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Cookie Jam: Top Match 3 Game

Cookie Jam: Top Match 3 Game

Jam City, Inc.

Swap Candy To Connect Three

179K+ Reviews
  • 91% positive reviews
  • Free
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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

29% Negative Reviews

Out of 100 most helpful reviews

  • Latest Update Caused Glitch

    by Girlierider

    I’ve played this game for years and I’ve been really impressed with the new changes that allow players more opportunities to win coins and boosters without spending actual money. However, the latest update has created a glitch that moves me back a level or two and makes me replay and beat it, even though it shows the number of stars I earned the first time I beat it, and I can’t progress on without replaying and beating the level again. This has happened four times since the update yesterday and it’s incredibly frustrating and it discourages me from playing the game. Why would I keep replaying the same levels after I’ve already beat them? Especially when they weren’t particularly fun levels to begin with...? Also, the game use to add a new set of levels every Tuesday and Thursday. Now, it seems to only be once a week. It doesn’t take a full week to beat twenty levels, so the game just sits unplayed for the majority of the week while I wait for more levels to be added. I wish the developers would go back to adding new levels twice a week.

  • Love game but it keeps crashing

    by NeishaStar

    Update: Since I updated yesterday with hopes of the game getting fixed, NOTHING changed. It seems since I've made the review, the game is crashing way more frequently (after each round, during the game, whenever it feels like crashing). Just ridiculous!!! First off have to say I love the app but since the update on my when I play on either of my tablets (IPad or Galaxy Tab) it keeps crashing. I'll either complete a level then it'll crash so I'll have to reopen the game. That's very annoying but I always reopen the game. The biggest thing that's a problem is when it crashes WHILE I'm playing a round & when I click to go back I've lost a life or my winning shrike. Then there's been some glitching when I make a match with the cookies, it'll freeze then continue or freeze then the screen goes black the out of the game. PLEASEEEE fix this!!!!! I want to continue playing but if it continues I'll have to probably delete the app.

  • Don’t Like That You Have To Have Facebook To Fox Glitches

    by Have N Fun

    This is a fun game that I have been enjoying for quite a while. However, there have been a lot of glitches. When you leave the game and come back later to play again, it puts you back several levels that you’ve already completed. On other occasions I’ve made it to the end of a land and it will freeze and not advance to the next land. When I restart my device, it puts me back several levels that I have already completed again. I contacted the developer about these issues and their only solution is to have a Facebook account and link the game to that and then they can fix the issues. Otherwise there’s nothing they can do to solve these problems. I don’t have a Facebook account and I won’t be getting one, so I guess I’ll be deleting this app in the near future since they have no other way of fixing their glitches.

  • Could be better

    by 2 ugh

    I don’t care for the fact that once I am done playing OR lose and close out the game it often sends me BACK more than ten plus GAMES THAT I ALREADY PLAYED! 😡 Also I like the piggy bank but I will NOT pay with my own money to open it so if you could come up with a better idea with our earnings and a way to keep them instead of having to pay with our own money that would be great! 😁 On a positive I do like a lot of the improvements that you have made and fixing the glitches too. Improvements like: earning keys more often, playing against others, more color rewards when we start the game from losing the last game. It’s nice to have A LOT of freebies going on before a game starts and during! 🙂 Because of the piggy bank and having to “pay with our own money” I’ve almost deleted this app unfortunately. 😞


    by PunkinTy

    I have been playing Cookie Jam for years. My highest level was somewhere around 2500+. Since I get a new iPhone every 2 years or so, I don’t even mind that I have to start over with my game levels. BUT this year was the worst. The game will just freeze on you, for no reason. But you can bet that it does it whenever you’re about to go to a new board, like a new land with more levels on it. And once it’s frozen, you’re forced to clear the game and whenever you come back, I PROMISE you that you’re at least 4 levels behind. I’ve spent so much money on 5 more moves, and also I’ve contacted their customer service, told them the issue, only to get the general “thank you for loving our product” email reply. I did respond and tell them that I was going to uninstall the game, and I did. I was sad to see the game go, but it really went downhill, “Cookie Jam” makers. I tried.

  • Starting to be boring

    by .bas

    I began to loose my interest for the game, and actually started searching for another one, because upon the last month levels are getting harder in a silly manner (not only the one labeled as hard levels). It’s so boring to keep trying to pass the level endless times to pass it, then same thing is repeated again in every level and at the end discover that the rewards are not worth it. The rewards for the events aren’t of great value. I felt like I have to work so hard to gain points and then find that the reward is too little for all this effort and all these hours. No coin rewards, very few aiding tools as spoons, mittens rollers, and icing decorator. The rewards now are Just some infinity lives and special characters. This is why I’m beginning to dislike this game. Please make the levels a bit easier and the rewards of more value. Thanks

  • Used to be Great But not Anymore

    by jayeburney

    I’ve Been playing cookie jam for several years now I’m at level 2902. Recently the screen started freezing and I have to close the game out and restart it continues to do this the last three weeks or so. Finally a real out of the game and I had lost all their unlimited lives that I had 40 some hours worth I lost all my lives I was sent from my friends. I keep sending requests for help to cookie jam developers and they do nothing they don’t even respond back I spent maybe $100 on this game and I’m all done with it it’s frustrating it is to be fun but now I see how the deck stacked against you when it’s so irritating now you can’t play for more than a couple hours and then it fades out and freezes you have to close out the game. Really frustrating!

  • Super Glitchy with latest version

    by GSQD

    I have been playing this game for a while. I love the new ways to earn bonuses to make the game easier. However, the last couple of updates have caused problems. The first was that the game would just suddenly close. Irritating, but since it always restarted when prompted it wasn’t an issue - until I played a level a dozen or more times and when I finally beat it, it was lost. I had to play it again. Argh! Today, though, every time I finish a level (whether I beat it or not, the game takes me through the steps of continuing but when the game board should come up I see no board. Just a screen with the recipe, the moves say ‘0’ and absolutely no board - blank. I can restart the game, of course, but after one level it does it again. So least until the glitch is fixed.

  • Cookie Jam guest

    by Crashes & Knocked Off Game

    This game was 10 stars use to be the best and fun game better then Candy Crush now it's a 1 Star. This problem has been going on for 4 months crashes, if I do get to play and almost wining then cookie jam knocks me out of game and have to sign in all over again. This updated does not work which I've tried many times rebooting! NO IAM NOT on FACEBOOK I'm not joining to play with others and NOT SHARING when I WIN. Played over 1400 levels told many people to play this game. Have got you many people to play this game, (Sorry People) Developers Fix or stop blocking people from playing or winning. Have not bought or paid to play this or any other game, so have not lost any money. Don't mess with a perfect game like Cookie Jam and copy other games like Candy Crush! FIX the GAME and stop Blocking people if they don't want to play your new update d game!

  • I love the game, BUT

    by Cozette Huggins

    This game is fun in the main and the music gets stuck in your head. However, if I connect to my Facebook friends, it messes with my laptop performance, so I have to use my iPad and not be connected to friends. It is also super stingy with reward carry over and coins. You basically have to spend real life money to advance at pace. If you win a level, none of your awards move with you. I have been stuck with ten coins in the game forever as I refuse to spend cash. I have also found that if you replay levels you cannot win the same thing like spoons or whipped cream the next go round. Blargh.i feel the coins should refresh after an hour, gifting more, allowing also for things you win in one level to transfer to the next.

  • Crashing jam

    by laschark

    This game is constantly crashing and freezing. Usually when I try to open it and reject the offer of signing into Facebook. It’s also freezes frequently during play and will not proceed so that I loose all progress and bonuses. Lots and lots of bugs. I can’t believe I’m the only one having these problems. Update: there has been no solution to the crashing and freezing. I am looking around for a different game that doesn’t push Facebook in your face. It’s ridiculous. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook. The game is also getting greedier and greedier. It’s all about making money instead of putting out a quality product. All of the freebies give you free time to keep you playing and not real bonuses to help you win the game.

  • Please fix the app it crashes constantly

    by KaLMo42

    First off let me say I have played this game for years and loved it. I've never paid for any power ups so sometimes it can take days to beat a level because sometimes it takes pure luck to win, and I'm ok with that. I have two big complaints about the game - 1) I shouldn't have to tell it twice EVERY time I open the app that I don't want to connect to Facebook. Is there no way to do away with this?!?!?! And 2) it now crashes 95% of the time I am playing.... Either mid game or right when I complete the level so I have to do it all over again (which is frustrating when you've used power ups). Please get rid of the FB connect request and stop adding levels until you've got the app fixed!

  • Stressful game

    by Recenme1248

    Stressful game. Can’t ever get coins the most I’ve ever had is 50 and that was shocking when the spinner actually landed on coins (almost fell over) levels are ridiculously hard and actually stressful to pass. This game should be relaxing to play and win more often than you do. This game is rigged, not that you can’t win but you can only win if you 1.) have coins or items to help get past the level(rare) 2.) buy some coins which I think the game is greedy $$ 3.) play so many rounds until you win and by that time you actually realize what the game is doing and hate it. Although it’s ok to play if I’m super bored. Administration has ruined the game by making it too hard to win on any level. Other games are so much more generous, fun and relaxing to play when it comes to prizes, now I play those. 😉

  • Really

    by Mycobra777

    Just completed level 4135 and crashed. Went back to level 4135 to complete again and still trying to complete. This has happened several times. Going back to level already completed. FIX IT!!!!! Tired of spending money to play this game and being pushed back to levels already completed. If it keeps up I’ll delete this game and move on to one that doesn’t take your money and push you back to levels already completed. On level 1492. Closed app and came back now back at level 1489. That is 3 levels completed already. One more chance and then I delete this game!!!!! Not to mention that I used 8 of my boosters to complete these levels Got to 4254 now back to 4248. ARE YOU GOING TO FIX THIS OR NOT! A response would be nice.....

  • Losing levels

    by D169999997698210

    I love this game and have progressed very far. For the past month or so I have been inexplicably losing progress by several levels. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating. There have been times I purchased extra coins to get past a difficult level only to lose a few levels of progress ... and have to play those same difficult levels again. I am getting fed up with this and may just stop playing. I also had the same issue as another reviewer - where I watch an ad to get 5 more moves only to NOT get the 5 moves and lose the progress on that level. Neither of these issues occurred in the past few years. Its just a recent problem. If not for these 2 glitches, I would give this 5 stars. *sigh*

  • Need more opportunities to earn coins

    by #1cakelady

    The game is fun but once you get to the higher levels you need more coins to continue and there very are limited opportunities to earn them. Other games give them once you pass so many levels in a row, or more frequent on a spin the wheel (I’ve been spinning almost a year and have won zero coins). A great way is to reward your gamers when they come back after so many days in a row. I like the game but I’m so high up that after 5 tries I’m done and I have I have zero coins to continue. Ps I won’t pay money to get coins. Maybe this is a good thing actually (after playing for 10minutes) and I’m out of lives and no coins to continue I can now continue on with a regular life. Actually - thanks cookie jam.

  • No ticket prizes

    by SassyMe!

    I’ve been watching the game progress and am finding an ongoing issue. In the daily spin and other ways to receive helpers a lot of the times they do not register. It’s the spoon that I have the most issues with. You helped me before. Please help again. I’m not asking for replacements like before. I’d just like this resolved so it quits happening. Thank you. Gave it a one star to get your attention. It did get a response directly from their website! Impressive! Other games just blow off the comments and give you a canned response and tell you to fix it yourself because it’s your device. Thank you! Upgrading my rating! I had enough tickets to use it toward a spoon three times and then it said “ sold out”. I understand this, however, the three spoons did not show up. Where are they? Tried to contact you through the app, but was not given that option. I really do enjoy the game....... So that issue was resolved and items returned to me. However, it’s happening again with the tickets and with the daily spins. Is this an issue with my device or the game itself. I did contact support, but the response was not for this issue. Thank you!

  • St Patty’s day update

    by Stephanie0423

    Since you implemented this update my game has crashed every single time I advance to the next level. When this happens I have sometimes used helpers and then I don’t advance; but yet still lose those boosters. I spend money on this app and am now super frustrated due to the glitches. Please fix this and reimburse me for my boosters lost I am still annoyed at this game crashing repeatedly. I play on my tablet that auto updates to the app every time there is an update, yet non stop crashes. They also seem to repeatedly happen when I have no boosters available because I have just used them and then another crash. I pay real money for boosters and your game keeps crashing on me. Please contact me and give me some money back, otherwise I am absolutely done with this BS

  • Would be more fun if it wasn't about greed

    by I Write Programs 2

    This is a fun game but it's designed to not let you win easily but to make you spend money to buy more moves to win. How many times have you needed one more move to win but you're out and you spend that $.99 to get that one needed. How many times have you tried to make a move one way and it goes another..... and on and on. All those $.99 really add up. It's like getting people hooked on gambling. You just need that one more... so you spend your money. Like pulling the lever on a slot machine. They use the same psychology. Watch and see how many times you try and think ahead and suddenly bing bang pow and you can't follow what happened but that winning move is now gone.... Long story short, these games are rigged so they get your money

  • Glitches, cheating and raising prices

    by bnybls27

    I’ve been playing this game for a very very long time (I’m in the 2,300s if that says anything lol) and there’s been a lot glitches. There’s also a lot of cheating (as of the game cheats: ex. You’ll be crushing colored cookies and what should be a line crusher wouldn’t come as one and what should be a rainbow cake wouldn’t be one etc. they have also raised their prices as far as what you have to pay with coins (not price OF coins although they did get rid of the “buy 25 coins for 99 cents). Only reason I gave it 2 stars is bc I know I’ll keep playing lol. — Oh! And boosters and coins have a tendency of disappearing and customer service won’t do anything about that or double and over charges on credit cards!!!

  • To delete or not delete

    by Forever21.

    I’ve been playing and loving this game for years but so much has changed. After reading many of the reviews I see that most of my complaints are already listed in other reviews. What happened to receiving boosters as you level up? Why has it become so hard to pass a level only needing to crush one cookie and when you BUY a booster all of a sudden you don’t come nearly as close to winning as you did the last 100xs on that same level? Come on people. Really? What’s with this new pets booster thing? It hinders way more than helps!! Please get rid of it! I’ve been downloading other games so as to slowly detach myself from cookie jam. I’m done wasting my time and money.

  • Not happy right now

    by Amethy$t

    July 18, 2018 I provided my FB id# to support so they could reset my game to the correct level. This was 3 days ago. Nothing has been fixed. What happened to this game?!? Sad but I may just have to delete it altogether. Good luck to the rest of you. July 14, 2018 I’m officially done playing this game until the issues are fixed. It sent me back 5 LEVELS again!!! Steer clear of this game for now till its working properly because it was a fun game to play before all the problems. I don’t know whats going on but in addition to not giving extra moves when I tap to allow an ad to play I keep being sent back 3 or 4 levels! Done spending money on this game until they fix the issues. ETA: It’s July 9 and nothing has been resolved. I’ve contacted support a few times. Have not received a reply since July 3. Response to support: I did fill out a ticket. I got a response and followed the instructions. It did nothing. I replied to the last email I received from you 8 days ago and still have heard nothing. I’ve reached level 3907 and keep being sent back 2 or 3 levels when I log back in. I give up.


    by Unknownwriter102

    I’ve payed this before and decided to try it again, but 2 weeks later I remembered why I stoped playing. Levels are boring or I play repeatedly but item gets stuck and no moves cone for me to move it. Also some items do not show up on the boarded until last 5 moves even though all others had been cleared 10 or more moves before. Also I’ve beat a level and it says that I did but then it doesn’t go to the next level as if I didn’t beat the level and it keeps happening and on levels that take forever to beat. Lastly I played for a few hours beat 5 or 6 levels but had to go eat so I closed the app when I started the game again I was back at the start of those levels and had to replay them

  • Cookie Jam review

    by flower lady 45

    I love playing the game when it works. I am constantly dealing with technical problems relating to receiving earned bonuses (mainly watching a film to earn a bonus or five extra moves) and the screen going black. I can deal with the screen, however, after watching an ad for the same video game over and over and not getting the extra moves or bonus, becomes frustrating. It definitely takes the fun out of playing. The support team is quick to get back to you, but not quick in solving the problem. I have asked around and other friends are having the same problems. If it were not for the problems, I would give them five stars.

  • Horrible

    by Tiggermbe

    I read other reviews that talked about bugs of the game but saw developers state they had fixed these. That is WRONG! I even tried several times with same results. I had constant freezing, kick me out, etc. I was in middle of contests where you build bonuses and would be about 10 levels in with highest rewards and the game would close. When I reopen, I was back at beginning! Play a contest that reward in coins then showed had to spend money to break the piggy bank for the coins! Constantly try to post on Facebook, so I had to always hit the cancel button; game says won’t post without my permission but went there without asking! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!

  • Can't play the game at all

    by Mkalexander

    It starts loading, freezes, then blacks out. You reload, it finally starts you touch something and nothing happens. You realize it is frozen, so you wait to see if it will start. Let's say it does. The wheel starts spinning then stops--you think that's what you get, nope! It blacks out again. So, if you get it loaded again, you go straight to game play. You touch your level and........nothing. If by chance your board comes up you start playing. Then you realize it's responding slowly. Almost to the end and .....the darn thing blacks out!! Can't even get the daily reward and haven't been able to play over a month now.w What the heck happened?

  • Buying coins

    by Roxy 52

    This game has become very frustrating for me. I don't like buying the big packages they offer with coins and bonuses, almost every time I opt for the 50 coins for .99 I get booted out of the game and lo and behold you log in and your game has ended. I was on level 5 of your cake walk bonus when I wanted to purchase my usual and you booted me out once again. I use 3 lives to play on and you only give 2, that's stealing! I am tired of it always wanting money to pass a level and all the "freebies" you offer never really advance the game. I wish this had never been sold, you used to be able to win. I'm on a high level on this game but I am sick of your "games"!

  • Fun game to pass time.

    by Tilly bearzzzz

    Fun to pass time with this game. Don’t like that you win different airships and you can’t keep the old one. I had the cutest one and I would have made sure I didn’t pass enough levels to keep it... but now the missions are combined and I didn’t see it listed... now it’s gone and I’m not happy with the new one. Also the break all the cones gets really boring when it is repeated several times. Lacks a little of verity. Edit review: July 2018 I’m not at all happy with the new update, looks nice but no more coins available on the daily free spin. So if you want them you must buy them. It’s getting close to delete time.

  • No free turn after watching ads

    by Lexie's Mom415

    I’ve played this game a long time. Now when I watch a video to get five extra moves, the screen freezes. I have to close and re-open the game. And guess what, lo and behold, my game is gone, no extra free five moves and just a waste of thirty seconds of my life gone that I will never get back watching a useless video for games I am not remotely interested in buying. Sometimes the game freezes and you lose your progress. I see the developer also added more time to the daily wheel so instead of spinning every eighteen hours, you must wait twenty one hours to get access to the prizes. Or it lands on those useless rainbow cakes, never on the ninety nine coins.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • MsChoca

    by MsChoca

    Hate that my coins disappear all the time without being used!

  • Rip off

    by mhunter6

    I loved this game at first, enjoyed the challenge of it, but the farther I got, the more rigged it seemed. I swear they rig it to make you buy more crap to be able to win. Ugh!

  • Ads for boosts are gone

    by Bingoswife

    Since I installed the latest update, I can no longer watch an ad for boosts at the beginning of a level. Also, the ad option for an additional free spin are gone. What the heck? Update: all of the above issues are fixed. My husband and I are pretty addicted to this game! Lately though, your rewards are not nearly as good as they once were. They were cut in half, and now they have been cut again to where I’m not playing as much because it’s not as fun. Also- the pets came completely out of nowhere and I don’t get how they relate to the game at all.

  • Frustrated

    by supetcalifragilis

    It collapses all the time on my iPad

  • Coins

    by dawson chick

    Don’t like the fact that you can’t win coins once you have completed a level. Still enjoy the game .

  • Can’t Play Pet Game or get my Rewards

    by BevRocks

    I can’t get into the Pet Game or shop in the Pet Store

  • Mrs Givens

    by mrs Givens

    When I purchase to finish a game that would take me to the next level, it freezes on me more times than once.

  • Cookie jam

    by the 3-lll

    For all the higher levels you reach you win nothing

  • UGH!!!

    by xvucvjfvh

    I’ve been playing this game for years and I love this game but lately it seems to be freezing up almost every time I play. You have to exit out and when you can get back in it makes you start that level all over again. Super aggravating 😬😬

  • Why I gave it a 2

    by Grandmajudis

    Your rewards stink, they are always the same,nothing different whether in game or the daily bonus.

  • Game

    by Deliciius34

    The game cuts off in the middle of me playing and will start me over.

  • Crashes

    by hyhjuu

    It crashes too much! Every time I passed a level, it crashed!

  • Unable to benefit from prizes, infinity play time.

    by kycadams

    The screen will freeze every time I will multiple free playy time

  • Loosing interest

    by packerjim167

    I’m loosing interest in app because levels are getting ridiculously hard. Don’t expect it to be super easy but should give a person a Little better chance to get through them. Candy Crush gives more opportunity for rewards. Wish this one did the same

  • Crashing

    by shica225

    I love this game but the new update is terrible. It crashes when I buy extra coins to beat a level which causes me to lose. I then have to replay the level again. Also when I try to use my coins, it crashes and then I end up losing money.

  • Cookie dough

    by dausy daisy

    When I tap $1.99 it always takes more than that...not nice!

  • Stressful game

    by Recenme1248

    Stressful game. Can’t ever get coins the most I’ve ever had is 50 and that was shocking when the spinner actually landed on coins (almost fell over) levels are ridiculously hard and actually stressful to pass. This game should be relaxing to play and win more often than you do. This game is rigged, not that you can’t win but you can only win if you 1.) have coins or items to help get past the level(rare) 2.) buy some coins which I think the game is greedy $$ 3.) play so many rounds until you win and by that time you actually realize what the game is doing and hate it. Although it’s ok to play if I’m super bored. Administration has ruined the game by making it too hard to win on any level. Other games are so much more generous, fun and relaxing to play when it comes to prizes, now I play those. 😉

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Cookie Jam: Top Match 3 Game

Cookie Jam: Top Match 3 Game

4.0 179K+ Reviews

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