Why We Love This

  1. Hunt more than 100 species of animals, including big game, from ecosystems all over the world
  2. Master your shots with realistic sightlines, delicate trigger mechanisms, and true-to-life gun operation
  3. Compete against fellow hunters and track your progress with the worldwide leaderboard and achievement features

Review Highlights

  1. great graphics

    in 2,515 reviews

    Really nice game. Great graphics and good gameplay. Overall, one of the best I've played.

  2. addictive

    in 2,007 reviews

    So addictive! It's a really fun game! But why do they fall down so fast when u kill them?

  3. best hunting game

    in 1,037 reviews

    A wsome games amazing animals cool looking dogs best hunting game i,ve seen so far

  4. slow loading

    in 451 reviews

    Very slow loading. It's lot of fun but slow as Hell. Need to fix & I will re rate

  5. good time killer

    in 366 reviews

    It's alright. Good time killer. Takes a while to make enough for better weapons, though.

  6. awesome gameplay

    in 201 reviews

    Awesome graphics, awesome gameplay, awesomely realistic physics great game!

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