Obke - Oziq-ovqatlarni yetkazib berish xizmati

Obke - Oziq-ovqatlarni yetkazib berish xizmati

Javokhir Sherbaev

Obke - Oziq-ovqatlarni yetkazib berish xizmati

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  • Good luck so far Jun 18, 2020

    By Clean of bells
    So far the delivery has been excellent. I have ordered three times and have not been disappointed although it took a while but I understand because it’s kind of busy around here sometimes especially lately. The thing with that was a surprise was asking to be submitting a second card for verification because DoorDash wanted to check it was me. They didn’t ask me that the first time I delivered and the second time I delivered it was through a different app so this is the first time that I’ve had to do that. I hope it was legit because I’ll be checking my balance. However it was a second option to scan The card because I am blind and I don’t have really good special access with the camera and there wasn’t anyone here. So I do have more than one card with the same address so it worked. I was able to place the second order for the third order sorry I’m a little bit rattled right now because of my cat disappeared and then came back and I said I need breakfast at McDonald’s :-) anyway I really do enjoy door Dash I wish you would’ve had more restaurants. I was looking for the place to add more restaurants or at least request them. I know I saw it somewhere before but I couldn’t find it the second time so I’ll keep looking for it. I’m glad you finally got service in Burkburnett Texas. I think it took a while. :-)
  • Would have been 5 stars but...... Apr 2, 2019

    By veeslappy
    So I love this app has great prices, promos, and a wider variety of restaurants than other delivery apps BUT TODAY WAS LIKE PULLING TEETH TRYING TO PLACE MY ORDER. I’ve used this app for more than a month had small problems here or there but nothing major until I was blocked from submitting orders for no reason at all I called my bank to make sure the card info was valid and they said the reason for the decline was a mismatch billing address so I called DoorDash to verify all the information and the lady starts to tell me that I haven’t used it in a while so that was why but I explained that I used it yesterday and she says well there is no block on our end it’s your banks fault so more or less I was politely told “Oh well” I played around with the app and discovered that I could use my Apple Pay to submit the order so I did but what makes no sense is that the same card on my Apple Pay is the same card I was attempting to use in the first place but I’ve never had to use Apple Pay in the past so the whole situation was just annoying and I’m starving in the process so I’m just disappointed that there is no rhyme or reason to what happened to me. She said she would escalate the case but there is no est. resolution time......go figure
  • It’s okay Jun 14, 2020

    By Chaol W
    I love the variety of options on this app, but there are so many frustrating things about the app itself. I’m not going to talk about the over priced tips, or how you have to tip before you even receive your order which can’t change if you’re dasher is great or crappy. There isn’t even a comment section to give feedback on the dashers because I know a few have eaten some of my food while delivering it to me. The “your favorites” section of the app is crap because it has restaurants on there that I had once and hated. Not only is there no option to actually add a your favorite, there’s no way to remove them from the section. Every time I go to “your favorites” that place is always the first in line which is also very irritating. If a restaurant is closed on a day you look for it, it shows up as “no result” even though I can go through my previous orders and find it that way. I will say I am appreciative of how responsive the support team is if the restaurant messes up, or the driver hands off the my food to someone else. They are quick with a refund, but they don’t refund your tip even if the driver doesn’t do what he is being paid to do. I would be a much happier customer if the issues surround the “your favorites” section was fixed and the drivers could be held accountable for their mistakes.
  • Bad dasher. Jul 12, 2019

    By DrAnneLewis
    Husband ordered food for our kids after I got back from a 12 hour flight from Europe. Our order from Wendy’s was wrong and when asking the dasher where our chili or second salad was he merely shrugged, said this is all he was given and it was Wendy’s fault and to call door dash. When I went to Wendy’s, they blamed the dasher. Meanwhile something that was supposed to make my life simpler and cost more then it was worth wound up taking twice as long. I received no apology from the dasher or Wendy’s. I don’t think it’s inappropriate to expect the dashers to double check the food the same way I might on the way of if drive through line. This won’t make up for everything, but at a minimum it’s a dashers job to at least ensure the approximate number of items are accounted for.