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  • by A Google user

  • Awesome but tedious until....

    by Clittyt

    The game was very fun something to pass the time with but doing the same missions over just different guns or dogs with you on hunts and some different scenery , this is a really nice game but just recently 2 days ago DH2017 just decided to not load completely when I click on the app, it just stays stuck on the loading screen with the deer and the dog and the small little orange loading deer in the bottom right corner just keeps jumping and running but nothing else is happening , I’ve reloaded it and everything but still no luck still getting stuck coming in , idk what’s going on but would really appreciate some feedback as what to do to fix or if any others are having this same problem. If this can be fixed then I will give the game 4/5 I would give a solid 5 but like it’s said by another in a review if some parts of the game didn’t leave you stranded to buy with actual currency to progress then I would give it 5/5 but trapping folks to buying stuff to progress after they’ve came so far is unfair to the player and the game, I understand to make games it takes money but that’s where you ( the game developers) should make the game like 5$ or whatever not play halfway then be stuck to purchase or forever be stuck in Hunt the same sh!+ forever land , BESIDES THAT ITS AWESOME!

  • by A Google user

  • What a lovely game

    by Ranah 🤞🏼😅

    Within this game, the player is assigned missions to hunt and kill a specified number and type of species of animal. The game has more than 100 species of animals, not just deer. Successful missions earn a reward of Hunter Dollars. Players are issued with a basic gun. There is a gun store which stocks rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and pistols. The specifications for the guns are shown in detail. The player selects a gun – for superior guns and upgrades the player will need to use Hunter Bucks or Glu Money. The game is set up with 8 regions, which are different habitats. Each region has five different hunts – consisting of one Trophy Hunt (which is the most difficult) and four other hunts. Each hunt has a series of missions. Completing the Trophy Hunt will enable the player to unlock the next region. The four minor hunts enable the player to earn Hunter Money to upgrade their gun for the Trophy Hunt. Each region becomes progressively more difficult, which requires gun upgrades.

  • If you care about your gaming experience please read

    by Spf2313

    I consider myself a professional gamer, I do not just use games to pass time or as some “hobby” I legitimately care about the games I play. This game has put me through a lot and if you want to get into FPS or TPS you should start here, it helps to train you aim and timing, however the only thing I do not like is, after not playing this game for a few months, all of my progress was deleted and when I opened the app, it took me through the walkthrough again. This was extremely frustrating watching months of progress be wiped away as if it was never there, logging into social media had no affect on anything. I give it three stars for the in game experience, and three stars for the progress that I lost. I would have been even more mortified if I had actually spent money on this app. I recommend that if you intend on playing for a while, do not let yourself use your iTunes money on this game.

  • Game Won’t Load

    by chibiwolf1005

    This used to be one of my top favorite apps. I am addicted to this game even if it is laced with ads and other ways for the developers to try and get your money. It didn’t matter as long as I got to play the game. The animals are beautifully done and so are the backgrounds, great graphics and sounds, the only problem I have now is that the game won’t load. After looking it up online, there are tons of people complaining that with the new update they are now stuck on the loading screen of the dog chasing the deer with the little running orange deer in the corner. I am also stuck on this screen. No matter how long I wait over the past days, the game will not load past the loading screen. I adore this game and I would like to see this fixed. I don’t want to give this game up, it’s too amazingly done.

  • Great game

    by BONE👍👍

    One last thing I wanted to say! You can probably tell I really like this game huh😎 I hear a lot of complaints about the ads! And I’ll admit they are annoying sometimes but how else are we to know about something that’s new?? You can’t turn on your tv or radio or drive down the street without seeing or hearing some sort of advertisement!! You would never know about anything! People are blowing head gaskets about this small little thing!wayyyyyy to serious about a way of life we deal with everyday of our lives!! A little to hard on the developers! Know one ever calls up McDonald’s and tell them to many ads for the dollar meals!! Give em a break guys or simply pay the money to remove them..

  • Tips to maybe help

    by Bleek🤙🏻

    I honestly have had no problems with the game other than most of the time I will get adds where they are upside down, and adds are annoying anyway so you should make less of them so we have a better hunting experience. Other then that I have had no problem. One thing tho is that you should add a Montana to like stage 10 or something because I can not find a Montana on here. And besides Montana is an amazing state so I do not understand why we do not get recognized for most stuff. So just add a Montana and fix the add thing and we should be ok. (Thanks for reading this I would appreciate it if you would take the time to do a couple things to make the game better it would be very much appreciated thanks).

  • by P.J. Jones

    Fun game but keeps getting me to restart the app, says it can't connect to the server or my session has expired. Not to mention the 160 degree view rotation doesn't do much when the wolves and wild boars can attack you from behind when you can't rotate that far to do anything. A little disappointed since it's a waste of energy/ hunt's since they are limited. Hopefully those very fixed, would make the experience so much better.

  • Good graphics and gameplay, developers are idiots

    by Seaking🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋

    I liked this game, I really did. I didn’t want to give it 3 stars. The graphics and gameplay are great, but everything else isn’t. Let me explain, I liked the idea of events, and I understand having to pay for certain weapons for said event, but having to pay in gold isn’t. You can only get so much gold from ads, and to get it in bulk means going to the store and using money to buy it. Another problem is how expensive upgrades get, at stage 2 I found myself grinding the same contract missions over and over for money. Not wanting to grind money would also mean going to the store and using real money to buy it. In the end, it’s just a pay to win game.

  • by A Google user

    Well people want to play a game and have fun not a money pit.. game money should be used more not gold or the silver coin the best pat is the deep sea fishing but ever one gets stuck cause you have to use silver coin and to up-grade cts guns and everything this is where you are losing people

  • Amazing game!

    by Girls bush

    The game is awesome, but I wish I provided more ways to earn money. The graphics are very nice, and I like how some of the animals attack you when you shoot and kill one of their kind. It's funny especially when they jump forwards you in slow motion to try to kill you and you just shoot them. The only thing is the my gun reloads right when one of the animals are trying to get me so I nearly died before my gun had bullets. Actually, I can't get passed one stage because a mature red wolf sneaks up right behind me and there's no way I can kill it! I can't turn around to face it! What the heck?! This is really frustrating and I wasted 5 energy just trying to kill the darn thing!

  • by Hannah Birt

    I love this game but it can take five to ten minutes to open, then often freezes during gameplay. Have reinstalled numerous times. My WiFi is fine. I do have a slightly older tablet but most other games work fine.



    I love this game I play it almost every day and all that but I think there should be an update to spear fishing and Like many others I am one of those people who like to spend all of there gold also the update I think there should be is where in spear fishing so you know how the elite suits for day and night time fishing are very expensive and It needs gold to bye it so I think instead of gold all the elite suits can be bought with money instead don’t y’all think well I hope they do get the message and do the update

  • by Kevin Beasley

    The greed in this world still astounds me. So sick of guns in this game that cost outrageous amounts. Some of these weapons seem unattainable unless you pay for them with real money. I will never pay for anything. I will delete the app before doing so.

  • Fun and addicting

    by Kenzo1138

    I play hunting games every now and then and this one by far is the best one I've played on mobile, all the events as well as the upgrade system makes players to play them all so you can play every type of firearm as well as have some variety to an otherwise repetitive type game. I would have given it a 5 star but I ran into a problem with one of the events where you hunt themed animals to build and win a specific firearm of the season in where the game locks up and progression is halted because of it. But it's minor enough that I still love and enjoy the game

  • by Paul Fitzgerald

    execlent and fun game. Big fan of the weekly tournaments. only down fall is the game keeps coming up with " can't connect to server" message, sometimes mid hunt. this requires a restart. other than tis flaw, really fun and exciting game to play. 5 stars.

  • Femme fatale

    by groundcontrolsoul

    This game would have received 5 stars, but due to its far-too-frequent glitches, I cannot fairly award those. Yes, it is a fun game with a variety of hunts and scenery. often has trouble loading (and please don’t blame the WiFi as my Apple TV and SiriusXM operate just fine during the same moment as do other apps on my phone). Another frustrating issue I’ve encountered is the game hanging up once one has pressed the hunt button. Of course, once the hunt button is pressed, an energy bolt is used, but this is when the hunt fails to engage (and the energy bolt is lost for good). Otherwise, I enjoy playing when DH2018 operates, sans glitches.

  • Double Gold

    by humbluz

    This game is a really fun and time consuming. But with the recent double gold coming out for the offers of playing games, watching trailers, and signing up for things. I downloaded a game and played it to game recommended level, (Coin Dozer LV 10 or so). I’m not level 27 in this game and it had came up on the DH screen that I had earned the 600+ gold that I earned but later loading in it was gone. I had the same amount of gold I had since before the double gold. I’ve reset as well as uninstalled and my gold still has not showed up. Would be nice to have I back. It was needed since everything gold wise is expensive.

  • Awesome but can be incredibly expensive

    by Justinm13

    This game is huge in terms of content. It’s a grind to collect items & Regions. If you’re patient it’s a great game to pass time and there’s always something to do. That being said, throwing real money at this game is pointless. Unless you absolutely need to have that dream gun, I advise against it. You could dump hundreds if not thousands of dollars on this to unlock everything. Don’t get sucked into the money pit and enjoy the grind for what it is...I’ve put many hours into this game without spending a penny.

  • Little bummed right now

    by jj the pipeliner

    Great game, perfect to kill a little time. But today I tried to play it and is said network error. I tried again. Same thing. I have full service, my Netflix and Facebook apps work just fine. I restart my phone and try again. Same thing. I haven’t played it yet since. The little deer in the corner running, just runs and runs and runs, but nothing happens. I let it sit for 10 minutes tapping the screen so my phone won’t turn off. Aaaand nothing still.

  • Attention others

    by Dewstroyer

    The game is absolutely amazing possibly one of the best first person mobiles I’ve played. Although there are a few bugs because in region 5 shotgun hunting I get attacked from the back and there is nothing to do about it. So I just wanted to say to the others who are playing this, just be prepared and the developers are probably still working on a few other bugs in the game. And this is why I wanted to tell you to just give a bit of a warning. But it’s still quite fun.

  • Amazing but flawed

    by TheLazyKitCat

    I love the deer hunter games. I remember having Deer Hunter 2014 and seeing the beautiful graphics and stunning music and sounds. That game doesn’t suffer from the same thing as this game though. This game is even more enjoyable and a crap more regions but they all have the same problem. When you are on a shotgun or AR hunt the aggressive animals can attack you from behind and you can’t kill them. I have wasted loads of energy on those hunts. I still love the game and only encountered that one little problem. Good job and keep up the good work guys.

  • Attacking Predators

    by Kyle Rudolph

    This is a great game, but whenever I go on predator hunts on the shotgun series a predator will run by and go off screen to where I can no longer shoot at it. I will continue shooting at others on screen and one predator will come up behind me to far over and I can’t shoot at it and it kills me. I once had a mountain lion jump through a mountain and killed me that was too far off screen. I’m sure this is just a way to get users to use more energy and keep coming back to play the game, but it needs to be fixed.

  • What would be better

    by Christian Philip Kluz Shaw

    Dear deer hunter 2018, I think I have some ideas for more downloads, My first idea is fully automatic guns, the m134 mini gun or those fully automatic ARs with straight magazines or drum magazines, My next idea is stand shooting with you shooting out of a deer stand, My third idea is multiplayer shooting, you have friends to add and you can hunt with them, My last idea is throwing knifes for power ups like the hollow shot and the energy drink with you can deal the damage with a animal

  • Great game!! One problem..

    by LarryIsRealOkayyyy

    Deer Hunter 2018 is highly addictive! I love playing this game in my free time, it’s very amusing and i recommend it. My only issue is whenever trying to complete a shotgun contract in region 3 that involve red wolves or wild boards, sometimes they come from behind or the side where you can’t see them no matter where you move! You can’t even turn that far to shoot them, they just kill you. It’s annoying wasting energy that way but if that bug is fixed i’d sure give this game 5 stars!

  • For moneybags only!

    by melissa1234556

    This is a pretty fun game. Enjoyed it for a little while but it gets expensive really quickly. When you get past the first few regions there is absolutely no way to advance without shelling out some serious money. I’m not talking a couple of dollars here and there either. This game would take a lot of money if you want to continue. Done waste the download. All these guys want is to dip their hands in your pockets deep and often!!!

  • Soooo Many Different Ways to Keep You Engaged!

    by Jayquill

    I've been playing this series for several years now and I have to say, it's come along way. It has certainly upped the ante from my days of playing duck hunt(I've aged myself here).lol... At first I hated that it took so long and costs so much to upgrade and purchase weaponry; but I've gotten around that. I've succumbed to purchasing only one IAP so I could get rid of the ads... So far so good on that. This game keeps me engaged and in this day in age of instant gratification, it's good for me.

  • A few suggestions for this game

    by Cutie cool 🌸

    First of all I wanna say that I love this game so much and care about those other people who have terrible iPads. I wanna give some suggestions for this game though. I want the historical characters (James Cole, Micheal Cole, Scott Cole) to look different depending on what they are wearing. For example, let’s say James Cole is wearing Hard Clothing, it should make his picture look different. You should really add Horses. I would love to see Horses Galloping in the world of Deer Hunter! If you do not know that much Horse Breeds, I will show some now. 1.American Quarter Horse 2.Mustang 3.Clydesale 4.Thoroughbred 5.Shetland Pony 6.Exmoor Pony 7.Freisian I would also like for you to add more historical Dogs. There are only 3 for James Cole (I don’t know if it is the same for Micheal and Scott because I did not get to them yet.) Other than that, this game is simply awesome. Losing Progress? DEAL WITH IT

  • Needs Some Work.

    by Ksample22

    I like the game and everything, although I do agree with some reviews. Needs new scenery and less repetition. There are a few bugs as well, at least on the application for my phone. I was spear fishing and a shark was coming at me. I kept hitting the spear button but it did nothing and I was attacked. I had almost all the fish I needed for a star. Another example, I was doing the shot gun series shooting bears and the bears would attack me from where I couldn’t point my gun. It was irritating. Other than that, everything has been okay.

  • Deer Hunter 2017 Review

    by Lexis318

    I just absolutely love this game so much that it is practically addictive! My dad and I both love this and have played and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to seeing this game become even better in future updates. Thanks for making this game and for the awesome, most epic updates yet! If I think of any ideas or if I have any problems with the game, I will let you guys know!! Thanks and hunt on until your gone!😂🦌🦌🦃🐏

  • Annoying ads!!!

    by Dogsoul

    The game is great, when I get bored with one mode, there’s other types of missions to work on, and the holiday events are very cool!!! However I am SICK TO DEATH of ads with sound! I play the game where I cannot have sound. So when I have my phone set to silent and it asks if I would like to watch a video for energy or gold? The FASTEST WAY TO GET ME TO SHUT DOWN THE APP AND STOP PLAYING are those video adds with SOUND!!!! Especially that annoying deodorant commercial with NO MUTE BUTTON!!!! I shut down the game EVERY TIME that starts!!!!

  • Better Interface

    by NightsInHell

    The interface is better and easier to use. The ads are not overwhelming and it is easy to play without tricking us out of money. Also it is easier to level up and I love how the energy now can go about 10 so you are not losing energy when you level up. I have been playing for a week now and I have yet to get bored, which is saying a lot.

  • AWSOME Gamplay

    by JPL234

    Game is amazing. it has beautiful Graphics and is all around amazing . I love the massive selection of guns from Pistols to Hunting Rifles . And if you guys ever change the loading screen music I will be mad! but hey I’m sure you won’t ( Just warning you XD) Anyways I love the event guns they are really cool. And I like how you can switch to any gun you want like you use an Machine Gun in a Shotgun Hunt. It really nice to have that. But anyways I hope you guys keep working hard and have fun doin it!

  • Ad Bug

    by GenArrow

    The game is fun and I like all of the content, but every so often after I play a certain amount of hunts every time I log in there would be an ad pop up that I don’t mind too much. It gets really annoying when there is a pop up of just a white screen that I can’t get rid of like a regular ad I can’t click anywhere to get rid of it forcing me to back out and reload the game. The game is fun but this happens every time I log in and honestly it’s the most annoying thing that happens ever in the game.

  • Fun but somethings wrong

    by Jacob Man

    This game is super fun. I have no complaints about the actual gameplay whatsoever. But for some reason when I open the app, it won’t stop loading. I don’t know if this is just because you guys are doing maintenance, or if it’s legitimately broken. If it is maintenance, I would suggest that you let players know when it’s going to happen so that they don’t have write reviews like these.

  • Amazingly Simple

    by RavenSterling

    I thought it would take forever to learn how to play but it was extremely simple and it’s a great way to pass the time. Levels unlock pretty easily to give you more content and the whole tutorial is ad free. A small purchase gets rid of the ads and it’s well worth it. A great game offered for free! Hunt with rifles, shotguns, automatics, go spear fishing, hunt with your dog, it’s all overall a great game and it’s high quality.

  • Bug about Region 2

    by SilentFavis

    Hey, I love this game, but there is a glitch in region two for the shotgun part. Every time it says ‘kill 3 mature red wolves’ and I get in the mission, I see animals running, but the red wolves are nowhere to be seen. Since they attack you, there’s no possible way that i could shoot them because they’re behind me. I could only see one running past me but then one attacked then killed me. Please fix this bug.

  • Wouldn’t recommend if you don’t have money

    by Vvolted_vortexX

    This game is very fun and I love it, but the creators probably only want the money. For instance, why aren’t there any other ways to get bait and chum, or gold? Nearly the only way to get gold is to pay money, and the other gold you get as rewards won’t afford anything in years…since everything that costs gold is super expensive like around 450! Chill out deer hunter! And worry more about the player,NOT their money

  • Fun

    by Matty Kirk

    The game is fun and can become addicting, but it gets frustrating when the only way to advance is either repeating lower levels to gain enough hunter bucks to upgrade your weapons, or spend actual money on gold. Also I've noticed a few more reviews noting that of late it's been impossible to even play, with the screen being stuck on the loading page. Overall though, it's a fun game with potential to be great.

  • deer hunter cons

    by Big Cagoona Brett Broeux

    the game is awesome. I have sooo much fun playing it and am addicted. I think all the new things, or, really, mainly fishing. However, it is a lil bit unrealistic. For example, you ALWAYS get a fish on the line, every cast. What aboit when you dont get a fish on the cast. Also, the only way a fish gets off is when you do t follow it. What about getting snagged on a rock or branch? that never happens and its a bit unrealistic. thanks and bye

  • Very good game

    by Plus + and openfeint dude

    The argument I see a lot here is the repetitiveness of the hunts, while that is true, the main "gunning" line of hunts is basically the same as every previous game, the new other options of spear fishing, hunting with dogs, historical hunts, and the competitive target shooting keeps the game very worth going back to everyday. Also the new crafting/ upgrading system for guns forcing players to play other parts of the game I think is wonderful. So overall, it's a fantastic game.

  • Game breaking events

    by Dzaztr1972

    I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m not able to play the game. No matter what I do. The game is just stuck. The reason is because of an event that’s going on. I’m not able to play said event, yet the game is requiring me to only play the event. I find this really annoying and it would be nice if this got fixed. This is the only thing I found wrong with the game. I know I should put this for when I’m reporting a bug. Yet that I thing I can’t do in the game right now. So I’m forced to do this.

  • Good game

    by RomanJasper

    I’m giving this app five stars really I think this game might be four and a half stars. This game has great graphics! And really good over all the only 2 things that would make it better are, being able to sniper long range, and being able to get the AR without gold. Please add this developers Bye, That guy Ps: I highly recommend this game for all ages accept for people under 8-10 bye!!!!!!!

  • Good

    by Bbkt.usnea

    I'm mostly doing this for the gold but the graphics are excellent and I'm very happy that one of the regions is my home state (Oregon) so I'm going to play up until I finish that region and then probably not play again. Since the graphics are so good it makes me feel sick to my stomach killing these fake animals 😆 I don't like hunting I just thought this game looked fun and it is! I'm also transitioning into being a vegetarian though so not the best time to be playing 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Happy Hunter

    by Master-bait-er

    I have played 14 - 16 -now 18. I was one of only 500 to receive deer hunter hat camouflage with two orange strips. What I don't like About the games is loosing everything I had built up was on level 27 in the ice caves shooting penguins tigers elephants I was up to shooting alligators in the eyes had most of my trophy full I had most all the guns bows and pistols over billion in coins I dropped my phone in water lost it all it's not right

  • Great game but one problem

    by CoopDeVille274

    I LOVE this game but if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s that the game won’t load and it just stays on the screen of the dog chasing after the deer and I wish that the developers are reading this and fix that problem of mine. If you experience the same problem, try reaching out to them and try to get this problem fixed, and I know that other people have experienced this problem. Happy Hunting!

  • Great game!

    by 898875322

    His game is that I love you very much I could play this game all day every day forever and ever and ever I am only writing is so I going to have an extra 25 old boys but they seem process and I don't know if I going to be able to get it because I've been driving for almost 5 minutes now and it still has not made of green that means I cannot get the points

  • Love it!

    by FirePheonix12

    It takes some time to load the rewards but I really do like the animation for the guns and the animals. It's really realistic on how they move and how you shoot. I also love that you added dogs! But there is one thing you guys need to improve and that is how much money some of the things cost. No one wants to pay (example) $50 for 300 gold and I know you would either. Just a side note you should read.

  • Stress reliever

    by wekjvtg wylivjsbd.kjbhy;q3

    In spite of all the controversy over guns and gun control, I just like to play a game that has nice scenery, is fake, and allows me to shoot a gun without prior experience. I love how relaxing it is and I take this game as a stress reliever. I play it to have fun, to wind down, and to let the time fly by. I like how you have “energy” so you have to wait for the energy to refill. I usually stop at about that point.

  • Good game but.....

    by Dmflow

    The game is great! I really enjoy the game and all the deer hunters previously. But for some odd reason this game only loads for me every once in a blue moon. And I’ll open the game and it just freezes on the loading screen. I have to delete the game and re-download it and it still barely works. Maybe it needs an update or something but I would like to continue playing maybe just a bug fix or something to help the users get of the loading screen..

  • My Review

    by Austin5298

    This game is very fun to play and has a challenging side to it and honestly passes the time quickly. It's great to have this game because there's so much to do and the light at the end of the tunnel is what you strive for to complete as much as possible. All ages would love it as it requires you to get better and faster and it makes u great after a while of consistent repetition

  • Great game

    by Teresa2WB

    I love this game but has a couple glitches 1.a bighorn sheep In Wyoming should have as much up grades as in Alaska my point is if you hunt a kangaroo one time it shouldn’t ask you if it upgrades your power 2.the guns cost to much money Australia it would say it would give me 2000 dollars if I complete the hunt and it doesn’t it gives me 1000 I love this game I can handle the glitches

  • Fun, but needs some adjusting

    by Shogunmdd

    Its really fun and all, but theres a couple things that could be better. First, no offline play. This seems like it would be fun to play on an airplane, or somewhere that you dont have signal, but apparantly I cant play on airplane mode. Second, I dont like the pay to play concecpt, you're already making money off of adds, make progress be achievement/skill based not purchase based.

  • 👌🏻

    by Littonxo

    I love this game but since the update it won’t load I was excited about trying the new fishing. But I haven’t been able to open the app since the update 😞 it is kinda slow trying to save money to buy the things you need. And it’s easy to burn through the energy quick and so it takes a lonnng time to play and get the things you need to really enjoy it.. but it’s such a cool game

  • Update

    by Bigstix71

    For the last month or so Deer Hunter want update on my IPhone 6s it gets to the loading screen and says get new version when you click on it takes you to the App Store click open it takes you back to the loading screen. It want update to the new version I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times and no luck can you help with this. Deer Hunter is an awesome game would rate a 5 but till the issue is fixed I will give it a 3.

  • FUN to play - annoying to earn

    by Chicken5284

    This game is a ton of fun to play. Visually cool and engaging. Frustrating to constantly have to earn gold/money to move on. Watching videos, and so on. And way to pricey too buy upgrades. So this is an honest review, but I did it to earn 200 good bars so I could keep playing. To my point. I’d rather pay .99 and just have it open. Or even $1.99. That’s why the 4 stars.

  • Very Fun Experience

    by Mr haha974

    Hello one and all. I have not been playing this game very long but from what I have experienced it is very good. You do not need to buy expensive upgrades to level up and get through the game! The events seem very cool and interesting too! Can't wait to do the spear fishing! Well that is about it thank you for your time and have a good day.


    by cayden515

    I LOVE THIS GAME and have every deer hunter out but can they add in a free hunt where you just run around wildly... That would be so much fun!!!Please add this in. I have heard so many people want this in including my siblings...similar to what ‘rules of survival ‘ is but I really would enjoy free gameplay... Also add in more animals... I gave this app a 5 star rating. Can you do the same for this speech?!?!

  • In the games defense

    by Dude Adams

    The game has problems but is great I mean I have played some terrible phone games but this isn't one of them I mean I played a shark game where the shark was floating in thin air. The game is free to play and has a lot of micro transactions but so does every phone game that's free. So if your readings this please get this game. I have more fun playing this than playing the new call ofduty.

  • Almost perfect!

    by rosybella555

    I really enjoyed this game, but only had two major problems. One was that every once in a while, if I was hunting an aggressive animal, one would come up from an angle I couldn’t shoot it at, and I would die. The other is money! I feel like there should be some sort of daily reward, as new weapons or upgrades take days worth of energy. Keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous

    by bleep bleep OPP

    This app is the best game, it keeps my son occupied and he loves it, I love it too. It is so addicting we can’t stop playing we are on a very hard level. We think that you should get this app it will keep anyone occupied for hours and it is also easy if you have to do work when your playing to set it down.

  • Good but could be a little better

    by Runnerdude111

    When I’m doing timed missions and I have like 5 seconds left and I shoot he last guy it zooms in and follows the bullet when it’s going to hit him but the time is still going. So then it runs out of time and I don’t get a kill. It also speeds up on some missions like a time lapse sometimes and then I just waste my energy. It’s too fast you can’t even hit a guy. If you could fix those that would be great. Thanks

  • Just started but I’m pretty happy so far...

    by DSushi1

    They always want a review ten seconds after you’ve checked out, guess that’s to catch the ones what will get sick of everything after 15 minutes. That being said I like the game. It’s not tremendously difficult but it’s challenging enough to keep me at it for a bit...

  • Loads of fun

    by Williams, Paul Williams

    If you need a fun distraction this is it. The weapons are great. The hunts are very exciting. The graphics are clear but they are fun. This is not to graphic but it does display the reality of hunting. Animals bleed and die when they are shot. It is good for people who may not realize the reality the hunt to see it in this format, not gory but obvious. I wouldn't let my 4 year old play but I think it is suitable for my 12 year old.

  • This app series has me in tears

    by Crazydoglover 638

    I absolutely love this app series deer hunter I love the hunting I love the predator options I love the controls I love it all I’ve been waiting for a moment when I could have time to download this on my iPhone so I could rate the app and write a review on this app but I had to wait cause I only used to play this on the kids iPad so yeah

  • Please Read!!

    by Samn919

    I love this game and always play it in my free time. There is a problem with the shotgun challenges like a wolf coming to attack you behind you in the third or second region and you can't turn to shoot it and it kills you. Besides that I recommend this game. Also this game should be rated 12+ instead of 17+.

  • Best 👌🏻👍🏻

    by theultimatehunterofdeer

    I go back and forth between your Xbox one game and the mobile games when it’s not deer season in real life. There is only one thing I think to improve on this game, add support for using an Xbox one controller on dh 2018 because that would make this game better than anything else in the App Store, but i guess it already is 😂

  • Great game, but one glitch

    by Partyboy197

    I love this game, I think it is great, but there is one glitch. Sometimes when you are hunting predators, a wolf for example, the wolf will come up from behind and will try to kill you, but you can’t do anything about it because you can’t turn around all the way. Please fix. Thank you.

  • A review

    by gamer boy 200000000000000

    This game is extremely fun although it should take less internet bandwidth, and also, the bullet graphics should really be improved, such as realism, and color, (for example, it should only be the front tip of the bullet not the entire bullet that is shot out) but besides that, this game is totally worth the download time!

  • Need help!!!

    by MagicSeaweedz

    I downloaded this app a while ago when I had a iphone5s. I recently uploaded my old content/progress to my iphone7 and the game is glitching badly. I will start a hunt and it will shut down and go back to the menu and still use a life. I want to purchase the gold subscription but I won't waste money on it if it won't work properly. Any help is appreciated!!

  • Yesterday it’s Awesome until today...

    by ruined_hunter/racer9999999

    So yesterday the game was sooo fun but today the game is making me go to the events but the events page is locked to I tried deleting it *it saves your level and everything* I tried turning off my iPad and I tried turning off the game and it still doing the event page but it still locked and I don’t know what to do!???

  • Was a really fun game!!

    by Jewel keeper

    Used to love to play the game had new features and the whole fishing thing was pretty cool but now when I go to play it, it gets stuck on the loading screen and does nothing more. This is second time I had game the first time it automatically reset and started all over which pretty lame after you invest time and occasionally your hard earned money into game to advance as far as I did.

  • Played for a while

    by Jackartack

    Well I started playing this game along time ago and I’ve noticed that as it goes along the games totally progressing and I just changing and not only the way that the game is played but the ways that you can play the game I really do enjoy the new parts which is fishing in the store go hunt

  • Love the game and all but...😥😥😥

    by angelawesome

    I started the game a few days ago and I love it. My favorite part about the game is the spear fishing but it’s also my least favorite and here’s why. First off the spear can only shoot to a certain distance and second of all it takes a looooooong time for your body to warm up, like for example when my energy is full my body warmth is still at 60%. So I really hope you can fix that. THANKS FOR READING😃😃😃

  • Best Game

    by 25warha

    This hunting game is the best. I cannot stop playing it every single day. Also everyone in my family loves the game, they always ask me if they can play or the next time or will hunt. But I wish that I could get some more silver coins bc my dog isn't the greatest, so could I get some me feedback on how to get more dogs without having to use the silver coins to get them.

  • Better Than Deer Hunter Classic

    by Kalosdude500

    This game is better than Deer Hunter Classic in so many ways. One example is that it doesn't take nearly as much time to load. Also, the special quests and historic hunts add a new twist to the game. My only concern is dog hunting. It isn't that fun as you only shoot at point blank range and that doesn't have the intensity of aiming. It is still a decent game, though.

  • Excellent game!

    by TruffleShuffles

    When I first started it seemed to be kind of overwhelming however after playing for quite some time that all comes into focus. Other than that I like all the additional options other than just hunting. Great game and would recommend to anyone.

  • Awesome game.

    by Time2brn 1A78C8

    I would have given a five star rating if the app didn't close on my iPad all the time while playing. Works fine on my phone but again the app closes all the time On the iPad. I have tried three different iPads with the same result so I know it's not the equipment. I enjoy the thrill of the game and the challenge. The graphics are pretty good as well.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Dominic Gomez

    so many games in one. Don't feel I am advancing fast enough.

  • by Travis Murphy


  • by Gilbey


  • by nichole phillips

    hands down best hunting game ever

  • by Aaron Clapp

    Best hunting game EVER

  • by Lonnie Riddlespriger

    my favorite past time to do me😎

  • Nice

    by Dhhdihen idnxhej

    This game is a timekiller

  • Best game ever!!

    by cgdfjrhd

    I love deer hunter 2018so much!! It’s the best game ever!

  • Shooter has been blown away

    by Wyattboss311

    This game is awesome can't say it's bad idk what you say

  • Best Game In The World

    by 😂funny Dude😂

    Perfect if your bored and its the best quality of a app on a phone its not that much lagg this game is for kids

  • Enjoy all the new hunts

    by whiskey2josh

    This is the best one so far.

  • Love the game. Am getting it for my Wii game

    by auntie paula d

    Never ending excitement. Kill me hem before they get You on some levels.

  • 🦌Da beast 🦌

    by Dragoncraft 1937

    I would really recommend this game to everybody I personly love it and so do my brothers

  • Snowflakes beware

    by SWOK30

    Great game, good graphics. It's not for everyone but it is a great way to KILL time...

  • i was the time for only two months to get my new job in the time 🦌👍👌🏻.

    by Bronson Henry Young

    I LOVE This

  • Good

    by JorgeM559

    Too many ads interfere the time that I have when I’m trying to enjoy the game.

  • Glitch with daily quest/ historical hunt

    by Jaegers hand

    This game is absolutely amazing with all the different game modes and all the things we can do but one problem I’ve been experiencing is that with the daily quest, I am unable to complete the historical hunts ones due to that I’ve already completed the characters(James cole) they are telling me to use.

  • Seems better than it used to be.

    by -Rigwelder-

    Seems easier to get gold without having to buy it.

  • Amazing highly recommend 👍

    by AshleyRRV

    When I download this game it was amazing I hope everyone plays this one of the best games I ever played

  • Gamer

    by Brotha Mike

    Great game

  • Game is great

    by austin47

    It’s needs to be updated the game

  • This is a good game

    by Atem the hero

    This is a really good game


    by 💩🤑🤖

    I shoot a snowman,last second but I fail Bc it doesn’t stop the clock on the last slo-mo shot. PLEEEEEAS FIX THIS AND I WILL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO COMPLETE MISSIONS!, thx😉

  • Predators

    by hannabanana_19

    The only problem I have so far is that sometimes when I hunt predators, the game will do the slow-mo for you to kill them but the animal is coming from behind you. You have a limited range of motion, how can I kill something outside of the range of motion I have?

  • Deer Hunter2018

    by 17 point Yukon Moose 200 lbs

    Best hunting game ever

  • Lovely game buttttt

    by Tay💕❤️❤️

    I don’t agree that it should be 17+ I’m not 17 and still love this game

  • Gnu games bleed you dry

    by brueso

    Gnu has some beautiful fun games but you need to keep buying new weapons etc to move onto new levels. It never stops. Think twice before purchasing.

  • Good game

    by fajohnny22

    Good gameplay great game

  • Hey

    by MDHaggard

    Love the game

  • 3d hunter

    by melvinkelly

    Fun game. Good to play without having to buy everything. Lots of fun

  • Good but 1 annoying glitch

    by Thegamingjack

    Fix the glitch where when an animal trying to kill u running up to u while your reloading it reloads again so you have a high chance of dying

  • Nice Hunting Game 🤗

    by dudetteish

    I love this game so much but I give 4 stars instead of 5 because of the lack of scenery, if you like gunning the most then you have to kill of all the trophy animals which cost a lot of money for upgrades on your gun. Also it is also trying really hard to get me to buy a pack or some stuff or watch ads.

  • Okay, but....

    by KCJer!

    Game is fun - although repetitive (once you’ve done one level, you’ve done them all.) Fun enough to pass the time, but the glitches are super annoying. Sometimes it quits and reboots, sometimes you don’t get free lives when you watch their commercials, and it often forces a missed shot just to keep the game “interesting.” It’s a fun game - until it isn’t and then it gets pretty frustrating.

  • 👍

    by tommymason


  • There’s a deer 🦌 I. The middle of the ocean and it’s black

    by Diego .p

    Remove it please

  • Energy and need of patience

    by Steel curtain 05

    I love this game apart from the energy system. Waiting to progress in historical hunts and new regions is also annoying. That’s all. Thanks.

  • Lit

    by pwnsowkwj

    Das is gut

  • Deer Hunter 2018

    by Neyawhoo

    Best hunting game since Dino Hunter

  • Restart

    by guttaloc106

    How do I erase my account and start a new one

  • Dope game


    Love it, easy enough, great time killer

  • Excellent and Beautiful

    by ممدوح بن فهد

    Wonderful and distinctive and amazing

  • I love this game

    by 20 gage shotgun player43🔫

    What I really like about this game is you can event and you can kill the hard animals and going to different states to do it that what I love about this game

  • Awesome game

    by drew 24797

    Thank you for the awesome game I have spent like 20$ on the game

  • Alright Game

    by CarrieFan2018

    The Game quality is great, but I’m currently only allowed to participate in the event, and I don’t want to. I’d like free will on what I can and can’t play. Other than that good game.

  • It won’t download

    by electronlo1294

    Once I open the game I can’t do anything because it says that “events” is downloading but it never downloads it is stuck in the same place forever. I can’t play the game. Plz fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the game is so cool

  • Mobile game with potential, too money-grubbing

    by Inapppurchasessuck

    This game is a fun game to play, for a mobile game. But as is the problem with pretty much all free games on the App Store, it’s riddled with just under necessary in-app purchases. Sure, at the beginning, you can get by without paying anything. But with every level you feel just how much you’ll eventually be forced to pay to continue. Developers, please, make this a paid game. A one time purchase on the app-store of like 3 dollars. That way, all these loyal people who have played your games for years get the whole game. One of the lower-tier rifles costs 480 gold. That’s nearly 5 dollars. This game is hardly worth that. Anyone who wants a good hunting game can find it here, if they have a fortune to surrender to it just to progress.

  • Yaasss

    by fishindan

    I love how there is spear fishing and fishing historical hunting and normal hunting I love this game the graphics are awesome

  • Fix this please!

    by HunterKillerDrone1234

    In the second map, Texas, a wolf can come up behind you but you can’t turn to shoot it. It is also the same when a boar charges because you can’t look down far enough.

  • I wish I could play😢✋💔

    by wold devstater

    Every time I go in to the app it kicks me out.✋But I think it's a it's a good game?🤔🙃🙂

  • Could be Great

    by Jdawg123331

    Fun game, great graphics. You have to pay to advance at all. It’s obviously just a money taking game, it’s not even like you can try to win without paying. Such a shame, could be a great game.

  • Okay

    by Mojofang

    It’s a great fun game but takes up way to much storage, I deleted 3 apps because it said I needed more, 10 minutes later, I’m out of storage

  • Fun, but some frustrating bugs

    by Mrs. A Fox

    I had downloaded this game a few years ago and played it a lot and decided to download it again just two days ago or so...I keep getting the same two errors connection error 01.306.007 and timed out error 01.306.013 which is suuuuper frustrating! It’s a fun game to pass time on, but these issues need to be fixed!

  • El mejor juego de Caza

    by gloria obando

    Si es cierto que le faltan unos parcecillos pero es muy bueno

  • The errors

    by cooldud5434

    Don’t get me wrong this game is pretty fun but every time I play a error Comes up and kicks me out of the game.🥺😤🤬

  • Awesome game

    by Breck the awesome hunter

    Best game ever can’t wait for 2019 deer hunter

  • Fun

    by Highcountryhunt88

    This is an entertaining game for me really enjoy it

  • Help?

    by alexandriafuentes

    Great but now my season Keeps timing out??

  • Session timing out

    by gunner463

    Game is fun but fix the freaking issue of the session timing out constantly!!! Super frustrating!

  • Fun, Too Many Glitches

    by rms0311

    Fun game to play, however has many glitches. Can only play once in a while. All other times I get the message “Session timed out” or “Can’t connect with server.” (This happens when I get too much gold or cash without buying it)

  • Trouble timing out.

    by jeepster 13

    I’m having a lot of trouble with the game timing out especially after making a purchase or upgrade. It’s very frustrating because it than cost me money money or gold which I then have to use again after it restarts. It’s becoming very frustrating. I hope there is a way to resolve this matter I have been playing this game loyally since the very first edition. If there is a way to get the gold or money back that would be extremely awesome, and I would be very grateful.

  • Great game, but a little buggy.

    by WeinerPalooza

    As the title says, this game is great but it is pretty buggy. The most common one being random error codes that can sometimes completely boot you out of the game and leave you confused as to what the problem was. Other times it tells me my session timed out, this one is the most common I’ve noticed as it can appear randomly at any time. Sometimes I’ll have 40 energy and I can play the full length without any glitches, other times I can barely do two hunts. Aside from that, other glitches are actually pretty humorous so if anything they should stay simply because of it providing more of a challenge but in the wrong way lol. I’d give this game a 5/5 if not for the error messages but either way it’s a great hunting game, especially for one on the phone!

  • Excellent

    by Tavindane

    I can't stop playing this game Help me please!!

  • Great game

    by Your huff

    Best game ever but can we plz find out when 19 is coming out

  • Fun game

    by Jackman wells me

    Love hunting game games

  • Amazing

    by dont now a good nick

    This game is awesome its really cool my favorite part is the fishing under water

  • Deer Hunting 2018

    by Bowhunter29

    Fun Game with multiple different types of hunting to help make money and upgrade weapons! Fun way to pass time. Love the live hunting tournament feature to win additional prizes.

  • Best game ever

    by Goat3016

    The game is awesome!

  • Connection

    by jeep gamer

    The game is fun but after adds the game loses connection and I lose my rewards

  • Best game ever

    by thegamingknigh

    This is the best game ever I can not stop playing I keep want to give 5 stars no 9999999999 stars I’m just amazed I can never get into a game and this is game and even I won’t stop🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Not working on iphone x

    by Red lebanese

    Stuck on updating for hours please fix it

  • Fun but flawed

    by JDB101517

    The game is fun to play, love the spear fishing. The biggest downfall is that it takes too long to upgrade weapons.


    by Athlete of the Month

    This game was fun until about a week then it started to say “session timed out” and whatever I did during that session, didn’t save. Please fix the problem ASAP.

  • Fix it

    by the fire ball2,000,000

    Great game but after a while it says session timed out then I am attacked by a carnivore please fix in the next update

  • Amazing

    by KeeganM612

    I loved this game not only because I’m a hunter but because of the quality of the game. I have One suggestion that could add the real hunting feeling. You need you add field dressing an animal, or at least the option to. I would like to see this option in DH 2019.

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