Clash of Three Kingdoms
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  • Awesome game. Oct 23, 2017

    By Naust894
    This game is very enjoyable and very relaxing to play. Please keep adding more content to the game. Thank you.
  • AMAZING Jul 6, 2014

    By [Z]ombie slayer
    Obviously Japanese and Chinese games are the best examples: Pokemon and brave frontier. This game is a Chinese game and has to be on my top five list. I also have Dynasty Warriors those who have played this on gba or ds know the game... It's awesome... And the characters in this game are in dynasty warriors and gives me good nostalgia. This game is addicting and its multiplayer bring ur country to first on ur server adds a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. Best game ever!!! Besides coc
  • Fun Mar 21, 2015

    By ZhaoZiZlong S16
    It is one of the better war games out there that I have played so far, would be alot better if each side had there own unique heroes instead of all three sides having the same hero other than that it is very simple to learn and get used to also very addicting
  • so addictive game Jun 30, 2014

    im play first time. i choose Shu on server 9. this game is strategy teamwork, so addictive to grind level.. now im level 94.. everyday we have chance to get gold. gold is in game purchase, so we not must donate for strong.
  • Amazing Jan 31, 2016

    By Kelmstorm
    One of the best games I've ever played. You have generals and send them into live battles. Fight for China. Romance of the three kingdoms story line. Only one real problem and that's clones. Some servers have hundreds of robot players that make the game impossible to play