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Dictionary of Paraphrases

Dictionary of Paraphrases

Smart Education Labs

Help you to paraphrase a phrase or sentence

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App Description

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This app provides a offline version of Dictionary of Paraphrases.

Each entry contains a word with its meanings, sample sentences and synonym and synonymous phrases that can be used to paraphrase the sentences.

For example, instead of saying "She abandoned painting.", you can say "She gave up painting."

They abandoned the car. => They leaved the car behind.
The storm had abated. => The storm had weakened.
The train was cancelled due to staff shortages. => The train was cancelled because of staff shortages.
Try something different! => Try some out of ordinary.

The design is out of date. => The design is obsolete.

His health is the prime consideration. => His health is the important factor.

The company should show more consideration. => The company should show more attentiveness.

above all => most importantly, most of all, in essence

adhere to => abide by, stick to, comply with

approve of => endorse, be in favor of

expand on => elaborate on, go into detail about

▪ Basic features include:
- Easy navigation
- Bookmark a word
- Search a word
- Cross reference

▪ If you want to suggest a new feature or report a bug, please send feedback to us. Thank you!

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Dictionary of Paraphrases

Dictionary of Paraphrases

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