Dash Up
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  • Simple yet addictive Jun 28, 2017

    By cavinsays
    Simple yet addictive little game. Often frustrating, since it gets to be challenging quickly. But the more you play, the higher you can jump and that's what makes it so hard to put down! Only wish I could play other music while playing the game to replace in-game music.
  • New version Jan 15, 2015

    By Yooneshabibi
    Hi First thanks for your game Second I have new ideas for new update of dash up. Add soccer mode. Players must draw a way of ball very fast . And add table tennis mode . Players must hold them finger under the ball to control it. Thank you a lot Please read my idea and do it.
  • EXTREMELY HARD (MUST TRY) Jun 25, 2015

    By Cameron0088
    This game is super hard and almost impossible to fully get used to but it was a smart and great idea, and is a fun game it really throws a challenge at you, (much harder than flappy bird) MUST TRY
  • ^^ Feb 2, 2016

    By Eevee144
    i love the game :D but wouldnt it be cool if u could change the colors? or able to go to ur photos and chose that for the background? :)
  • Awesome! May 26, 2015

    By XtremeGamma
    I love this game and I find myself playing it a lot more than other games
  • No volume button Oct 27, 2015

    By Baltimoreguy543
    Any reason I can't mute the dumb sound effects?
  • I hate this game Nov 16, 2014

    By Tiptoptip5
    Lag on iPhone 6 plus! Seriously ?!
  • Nice copying the game Jun 22, 2015

    By Greetings233
    This game is exactly like Dot Up! So i am very disappointed