Between the lines

Between the lines

Romain Lebouc

Try to guess the meaning behind each drawing

4.5 Ratings 17K+ Reviews 1M+ Downloads
Try to guess the meaning behind each drawing
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17.5K+ Ratings
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  • Creative thinking, seamless play, relaxing puzzler Apr 2, 2019

    By Joanesh
    Love this game! I’ve been doing these kinds of visual play-on-word puzzles for decades, and yet I still find these puzzles to be fresh, original, creative, and fun. I’ve never seen most of these before (that’s saying something), but they’re right on target. It’s also nice to pick the game up for a minute and be able to put it down without losing any progress. And I love its relaxed, untimed play (a pleasant escape on a stressful day). The app runs seamlessly and glitch-free on both my iPad mini 4 and my iPhone 8. Thanks for a terrific puzzler that forces me to think outside the box!
  • Jul 2, 2020

    By SaraM420
    Maybe I'm just bad but the puzzles seem a bit hard and hints are tedious to obtain. The UI is wonderful and the gameplay is smooth. Like any other puzzle game of this type, it can be challenging, but I feel the challenging time heavily outweigh the easy times. Overall great puzzle game just wish there was better ways to get hints.
  • Short but sweet Aug 9, 2019

    By SRS428
    This game forced me to tap into my creative side and look and think from different angles to solve the puzzles. My friend and I downloaded it at the same time and had a blast seeing who could figure the harder ones out first. It took us about 2 or 3 weeks to solve all of them. And that was the one big downside - there are a limited number of puzzles, especially when you enjoy doing a few at a time, and once you have worked through them there are no updates, additional levels or other sets of clues to download and continue with. Still waiting (and hoping) for an update but there haven’t been any so far.
  • Jul 1, 2020

    By prashant pandey
    Best for right brained creative people, I have never written review for any app.. But this app stands apart... The best combo of fun and learn.. Kudos to the creator... So much knowledge you will gain with excellent mind exercise.... A complete combo.. I have never found learning so interesting
  • I love this game Jan 19, 2020