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  • Won’t work on T Mobile network in USA Sep 17, 2018

    By Doug Capp
    Please update the app to run on IPV-6 so we can use it from the T-Mobile network in the US. Thanks
  • Needs work Sep 26, 2015

    By SamanP
    Software update failed! Does not allow you to update. Also video recording on smartphone is needed. Please update.
  • Amazing Camera App Jan 3, 2017

    By .Hempy.
    This app has every feature we need!! 5 stars
  • It's ok, a good choice for home security May 16, 2016

    By In order for more business
    Anyway it's OK
  • Does not work Feb 10, 2016

    By Tgianna
    Worthless I spent a few hours with two different cameras. But even though iPhone claims success when syncing when you try to view it does not work. It does however work with an iPad on the same wi-fi network but you can't change the camera password from the default 123 making it worthless with no security. It's a shame but I'll have to sent both cameras back.
  • Worked great prior to update Feb 24, 2016

    By Tloislane007
    The app worked great prior to the update. since the update the camera keeps timing out and the app is really buggy for showing video and I often have to reboot it two to three times.
  • The worst app and camera ever Dec 3, 2016

    By Brrdie85
    The app doesn't wanna connect to wifi. Camera doesn't wanna synchronize with the app. If contents it stays on for 2min. Works only after restarting. Spend couple of hours dealing with it, not worth it at all! Stay away from this!
  • Look for Other Options! Feb 4, 2016

    By Grayhawk55
    Lost an hour plus of my life trying to connect this 'plug and play' (ha!!) device. App is awful... and instructions that come with the camera are even worse. A complete waste of money. Already in the trash bin...
  • Bad Idea Jan 12, 2017

    By Whompus12
    It was a bad BAD idea to put the "delete_preset" button right next to the "view preset" button. Delete and set preset need to be AWAY from the view selector.