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Colormania Game 2019: Guess the Color & Logo Quiz

Colormania Game 2019: Guess the Color & Logo Quiz

Genera Games

Guess thousands logos of your favorite brands in COLORMANIA! The best logo quiz!

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77.5% Positive Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • Great game, most annoying ads

    by Jgirl13245

    I agree with the previous review regarding the sudden popup ads that you can't avoid. You're going to answer a color you know as soon as you see it and then all of a sudden it lag pops up the ad after you already tried to click a color and misunderstands that click as for the ad. Thankfully it takes a handful of seconds for my iPod to load the redirect to the App Store so as long as I wait and click the x in safari I can stop that, but it's still horribly aggravating though. I wouldn't mind if I could expect the ad every 5th question or something; it might help, at least to avoid the laggy 'misclicks' from ad loading. Otherwise I'd have no issue with wholeheartedly giving this app 5 stars for everything it and its creators do and have done.

  • by Maddie & Rhylee Maher

    Love this app but every now and then it doesn't open

  • Two many ads

    by Fyyybyvydts

    There are way to many ads

  • by Char Boggs

    thia game is so much fun. for me and my family. it is awsome and i hope it ia fun for you too

  • Colormania

    by GG Ray

    Colormania is a great color game but once you do alot of the challenges it gets boring

  • by Maddison Rowsell

    the game is fun but sometimes theres pictures you mite not know and if you try to use all the colours it wastes your lives but you can get like 4 3 2 1 lives.its okay but its fun

  • by GhostBuster1971

    Fun and challenging, just needs decrease the waiting time.

  • Great

    by ViTA-"_21_Nic

    It is a good challenging app. It is really good for wasting time.

  • by Peihong Zhang

    This is a really great game. It makes you think hard and you can still have some fun.

  • by itsNaiyahh

    Nice Fun Memory game. Instead of trying to figure out the logos, you have to figure out the colors to the logo!!

  • Awesome

    by Bubbleface16

    Awesome game

  • by A Google user

    Cool and fun and it helps me memorize logos. Got to be the best.

  • Really, u ppl need to calm down

    by kinzaabbas

    Ok for the ads, they aren't that much and it is actually easier to deal with them popping up than to have a banner because what if the banner were to cover up the picture! Plus the banner could be really distracting because of the colors and you wouldn't be able to concentrate or try to rmbr what colors are in the picture! And if u suddenly are not able to click on anything and u don't see an ad, then that's because there's an ad, but there's probably a glitch or something. You can fix it it two seconds, though. Look at the top right hand corner and you'll see an X. Click on it and you'll be able to continue the game. Idk abut the challenges bc I don't play them but yea. And the time gap between ten seconds or something and half an hour isn't that big if a deal. Just do something that you know will be able to get your mind off of the game and will make time just fly by! What I do is play or watch pokemon!

  • by Yazminn Glenn

    Fun game tests how well you pay attention to detail.

  • Ok, ads are TERRIBLE!

    by JenniPoP

    The game is ok, some of the "icons" can be almost any color, but it's mildly entertaining. It looks too easy, but i am surprised by the little details I didn't know, like the color of spongebob's eyes. Little things you normally wouldn't even think to notice can have you stumped. What is awful is the ads! It pops up about a second after a round starts so when you go to select a color you hit the full page ad instead, which brings you to safari then the App Store. Every time. I have had to close both and relaunch the app 5 times in less than 5 minutes. Very annoying and a little ridiculous. Yes, you can pay to get rid of ads, but to make them so annoying as to almost force you to pay to even try to enjoy the game just makes me want the app even less. Ads are ok, just not obnoxious ones! They probably get paid per click so they trick you into hitting it again and again. Shoddy business practice on both ends, abusing customers to abuse clicks.

  • by A Google user

    this game is so fun I would recommend this game to every one because it is not that hard and if you lose your tern you can spin to see how many lives #alsom

  • by hayley croke

    I think that you could make more of the same game exactly like color mania but of different things

  • Welele welele

    by Welele

    Cool take on the guessing games that have been around recently. But the waiting time is too annoying and long and a lot of the colors don't look like what they're supposed to be like. In many levels, I chose one color instead of another and lost, even though the one I chose was the correct one. The squares don't look the same once the colors show up on the picture. Like the color changes after you guess it. It's kinda slight, but enough to throw me off every once in a while which I don't think should be a characteristic of this game, if it is done on purpose.

  • by Keana LeBeau

    Really good game helps you learn more logo signs.

  • by rebecca longino

    I think its a wonderful game and it with ADHD and ADD

  • Tedious "Time Outs" Take Away Fun

    by FifiDanon

    This game could be SO much more enjoyable if not for the incessant, extremely tedious "Time Outs" for wrong guesses when you've run out of lives. I feel like a toddler being put on the "time out chair" because I used the wrong color crayon on my picture. At the very least offer a greater number of lives to spin for to make up for the interminable interruptions to game play! Tip: When in doubt, choose Red, followed by Blue, then Yellow. (Probably 3/4 of the pictures contain Red.) After a while, you'll most likely search online for cheats anyway, as these brands are often not all that familiar (at least to me) or you'll be thrown off by the color applying to the background and not the icon itself. All in all, a clever idea for a game but execution is lacking. Too bad.

  • by Chloe Williams

    It's fun to play with other people you could take it in turns to guess the colour

  • That one mechanic...

    by 0111012748

    Okay, I really like the process and idea of this game. But that one mechanic that causes you to wait 30 minutes to an hour is RIDICULOUS! I hate when I am forced to wait 25 minutes only to spin that wheel and only get 1life and only play for 10 seconds at time.I would rate this higher if you dispose of or change the game's one bad mechanic it would be awesome! You could make it gauntlet with limited lives, multiplayer game show, make it a randomly generated endless thing just get ride of the waiting thing! Also some of the images are very vague in black and white And in this art style. For example, one icon was Santa peeking over a rooftop, but in grey scale, it looks like a Orca or some weird oceanic mascot! Just fix the wait thing and detail the pictures you have my 5 stars.

  • by Rayquan Vance

    I love this game. It shows me brands and characters i didn't even know

  • by A Google user

    The only thing i don't like is the part where you only have 3 tries

  • Too Cool Buttttt...

    by Cute men

    When you play this game you can now know almost every logo!! Then you can identify every logo you see and lay it in your parents and your teachers, and you get an A plus!!!! :) But the bad thing about it is that it you have to wait 5 minutes for the next spin for lives, (When your in the intermediate stage or level). Then it gets even worse... When your proudly leveled up to the "Professional" level or stage is that you have to wait 5 times as many than intermediate level or stage. I'm at the professional stage and doesn't take that much time. ( P.S. I think they already fixed the 25 minute wait).

  • by slime lover

    Helps you learn the logos! I thinks its a pretty good game😁

  • Sooooooo Awesome

    by Isator02

    I have been playing this game for like nine months and I love it. I'm on like icon 780 it seems like. The graphics are amazing. This really gets you thinking about logo's and signs around you. It even has Spongebob, a pig, a pineapple, Mr. Monopoly, Coward, and many more! There are Christmas challenges and a match challenge that you can play whenever. Some are tricky, but you'll eventually get it. Now for a not so good thing. You have to wait fifteen minutes for more lives, and sometimes it's only one life! It has many ads. But, all in all it is a wonderful app to have. You would probably like it.

  • by Sarah Abbas

    I love it because of all the funny things they put up

  • To an amazing game

    by Brittany Bollman

    This game is so awesome. It tests how much I know about the TV characters,& real life items. I am almost halfway through the game already. But the thing I really hate is, that you have to wait 24 mins. when you get later on into the game when you lose all of your lives. I would of had it at 10 not 24. But besides that, I really like the game! When I have the chance to play it I do. And when I wait for to get more lives, I just sit there and wait there and then play. It's an addicting game. Thanks for letting me have your attention I really appreciate it. Thanks.

  • by A Google user

    The app is not very bad but you have 3 lifes only and some of the colors are not right

  • Pretty Good

    by Primogenito

    It's a good game, just a little weird. Like, I'm currently in an expert level, so I'd have to wait 30 min. to play again. That might be a little bit too much time for me. So, therefore, this game really isn't a time-waster sort of game where you can just pop it out of your pocket and play just to kill some time. It's pretty fun and cool to see some of my favorite brands! I'd suggest decreasing the amount of wait time to start back up after losing all your hearts. Other than that, graphics are beautiful, and I haven't experienced any crashes yet. So keep up the good work!

  • Awesome can not describe it is a little bit long sorry 😪😪😪

    by Lex581

    This is a awesome game !!! I love it !!! I am on Icon 153 and it is fun !! Sometimes you do not know it so you guess😃😃😃. If you run out of lives do not be mad or 😪😪😪 sad. You can say get lives an watch a video or rate in App Store but you really do not have to rate just go to that page and close out and go back to the game and you have how many lives you got for doing that it is sooooooooooooooo fun 😍😍😃😃😃😊😊😊😜😉😉💗💗 and sometimes you know and you spin the wheel to get more lives hope you enjoy and this game is much as I do😃😃!!!!!

  • Good game but 1 small cheat!

    by COLEBOLA17

    The game is fun and addicting but once u r expert like me if u get 1 wrong you need to wait for like 25 minutes but if you lose and need to wait just go to settings go to time settings and go ahead 25 to 50 minutes and then double tap home button 2 times then delete the game. But it only takes away the history of u playing it. Then after that you'll get a notification and click it and open the game and there u have it. This mad be patched soon so do it while you can and this is in the iPhone 5 ios 6.1.4.

  • Like it

    by Arilove18

    This a fun game shout out to my sis tiara and my friend phia love y'all and love myself ariannalanay I'm out peace bums thanks for letting me get the game the only game I play beats subway surfers for real lol the on thing that I hate about the game is that I have to wait 25 minutes to get more life's but other than that this is my favorite game ever this whole thing goes out to the colormania team love y'all and I thank my older sister Melajah for showing me this game and letting me play it on her phone then downloading it for me on my ipod thanks again for creating this game bye and I am done

  • Hate getting locked out

    by Gmims

    The game is very addicting and a lot of fun but I hate getting Locke out for 25 minutes when I run out if lives. I don't mind waiting 25 minutes but the game freezes on the zero screen and won't do anything for another 20 minutes. That and the candy crush ad that continually pop up right when you're pressing the screen so you get redirected to that stupid page. Other than those two things I love the game. But seriously I'm only giving it 5 stares because I get more lives if I do.

  • Great game

    by 24ray24

    Kills time, kinda gets you thinking a bit, don't recommend to blind people of any manner, good game for when your chilling out I guess. Just has a crash problem when you spin the wheel after you lose all your lives. Might wanna fix that dudes. But other than that great app. 👍 I'd like to be able to go back or be able to see the past images I did and maybe have the ability to set the pik as a background would be legit too just saying cause I don't wanna screen capture the whole game just the image.

  • Super fun but the ads couldn't be more annoying!

    by madmadworldd

    This game is a lot of fun, I enjoy testing myself although eventually it gets kinda boring but you still want to play. The ads are awful! They pop up after x number of games and they wait to pop up so you'll accidentally click on them and I think almost every one I've gotten is for Candy Crush and I already have that anyways so it's just annoying that I have to close safari and close the App Store and then being this app back up and then close the ad.

  • Ups and downs ☻

    by calbinak

    There are ups and downs with this app. Ups are that it is really fun and easy for some you can just snap through but others are hard and sometimes you need to waster all your hearts. Talking about hearts, the down side. You have to wait like 10 seconds in the first.. I don't know, 20? But then as you go along, the time goes up. I'm already up to 10 minutes and I'm on level 35- icon 347. But anyway, this app is very fun, not impossible, and I recommend this to you if you like trivia/ logo trivia ☻

  • One hour wait for one life?

    by Alex Perkasa

    The only problem with this game is that they make you wait for 10 minutes to an hour. The wait time increases slowly almost every time your lives have been used up and I'm currently at 1 hour. I don't know if the time will increase further than that, but if it does, the creators of this game need to rethink their strategy for making money. I understand that they probably do this so we will "cheat" by purchasing Life packs with real money, but waiting half an hour just to land on "no lives" or waiting an hour to get one life does not make me happy (that actually happened to me).

  • Meh

    by Viscoe

    Game's alright, though the lives system gets tiring, the sounds are pretty obnoxious, and the ads are VERY ANNOYING. A bottom or top banner is much more acceptable than a random full screen that waits 2 seconds for you to click a color so you'll accidentally hit the ad instead. Also, the game baits you with extra lives for a 5 star review. So all those guys giving 5 stars... Take it with a grain of salt. The game is mildly entertaining. Something quick and easy if you need to fill 5 minutes of down time, but any longer than that and I'd say check out any other game on the app store, because this one gets stale fast.

  • It's pretty good..!

    by Kaylee Rogers

    PROS: Color Mania is so much fun to play! It's challenging, (in a fun way), mind stretching, and all around creative fun! It's very fun if you know the answers right on top of your head. CONS: But, whenever you run out of lives, you have to wait more than 30 seconds on the 2 round and +. And half of the things aren't even the real logo when they say they are, so don't be fooled when a yellow smiley face pops up, and it's really Spongebob Squarepants.... I would NOT recommend this app if it were PAID. I WOULD recommend this app (only to people who have alot of money to spend on lives in the game) since it isn't PAID. I hope this helped ALOT of you!

  • I love it

    by Super girl 142

    I love this game so much it's better than any other game In the world it's so much better than all the other games I have played before I hope that next year u can make it much better like having four lives instead of three an not having to wait thirty mins to get them u should only have to wait five mins and have a commercial like candy crush which I hate so I hope u will try to upload this game with some of my ideas and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and all a good night🎅🎄😀

  • It's fun but somewhat anoing.

    by Foxtrot8484

    This game is a lot of fun in the beginning however it's based off stars and once one runs out of stars they must wait a certin amount of time. This is no problem early on in the game however once you get far you have to wait thirty minutes just to play another round. With the somewhat obscure icons this becomes quite frustrating however if you can look past this it's a great game. This is why I gave color mania a four out of five. P.S. I'm writing this review to earn three stars in stead of waiting for thirty minutes.

  • Love it ❤ !!!

    by _Jennii

    When you play , you already know almost everything . And if you don't , just guess and they give you varieties of colors to choose from . As you advance levels it gets harder and the waiting time gets longer . And others complain but its not so bad ! All the games must have a catch to it . All games have some sort of waiting or terminating ways . And it just makes it even more exciting !! Like I was saying earlier , its a GREAT game ! I really recommend it !

  • Cool game, but limited help

    by Laraia97

    This is a great game, I definitely enjoy it! Fun to try to remember colors of things you practically see every day. The only thing that bothers me is the limited lives and how you have to wait half an hour between lives at the professional level and the cheats to help with the colors are only available for two uses, and then you have to purchase them. I think that as you progress in the game you should be awarded the cheats once in a while and we should definitely get more lives.

  • Fun, but gets annoying

    by Niki817

    This game is really fun, don't get me wrong. The only thing I had trouble with is the colors on some levels. For example, on a level one color might be blue. And then, there are 3 blues to chose from. And sometimes on a level, a correct color is red and then there is also orange. When you pick red, it's not the red you thought it was. So, the orange would be the right color. And when you pick the orange, it becomes a shade red. That's the thing I got annoyed about. And I think the time you have to wait for more lives should of gradually increases. Not from 1 minutes then all if a sudden 25.

  • Fun game, but...

    by azieli02

    I really enjoy playing this game. It's a great concept overall. However when you start you only have to wait 5 seconds until you get lives, and the 30 seconds or so as you level up. The next level up is a one minute wait for lives. After that it jumps to 25 minutes! That is a ridiculous jump, especially when there is a chance that I end up with only one life. If I had to wait 25 minutes for a full four lives that would be different, but for one is insane!

  • Some flaws

    by Commonspree

    I'll admit, I really like this game. It's a different playstyle than most guess games. However, the major flaw is with the ads. They just pop up without warning and automatically makes you go to Safari, then to the App Store. A simple solution is showing the ad square, then load the ad up so if it's accidentally clicked immediately, it won't do what I have previously stated. Fix this for a full 5 stars. Also, liking the 25 minute only timer. Better than what you had before.

  • Fun game

    by Kierry

    It's a fun game to play. I like it because its makes you test your memory. And the little dumped things that we mostly see every day but still when the icon pops up and you try and pick the colors you see that there really is more to it then just what you may have noticed. The adds are bad as well as really annoying. And I don't like that when you run out of life's you have to wait 30 mins to get more. But all in all it's fun.

  • Meh.

    by Qgirl04

    Im giving my honest opinion, but ur smart. have to give u 5 stars for lives to work. Good app overall, but having to wait 25+ minutes for ONE play? That kinda stinks. Like the app, wish I could play more of it. :-( Plus, you put similar colors next to each other alot. Please stop that. Like for example- blue logo. You had a royal blue then a few swatches over, you had one barely shades lighter. And I lost my stinking single life on the dark one and had to wait a darn 25 minutes

  • Awesome

    by BrianWestChest

    I love this game!!! Super fun and very addicting. Just two complaints: one, with the time to wait for lives, there is a huge gap between levels 6 (1min wait) and level 7 (30min wait) I think that is a problem that should be fixed. Also I wish lives would continuously build up to a max amount, instead of having to run out of before you can get more. If those two things were changed 5 stars for sure! Still overall an awesome game, get it before it costs a dollar!

  • Swell

    by StephanieMae0909

    The game is great, however, only down fall is having to wait so long for the hearts to replenish. Should be another system in place to earn more hearts. I dislike when I go through the hearts or worse when I have to cheat just to pass the level. A better system would be nice. In the meantime, keep up the good work. Also, would be cool if there were more character like levels and not brands most of us have never heard of.

  • Best game color mania

    by Dfggffhhjf

    Its so fun to play i recommend this game to be played by everyone it never gets boring i love this game after you play this game you wont wanna stop playing this game you will be obsessed with this game its sooo fun everyone should try this game i mean it you better play this game you will never get bored and its not that difficult so children can play this game as well so i mean it you guys need to play this game at least try it please i rate this game a five

  • * * * * * (^ν^)

    by Jskigs

    This game is awesome because u get to guess the colors of famous bran logos I have enjoyed it this is only my first day with the game but I have gotten to expert and # 89. At first the game goes fast but the further you get the longer you need to wait for life's. If you get this game I can almost guarantee that you will love it. And one more thing I also like thin game because you don't need to spend a lot of money on it but you can if you want to. I highly suggest toy get this game

  • Great game!

    by deevonn

    This is a great game! Its really addicting! But the ad that pops up is so incredibly annoying I am forced to give it one less star! It pops up randomly and takes up the whole screen, so if you were in the middle of playing you automatically get kicked out of the game and taken to the app store. Its extremely frustrating as this ad pops up every time you play, but never at the same time. Hopefully you can work on a different way to show the ad?!

  • Not great, not bad

    by Lydia_1994

    While this game is addictive and fun, I'm disappointed that the further you get in the levels the longer you have to wait for your lives to replenish it went from 60 seconds to 10 mins to 30 mins and now an hour! How do you keep kids entertained when they have to wait on an app? It would be better if maybe you played a side game to earn lives. And sometimes you will spin the wheel after an hour to see how many lives you get and spin a zero only to wait another hour to see if you get more lives.....

  • This is an addicting game but we loose lives easy

    by Nicki manaj 🎀

    When I'm on I always loose lives quickly, what I want colormania corperators to do is double the lives on the wheel -I know they have that but like make it more like instead of 1 make it 2 - instead of 2 make it 4- instead of 3 make it 6 - instead of 4 make it 8 - and people who buy the double setting they get even more than that! I think they should do that ----/Nikki domíniqùę

  • Awesome, but a few promblems.....

    by Justus Juvenal XD

    Fantastic, but the thing is that if your stuck, your stuck. If you can make a thing that you have a few skeps to skep the parts that your on. Say about 5 skeps. But out of 5 stars, I'll give this game a 3. And the waiting time is WAY to long. And more hearts will be nice. Plus when you run out of hearts, and you have to wait; for me it only gives me 3 to 1. And I wait a long time. If you will please make the time shorter for hearts. And about the hearts, why hearts? It can be like...paint cans or "if you lose 3 paint cans your paint brush is going to dry out". Make it fun!

  • Fun game, needs minor changes!! :)

    by Dgbcdsjv

    Really fun to play. However, it gets frustrating when you always have to wait for more lives. Sometime the picture isn't clear so figuring out the color is a challenge, but that's the whole point of the game. I wish instead of having to wait forever to get more lives they would just make you restart the level you were on. But it still a fun game to play!!!!!!!

  • Great

    by Sydney199711

    Best game ever and I love how you try to check me with content isn't The same but I'll figure it out I'm good at it . And I love you man is the best game ever I hope everybody is enjoying himself out of the game and they choose to play and I It's hard to say because this is the best game ever and better than watching TV I play the game and SOS to meet with the Goss up with it too so it's a great game to have and I look like Culligan some of them coming to see you before like it goes right

  • Good

    by Tkburkett

    I like the game but I hate that you have to wait so long after losing lives. If you spin and only get one life, one miss and you have to wait another 25 minutes. What if I'm at the doctors office and want something to occupy my time for as long as I want. I'd rather have 5 lives every 10-15 minutes if you must have a life and time limit. I also hate the ads that pop up JUST as I'm hitting a color and have to close out of everything that the ad opens.

  • Fair game all around

    by SGVrtX

    This game is good. The images that are shown to you to guess the colors of are detailed and show enough important details so a person can easily recognize what it is. There are IAPs but I never found them completely necessary. I usually just play it every time the game notifies me that the wait timer is up and set it down afterward. It's great to just pickup and put down while doing work or something.

  • Better(:

    by screamImalive

    This app for better with the update! I don't always write reviews for apps but this one is really cool but the thing is that I don't like the ads:b too many ads well I still have to wait 30 minutes to get lives, it will better if the video can give us 2 lives at least, and it got because this apps used to crash every time I tried to open it and now it's really easy to open(: with more updates it will be the best app ever cause it's a great app

  • Lots of fun...BUT....

    by Jcdes8110

    Ok, so yeah...this game really is pretty brilliant. Loads of fun with just the right amount of challenge mixed in. BUT.... First off, I have yet to get more than 2 lives on ANY spin. And I've spun A LOT. Secondly, the increase in the wait time after certain levels is crazy. If you haven't made it to Expert level yet, be warned: once you hit expert, it's 25 minutes before you can spin. And don't count on getting more than 1 or 2 lives with that spin. My suggestions to increase game-play enjoyment? First, you would be better off earning coins with every correctly guessed puzzle, and using said coins to buy spins for additional lives. Second, make the spins give you more lives. Maybe start at 2 and make the highest number a 7 or something. Seriously going to delete them game if something doesn't give, no matter how much I enjoy it otherwise.

  • Nice game

    by Kagaminemiyu

    I really enjoy this game! Great for any age, and the best part is that.. it's impossible to get stuck forever. In some guessing games, when you don't know the answer and you don't have any more power ups, you'll be stuck on that one problem forever. But on this game, even if you are completely lost, if you just keep on tapping random colors you would eventually get the right colors. But the bad part is that you need to wait forever to get more's hard for me cuz I hate waiting...I'm not a patient person.

  • Oddly addicting

    by hannahpoptarts

    Just so everyone knows, for those ads that are supposedly 5 seconds you can go ahead and tap the top right corner immediately and it will close the ad before an X shows up or anything. Anyway, the game is strangely addictive and after playing it on and off for what seems like forever I finished it (something like 1100+ icons) but it looks like they probably won't update this app anymore so I'll probably just delete it now.

  • Pretty Good

    by RandomRibbons

    The game itself is fun as long as you like the "guess the picture shown" type of thing. Except in this case you guess the colors for the picture. But still, same concept primarily. I'm glad the time wait was lowered and the skills on the wheel were removed with this last update, but it's still pretty annoying to wait 30 minutes to get possibly 1 life once you be to the higher levels. I'm still playing though.

  • Fun game except...

    by :)happy;)

    To anyone who runs colormainia, if you are reading this, please get rid of the ads once and for all! It drives me CRAZY! This game is sooooo fun and it's disappointing to have all of these ads. Ads do take away from the game, so if you get rid of them, the game would be so much better! This could be an even more popular game than It already is! ~A little change makes a big improvement~ 👌

  • Great distraction

    by Danielle Hope-Lynn

    It's nifty and fun, but as you get into the higher levels, the longer wait times between wheel spins for lives become frustrating. They're supposed to be releasing a feature where you can purchase for a shorter wait time, but I'm not sure how many real dollars that would cost and if it would be worth it for an app. Overall, entertaining game and worth the download.

  • Great Game!!

    by lhcherry

    This is a great game!! It has so much to love about it... The only thing I don't really like is the time limit like depending on how many lives you have if you get it wrong it will cut you off like at level 1 it you would have to wait a minute then guess again then it start to build up like it start to increase from 1 minute to 10 minutes to 30 minutes to a WHOLE HOUR!!! But then I also understand why they would do that.

  • Eehhhhh...

    by Panda Bunz

    So, this game is okay. I really like it in the short 20 minutes I've played it. But you have to wait too long to get more lives (30+ seconds does NOT sound as fast as you think!) And they force you to make this review a 5 star if you wanna get more lives. Really, who does that?! Anyways, overall I'd actually give a 3.5 star, but I needs them lives!!! Soo, that's why I gave it 5. There! *Phew* all done!

  • Freaking amazing

    by Haha123321

    This app is so fine I just want to plan on it and everything that is just about the only thing I have to say about it is that the lives to grab lunch unless you buy lives which I don't think a lot of people have the money for but it's a really really awesome game I love the beginning it is him a quote and it says life is a canvas so Pete colorful days I love that it's just a great way to open up about 11

  • Good, but...

    by Jerrod's Old iTunes

    ... the waiting time increase if you mess up is getting ridiculous. Some colors just don't go with the picture. For example, an Iron Man face pops up and I chose red and gold/orange because that's what it should be. Apparently, the game says it's supposed to be red and yellow. And just for "messing up", I now have to wait a half hour before playing again or spend money to buy more lives. Maybe you should just make us watch a 30 second ad instead of making us sit and wait for long periods of time.

  • Love it!

    by Kelly J17

    I've had this game on and off for a while, I just redownloaded it today and I'm already on icon 100 and something. It can get quite difficult though. Especially with all of the different shades of the same color. It really gets you thinking. One of my favorite games right now. Definitely recommended to my friends. If I love it, then I'm sure my friends will too.

  • Amazing

    by Avetherate

    The funniest game I have ever played!!! I love this game because your not typing words like icon pop games your just picking colors. There is one thing I don't like though. I don't like waiting 30 minutes when I mess up to play again. I don't want to buy hearts I want to play at least in 10 minutes or less. But over all it's a pretty fun game I would get it if I were you! 😃

  • Ehh

    by Bluecookiecrazy

    It is an ok game but some times you get sick of having to wait 25 mins to spin the wheel and sadly only getting one life to use I would recommend this game but only for the first rounds beacuse the time goes up so much, also I just updated it and it said it would have a wait time if a max 5 mins but I played and I STILL had to wait 25 mins don't download unless you want to waist your time.

  • Really 25 min time wait

    by zack shinkle

    So this app is fun but they give you a wait period before you can spin for more prizes it starts out really small like 10 seconds but once you get up to a minute the next time interval is 25 min. Seriously that was quite a jump! Especially when I may spin get 1 heart lose that heart guess what I just wasted 50 min on one level and I can tell you that will become old real quick and I won't want to play anymore and I can see lots of other people agreeing!

  • Ehhh *Shrugs*


    It's a cool game but some things about it really bother me. 1. You have to wait 25 minutes for a spin. I could wait for 25 minutes and then only get one life and lose it. Ughh. 2. There are advertisements that open themselves. That bugs me... 3. The sound effects are connected to the ringer volume not the game volume so when I go to turn the volume down I lose the volume for my phone and forget to turn it back up afterwards. Missed calls!!! 4. For some pictures there are different shades of the one color I need so I might pick the wrong shade and then ohhh I have to wait 25 minutes so I can pick the "correct shade." So I am very sorry for my rant but it's only because I really do love this game but there are so many things about it that just really annoy me. Other wise it would have had a five star rating. Sorry :/

  • Fun and challenging, but a few issues

    by GGzolldan

    I really like this game, but the only problem I have is that it takes too long for you to spin the wheel again especially I. The higher levels. Half an hour is too long to wait for you to lose again quickly and have to wait even more. But otherwise the game is a lot of fun and addicting.

  • Okay...

    by KeKe M

    When I first looked at this app, I thought it would be fun and addicting. It is kinda fun, but it's ridiculous that you have to wait for lives if you run out. I went from level 6 to 7 waiting from 1 min to 25! You shouldn't have to wait that long. It would make it better if it was like the apps where you guess the icons or movies or famous people and you can buy hints with your points or coins. It's not worth it. *the set up and the way the game works is different for the iPod 4 and iPod 5

  • Pretty darn good

    by And jams

    You have to get this game it pretty good. The only thing I don't like about it is how long you have to wait in order to get more life's because that's the only reason I'm really writing this review haha. But besides that it's pretty fun. This is the kind of game you play when your bored in the car or waiting on something. So I recommend that you download this game. You'll get really into it. But heads up if you get stuck your basically screwed.

  • Challenges

    by ken Bunny

    Unlike many others I can play the challenges, and they are extremely fun. However, the match challenge only gives 3 lives instead of the 5 promised at the start. Also it would be nice if it were possible to play the challenges after losing all your lives in the regular game. Right now it isn't possible to leave the page that says I either have to but of lives or wait. I want to be able to play the challenges then.

  • Challenges

    by Loopdeelopp77

    Unlike many others I can play the challenges, and they are extremely fun. However, the match challenge only gives 3 lives instead of the 5 promised at the start. Also it would be nice if it were possible to play the challenges after losing all your lives in the regular game. Right now it isn't possible to leave the page that says I either have to but of lives or wait. I want to be able to play the challenges then.

  • Color mania

    by Dragons prince

    I really like this game I didn't think I would when I first played it I was gonna delete it of my iPhone but i thought why do it just keep it an try u might like it and I loved it after while now I'm afraid to delete it and play it all night half the time I am late for school because I waste most of my time playing rather than getting ready for school

  • Amazing But

    by Dheuakskyskysjkthdf

    I love it, but I think you should reduce the time limit, I am at the exceeded levels where we have to be patient for twenty five minutes. I don't think this is fair to us people. I'm eleven and I usually don't have to wait patiently to play the game, if you play a game properly then you could exceed, but in this game there is no exceeding level, it just adds extra time to the limit.

  • Worst app of all time

    by chas_ass

    This app is absolutely pointless. You have to wait twenty four mins if you run out of lives. I'm sorry but no game should take that long to gain lives if they want you to continue playing it. I understand they have to make money so you can buy more lives... But really what's the point of this game? Then they bribe you to rate the game a five to get more points.. Pathetic

  • Fun to play

    by jamezo102

    When I first got this game, I couldn't put it down. The idea to integrate logos AND characters was a great idea. I hope this brand makes more games. Cause I would get them right away. I give this five stars because they did a great job with the details (my app only crashed once) and the colors. I like the lives because then you don't cheat your way through the game.

  • Great!

    by Plus👍👍

    The game overall is super fun to play, and I'm addicted! But there's a bunch of things to work on, mainly the long 25 minute wait and the volume. The longest wait should be about 10 minutes, because its making people put down the game more often with the long wait. The volume is also annoying, because I like the sound effects but they're very loud and you only get the option of full volume or no volume at all. I wish you could just adjust the volume to how you like it.

  • Good idea, poor game design.

    by broyce

    Instead of challenging players to work out a solution, Colormania simply locks you out for x amount of time and then lets you back in. This is a prime example of poor game design- cool, lock me out, but I'll just go find another game that doesn't do this. Needs some sort of system that allows you to keep going *without paying*. The key is to keep it fun and fundable, and right now the lockouts are just frustrating. Also, I like the sound effects but for the love of god, please remove the "color mania!" speech in the beginning. Yesterday it made my cat jump. Otherwise, this is a very sleek and interesting app and right down my alley. Developers: take some cues from logo quiz, see how they've built a balance between playability and monetization. 3/5 for a solid start as far as the actual game is concerned.

  • Fun!!

    by Jessica482769

    Really fun! And I love how it gets me thinking. BUT what does bother me is the fact that the higher of the level you go, the longer it takes to play again.. Like really 30 minutes!? In 30 minutes i'm going to forget i was even playing the game D: 1-3 maybe 5 minutes is fine but 25? 30 minutes? Need to be changed ASAP before I end up uninstalling this game :/

  • Please fix

    by Blake Canady

    Me and my girlfriend are so addicted to this game it's not even funny please fix the part when there is no service or wifi as soon as the time limit is done it goes to the in game store and it gets stuck with a loading symbol and the only way to fix it is to turn the phone off and back on its annoying and If I delete it she might leave me lol

  • Eh... Ok I guess

    by Jxr1822

    They really try to get you to buy more stuff with real money. It's kind of annoying. If you don't have the patience to wait 1min for a chance to spin for more lives, then I wouldn't suggest it. The highest amt of lives you get from a spin is 4, and good luck getting that amt since its only on the spinner once and 1 is the min you can get and it's on the spinner like 5 times. So your odds at getting a 1 are higher than 2,3,4 combined. So if you want to play then you have to have a lot of patience, just saying.

Positive Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Maddie & Rhylee Maher

    Love this app but every now and then it doesn't open

  • by TaN'autica Kent

    Good game

  • by Mizan Mizan

    Mizan oh🇧🇩😍👍

  • Two many ads

    by Fyyybyvydts

    There are way to many ads

  • B

    by Edgar Antillon


  • Super

    by BloodFire_


  • Awesome

    by Bubbleface16

    Awesome game

  • Colormania

    by GG Ray

    Colormania is a great color game but once you do alot of the challenges it gets boring

  • Great

    by ViTA-"_21_Nic

    It is a good challenging app. It is really good for wasting time.

  • Colors

    by AColorfanatic

    I love Colormania😍

  • Great Game

    by 817V

    Love it

  • Good, but has bugs

    by crazy sweet 4

    This game is pretty fun, and it's more fun than those guess the picture games, but there are a few things i need to put some 'color' on. :p First, way too many ads. second, not enough lives and too long to wait. third, game keeps crashing when i try to play the challenges. thx

  • Keeps Crashing

    by #1 Sherman

    Fun game but it keeps crashing

  • Fun and Tricky

    by LilacKodak

    Good game

  • good app

    by Mistery84

    Excellent it's fun and you enjoy it

  • Waaaayyyy to many adds

    by Nessabear2112

    I like the game but u literally play 3 seconds and an add pops up like get real

  • Really Fun!

    by Listen to me35100

    This game entertains me for hours, it is really fun

  • GREAT!!!

    by Joshijiwola

    I'm only on icon 100 and this game is probably 6 stars if that is possible

  • Colormania

    by Ique74

    A great game to pass time. Would give 5 it there weren't so many ads. More paint brushes could also help.

  • Colormania

    by Nmnnb

    Great app to kill time and lot's of fun

  • Color Mania is amazing

    by Cupkace27

    I play Color Mania almost every day. I enjoy playing it when I get the chance to. Logo games are some of my favorite type of games you play.

  • terrific ^_^

    by cathairlauren

    allows me to respect those logos that use unique purple, pink, or orange... fascinating to see what i pick up on. docking one star for an ad every few turns

  • Game review

    by Jimmina123456789123

    I absolutely love this game!! It's so much fun and I get so excited to play it every time I get on my iPad. You should totally get it because it is sooooooooo entertaining. The person who created it is a genius because this game is AMAZING! BUT,the only thing is I hate waiting for my lives to reappear because it takes soo long!

  • Awesome Game!

    by Diablito402

    It's a great game I'm thinking a lot now

  • Fun and addicting

    by SheCat35

    Not to many adds easy way to get lives is to just wait but it's so addicting that it's worth the wait. It brings both guessing the logo and making sure you know the colors. Be warned they throw in random things, and animals that get you all the time! So much fun!

  • It's good

    by Figehsidb

    I like it because it's fun and super easy, because I'm smart. Honesty the ads get old but it's great.

  • Fun but too many ads

    by Ryandalion1

    Really fun and addicting game. But way too many ads. Almost after every puzzle.

  • Great fun!

    by Chris7pooper

    Absolutely great fun! And very kid friendly! Finally a good educational!

  • Amazing app!

    by Queen of Cakes👸🏻🎂

    This app is so addicting and fun because I can see how many icons and logos I know! If you are a patient person you will be able to tolerate the ads🙂

  • Great

    by Tishq

    Best game ever played

  • Yeah

    by Cdog the big daddy pimp


  • Fun!

    by Garcia8879

    This app is really cool and challenges your brain to think of colors from well known icons.

  • Great fun and comes with a challenge that levels the gameplay

    by CryptoSnipeShot

    It is fun and when you mess up the penalty doesn't cripple the flow.

  • Aleese

    by Aleewalker



    by Erinford209

    I love this game coloring is my life

  • 5 stars

    by Jmonksy

    Amazing game 5/5

  • Game

    by Luthien Calafyes

    It's fun and entertaining

  • Oddly addicting

    by hannahpoptarts

    Just so everyone knows, for those ads that are supposedly 5 seconds you can go ahead and tap the top right corner immediately and it will close the ad before an X shows up or anything. Anyway, the game is strangely addictive and after playing it on and off for what seems like forever I finished it (something like 1100+ icons) but it looks like they probably won't update this app anymore so I'll probably just delete it now.

  • Awesomeness

    by Piggygirl356

    It's amazing🙌🏻🐷💍

  • Cool

    by FeGross

    Cool game!

  • Amazing app

    by Kkrealzes


  • Fun

    by Mitzi/trivia

    Fun & entertaining. Shows you just how much you do not really remember.

  • 👍

    by ShotEmWithMyGunBC

    Good game.

  • Favorite logo app!!!

    by Narcissistickannibal

    I've never had any problems using it, the ads aren't extremely annoying, overall it's perfect. <3

  • Color mania

    by Musicleo23

    Fun addictive.

  • Good

    by TATAmy4kids

    Wish ads were gone.

  • Great app

    by Catjcole

    This app is amazing. I love all the different "puzzles" you have to solve. I would really recommend getting this game. The only thing that bugs me is the wait time though, besides that great game.

  • Michael Howes

    by DTF?!?

    This is the best game I have ever played!

  • Fun

    by migdiegues

    Really fun game!

  • Color mania

    by Pugetsound62


  • Good Game

    by Iamthesoccerball

    Very Fun!

  • Color mania

    by Taylor awesome Swift

    Greatest color game ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome and nostalgic

    by Amyjcs

    Too much fun and nostalgic

  • Love it

    by Princess Patsy96

    It's really fun.

  • Love this game

    by Jcbowers

    Best guessing game PERIOD!!!

  • Colormania

    by Dreamstokes5

    I just want the extra lives lol

  • Fun

    by Prizewinner

    Fun game makes you think

  • So long wating for lives and ads are stupid

    by Mackayla Mcdowell

    OMG I love this butttt pleas do not be 😢😢😢sad ads take for ever and why does there have to be ads👎it takes forever to wayte for lives

  • Great game!!!

    by Pargs1

    It's so fun!! I love the wheel of how many more hearts you get!!!

  • Amazing app

    by Gracie's amazing review

    This app is great for people who love to guess like me!!!! Also you could learn things that you did not know the colors to. Your parents might even get mad because they got the color wrong overall it is a GREAT app!!!!!!

  • Greate game

    by Cam0108

    It's a really good game. I would have put 5 stars but game trashes every time I try I try to play the challenge

  • Awesomeness

    by Emmels21

    It is so fun! The only problem is the wait time to spin for new hearts. 😔 I wish that we didn't have to wait longer every level. But, overall you should really get this game. 😀👍

  • Great

    by Cinhoakoustik

    Here for the extra life.. Great game tho..

  • Love It!!!!!

    by Renasiacoop

    Color mania is the most awesome game ever!! Keeps you on your toes and challenges your memory! Love it!

  • 😅😇😆🙃😐

    by Fjdjdjcjfjcjddhcndjxjdjd

    I like this game but it should have unlimited lives!!!!!!!¡¡&¡₽@&1

  • Great app

    by MikSMAF


  • Color mania

    by Sidney awesomeness

    This app was pretty fun I just don't like how u don't have unlimited lives

  • Colormania

    by Ca veal

    Very enjoyable.

  • Color mania

    by Desi Cooper

    Great Game!!!!

  • Good

    by KaliRenee


  • Great game

    by Lauren is Lolo

    I love this game

  • Fun

    by Backupgeek 1111111121111113

    Need lives

  • Love it!😝

    by Macfhrjcj

    Super fun guessing the color of everything 🎨📕📙📒📗📘

  • Color

    by Ahaddox

    Cool Game

  • Extra lives

    by Extra extra lives

    Extra lives

  • Good game

    by Jordanm.davis

    Really fun

  • Jamthis

    by Jaimees gaimees

    You think you know the brand colors. You thought wrong

  • Fun game. Our 4 year old loves it.

    by R3479

    Good recognition game.

  • good app

    by Awesomeusher


  • Endless fun

    by Orsini's

    Can't put the game down!

  • Good but not great

    by B1gshot

    Could have done better on the game guys you're more year much better than that

  • Awesome

    by Epic SMOSHer

    So fun and kind of hard but fun

  • Good game

    by Stickysword3579

    I want extra lives

  • Love the game but....

    by Turtle122493

    Love this game but I have beat every level and have been waiting a couple months for an update with new pictures. Hope this is coming soon because I really do like this game. It just needs more pictures to guess.

  • 5 stara

    by PammyAnnM57


  • I 💚 this app!!!

    by Mike89005

    This app is awesome!!!!

  • Yes

    by Jfkdkdkf

    This game is awesome!

  • Color sensation

    by Sophia Koritz

    Love it!!!!!!!

  • Fun

    by Thekillero

    Fun way to kill time

  • Addicting

    by 2001jac

    The best game ever. I play it everyday

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Colormania Game 2019: Guess the Color & Logo Quiz

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