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Coin Master

Coin Master

Moon Active

Play the Best Adventure Game with Friends !!!

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55% Negative Reviews

Out of 120 most helpful reviews

  • by aj brown

    Use to like this game a lot. Lots of fun. My kids would sit with me and take turns attacking or raiding which was fun for them. Stopped playing for a while because never seemed to get new cards or finish high enough in tournaments to be of any real benefit. Started back playing and after a few days, it's worst than before. I can do everything but attack. I get connection errors as I pick a target. Close the game several times may work until next attack. Support was no help so, I'm uninstalling.

  • by Ashwini Bhat

    I just won 250 spins in the "attack madness" event. These spins were added and all of sudden I see that the added spins have been removed when I navigated to " Viking Quest". Don't play such cheap tricks - if you want to provide offers give it rightly else don't include such events at all. This isn't the first time something like this is happening, but I just used to ignore and not create a fuss out of it. This time I wanted to bring it to everyone notice. I need my spins back with an advantage

  • by Jennifer Tuttle

    This game is very fun in the beginning. The further you advance the worse it gets. I've seen so many complaints about it. I have just filed one myself. They now have an event on called "The Turkey Trot," which is horrible. I advanced and won 850 spins which they immediately took back. There's so many other problems that I won't get into it. I'm on 151 and I'm debating about quitting the game. If you have a addictive personality I urge you not to play.

  • by Lainy PDWA

    Depending on each individuals position will depend on weather or not the events are worth anything to the player. The odd glitch here or there when it comes to the game loading up and when you gain a raid or an attack. The gold card events, trades etc. Most of the cards that have been traded lately aren't worth anything to those that aren't at that level. So theres not enough variety. Players seem to work against rather than together. Pirate kings is by far better 👌

  • Several double charges, without receiving the stuff you bought

    by Grateful_Shred

    Recently I have been going through my bank stuff, wondering where my budget could have been off, and noticed many, and I mean MANY double charges, and sometimes even triple charges.. VERY FRUSTRATING. I love this game, and still play it! This game has all the intricacies to be something great! A casino slot style interface with the addictive village building, upgrade platform. I loved this game when I first started playing! But as I progressed I realized that the game is rigged to be a cash cow for the developers. I will try to keep this short, although I have many things I’d like to say. 5 spins an hour? Absolutely rediculous.. Gold cards? Try trading them. Literally impossible unless they unlock two, that’s right, two cards to be traded. This only happens once a weekend, or even every other weekend. Out of spins and have some extra real money to throw at them? Don’t worry, the slot machine becomes even more rigged when you were playing with the spins the game provides. The reels will be sure to literally land on the same 5 things and you’ll maybe receive one “raid”, “attack”, or any other objective in the game. Also, if you have a complaint about something that has happened in the game, for instance, I had thousands of spins disappear one day when I multitasked to another application, they will not provide any response, compensation, explanation, or even a breath in your direction.

  • by Lucie Yemm

    The game worked fine, until you get to level 80 and above. Then it has errors come up, takes your spins, coins, and pet snacks. I just had over 200 spins, and used only 5X, only ended with 32000 coins. I got 1 attack and 1 raid. Balloon Pop is a joke, the only time balloons came up, is when I got attack, or raid. It switches screens and you can't get them. I've complained for months, about my coins, spins, and snacks, being taken, not one response back. I won't be playing any more.

  • Good game but has a big issue and spam!

    by As if you could know bae

    I enjoy playing this game and am around village 20+ so I've played for a bit of time. This game will spam the crap out of you with purchase prompts, ads and more. I'll breakdown the spam here: Load game- get attacked with 2 event pop ups and a package pop up. While playing, your screen may get a random ad out of nowhere you'll need to close (4 pop ups so far). Now while doing your spins if you dare increase bet past 1 and your spins is not evenly divisible by your bet (spin 2x for 11 spins, this happens at 1 spin left while spinning at 2x), the game will give you 3 pop ups, one to buy more spins, then a package, then a prompt to watch and add for A SINGLE spin. But if you got to this point by not doing 1 spin, you have probably 1 or 2 spins left, you need to use them so when you run out, now you get THREE MORE POPUPS!! This totals 10 pop ups. For the issue of this game: Cards are massively flawed. I have like 12 sets I have not fully collected, yet ever super rare chest (you barely get them besides upgrading village) I receive literally the same card duplicate. I have over 5 copies of the same card when there are over 10 more 1 stars I could get that I don't have!!! Nope here is a duplicate! If you play, an event to trade duplicates for chests to get cards appear but if you do this, you simply removed your 5 copies to get 1 of the same copy because the randomness is not random for cards!!

  • by Kelsi Greentree

    This game itself is fun. However the lack of customer support is terrible. They constantly take away the free spins. Multiple times I have won 200, 300, 1000 spins and spun one time at a 10 times multiplier and it says I have zero spins left. I have contacted support many times with no response. If they would just fix the issue it would be a 5 star game.

  • by Thomas Sean Alford

    I just finished giving this game a five star rating and now they're robbing me. I just won the 225 spins and it disappeared. I Attack/raid and often don't get rewarded. I would like the spins that I never used. Would have tried customer service could not find one. Fix the glitches. Are those updates to manipulate the game, cheat people and get them to spend more money?

  • Was Impressed at First, But Then...

    by Ncgatorlady

    As I got to higher levels in the game, (I’m on 30) it seems that the shields to protect my even more expensive villages, are harder to get! Each item for the village is more expensive, but it’s next to impossible to earn enough to pay for them because you are constantly being raided. I’ve paid for “snacks” to keep my two low level pets “working” and I’ve had little protection from attacks. And by the way, I really don’t want to attack my FB friends. That’s a great way to lose real friends!! Then there’s the whole “card collection” ridiculousness. I now have EIGHT sets of cards, where all I need is a gold card. Most of them, only ONE card! You cannot be gifted gold cards from anyone, you have to find them. They had some sort of a gold card exchange, but those two were cards I had neither of. Didn’t help me ONE bit. I’ve spun for coins and “bought” chests, even bought the magical chests when I won extra coins, but the cards in them are the same low level junk that I’ve been getting since the first level. If I keep buying chests, I have no village. With no village, I earn no stars for my pets, etc. Whatever the developers did to tighten up the wheel when they crashed a week or so ago, it seems to have effected the ability to get shields. And the whole “multiplier” of spins to win jackpots ALL the time, has gotten REALLY, REALLY old. I’m soooo ready to delete this AP!!

  • by Choilhing Doungel

    I had a worst experience. I am not a hater , I am obsessed with this game but the issue is I got a reward of 300, million coins and withing few seconds it just disappeared . I don't know what happened. I request the team to please look on to this issue as this is not the first time My coins just disappeared it happens now and then and is really frustrating. Thankyou.

  • by Imperfect Mommyhood

    It's a fun app, especially if you also have friends to play with. The downside is that you win coins and prizes that you dont actually get. A few times, I have had 20,000,000 coins, gone to buy a 2,000,000 village upgrade and suddenly I dint have any coins. Or like tonight, when I got the 1,100 spins on the ornament game (after collecting 500 ornaments) and then I didnt get any extra spins. I'm at the point where I just want to delete the app; not fun winning prizes you dont actually get.

  • by Celine J

    I ran out of spins so I decided to invite a friend so I can get 90 spins as advertised in the game. He installed the game, played it for a while and up to now I haven't gotten my spins!!! How ridiculous is that! You get free marketing and don't give what is promised. Definitely not going to be playing again. With regards to the email you sent me, the person followed every single one of the steps ie linked it to FB. So cut out the bs. If I could give you all a negative rating, I would.

  • Spins keeps giving me no money

    by Silentvice

    I enjoy the game but out of 50 spins at least 5-7 don’t pay out and I have had raids and revenge attacks that don’t pay either, it also didn’t pay out my snack either. At first it only happening only 1-2 times but it’s ruining the game. It’s sad because before this I played all the time, now I only play 2 times a day to “eat up” my spins and see what damage has been done to my village. Is this the was it’s setup that some spins don’t pay out the further up you go? You should be able to purchase pet snacks. Since I have been playing I have only gotten them 3 times. I realize you need the revenue and getting people to pay for such items is necessary but make the available maybe a little more often “special” the chest or when you raid. Offer them in a special once in a while on spins for 1 hour make them 2 hour snacks. Offer them in the ballon pops in 15 minute increments. The villages are so expensive as you go further up the line too. I understand that it should be harder the further you go but the cost is exorbitant. There should be a trade off for getting that far, the expense, being able to protect your village. Maybe offer additional spins or shields in exchange for added cost or having to meet some challenge. Just a thought.

  • by Maja Ibrahimovic

    This game used to be very good and interesting. I was amazed with it, and I colud say, I was even "enchanted" with it. But last two months it is nothing but disappontment. Villages are way too expensive, you can barely "earn" money to finish villages. Events became ridiculous. You have like 4 different lists for events and the prizes are even not worth of playing it. You need to pass 7 to 10 villages just to open another set and you need minimum 8B to finish one village. Hillarious!!!

  • My game has been frozen 4 days now

    by JassUnique

    I only got this game because of another app I have. It has it’s times when it’s frustrating because I don’t get shields and I’m close to finishing my village but then I get attacked until I don’t have much of a village left so now I have to build it back up again, which usually takes days if not weeks. Now to make matters worse, I was gifted over 100 spins by the app and about 20 million coins (which had never happened to me before). After getting through a few spins and accumulating over 90 million coins, my game has been frozen for 4 days straight. I can get the annoying ads off the screen but I can’t click anything on the actual game screen. I’m trying to prevent deleting this app but if the game is going to be frozen, I will delete it and I will not get it back because when I finally get a good amount of coins and spins, I’m just going to think the same thing will happen, so I hope you fix things soon or I will not be playing the game anymore. And I’ve checked millions of times to make sure I didn’t miss an update for the game and I didn’t, so if you do decide to respond to me please don’t say that because it is updated to the most current version. Don’t tell me to go to the help center either because I can’t get to it at all.

  • by Owain Harris

    This game is out just to get you to spend money.... you build your village someone comes along and destroys your village. You need a couple of million coins to rebuild and you only win a couple of thousand. So you can only get so far then you need to spend money just to build... im so fed up with all these games these days wanting you to spend real money just to progress its getting beyond.

  • Frustrated

    by Gebdfbdf

    The game is a good time killer and bank account depleter. I have spent hundreds of dollars “my fault entirely” been double and triple charged at times “not my fault. Have reach level 123 and spend billions spin billions of coins with no progression. No VIP status even though I have played 9 months daily. I do have nearly 3000 Trick or Treats yay me. You get the same Bet Blast and Village Master which are useless when you can not build spins and close sets. I have also sent in 3 help tickets over the last 9 months without a response from any of them. So do not seek help there is none out there. I belong to several CM groups and am admin in one. Help other players as much as possible considering my game is stuck in dried cement and has been for 4 months. Gold trade is usually a card everyone has copious amounts of and the other very few have them so they are traded for ridiculous values or people buy of EBAY. I refuse to buy cards of EBAY. Let’s not forget the 6 to 8 pop ups every time I go into my game. Not good. You can go on main CM page and get a few spins daily or coins, but big celebrations they hipe up are not different than daily giveaways after 1-2 days. To the readers of this review do not build villages buy chests with coins and keep open sets to a bare minimum or you will be dead in the water as well and no hope ton progress.

  • by Desiree Anderson

    I have been playing this game for about a year now and I have never had any problems until recently. Twice in two weeks, during the attack madness, my 600 spins reward were taken from me. I contacted support within the app both times and still no one has reached out to me nor have I received my 1200 spins. And I dont need an automated answer, I need a sincere response and my 1200 spins back because I have contacted your help center twice and I one has done anything.

  • by Kuro Avuli

    8 pop ups before I can even play. *Slow clap* now THAT'S how you chase away players. The game is pretty boring. An excuse to try to get money from you. A slot game, with the ability to do spend all coins on a useless background (the structures you build have no function) there is literally no reason to obtain coins, let alone pay RL money. If I wasn't being paid to play this game by another source, I'd never , ever taint my phone with this. Honestly, u should feel ashamed to take ppls money.

  • by Nithya Viswanathan

    Actually the game is too good and I'm addicted to it. But after completing 40 villages it doesn't connect to the internet...every time a pop up mesg with connection is lost. I tried a lot to fix it. I checked everything. Everything is perfect but again a mesg with connection is lost. Check this issue and solve it. I couldn't play this game

  • This game is so fake

    by bosschicksmith

    Don't put your bank card or no sort of credit-debit card so have been playing this game for over 3years spending money on this game am a game addict person so I never question my bills yet until earlier this year around match I quit the game for a while cause I was going through stuff however I noticed am getting charges on my debit card then I started to observe them so I said, to myself am going to make a purchase and see if they were going to charge me again for the month and don't ask they did it 3times for the month I call my bank to claim it they were telling me all sort of nonsense they can't take back the money we then start to investigate and some of the time they charge me I didn't even play in the month cause I went back to check my monthly report so I blocked them from my card on another end one day I was playing they were giving away some free spin I was in number 1 of the top10 to collect 3k coins 42 second remains the game flip the amount of spin disaper I stood there and watch it I wasn't playing or anything just waiting for the seconds to finish so I could start again the screen just shuffle and different things came on just play for fun as I started doing no purchase nothing over there am playing it for 3years With my money now am just for the fun

  • by Fiona Hawke

    Was really enjoying the game and once I reached village 2 I was given the message on screen that my connection was lost. Even though my connection was fine I still can get on. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but the problem is persisting. I have seen that this is a common complaint and think there is a need for a bug fix.

  • by JoVaunn Garratt

    The game is fun, but when you win a raid make sure you check your coin balance because on more than one occasion my coins were not granted to me (I check Village News, so they were NOT stolen). Foor example, i just won over 13 million coins in a raid, and once it took my back to my spins page i only had 2 million which is what i started with, and hadn't had coins stolen from me in over 2hrs! Again, it's fun until this happens, and because of this i can not give this game a higher rating

  • It used to be great

    by Mokie79

    I really like coin master game. For me it’s a stress reliever. It allows me to escape from day to day adulting. The game is a card collection, destroyer game with a casino twist. You would not think those got together but it does. When you start the game they tell you about cards they invite you to join a community of other coin master players. Some cards are rare and hard to get so you use this community to trade cards get tips and friends that play the game like you. There a chat rooms where people communicate about strategy game play events. They event invite you to add friends for spins. This is where it gets bad. So before in the game you could play with 20 people and they would rotate as your coin master. You steal coins from your coin master. Recently for some reason they stop the rotation and leave it on the same two coins masters for months. So that means you are stealing from the same person over and over and over again. Which defeats the purpose of the coin master community. So now I have all these friends I cannot play with these people that I have join a group with. I have reached out to support to get this resolve and it has not changed. Therefore I have to change my rating of this once great game. I hope they resolve this small issue just give people more that the same to coin masters.

  • by R Battaglia

    i loved the game so much.. spent like 90 a week playing. I had an issue and contacted support and it's been 2 weeks of waiting. I'm about to uninstall the game for the lack of feedback from the company. i spent 45 I'm one day and had an issue and sent am email and it's been 2 weeks of waiting... it get there's a long list to contend with but I deserve a response. 7-25 still haven't heard from anyone..Thank you for reviewing my issue. 12-6 Still waiting to hear back, will anyone ever respond????


    by Dalton:)

    WARNING: DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS TERRIBLE GAME. DO NOT DOWNLAOD THIS TERRIBLE GAME. If I could give this game -600 STARS OR LESS I would. What a TERRIBLE app for customer service. I have tried for almost THREE weeks to get in contact with someone with NO RESPONSE. The only response I get is the automated email one to tell me someone will get back with me soon. I was awarded 600 spins for attacking and getting my bonus “hammer” points. They popped up and said I won them, claimed them and the did NOT CREDIT MY SPINS. After nicely sending my problems through the support in the app, and replying to the automated emails with no response for almost THREE WEEKS, I am DONE with this stupid app. All they want you to do is spend money on top of money to actually play. Now that they owe me sometime like this, it’s like they do not want to help out. If I was spending $100’s of dollars to play such a dumb game I’m sure someone would have got back with me ASAP. I have been lucky to actually advance pretty far in the game. But recently the game has been COMPLETE GARBAGE. I used to love playing this game. Now it just makes me mad to look at it. Have not deleted yet because I want my dang 600 spins. GIVE THEM TO ME. Maybe this review will finally get someone on the ball to get me my awarded spins I never got??? Contact me? Hello? -Your number one angriest customer, Dalton Allen.

  • by William Dosier

    I just raided for over 74mil and it gave me 0 and gave nothing for the event. This isn't the first time. You have some bugs to fix for sure. Once again, new bug. Just won 600 sounds from the event and got 0. It acted like it gave them to me but now I still only have the sounds that I did. Please fix this. I love this game but if I keep getting cheated out of what I win then what is the point? Again, raided for over 15 million and got nothing and didn't get anything for the tournament. Fix please

  • Glitch fix

    by £}!*|*!{€

    You know I love this game and been playing for a very long time. But there comes a point when consumers are feeling as if their being robbed. I’ve spent so much money this week trying to complete my village and yet here we are again with game crashing before you can even spin, or get your raid or attack rewards and Viking quest just won’t open the doors before kicking you out. People are annoyed. There’s no need to run a diamond tournament, Raid& or attack along with Viking quest. Yes it’s fun but only if you can actually reap joy from getting your rewards. The pop ups are outta control. Your making yourself look greedy. I’ve wasted my whole day trying to play and yet still at the same place I was days ago. And you really need to come off with some gold cards at some point. Without your 5 million followers you wouldn’t be successful. Your profiting millions a day yet it seems to still not be enough. Your going to lose so many of those followers and there goes all your hard work and success out the door. The five spins a hour is ridiculous and then on the reward links people don’t want coins we want/need spins. Please compensate me for something as your going to lose a financial supporter with me.

  • Disturbed player

    by Me.V🙏🏼

    This game is nice but it cheats when trying to get extra spins or coins the game get stuck to the point you have to exit out them when you return to the game it has disappeared and also I got charged $1.99 for a multiplier spin and didn't get the spin because it got stuck you all got the money but I didn't get my spin also I feel that since it was not working because of technical difficulties we all that play the game should have gotten free spins we shouldn't have to purchase an app in order for that to happen. It's also ridiculous that you have to wait an hour before you can get more spins I know the object of the game is for you all to get money but an hour wait it uncalled for,now attacking the item on the village once it's completed should not be allowed it's hard to get to the next village if we are constantly fixing what was already completed also the higher you go the higher the coins we need to finish an item on the village which is hard to do with 50 spins and then have to basically wait a whole day for it to get back to 50 spins...I like the game even though I have been cheated out of money,just try and fix some of the issues if you all can thank you

  • Just a greedy game with no rewards/value

    by stopPay2Play

    I downloaded the game to meet an ad/reward offer from a different game. It seemed like it was going to be a piece of cake! I ONLY needed to complete my 3rd village. It took me less than an hour to complete my first two, almost there. However, I have been stuck on the 3rd village for a week. There is no end in sight. I have been calculating my spins. I receive 1 shield per 50 spins. 4 attacks, all of which were blocked by shields. And 1 raid. Everything else was not much to write about. In my 50 spins I accrued 1.7 million coins which was enough to upgrade one item. Furthermore, I was attacked 10 times in the previous day, and raided several more times. Everything accrued in my 50 spins is upkeep and no progress. Even more aggravating are ALL OF THE POPUPS for buying spins, inviting friends from social media, connecting through Facebook, and asking me to purchase during the “sale of the day”. Every time one has one more spin and then again when one runs out they are bombarded by ALL OF THE POPUPS. I have contacted them to make them aware of their gameplay issue and have received only stock “it’s the algorithm, just keep playing” response. This game is a scam, I don’t believe anyone has made it beyond village 5, maybe, without paying to play.

  • Love game but have soooo many problems! 😡

    by Jess8917

    I will start by saying that I do absolutely enjoy playing coin master! However, I’m lucky to even be able to play it most days! Today, just like yesterday, I have been opening coin master (close the million boxes/windows that open up when you first open the app) only to be taken back to my home screen because the app closed the very second I got out of the last window that opened. In addition to that, another feature in the game that I enjoy (probably more than anything, including coin master itself) is Viking Quest. Unfortunately, I have only been able to play the last time they had the Viking quest event going. I was so happy to finally be able to play it that I almost entirely forgot about the issue of the game booting me out of nowhere.... and just as I remember that, the dang app kicks me out and closes!!! I don’t know if the menu having support and help is a new feature, but even though I keep up with updates, being able to leave this review is the closest thing that I have found to be able to share the problems I’ve been having. I love coin master but I’ve honestly considered uninstalling the game recently because I’m so frustrated!!

  • Junk

    by TerriJohnston

    I absolutely loved this game at first. It was a GREAT way to pass some time. However, for the last week-ish, this game has been a complete waste of my time and a total rip off. In the game you can “raid” and “attack” other villages and players. This is a good way to get coins and to get the items you need to get more spins, coins, pet snacks, etc. Everytime my gameplay gets an attack or a raid I get a “lost connection” notification and it won’t let me exit out of it or return back to the game. I have to close the game out and reopen it up and then I have to go through the entire annoying process of all the stupid pop ups that the game throws at you before I can even start playing again. I have not been able to raid or attack a village in about a week now since I have only been able to land on non important things within the game so I feel like it’s completely ripping me off. I have notified the tech support or whatever you want to call them via email and have never heard a response. I just want the bug fixed and/or all my wasted spins and extra things I get for raids and attacks on that little power bar at the top. I’m stuck in glitch hell and am about to just delete the app.

  • Love/Hate this game

    by Scrugge

    Don’t get spins in enough time, it glitches or freezes and when it comes back your spins and money are gone. Continues to give the same cards over and over again and none of the ones you need. Random people who are not your friends raid you while you’re sleeping. I understand the attacks be random from people you don’t know but not the raids. Then the constant pop ups to add friends is really annoying. Like yes I have 1 spin left, no I don’t want to add any people, no I don’t want to buy any spins, stop with the constant pop ups. Once is enough. It’s really annoying. Then the gold card trades majority of the time only happen when people are sleeping. I’m not spending my hard earned money on a game that I will never see any reward in real life. The links for the gifts barely work. You play the games they post on Facebook and never get the rewards. There should be a limit to how many times a single person can attack you in a day. The spins should regenerate in 30 minutes not an hour. Who has 10 hours to wait around for spins to regenerate fully when you’re constantly being attacked or raided by random people who you’re not friends with on Facebook.

  • Use to love but all it does is CRASH

    by BethHerslip

    I’ve been playing this game for quite sometime and in the beginning it was awesome however now I can’t play any of the events. Every single time I land on a raid or attack it automatically crashes therefore I don’t get rewarded for it. Every time you have one of the events to where all the attacks, raids and perfect spins adds up to win the main prize well I don’t get that because all I get is, I have to have the perfect spin and nothing else counts when it does for eveyone else. I’ve messaged Coin Master more times than I can count only to get the same reply which is to clear my cache and it will be fine when in fact I do that every day and it still doesn’t help, be wiped my phone completely out and still can’t get the game to play without crashing. Another thing is I actually spent real money to buy spins etc only to be ripped off and yet to get what I PAID for. I can’t even view my cards due to it crashing when I try to go into it. Last but not least every time I try to go into a Vikings game, as everything else it crashes before it even loads up. At one point I would have rated this game 5stars however now I wouldn’t even give it 1 star. FIX the problem!!!

  • Unenjoyable game

    by ladytalon

    A while ago I discovered a game that I absolutely LOVED! I began to play it religiously and couldn’t wait for my spins to renew. During my game playing ventures I found a bunch of individuals that found the same joy in it as myself. However, after playing for quite some time Coin Master started making many modifications. One would think when making such changes it would enhance your game playing experience. This is not the case. The events offered are far from enjoyable and you don’t get much benefits as a player any more. Also, people who mentored me in the game are being punished for beating such levels and achieving the spin bonus. But, now are not allowed to play in the events because they have too many spins. They earned the spins fair and square but now are being punished. How is this fair? Again, I loved the game so much that I used to (key word used to) pay money so I could keep playing. Now, I won’t spend a dime for these waste less events. Plus, what’s the point in putting money into it, if I’m going to be penalized, like my fellow players have? I sure hope that Coin Master figures out these glitches and bugs very soon or I’ll be deleting the game. It’s not worth my time any more!

  • What did you do coin master?

    by Ex coin master

    Seriously? You have really out done yourself this time. 10 minutes away from the game. Your thieving bots steal billions of coin. Then attack the billion coin villages we build within the next ten minutes? Are you really trying to drive paying customers away? If so you sure are doing a great job of it! Also your staff at moon active really needs some serious training. What do you pay these people? 29 cents an hour? Because they really don’t even read the emails I send. I used to love this game and had multiple accounts and spent a lot of money. But now it will be gone just like the coins I used to have 30 minutes ago. You really out did yourself this time. Bad play there coin master. Bad play moon active. Also. Thanksgiving day. Another bad update mixed up rewards. Really. I have a spin multiplier x200. I don’t even have 150 spins available! Get your stuff together. Also ya screwed me out of the Viking quest on 2 different accounts 600,000,000 coins and cAnnot get more than 1/2 of the required 250 million in the bonus wheel. Like I’ve said befor. A person better know how to cheat the game because I will never put one penny towards this rip off game

  • Worse game ever.

    by Angelinababy232123

    My mother has been playing this game for a long time and just recently she keeps getting charged for things she never authorized. It went from 12$ up to almost 60$. She never clicked anything to buy. She only waits for free spins and that’s it. She has her own phone and me and my sister have our own. She doesn’t give her phone to anyone. I tried getting in touch with Apple support and they can’t help. I tried getting in touch with the THIS app on the website and nothing. “Oh someone will be in contact with you shortly” LIES. I’m upset because this had affected mother and I. They locked her account because of all the charges it continued to make. And I’m on the account with her. It locked my account as well so I can’t pay my bills or even make it to work. No one actually cares about you. They just want money. Not caring if it was unauthorized or now. I never got a response back and my mother is still on the phone trying to find away to stop this from happening and it’s continuing. She needed to get her medication for the past two days and thanks to this she can’t get it. If I could put a negative star I would. This is ridiculous. Thanks a lot coin master

  • 🤷🏿‍♂️

    by timothyaaron

    I can’t even count how much I’ve spent on this game, but refuse to spend any more... the app crashes constantly and I lose bonus steal and attack games... plus there are more pop ups then trying to watch a bootleg movie... slow your roll on the ads and promotions trying to make more money for an unstable app... then you have the audacity to tell me to try the support? Really? The game always worked fine and with the last two weeks it just crashes... for giggles I force closed everything, rebooted, cleared cache, rebooted, deleted and reinstalled app, rebooted... my phone is always up to date... your app is crap... tried to play today, same issues... crashes, especially when I get a steal or attack... it’s very frustrating when you spend money to play, then can’t, and your reply is to follow primitive crap tech support that still doesn’t fix anything and just wasted more of my time... so very done since you don’t know how to fix issues or take legit feedback... being a tech guy I’m insulted and feel belittled by you lack of support... wish I could get a refund for the crap I bought because months of playing are all down the drain now... fix your app

  • Thoughts

    by XxXAphroditeXxX

    I don’t even know if CM even reads these comments. If so, This game is very addicting. But, First, hourly spins to be refilled and only to receive 5. Should be reduced to every 30 minutes. Getting the same cards over and over when new cards are at need is very complicated. I see many people writing how they can’t get new or gold cards, all they get is repeats. Which is true, it’s the same with me. Also, I see many say they can have over 100 spins and they get no shields which should be fixed. Shields should also be able to collect as you get them, as we do pet foods. Rewards when watching video sometimes don’t come. And why should we download other games and stuff to try and earn spins/coins. We don’t want to be adding more stuff to phones. And I know a lot people don’t want to spend real cash to buy them. Since you can easily be raided from that. So it’s like spending money for other people and not self. It should be a different if you buy with real money no one should be aloud to raid that and coins earned from game... well that’s different.I am sure some have more issues they like to address, but I won’t sit here to write them all. In other words great game.

  • When I basically paid for the coins

    by joker1110

    When you basically paid for the coins you won with the spins you bought with real money, and they allow a raid on them. It’s a rip off. If it happens again I’m deleting this app. Also, I get the point for all the pop ups to sell coins and spins, but it gets to be excessive. The push for you to login to Facebook is annoying as well. Every time you run out of spins, or if you have one spin left with the setting at x2,3,etc. When you open the app you have anywhere from 4-6 pop ups. Overall, pop ups are annoying in general, and made worse by excess. I am not connecting to Facebook, stop begging me too! Even when I had one I had NO FRIENDS so NO ONE would see anything about your game. My play interest is going to be reduced to the same level as farm friends or diner dash. Games I play around once every other month when I go to clean out my phone and remember I spent some money on stupid in-app purchases so I don’t necessarily want to delete them. However, this game takes it to a whole other level of annoyance with me. This is the third time I’ve felt the need to add to my review.

  • Ugh... why seriously???

    by Amw7272

    So today I open my game and find when I go to awake foxy that I have 375 food waiting for me. Which I didn’t have last night. So I’m like ok cool... thanks CM... only to quickly realize it’s a bunch of bull!!! It only lasts an hour!!!! You can’t put foxy to sleep now!!! So you have a timer wasting away a snack you can’t use bc your spins are gone!! Some people got the update where all the cards from chest stay on screen.... haven’t seen that yet!!! I’m on level 102 and for it to cost around 4B to level up is ridiculous!! You make it to where people can’t go higher unless they spend real money.... you have so many bots that attack our villages and raid our money every single time we’re trying to collect and build! It’s tough! I even run a CM group on FB to try to make it more fun bc CM stresses people out really bad. Worried about bots hitting villages and taking all shields away!! This has got to stop!! Then seriously, 5 spins an hour???? Like you have to wait all day just to play again after you’ve gathered all your free stuff from pages! More people would play if you didn’t make it so difficult!!!

  • Glitches with no relief

    by Kesha Co

    Even though it’s a fun game, it’s highly frustrating to have a material amount of coins, spins, and other valuable opportunities missed due to glitches in the game. It’s even more frustrating when you have had to contact customer support at least 3 times but the only reply is the auto-reply saying that it was received. I’ve sent screenshots and very detailed information but I never recovered my coins and spins that were taken unfairly nor did I get compensated for rewards that I’ve missed such as the prize for completing a village when it was in fact a glitch that caused me to not get it. I’ve spent 72 million coins to finish the last build of my village, while the Complete a Village challenge was going on, and the game deducted my 72 million but did not build to complete the village. I checked the news to see if anyone had raided my village but the hadn’t. It was just gone. I couldn’t complete the village until after I got enough spins to earn that amount and pay for it AGAIN in addition to damages that were done in the meantime. Still no answer for all that I’ve lost during game play.

  • Read before dismissing the game

    by Medevilcop92

    I would love to rate this as a five star game. It’s simple and it’s a great way to pass time and play with friends and your family members. That’s the great part about it. Plenty of events that happen a lot. As long as you connect to Facebook and play with all your friends you can easily advance up quicker to a certain point. Than it’s all down to luck and how often you play. Now the cons about the game. Now I travel a lot and for some reason if you don’t have 3g/4g/lte service you can’t play the game. The data requirements for this game are so high which makes no sense whatsoever. I can play massive online builder games and compete against other people and hardly use data to play it. Now on the card system. I’ve literally spent billions of coins to buy chest and I’ve never once received a single gold card. The gold cards are just too rare and the events to trade them to people happen to few. I also noticed unless your very high up than the attack event where you spend money to spin the wheel is not meant for low players who hardly have any money at all.

  • Fun at first but the creators got greedy

    by Fun, but creators got greedy

    In the beginning you think it’s a bit hard to complete villages, but then you continue to play and it gets fun and super addicting. You join the FB groups to complete card sets and spend coins on cards instead of villages, just so you can get more spins. But the higher the level it becomes almost impossible to get to the next level unless you pay hundreds of dollars to buy more spins. I have spent billions of coins on chests without receiving any new cards. Sure you can win competitions here and there but with the 50 spins most of the time you don’t even get enough to buy the cheapest chest. And the cards, oof, I’ve been playing for over a year and can’t complete card sets. You can’t trade gold cards. They only allow golden trade on 2 cards at a time, And usually it’s gold cards I can’t receive right away since I haven’t reached the level. Anyway I’m going to delete this game forever. It is definitely rigged and certain players have the short end, and I can vouch for that because my mom has only been playing 2 months and she’s passed me.


    by keshkeyyk

    Don’t download this game!! It was fun at first until they started making updates that keep you from progressing in the game!! They just want you to spend your hard earned money and we play the same events over and over!! They rigged the tournaments so only their bots (fake accounts that they created to raid and destroy our villages) win in the end, now it’s a new update that allow random people and their bots to raid you at once so you can spend your coins in which you need to save to even progress any kind of way in the game..they always raising the village prices so it makes it super hard to build when you get on higher levels, you only get 50 spins every 8hrs which isn’t enough spins to help you buy one village item (that’s how high the village prices are), you can contact the support team but they ain’t no help and sometimes you’re waiting weeks to months for a response back, if you have VIP status you have your own support team which gets back with you immediately and they a VIP manager that helps them with everything while the other players can’t get a response back..SO IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A FUN GAME TO PLAY THIS NOT ONE!!!!!!

  • Freemium so/so start... Went to 💩💩💩

    by MrSebSin

    For me what makes a good freemium is one that is challenging enough to make you wanna buy stuff to beat levels, but if you persevere you can beat them with out spending money. Unfortunately many freemium games make literally impossible to beat levels without spending money and this game is no different. It was fun for a while, but then became ridiculous. Update: My wife is more into this game than I am, but we love playing stuff together so I started up again. After playing some more and dealing with the freemium aspect, it was ok, but now CM is even worse. They have bonus games throughout the week, which in theory make this game more fun, unfortunately there are constantly errors so when you are supposed to get free spins or win a bunch of coins they instantly disappear. See the other reviews and posts on their social media. Go (bleep) yourselves and you freemium crap game, you (bleeps)!!! Edit: Developer replies to tell them what happened and they will help you. I’ve sent you multiple emails and no response, no resolutions to any issues and they straight up don’t give a $&@% and will not help you.

  • Don’t spend your money on this app ever

    by Sjdkeododbds21

    When you spend money on here yes it gets you further , but you can spend all you want but you will end up not being given any shields at all ( making it so either you pay more money and hope you get some or you lose all your money and your village . The games a scam to make you spend money . Shields should be able to be bought with game money . The game was great until 3 times in a row I ran out of spins and it never gave me shields . I won over 60 million dollars , “claimed “ it and then they never gave me the money. Now for some reason I have a ton of pop up ads that slow down my internet and make it freeze there so I don’t even have a chance to play the same . The game is rigged to make it so you spend to get more addictive then you “ find “ these cards where you conveniently get 3 of the same one and get left with needing one left to get prizes and you never get that card . I saw the review responses from the developer and they are all copy and pasted. Same responses to everyone. The game is a joke .

  • Ridiculous

    by Angelo7474

    The game is fun to play but definitely rigged to make you spend money. REAL MONEY$$. When you purchase spins it raises the betting limit so you go through your spins quicker and you seem to win a lot less with raids, spin refills, and attacks. It cost way too much money to keep playing . At the level I met you need like 300 million coins just to complete a village and once you only have a few spins left all of a sudden you will hit a raid or an attack to where it leaves you like one attack short to either get more coins or win more spins. So again it cost way too much money to buy spins and all together The last two weeks I’ve spent easily $100 if not more on this game. So as much as I enjoy it it really is a cash cow and I’m not gonna continue playing it I’m just going to delete the app. I’m getting tired of these different apps costing more money to play then buying an Xbox and playing video games but on there. To get nothing but duplicate cards over and over again and 70 spins which cost five dollars that last like five minutes

  • Really frustrated!!!!

    by chesney024

    I love this game. I am addicted actually but I am so angry! I keep getting kicked out of coin master every time I try to launch Viking Quest! So now I can’t play yet another event!! I won 5,000 spins during the Mardi Gra Attack Master, they vanished, I NEVER got them! I contacted support 2-3 times and still have not heard from them. It would really be nice if the support team would do something to compensate all the players for all of these things that continue to happen!! You see it all over the Facebook groups, someone complaining about all the glitches. I pay real money at times and this is so frustrating!!!!!!! Why all the pop ups??? It’s seriously overwhelmingly ridiculous!!! Last but not least, the gold cards!?!?!? WHERE ARE THEY??? I understand the logic of the game and the search for gold cards is the whole thing that brings this together, but shouldn’t we get one here and there?!! Tweak it a little bit and please look into all of us that have had spins taken from us and I will definitely give CoinMaster a 5 star!!

  • Coin master could careless about the players!!!

    by screwyouiammad

    Great game at first. The thrill was amazing! Then I started losing the prizes that I won. Contacted CM, and was shocked at them wanting proof of every win. So I started to screen shot of every win. Sent them to CM and it never made a difference in their response. Last week I won 1100 spins after spending money to advance. They disappeared as quickly as they appeared. No time to even get a screen shot. I did screen shot the level that I advanced to, sent it in and of course the response was, when did this happen, what happened, on and on again. CM has never given me back anything that I have lost by no fault of my own. Yep they have a lot of players contacting them about these same things. They try to make it your fault. It’s your phone, you need to do this and that. Well I have done this and that and nothing changes. Notice how they don’t respond to most of the negative responses on here, and when they do it’s, oh we are sorry but we have had a ton of requests! Of course it’s worded differently. No more money out of the the three players in this family.

  • About Coin Master

    by Volleyball0306

    Hi, so I just downloaded Coin Master for the first time and I went on you know and built the hut and then wrote my name and then it left the app and went back to th home screen 2 times. Just thinking it was a glitch in my phone, I went back on got to the same point and quickly entered my name in and got a chance to read the bottom and it said that when you type your name it saves it, after that I hit the green button and I swiped down to go to the spinner machine to help you get more coins and after 4 spins when I had 2 more spins left, the app did it again! I don’t know if this is happening to other people’s electronics, but I looked at the ratings and they are all like 4 and 5s and want to play the game. I hope your business can fix this issue so I can finally get a chance to play and thank you for your time you put into reading this, it’s appreciated! 😁 By the way, I am only rating this low since I haven’t really gotten far in the game before this issue occurred, so yeah. Thank you again!!!

  • I want to love this game!

    by H_L19

    I really enjoyed playing this game. To build your village and destroy your friends, making it a competition, is very fun. HOWEVER. There are too many cons for me to want to keep playing anymore.. You have to pretty much buy energy/coins in the higher levels in order to progress due to attacks and raids against you from other players, because you’re stuck waiting forever to be able to TRY and move forward.. The amount of spins you get vs the time it takes to acquire them, and the “price” of the items (when compared to the rest of the issues) is very disheartening. Not to mention all of the unnecessary pop-ups! WE GET IT! There are special tournaments! They’re listed on the sides of the game, there’s no need to spam the screen!! There’s been many times where I’ve lost several valuable “balloons” due to the spamming. I open the game or come back from an attack/raid and instantly 6 back to back pop ups get in my way, while 5 balloons disappear.. All of it is just not worth it anymore.

  • Addicting but gets old

    by Ka-Ka2469

    I’ve been playing this game quite awhile now probably around 7-8 months. I was addicted at first but it’s gotten old now. To get anywhere you have to spend real money. I’m level 57 I cannot complete the level for anything because it’s always destroyed overnight or I don’t have the money. You get 5 spins every hour (not enough to do anything). With 50 spins spent I still don’t achieve anything because cost of villages are so high now. I messed up at the beginning and blew through villages which caused me to have a lot of uncompleted sets with almost all of the ones I have uncompleted only needing one gold card, which I never get and you can’t trade because they’re gold. There’s rare cards too that even in trading groups people try to charge real life money for or expect you to trade any and every card worth value on the game for. It’s just gotten ridiculous since I hit level 50. Even with events I don’t get anywhere because of the lack of spins and half the spins I don’t get anything. Just giving up.

  • Screwed Over

    by J Aims

    The game charges for spins like a casino. You build villages instead of doing what you want. They will feed you spins but they also happen to disappear if you win too much. I’ve literally had 3K worth of spins vanish. I paid $50 for 3K of spins as well. That I never got. Put a ticket in with support and zero answers. Apple won’t refund. So between missing spins and them stealing spins (which is the only thing you really need to succeed) It’s no fun! I think this game is a total rip off especially considering what I’ve spent. You can look at my Apple transaction histor and see I’ve spent at least $175 my wife. $100 easy. $50 worth that I actually payed for disappeared after I tried to let them sit for the next bonus round to win spins! And I’ve won bonuses for spins and they vanished as SOON as I got them. They showed me my treasure, asked me to buy stuff and boom it was gone! I totally want to bomb the publishers and the guys programming because although it is casino oriented! Doesn’t mean you can pick my chips up before I even bet! Good day and NOBODY Spend money or DL This game EVER!!

  • Consumers beware!! App is a total scam!

    by Jesse's Place

    So I won $140 million coins after doing 30 attacks. When I tried collecting my coins the app froze. So not only can I not collect my prize I am loosing additional coins and my village is being attacked! Of course nothing can be done because the game freezes. I emailed the developers through the App Store. I receive a response to send a message through the app itself. Well geniuses don’t you think I would’ve done so?? And don’t tell me to uninstall and restart, yada, yada!! I took my phone to my IT department and they assured me it’s done purposely so you loose everything. These developers do this to make money off of the app!! So there you have it ladies and gents!! They did suggest I contact Apple and definitely report it, due to their internal issues (scam) I lost money. They will investigate the issue. This is a follow up to my review above! The app magically unfroze after the special coin event was over and I was unable to collect the 140mil coins I won.. I have sent 4 emails to the developers thus far. I was also informed by the attorneys I work with that this is actually fraud!!

  • Technical Issue

    by ReddSlayer_Alex

    This game is very fun and all and I can play it for hours but it’s very frustrating when you have screen shots and videos of proof of a technical issue and submit a ticket to the support team and they don’t respond. I submitted a support ticket in 3 days ago and still haven’t received a response. I lost 16k spins during attack madness because of a technical issue and had a screenshot and video to prove it and I sent them in and still they have not responded yet resulting in me losing many rewards and me losing in the joker tournament because of the lack of spins because of technical issues and non responsive staff of the game. I know you guy’s get a lot of tickets and such but honestly I think I deserve more spins, coins and maybe even a golden card now because of what I lost and what I’m losing because you guy’s still haven’t responded to my ticket. Just saying. But other then this issue the game is great and I love it. I will change my rating to 5 stars if this issue gets fixed.

  • Never got my rewards for cars sets opened

    by unhappyCM player

    I just want to say that your support for Customer Service is horrible. This game is ridiculous. It takes away rewards doesn’t give you the right amount of purchases when you buy through them . I am dissatisfied with trying to get responses back from Your Technical support for over a month. I opened 2 sets in June and Alice and Christmas didn’t give me the rewards I tried reinstalling I emailed you photos and documentation several times .... I only got the standard e mail “Our Technical Team will look into it and we will get back to you . “I’ve never heard a word it’s been well over a month . I used to love this game . But I think this is going to be it . I have spent and spent money for this game that’s supposed be enjoyable and fun ..... but all it does is stresses you out . Just last night I didn’t even get the hammers for my 3 x attack .. just watch it people when playing.. There are Glitches in this game and apparently CM doesn’t take the time to take care of the ones that get ripped off !!

  • Love the game but am uninstalling until you change things

    by Tlpflips

    I love this game. I'm one of the idiots who will actually spend real cash in the game but I'm done. Here's what needs to change: 1. At a certain point, you got a level where 50 spins gets you nothing. It doesn't give you enough money to build or repair a single thing in your village. 2. Stop letting people attack items that are completed. You work really hard and it takes FOREVER at this level to compete an item, and then you come back the next day, and it's rubble. 3. Card collections are impossible to finish. I am level 56 and only have three sets finished. 4. Raids: stop letting people steal my reward money from special events. This is really the nail in the coffin for me. This morning I finally hit 200 maracas to get the 125 million coins. I immediately started spending them, literally took me 30 - 45 seconds, but before I could finish, someone stole 19,830,000 from me. That is so unfair and I’m angry. Why aren’t wins like that protected for 2 minutes like wins in the Viking event are? 5. Pets: you don’t provide food frequently enough. It’s clear you want to force people to buy it These are my reasons for uninstalling the game and why you are losing a paying customer. I am finishing my current village (as I am only 2 small upgrades away and can’t leave it undone) and then I am done. I’d like to think you will actually listen but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Don’t Waste Your Time

    by Bella Rainn

    There are so many other games in the App Store that you can play! Don’t waste your time with this one! My experience has been awful! The game force closes during apps or raids and spins and you don’t get the reward! The developer had the audacity to tell me to clear my cache and other bs to resolve the problem! NEWS FLASH! I DID ALL THAT BEFORE CONTACTING YOU GUYS A MONTH AGO JUST TO GET A EMAIL A DAY AGO ABOUT THE PROBLEM! This game is a money hog if you want to progress and avoid loosing coins and buildings you better put some coinage in to stay afloat! Oh and on the weekends up until Wednesday I can never level up or get shields for defenses during that time so all my completed property has now been destroyed! What’s so funny about it all they’re not hesitant to throw advertisements there to keep you from loosing and wasting your time! Why would I invest money in a game that makes it hella difficult for non investors! This is the worst adventure game in the App Store! If you have 💲💲💲 to spend well this games for you! Have a awesome weekend and Happy Labor Day! 🤗

  • they can attack me, I can't attack them

    by kUKu707

    I'm playing this game these days. And I made some of my fb friends to play this game too , so they joined. The problem is My village is showing in their leaderboard, attack lists and they have a choice to attack me while I can't see their villages in anywhere. After they attacked me, they appear in my Revenge list. And I tried to revenge them and it shows " connection lost " and make me click retry or done. At first I thought that my phone has connection problems but I checked every games, every internet browsers and I can even spin the game. Why I can't attack them or revenge them ? I unfriended 2 friends for several attacks and I don't want to lose fb friends again. So fix my problem and make my Coin Master Account to attack them or revenge them back. Every games need to be fair. If you are a CM player, thinks like you're seeing people attacking your village and can do nothing even you have thousand spins :))) Can't wait to revenge them back . 👌🏻

  • Not worth it

    by Dadam831

    This game is extremely pointless. The wait to play part is to spin a slot. The slots can be hot or cold. The object is to collect coins used to build up towns. The awesome part is that people can attack your town destroying buildings that you have to pay to rebuild. That’s no big deal right? While saving up to fix or upgrade buildings, people can raid you and take your coins. So basically you can either build and waste your coins getting your buildings destroyed or you can save up your coins and have them stolen. It’s really up to you which frustrating way you want to go. You can earn shields from the slot that prevent an attack, but this is pointless because if four people attack you, your shields are gone and your buildings destroyed. ANYONE can attack you. This game is basically designed to upset you to the point where you have to spend money to do anything. If you enjoy a game that takes your money with little play available and people allowed to take your investment in many ways, this game is for you.

  • Fun At First

    by Eleanor1224

    I started playing this months ago just to get points for another game. It was fun and quick, so I stuck with it. Lately, though... I don’t know if the developers messed with the odds, or if I just got so far that things got impossible, but it wasn’t fun anymore. I’ve gotten attacked 12+ times over the past day, and I haven’t gotten shields in more than a day, so the village that was nearly complete is now in ruins and there’s nothing I could have done to prevent that. There’s no incentive to buy more spins when the odds are that bad — for the last 6+ villages, I’ve only been able to progress once I was able to raid another player who had a ridiculous amount of coins saved up, and that’s too rare to rely on. It’s not fun anymore. In addition, I found some of the more stereotypical villages really appalling and embarrassing, like the Native American one. The more imaginative villages were a lot more fun. With such bad odds these days, though, I don’t see any point in continuing to play, and I definitely don’t see any point in paying for spins.

  • Don’t bother

    by Max Isacat

    So I originally downloaded this game in order to receive rewards for another game. At first I didn’t like it but was required to get to a certain level to get rewards so I kept at it. Well by the time I got to the required level I really enjoyed it. In the beginning you win a lot and things don’t cost so many coins so the game was moving fast which I liked. Now that I’m further along it’s a very slow moving game. You only get 5 spins per hour unless you want to spend money to buy more spins. I notice I win a lot less coins, raids and attacks now. And also my village seem to get attacked more frequently. Oh, there’s also the fact that when your village is raided the are actually taking your coins. And not surprisingly items for the village cost more to buy and fix the higher up the levels you go. So it’s all very slow and frustrating now, really not fun anymore. I’m deleting this annoyingly slow game and will try to find something that’s actually fun.

  • Fun game, needs fixing

    by *#@*%#

    Fun game, needs improvements, though. I would have rated it a 5, but the pop ups are insane and frustrating! Speaking of popping, that balloon frenzy is a joke! It says the more times you spin the balloons will appear. Ummm, I had over 200 spins and about 4 balloons appeared during. So many I couldn’t pop them all! Not! It would be nice to get more than 5 spins an hour. Takes 10 hours to get full spins! And last, but certainly not the least, this is the biggest reason I only gave it 2 stars: IT KEEPS CRASHING!!!! Takes my spins away but then crashes before it stops spinning! And then there’s also this sweet little problem: It keeps “losing connection.” It usually takes a couple of hours to get it back and by then all my coins have been rated. It’s frustrating because I’m able to connect for my other games but this one seems incapable! So, it’s a fun game when it works. Would give it 5 stars if not for all the issues I have with it.

  • Horrible update/ not enough spins

    by Andrea Swierczek

    At first the game is fun. A little challenging but rewarded by completing sets and getting more spins. Understandably, the game gets more difficult the further you get but at one point you realize the game was designed for profits. The last update made this crystal clear. Limiting spins, making it almost impossible to complete challenges then promoting a deal on spins/coins. Way too difficult to complete sets after village 40. The village prices are too high and you still only get 5 spins an hour. You may chalk this up to bad luck until you see other players expressing the same concerns. A lot of people have quit because it would take them a month to build a village but an hour for someone to destroy it. The customer service sends generic auto replies that are zero help. They penalize players that invite too many friends- you’ll be blocked from getting bonus spins. It’s frustrating when games change their focus from getting people to join/keep playing to just making the most money possible.

Negative Reviews in Most Recent

  • by Me Me K

    I use to like this game. The fan page never works for me. Always takes me here which is one just one reason I changed my review. .... doesn't deserve 1 star. They steal your spins , you can use billions of coins and never complete a set. Even spending money... Giving it one week and I am deleting this aggravation!! I am upset I ever suggested this game to my friends and family!!!!!

  • Francisco Urbay

    by Pakumba

    Ya no vale la pena jugarlo, lo han convertido en un casino donde solo buscan que juegues dinero real, actualizaron el juego para que en todos los eventos pierdas giros hasta llevarte a 0,,, echaron a perder un buen juego. Que lastima 👎🏻

  • Support team

    by sissyrmh7

    Hi I like this game an my boyfriend plays religiously but for some reason I get booted every ten sec or so never get to play an I’m logged into Facebook correctly plus my app is up to date including my iPhone iOS an it still accures every time . Support team help me with this issue please but I do love this game 👌

  • Glitches

    by Cr8z4tweety

    I won 50 spins. I used 5 it glitched and took away all my spins.

  • This is game only for paid

    by Prabin kc

    This game is only for vip

  • Fix your game please

    by justinblagg099

    I started off playing it non stop liking the game , later on after playing it for 2 months it has started kicking me off non stop has gotten my village destroyed many times from it kicking me out I will even sometimes get millions from the lucky spin but it kicks me out and doesn’t let me spend any of my coins I’m think of deleting the app and not playing anymore.

  • Error always happen but no responsibilities at all

    by rosem jjazin

    First error - i won 5k spins from the x''mas event but i got nothing i didnt get my reward. second error- After that x'mas event, i won 900 spins form attack event but no rewards recieved :) I totally lost my 5900 spins and 2B coins and all these are that i had won from events. common error- after getting 3pigs to raid, Raid bonus and points are not calculated but the spins lost are not recieved back :) i feel so annoyed and tired of these bugs and error. And the worst thing, they have no responsibility for these. even if you dont wanna take responsibility , u should fix these error :). Now i stop playing this game. I spent a lot of money and time for this game, had made so many friends from this game, but all i get back is bugs , error and anxiety. May be that is why this game isnt as much popular as Mobile legends , COC and other games. I think this game only know how to make money and money and money from players. Bye coin master

  • My game be Crashing

    by malemaxx

    My game comes on then it blanks out don’t know why

  • Complaint

    by Jdhshdhdkdkkd

    I got the 500 spin deals and I got it before the time ran out and when I went back into my game they were gone. I rate this app a 1 star! I would appreciate my 500 spins added back on there

  • Switched phones

    by hpayne72963

    I love love loved this game when I played on my Android but I recently switched to an iPhone and now it crashes any time it has to do anything more than the opening pop ups or the spins. If I get an attack or a raid while the spins are happening it crashes. I literally have to reopen it like every 2 minutes.... please help fix this!!! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I’ve tried turning my phone off and back on and it still happens. I don’t know what else to do....

  • Not getting my rewards

    by JustMeTH

    Hi! I like the game but I’m getting real frustrated. This is the second time I have gotten coins taken away with out being raided. The first time it was somewhere over 100,000 and the second time that just happens was over 140,000 coins. I raided a person village using my x10 and after it showed I got the coins then they disappeared like I never raided anyone. So not fair! I’m at level 87 and it’s hard enough to gather enough coins without them unfairly disappearing. I wrote to support the first time it happened but heard nothing back and never got any coins back. I’m sure this time will be the same. Not sure what is happening but please get it fixed. Update: I won the 530 m from the Christmas challenge and it took it all away!! So beyond frustrating!! I’m about ready to delete the game! 530 m 140m 100m That’s 770 M !

  • This game will keep you frustrated!

    by kksmiles69

    I’ve gotten so aggravated by this game. So many times I have been screwed it unreal! If you like being angry & disappointed this game is for you. I’ve been playing it & to start its fun. Then you get to we’re you can’t get anywhere in the game. Tech issues are ridiculous. You finally get your friends to stop attacking your village & CM sends in bots to destroy it. I’m giving away all my extra cards & deleting the game. You’ve screwed me your last time CM. If you do play it after reading this review, you’re asking to be screwed!! IM DONE BEING SCREWED! Bet they won’t put this review up so you can see it, so I’m copying & posting on every group I’m in & FB! I’ve been a moderator in a group to help ppl get the cards they need...The group complains every day bout how CM has cheated them too. Shame on you CM! 😤😡🤬

  • Keep going to countdown

    by mylovedominique

    I downloaded the game and I can’t get to play it in my iPhone I deleted it and downloaded it again and still just counting

  • Rigged

    by johnny hood 2x

    I just deleted this game it used to be fun I’m on level 110 the spins are rigged the Viking quest is rigged and then my wife can trade her duplicate cards but I cannot so I gave up

  • To many bugs

    by sarah yanske

    I became instantly addicted to this game. They have a lot of tournaments and other events to keep the flow of the game. I do think when getting higher in ranks, we should earn more than 6 spins an hour. Since July I have noticed events that pay out but the coins and spins disappear. I’ve lost so many spins! I lost roughly 2000 last weekend alone. Some of those of which I paid for. On occasion, I’ve posted on their page, and once sent a message, however I never got a response. Now the game freezes as soon as I start to spin. I have cleared my cache as well as uninstall and reinstall the game. Nope. Guess I’m done here.

  • ....

    by gigi08240000

    I lost made spins and raids cus the game is down that’s messed up then they want u to buy more spins

  • Not accurate

    by to rxhyrxhdybfficihrrc

    I started betting 20x and got the 3 piggies 2x and won all digs and wasnt rewarded the coins or the rewards this isn’t the first second or third time happening please fix this game and it wasted about 120 spins on me I need to be compensated! Thank you

  • Too many ads

    by alexmkoval93

    If you want an app where you close more ads than actually playing it, then this game is perfect for you.

  • Keeps crashing contacted support still no answer

    by 001122Kimmie

    This game is fun but for some reason every time I get a raid or attack the game just exits out and makes me lose everything that’s so unfair

  • Stealing coins

    by ryderliggins

    I think it’s messed we use are spins to do raids and attack but then after the attack you take my cones over 130,000,000 worth games a rip off! My money u won’t get again ridiculous

  • This game is fine but Bogash

    by Popscandyere234

    I received 500 spins as I was playing the game an it took all my spins away from me iam pist about that I've been playing this game for about 5 months now and now this happens ugh this game deserves one star from me cuz they cheat an take away wat you put your time into

  • Upset

    by cadsmith0211

    It shows that all of my cards are gone but I got a chest and it says I finished the creatures set but didn’t give me rewards and it shows no cards. Highly upset

  • Always crashes

    by tip410

    Game keeps crashing every time I open it I can’t play it for 5 minutes please fix

  • Horrible customer service team

    by JordanS94

    I’ve submitted 3 support requests over the past week because I’ve won almost 5000 spins from the challenges that I’ve clicked collect and never received and not once have I heard back from the support team. Extremely disappointed and dissatisfied with the experience I’m having on a game I’ve enjoyed and spent some money on. Update: the developer responded to my review within hours of it being posted but still no response from the “support” team and it’s been a week. Time to find a new game to play that actually cares about its customers.

  • Lost spins

    by leah0627

    I’m writing in regards to today I finally got the Christmas balls to win the 1800 spins that were up for reward and I got attacked by a friend at the same time the spins were there then they took them back. This has happen a few times but 1800 spins is a lot to take and you just forget about them I worked hard and long to get them and then just have them taken away was unfair I hope there is a way you can see if I could get my spins I would highly appreciate it thank you for your time.

  • Begin to hate this game

    by Kathyhallnicole

    I started off liking the games but now I am disliking the game I barely get all my free rewards threw my email it always say the link is already gone or something stupid like that then it’s already hard to even get the winning you deserve on the quest game here I am have spent all my coins that I work for and still can’t even get the last bag then lord when it comes to the spends it’s like the coins go so fast for example today’s game I had 3000 some coins and the minute I get into game I am already down to 540 there is no way I just don’t no more it’s a rip-off something to just piss u off evening worsted if u are already having a bad day and a lot of people included myself spends a lot of money on this game and more games to not be able to get something out of that wild

  • Fun Loved It

    by MekaMaria

    I don’t have social media so I never linked a Facebook account.... a co worker of one accidentally linked her account while playing on my phone and when I tried to undo it I was started all the way over. I literally spent money buying spins because I enjoy the game but I refuse to start over after spending Over 50-75 dollars getting where I was at first.

  • Messed up

    by bssyhbd

    Once again I win free spins and once I go to use them they disappear. I use to love this game now I’m so frustrated I don’t want to play


    by Becki1256

    Used to love this game but not any more. For the last month or so, the game has glitched almost every single time I play it. Causing me to have large quantities of spins, coins, and contest winnings taken from me for no apparent reason. Customer support is a joke. I’ve tried twice to contact them about the issue with no response. I am on the verge of deleting the game and finding something else to play. I’ll change my 2 star review when they fix the issues and some one from support contacts ME since I’ve reach out twice with no response.

  • Lots of glitches

    by zelda 80

    Loved playing this game but there are so many glitches. I’d finally won 250 spins but it didn’t show up and was at the same level of 20 spins... very frustrating especially when you’ve finished your quest and don’t get the reward. Also previously in the raid section on a perfect raid the amount mentioned did not get credited. I hope the app developers can do something to fix it otherwise these quests don’t make sense if you’re not getting the reward!!!!

  • Not good

    by Romine1979

    Y’all need to fix the game I have ben trying to play this game for 3 days and it keeps kicking me out

  • ❤️Lily❤️

    by 🌸Lily77🌸

    So disappointed I just won and had over 850 spins and had 450 million dollars and my game stopped working so sad had to delete and start over again! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ig not for this would give a four star ⭐️ rating !!! Messaged u guys on here and facebooke with no response so upset but love the game so here I go again ! Oh I think I was on level 68 or 69 if that helps maybe it’s a bug or something ???

  • I love coin master but...

    by shjshskslsgj

    “For the passed week I’ve been losing my spins I’ve been playing this game for a long time I this fixed please”- that was about 2 weeks ago- and how I’m losing money and some how I lost money!! 300000 coins and around 800 spins I’m about to 🚮 the coin master I’ve played for the passed 2 years mostly then I wake up and when I go to bed for 2 YEARS!!! Very in happy with coin master right now...

  • Poop

    by Tamgamer

    Poooooooooooooooop poop💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😤🤬

  • My spins

    by worstappever305

    I am so mad I did not receive my 3000 spends that I worked so hard and spent a lot of money to get the Christmas balls so I could get my spends soon as I finished it it did not give me my spends I contacted support and still no answer back all that time and I money for nothing very upset I would like to have what I earned I want my spends that’s why people kill there self cause of things like this


    by cube@uto


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