Color Fun - Color by Number

Color Fun - Color by Number

Magic Arts Ltd.

Paint by Number& Coloring book

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  • No new pictures Nov 7, 2019

    By Luv2Color2
    I like Color Fun. Do I love it? Eh. The colors are nice, often with nice shades. But I have 8 color by number apps that I enjoy checking daily. This is the only one I have that doesn’t add daily pictures. It’s like the developers are taking one very long nap...to which I say, “Wake up and play with the big boys!” Even adding ONE new pic a day would be nice. I wonder if these guys just decided to abandon ship and leave Color Fun as it is. I had thought about deleting it because of this. But then I realized that there still are a lot of pictures I haven’t colored yet. I’ll keep it. But I won’t check it daily, to avoid the daily disappointment of nothing new. I’ll just open it once in awhile and color a few pictures. I suppose at some point I will have colored them all and it will just be a scrapbook of completed pictures. Better yet...throw us a bone people! Give your Color Fun fans something to look forward to by adding something new once in awhile (daily would be nice). If not, I can see some coloring fans leaving this one.
  • My favorite but... Jul 26, 2019

    By Alesia_
    I have 15+ coloring apps (I know, I, addicted 😅) on my iPhone and iPad. Color Fun is my favorite on both! I just wish it’d switch to the next color automatically (like after you finish all of the pieces for 1 it goes to 2 without you having to press it every time). Other than that, I love it! I would love to have new pictures daily but I know everyone working on the app is doing their best to put out new content :) thanks for such an awesome color-by-number app!!
  • Addictive!! Aug 7, 2019