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Drivers Cam

Drivers Cam

DriversCoach GmbH

Practice difficult situations of your driving test in advance with Drivers Cam.

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App Description

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Get prepared to local difficulties in your practical driving test exam with Drivers Cam.

Drivers Cam provides you with preparation exams available in your Drivers Cam Student Account for offline and mobile use. You can download single tests as you need to your smartphone or tablet and use them anywhere and anytime - at home or on your way.

All Drivers Cam features:

- Sign in your existing Drivers Cam account (received from your driving school)
- Download only tests currently needed from your exam region
- Download all exams for offline use (no permanent network connection required)
- Practice every exam as often as you like
- Exam results saved locally in the app
- Sync of exam results with your Drivers Cam online account (with existing network connection)
- Playlist with all Drivers Cam videos of your exam region

You need a Drivers Cam student account for using Drivers Cam. Please contact your driving school to request your login information.

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Drivers Cam

Drivers Cam

4.7 1K+ Reviews

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