Crazy Kick!

Crazy Kick!


Dribble, shoot and score!

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  • I actually like this game Nov 11, 2019

    By Lovecandyheart46
    This game is awesome🤩 I liked it when I first got it. But when I got into the game for a while it was starting to get boring ☹️ so I stopped playing it for awhile and it just sat there. Then one day I decided to check if there were any updates I was surprised when I saw one I quickly updated it and I LOVED the new updates!😍 There were new skins that you can play as a chest that you can win rare ones from and they named the orange players For a second I thought this game turned to an online game 😂 they also added new levels (desert) and mostly a bonus when you complete a handful of levels with coins and it makes sure you don’t launch yourself out while your doing so. If that update wouldn’t have happened I would have deleted the game with no problems. Anyway Great game love it and I hope you do too! ☺️
  • Jun 6, 2020

    By James Balsdon II
    I loved the way that you score and shoot your way into the game! ⚽️🥅 like this goooooooooooal he shoots he scores ! Soccer is AWSOME!!!!!!!!
  • Good game, but.... Jan 23, 2020

    By Gdhdjdbjdjdbf
    Ok so this game I will admit is addicting. It’s so fun to play, but there is one problem. You see, I’m all about keeping a promise. Idk if that’s what you call this problem, but ok. So I was playing a couple levels and after about every one it always said “ gift box ready!” So I clicked open, which brought me to an ad. So I watched the ad and exactly after, I got no gift box. I was really confused so after a couple levels I got it again and clicked open. The same ad popped up and after, I still got no box. Ok so I’m just gonna give advice to whoever is reading this. Get the app, it’s really fun. But whenever there is a little box that says “open” don’t click open. It does not let you have the box. also: i was playing this one level with an iceberg thing, and i passed it. but then it said “unlucky. try again” so i was like oh i must’ve missed. but i clicked retry and it just kept on doing that. i even clicked out of the app but it kept on happening.
  • Jul 1, 2020

    By Ashok Biswas
    I ' m feeling better than other games . very much thank you for making me most relaxing ever . You are most relaxing ever game Thank you The best game
  • This game is great! just could use some improvements Dec 13, 2019

    By Aiden F #1
    I think this is a good game and I like the concept. It is really fun when I’m bored and just laying around or I use it when I’m in the car because it uses no internet. There is just a couple of problems I have to point out. My first point to consider is that the levels just keep repeating and this can make it boring. For example when I am playing on level 45 for say, and then a little while goes by and I start to realize I’ve already been on this level. This just makes me bored because I have nothing new to see or do. My final point to consider is that this game is so easy. I’m not trying to brag but what I’m trying to actually say is that maybe you should put in a easy, hard, and intermediate mode. This not a huge problem though, just more of a suggestion. In all I feel this is a great game but just could use some improvements. Hopefully you find this helpful.