. They won’t be getting any more money from me though.

  • Ridonkeylus

    by Betchak

    More cons than pros. Loading takes forever or doesn’t load at all. I started playing this game 3 years ago and not once did I win that bonus game of Spin-the-wheel. Could be rigged. It’s also difficult to win characters. Their ads keep freezing so you end up not getting clams when you watch it. This was my second time to load this app due to my fondness of Family Guy. The first time I played it was for 2 years but I deleted the app because of loading issues that was annoying. After a year or so, I downloaded this app again. Loading still takes forever. I’m pretty close to deleting it again. I’m hoping they fix the problems.

  • Not loading and crashing

    by papabear158

    For months now I have not been able to get into the game I have written several times to the developer and to others and no one has Responded I played this game from the time it started is very frustrating that no one will contact the people that are having problems I believe an investigation should Be done many of us put money time and effort into this game and loved it I could understand if the game is shut down but at least tell us is very frustrating nobody has contacted or put out a some kind of post as to what is going on many of us I have Follow the instructions on to how to get this game going and nothing is working.. please fix immediately

  • Too many glitches and a lottttt of lag

    by Edge0fSanity

    When the load screen takes about 5x longer than their competition (Simpsons for example), and even gets stuck with a full [loading] bar for 2 minutes - when you don’t even have anything unlocked - you know it’s going to be in bad shape. Graphics and buttons overlap, especially with Limited Time Events. Since I just started playing this week, there’s a button for a starter pack - that’s hidden behind prompts for this week’s ‘Stewie and his enlarger ray’ event. It has very bad design and follow through everywhere I look. Definitely reeks of something pushed to market before it was actually ready.

  • Liked it til they stole my purchases

    by kittycat0725

    Been playing for a couple months now. Slow game, but got addicted to returning to game to update progress of characters and buildings. Was playing Christmas event through last night & just opened back up after work & event is over, which is perfectly fine.....BUT the game completely erased land area that I earned and characters and buildings that I either paid for directly and earned by using other collected items, which I created by using clams for which I directly paid!! I’ve never actually felt ripped off by an app until now, and it stings just a little bit more, because I really like the show, characters, and McFarlane’s creative and comic impulses. So very disappointed.


    by Thickshady69

    This game used to be fun an good an u could actually complete quest an unlock new people but now it’s overwhelming!! They push so much at once that it’s almost impossible to do unless u spend real money on them! I’ve played this game for years but tonight I’ve gotten fed up with it! I’m fed up with being a loyal player an still having the issues they can’t fix!!! Nothing but force close time An time again An when u think ur people are doing their quest u go back an nope!!! So unless u have money U don’t need to play this game I wouldn’t even waste my time or space on trying it! Nothing has changed no matter how many times I’ve written a review saying it needs fixed but it’s ur choice I’m done!!

  • Crashes on loading EVERY TIME

    by Cap'n Constance

    I used to love this game, but now it crashes every single time on launch. Sometimes it loads all the way up the bar and then just exits back to the home screen, sometimes it doesnt even get past the blue Fox/TinyCo screen, but each and every single time I try to open the game, it crashes. There doesn't seem to be a way to report these crashes, either, except right here. I uninstalled and reinstalled twice, to no avail. I used to love playing this game, and probably still would... If I could play at all, that is. Please fix it. I'll update my review to reflect any changes, should they occur. Thank you in advance for any action taken in response to this review.


    by Sussle1996

    I used to absolutely love this game, I played it since day one, but one day my app crashed and I haven’t been able to play since. I contacted support and was told my app wasn’t working because of a ram issue with my phone, even after insisting it wasn’t that since my boyfriend wasn’t able to play on his brand new iPhone either. I suggested there was something in my app that was no longer supported, since it only crashes when I connect to Facebook, but I’m not willing to start over when I was level 50+. I have yet to hear back from support and it’s been a couple months, I’m extremely irritated that I haven’t been able to play and no one has been of any help

  • Takes to long

    by Choochi95

    I love this game have been playing for years but it really got ridiculous with how long it takes for characters and outfits.. I have spent real money on this game(I know shame on me) but I’m getting to the point I wanna delete this game it’s not fun when you don’t have enough time to finish out the new quest going on.. also even when the quest is over the game will update but still takes to long for the new quest to start so you lose time there as well..please fix this I wanna keep playing but you guys need to make it fun again and make it so we can get everything we need in a timely manner

  • Back in the day

    by Ginnoujou

    Games are my pleasure so I do not mind spending money on them. This game has become impossible to enjoy because people like me who work all day never get to unlock any characters. Game made it so that the most uncommon or rare items are required and only the fewest characters have the power to free them. I love the funky characters and some of the funky costumes but since I no longer get to obtain any more characters like that doggone cute poodle Brian liked them I will stop playing the game soon. Like most I’ll give it that standard three strikes so I’ll try at least one more time. In the end the game has no purpose or pleasure if you can never get any characters.

  • Game no longer loads or functions correctly.😔

    by Lotustiger77

    I used to really enjoy this game. Now it won’t even load and keeps crashing. It at least played up to Thanksgiving. Once the Christmas event started it was dead. I can’t even get it to load enough to contact or submit a report to the game makers of the issue. It’s a huge bummer because I’ve collected so much and advanced so far in this game. Further frustration to this game app is there’s no easy way to contact these guys either anymore to inform them of the game not working. As in other methods of contacting them other than through the game itself also appears to be defunct with messages of “not found”.

  • 50/50

    by TRen513

    I enjoy playing sometimes but in order to accomplish anything you have to spend money, you get new quest and characters, but to unlock them you have to get a ridiculous number of items in a short few days, only a couple characters drop what you need but the minimum time is 4 hours per action to get items, sometimes, sometimes items don’t drop depending if they’re rare, etc. so each time there’s a new quest I get lucky to unlock 1 of the new characters and it’s usually on the last day of the event. So I’m 50/50 on it, if I had money to blow I’d probably have more fun.

  • Disappointing!

    by waste of years

    I've been playing this game for years since it first came out. Since then it's just been downhill, from the events that take to much to complete, to the unreasonable task that you complete and not receive the item you need to move forward in the game. But the true icebreaker for me has been I can't even get in the game now! It says I need to update and I'm currently on the newest update. When contacting customer support, I wasn't contacted back until three days later and then I was informed the the problem won't be fix until the next update which means in about 30 days. I'm done! Don't waste your time.


    by IndianPrincess78

    I love the game very very much I played a lot 24 seven it’s very addictive but I am having beyond a major issue ever since you guys did the 2018 Halloween update for this game now it will not allow me to get on and play this game once so ever. The app will open and act like it’s going to load up and then it is completely disappears and I’m looking at my main screen of my phone what’s the deal here fix the game make it right so us the users that downloaded the app can play the game you want high reviews, and positive feedback well that’s kinda hard to do unless the major issue if fixed, and made right by all of us game users.

  • Still crashing

    by sunflourzz

    This game will not load keeps crashing, the customer service is the worst. This is a Facebook error they are having. It started when all the sudden the fb friends disappeared, right after they fixed that it started crashing I haven’t been able to get it to load since October in the middle of the Halloween event. What a shame I have played since com a con like five years ago. It’s bad enough they made the events so hard that I only play the events when there I no time limit on a character and I’ve been fine with getting one or two per event, but I think it’s time to face the facts the game is done.

  • Houston...we have a problem

    by Meg's Friend

    I enjoy playing the game; but there has to be more to this. I’ve completed all the districts; so now, I can only wait on the new events to get some real action. Speaking of which, the new event that’s currently going is truly rigged. It started out with you having to get Racing Peter and Ricky Bobby. Earning Ricky Bobby in 7 days, you get to extra clams. Well, low and behold, Ricky Bobby disappeared right when I was about to earn him. This seems really weird. Was this supposed to happen? If so, then this is pretty messed up. Things like this make me wanna stop to playing altogether.

  • Disappointment

    by MonteMB

    I loved this game almost as much as I love the show. I say “loved” because this game has now disappointed me for the last time. I I haven’t been able to play in months because of a issue with the game closing and going to the crash page upon reentry. This could be an easy issue to have resolved, but all I was told was it was happening to everyone and they were working on it. Here it is months later and now I’m seeing that more people are playing just fine and the only way the game will run for me is as a new player. Every time I connect my account, it crashes. I’m done.

  • Unable to open latest version and other things

    by Apland

    I downloaded the most recent update today and it keeps freezing up on me during the load screen. There is no way of getting any app support. Also thinking of deleting the game all together for the same reasons that have already been stated in these reviews. I have actually spent good money on this game and have grown completely frustrated over the fact that only one character is used for multiple “missions”. If I can’t access the game by this weekend, I will be deleting it, and you will be losing a paying player.

  • Got Greedy

    by Stuck @ Home

    I was a Day 1 player of this game. I played this game for 2 years straight. My best friend and I played together and we used to love unlocking new characters and buildings from the show. All the events were new and fun. But then, unfortunately, it got to the point where finishing any event became impossible unless you were spending money and that completely took the fun out of the game. And don’t get me wrong, I was dropping cash on this game and I didn’t expect everything to be freemium but it became way too much. I stopped playing after the Power Rangers event.

  • You should Be able to choose the character you want!!

    by Swagger28

    If you are actually purchasing their box (pack)for whatever new mission is happening you should be allowed to PICK what character you want from that pack instead of getting the CRAPPY characters in the pack that always happens I never actually get the good characters. It’s a way for these developers to make you spend more money for the good characters and you have to spend TOO many CLAIMS for some of these characters!!! You NEED to offer actual DEALS for your LOYAL players who actually USE REAL money for this game!! And not just 50 or so clams off!!!

  • Pay or no play

    by Queen.mob

    The events are set up to make you spend money in game. If you don’t buy your way thru the game rarely will you be able to gather items fast enough. Also the events come and go so quickly they and up being pretty glitchy so you loose time to finish goals. Also I have unfinished story lines that I can not continue because of unfinished requirements that I’ve no idea how to fulfill. Wish this game would slow down so us poors could get somewhere! It’s a shame because over all the characters and game play are super fun.

  • Fun but the game crashed and I could not play

    by Juanram5555555555555

    I was playing daily for about 1 1/2 years when I took maybe a 2 month break and when I tried to open the app again, the loading bar would stop halfway. No matter how long I waited it never loaded and sometimes it sent me to a informational page on a game crash in 2014. I enjoyed playing the game and got pretty close to completing the main story but this ruined my experience completely. I feel that the game was made poorly and the creators need to put in a little more effort.

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Cinnamonbrn

    I gave my review 2stars. Here’s why I have been playing this game for years. The first year I played I had gained a lot of the characters including the smith family from American Dad. Then the game crashed and I lost everything and had to start All Over. So I did. Been playing now for about two years again I gained A Lot of characters. I go to log in as I do every day and I can’t log on. Everything is Gone Again. I can’t rebuild all that again. I don’t even remember my level or what quest I was even about to begin. So disappointing.

  • Reward processed flawed

    by Regular Cole

    I started playing the game on my kindle fire. The game would crash randomly. I eventually downloaded the game on my iPhone and used the Facebook acct link to continue to play the same game I started on my kindle fire. I started to try to get more claims by lvling a citadel to lvl 10 in FFXV. Within a week of completing that requirement I contacted customer service so I receive my reward. After providing them with screen shots showing that I satisfied the requirements they strongly suggested I cheated. Say my device ID is not associated with the game and the use of VMs violate there service agreement. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Broken

    by BrooklynJMZ

    The game is still on my phone but hasn’t loaded since probably September and obviously no fix in sight. I’m probably not someone they want playing it anyway since I won’t spend actual money on a game that depends on fools spending actual money if you truly want the complete “quests for stuff.” I’m also not going to go out of my way to link a Facebook profile to play the game. The Simpsons game also does some cash grab micro transaction crap, but at least they give you enough reason to keep playing. Once again, The Simpson’s will always be better than Family Guy.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Jose Lorenzo

    It doesnt load it only loads 3/4 of the way

  • by Kenneth Downs

    This has beeny favorite game for 5 year but now, it wont load. its been days. disappointing.

  • by Keith Bain

    You know. There was a time when I would've had thought twice about giving this game 5 stars. But, since they've been bought out. They've been nothing but greedy!!! Be weary of you buy a new phone and don't sign on through Facebook (because you don't want your information stolen). They've taken away the option to sign in through Google games. Heaven forbid that you forget your username and/or password to log back into this game. I've given at $1,000 for golden clams and played for almost 3 years.

  • by Aidan Kenobi

    didnt know how to get going quick enough got bored fast. i love the show though

  • by plush topia

    Why is it not loading

  • by Melody Graden

    Peter has been stuck on Mutant Elimination Pt. 1 for a few weeks and it is not giving me thr option to obtain Plastic Surgery Peter. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice with no resolution. Please advise.

  • by rod white

    Game is fixed. You have to spend money to get any joy on this game which was once brilliant when it first started. Its know been Trumped, money counts, dont answer help questions. AVOID

  • by Zackery Hilton

    This game has become S**t. every single time I go on the game it turns to a blank green screen. Then I have to reset the game

  • by Alexander Serrano

    not working please help!!!

  • Impossible

    by Fred Titer

    Current event to shoot balloons isn’t working shot at the balloons over 5 times and nothing pops, then you have to wait hours to get a gun to try again!!

  • Tapjoy Offers Are a Scam

    by Cupomo

    Game includes way to get more clams by completing “offers,” but for the big offers, you’ll be left with just a waste of time and NO clams. Like the offer for 1,034 clams for downloading Mobile Lords and getting your castle to level 14. Offer was in the pending list until I hit it. Then, when I didn’t get the claims, I read the FAQ’s. They said it could take up to 36 hours to get. Offer was in the pending list (even though I completed it). Waited 36 hours. Offer disappeared. Not in list anymore. No Clams. There is a way to submit a ticket. You click on the offer in question, then click “Submit Ticket.” The only caveat is that the offer needs to be on the list . Again, the offer disappeared, so I couldn’t send an appropriate ticket. I tried sending in a ticket from one of the smaller offers, and explained what happened. They didn’t read it. They just sent an automated response saying the offer (for the offer I sent in a ticket) was already completed. Thing is, I only played that other game for the sole purpose of getting the clams. My time is valuable. If I’m going to be doing something for compensation, I expect the appropriate compensation when I do it. Tapjoy is a scam, and this game very proudly is in business with them. Sad.

  • Keeps Freezing, Can’t Advance

    by TBear33

    Every time I head towards the water the game freezes and I have to start over and recollect what I had clicked on and it does not get better. I have missed out on events due to this bug and I am about to delete this game. Developers, come on.

  • 50/50

    by TRen513

    I enjoy playing sometimes but in order to accomplish anything you have to spend money, you get new quest and characters, but to unlock them you have to get a ridiculous number of items in a short few days, only a couple characters drop what you need but the minimum time is 4 hours per action to get items, sometimes, sometimes items don’t drop depending if they’re rare, etc. so each time there’s a new quest I get lucky to unlock 1 of the new characters and it’s usually on the last day of the event. So I’m 50/50 on it, if I had money to blow I’d probably have more fun.

  • Tinyco is Greedy

    by Weaponxster

    The game is fun, don't get me wrong. But they make their events impossible to do with having to spend your real money on their clams, (in game currency). This is the only game I've ever spent money on because I liked it. But I can't tell you how much I've been suckered out of over the year and a half it's been out. Don't be fooled like me. If you don't believe me, go on their Facebook and see the HUNDREDS of people screaming how rigged their game is. DO NOT GET THIS GAME! (Update) Still greedy. Can't finish any of the events without paying money or if you're awake 24/7. Greed....(3/23/17) This game is still impossible to play without paying money. They just made a Facebook live announcement about another (F.G.) game that will probably be the same money sucker as this. Complain and get blocked on Facebook. Do they fix the problems? Nope. If they do, it's too late. If you want to play the game or "event", you'll need a specific character. Be prepared to spend $10 for clams to buy this character to advance or spend entire event trying to unlock the other character needed to advance. That's the WHOLE concept of their game. Spend money for clams to advance or just get frustrated, complain, be ignored or blocked of Facebook. Never again will I play a game from the company Tinyco. EVER. 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Crashes all the time

    by tirtyturd

    Can’t even play because not only does it take forever to load, it crashes all the time. Also, quests are nearly impossible to finish. Sad what has happened to this game.

  • Can’t load

    by Kunous

    I can’t login from iPad for more than a year, it crashes every time, no one can guide me to a solution.

  • Game won’t load

    by igetmoney707

    Unable to play 😞

  • 😒

    by yonman87

    Used to enjoy this game. I played it all the time. But now have to update the game every other day. Not very please with the game anymore. I am uninstalling ....

  • Good to pass the time

    by ChefBigB69

    This app is entertaining but is anyone having it freeze whenever they try to place the fountain for gold suit Lois?

  • I’m done

    by QueenofdarknessLilith

    I have been playing this game for 5 years and I am calling it quits. It has become impossible to advance without spending real money. Every time a new event starts which is usually every ten days you’ll end up paying 20-40 dollars trying to complete the event. Not worth it, it takes to much time and money to try to complete the event and not completing it at the end. Items needed to unlock characters are hard to acquire example 8-12 hours to get one item and not being able to get it because it’s a rare item.

  • Sad

    by 4chtece

    I’ve been playing this game for years and I love it. Now it doesn’t load for about 6 month. I almost check daily.

  • Crashed

    by Nikolethehuman

    I was playing this game for a while until it crashed and now my game won’t load at all. Seems lame, but I invested a lot of time in the game and now I can’t even play without starting a new game

  • Agreed

    by JMMcknight

    T-Roy28 put way more effort into his comment than I ever would. But now that I read it I have to say I agree. “Feels like homework”. Also why the dyngus can’t I earn more than 10 mil coins- been waiting for it to hit 11 million for months. Furthermore I have long since run out of room for all my crap and continually have to store stuff to make room. Games goin downhill. Just like the show. (Jk I wouldn’t know I don’t watch it anymore)

  • Cash grab much?

    by RealCharpupFromRoblox

    So I return after a long time. Things are running smoother. And you unveil this event. So did I return for the death of the game? Like you have it so one character unlock requires another only available by clams. Then you have another only available by real world money. Seems like it has become a scam. And just from a quick look, all your 5* seem to be bots, one even has bot in the name.

  • Fun but can get expensive

    by Charmed14U

    This game is fun, but when an item states "always drops" then it should always drop. If I knew it wouldn't, I wouldn't have purchased some of the items. You should offer reward for frequently purchased clams by customers. Quests are impossible to soon as you start it is over. I get it, you want to make money but not all of us can afford to drop money on the game continuously. I love Family Guy program and started this game out of that dedication. I am not feeling very dedicated anymore.

  • Update

    by memememmemmeememememthrbeb

    Update makes cake freeze guess time to say bye

  • Not working

    by Callmeatnight

    After the last update game freezes at the beginning and i can’t play the game

  • Used to earn characters

    by Tdol23

    We used to be able to earn characters/outfits by characters performances. Now it’s bunch of BS. To have Peter, Stewie, Brian, Lois, Meg, Chris, Etc sitting on the sidelines-not to mention everything takes 4-8 hours to hopefully earn-is getting ridiculous-get back to normal

  • This used to be a good game.

    by Jrl123456789

    Newest version won’t load. Says I’ve found Mr. Green and then freezes.

  • Crashes after 5 year update

    by sgmcow

    On iPad air2

  • Awful customer support

    by krystella3814

    I have been playing this game for well over 4 years. I have spent a lot of time and some cash on this game. I haven’t been able to play it for 6 months!!! I have emailed support numerous times and I always get the same response. Nothing works to get the game to load. I have been troubleshooting every which way you can think and still nothing. I’d like to think I deserve a refund for all the money I spent on something I cannot even play!!!!

  • HELP

    by patriciasuee

    I’ve played this game for awhile now on my iPhone Se and now it won’t even get passed the loading screen I’ve been trying for a good couple months now and I would love to get back into this game!

  • Can’t access gloves

    by skittles.2012

    For whatever reason, I can’t access No Trace Cleaning Supplies. It says it’s locked but I’ve unlocked all the other locations before it. I also deleted and reloaded the game, thinking that’d help. I’m at the part of the quest where it’s required to advance and when I choose to place the shop, it still says locked.

  • Events getting worse

    by BxDee233

    The drop rate for items is ridiculous. I have the Why Knots Rope store for a few days and it hasn’t dropped even one knot rope. Its become impossible to complete quests without spending your money.

  • 😎

    by Tat2dCabbage

    Best game ever

  • Don’t bother

    by Irvnasty

    This game was fun until it got a bug that wouldn’t let you log in and after numerous contacts the incompetence that take care of this gave up so if you like family guy I’d watch it on tv

  • Loved this game till this most recent update...

    by Sad till fixed

    I’ve been playing this game FOREVER...till this morning when I tried to load the newest update. The update has frozen and now I can’t even open the game. I really hope this gets fixed quickly or I will lose interest and delete the game. I like others have spent quite a bit of money here and it will be very upsetting to end it this way (sorry to say).

  • Can’t play

    by Beesty86

    Not sure what happened, but I haven’t been able to play my game in a month. I’ve contacted support and they told me a couple things to try, but nothing worked. Now they just say they’re working on it, but it’s been weeks since they said that. The game won’t even load. Pretty disappointed.

  • Game will not load since January 2019

    by Lrocniit

    Please fix!!! Awful!

  • Was a frat game now it’s crashing

    by StevenBarry

    I love the game spent money and time and I haven’t been able to use it months please fix ASAP!!!!

  • Been broken for months

    by Petergriffin5

    Used to like it. Game has not been loading for weeks. Customer support keeps sending the same template answer. Trash!!!

  • Crashes constantly

    by JohnC22

    The game was fun. Actually for awhile I enjoyed it. Then the crashing started. And it kept happening. I would email support and they would seem to fix it for a little while. After 3 times they stopped answering and now I have a game that I invested in plenty of time and money in and can’t use. If they game worked I would probably rate it at 5 stars. But mine doesn’t work anymore. My GF had the same thing happen to her also. So it’s definitely not just me. Sigh

  • Disappointment

    by MonteMB

    I loved this game almost as much as I love the show. I say “loved” because this game has now disappointed me for the last time. I I haven’t been able to play in months because of a issue with the game closing and going to the crash page upon reentry. This could be an easy issue to have resolved, but all I was told was it was happening to everyone and they were working on it. Here it is months later and now I’m seeing that more people are playing just fine and the only way the game will run for me is as a new player. Every time I connect my account, it crashes. I’m done.

  • My game will not load

    by dumb89

    I connected to facebook and my game now will not load

  • Hate it.

    by Trick33

    Can’t even get the app to load properly. Even connected to WiFi when something does happen it takes me to the crash faqs. Eye roll. Guess I’ll be deleting another app. Sad I’ve wasted years playing this to not be able to continue.

  • Still doesn’t start...

    by Kyrax420

    The game was fine last year. Since 2019 started, the game simply hasn’t at all for me. I’ve reinstalledit countless times. I’ve reset my device, also countless times. I’ve read forum posts that went nowhere until it felt like my eyes were bleeding, and still found zero answers and absolutely no developer input. This developer apparently gave up, and now so do I. I won’t bother with anymore of their games unless they miraculously get their act together. Kind of a shame...I used to really enjoy this game too.

  • Game loading !!!

    by littlebee18

    The game never gets past the loading screen, and I’ve deleted and reinstall the game many times and it hasn’t seemed to help with it . What’s going on with it ! HELP ME !

  • About the game

    by hdufhtvdif

    This game is stupid

  • Fun but the game crashed and I could not play

    by Juanram5555555555555

    I was playing daily for about 1 1/2 years when I took maybe a 2 month break and when I tried to open the app again, the loading bar would stop halfway. No matter how long I waited it never loaded and sometimes it sent me to a informational page on a game crash in 2014. I enjoyed playing the game and got pretty close to completing the main story but this ruined my experience completely. I feel that the game was made poorly and the creators need to put in a little more effort.

  • Doesn’t work

    by 71539386ok

    Game does not load anymore, even after I deleted it and reinstalled. Lost all progress

  • rename buildings

    by ????????????????.

    The Drunken Clam can’t be required from inventory because the name was changed to Clam Quarter, please fix the Clam Quarter to Drunken Clam so I can down loaded it.

  • Customer Service is the worst

    by Mrsdavis82206

    I would write a better review but customer service for the game is terrible. I have unlocked characters and then they disappear from the game. I have had buildings disappear that you need for tasks, but if you contact support and let them know that, they don't help you fix the issue. They don’t respond 😡

  • Can’t load the game

    by caneman89

    I’m only giving this a one star because I am a lvl 50 it I can’t load the game now. I Am using WiFi but still can’t load.

  • You lost a loyal fan of this game!

    by Incredible Bulk

    I had to delete this game because it was broken. It wouldn’t get past the load screen, and it’s been like that for almost 2 months for me. I was unable to play the last 2 events. It’s a shame too because I put a lot of time and some money into this game and have been, or was playing for a very long time. I lost all my characters and everything.

  • Bugs block playing unless you have money

    by Helshira

    This is the worst update. Blocking play to pay is wrong and I will stop playing now since I can’t get my players out from bugs.

  • Terrible game now.

    by ElizabethPara

    This game was fun, but it hasn’t loaded in almost a year. I start having problems on the iPhone 8 and I’m still having problems on the iPhone XS Max. I finally gave up on this game getting fixed and I’m just going to delete it for good.


    by Thuglife_89

    Ive played this game for 4 years now. So I deleted and restarted my phone because there was a bug in my game. I have the iPhone 8 plus. My usual log in is through facebook. I tried logging i today with my facebook and it said LOG IN ERROR every time I tried this. Please update facebook log in.

  • Not happy

    by TabVe

    At one point this was my favorite game! Lately the game has been freezing a lot and I end up losing. No longer happy! Two thumbs down.

  • Facebook login

    by facebooksnapchat

    I login to Facebook and now it always kicks me out. Why is this happening? I love this game but this is not making me like it anymore

  • Used to live now I hate.

    by bougiebrie

    What the hell is wring with this game!

  • Glitch

    by breazybaby$

    I signed into Facebook for the game and now the game doesn’t work. The loading screen never loads. Sad, I loved this game. Guess have to undownload it ☹️

  • No XP

    by seamonkeyjh

    I have had this ongoing issue with characters not dropping ‘XP’. With all the characters I am playing..I literally just had only 3 drop the ‘XP’. It took me about three weeks to up a level because of this. After previous complaints and numerous had been about 80% resolved. Now it is back down again to basically 2 or 3 characters doing it. I really enjoy this game, but that is ridiculous. ****UPDATE**** Now certain characters in a quest will only drop the ‘prize’ (hat...6 pack of beer etc) needed to gain a character and ‘xp’. No coins. But if that ‘prize’ is uncommon or rare...well since many of my characters don’t drop XP any more....I have characters dropping nothing. So Peter or Constance will drop nothing. Same with many others. I have sent multiple emails about these issues to no avail. I like this game. But come on. The least you can do is respond to complaints made through the proper channels.

  • Doesn’t work

    by Infamous027

    This game has not worked for over a year All the time and effort down the drain


    by Dangerlaois


  • Used to be great

    by Geminityri

    I used to love this game a couple years ago, but recently I tried reinstalling it. It stays on the loading screen for about 5 minutes and then the game crashes. I put a lot of money into this game. Good job on keeping your fans guys.

  • The game isn’t trusted

    by dominic drury

    I was in the middle of playing and every time I open this game it just crashes

  • It’s a pretty bad game but it’s still cool

    by Bean122182

    I liked it until it crashed 7 times while I was trying to collect from peters house also it take 4 days to finally unlock one character in the game I’m still trying to get quagmire and I’ve had the game do 2 weeks if you download this game remember your password and email delete the game and download it again

  • L

    by Endopup1

    It was a good game to but over the last 6 months it crashes when trying to open and I tell you almost every day I report it and still no fix people don’t like to start over when you get so far

  • Quest for stuff

    by OrleansLake

    Are you serious? First item (beer) for Micky-you have to buy Stewie...270 clams! Are you serious!

  • Stuck

    by hahshsh822828

    Gets stuck loading

  • Won’t load at all

    by cac_mac

    I haven’t been able to load the game for almost two months. I’ve tried on an iPad Air 2, an iPhone XS, and through Facebook on my laptop. I’ve gone back and forth with TinyCo and they’ve been absolutely no help.

  • 0 stars, same problem as others

    by mrhaggrd

    Game will not progress past loading screen. Customer support is next to impossible. I would just stop playing it and delete it no harm no foul. The problem is I have spent money(idiot) and more importantly my time to invest in this game. This feels like a monumental waste of resources and I will likely just delete it and move on. Do not download this game until some serious changes with functionality and customer support are made.

  • Can’t load saved game!!

    by kondike192

    I love this game but after taking a break from it, now it won’t load my level 65 saved game! It just sits on the loading screen for a few minutes then closes. I don’t want to start over and have wasted all that time and money! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but same result!

  • Family guy quest for stuff

    by SMY42

    I did enjoy playing this game until last update when it quit working.

  • Thieves, give me back my money.

    by LovestoSingToo

    It’s bad enough the tasks were getting too hard to pass without paying, but now it’s not even loading. It has been several months now. Being that I’ve put money into this game, they’ve basically stolen from me. Pretty terrible of them. TinyCo needs to stop being so terrible. The Marvel Academy loss was bad enough.

  • Won’t load.

    by Mamadou

    I’ve been in contact with them and “we know about the problem” for months. Fix your loading screen crash already.

  • Boring, Waiting, and Money Hungry

    by Good, but two problems

    Terrible. Nothing to do, Waiting for almost everything, and if you want to progress, You might need to spend real money! Only good thing is good Graphics. Don’t buy this.

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Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

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