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British Museum Full Edition

British Museum Full Edition

Museum Guides Ltd

Best guide with excellent images and descriptions of all the highlights

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App Description

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This app is intended for day visitors and provides extensive information on every gallery of the British Museum. It contains hundreds of objects from its world famous collection such as:

- Rosetta stone
- Egyptian sarcophagi
- Mummies
- Assyrian palace reliefs
- Parthenon sculptures
- The Nereid monument
- Crouching Venus
- Art from ancient India
- Korean, Japanese, Chinese ceramics
- Ringlemere and Rialton gold cup
- Sutton Hoo helmet
- Mildenhall treasure
- Oxus treasure
- Hoxne hoard

and many more await your discovery!

The app provides unparalleled access to the collection of the entire museum that includes:

- Interactive maps of 60 galleries
- High resolution images
- Detailed descriptions
- Tours from 1 hour to 6 hours
- Built in audio guide

Download & discover the British Museum any time, any day, anywhere!

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British Museum Full Edition

British Museum Full Edition

3.2 17 Reviews

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