Franchise Basketball 2020

Franchise Basketball 2020

CBS Interactive, Inc.

Start a Franchise, Build a Champion.

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  • App Apr 11, 2019

    By Braeden the Caro
    I began playing when the Football game came out. The basketball one is basically the seem but I know a lot more about basketball than football, so it’s more enjoyable. I’ll always be supporting this company for these games because they’re fun, and they do a great job at card designs and making it fun. I’m looking forward for when more game modes are added as well as events. I also love how the company uses unpopular players in the game instead of the basic stars. Keep up the good work!
  • All four of the games are really fun Mar 14, 2020

    By MattyIce1123
    I’m only writing this in hopes their support team sees. Every time I try to exchange coins I get kicked out of the game. Tried contacting support through the game, but I get kicked out. Never had this issue before, maybe just a bug. Otherwise, great games and strongly recommend if you’re a sports fan!
  • May 17, 2020

    By Gary Walser
    Good game would like to get more coins. Hard to get limited players when you don't get enough coins in a week
  • Too Many Bugs Aug 2, 2019

    By graemedawg
    I’ve been playing for a while and was having a lot of fun unlocking new players and upgrading my existing ones, but recently there have been a lot of bugs. My daily activities no longer count towards getting a legendary coin, stats aren’t counting towards season achievements, and my season has ended but I can’t advance to playoffs or next season. Fix these issues and it would definitely be a 5 star game! Very fun, but the bugs make it difficult to continue playing.
  • Jun 6, 2020

    By Wesley Nowlin
    Fun game if you don't mind grinding. Otherwise you can pay to advance faster.
  • May 16, 2020

    By Cliff Padilla
    Since the update, I haven't been able to load the game.
  • May 22, 2020

    By Divine Aneke
    This game is so confusing, i am even thinking its a puzzle because they didn't arrange it well.. I still dont know hiw to start a march
  • May 16, 2020

    By paulo lantin
    Why the game stuck in loading?
  • Pretty fun May 26, 2020