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simple and quick calculator
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  • Basic is what I wanted May 14, 2018

    By whatsleftinthenamedept?
    This was a free App for me and whatever scrolls at the bottom of the calculator doesn’t distract me, as the calculator takes up most of the screen vertically. It’s perfect for balancing the books and lets you switch between addition and subtraction without having to clear it. One thing I wish all calculators had was the ability to clear a mistake without having to start over, but most I’ve tried do not work that way. I always manually check my computing anyways and the calculator was always correct, so I’m happy with this app!
  • Oct 3, 2019

    By Fsl Mohd
    Better than any other calculator app❤ Loved it🔥❤
  • Used to be 5 stars, but ads interrupt! May 11, 2020

    By carepurr
    I love this calculator, and use it whenever I need to. I am very upset now because ads are in it! I do not see why!! This seems stupid to me. It is a calculator, so why does it need ads in it? Just now, I was trying to use it again to do calculations, only to be interrupted with each number I added. This is even worse than one ad. Now, it makes it hard to do a calculation and add several numbers, remember which ones you did, and where you were in punching the add, multiply buttons, etc. How can anyone even do a calculation when the ad suddenly pops in, and is 30 seconds long? I used this at work when I was working, too! Now, I would have to find a different calculator to use for work! So would all the other people I work with, who are college students who use theirs for their schoolwork during downtime at work! So very sad! Sorry, but if you do not remove these ads, I will be moving on, and deleting your calculator! I placed this review to let you reconsider the ads, and to let others know what will happen. Oh, P.S. I had the tiger background, and it is my favorite animal, so I love that! I love the animals, and big buttons on this, and that it is very nice to look at! I lost the tiger, so asked you for it back, and never heard back from you, so now have the cute fox! I would love it very much if you would please bring back my tiger, thank you!
  • Oct 1, 2019

    By nemo memo
    Very good
  • I like it a lot! Apr 14, 2020

    By Never get this app ever
    So first I would give this 3 1/2 stars if I could, but I can’t. Just sayin. So what I love about the calculator the most is the backgrounds! I love variety and that is what they have. And also like that it is very easy to use and is good for kids (if kids are using calculators I don’t know). The bright colors and big numbers make it very simple and that is all I needed for the calculator. Now about the bad things, one of them is you can’t put fractions into the calculator. I know that a lot of calculators don’t do that, but sometimes I need it and I can’t use fractions in it. Also, recently I’ve been getting SO MANY ADS. When I first got it, I don’t remember getting even one ad. One, two, or maybe even three is acceptable, but not every single time you click a button. For example, I will mess up a little bit so I click “clear” or “c” and an ad pops up. It is very annoying, so I have to put my iPad on “airplane mode”. Other than that, the app is manageable and I think could meet your needs in most situations. So, it’s a pretty nice app.

    By Yung sum
    I had this app installed on my iPad for the longest and never had to pay. A few days ago, I go to open the app and an Ad comes up... fine. I get that they want to make money. But then the ad froze. There was no hidden (X) at any corner of the top of screen. I say “hidden” because developers always make it difficult to see the (X). I waited for about 3 minutes then decided to hard close out of the Calculator App. Then I received App Store purchase message “completed successfully”...What the??? I was never asked to purchase the app. What these folks are doing is illegal. I am calling on Apple to take the necessary measures to remove this company from the App Store. They have no integrity.
  • Was ok, but now has pop-up ads Feb 24, 2020

    By Araminta Lorelei
    This calculator used to be functional, at least, although I never liked the fact that it can only be used in portrait mode, whereas I do almost everything in landscape. The app included banner ads along the bottom, but they didn’t bother me. Now, however, there are pop-up ads every time I try to use the app, which means I have to wait a few seconds for the ad to finish before I can close it and do my calculation. Not acceptable. I will delete the app after I complete this review.