CardSnacks: ecards, greetings

CardSnacks: ecards, greetings

Mobigram LLC

Cards for birthdays, congratulations, thank you's, anniversaries

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Cards for birthdays, congratulations, thank you's, anniversaries
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  • Great app, great customer support Mar 31, 2019

    By Loretta Lo
    (Updated) Wonderful app!! You can choose your card & music, write your own message, add video, or record a message. Even create your own card from scratch if you prefer. A perfect way to send really personalized ecards & messages. I really like the music selections, tho you can upload your own if you prefer. Really excellent customer support as well. My original review included issues which were Immediately & very courteously addressed. As much because of this, as well as enjoying the many creative facets & fun user experience, I’m really impressed.
  • Jun 15, 2020

    By Alan Ruppe
    Awesome app that u can use without being charged to do every single thing. Created a custom card with all the customizable options for free!
  • Easy, Creative, AND Impressive Results Dec 31, 2017

    By Baische
    I had a wonderful time this month using CardSnacks to create custom Christmas cards for 5 family members, in about 10-12 minutes. There are so many entertaining and beautiful-yet-simply animated designs to choose from; as well as the option to use your own photos and videos, that you’d never get bored. The cards look great when you receive them too, but I would also like to see updates to embrace the iPhone X display. Text on the cards can be customized as well, but I would love to see enhancements in this area too, like being able to wrap text above and below images and animations, and animating the text itself a-la the Messages app screen effects. You can also add music to your card, and the included options are cute and enhance the recipient experience-and once again you can choose your own custom music if you prefer. There was only one thing I found to be negative in my overall experience: when returning to a card to modify or customize it, in order to change the text I also had to delete the image on the card, which can cause some lost time if you had previously resized and positioned a photo to best fit the card frame. Finally, I would love to have more amount options available for the various gift cards. Being able to pay for a new Playstation game for my brother for example, would have been more exciting for me than just the $10 gift card option that was available at the time. All and all I’d say: try it :)
  • Jul 1, 2020

    By Jarard Blackwell
    Love it. Great selections. And fully customizes for anyone for any thing. Thanks for the the great app
  • Correction Jan 2, 2019

    By DxiXpn
    I quickly wrote a review because I was having problems with the app and I guess I did so prematurely. The developer reached out to me immediately to help me with it and come to find out.. I was expecting it to do something it didn’t do. I thought the app would be open when you texted it to someone instead of just a link to the site for them to open it. Also when you hit the link it takes it to the front of a card that you have to click before you open your actual card that you created and sent. Still, it was just a little work around that I didn’t know to do and they were very prompt to respond. The only reason I’m not giving it five star is that it would be better if the card opened up inside the text message rather than sending a link directing them to a different page to open it. I really dolove the app. It’s fun it’s free and now that I know how it’s working I don’t have a problem with it. Cool app and great support!
  • Never send the ecard and took my money for gift card Jun 15, 2019

    By s...emerson
    Horrible service, I was sending an e-card with a $30 worth of gift card to a person when the app suddenly said there was an error and I don’t have to worry they will not charge me. So and then I checked my bank and there you go, they charged me for it. I sent an email to you guys that I want my money back and still no response. I think it would be better if you’re going to provide a contact number for customer service. I am still waiting for your answer.