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Adventures of dinosaur Coco

Adventures of dinosaur Coco


Explore the world of dinosaur with baby dinosaur Coco!

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App Description

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Explore the world of dinosaur with baby dinosaur Coco!

1. Intuitive operation method that allows children to use on their own
2. Inspiring story for children
3. Interactive content for children to watch the animation, listen to the music, and enjoy fun games

"Exciting story of dinosaurs for children under the age of 6"

Plot – One day, a dinosaur egg falls into a Tyrannosaurus nest, and Coco, a strange dinosaur, is born from the egg. Coco likes to eat grass and hang out with friends! Although he sometimes gets into trouble, he gets over it with help from his friends.

You are invited to the world of adventure of Coco.

'Fun, heart-touching, and inspiring story'

"Amusing animation movements"
Dinosaurs in the story walk and run around with their mouths wide open. Every time you touch the dinosaurs, they move and open their mouths as if they were going to eat you!
'Dynamic movements of the dinosaurs through cut-out animation effects'

"Exciting music"
Fun and exciting music is played in every story. Each dinosaur holds and plays the musical instrument and Tyrannosaurus sings loudly through a microphone.
'Fun and exciting music is offered in every story'

"Entertaining games"
Coco pops soaring balloons with his fingernails and claws! Every time a balloon bursts, fun sound is heard.

Dino Coco contains fun games for kids.
This app has games and fairy tales that kids are able to have fun time is inserted.
This app has been inserted into their educational content and nonviolent games where kids can safely use.
Kids can play with the touch dinosaurs character.
The king of the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus dinosaur hunter appeared like kids.

This app carnivores dinosaur hunter, but this should resolve the crisis by his friends and baby dinosaur Coco.

Coco baby dino run to dinosaur hunter. But fall. Then lets get the Coco appeared new friends.

This app has come a king of the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus is a famous hunter eats a herbivorous dinosaur. but Dino a herbivorous dinosaur. The strange live together begins.

Baby Dino Coco is not a Tyrannosaurus. But Dino Coco grows from the king of the dinosaurs.
Coco is a herbivorous dinosaur Dino was born as a hunter and king of Tyrannosaurus dinosaur.
Coco is a herbivorous theropod dinosaur baby dinosaur. Coco is Therizinosaurus. The type is the same as the king of the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus.
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Adventures of dinosaur Coco

Adventures of dinosaur Coco

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