Deadly Association - A Hidden Object Adventure

Deadly Association - A Hidden Object Adventure


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  • Another great game from Microids Mar 31, 2014

    By fairlind
    So ok, having to tilt the phone to find all the hidden objects bugs me. So does not having a skip button for mini games, especially when they're timed, since my fingers aren't as agile as they used to be. But I have been able to finish their games in spite of that, and I love them so much I put up with those things. Keep bringing us your interesting stories. And more vampire stories with sexy priests please. :)
  • Great game! Nov 23, 2012

    By Ashhlleey
    Has so many mini games and a full story line. Lots of 'forensic fun', which I love! The beginning part to find the cell phone is difficult, and appears off screen. However, it is reachable. The screen will tilt as you tilt your iPhone for better access. Terrific game!
  • Way Cool!!! Oct 6, 2012

    By HorseLoverGirl5
    Im a huge fan of detective games, so this made me want the full version! If you also like detective games and mystery games, get it!! I am definitely getting the full version 😄
  • Meh. Feb 13, 2013