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CB Frequencies

CB Frequencies

Matthew P Miller

If you love DX'ing, or Free Banding with your CB radio then this app is for you.

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If you love DX'ing, or Free Banding, then this app is for you.

No more carrying around pieces of paper with frequencies written down, or carrying the band plan in your back pocket.

All the information you need at your finger tips is here in this app.

CB Frequencies covers Super Super Low to Super Super High (10 Metres) and also has a complete list of country prefixes.

Perfect if you're on top of those hills DX'ing and need to know which country you are talking to.

With the propagation heading towards a maximum solar cycle, can you afford not to have all this information at your finger tips?

Do you have a multimode radio with frequency readout? Then this app will allow you to get bang on frequency and on the right channel.

*Frequency list by country
*Australia 11 Meters
*Australia UHF
*USA 40
*USA Family Radio Service

Happy DX'ing..!

Please Note: This app is a frequency listing app, you cannot listen to CB Radio using this app.

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CB Frequencies

CB Frequencies

2.0 37 Reviews

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