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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

34.2% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • This game cheats

    by bdaihsfdbhiihsd

    I love the game it’s awesome is especially rod fishing and spearfishing but it cheats in the events like complete target shooting the enemy the person on the opposite team always wins I’m at rank each in a bronze tournament and it cheats I always lose and I so you should always have a good suit raining in spearfishing that’s the only thing I don’t like in spearfishing I think once you get everything to the max that you should be able to hunt all of the fish that are your target and you should see them often not like not like let’s say that your target was a long night is parent fish and then you would see it like once in a while like once a week you should see it like five times a day is even if you’re reading is low that’s what you say and you still shouldn’t be any gear part you just need to get to the max and then you’re able to hunt any fish and I sell him you can’t have in the rifles series and in the shotgun series and in the AR Siri you can’t have predators in each of them all at the same time it’s unfair please adjust the game with these recommendations and I also love this game it’s awesomeness awesome about the target shooting the gun moves around when you don’t motion it to move around I don’t like that.

  • by A Google user

  • Lost items

    by Don't get fooled again!

    Briefly fun but becomes repetitive quickly. Items purchased have been lost with 3 complaint tickets and counting sent to nonexistent customer support. You know how there is at least an auto reply as in "your issue has been received and is being reviewed..."- nada. Do not purchase anything from this game. 4 different items have disappeared on 4 different occasions- was not a singular glitch. Old deer hunter used to allow you to get a single stellar gun that would allow you to get through the entire game without purchasing another one. This Dh forces you to purchase a gun for each region with the constant need for upgrades every few hunts- utter tedium. Spear fishing addition is fun although progression is nonexistent unless you purchase items with real currency to progress leaving you in game limbo playing the same region over, and over and over again. The constant need to upgrade and purchase new items has made this game unplayable for the casual gamer and the disappearing items has rendered this game useless for the player who is willing to throw down a few bucks as there are no guarantees on purchased items. Update: 5th support ticket written and still no response!

  • by Sniper McOneshot

    What happened to Deer Hunter? I won't spend another dime on this game. If you want to add a dog...fine, add spear fishing...fine, rod fishing...whatever. But don't force me to play it and download additional content that I will only use the one time you make me...literally; you have coded it so that I cannot back out until I "experience" it. What happened to just makng Deer Hunter a game about...oh I dont know deer hunting!

  • Most Desperate Game Ever

    by Natdudidrjje

    Single most ad-filled “desperate for 10 year old’s parent’s money” game I’ve ever played. Other than of course every other Deer Hunter game they’ve made. Decently slow as well. Every 30 seconds you are either viewing an ad (fixable of course for a small fee), or you’re attempting to get a new weapon only to find out the only way to purchase a weapon in the entire beginner’s region range is to use gold which is only acquired through in-app-purchases. I understand the game is designed specifically targeting people attempting to get ahead from the beginning by spending their parents money on a $5 “starter pack” available of course for the first 30 minutes of gameplay because that’s when people are most prone to purchase things. Followed by a close second of people who have somehow either dumped money or fought their way through ads and SOMEHOW acquired a decent enough weapon through REQUIRED upgrades rather than just suffering during the hunt due to your porter quality of weapon. Buyer beware you’re getting into a trap. If ads and frustration are your thing, then you’re on the right track.

  • by A Google user

    Hello, I have played this game for many months now and i really enjoy it however i have recently had my tablet reset and after reinstalling this game, even with my google play account attached to it, i have not only lost all my game progress, but all my in app purchases as well (well over 20-30 dollars spent.) And even after pressing restore in app purchases, nothing has come back tome. I would like it if my purchases are to be refunded if i am to never be able to use them after purchasing. Kind regards, Moira J.

  • by Jim D

    Absolutely stupid. I miss the old deer hunters on PC. Ones where it was an immersive world to move around in and there were no time limits. Weapons were realistic and animals had unique behaviors. This is about as far from actual hunting as you could get. Don't waste your time. This game has no business sharing the name Deer Hunter with it's predecessors. Deer Hunter 2005 that was a game. Deliver that experience and I'll pay good money.

  • Long time player

    by Haleycooky

    I’ve played this game off and on since it was released. I recently just downloaded it after a couple years of not playing. All I have to say is less is more. After playing the previous versions and now playing this game, I am lost. Totally confused. There are simply wayyyy too many different games to do. Almost all of which take up the same 10 point energy bar. Or they cost gold to play further. Or they require you to play the event and get different kind of coins. Kinda ridiculous and way too tedious. As busy as this game is and as much as it annoys me I would like to see the energy bar lengthened, and for all of the different games to draw from different energy bars. But ONLY energy. Not gold not coins. This game has also become much more ad ridden and practically begs you to pay for everything left and right with real money. It’s just silly. Takes way too long to progress anymore and is simply set up to be confusing it seems like. Used to really like this game. But now it’s mostly a big mess. 2 stars at most. It’s a shame.

  • by Aaron Sholty

    game was a blast to play right up until i was going for the final trophy on level 2. it said i need to upgrade my gun so i did and now its not letting me do any hunting, fishing or anything else. i literally cannot play the game anymore because the game glitched or something. the game itself will load up and i can manuver around the different game types but when i go to hunt and hit the hunt button nothing hapoens. its like the game doesn't know that i hit the hunt button.

  • by Eugene Daoust

    The graphics are very good...I do not play the hunting part of the game even though that is why I downloaded it. I play the competitive shooting. But the game has nothing but issues. I have read downloaded this game three times. And once I redownload it and play it and shut it off it never works again. They released the game when it was not ready to be released. Way too many issues. Connection problems, updating problems, constant errors and if I could I would give this game zero stars but I cannot. if you like to play a game that has nothing but problems go ahead and download it but I will never download it again. How it became and editors choice is beyond me.

  • by CalebToutdoors

    I loved this game and it was fun. And every few days they have these hunting "contests". I came in 6th in one of these contests and the game rewarded me with 2000 gold bars which is about $20 if I were to pay for them. As soon as it hit my account the game crashed. When I reopened the app all my gold was gone, I asked customer service about it and they said it was not refundable. They said it happened because I didnt have a strong enough signal. I have 4 out of 5 bars of 4g service.

  • by A Google user

    It's nothing but a money game like all the others. You don't even get to really hunt then it says you have to buy a new rifle. No way to earn the gold on this game, just all those stupid lying offers. No good. Not worth downloading.

  • I would give this zero stars but I can’t

    by Justin37844

    One of the worst games I’ve ever played, only way to succeed playing this game is to dump large amounts of money to upgrade guns gear etc. this game needs a huge fix or make the game cost 5 bucks and have everything in the game be free because it’s just ridiculous I tried my best and downloaded apps for free gold and what not and it still wasn’t enough to even get past a few regions and I mean I downloaded a ton of apps and got a ton of gold over 100k in gold and it still wasn’t enough and the game glitches sometimes you don’t even get your gold also the customer service was HORRIBLE worst game I ever played in my entire life this company should be sued and or taking off the App Store because I feel bad for all the people they are taking advantage of while making tons of money and not even making a better cheaper game. I’ll stick with call of duty. Thanks and beware.

  • by Chris Roth

    fun game, but it has so many bugs. sessions time out about every 2-5 minutes. lame, but has potential and would be worth purchasing if they had decent servers. honestly don't even attempt to play unless you enjoy watching load screens and losing your progress. I assume a series of potatoes and hamsters on wheels is being used as their servers... honestly this game deserves an award. somehow everything is laggy as all hell. the menus, single player, multi player. it all lags and times out.

  • Take Your Money and Run

    by Gamer Since the 80s

    This app is a fun game if you are willing to pay $20 every time you advance to new levels. I have nothing against a game maker making some money to entertain me but these guys take it over the limit. They make SuperCell look like the Salvation Army. And to get gold without buying it, prepare for a hour of playing every 2 hours to even come close. To make things worse, the app is unstable and when you lose connectivity secondary to their servers you lose whatever you were doing be it gold, a hunt, or a purchase. They offer no resolution other than repeating the same tag line about checking connectivity. I emailed them screen captures of my internet speed, stable connectivity, and asked them for help or a refund and they denied every request over a 4 week period of gently communicating through their app. Well congratulations, your app is deleted. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

  • by A Google user

    This is made for small children. Basically you shoot things on screen. If you miss or have to shoot more than one they'll run at you, but all you have to do is wait til they leap. They go in slow mo, and you can head shot everytime. 0% skill involved.

  • The Contoller Support is mixed up.

    by Jake 20000000000000000

    I have a SteelSeries Nimbus MFi Apple controller. This app has controller support, but it’s all over the place!! When playing the hunting portion of the game, on screen it says that "L2" aims, but really it pauses the game. While on screen it says "B" pauses the game, but actually "B" does nothing. And apparently "Y" aims (I had to figure that out on my own). And while aiming, it says to press "L3" to use the x-ray feature, but really you have to press "L1" to use the x-ray feature. Also, when navigating through the game with the controller, it says something like press "A" to continue, but really "A" does nothing, you have to press the "Menu" button to continue. Pretty much everything seems random when it comes to the controller scheme and what is said on screen. Please fix this ASAP. Thank You.

  • by Gagan Preet

    Good game but in app prices are steep my biggest issue is that crates even with subcription their yield are minimum 99% of time i get only 5 parts where their are more than 50 needed to just upgrade your equipment it will take years to complete 1 quest i am struck om many missions because of this. if you have lot of free time to waste only then play.

  • by Matthew Kalmbach

    good at first. even progression through the beginning. Then you either need to purchase stuff or grind out the same shotgun hunts over and over to make enough money to move on. Lost intrest after a while. Plus super long log in time, with constant up dates.

  • Drop Drop Drop Drop Drop, oh, and Drop

    by Colts4vr

    Downloaded 2018 as I had played DH 2017 and then tired of its repetitiveness early on in the year. Thought maybe this was an exciting new 'spin' on the idea.... Screech, bang, halt. Nope. Sure, some different scenery, animals, dog pals, Sharks... Yeah, that would maybe be neat and fun.... But.... The game either wants you to play until you blow your brains out to earn enough doubloons to get an upgrade, OR, you are dropped every frickin 5 minutes! Seriously... Log in, play 2 minutes, get dropped. Log back in, play 5 minutes, start getting into it, dropped. The fact that I am patient as a Saint is the only reason I haven't thrown the iPad across the room while playing! Save the grief... Go download a Zombie FPS game and get some enjoyment, cause this game is a headache.

  • by billj1staff

    It would be a great game if it actually would work and not cut out right before and during game play. I made the mistake of spending money on upgrades. But are useless because it can't stay on.

  • Wallet Hunter

    by Bay Area Metal Head

    Deer Hunter has always been a micro transaction bully, but it’s reached new levels in 2018. Sure they’ve added more game modes and features... but that doesn’t change that it’s near impossible to advance through without spending a stupid amount of money. And if you don’t want to spend your’s or your parents hard earned income, why not sign your personal info away for some bogus survey company promises game currency in return? I can’t think of many other games — if any — that are this desperate. Purchasing a rifle that’s only good for 1-2 regions can literally cost around $20 actual USD. At least other games that beg for your money have more interesting, less repetitive content. (Seriously, this game is just shoot the animal over and over again, but with different weapons and scenery).

  • Edited -- amount of money is ridiculous

    by Eds119

    Get ready to spend some serious cash.... annoying. I really enjoy the spearfish adventure, so I spent some cash on a speargun set and a suit. About $15 total... turns out that 15 bucks you can only use in 1 spot so it's useful for about 1 day. Get rid of the BS 1 area only. After I've spent cash on the most expensive suit, let me use it in all regions. Can't even use the suit unless I spend another 30 or so on prerequisite suits. Still fun but you're severely limited unless you drop a couple hundred. Aside from that, the spear fishing is the best there is.... so I'll stick to the piddly area forever it seems cause I'm not spending another 30 to find out I have to spend another 50 for those parts/suits to be useable.

  • Great but glitchy

    by Keithpdf

    Fun game. Yes it can be repetitive as others have mentioned. Earning gold that you need to advance is impossible without spending lots of money. I don’t mind spending money, I have a gaming budget. But the real reason for my low star rating is simply this. The game is glitchy. It freezes all the time. I just played 10 pvp matches in elite arena and stayed at level 3 the whole time even though I was winning. The game keeps freezing at the end of the match with the error message, “sorry something went wrong”. Really!!!??? Come on developers. Please fix. I simply won’t waste my game budget on glitchy games. You’ll get your 5 stars and my cash when you fix this.


    by Jonathan sparrow 16

    The game won't load the first thing it wants you to go on. Which is Events. So I won't be able to play the game at all! Please fix this problem! The last Deer Hunter game I've played was the first Deer Hunter that you could have dogs. I can't remember what year it was though. That might be the problem, but I'm not sure. Please fix this problem. Please! It loads the menu, but it puts a glowing orange square around the Events box. The Events box shows that it is downloading. However, it will never change any of its numbers. The numbers it's stuck on are 6.20 or something megabytes. No matter how long I'm on it. It never changes a number ever! Please fix this! I want to play Deer Hunter once more!

  • Annoying

    by Kvworshiper

    I was enjoying the game. Dollar amounts are ridiculous. I made it all the way to level 24 without making a single purchase. Now there is an error that occurs every time I play a round and it restores me back to where I was. Also, the game is repetitive. Animals come from the same places on each region. You have to upgrade your weapon every region. Why would I need to keep upgrading and it's still just a double barrel shotgun. Stupid game design just geared towards a cheap buck. Annoying that the error won't let me finish. Also, they added fishing and forced me to play that before I could move on in hunting.

  • Literally Unplayable

    by Dawholybirch

    I played for a few days and enjoyed it at first because it allowed you to do several different things while you wait for the energy for other modes to charge back up. But I keep running into the same problem... the game continuously pops up an error message mid game and makes you reset the game in order to play again. This is not simply bad connection considering I only play when I’m connected to my 50Mbps wireless. Other than that the game is based around micro transactions just to play the most entertaining parts of it! It looks amazing but the disconnection issues and the pay to progress aspect absolutely ruin it.

  • Newest update crashes

    by ChickLips

    Continues to lock up on fishing section and can not get out to other areas. Unplayable. Totally junk. DH 2018 crashes and locks up just as DH 2017 did on last update. Unplayable. Continues to crash on opening. Still unplayable. Latest update still make DH 2017 unplayable. Total lock up of game. Latest fishing update causes program to crash and lock up requiring a full shut down to get out of the lock up and use any other program. 2015 games was better, better graphics and far less expensive. Watch out for the "View Offers" to get free gold, it's a scam. No gold is ever provided. Game is almost impossible to advance without spending vast amounts of $. Newest update, June 2016, crashes and will not open. Latest update 2/17 crashes to a white screen with total lock out. Latest update, which I was forced to do, crashes every time video is watched to get more gold. Totally locked up game and I'm forced to restart my iPad to clear the lockup. Game is basically unplayable now.

  • Can’t play without paying

    by esteemed gentalmen

    This is a game that is absolutely impossible to progress without paying real money. It’s fun for the first few hunts, but they have a bunch of different scenarios for hunting all of which are the same pay to play. Don’t let it fool you. Adds everywhere and the weapons they sell you barely scrape by and you get to a point early on where the stats of the weapon are insufficient for the hunt and there is no way to make in game money to get better gear. It seems the days of just paying your excessive phone bill to enjoy something is over. Now you are essentially paying a rate per month for an ad machine

  • Trying to take your money

    by Kidlover69111

    To be fair, there is a lot of content in this game. The problem is that most of it is just unchallenging point and click and the real game is in the progression of upgrading weapons. When you either have to grind through boring missions or pay money to progress, it's really a pointless game. The one bright spot is the target competition mode where you play against other players. There's still an upgrading progression but most of it is attainable and the content is actually fun, so you don't feel the need pay to avoid the gameplay.

  • Too many updates

    by 3m1c4t

    So I’m fine with it eating my battery, I’m fine with all the ads, I’m fine with grinding to get enough of a certain currency in order to progress, but I’m not okay with this game wasting my time. I think one update a day is frivolous but my game has to basically redownload itself every time I open it, taking a minimum of 15 minutes when I have DECENT internet. It’s fun I suppose, when it’s playable and obviously I play it enough to be this frustrated at it so if it could just stop being stupid that would be great.


    by MontanaMadeMan

    This USED to be an enjoyable game- until they took every work around away and made everything in the game extreme “pay to play”. I expect a little of that from almost every game or app, but GLU has take it to a whole new level! There is no way to even break even now- pay or stall. I do NOT recommend this game to anyone unless you wish to spend, spend, spend, and spend some more! Customer support while sounding sympathetic, does not care. The reward system is the WORST! This is a company that is simply out to drain your bank account- nothing else matters. Do NOT Download!

  • Not free to play!

    by Piercedguy2011

    It is ridiculous how much it cost for each rifle and the required upgrades to progress in this game now by the time you get to region nine you have to literally spent days shooting in the shotgun or automatic rifle arena to get enough funds just to buy the beginning gun let alone upgrade it. Basically it’s only free to play until region eight after that unless you spend money you can’t progress in this game you already fill it with a ton of ads! How about making it an actual free to play game like you claim and quit trying to milk even more money out of people

  • Meh

    by john.allen035

    The game itself is fun; I enjoy it very much. But like most freemium games at a certain point, to proceed in the game you have to buy some package from the game. The spear fishing point of the game is fun, but it’s so hard to proceed because you cannot get the suit upgrades because it’s all chance (which is totally against you) to get the up grades you need. The price tag on the suits is high and combined with upgrading your weapon or being required to buy a new one for the stage, you cannot get the suit you need.

  • Come on

    by Claxton41934

    I just contacted you guys through the developer website as well, I’m so tired of watching videos and not getting my energy or clicking on the watch video for 2x extra energy and then it just disappearing!!! Same goes with the 5x gold videos!!! Absolutely love this game and would totally give it 5 stars if I actually had all the energy and gold that I’ve watched videos for!!! It’s ridiculous, if it doesn’t get changed soon then I’m going to delete!!! Tired of wasting my time

  • Big Disappointment

    by Mickdoogul

    The hunting part of this game is very good but buyer beware of the diving game. The game developers thought it would be fun to have "spins" in order to upgrade your diving suit, which in theory it might have been. The problem is that when you spin you will likely land on a suit that you do not own or a suit that is no longer needed. This is where these guys get you, expect to spend money on gold so that you can buy more spins. My advise......stay far away from this game or plan on spending a lot more money than what this game is worth!

  • Picks your pocket

    by Pipe32

    Charged me a weekly fee I saw it in my email and wrote 2 complaints and thought it was fixed. I noticed a small charge on my credit card and many screens loaded later I see that I have a weekly 2 dollar plus tax “subscription” I never knowing subscribed to any continual payment plan option. Who would want to? 8 dollars a month for a game. Gee Netflix and premium channels are nearly that much. Also the game became a consortium of pay to be able to be competitive enough in the game and every facet of the game wanted a fee.

  • Exhausting

    by dookie bob

    I would love to give this game 5 stars. Really enjoy playing it.... But when it takes longer to download the region every time I open the game than the actually game time I get to play, it kinda makes it annoying. I would even spend money on this game if it wasn’t for that. I don’t know what’s causing it. The game play in and of its self is fine. No lags or anything. Just takes a thousand forevers downloading every single time. Would love to see that fixed.

  • Dead meme

    by Loganzeeboss

    First off I love this scenery and the mechanics are on point and the gameplay it’s self is un beatable for this category of game. However it is a piece of crap (thank the creators for that ). You start off good and then you literally have to buy gold to buy guns to play certain missions, I have been avoiding play to win games especially this one, I wanted to do the ar contracts then it said you need to purchase this weapon, it ended up being some 300 or so gold that is freaking stupid. And trust me if I could rate this anything it would be a negative 2.5

  • Needs IPhone X Support

    by W sn

    Decent game but desperately needs iPhone X support, looks like a Iphone 4 game with the borders cut half of the screen is missing on the 10. Funny how there are plenty of ads and ways to buy items with real money but no support for a month and a half year old Phone there are hundreds of apps optimized already whilst this one is lacking. I will change my review once this easy to fix issue is addressed. UPDATE: Several weeks later no change so I am reflecting my opinion on the rating from 3 stars to 1.

  • Absolute Junk

    by Markibenny

    I Downloaded this game a few weeks ago, it worked for 2 weeks and then it started to bug the hell out with time running in laps making it impossible to play the stages as they would end in about 5-6sec. The last update a week ago did nothing to fix it and now as I start any stages it tells me an error as occurred and the whole thing as to be restarted, EVERY TIME !!!! I’m erasing this game from my iPad, my iPhone and my memory, good riddance, not worth raising my blood pressure over such garbage that’s supposed to relax you.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Sniper McOneshot

    What happened to Deer Hunter? I won't spend another dime on this game. If you want to add a dog...fine, add spear fishing...fine, rod fishing...whatever. But don't force me to play it and download additional content that I will only use the one time you make me...literally; you have coded it so that I cannot back out until I "experience" it. What happened to just makng Deer Hunter a game about...oh I dont know deer hunting!

  • seriously?

    by wvfarrier

    Its a fun game that is ruined by non stop ads. Deleted

  • Awesome game but it could be better

    by Man4mtexas

    I love this game but it could be better !!! For starters if you have the currency and gold to purchase a gun, shotgun, bow or fishing rod you should have the option to purchase it. Also the price to purchase them is out rages. Another down fall is you need to have a fishing rod for that region. If you already have a better rod you should be able to use it !!!!! Make this happen (Developers) and you’d have an amazing GAME.....

  • Joke.

    by jahfbevsid

    It’s a joke. Downloaded it and whenever I opened it, it would freeze. If I could rate it a negative I would.

  • Yyghgyu

    by Sonnier2010

    The game is keeping me out

  • Fun game

    by Jason8719

    This is a fun game but the ads are literally killing it. Most of the ads that showing are freezing the game to where you have to completely close out the game and restart it. It gets pretty frustrating. I thought it was my phone at first but it’s not. Sometimes when I what an ad for extra energy or gold, it doesn’t go through because the ads freeze the game. Please fix this issue.

  • Not that good

    by Rm0425

    Too many ads all the time

  • Pop up ads ruin it

    by Glc8

    I shut down the app when the annoying pop up ads come up. I’m just going to delete it - too frustrating.

  • L

    by cooling74

    Was good until the game stopped loading and keeps shutting down on me

  • Sorta

    by cougs-10

    The game is fun for the first couple of regions, then you’re just trying to earn money to buy a gun powerful enough to complete your hunt. It just starts to be super tedious and full of ads trying to get you to buy gold. Half of the other missions like historical hunts and fishing require you to buy gold with real money because you cant earn them otherwise . I’d give it a 5 out of 10 to start and then a 3 out of 10 after you compete the first couple of levels.

  • Worst than you think

    by ltboggie

    If I could I would give this no stars because of its begging you can’t play one game with out upgrading something or paying for something but it’s not that bad it’s away worst And remember I am entitled to MY own opinion 😡

  • Pay to Play

    by Puckhoggg7845

    You can’t play for more than 5 minutes without paying. They make offers to let you watch advertisements for gold but I watched 4 and didn’t receive any gold. I deleted the game.

  • This game is trash!

    by jdog836

    This game is so bad when you try to shoot it moves you

  • Game froze 1 minute in and shut down.

    by Oshkoshbegosh

    Title says it all.

  • Forced play

    by blahh bleh bla

    Being forced to play different modes is unsettling ! Spear hunting ???? This is an above ground hunting games! 😒

  • Game won’t load

    by King killerwhile

    It is a great game I’ve played deer hunter 2014 and I really enjoyed it but the deer hunter 2018 I just downloaded it yesterday and I got stuck in the loading screen while it is saying update and I waited for a good 10 minutes but it still didn’t work. Please fix this error cause I really enjoy playing this game thx

  • Crashes every minute

    by ThadQ.

    Worthless. Can’t play more than one minute without it crashing.

  • App keeps having an error and resetting

    by djdjsjsjdjd

    App keeps having an error and resettin

  • Glitch

    by chadporter6776

    Really solid game very nice. Only problem is that every time I play it kicks me off and says session timed out. This is the only game I play that has done this. I get maybe 5 mins of play and it kicks me off!! Really annoying!!

  • Fix all the freeze ups and errors

    by SD/T/T

    Have been playing this game for a while and now all of the sudden every time I try to hunt or just get done hunting an error code shows and I loose energy and money. Has the option to watch a video for free gold or energy and numerous of times it hasn’t given me the energy or gold. Have played in the tournament and was supposed to get gold and energy and an error code shows up and I don’t receive it. Once you get into the higher levels, your hunting the same animals as you were in the beginning. Takes hours to get anywhere unless you spend real money. Has a lot of fixing that needs done that’s for sure!

  • Keeps getting error

    by masked_reviewer

    I keep getting an error. “Timed out” or “lost connection” or “needs restart” after only playing for a couple mins.

  • Fix this game

    by JD38380

    This game is really good but it crashes every 2 minutes and it makes me do one mission like 4 times. Fix these crashes

  • Don’t know what to do

    by zebrachick9208

    Loved it till it started to say (session timed out restart) every time I go to play. I’ve tried everything redownloading restarting my phone.

  • Game crashes

    by South3rnBelle18

    Game crashes all the time. I have emailed, made sure it was upgraded, WiFi. Injection and all and it still crashes and no one will email back.

  • Crashes ALL the time

    by Rotinpixels

    Would give it a 5 star, but you can’t go 5 minutes without a dropped connection, timed out session, or some random error. Just gets old after awhile.

  • Horrible

    by pcpcad

    The concept of this game is great However the execution is horrible. I’ve spent well over $100 on all of the ads and add-ons and yet the Game keeps crashing every 20 to 30 seconds. He will be inundated with ads and things to buy and spend a little time playing the game so when the games keeps crashing it’s a very frustrating experience. Don’t waste your money until they have the glitches worked out

  • Session time outs

    by 38901

    It would be a great game if it wasn’t for all the sessions timeouts every 5 minutes. You have to just keep restarting when it comes up

  • Not great

    by Kellyvanwinkle

    Can’t invert the crosshairs, makes it difficult to be accurate. Game is glitchy. Deleted within 15 minutes.

  • I don’t want to fish!!!!!!!!!

    by joewingy

    Open your game after it had been a while since I last played. It updated. Unlocked fishy. I don’t want to fish yet the prompt make me go to the fishing boards. I can’t click back to get out of them. Uninstalling your game. Frustrated

  • Needs WORK

    by BØxPURGE

    The game needs some work with the gold with a certain amount of money we should be able to buy gold just like with the gold we’re able to use to get energy or something because every good match or new season you have to buy gold don’t be a rip off

  • Ads freezing and too many restarts

    by Cap'n Morgan

    There are too many “must be restarted” and some ads which freeze for this to be enjoyable any longer. 5 minutes of game play = 2 or more restarts.

  • Es bueno

    by javi19872007

    Pero estoi en elnivel 25 y empezó a fallar no se que pasa

  • Cheats

    by kdd8277

    I just recently downloaded this game and just a few minutes ago a hunting tournament/season ended. I finished in 11th place and I was supposed to win 1,000 gold and 30 energy. It gave it to me but right after I received it, it told me there was an error and restarted the game. When the game finished restarting it had taken away my winnings. I’m going to delete this app and will never download it again.

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