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decoration game yacht decorate

decoration game yacht decorate


decorate your new yacht with our best decoration game .

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Editor’s Review

  1. Live the life of luxury! Decorate your own enormous yacht & sail the seas in top comfort
  2. Create a one-of-a-kind-yacht! Use beautiful carpets, countless colors & top-quality furniture to make every room shine
  3. Have a new idea? Simply tap Replay & redecorate rooms from the bottom up

Reviewed by Antonio on May 11, 2018

App Description

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Do you like to travel in luxury and style? Then forget about the old buses, cars and planes and try to make a trip around the world on a yacht! You could even decorate it yourself. Start with the walls and choose an elegant wood, a fun white and black zebra prints or blue and purple stripes. Make sure the ceiling and the floor match. It would be useless to be on a yacht though if you didn't have a big window so you can see the water at all times. Hang up a painting on the wall to, to beautify the room with some art. In one corner of your room you need a small kitchen for practical reasons and underneath the window you can put a very comfy sofa. Complete with an armchair and a coffee table between them. Under it you can put a big soft carpet and finish with stairs, so you can get outside on the deck. Enjoy playing Yacht Decoration!

all of us knows that Only the rich can afford to buy Yachts and everything that is overly expensive. Today you are going to have the opportunity to do a Yacht Decoration. You are going to click on the buttons below to see which decorations are more appealing and stop when you have chosen a design.

You just bought a yacht! How exciting is that! You've been saving money for years, and finally, this summer, you'll be able to sail. Before you do so, you want to throw a yacht party for all your friends and family. But the yacht is so empty! Let's decorate it with chic and expensive furniture and make it look amazing! Once the design is done, you can invite your friends!

One of the most luxurious things is a yacht. Everyone dreams of having one. How would you decorate it if you own a big, expensive yacht? Here is your chance to see it! Decorate two rooms of your yacht!

or you can be As an interior architect, you always decorated houses, but now you should decorate a yacht. It is luxurious and big. We can design and decorate according to our own taste. Make a sophisticated decoration and let everyone admire your work!

It's all yours to decorate before you invite your friends for a nice yacht trip. Let's pick from the luxurious and expensive decorative items and make your yacht look amazing!

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decoration game yacht decorate

decoration game yacht decorate

3.5 4K+ Reviews

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